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REVIEWS OF Bank of China IN New York

Daniel R.

Looks good from the Outside.

Han Wen

Da Lobo

Yuanjian Ella Liang

Miracle Li

Would give minus score if there's opinion here. Staff there is so unprofessional, two times, all confirmed documents of proofs required are enough , but said no after you filled in 7 documents, which should inform you in the first place. And if you called, the answer is different when you're there in person. Just give up on this bank, worst of the worst I've ever been. Totally different from the one in China, it's a shame.

Arnold Pan


Locknath Singh

Very tall & beautiful building.

Biao Wang

Rui Huang

Jehuda Ish-Shalom

Looks nice but not friendly at reception. Inside is amazing. They even have inside a small museum that shows lots of interesting things, it is very nicely made and is a pleasure to look at. Seems like Bank of China makes an effort to look very impressive no matter where in the world. Same is what I have seen in Hong Kong. I am not being very scientific here as I have seen only 2 examples in 2 countries but they are 2 of the biggest financial center cities of the world.

Linda Wu

lucas garcet

Sooooo rude, I’m your client and you are treating me bad ? What’s wrong with you people

Dave Cooper

Absolutely worthless! Unknowledgable, unprofessional, unhelpful, apathetic, an excuse to avoid action for everything, pathetic english, red tape out the gazoo! What's worse, with their attitude they have no chance of ever improving.

William Wang

I would give ZERO star if that is possible. I stopped by the branch in 48St&Madison, the lady in Front Desk is not really careless. They seems do not care about if you would like to be there customer or not. Very bureaucratic. Try to avoid it as much as possible !!!

Wen Jiang

franchesca lucas

Ali Yun

One of the stuff I met is extremely rude. She waved to me and ask me if I need to open an account. When she got that I was just here to get some information and I did not bring any document, she shaked her hands and asked me leave her window! WTF! Even the opening this account is very beneficial, I won't open it. Horrible experience.

Christine Heinz

Their bad attitude is due to the fact that they only hire people with family/business relations at this branch of New York, and never train them. So these employees never worry about losing jobs. For several times, they show their surprise about what I don't know (their information of address, swift, etc. that is needed for wire transfer), and they want to quit the conversation at anytime. They only work from 9 to 3, and enjoy life oversea. Apart from bad attitude, the bank account is extremely hard to use. The online banking automatically logs you out when you click a different tab (between bank statement, account overview, etc.). When you ask for account balance printed at the branch, they charge you $15 which is free in all other banks.

Ella X

The front desk guy definitely use some manner class.

Larry Pearson

Mostly they do not answer the telephone. Mostly they do not care about the customers. Mostly the people who work there are RUDE. Mostly, they do not speak good english. Still it is a good bank to use for foreign transferes, and for othe BOC interactions. It is a slow bank too. The internet banking has been improved.

lisi Xie

Chaoming Fang

Lll Zhang


Their attitude was not so good.


(Translated by Google) 1-07-2019, the Bank of China building in New York is very beautiful. However, the service attitude of bank personnel is not satisfactory. No smile, no active inquiry. The service item of the bank was found online, but after the bank was informed that there had been a change. If the service items and contents are changed, why not modify the information on the Internet in time? It is recommended that the Bank of China promptly change the online service items and contents to avoid the inconvenience of not being able to handle the Bank of China, which is specially made to New York. (Original) 1-07-2019,纽约的中国银行大楼很漂亮。但银行人员的服务态度不满意。没有微笑,没有主动询问。因从网上查找到该银行的服务项目,但到该银行后却被告知已有更改。如果服务项目、内容有更改,为何不及时修改网上的信息呢?建议中国银行及时更改网上的服务项目和内容,避免带来因专程到纽约的中国银行办理,却又不能办理的不便。

Binyan Xu

I have called them for countless times and no one is available in the costumer service. And the people who answered the phone were always so rude in the past.

Layla Wang

Victor Sarmento

(Translated by Google) Incredible architecture and super modern. (Original) Arquitetura incrível e super moderna.

Chu Ding

Service is good.

Rikki Wuu

Giancarlo Soto

Impressive design..!!


Bank of China is pathetic. Their mainland Bank Of China has the most stupid policy to lock you out of your cash for 7 working days. The 7 days would only start when their pathetic good for nothing staff enters the lost report in their computer system which by the way is down most of the time. So essentially if you lose your ATM card there is no way they will let you have your own money. Their banking system is a complete mystery and no one knows who is that stupid person who made this policy. There is no way any branch manager is able to help you. They rather die then go talk to the person who is actually able to do anything if it all. The worst bank ever!

Tianyi Li

Worst bank in the world. Whatever reasonable question you ask, they’ll keep telling you “I don’t know “ or “I can’t find the info you required”. Nobody knows the policy of the Babk as described online.

Jonna Nevins

The worst service I ever had with any bank. Called their number, and it turned out there is no operator, and nobody pick up phone with any extension listed. You also cannot leave message.

