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REVIEWS OF Bank of America IN Massachusetts

Z or M. L or R.

It says open Thursday that would be tomorrow 9Am to 4PM. Closed 4:30 Pm on Wednesday? Coincidence?? Should be OPen till 6Pm. What the hell is this. Am I Wrong. . .

Rakesh Reddy

Very very bad service

Kishor Simkhada

Fran Dunbar

Very friendly tellers. Bank was very clean. Usually go to the one in Northfield 5 miles away...glad this one is here!!!

Ferid Khammedov

Mr Laurent is amazing The best manager Helped me a lot

Carl Kufchak

They usually have 1 teller, and a greeter. Slowest bank in earth. NO DRIVE THRU !!!

Letty Alvarez

Their hours are ridiculous 9-3? I know we have online options for everything but sometimes we need to go in the office and people work, these hours are not helpful.

Colors of Amber Photography

William Wright

Very poor service. One teller with seven people in line. I have the same poor review as the others. BoA is just ok....until you have to go inside for anything....then it's a total waste of time.

Rasul Yakhyaev


Yehia Omar

Slow, understaffed and terrible

James E Lauderdale Jr

Katie Lauer

This bank has the worst hours seriously what bank is open different hours each day? No drive thru - you have to get out of your car & wait in line every time you go:( it is the worst place I have EVER banked with. Terrible customer service. I gave 1 star because staff is at least friendly & the conditions are beyond thier control. But you would expect soo much more from a major bank like this.

Jeremy Sanders

Karim Rahim

Bobby Firouz

The Worst Service, wait time of 2 hours to do a simple Bank of America to Bank of America wire transfer. 11 employees working but only one person could do the transfer, all the rest of the employees standing around doing nothing while I had to wait 2 hours for that one employee to finish up to do the transfer!

Joel Alexander

No one answers the phone when you call the branch. 10/10 times.

Chaz Anthony Allison

This bank is a bank. There's alot of banky aspects of this bank. Like they do money

Yas Kheder

There was a bit of wait at the beginning, but I always expect some wait time in such places. The staff, especially Laurent and Jenny, were amazing. Totally professional, friendly and extremely helpful. Their customer service is top tier.

Петар Николић

Excellent service, ladies that are working here are extremely pleasant to talk with, never had any problems.

Barbara James

Really BofA closes at 3p, SMH

Steve War

Charles Clarke

I didn't want to give a star but 0 was not a choice. No one will pick up the phone and the phone answering system makes it difficult to talk to a real person. A good bank would cater to real live service. Not everyone wants to "communicate" via text/internet.

Jerwaine Fleming

Matt Ventura

Very long lines during the summer and never enough people working the counter. Took 25 minutes of waiting to be told they couldn't assist with my account issue.

Nicholas McDermott

Slow service , don’t go here

Max Lu

LTL Warehouse

Ryan Davis

Waited on hold 10 minutes, said my problem, "hold on just a second" hangs up on me...

Shawn Witschen

awful, disgusting place. Would not give me change, will never bank with Bank of America

Kostadin Petrov

Worst branch to go. 3 ATMs, one is blocked with parked cars, the other is totally turned off and the third one is not accepting cash deposits. Similar situation last weekend... get inside and be prepared to wait hours... Every summer, every holiday those ATMs are down or some issue occurs...


Staff is good, people are nice frindly and all that, but the bank itself is bad. This is the only location in 30-40mile and its only open till 3pm evan in crazy busy summer time when there are hundreds of students trying to open or close account. If you need to go inside its pain you will wait hours before anyone helps you and its not the employees fault, its just the hours are short. You would a think since I am doing most of the things at atm than who carries about the busy inside, but the atm are way to busy too during the day and atlist 1 out of 5 visit time some atm does not work.

Gioconda Tovar

I came here to ask for information and Laurent the Manager was the most helpful. He booked me to speak with his staff and they took the time to explain me the best options to refinance my mortgage. I will come back as Brad have given me options I did not even consider before. Very educational and helpful visit.

Tuesdee Davis

David was the most help I've ever had at a bank. We are not from around Nashville and he was a life saver. Amazingly helpful and super nice. We would have ended up having an extremely horrible day and trip, without his knowledge and help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did, David!

Donna Sequeira, Realtor

I wish they would hire friendly clerks. I understand when people have a bad day, but it seems they are always having a bad day.

Corey Tester

Good customer service, two convenient ATMs in downtown Nashville

Melonies Sue

David Turner

Always been friendly and helpful. The new hours are a bit of an inconvenience.

David Mbogo

Worst Customer Service

8990000 at Gmail dot com

The greatest hometown bank I've ever had. The have always been gracious and respectful when I walk in, hello Mr... I appreciate them making my experience so good here.

Jim Roy

ATM centre

Lucia Z

I used this bank located in spreen green bvld. The service is excellent. Bilingual customer service. The tellers are fast, professionals and very helpful all the time. They offer financial assesors that help you with any doubt in the more easy way to understand just if you start a business or think to start one. They help explaining very well about personal loans and home loans.The time of wait depends on the amount of persons that are before you but is super easy make and appoiment by phone or using the App. This bank office is open Saturdays so very convenient if you work Monday to Friday.

