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REVIEWS OF Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland IN Ohio

Ben H

Ethan Cundiff

Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank, you might ask? Well, no one knows, and its not our government (but they want you to believe it is!) And they're making a HUGE profit and no one knows who gets the money. This bank prints our money (a power given to CONGRESS in our Constitution) and controls interest rates...and no one has any power over them! Ever since their conception in 1913 they've lessened the value of the US dollar by 96% and the only people that benefit are the Fed's owners - but no one knows who they are. The Federal Reserve Bank should be illegal- They have too much power (and they're private, not public...but you can't buy stocks in them...) Go on the internet and find sketchy stories of its conception and corruption through the decades...END THE FED!!

Katrina d

Robert Hillow


Not completely satisfied with my visit. Nice architectural building and a few nice exhibits but I think The Kansas City federal reserve was a lot better. More exhibits and could actually see employees working with the money. Like behind the scenes type thing where in cleavland you couldn't.

Cassandra Evers

Great free stop! Stunning building with some history of money and the reserve. My kids are 11 & 7, they both enjoyed it. Plan for about an hour.

Faith Oglesby

Great institution, but met a retired employee who ended up being very devious and hurtful to a disabled individual.

Mandy Rodriguez

Shana Lee

Not only is this building breathtaking, it is also an amazing place to learn about the history of money. Fun place for kids and adults alike.

Charlemagne Noelle


Cedrick Hilliker

Free and fun for the kids.

Mark Zelvinsky

Julianna Barnes

Well worth the trip. I do wish that the old vault could be included in the exhibits (only opened to group tours that make reservations). All in all my whole family loved it!

Mike Pool

Jennifer Mutters

It wasn't as involved as the website stayed. It was very quick and the monitors in the activity areas were down.

KJ Meyers

This place is a hidden gem! We found this on a site of free things to do in Cleveland. It's beautiful and loads of fun. Only takes a few hours, kids and adults can learn to spot counterfeit bills, learn to barter, design your own money, learn the history of money, etc. It's definitely worth a trip to this hidden gem!

Marché Matlock

Rafael Morales

Incredible architecture and design...a marvel to see

Matthew Anderson

Really cool building I want to learn more.

Rebecca Mercer

Very educational. I enjoyed the tour and there was plenty to keep the kids entertained. The staff was great we were traveling with some elderly people and they were helpful. If you plan to come with disabled people do account for some extra time because the handicap accessible entrance is not in the museum so you have to be guided from the entrance to the museum by a security guard.

William Barnes

A way cool place to visit to see a gem of American and Ohio history. FREE!

Barbara Gifford

This is a very interesting tour of a historic building in Cleveland. The guide is very informative and the the museum is fascinating! It's worth the visit!!

John Loney

Tonya W

Small little museum with fun activities. Just accidently happened upon it, and best of all it was free! Little surprise goodies given to you at the end of the museum tour. Beautiful building, and definitely worth a quick stop.

Vishvambhar Singh Rathor

Magnificent bank Super helpful


It is a very interesting place to study the history of money.

Tom F.

The exhibits are fun and educational - best to visit with a school class or some way that you can get a tour because the building is AMAZINGLY beautiful! Don't forget to get your souviner bag of shredded money before you leave! (Dont let your kids open it to try and put bills back together. Not only do they not give you what you need to put them together (duh), but the shredded money is much more disgusting than most would anticipate!

Gardner David

Michael Altose

Great place to go for adults or kids of all ages. 60-90 minutes

Brian Szuter

The money museum is free and fun. A great way to spend an hour or so. A lot of interactive exhibits and great for all ages.

Erik Sliman

They cause all our recessions

Jeff Plyler

The architecture! Incredible, magnificent, grand. Great field trip to help kids learn about our banking system.

teepat sutabutra

Christopher Molek

Damon Cruz

John Hsieh

This review is for the Money Museum inside the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland, which the hours are listed for. The small public museum has a few interesting displays about money and an activity area for school field trips. Supposedly a group tour is available, but once again, probably only available to school field trips. The museum itself is completely free after checking in with the front desk. I was able to go through the entire museum in about 30 minutes, but the visit was totally worth it as there are bags of money for free at the end of the museum tour! Well, shredded money, but great souvenir that doesn't cost an arm and a leg is always appreciated.

Cleveland Airport Taxi Tommy 216 570 6571

Fun money museum Interactive make pictures with crayons

Josephine Dela Cruz

Tarek El-Din

Sarah Kiefer

Fun and interesting museum with hands on activities and a lot of information, the little intro speech before going into the museum was nice, and the place is gorgeous!

Евгений Шикунов

Megan Szuter

Paul Collison

Cute museum, which is very small but with fun and educational activities for the kids.

Jane Grey

This is a great museum for kids, but there is not much there for adults on what the Federal Reserve does now. It's mostly about money and the history of the Federal Reserve. I found that annoying. The building is spectacular and worth a look, though.

Honza Motelka

alicia jackson

So much fun my kids had a blast

Matthew Dale

The Money Museum. I can't even find the thing on maps, I only stumbled across it because I happened to be walking by the building and saw a sign for it. I had a half an hour to kill, which was perfect because that's exactly how long it took. Obviously not the primary reason for visiting Cleveland, but if you're downtown, have 30-45 minutes to kill, it's a small and free attraction that's a lot of fun and filled with some interesting things like the history of the Federal Reserve, the evolution of money, etc.

Suyog Shelar

Good place to see ... money museum . History of money and short film is worth to watch . Guests have very restricted access and hence try to make most out of it. Helpful for children which are older than 10 years . Lot of interactive games and learning experience.

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