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REVIEWS OF America First Credit Union IN Nevada

Ryan Merrill

Manuel Guillen

I always drive way out of my way to try to find there atms to deposit money an there atms are always broken

Dianna Lewis

America first employees are the best. They treat you with respect and really try to help you in your situation.. Definetly not cookie cutter customer service! They care about you individually

Tristi Snyder

Ive been with this place for going on 15 yrs, never once over drafted my account, paid off a car loan a year early, have a credit score of 740 and make a good amount of money, and they will not give me a car loan or even a credit card due to the fact that im self employed and cant verify my income the way others can. Its ridiculous to say the least.Why stay with a credit union that cant help small business owners even tho ive been with them for years? But you know what, its fine. Its like being stuck in a bad marriage. I was young and dumb when i met you, I didnt know any better. One day a better credit union will come along and tell me and show me that I'm worthy of credit cards and loans, and they will sweep me off my feet and I will leave you and take all my money. Until then i will begrudgingly come back to you once a week and smile at your face, while calling you an jerk in my head. Good day AFCU.

Bryce Jones

andrea manzo

Oh my god I don't know what's wrong with the machine outside but I put my card in it like usual and it never gave it back !!! I'm coming back to talk to the employees this has never happened to me at all

Chris Madsen

I dont know why anyone would want to use any other type of financial institution other than a credit union. This place has always been easy to work with, they are nice and friendly. I did have a problem with my card getting skimmed and they did fix it though they took a bit long to do it. That is the only reason I dont rate them 5 stars.


Unprofessional and untrained staff don’t know what they’re doing.if you don’t want to do your job stay home seriously.zlata was so rude and she didn’t know what she’s was doing.

Alejandro Garcia

David Bute

Been going here for years. Always nice staff and short wait times. Support your local economy and don't use one of the big banks!

Caleb Kirsch

Andrew Beacham

Man this bank is amazing compared to my last one!! So happy I use them! Also, Michelle is absolutely amazing, nice, and knowledgeable! She was able to answer any and all questions I had and even made me laugh, making the whole experience fun! Thanks guys!

William Heinig

Tristen Eaton

My experience here was excellent. Just opened up an account and applied for an auto loan. Kimberly went above and beyond, staying an hour past closing time to help us with our loan. She was the best customer service I have ever received at any bank or credit union ever. I felt important as a customer and was very well taken care of.

Hailey Spung

Use another America first location. All the tellers here are beyond rude and in no part helpful. Completely unimpressed

Lartarsha Mingo

Vegas Newspaper


Amber Saeli

Spencer Arnold

Greg Roth

Pervasive incompetence, aggravating lack of communication. I was a member of America First Credit Union for a year encompassing most of 2018. Pretty quickly, I learned that their tellers are useless for anything that can't be done at an ATM. I once went in trying to get a letter sent to my address for address verification, a copy of a tax document, and a print out of the balance of only one account. I made the mistake of using a teller. After repeated consultation with other similarly clueless employees, he failed on all three counts. He couldn't find the tax document. He signed me up for paper notices against my wishes, and couldn't manage to print an account individually. From then on, I used the bankers exclusively. I still had numerous problems. Repeatedly, wire transfers were erroneously redirected to accounts with insufficient funds in spite of confirming that they were right on the requesting end. This incurred fines and the only notice I got was when my debit card stopped working because of mistakes made by the credit union. This required unscheduled and unwanted visits to a branch that severely disrupted plans and caused me to miss important appointments as I sat with mystified bankers who were no help explaining what happened and how it could be prevented. Ultimately, I stopped wiring money entirely. The final straw was when my debit card yet again stopped working. It was due to detected fraud they refused to tell me anything about and they gave me absolutely no notice of beforehand. In spite of my card being disabled, a charge came in a week later and they let it through. When asked why any charge would have gone through if I couldn't buy groceries and they confiscated my card, the banker had no explanation. Nor did the banker he called over to tell him how to close my accounts. Months later, I learned they didn't even do that right. I got a statement about my checking account, which was mysteriously still open. This in spite of the fact that I requested and received repeated assurances that the accounts would be closed. The employee I spoke to saw no evidence that the account had ever been closed. I have once again been assured that the account is closed. Perhaps my nightmare involvement with this incompetent financial institution is finally over. There are better banks. There are better local credit unions. Give one of them your business. Avoid America First.

Luis Montalvo

Rude tellers that are not helpful. Why am I using this bank that does nothing for me? Tellers don't even want to help you count cash.

Gioviel Collado

devin goodwin

America First Credit Union is a great Institution however this branch is complete f****** trash. The only ATM that is outside never accept money when you're trying to make a cash deposit no matter how fresh and crisp the bill is. The line to use the bank tubes takes longer than to fill a prescription through the drive-thru at Walgreens. The staff is nice but pretty unknowledgeable versus the other branches even though this is extremely close to my house I would not be upset if they shut this Branch down

Daniel Reed

Misty Mai Packer


Meh, I don't get the hype. They never give me the low APR advertised on the website plus ask for a bunch of personal documents for a simple low budget car loan. Thank you but no thank you. I'll just get it from KSL.

