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REVIEWS OF American Jewelry & Loan IN Michigan

matthew sluder

I called over the phone woman was super nice and gave me a good estimate

Shukairheim Todd

They are really caring and try to help out as much as they can.

Ángel Navarro

From Spain, You look so nice... So smart...So money... But the real thing is that you never read, El Mercader de Venecia, let me hice you the name in Spanish... There is no charme , no glamour, nothing but one deal you call back tonyour clients and gove them something real for a couple of Guitars... Please , do not teach to our childs to be lake that... Hope you are fine and blessed by your good. Kind regards.

T. Reka Hari

Hi I am from India I used to enjoy your hard core TV program

Bradley Worcester

Never been here however when I looked at this place using street view awhile ago I believe I saw Les at the sales counter. I am from the Twin Cities and saw this show. If I ever get to this shop I would like to meet Ashley, Seth and Les

Paul Reynolds

Wishing you all well from the UK,love the TV program

Matty Howse

Great show funny as hell

Bigg O

I have been there a few times and they were always friendly. Just don't take pictures when they are filming! Wait because they will come back out after filming to meet the crowd, signs stuff, and let you get a picture with them.


Tv show

Small Buggs

The best place for evey kind of antique and latest stuff u can find in here with a very Best salesmen especially Les and Seth haha they r very amazing...

Jackie Panetta

Great store. They have the biggest selection of jewelry of any pawn shop in town and a friendly, attentive staff!

Paris Kelly

Everybody was nice plus they had a lot of great things to spend money on!

malyah bynum cafe

This place is so fair

Gayle Morrow Neenan

I record all your shows every day. I do this in order to pause if the phone rings or I have another distraction. Seth, you have a lot to learn in dealing with people in a nice way, especially Ashley. Ashley, you appear to be a very nice young lady who cares about others. Les, you are a BOMB. You are a very sexy man, I love it when you smile. If you are ever in Mobile, Alabama do give me a call. I would like to meet you in person. I have only been to Detroit 2011 and had a very nice trip. Would love to tell you about my experience in trying to go to Canada. Down here in Alabama the pawn shops do not want to wheel and deal with you/. Wish your shows came on more often. Loved the money machine and watching Seth sweat when it was late arriving.

Gema Brantley

I went there a couple of weeks ago and stood in line for two hours, while there we witnessed a taping of the show, what a joke this show is scripted. They tell the people especially African Americans how to act a fool, and for what purpose. The family does not argue the way that they portray it on television, if I wanted to watch a scripted show I would, and to top it off the customer service was crap. Once I got to the counter the guy looked at me and said I can't help you, without even seeing what I had. I had a laptop, that is only a year old, what the heck, I attribute this to the fact that he was in a hurry to wait on the the girl behind me who happened very pretty and under dressed. What a PIG, but while it looks nice I would not send my worst enemy to this joke of a store.


I love the TV show and I want to visit you once

Brenda Globetrotter

Tank you Less for your disposability, nice to meet you, feels good

Theresa Nelson

Great selection! So much to choose from & friendly service!

Ryan Ramirez

Amazing transaction got $10,000 for my jewelry

Matteo Ordonzelli

My son could die!!!!!

G Brown

I have built a wonderful relationship with these wonderful people over the years. Great staff and awesome prices. For jewelry see my Buddy Dennis. For electronics and anything else see my good friend Byron....

Gary Byrne

See this great program in Birmingham in the UK . Its great how les , Ashley and seth and the staff deal with the bums

Willster SRT8

They give good prices but the staff and the environment are awful.

