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REVIEWS OF Citizens Bank Branch IN Rhode Island

Maja Buntak

The unprofessinal bank .I live overseas and I am 77years old and they keep my money without my permission. To transfer the money they are working on it for 1 month and 10 days. I am very upset.

Chester Income Tax Service

this company can not protect your personal information ,.and you can not reach the president because customer service do not know his name. I cant even tell you what to think . I need a new bank

Ryan Nap

Fees at every turn, dismal customer support, and you never leave with a feeling that someone helped you. I just feel like Im such a burden to the bank. I have (just paid off) my auto loan with them. On my final payment, it took them 3 days to process the payment, and they added another $12.50 in interest to my loan due to their time taken to process the payment. Add to that the $20.00 they charged to TAKE MY MONEY over the phone, and I was robbed an additional $32.50 for no good reason. Screw.

David Feldman

Dear Incompetents: In July, 2013 I moved from Syracuse, NY to Kennett Square, PA 19348. I had an equity line of credit with your bank when I sold my house. I paid off the loan and Citizens Bank had my new address. But did you send mail to me at my new office? Nope. I sent a letter requesting that you change my address and asking for a form 1098 for 2012. Did you send the form? No! Did you send a letter noting that you would change my address for your files. Yes! But have you! Not a chance! Today I received, nearly two months after I requested it, my form 1098. Where was it sent? To my Syracuse address, you dolts! There are Citizens Bank branches where I have moved in the Kennett Square. Pa., area. Do you think for one moment I would trust to the hands of such incompetents my banking business? No. Never. Not ever! Not on a bet!! David Feldman

Andy Smith

Some how these thieves got my info and keep hitting my credit reports. When I call to resolve the problem they just hang up on me.

Walter E. Stuart

Samantha G

Citizens closed my account for having a zero balance, KNOWING I get my direct deposit! My car payment, insurance, and a bill were due today! They kicked back my jobs deposit!! I'm completely screwed! Do NOT bank with this bank. HORRIBLE bank, and not once did they contact me. I've had the same email, phone number, and address since I've had this account. Citizens is the worst bank to have. Please do NOT deal with them.

Rebekka O'Melia

Attila Lukacs

Worst bank ever. Terrible customer service.

Merrill S

Female branch manager is rude an not helpful. She can't be bothered.


Sham of a bank!!...only bank where I lost money. They rip you off in hundreds in fees with their fine print & twisted terms and conditions. DONT BANK OR DO ANYTHING WITH THEM ! Avoid ! Avoid !

Bill Kaiser

Six years ago, I purchased a new vehicle. the dealer financed the vehicle thru RBS Citizens. After several hours of work on my part, I finally succeeded on setting up automatic monthly payments, somewhat for convenience, mostly out of concern that RBS had shown such indifference to being contacted, I feared my statements would would not be processed in a timely fashion. Fast forward six years later. Last week, I called RBS to obtain payoff information. Of course, you don't talk to a live human being. the automated system told me the payoff amount, and allowed me to key in a date to give accurate figures to allow time for the check to be mailed. I selected a day 4 days later, and mailed the check with tracking. That's when the real problems started. When my account had not been processed in 5 days, I called RBS to find out why. The excuses ranged from you mailed the check to the wrong address to you misunderstood, to disbelief that I mailed a check at all. This will get resolved. I will see to that. Rest assured, I will NEVER do business with RBS Citizens again. As for the 5 star rating system, I will be giving RBS 1 star. The only reason for that 1 star is that I cannot give them any less.

Todd Lauer

The staff have no accountability and hide behind their endless automated operator. When you are able to actually connect with someone, they have no authority and you are unable to connect with any one that has authority. They do not accept customer phone calls. Wow, what a job. I sure home Citizens wakes up and cleans up their operations!

Brian Wilder

Chase Bank s the #1 funder worldwide of both current and new fossil fuel projects and is increasing its fossil fuel funding every year even though it claims to care about climate change. They only care about short-term profits, the rest of us be damned. We don't need or want them in Rhode Island.

Jack Meess

I am having the worst banking experience of my life with Citizen's Bank in Bethel Park, PA, with its branch manager and legal department. If I could give it a negative score I would. As if the stress and emotional distress of a beloved parent with advanced dementia were not enough, Citizen's Bank is unable, or unwilling, to process a simple Durable Power of Attorney document. Not after several visits to the bank over the course of several months. Something WesBanco did in 30 minutes. 30 minutes!! Why? They keep moving the goal posts. First, they want a copy of the DPOA and a letter from the parent's doctor indicating their incapacity to manage his/her financial affairs. Second, they want to see the original documents to make their own copies. Third, they want to see an original Revocable Living Trust, something mentioned for the very first time. Now they are demanding a court appointed guardian. They have a DPOA from 2007! What on Earth is the problem here? Is Citizen's Bank trying to take control of the assets? You decide.