Tracy Reyna

Estella the banker here is awesome. She has helped me tremendously. With various loans and etc that no other bank would even do. I love this bank. Sometimes it's a line but not too long as other banks. And one thing is they check everything and that can be a problem for some but it's the wild Wild West now and a lot of banks want to be sure to follow protocol to protect you and their interest.

Brandon Christensen

Lzheadfull ofhaircare

Great customer service. I'm always in and out!

Jacob Marshall

Jorge O

Jayden Brown

Timoteo Pereira

Great, and awesome staffs, glad I'm with them.

roberto cruz

They really care on my needs..!!! I got a car loan with a great interest rate...and it was so fast....

Sarah Fox

We got a mortgage through AFCU for lower than any other bank could offer. They were friendly and knowledgable.

Angela Lovell

As po-dunk as it gets. We tried filing a dispute against a $300 charge. We had to go into the office to do so (unlike a REAL bank where you can handle it over the phone). After we filled out the form they had to FAX IT IN as though this was happening in the 1990s. Well, somewhere along the way, they lost it. When we called to check on the dispute it didn't exist and the window to file a dispute had closed. And that's why we're closing our account and going back to Chase.

Oscar Figueroa

Michelle Martineau

I've been a member at AFCU for 25 years now and I've never had a complaint about the customer service until today. I visited the downtown branch, needing a document notarized. I walked up to the receptionist desk to ask who to get this service from and was blatantly ignored. Instead of acknowledging my presence, she picked up the phone and made a call. "Ok, I can wait for her to finish her call," I think to myself. Another person soon lines up behind me to wait as well. She yammers on for about 5 minutes and finally finishes the call. I wait for her to make eye contact so I can ask my question. Never once looking up at me (though I'm standing right in front of her), she instead answers the phone again and continues to ignore me. Instead, another bank employee notices my exasperation and decides to come help me. "Have you been helped yet?" He asks. "NO, actually I haven't." I can't remember the last time I had such poor customer service at America First and I will not be back to the downtown branch again. Time to clean house and get rid of worthless employees. If this type of thing happens again, I guess I'll be moving my 30 bank accounts to Mountain America.

Branti Evans

Alec Knighton

Kaitlyn McKenna

The loan officer at this branch was amazing. We came in at 5:30 and she stayed until 7 to help us get everything finished. She even called the underwriter to make sure they got it put in asap so we could have a decision before we left. Definitely satisfied with my decision to join this credit union!

Kodi Hamill

I purchased an Rv and this credit union had a slightly lower rate than mine so I said ok to them when the dealer offered. This bank is horrible, every single time I try to make a payment their system has an error or is broken. And says try again later. Customer service often says they can’t take a payment either. They also charge you 8$ to make a payment and there is NO way to avoid this unless you have one of these credit unions nearby( which I do not) , therefor any savings I would of had over my bank is gone since I will pay another 1000$ in fees to just make my payment. Go to your local credit union rather than this aweful choice when the dealer recommends it.

Alejandro Galindo

Businesses beware they will put a 7 business day hold on first time deposit checks. A huge minus when your trying to run a business by meeting deadlines yet you can't get started because your credit union has your deposit check on hold.

Jayne Leigh

Michael Badger

Love AFCU and have only ever had great service at each of the locations I have visited. Have had 4 of 5 of my car loans through them as well as a consolidation loan. I also really like the tech offering on mobile phone and online.

Ali Fayruz

I was so frustrated with this branch today because of the way they treated me. I’ve been waiting at the drive through to deposit a check and no one bothered to answer my call while they helped the others. Then I had to pull back to the next pole in case the one that I waited at might be broken or something (despite of there is no “out of order” sign) but anyway I pulled back and pressed the call button and still nothing happening. Till I started waving to the tellers who stand behind the window who already were aware I was there then one of them talked to me. I told him that I’ve been waiting for over 15 minutes but that didn’t make him to even say “sorry”.

Therese Sproul Procell

Plain out right ok

Troy Lawson

Friendly, amazing service. You are family here.

Michelle Padgett

naysan lived

David’s suck a nice person

Robert Beckworth

They treat you right. Good bank to be at

Dolly Stoddart

Debra McKinney

Always good. Customer service, in and out no charge for cashiers checks, notary services and more you gotta go and see for your self

Erik Sigüenza

The lady in then drive-through needs to learn some customer service extremely rude like she’s doing you some kind a favor by you giving them your money

Yanelle Hernandez

Daniel's Little Family

Awful place, some of the employees there have no customer service, tifanni is suppose to be the supervisor yet she is very rude and disrespectful, does not know how to treat people with respect, does everything with an attitude.


Love this location, looking for my bank and here it was not with only the directions, but the pictures gave me a better insight on where it is located at.

Romeo Efigenio

Heather Borg

I generally like this bank but I went to make a deposit yesterday and while I was counting my money to deposit, the machine ate my card! I think this is very inconvenient and it should of at least beeped at me!