Melissa Mooney

Absolute pleasure to go there the experience was wonderfull the windows were a bit slow though

f Nata

best programme ever for me. I like watching hem and his kids. they're all the time screaming. funny family. xx

cuong tran

We love Hardcore Pawnshop. Everyone had a job to do.Seth is the best person in this world,we love him, he is very nice n kind person.we love the show n we watch again n again n never will tired of it! Seth is the BEST! Charlie T from Edmonton,Alberta,Canada

Theresa G

Tara at the jewelry counter was knowledgeable and helpful, got a great deal on a new watch for my husband !

pimpin ass moi

Service to redeem and make payments is very very slow a better system needs to be in place no way that it should take a representative more than 5 minutes with a customer stood in line and it took 20 minutes for the rep to take a payment this is horrible this company had been in this community for years and needs better service managers and employees in the back need better training in how to handle business

Tek Ken

My experience at the store was great! I was treated fairly, and was able to get a fair price for my items. It was cool watching the show, and actually being able to go see mostly everyone from the show. I would definitely recommend it! The person below (Anne) sounds like someone that got kicked out for probably being an idiot :D learn to spell!

Spider Monkey

Horribly slow service with ghetto attitudes. Security acts childish and the worst phone service I have ever encountered in my life sat on the phone for well over an hour an still no answer just the same message over and over again. Never waste your money doing business here.

Imperial Guard #28

I almost wish the guys in Las Vegas's show was this dramatic at times.


Friendly honest staff, and they had no problem answering my questions.

Brad Lee

The offer excellent service came great prices


Such an excellent experience! Just came in to look around and ended up buying a gorgeous watch for my husband, necklaces for my daughter and sister and a beautiful diamond ring a bracelet for myself! Thank you for the patience and kindness in helping me buy all my beautiful gifts!

Nick J

OMG.... Going through YouTube I saw this store on some reality show & I was completely stunned at how rude & arrogant some of the staff are. Even if you get a difficult customer one should have the basic respect & presence of mind to tactfully defuse the situation & not yell & scream at the person. Add to that the fact this happens regularly & they even sold fake diamonds & when customers returned to challenge them about it they get a heavy to attempt to escort them out so they can avoid repaying them. It's like they're all from out of the ghetto. I've never seen anything so bad in my entire life. They are obviously under the influence of something. I was completely amazed. Not to mention the extremely low prices they seem to offer customers. I'll never stop by there in my travels.

Shay Mitchell

Poor Phone service why do you pay for the ability to call about your property but they keep putting you on hold I have called 3 Days in a row because I'm not able to make it there right now and each time I call I get put on hold for 10-20 mins then the phone hangs up I can't wait to finish with them and I used enjoy going there but it has changed a Lot

Pablopablo Anthony

If you can't talk to people tidy just close the doors show some respect

Motorcity Roley

They are unprofessional they low ball you on everything no matter the cost of your items your better off selling online.. And they take all day to test your item...

Symone Dillard

Hi I'm From Houston Texas and I love the TV Show hardcore pawn I'm a fan if I ever was to visit Detroit I love to See this place and look around I like Les and Ashley u Guys are So Awesome much Love from Houston Tx

jeremiah breeden

Manager there is very ghetto and rude

Rose Goo

Went there for diamond and EVERYONE could not have been nicer!! From Manager Brian who was so patient with me explaining everything I needed to know about diamonds and answering all my questions, Les and all the people in the jewerey dept and the BIG gentleman (I'm sorry I didn't catch his name) that walked me to my car ALL were GREAT!! I would go back in a heartbeat to them.

Tyler Murray

This is my favourite show there ever was on tv! & I've watched every episode there is on blaze & I'm still waiting for the next episode after the three ring circus part 2 with the outcome of ashleys ultimatum that could change American Jewellery & loan forever... PLEASE come back on blaze (tv) with new seasons!

Sudhanshu Sharma

Saw your show on tv, you guys are awesome!

Mike Sanders

Bad place to shop I was very disappointed with the counter service. They move slow as hell and they act like you on their time. The staff is rude and they are a rip off with the prices!!!!

Michele Rossouw

They are the best! But Seth and Ashley should act more proffessional and should have more respect to each other

Moo kie

Ashley was very rude to me. Low balled me from the start and i left. She looked really annoyed I was even there. Thanks for the great service

Ebony Waters

I have never gone to American Jewelry and Loan before. I never been to a pawn shop at all. After coming here, I feel that personally, these places are a rip-off. They offered me so little money for brand new laptop that I know good and well they would sell for close to the price that I paid for it. Maybe this is just the way that it works, but I don't ever plan to go back there for anything.

