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REVIEWS OF Bellwether Community Credit Union IN New Hampshire


Andrea at the BCCU customer service line was super helpful with my challenge. Came up with some good suggestions and a clear way to resolve the issue.Technology may be great in lots of ways, but it's not always simple. Thanks, Andrea! I'm glad to be a BCCU member.

Jen Mercer

I've been with BCCU since 1996 (it was Telephone Credit Union back then) and have mostly had positive experiences. They have the lowest rates around and no fees. I had a problem a few months ago (due to the new mobile deposit) that Gayle helped me rectify after a few attempts. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful even as I expressed my frustration. Thank you!

Carol Meharg

Reading some of these negative posts compelled me to write a review. I have been with BCCU since 1997 when they were Impco CC with three employees. Lynda is the best! She helped with with an issue with the credit bureau which entailed a lot of research on her part; but, she got it done, and with a smile :) I've had car, refinance, and most recently, a home equity loan. I can honestly say I've never had a problem. Every time I go into any of the locations, I'm always greeted with a smile and hello and I am always given great customer service. Just recently I have converted my husband to a BCCU member and got rid of his "fee happy big bank" and he couldn't be happier. I have recommended BCCU to a number of friends. I love the mobile app. It allows me to deposit checks, pay my bills, and transfer money all with a couple of clicks. It's amazing and so is BCCU!

Jane Bates

Great local credit union, very member focused , friendly staff and so visible in the community

Karen Fletcher

Best bank I have ever dealt with...opening doors, friendly smiles, easy in and out...

Michael Doyon

I, like the person who commented about the rolled change, brought my change in last week to exchange for cash. However, my change was loose and I was anticipating using the coin counter. Now, keep in mind, I am a member for this Credit Union and have an account. I tell the greeter (not the usual greeter) that I would like to use the coin counter to exchange my money for cash. She rudely snaps and tells me there is a %5 charge. I can see if there is a charge for non-members, but I am a member here. If you go here looking to exchange coins for cash, anticipate this fee even if you are a member.

Joyce Goddard

What a great place! Stephanie U is the best, so detailed and answered questions for me that I didn't even think of asking! THANK YOU!!

Xiána Melissa

Let me apologize in advance for the lengthy review I’m going to write, not expecting pity from Bellwether, but in hopes of helping another person avoid the horrible experience I have had with this credit union since Day 1 of purchasing my vehicle. First, when I tell you the customer service here is awful..I can’t stress enough how terrible I believe almost every single memeber service representative I have spoken with is lacking tremendously when it comes to having basic people skills. This does not include the reps who work at the branch because I have never been inside the physical branch because I was in the US Navy and traveled so I can’t speak on them. This review is for all of the women I have interacted with in the corporate office. These call center reps are very rude, aggressive, and don’t care about you at all. They literally have no respect for anyone. I’ve not had a single nice person since I opened a loan in 2017. Don’t you dare go through any obstacles in life either because the term “life happens” does not exist here. I finally got a GAP claim finalized today after 4 months from my insurance settlement was paid. The women at Bellwether insisted they were filing the claim on my behalf and that it took weeks to finalize but according to my GAP claim provider not only didn’t they file my claim until February (2 months post insurance settlement check) but it never takes weeks for the claims to be finalized. It’s crazy to me that they were filing the claim on my behalf yet I did a majority of the actual work to get this resolved.... in one day. Today. The biggest con of all is if you’re a person like me who likes communication and follow up from a financial institution or any where for that matter ..Do not expect that here. You will have to chase these people down with emails and call a million times even though you know it’s not going to be a pleasant experience but you have to do it to get things done. I’m so glad I have repaid the full balance on my loan because I have had not a single positive thing to say about this bank since I got this auto loan. If you need an auto loan and aren’t able to get a decent rate anywhere else..walk. Or go to a more well known bank like Chase, Wells Fargo, navy federal. It’s definitely not worth the disrespectful snobby customer service, lack of communication and follow up, and extremely slow processing. I would not ever recommend this bank to anyone.

Gregg heidenreich

Horrible after hours help...can't reset without talking to a 9-5 person..just not user friendly. I guess I have to wait to bank whnw it convenient for them.. awful service

Steve Trumbo

Watched a video on youtube and found certain unprofessional, condescending ppl work here. Who asks a concerned customer to leave your establishment? Who does that? Barbara should be retrained! Also hire more compassionate, approachable, and employees who are willing to listen to customer complaints, instead of triggered employees. I'm not the only one who thinks this either. You should watch the video and possibly use the video as a training tool. Many bad reviews, must be a reason why!!!