Chelsey Bunch

I hate it there’s always something stopping me from getting my money smh

Elias Cortina

Mala esperiencia ,tienen empleados que no saben lo que asen ,no saben informacion y no hacen bien su trabajo de atencion al cliente. Muy mala experiencia.

Creighton Elinski

Always have had great service! Much better than the big banks that I've been with in the past

Tania C

Being so young, I had so many questions to ask, and I’m just grateful that Jessie made my experience so pleasant. I felt like everything I had to say mattered! Thank you Jessie for being so patient and nice to me!

October Williams

brittany Morwood

Best place to go, the guy who helped me explained everything and answered all the questions i had for him, it was a great experience, and its only 25$ to open an account :)

Jeremy Shaw

monica rodarte

(Translated by Google) An excellent service! (Original) Un servicio excelente!!

Lance Monson

Worst banking experience I've ever had.

Michael Rottmund

Robbie McDaniel

It's close to my home. It's easy to deposit money into my account. I have a checking and savings account with just a dollar to open up a new account with this credit union. It's awesome

Mrmo Thomas

Mike Johnson

Heather Angell

I go to this branch 2-3 times a week and love it! Everyone is super friendly. Great banking and always an easy in / out experience.

Karmina Madrigal

Madison Heaps

Good fast services

John McCormick

Always good quick friendly service!

Liam Connor

We Win

Pat Smith

Winslow Bellamy

Jared W

ATM... located on second floor of harmons.

Adam Davidson

Margarita Blancarte

Especial people. Thank you soo nice estela moreno #1

Sharon Palma

I have been a member of America First for 9 years approximately and I have never had any problems with them. I've had a line of credit, credit cards and an auto loan. I like this branch in particular. I find the loan consultants very competent and extremely patient. At least the ones I have interacted with. They answer all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend America First, especially David who works at this branch, he is one of the best loan consultants I had the pleasure of working with. He does go above and beyond.

Duncan Cunningham

Who would ever do business with a BANK? This credit union is amazing. They appear to have the best staff around, they are quick, smart and get the job done with people who care about members.

Daniel Urmann

My girlfriend made a mistake on the app with an online check deposit. She went to go fix it and had to talk to the supervisor. The supervisor (Ashley) started blaming and yelling at her and not being understanding that it was a mistake, my girlfriend was there being honest and trying to get everything fixed. Mistakes happen. A good supervisor would appreciate a customer trying to come in trying to fix an issue rather than putting down the customer and making them not want to come back in the future. You guys can do better.

Rex Jones

Absolutely worst experience ever with any financial institution. These guys apparently train their employees to be jerks to customers. DO NOT give them your business or money, literally any other option is better.

brittany kupfer

Saunsiaray Broussard

The tellers are very friendly and helpful. It feels good to walk in there and to live close to a location.

Ciara Cosier

candice marshall

This place gets on my F N NERVES!! JESUS. the atm machines are always broken. It takes the company DAYS to fix corrections. I'm so over this place.

Erica Flack

Great customer service

Zachary Kellogg

This branch is a joke. Never enough clerks. If forced to come here for 10 years because my work banks here. Staff are dull, I've tried to explain to the branch manager the wait time is literally 20 minutes, nothing has changed. America Firat is a good bank, just STAY AWAY FROM THIS BRANCH! Hopefully corporate sees this and does something about it.


I went in to get a motorcycle with estella loan process was ok she dint seem to be very knowledgeable she was just reading was off the screen when i asked her question i gave her my 2 recent pay stubs and she said she would call ne the following day. She called me around 2 leaving a message i needed to talk her called back 5 times and she dint answer she said she would be there till 6 pm. Called the next day and they told me she did not upload my pay stubs so I have to go back and give them again and wait till they resubmit my loan. First time banker prob last time.

David Billingsley

Everytime I come into this branch, the same EMPLOYEE gives me a hard time about withdrawing money and about deposits. Every time another customer is helping me, she always finds a way to insert herself into the transaction and conversation. Today was the third time that she has stood over another employees shoulder and monitored the entire transaction. Again, this is an employee not a manager. I wld hate to say that my skin complexion has something to do w/ it so I will give her the benefit of doubt. I mean jeeze, you’re giving me a hard time for withdrawing MY OWN money for what? Im not asking to borrow from the bank, so whats the issue? Ultimately, I had to tell the branch manager that I didn’t want her over her. Why do we need three people to deposit money?

Alan Rodriguez

Emmanuel Cardenas

The drive thru is awesome, fast, and convenient, when you have to go inside, that's where that great experience stops. The tellers are still great, but trying to talk to an Loan Officer is ridiculous. I understand that they do get calls from current or potential borrowers, but some seem to go out of there way to seem busy. The branch on pioneer road is always customer focused, it takes me less than ten minutes to chat with a LO. I don't understand why this happens at this branch, but they don't seem willing to help. Go to another branch if you need help from an LO, if you just need quick banking, the drive thru is the best option.


Carmen Baena

There are the best banking in town thank you for your help and services my family are happy to belong to America First credit Union Happy holidays special for fabulous team and manager Debbie, branch of Craig and Martin Luther King .

Cesar Orozco

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