Brent Laughlin

My girl friend wanted to check the store out since she had seen it on tv so we made the trip there since I was in town anyway for a wedding. Everyone working there was really nice and helpful. I asked the lady working if she had any good deals on autographed jerseys. She said she can make a good deal happen. They had this team Russia jersey with Larionov Federov and Kozlov on it. They had the impression it was Datsyuk because of the number 13. Easy mistake but I'm way happier with Kozlov since I have 3 of the Russian 5 on there.

Gail Henderson

Warning to all I bought a TV there yesterday took it home it played for 15/20 min then shut its self off I was able a few times to do this then it will no longer turn on buttons say error I took it back today they would No give me another one would not give a redound an didn't make an effort to try to see if he could fix it I was being veryquiet an he came over with security guard an told me there's nothing he could do so iamm out my money an no TV that works wow what a way to run a business iam think I will go to the y'all of shame on this one

Daniel Pu


Jodi Franke

Deamma and her staff are awesome at the Pontiac store. She has created a personable atmosphere and all the employees are very knowledgeable. Deamma is a great manager and knows how to make her customers loyal to your store. I’m a customer for approximately 4 years now and only trust American Jewlrey and Loan in Pontiac to purchase jewelry. I’ve purchased several beautiful items from your store at a very fair price. I’ve also had to get a loan on some of my item when things were bad and I only trust your store because of Deamma. I know I can trust her and the staff. Kyle and Jenny are alway very knowledgeable and friendly. I really appreciate them. Thanks Deamma I really appreciate you and your staff!!! Sincerely, Jodi L

Brian Landry

this place is just a big joke... i tried to pawn my $2,000 movado watch and they offered me $80 that was almost the funniest thing i have heard my whole life

Jean Claude

Not responding to questions: A big service fail...

Philip Ethersee

A company who take advantage of people who need to survive. Ur staff r rude. And ur daughter is a discrace.

Marina Fuentes

Amazing store nice finds and awesome vibes dude

kabrawl jr

Love it here good prices

Gary Leverich

Bought a promise ring for my girlfriend and stones started falling out bt the first week.

Jamie Riddle

I visited for the first time today, I thought the staff were excellent, prices on stuff were really fair and reasonable, and they had an extensive selection of merchandise to choose from. The camera crew was recording while we were there, so it got kind of chaotic to stay out of their shots. Overall I would recommend anyone looking for good used merchandise to check them out. I also went back a couple weeks ago to sell some jewelry and was only asking $50 and they offered $60. Also I met Les and Rich and they both seem to be down to earth people.

Dominick Bellicini

I brought in a guitar but they refused to give me anything for it simply because it wasn't a name brand of their liking. I told them it still works and they could sell it, and they then had their security guard physically assault me. I wasn't laying my hands on anyone nor did I have intent to. I was just a man conducting business.

channing loucks

Went on a family vacation to Michigan from Oregon on the way back to the airport my kids wanted to stop in. I am so glad we stopped Les and Seth are awesome!! The whole staff was so nice to us and they took pictures with us, I was reading the reviews and they said the people where rude, that is not true the whole staff was great to my family and I. If you are in the area I would stop in cause if you don’t you will be sorry it was way better then Pawn Stars!!!

Gerbrand Swart

Excellent service and fantastic staff all the way from cape town good work guys

antonio giancola

Watched the show and took a ride to Detroit les and Seth are good people. We could not do deals with um lol they forwarded us to their workers and we got to meet the big body guard in the show as well

Amara Clevenger

Eh, most of the bad reviews are probably from people that were disrespectful & didn't deserve respect in return. They were awesome & friendly. There was 3 employees to help in the gold & diamond area, & none in the silver area. But once we asked someone for help, it was all great from there. :)

Malik Williams

At American Jewelry and Loan the people is loving warm caring and will help you to the best for the best price I haven't ran into a pawn shop better than American Jewelry and Loan they try their best to make you happy and satisfied I give them attend study of five star I will give them at 10 because all the people always smiling and is like a big family there the owner thumbs up you got a real family working for you that's all

