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REVIEWS OF Casey's IN North Dakota

Maranda Guthmiller

Connie Eberle

Dirty restrooms..lots of litter and stuff all over outside...the bakery case doors were wide open as if they were refilling but no one was ...and flies were in the cashier and she could not get a trucker a copy of the receipts but did keep trying.... (unsuccessful )...while the next 7 people stood in line....clearly not enough help or concerned employees...... what happened here???new owners???? We had pulled into a gas/conv. Place a block or so earlier and I said to my husband....let's go to the one on the corner where the highway splits...I remember some time back that it was a really nice one.....well..sometimes Wives have to eat thier words!!..(that wasn't fun)

Dustin R

What a dump

Linda Werven

Nice place but I thought the food was expensive for a smaller town.

Katie Nyquist

the new management is doing wonders for this place


James Colon

Julie Smith

Garbage overflowing at every single pump. Shelves were not stocked at all, fridges were almost totally empty. One cashier for a pretty long line. Overall I was pretty disappointed/disgusted

Kami Miller

Clean and an excellent coffee selection.

William Duckworth

Worst Caseys I've ever seen. One star is because they have gas. Carrington is a sh*thole.

Kyle Fiebiger

Very nice store that thinks about truck drivers. I'm gonna guess 15-20 parking spots. They have random things we need like lights electrical connections straps etc. Oh and of course great pizza

Carl Hamlin

The woman took literally a half hour to make me a damn wrap... And the cashier was rude

Bradley Johnson

This Casey's does Not honor the Competitor's Gas Coupon.

Aaron Kilgore

This place has completely turned around from the reviews they got a year or two ago. It is clean, good food, and friendly employees. The cashier Jane is awesome too! Couldn't really ask for a better place to get stuck in a blizzard.

Bobby Hensley

Terrible customer service today no coffee no creamer no food in the food rack ask for help nobody does anything Stand there and look at you like it’s not their job

George Aas

Lee Davies

frendly and polite staff and clean

Brian Sinclair

Trash around the truck parking was over flowing. Trash in men's restroom was over flowing. Was afraid to get food. If the restrictions was cleaned properly, is the kitchen area cleaned properly?

Belle Star

This place is pathic! Almost scary after dark, unless you have facial tattoos and piercings you can't get a job here. I know a gal that works here and she won't even eat the food unless she makes it herself.

Seth Scott

Place is always filthy. Clean it up!

Judy Benard

They expect you to eat with your fingers no takeout containers

Jim Wright

Awesome People...

Rick Rhone

Restrooms total mess help is not happy to be working there!

Juno Cheyenne Krakus

Nice, they didn't charge me for hot water for my tea. Low diesel price.

Timothy Damiani

Had to stand in long lines 2 times in order to get diesel. Once to leave my fuel card and again to pay and get receipt.It took me 45 minutes to get fuel. The people that work here are incompetent and rude. There is trash everywhere too.

max painal

You got two pizza choices in carrington. Casey's delicious pizza or the trash they have at pizza ranch.

Jeffery David

Great breakfast pizza!

Box H

Jim Asleson

This place is a dump. Sad

Marco Cretu

Kayla Jay

There is a cashier there I hate walking to. She is always rude n is lazy. One time both tils were open n I walked up to hers n she said sorry I can't help u. When she wasn't doing anything at all. Just didn't want to work.

Sandra Giardelli

Nasty coffee. Nasty cappuccino. Gas pump didn’t shut off and gas went everywhere. Won’t stop here again.

Robert Forrest

Good place

baljeet kaler

Sally Petersen

Kodie Scott

Have had a sign up on the door for about two weeks now that reads that are temporarily closed from Midnight to 5am, kinda implies it's a one time thing. I stopped here after midnight both times after intending to buy water and snacks here to find it closed. Not impressed, dont think I'll bother next time. You should update the hours on your website if you are going to change them.

Julie Morrison

Shandel Hetle

There was 10 people standing in line while there were two workers behind the register. Only one person was actually helping customers.

Derek Connolly

Truck diesel is usually very cheap There’s enough parking and always hot food but really the men’s room could be cleaner, it stinks Nice staff though and a decent store

Darrick Gee

Everett Fisher

Trisha Page

Clean store and restrooms, friendly staff

Lynda Sopp

Kngzjoker Kngzjoker

Love this place, one of the cheapest places to get fuel.. good quality fuel... easy to get in and out with the semi and trailer.... and also has literally some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten... I always stop in when I’m coming through.

