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REVIEWS OF U.S. Bank IN Illinois

Lucy Buchanan

Thid bank is garbage. Lost $100, i opted out of overdrafting, then i got a fee? The customer service is fake they dont care. The managers they dont know anything. Never are helpful to solve any problems. Always ask my i.d. which is so annoying like they dont know me. Ugh seriously go anywhere but here..

Yaj Family

Great People but the wait times are terrible.

John Healy

Robbie Ziebell

Good service

Barbara J Kearney

Chuck Wachter

Worst location ever. NEVER go through the drive-thru. You could be the only one in line and the drive thru will still take you 15 minutes. If there’s two cars in line plan to bring a lunch. The inside is better but the tellers talk too much. Trust me, you’ll be better off driving to another location.

Trevor Armstrong

Awesome staff!

Jamison Taatjes

Have tried calling this specific branch no less than 15 times and not one person has ever picked up the phone, just rings for 30 or so seconds then disconnects. My work hours restrict me from making it to the branch during the lobby hours, so I need to be able to reach someone via telephone. This is laughable, why post the phone number when there is clearly nobody to answer? Clean it up...

James Ommart

This location NEVER has enough tellers. I’ve spent up to 45 minutes in line just to deposit my check. If you can get to a different location, do so.

Kristi Bertram

Matt Anderson

Everytime I go to this location I tell myself I'll never come here again, but it's convenient and close so I do and regret it everytime. Even the simplest tasks take them forever, I just don't understand.

Travis O'Brien

Love this branch! People are awesome and help ypu to the fullest of their abilities. Gonna miss you guys!

Sydney Bielawski

Everytime I go to this location I end up waiting 20-30 minutes.

Brittany Eichten

I wish I could give this bank a worse rating. Every time I go I wait for almost an hour. They have 9 cubes for bankers and literally only have 1-2 bankers max. You will wait forever for the simplest tasks. If I could describe hell it would be sitting in this bank branch. I come here because it's close to my house but every time I enter it and witness the dismal customer service I die inside slowly., DO NOT GO HERE OR BANK HERE

Sherry Pierce

I went through the drive-thru and the guy cashed my check and put it in the wrong account!

R Samuelson

They somehow made an error that cost me over $400 by saying i didnt fully pay off an overdraft despite a $300 deposit I made to pay it off and add funds to the account to sit and grow but since it was still in the negative it grew in the wrong direction with reoccurring charges and i, of course, closed my account due to it.

Ikra Dahir

Jai-Lea Donaghue

Super long wait times. Rude staff. Mess up simple tasks.

Tony Simons

Great customer service!

Kethasack kikhamsouk

At first I thought the comments could be wrong and give them a try... Guess what the comments were 100% accurate!!! Been waiting for at least 30 mins and there are bankers doing nothing.. Do not come over here really bad experience.

Mason Ansari

real nice atm, real epic

ayman issa

They deserve zero star, worst customer service ever, I never had a good experience with this bank, hours of waiting, always terrible experience

CJ Kidd

Sat for a half hour before a banker even got up from their desk to ask if we needed help. Very poor service!!!

Amy Albrecht

Went in at 9am to withdraw money. Brandon was super friendly and efficient, and I could overhear the other teller bonding with an older customer. Very positive experience.

Jason Paris

Continues to be poorly staffed, both in logistics and culture.

ka le

If I could give this bank zero stars I would... its the management I've never been to a bank were the management just simply doesn't care, I was in disbelief on how undermining and non caring Stephanie was. the customer service here is very poor. I've even seen people walk out because the lines where so long on several different occasions I think they need help, or better management.

Nick Jones


Wish we could select a zero rating, one star seems too generous. I continue to give this branch the benefit since it’s the closest to my home. However, everytime I swing by to do a simple deposit or cash a check I’m amazed, it easily takes them 15-20 minutes in the drive thru, and that’s with either no one or only one car in line. It’s at the point of comical. Other branches take a matter of minutes. It’s crazy

Ahna Bishop-Jara

The bank tellers and bankers that I have met at this bank are all very considerate and helpful! We have had to make checks sent overseas to Japan and France and never had a problem doing the transfers. The only reason I gave 4 stars is that I often have to wait in line too long for a teller. They should have more tellers working.


Too crowded, they need to expand!

Mrs. Fofanah

Worse US Bank ever. Close them down ASAP.


westley Jackson

Allie Johnson

ray snow

Took over 45 mins to get helped with 2 tellers and only 4 people in line. 1 teller keep leaving and coming back and not taking the next person in line.

Svetlana Chepikova

Opened an account there like 2/3 years ago. Everything was well done. Whenever I come back inside to the bankers, the bankers are very nice....Amy time I go, I get helped right away.

Mark Williams

Ali J

Is zero stars an option? Terrible experience with onsite bankers. Go elsewhere.

Khiliyah Evans

This by far is the slowest branch I've ever been to!

Julianna Vanderbilt

Awful branch

David Schmitt

I had a great experience with one of the tellers yesterday named Carla, shortly before the store closed. I'm grateful to have a location that is so close to where I work.

Erica Harris

Terribly crowded

C.U. ChaMN

Jack Nong

My advice to anyone needing banking done.... RUN somewhere else!!!

Pine Beach

Terrible customer service. Go elsewhere

Octane Martell

I've only been at this location to withdraw or deposit funds. Those experiences have been good. Today I walked in at 11:45 and it's been over an hour to fix a "5 minute problem"... Customers here have been complaining the entire time. Kim Sheldon is condescending. It's now 1:10 and I'm still waiting...

The Guy

Bank someplace else!

JiffyWax Jesus

The tellers know me by name after a visit or 2. They're always happy, never rude. My dads been going here for 20 years and now I know why!

Andrew Zandlo

Sadly no way to go lower. Long wait, its probably the customers who go here that cause the burn out that is painfully obvious in the workers. You see 11 people in line, you should prolly go open a window...unless you know most of the clientele are ignorant asshats that demand....yeah i got to observe quite abit of interactions during my wait.

cindy nett

Nice people always willing to help


Wait time are long BUT tellers are VERY friendly and helpful.

Cynthia Rumple


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