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REVIEWS OF First National Bank Texas IN Texas

Leesa B

They hold my pay when my account is in overdraft.


the bank I went to lied to me about over draft and when it came to the time when I needed it that took no responsibility, paid for nothing but managed to Bill me $170 for over draft fees. There people are scam Artist. Do not bank with them!

Kristi Bradfute

We use this bank for business and have a positive history since 2013. They put a 7 day hold on a large certified check we needed to use for closing on a investment house. As a business they received interest on those funds during the hold. We are looking into other banking options now.

leroy smith

This bank knows when we get paid. You would think the person in charge put more people working during those hours? No she to busy looking out window at her Mercedes. Sorry bank ever.

Ariele Florian

Staff is VERY helpful

Elisa DeLaRosa

Very nice

CountryBumpkin TV

The main bank by AutoZone is the slowest bank I've ever been to in my life. Why? Come on people.

Doris Collazo

Christie Jones

Please take the trip to the HEB location and leave this one for the birds. This particular branch is disgusting. The majority of the tellers are nasty and i always avoid having to talk to a human here. Please do not go to this bank unless you are strictly using it for the atm. The tellers are rude, they act like they cant hear a word you say, they take all damn day to get your stuff ready, and it just makes things really unproductive. This is atleast the 10th time ive actually swallowed my pride and came to this bank, and every single time i get the same attitude and bs. Do not waste your time, these people couldnt care less

Anonymous User

We left this bank and went to Navy Federal Credit Union. Grievance #1, They treated us differently according to our account balance. #2 a week long hold was put on a very large CERTIFIED check. #3 no mobile deposit capabilities #4 slow drive through

Kevin Ivey

Unlike most of the reviewers here, I behaved like an adult and got great service. It's a bank, not your mommies house!

Dorien Foreman

Don’t come here . Go to the one at HEB

Nonya Bizz

The only reason I gave the stars because there's no option to give zero Definitely the worst bank I've ever been to if you want good service go to the one inside H-E-B

james keenan

Fast and friendly service.


Although I typically have nothing but good things to say about this bank I have to ask is there some kind of envelope shortage at your drive-thru? Every time I have used the drive-thru tellers in the last few months they just throw my money loose in the container and send it, no envelope and no receipt, has that become your standard practice?

Tinker Pilots

They need to work on their verification process or they need to hire better agents It's ridiculous.

Monique Simmons


Jyvee Smilez

I've banked with this company for over 10 years. I normally try to go into the HEB location because it's a lot faster and the atmosphere is lot more friendly. The service at this location has went all the way down hill to the point of no greeting rather you come in or drive through the weight gets longer and longer. it's sad when you can go on the inside and get faster service then going through their drive-thru when that's supposed to be faster service and more convenient for the customer. I could probably count on both hands within all the times that I have been in this branch and actually had friendly service. They really need to step up their service. I can not count how many complaints I've heard about this bank but yet I've continued to stay a loyal customer. Between my co worker and I doing deposits here we always know it's going to be a wait a dread going..

lauralee lyle

Bunny Fira

This bank employs some of the stupidest and simple minded losers I’ve ever had to deal with in my life! I had a payroll check that was post dated 2 days ahead, I went to deposit the check knowing that the check was not going to clear until Monday. They accepted the check and gave me a slip back showing it was deposited. As I drove away, my phone rang a minute later. It was the bank telling me I had to turn back and come pick up my check because they failed to realize the check was dated for that Monday, and they won’t accept it. So instead of taking the blame and apologizing for being so stupid for not looking at the date on the check. They make me turn around and come pick up my check and they tell me to come back Monday for depositing. They didn’t even apologize for being so stupid. I was so angry that I was very rude and hateful when I came back. I hate stupid people that can’t do there job right and I couldn’t believe the idiots that work there and handle mine and other people’s money. I am currently looking at other bank options and will soon be leaving. I think 1st National Bank Tx/1st Convenience Bank needs to hire more qualified people who at least know how to look at a date on a check before letting customers deposit there. I hope the retards that work there read this and feel embarrassed and ashamed and want to jump off a cliff. People that dumb need to find a job much more simpler job like scrubbing toilets or picking up trash.

Regan Lawrence

Rebecca Seaburg

The girls that work here need to spend more time doing their job and less chit chatting. I stood in line during my one hour long lunch break and never got helped before I had to go back to work. I was next in line for about 25 minutes, but the girls just stood behind the columns in the back laughing it up and chatting. Worst service. Worst bankers.

Laurie Gandy

We changed to this bank because it was one block away from our house. But these staff members spend more time chatting About what's going on in their personal life and who's going to lunch and where they're going while there's people waiting in line. Should have stayed with going to the one at HEB, but hated to go that far just for small things!

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