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REVIEWS OF First Internet Bank IN Indiana

Connie Engler

Fantastic Bank! Customer service has always been outstanding and of course great rates.

727 15k

Terrible customer service. They did NOT send out year end statements and account info as required by law. When i called to obtain those MARCH.......the phone rep was rude, nasty, didn't listen, interrupted. No supervisor available.

Phillip S Harding

From the very beginning I had nothing but problems with First Internet Bank. When I decided to build my new home in November of 2015, I did extensive research on potential financial institutions. In the end I selected First Internet Bank based upon this research and the recommendation of my builder. I provided all of the requested documentation and did everything I was asked in order to pre-qualify and eventually obtained a mortgage. The staff had a number of delays and excuses then several months after taking possession of my home requested a final appraisal of my home which was highly irregular and something the bank should have done a long time ago. Several months later I received notice that I need to sign and provide a occupancy statement when the bank knew very well I resided in my home. I contacted the manager of the residential mortgage group who had no explanation as to why now after taking possession of my home in January 2017 eight months later I need to sign a statement indicating I resided in the home. Are you kidding me what type of financial institution does this? Not professional in the slightest. Today I received notice from First Internet via email from a member of its marketing team, indicating a Notice of Transfer indicating my mortgage has been sold to CMC Funding an organization I have never even heard of. A group that in itself has a multitude of complaints and seems to be very questionable to say the least. I can't believe First Internet Bank operates in this manner. To further insult me earlier this week the bank closed my online mortgage account reversed payments that were made this month and have yet to apply those payments to my mortgage balance. Questionable activity I believe since I was not notified of the payment reversal and its not reflected in my balanced as having been paid. I have proof of all payments processed by my financial institution. I am very dissatisfied and will be sure to let my builder and anyone I know not to consider First Internet for anything at all. What a horrible experience! Update: So in addition to all of the issues with First Internet Bank the form letter regarding the transfer of the servicing of my loan had the incorrect principal and interest payment amount, did not list the property tax or insurance escrow amounts. When I brought this evidence to the attention of the bank they acknowledged the information was incorrect on the document I received via email and blamed the problem on a computer glitch. At this point I have no idea if the correct information was sent to the new servicing organization since they have yet to contact me as well. So furious with the bank and there lack of customer service, attention to detail and failure to meet high customer service and integrity. It's a wonder they are still in business with this type of poor customer service. Update 9/20/2017: I'm still battling with First Internet Bank and CMC Funding (AKA LoanCare, LLC) to locate a missing payment I made to First Internet Bank. At this point, they are going back and forth with each other to determine where the lost payment is.

Allison Maples

The people alone make it worth banking here! Very personalized service- you won't feel like just another account number. I appreciate when a bank like First Internet treats all customers (personal and business) with an equal level of respect.

David Lew

Our loan process with First Internet Bank was a waste of time and effort for an entire month. Initial promises of "No initial fees" up front and leading us to a meaningless dead-end result completely changed our perception of this bank which was recommended by Lending Tree and many reviews. A word to the wise: be up front about your lending process and do not lead your customers on. For the ones who are thinking about First Internet Bank, think again. Stick with a reputable bank that you have heard of with a good track record. Luckily, we had other options during this time-consuming ordeal.

Landon DeCrastos

Kevin Heckeler

Someone tried to open a credit card account and First Internet Bank did stop the account creation from going through, but did not remove the hard credit pull from my credit report(s) automatically. Now I have to do the footwork to get that accomplished. Laziness! They should be paying me for MY TIME.

Lee Millns

This is my second mortgage with FIB, and my last. The repitive submission of paperwork requires a full time effort, they seem to lose track of what documents they have in hand. I was given a “rate lock” with a fair interest rate. A week before closing I received an updated information notice- with a rate lock adjustment- adding .125% to the rate, no explanation included. We were still within the lock window. After repeated calls and email inquiries I was emailed - “because this is 2nd house.” This 2d House information was all presented to FIB before the original rate lock. I let this be known I didn’t like this shifty move and requested it be reset to the original- they denied the request. We’re now 4 days to closing on a $660,000 home - no chance, without penalty, to re-shop the mortgage. My realtor and title company had to make multiple calls to get needed information - slow responses (sometimes days), is not a quality for a banking organization. I am in process of refinancing my week old mortgage since the rate I Eended up with from FIB is not competitive. FYI - FICO is above 760, and I put down 20%. Fist Internet Bank (FIB) is NOT recommended. I’m checking with BBB if I have a case against this substandard organization.