Monica Lopez

Is a Mafia own bank, like every other place in Providence, RI. They don’t care

Adam Bronstein

I had an auto loan with Citizens Bank and had them automatically withdrawal payment everything month. The last payment didn’t come out automatically and the next thing I know I get a hit on my credit report. I received no mail, no phone call or email telling me the final payment doesn’t get automatically withdrawn. I paid every month for 5 years and the last payment doesn’t get taken out!!! They ruined my credit and I’m trying to buy a house. They are an evil big bank like the rest of them and don’t care about individuals. Open an account at your local credit union. No decency.

Jack George

Just like all national banks, Citizens is run by a bunch of thieves. They lie to their customers and are not held accountable by the US Government. If Citizens does something really bad, the feds just charge them fees, aka bribes, to continue business as usual.

Amanda Levreault

Eric M

Terrible little sham of a bank, I briefly had an auto loan with them because I made the mistake of allowing the dealer to obtain financing for me. Anyone you speak to on the phone is in another country and half the time you can barely understand them because their accents are so thick. I refinanced my loan and as is custom the new lending Institution cut them a check for more than the payoff amount just to cover any overages and they attempted to keep the overages, when I first called them regarding the refund a couple of weeks after the check had cleared they told me I was not entitled to a refund and gave me a false check amount so I called my new institution and got a copy of the actual check that was sent to them and called them back armed with that. When I told them I've gone through the steps to verify the check amount suddenly I was entitled to a refund and was told it would be put in the mail tomorrow. They also added in that it could take two weeks to get to me. Are you kidding me? I know sometimes the mail is slow but even with standard ground Mail there's no way in hell a simple letter sent through the mail would take two weeks to travel from Rhode Island to Georgia. If you have the option and the foresight to look into this bank before doing business with them please take my words and the dozens of other one star reviews they have to heart and unless you are really truly desperate, find someone else to help you with your lending requirements.

Rebecca Schrader

I would literally cut off my own arm before using them again for an auto loan. I have never had such a bad experience - I've gotten inconsistent answers and you can't get in touch with anyone aside from a call center, who can't see notes that are posted by those doing the work, they are worthless. No way to contact the people actually doing the work. I had an easier time buying a house than I did paying off my car and getting the title.

teepat sutabutra

Nick Rainone

Great bank and ATM also

Brian Rusie

I had my auto loan with Citizens for the past 5 years. Their online loan pay system is pretty bad, reminiscent of something from the early days of the internet, not something you would expect from a relatively large bank. Because of that, I liked to manually schedule my loan payment every month rather than use auto pay. I had already scheduled my payment for a future date, to be paid a day before the due date. In between scheduling my payment and the actual payment, I traded my vehicle. That was on a Sunday. It's not possible to cancel the payment online (reference above, very outdated system), so, Monday morning I called and asked to cancel my payment. Seemed as though everything was ok, I was given a cancellation transaction number. Three days later I received an email saying that my payment had been processed. I called again, the girl I spoke to this time said that it looked like the payment should have been canceled, so maybe the email was just an automated mistake. Checked my accounts the next morning, sure enough, it did go through. I called again, at least now on the third try, I got someone seemingly somewhat competent. She informed me that it wasn't actually ever canceled, the first guy just put a note in my account that I wanted it canceled, which means that both of the first two people I spoke to were wholly incompetent. Third girl now says though that I'll have to wait for Citizens to receive and process the payoff from the dealer and then I'll be sent a check for the overage. That could take 7-10 days just to process the payoff once they receive it then however much longer to process the check then wait for it to actually get to me. Lastly, for the entire time that I had my loan with them, nobody could figure out how to correct the spelling of my name. There was a 'c' where there should have been an 'e'. So, I will have to wait and find out if the note that the last girl put in my account about the spelling of my name actually makes it onto the paper check they're going to send me, and if not, if I can actually cash it. All in all, with a lacking online banking system (which necessarily must make one question the security as well) and incompetent customer service, there are most definitely better options out there in today's age. I cannot stress enough that I would absolutely not recommend doing business with Citizens when there are plenty of other much much better options available.

Tammy Nastally

They financed my used car moved to another state they did not do title work when the state requested it. When I tried to renew my tag no go. They refereed me to MYTITLESUPPORT another 1 star company. They charged me to transfer my tag to new state.($36) my car has been parked for almost a month now. STAY FAR AWAY!!

Jeff Hood

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