Wei Wang


(Translated by Google) AVOID AT ALL COST. I have never experienced such a bad banking service, and the attitude of the service staff is unreasonable. Compared with the major banks in the United States and any domestic outlets, it can be said that it is extremely poor. When I asked the staff about the problem, he kept asking me questions, involving problems that I didn't understand, and using a mocking tone. The difference in attitude is puzzling, and if such services are placed in any competitive market, they will inevitably fall. (Original) The worst customer service you can get! AVOID AT ALL COST. 我从未经历过如此差的银行服务,服务人员的态度差到无法理喻。跟美国各大银行,和国内的任何网点比较,都可以说是差到极点。当我向工作人员咨询问题的时候,他居然不断的反问我,涉及到我不明白的问题,还用嘲讽的语气。态度之差令人费解,这种服务如果放到任何竞争性市场中,必然倒台。

Haitao Luo

Yingjun Wang

Terrible service, bad attitude, slow process. Wang to give ZERO point if possible. They have very stupid policy which prevent you from withdrawing money from the account. Close you account as soon as possible. There are so many choices in NY don’t stick to this terrible bank.


Yancy Zhang

Their service is ridiculously terrible. Especially when you call them, most of the time they will talk to you angrily as if you owe them something. The hours is also bad because it’s all on workdays’ working hours so you can hardly find a time to talk to them in the stores.


Imba Jin

Jingcheng Lu

(Translated by Google) The most shameless bank, no one. Calling to cancel the account, then the customer service told me that it would be nice to transfer the money out. I turned, and then did not expect that the money is not enough. It also automatically returned my credit card, and it was about 11 knives. This is good. The silly fork bank received the cancellation fee of 10 knives twice and the account that was transferred. Received a fee of 25 knives check invalid. A total of 45 knives were lost. (Original) 最无耻的银行,没有之一。 打电话说要取消账户,然后客服跟我说把钱都转出去就好了。我转了,然后没想到钱不够它还自动还了我的信用卡,还了大概11刀,这可好,傻叉银行连着收了我两次10刀的取消费,还被转出的帐户收了25刀check 作废的费用。一共损失了45刀。

Yuhan Dong

Definitely POOR Customer Service! Rude UnTrained How can you guys work here Bank of China be so innocent?

kukua Koomson

A big beautiful building right opposite Bryant park on 41st and 6th ave in Manhattan.

Steve Miller

Old, slow, won't go there again.

Kenneth Tong

Zhou Qi

Carlos Serrano Redondo

Lorenny Reyes avila

Kyrylo Teplov

All good

Chris Rothmann

Quan Huang


Very china like,


Waleed Elkatatny

WaleedElkatatny.Google Maps

Fay J

C.T. Y

Awful service.

A Geng

Tristan Garrett

When Was it Opened?

MobLinz Initiated Turbocharged Prepaid Society LLC

Excellent customer service, and great response team.

Gads Den

Beautiful building, night and day.

Xueying Wu

Extremely rude! Most of people are really unprofessional!


David Yang

The customer service representative that answered the phone was extremely rude and poorly trained. He answers with the shortest sentences that aim to get you to hang up as soon as possible. I am genuinely surprised by how bad one can be at this job in this branch, especially comparing it to the service provided by the branches in China. What a shame.

Bolt Bortles

When they interview people for a job, they constantly ask “how flexible are you with your salary requirement?” I think it’s better if you say: we are a poor bank and we can’t meet your number.

Nova Gunawan

A recruiter from this bank called me, saying she’s impressed by my experience and have a potential job for me (typical recruiter BS). When I call back, her first question is: “why are you interested in Bank of China?” I was like... It is you trying to sell me a job, did I ever say I like your bank? Funny!

Dan Deng

Very Awful experience. I had a BOC card from China, but I couldn't use in the bank.

Shuai Yuan

Very bad attitude especially when the front desk employee heard that I'm gonna close my account and avoid to use their service

Lei Guo

jjonn x x

Way Young

Although they are doing business in the US, the way they run their business is so not to the US standard. They don't give or tell you any fee structure upfront and charges you without telling you. When you call them, do not expect any apologies. They would just say it's the rule, which reminds me the bureaucratic way they do business in Beijing.


jiang hui

Best banking experience in Chinatown ever! Great products and professional staff! Highly recommended!


marcelo garcia

Luxury Welcome view

Kevin Lu

Consulting about how to open a checking account over the phone. Great Customer Service!

bat1 the

It is such a slow bank!

Jia Gao


Fareen Butt

I have no idea what everyone is talking about as far as negativity goes. This is by the BEST bank and specifically branch I have ever dealt with in my life. The managers and worker have always been so helpful and supportive and go especially well out of their way to help me with all I have ever done personally and professionally. The staff is especially kind and friendly and ask how I am, how my family is, and how everything is in general. And when applicable they tell me about their work, families, etc, share recent restaurant recommendations in China Town etc. So a wait is never boring or careless. Truly one of THE BEST BANKS I have EVER dealt with!!!

Ruslan Ibragimov

vicky Wu

(Translated by Google) 1/7/19 is just fine! Go to Chinatown to change the address: ask me where to open / I said BK / then you go to BK change! In the United States for so long, I never knew that the original address needs to be changed locally! There are other services, that is, 3 words, the service attitude of Chinatown is super garbage! BK's attitude is much better, and the result is off the account! Mr. Dacake’s attitude is super bad! (Original) 1/7/19正好有事!去唐人街改个地址:问我哪里开的/我说BK/那你去BK改!在美国这么久从来不知道原来改地址需要到本地改!还有别的服务,就是3个字,唐人街的服务态度就是超级垃圾差劲!BK的态度好很多、结果一气之下关了帐户!大饼先生态度超级不好!

Arya Arya


teller move so slow............

ren dongfang

Qifan Huang

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