Brittanie Richards

Unfortunately my last experience with First IB has not been the greatest. I had a previous horse trailer loan with them which the financing part went VERY smooth with Steve Cartwright, he was awesome! This time around the experience has not been smooth or had very good customer service. Joyce in the finance department does not want to be bothered. Everytime I have spoke with her on the phone she has been rude and gives one word answers. Same with emails, I ask a few questions to only get an answer to one, she doesn't try to explain anything or help you out...Lets just say I will not be going through this bank again if she is the one trying to get me financing. I will make sure to have Steve Cartwright help me as he answers every question I have and trys to work with me to get it done.

Courtenay Crockett

Jeffrey Keller

Awesome bank that offers great rates on check accounts, mortgages, savings accounts, CDs, etc. They have been extremely fast, professional, thorough, and accurate with their customer service. I am extremely happy I switched to banking with First Internet Bank. I recommend this company to all my friends and family.

Larry Illuminati

Erick Gama

Great team! I found myself hardly ever visiting my branch and I heard of First Internet Bank. Couldn't have made a better decision! I highly recommend their ease, especially for people who enjoy online banking!

Joel Betances

Love this bank. Got 2 investment mortgages within a few months of each other no hassle. Michael Mccarthy was my mortgage lender. Nothing but awesomeness from this guy. Just provide proper documentation and it will go through in a breeze

mark wilson

I recently opened up a money market account with First Internet Bank. Smooth online account opening process, fast set up and wonderful customer service. Add great rates for being an online bank and it’s a win. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cross Pohl

I opened a saving account last month. The staff is incredibly friendly and the interest rates are amazing for a savings account. Every time I go in to make deposits, I am handled quickly and professionally. I am highly considering dropping chase entirely and going with this bank full fledged. Fantastic people!!! I only wish I started a relationship with them much sooner!

Austin C. Egenolf


My bank

Scott Hughes

Awesome staff. They care about your business and where you want to be in the future.

David Nay

I am in the process of closing a refi with Scott Forster at FirstIB and absolutely love the service that he has provided. Scott bends over backwards to keep me in the loop and to make things go as smoothly as possible. Between Scott's excellent communication and FirstIB's ultra competitive rates, I wouldn't even thing of looking elsewhere. While I've never met Scott in person, I've now worked with him on 4 separate occasions. I can absolutely say that it's been a great experience every time... If you have access to a scanner, and know how to PDF documents, you simply can't go wrong with these folks.

Neelam Chand

Just received very poor advice from First Internet Bank (FIB) and I would caution people to use this bank as they don't take any accountability for the incorrect process they told me to follow. My late husband had an account with FIB for which I had full access. When I knew it was time to close this account, the rep offered to close the account but failed to let me know that the check would be made out to his estate; not to me (his widow). Since the amount was less than $50,000 I did not have to go through probate court or establish an estate account. Now I am stuck with a check that either I have to pay lawyers money to open an estate account or let the money go to probate court. I had the ability to wire transfer the money out but the rep told me that I shouldn't waste money on wire transfers and that this would be the better thing to do. Very unfortunate and very poor advice. Their reps should be trained to do more active listening instead of following a script. Next, I plan to report them to Better Business Bureau and FDIC

Hossain Hajimowlana

I have been with them since 1999 and I am happy with every aspect of their service. I have always lived thousand miles away from their physical location. I can widthraw money from any ATM, interest rate is great. customer service is amazing and depositing check can be done with their app.

Ana Kooziez

Great so far, especially considering it is a bank

Stephanie Dohnert

First Internet Bank is committed to making things easy and accessible for their personal banking and commercial clients. Their passion for community involvement and enhancing our city is commendable.

Mark Angeli

This is the third time I have used First Internet Bank - FIB. I’ve done two mortgages and one refi. They consistently hold some of the most competitive mortgage rates and their team is great at answering questions and working through different scenarios to find the best for your situation. They also have a great process to make sure you know all documents required and you get to the closing table as fast as possible. Would absolutely recommend to anyone. Ask for either Matt Jarbo or Scott Forster.