Minty Mangos

Man this place is AAANNNtique (this is joke btw its a refrence from the show)

Tyler Luciano

The show is so stupid lol

Brendan Hansen

I have only been to their location one time and that was in Pontiac mi I'm thinking about giving their Detroit location one shot what should I do

Mathew Hyden




basketballfireedits 154

Go there and get a show of fighting,aurging ,etc haha love it


The lines are absurd. They deal with you fairly but have multiple employees texting & socializing while the line crawls with 1 poor guy doing all the work. But what do you expect? It's a Detroit pawn shop.

Tammy Jarnagin

Seth came out to meet me & my sister when we asked for him personally :-) We asked if Ashlee was there & he said you don't need her. We laughed. This was about 2 years ago. He took a photo with us & is really down to earth. The workers were all very knowledgeable Great store great values!

Pablo Sostenes

Best Jewelry store I have ever been to great service

Faze Moe

Great dealing with less he’s a good person

Carolyn Partanio

I WANT TO COME TO THIS PLACE SO BAD! I am absolutely fascinated by this show it's great. Ashley I love you! Your so funny :) I hope I get to come to Detroit to visit the store one day!

Leon Chaganis

There all mad in detroit.great stuff tho..

Jamie Safou77 SBG FLA

I bought an iPad it was 89.99 but he'll do it for me for $85 what a great customer service and finally I met les the owner of Hardcore Pawn good job...


Beatifull.....following us program on tv, channel Dmax ( Italy).....less, set and Ashley...yuor'are strong.

mahesh raghavaraju

I watch the shows of this store and i fell in love with Ashley I dont know why. Ashley you the best and Les you are the Pawn God and your son too. Hope to see you guys soon.

Edward Plaia

came in from NY - had to visit. Les and Seth were working. Had a great conversation with Les. What a cool and "normal" guy. He took pics with us - my son was so thrilled. My son said he was nervous and Les said, "Don't be nervous, I'm just a guy that owns a pawn shop, and happens to be on TV!" awesome, awesome, awesome!

my name is jeff i like anime

Service is great got enough money to pay my bills I'm glad I'm definitely come back also love the show by the way

Reginald Davis

Yeah it's probably for sure fake, but I love it and love the rude ass chubby daughter, good meat on her! And what's wrong with low balling? If you go to a pawn shop, your ass is probably broke, if you want good money use eBay dumb ass!

M. Lansky

I would never deal with these people again-what a nightmare. I paid for a guitar and was promised shipping within the week. For some reason PayPal has a hold on their account and they told me they would not ship for THREE WEEKS! This despite the funds being cleared from my account the same day! Finally, after a dispute and another 7 days I have my money back. It's hard to believe in this day and age someone can act so arrogantly over a $600.00 transaction.

Elijah and daddy

I watch every show of yours. U guys are awesome. I laugh hard. Sorry u had to put up with all the craziness..


Awesome place! Went to just look around and ended up meeting Less and Seth witch was awesome. They are very nice and were happy to take pictures. The other staff are really nice and it’s a nice clean environment.

Jim Dykhuis

I not only enjoy the program, but enjoy the entire Gold Family. I had the pleasure of meeting Seth Gold at the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop in Defiance Ohio, Seth is a very personal person and he can thank Les Gold his father for that. His professionalism is suburb! Thanks American Loan

Cristian Hernandez

Came all the way from Fort Worth, Texas to Detroit. Could not pass up the opportunity to go in. One of my favorite shows lol. Great staff btw!!

Al Krisel

It looks like a junk store. ( Fred Sanford) I'll rather go to motor city pawn...

svein-atle rasmussen

Great shop, got a great watch and service included. They even delivered to me out of the shop. Thanks guys, I will be back next time I am in Detroit.

Shane Ingram

Haven't been there would love to though. I live in Australia and love the show. Ashley is one beautiful lady and I love watching her handle some of the deadbeats that come into the store. Good on you Ashley you are great.