Javier A Reyes

(Translated by Google) Excellent commercial office, sales executives of high quality of service, willing to advise you on everything at a financial level.Recommended Ms. Jenny Hernandez asks about her and will assist you 1000% .. (Original) Excelente oficina comercial, ejecutivos de venta de alta calidad de servicio, dispuestos a asesorarte en todo a nivel financiero.recomendada la srta Jenny Hernandez pregunta por ella y te atendera al 1000%..

Ghassan Neshawat

Only one teller window open.


Noreen Clyne

Friendly tellers, but how can you possibly think it's okay to remove the drive in teller windows in a RESORT town. Busiest time of year.

Eric Savage

roman King

I go there to cash my checks every Friday, I've dealt with this one gentleman who is very polite which is the only reason for a second star and I go in and out like nothing, I don't even remember his name. That's a good thing for me. I went to cash my check July 21 and there's this lady, Marie..... Oh lord! All She said was hi, sat there starring at my check for a minute... And I had to ask her is everything ok? Turns out she was paying more attention to the conversation the second teller was having.... When I asked her she snapped back and said yes. She counts my money out then drops some, and literally I could see the fraustration in her face, she picks it up counts under her breathe Handed me my cash no envelope and said nothing.... Only reason I even keep my acct open with Bank of America is because there is no Chase banks in Tennesse. Y'all wonder why I don't even keep my money in your bank.

Sarah Miller

I am absolutely disgusted by the poor costumer service. I usually go to this bank to make deposits on my own account because I do not like to carry cash. Unfortunately, I always get bad customer service from the exact same African American clerk( This is just to be as much specific as I can). She knows me, and I already know her. I asked to make a deposit today, and she said you can use the ATM. I replayed even though there is a green flashing light? (because I am so ignorant that I never really noticed the light until today, so I though it was not working). Well, she laughed at me really hard so that her two coworkers and customer could hear. They also laughed back at me (Please check the cameras if needed) Very rude of her. I was not expecting that at all. Never happened to me in such setting. I mean their job is to clarify my doubts not to make it look like this was a stupid question. I am considering changing banks at this point. It is the exact same bad experience every time I need the clerk's assistance. I love BoA, but Gosh. Their employees' attitude is ridiculous.

Lisa Harper

Located on the corner, it has parking available on the street. The staff are friendly and very helpful. The Lobby is large and very clean.

Bala Krishnan

Romeo Smith

Terrible hours, what bank closes at 3pm. Also why have a drive through if employees are going to park their cars in it so customers can't use it?

Jeremy Hurd

Worst bank ever. Tellers are nice, hours are horrible. What bank closes at 3 o'clock, AND removes the drive through. Not everyone likes to bank exclusively on-line. Some of us still like fresh air and human interaction. Closing my accounts and moving to another bank.

Patricia McDaniel

Had to wait for a simple notary. Arrive at 3 30. Was told I would wait till after 4. I guess being a good customer for many decades mean nothing. Only one notary with a visable staff of 5.


Michele Vogt

Really 3 o'clock ???? Who the hell closes a bank on a busy Island at 3oclock

Herman Rojas

Just plain bad service been with bofa since the 94 and this is by far the worst one

Jessica Therres

Staff is very rude

Daniel Stewart

Friendly staff and was fairly quick

Wade Hocker

Refused to cash a check due to misspelling in the name . Had multiple forms of ID. Wouldn't simply call the person who issued the check and verify that the check was intended for me. I should have known it was going to be a issue four of the five customers in front of me left unhappy. This bank is TERRIBLE.

Endap Pun

Badass Redbone

Stephanie Zamarripa

I've been in this branch a few times and they're always very rude and unhelpful. Their service is so poor that I refuse to go back.

brian P

Charity was very patient and considerate as she helped us wire an international transaction. She went out of her way to make sure we accomplished what we needed to do. Would highly recommend her at this bank location.

Les Kalimootoo

i park my truck in the bank parking lot -at 4.a.m Saturday morning-- went over the street to grab a bit and my vehicle was tow-- cost me $300.00--- this is a commercial business with access to the public, why would they not let you use . it suck - i close my bank of america account today.

Will Ward

This branch usually doesn't have a notary present. Limited services & limited staff.

Terei Gonzalez

I like the news ATM, finally.

Serhiy Kuzhanov

This is the first time bank refused to change $20 because I wasn't a customer. Guess what, I will never be your customer.

Dena Rice

No drive thru.

Dr.Nathan Young

Christian Day

Walked in to find only 1 teller and 1 associate at 1:00 pm 7/11/17. The associate was already helping someone, so i waited. After she was finished she walked right past me to the front and would of helped someone else if i had not spoken up to let her know i had been waiting. After letting her know what was the issue she told me she couldn't help me and that i should of come in earlier, i guess she doesn't understand that not everyone works 8 hours. I'm a licensed contractor who works 12-15 hour days, i go to work before the bank opens and get off after it closes Sunday to Sunday. She was rude, disrespectful and unhelpful i recommend that no one go to this location especially if you need any help from an associate. Not ever busy but you have to wait for some reason.

Joanne Curry

PLEASE OPEN THE DRIVE THROUGH!!! The hours are very inconvenient.

Kapow Ski

Lina Rozo

Customer service is a disaster. They need more employees in order to avoid long waits. I waited more than 1 hour to make a wire transfer. The day before I tried to do it but the system was down and then the printer didn’t work. The person that helped me was not really nice. Next time I will go to another location


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