Zack McMahon

I usually have a good experience here however today was different. I went in with rolled coins that I took the time and effort to count and roll myself. Remind you these coins are also US currency. When I got to the desk the lady rudely stops me and says we dont accept loose change you have to use our coin machine over there. Right here I walked out of the building. First of all it wasnt loose it was rolled and I took the time out of my day to be generous enough not to slap a fat bag of change on your desk. Secondly what kind of scam is it that I walk in with my hard earned money that I earned and I saved and you try to take a percentage out of it. I understand if it really was loose change, but it wasnt. The only thing making this rating a 3 star instead of a 1 or 2 is the lady that greets me in is always extremely friendly. And the only thing making this not a 5 star review is the experience I had today.

Carl Caporale

At one time BCCU was a top notch organization and service was always 100%. I have spent more time on the phone in the last six months than I have in the last six years with BCCU.

Ralph Enger

Hi! I have been a loyal customer of Bellwether Community Credit Union (BCCU) for approximately 30 years now (wow, that long?!). I started an account with you back in 1979 when I was hired as an employee for the then called "New England Telephone Company". I have NEVER stopped being a customer of yours. Why? Because, I have always known that I can depend on you. Everything from opening a loan for the purpose of buying my first new car, to acquiring my first credit card. You are always reliable, dependable, and quick to respond to my every question. That hasn't changed in the thirty years, in fact, it has improved. With the new technology that you've enhanced your system with, it's now really easy to have my questions answered, and you never laugh at some of those that are ridiculous, but necessary to answer, for this computer challenged individual. :) And, seeing I live in another state, I can't just pop into your building like I used to. But, when I'm in town, and have to visit the Bellwether Credit Union, I actually look forward to working with those I come into contact with behind the counter. They're all friendly, and very knowledgeable. I've been approached several times through the mail, or in person, to try another credit card, or bank, etc., but I would rather give up chocolate (and that's a tough one considering I LOVE my chocolate :) than to switch from BCCU. I will stay with what works. You're dependable, intelligent, up-to-date, genuine, reliable and most of all just plain NICE. Why would I want to go anywhere else? God Bless you all, and keep up the GREAT work! J. E.

Christopher John

started out as a great community credit union. have definitely lost their appeal with fees, ridiculous policies, and lack of assistance

Kari Bar

I'm so glad I transferred to this bank a few years ago! Their rates are top! But my favorite thing is the easy online banking!! The service team is unbelievable helpful and friendly in person and on line too!! Sometimes I skip the ATM just to say hi to everyone and my dog even gets treats :)

kim brackett

I give Bellwether 5 stars in all the dealings that I have had with them. Anytime that I have called with a question it has been answered easily and with great customer service. Thank you.

Donald p Rabidou

Been with them 3 4 yrs they offer you to skip a payment but want to charge you 35.00 for processing. Sick.!! Then that means extend your loan one more payment more interest.

Desiree MacDougall

I called in effort to recieve information on an old account. The lady was incredibly rude and told me nothing but I cost them money so I shouldnt be recieving information and continued to be rude as I was trying to recieve what I needed to pay my debt and try to make it right. After the interaction with said lady I will never again be allowing any loans through them, I may have made a mistake but you have no right to berraid me as I try to do the right thing. Incredibly upset with how I was spoken to and treated.

Luis Ortiz

Great and fast service. Would recommend.

Nichole Cabaleiro

DO NOT BANK HERE! I have had a loan here for six months they are nothing but rude and unhelpful. Their technology isn't up to date and neither is their protocols. I try to pay as much as I can so I can get out of this loan faster. Even considering refinancing through a better bank. They shouldn't even get one star! Just awful

Daniel Chick

Bad credit union, laughably awful customer service. Would not recommend.

Tara Ridley

They are very rude to me whenever I call to tell them I have $ in my account to pay on my vehicle. If you miss one payment they automatically put your vehicle on repossession. They will call you and harass you until you've made the payment even though they have told me "you have a 15 day grace period" that's a crock! I have never had the worst experience from any bank in my entire life like I have with this one! I'm reconsidering trying a different bank! These past 2 years with them have been a living hell worrying wether or not I'll have my car the next day or not! I wouldn't recommend them to anyone! If anything I'd steer them away from them! Save that person the headache!