As a pawn shop I can't speak for it, but as a tourist attraction it's OK. It's one of those things that once you seen it your good. Walked around, got pictures with the owners, bought a shirt, about it.

Susan King

Lost declawed spayed adult female grey and white long hair mix cat. Reward

Angela Rodgers

I put a sound bar in the lay away and they sold it to someone else. And tells me something was wrong with it. Remind you they don't buy broke stuff. Will not go there again that's shady business

Blue’s World

Les was very nice and sweet

Ron Caruso

Les and Dan Help me out on a loan and they are the best I also bought lots of stuff from them even the Freddy mask that was melted by les on the show. Best people in the whole world. Go see Les for anything he will help you out and best person in the whole Detroit. Was there 2/11/17 Thanks guys. Ron C

Trummer Benjamin


Emanuele Cuscunà

It's very very beautiful

Wilma Butler

You can't trust them. Don't take any computers or jewelry to them. It will not be in the same condition it was in when you bought it. They swap parts out of computers. Not familiar with newer jewelry trends. Owner knows everything going on in his store. Refuses to take responsibility when your article pawned is returned to you damaged. You are taking a big chance taking anything there. There is a good chance it will not be in the same condition it was in when you brought it to them. They act very unprofessional. Staff makes rude comments about customers and treats everyone like they stole something.

Mz. Dedee W.

One of my favorite places to go for jewelry. Reasonable prices and u know your not being cheated like away the mall.

David Grimes

Pawnshop with a customer great service and reputation

joe cash

These guys are THE BEST!!! I have known the whole crew for many years. They are very fair. Don't believe all the stuff you see on tv. You want it they have it.

Kaleb's Daily Life

Don’t answer the phone and when I decided to go I got turned away because they where out of the item when all they had to do is answer the phone your a business what a waste of time

Mark Hollenbeck-Marshall

My Uncle know your dad and your kids grandpa when he had his shop.

gisselle ruiz

Great came here from pontiac to Detroit and they were helpfull i meet les and he was very nice and a gentlemen

Dalton Wilson

Seth i love you. Not in a fan type of way but a I want to adopt babies with you type of way.


I was in town and thought I would check it out. Big building but showroom was smaller than I imagined. About the only bright spot was the jewelry counter. The rest of the place is filthy. Just another place that takes advantage of the poor as I saw some astronomical prices that I know they didn't pay even half of their retail, especially the furniture. Perpetuating the stereotype.

Tenzin Namkhang

Awesome place

Super Mom

I give a 5 because I LOVE the show and this place is on my bucket list

Casey Thornton

I had the opportunity to work with Joe the jeweler to find myself a new gold chain. He was beyond helpful during the process all while being friendly, enthusiastic, and all around passionate about his job. Had the opportunity to negotiate with the store manager for the end process. Got to meet Seth and Les, which are both cool as hell! I will 100% be back here and recommend this place to everyone!

Rachel Rinkesmith

they have some pretty cool things in here. it was busy with a huge line but still able to look around and found staff to talk to.

Sharon Brooks

Exactly as it looks and seems on the TV ( without the screaming customers etc ), anyone a little worried after watching the show should have no worries about visiting. We were lucky enough to spot Les Gold and he happily posed for photos, he was great and as fans of the show this was one of the real highlights of our vacation.

Derek Gregg

Loved my visit staff was very friendly low price products at a good deal fair negotiations

Ayub Bham

Best TV show ever I like Les is a good man the kids haven’t got respect for him how can Steph call him on dad Les

paul john sykes

Watch the show every day ( I'm from England).it's awesome

Walter Flagg

I called for layaway and they kept me on hold very poor buisness ‼️


Les your kids are picks Ashley is a horable bint!

Long Miles

Love this place always a good deal

Karthikeyan Jotheeswaran

I am from India, recently I saw this program in discovery Channel in my country, I loved it so much, the way they approaching with the customer for their service, and they are giving the tips to the customer for easily redeeming their things. Awesome service.

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