Gary Weaver

Stopped at the Carrington nd store it was dirty the garbage cans were over full, and the bathroom were filthy, and there was no hot food.

Bharat Patel

Joseph Patterson

Rude employee

Don Abell

Doug Carnegie

I was there overnight the other night and the next morning I went in to use the restroom and it wasn't real bad but could have used a cleaning. Then I went to get coffee and all the pots were about as empty as they could get. I managed to get enough to fill a cup but it wasn't very good. The breakfast sandwiches were good though and there was plenty of hot food available. I think they might need to increase the starting wage then they might get some people that really want to be there and also train the people to do more than one job. Not sure if I will continue to stop there.

Kristina Wetter

Always love stopping here, plenty of parking.. Staff alil slow but that's what happens when you have a non English speaking class of professional steering wheel holder tryin to explain cash advance he never received...


Sherry Harrison

Garbage piled up everywhere really really dirty bathrooms what a shame

Lori Walker

Two of the Most RUDEST people working in the Pizza kitchen today 7\39/17!!!!!! Left without purchasing Anything!!!! Fresh cased we empty welcome to Carrington ND Not. I would go hungry before Every stopping t that place Especially if that woman an man we're working!!!! Pitifully that people are allowed to work with the public with such Nasty attiudes.

Roger Keele

Lawrence Taylor

Place is ok. Cashier's attitudes are hit or miss. Be advised, the pumps are 24 hours, not the store so, if you need a bathroom during the wee hours of the morning, yer s#&t outta luck.

Dan Borchardt

Could use some cleaning.

James Abell

this place is a worthless gas station. If half the employees could stay sober and show up when they're supposed to maybe people would leave happy

clown baby

Could have used a pinch of salt

willy Wieler

Washrooms are never clean been here a few times and it's nasty. Other than that it's a good place.

Tar Singh

Motorcycle Virgins

Sat in line for 10 minutes only to have that line close and then had to move to another line. Employee could not count change not did it show on the register. Not returning here

JE Fleming

Good place and my regular go to when heading out of state. They are chronically understaffed so there are often little messes or trashes full but it doesn't seem to be from lack of effort. The pictures I added were from 2 am, little paper on the ground in the bathrooms, one cooler not stocked and a mess that the single cashier was interrupted from cleaning. Definately not the worst place along my route. The staff are often tired but most try to be friendly, kind of remind me of parents of newborns- little stressed quietly asking for patience. Lol the lines move very slowly any time of day and cashiers often don't hop on the tills even if behind the counter. Only my 12th visit here in 18 months but it seems perpetually true. Sill love this convenient stop- except the rude kitchen staff that like to hurry you away and refuse to make you fresh things. 4 stars because even if you're tired you should still feed the hungry

erik desjardins

Mark Harding

Bathrooms are disgusting. Urine and water all over the floor. Tp everywhere. Not up to any Casey's any where else standards. Diesel pumps card readers don't work forcing you to go inside... Fuel spilled all over the parking lot. This was 100x better as Stop and Go.

Clay Johnson

Great Pizzas, great ice cream, great subs, hmmm well great EVERYTHING.

Isaac E Benedict

I've been going to therapy session 3 times a week after seeing the bathroom conditions 4 months ago. Now my therapist wants me to face my fears and revisit this gas station. Stay away!

Aaron Fauss

I have had it! Why in the last 4 times I have been here in the last couple weeks has it taken me 20 minutes standing in line to pay for my gas? Why can I not remember the last time there was any food in the warmers? Will any of the broken equipment ever get fixed? THIS PLACE SUCKS! I wish it would have stayed Stop n Go. Pretty sad when the only truck stop gold mine is dead set on running itself into the ground. Filthy, no service, the only good thing about it is there are other gas stations to go to!

Bob Dingle

Lushlips Younique by Shelly Archuletta

Cause I am the deli manager and we strive to make our customers happy

Brenda Black

Kind of dirty, and not overly friendly staff...

Butch Baumann

I am not happy with the service and bathrooms vary in sanitary in the men's for three days even l told the people about and today at noon a line of customers and only one check out. Not good there at all

Patricia Lawson

Lazy attendant worker! Can’t even give a prices for gas because she would have to go look. If you want business tell your workers to take 40 seconds and go look and do their job!

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