Aileen Chute

I bought a car and set up a loan with Bellwether because it was the loan service the car dealer went with. Big mistake! I set up automatic payments with them and then they rolled over to a new system and couldn't roll over my automatic payments. Ever since then I've had to make extra arrangements with my own bank to pay them. I find it hilarious they think that skipping a payment during the holidays is worth a 35.00 "processing fee" --like it costs them anything for anyone to skip a payment...(I can just do that by myself and take the hit on interest, which is less than 35.00). This credit union should be avoided. Glad I've almost paid my car loan off. Last email I got? Subject line: "You're car car loan is almost paid off, way to go!" Me are car loan? Please get some employees who can write in basic English, if you insist on sending me spam.

Liz Delacruz

I am extremely disappointed with the level of customer service given to me today. I have an auto loan with this bank,was told previously I have a 15 day grace period for my payment, also I can make my payments over the phone if needed. When I called today I was being charged $15 for making a payment over the phone and $20 for late fee. When I stated to her what I was told previously she didn't seem to care and overlooked to what I explained and said "have a good day".This is a new loan with this bank and I am a new customer and so far I wouldn't recommend this bank to anyone. Currently transferring out.


Great credit union!

June Rojas Tumblin

I have been a very satisfied customer of Bellwether Community Credit Union of Manchester, NH, for many years. In the past few days, BCCU's customer service (and, specifically, Ms. Andrea Ireland) went above and beyond their regular excellent service by assisting me with a credit card complication. Ms. Ireland worked patiently, tirelessly and kindly with me to rectify the matter. All turned out well, and I wanted to share my gratitude and express how wonderful it was to work with Bellwether Community Credit Union and one of its most valuable employees. Thank you, Andrea, and BCCU.

reviews Anon

This bank seems very unorganized and has poor service. Told me they send loan statements quarterly, but i get them monthly without fail for 2 years. Why is there a disconnect there? Everything has been fine until i changed my address, then the fees come because i placed a forwarding address on my mail? They charge extra because... the mailman does extra leg work? now no statements and i need to be on top of when i need to send the payment. Will not use them again, and i'm trading this vehicle in soon anyway.

David Seaver

I have never before left a google review, however I wanted to post this in an attempt to warn future customers about these folks. I've had numerous problems with bellwether over the years; we've all read those rants online so suffice it to say they've done everything from misplacing the title for my vehicle and not telling me until the day I go to sell it, changing my line of credit the day I try to use it, charging me erroneously, saying they fixed the charges then doing it again the next month. Once they even reported me late on a payment to the credit bureau on a charge that didn't even exist. The reality is there are better lenders out there. Use them. I've made my peace with the fact that they've screwed me I just hope I can prevent it from happening to someone else.

Erin Thebodo

Horrible customer service with poor communication.

Michael Soucy

Shuttles Auto Sales highly recommends Bellwether CU. We have many customers who have been treated with excellent service and competitive auto loan rates.

T Bailey

Pauline at Bellwether Community Credit Union did a thorough and excellent job of researching the problem with a transfer payment that was not processed and returned. She put excellent notes in the system to document the failure and gave me her direct line for follow-up on the reprocessing of this transfer payment which is in the works. Bellwether Customer Service has been excellent not only in handling this current problem but in handling and resolving fraudulent charges to my account in past situations. They have always been top notch in correcting issues and getting everything resolved quickly. My complements to a well run and friendly customer service organization!!

Tasha Adams

5 Stars for Gayle at the BCCU in Manchester NH. I had been communicating with her through BCCU's online service regarding refinancing my car with another institution. I needed to find out the payoff amount so I had sent over a secured e-mail requesting the information needed. Today I find out that the payoff amount was incorrect (by a small amount) however I had already finalized my loan with the other institution and reassured them that I followed proper steps. I am not sure who I spoke to originally this AM but she advised me that although there was a mistake it still was interest that was owed to them but the person who made the error (Gayle) was going to speak with a manager to see if she could get it resolved. At first I was a little disappointed because by the sounds of the first person I talked to I thought I was going to have to come up with the difference in which I thought was poor customer service. To my Surprise Gayle personally called me to apologize for the error and let me know that she got it worked out with the manager and everything was all set. I just wanted to take a min it to shout out and recognize an employee such as Gayle because although we all make mistakes which is completely normal She owned up to it and took it upon herself to get it resolved in the best way possible for the customer. Even though it was a small amount, it's the principal behind it and still goes a long way. It was very much appreciated! Thanks Again Gayle! Upon reading reviews earlier I see that a common complaint with this branch is customer service but as you can see Gayle goes above and beyond!

Dan Bourque

Very professional, quick and easy auto loan procedure. all documents signed on line. AmySue is terrific to deal with. would highly recommend Bellwether and Amy Sue

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