Danellia Mann

The absolute worst experience EVER!!! Talk about getting the run around and promises after promises after more. They even sent us the closing paperwork and scheduled a closing for us and never made the date and didn't even call us to let us know it was cancelled. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!Always promising, never delivering. Called another company and they got it done.

Odin Paranormal Society of Ohio

They give you the run around. I wish the loan officers were straight up with you.

Mike Mazzotta

This bank suffers from a lack of professionalism. They have made major changes to my bank account without properly notifying me, and their customer service quality is severely lacking.

Ravi Patel

We approved Michael to run a hard credit check for a pre-approval. We approved ONE hard credit check. He ran 3 hard inquiries for EACH of us. I called him to clarify the wording on the online application and he said "Don't worry about it, I will sort that out when I receive the application". He DID NOT sort it out, and he made an error. So to fix the error, he had to run ANOTHER hard inquiry. Then, a couple weeks later, he ran ANOTHER one. I had a credit score of almost 810 before talking to Michael V. Now its in the low 790's. This is a huge disappointment because he was the only one trusted to do this. I have never missed a payment and clearly take care of my score really well. My advice, don't use First Internet Bank, they don't care about your credit. And to make matters worse, we still never received a pre-approval letter because now we are told we have to sign another paper. So that would be 4 hard credit inquiries EACH before even receiving a PRE-APPROVAL LETTER! That is outrageous and the only way I would dare to update this comment is if someone contacts me and helps me remove some of these hard inquiries. I am not expecting it though, upset that I will try to get them removed and it will not work because technically I gave them permission to run it. UPDATE: I was contacted by the manager and he was very nice and said that he put in motion the paperwork needed to retract the extra hard inquiries. Once this has been completed I will amend my review. I still have not received the copy of the paperwork as I was told I would. However, the manager was nice and I believe I will receive a copy soon. UPDATE AGAIN: No proof of correction has been provided to me like I was told would be provided. I reached out to the manager again and it's been over a week without a response. I will update again if anything changes but this is obviously not a good sign.

Andrew Wheelock

Have banked at FIB for 18 years and love the very personal service I receive. They have always accommodated me with one-off issues and this is the only bank I know that will give you full access to mobile-deposited funds the same day they are deposited. Love reimbursement of ATM fees (as they don't have their own network); this is a bigger plus then you would expect because then ANY ATM is accessible to you. I love this bank. Have had both business and personal accounts here.

Christine Ward-Weber

I, for one, am NOT happy with my dealings with First Internet. I feel scammed, my credit rating has been hit and I am still awaiting a refund from them a week after they claim it was credited. Our needs were different then most but as a brokering agent, I would say contact your local credit union or bank. Because our property is leased to a farmer, the agent did not understand they could NOT accommodate our loan, nor did they catch the farm income on our taxes. No one at first internet bank found it, until I spoke with the pre-paid appraiser. Then it was oh no one is in to get the refund, we had processed the refund and yet still no refund, so now it is in the hands of my credit card company. In this day and age, a company needs to have employees who know the rules, and suppliers who do their job. It is NOT my job as the customer to do the job of the servicer. Not too happy currently although on a good note, they are pleasant & quick, but not sure that matters if you can not fulfill the job.

Jim Wilmes

I LOVE this bank! I have been a customer since 2000 and have saved lots of money using an interest-bearing checking account that gives me free ATM withdrawals each month. I got my mortgage from them at 4%, a home equity line of credit at 5.25%, a VISA credit card with 10% interest, and an overdraft protection line of credit. I've withdrawn money from ATMs using my debit card in half a dozen other countries with no problems.

Allen Walker

Fantastic bank. Great people. Have been extremely impressed with the emphasis they place on client satisfaction. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend First Internet Bank to anyone looking for world-class customer service and professional banking needs.

Victor Gustavo Mosquera

I did apply for a mortgage online. The process was fast and straight forward. Rates and costs were lower than other banks. I recommend to do business with them. I close in approximately 60 days. Richard was excellent.

Brady Gilreath

First Internet Bank is the way people want to bank these days. Personalized touch from a local team, and convenient online services. And no branches, means lower overhead and the savings are passed on to their clients. Highly recommend you consider them for your business banking needs.

Mary Ann Myers

Maxwell Krus

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