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230 S LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60604

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REVIEWS OF Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago IN Illinois

Miguel Esparza

thanh nguyen

Always great to learn something new everyday. You get to learn about fake and real money. They have displays of various old printed currency. And it is free to the public.

David Kamran

Chicago Fed always provides the best research among the complex

Abhishek Jhariya

Tracy Sells

G is the Federal Reserve Bank that holds my bank account. Thank you for all of your help and impeccable service.

Pavel Dumitrescu



Andrew KPro

They have a money museum that has FREE admission! Just got to walk through a metal detector to get in. It's very much worth checking out if you are wandering about downtown in the south loop.

Owen Johnstone

Nick F

Great place to kill a little time

Sandra P

Museum is free, they give you shredded money and there are daily free presentations !

george sparks

My father George Edward Sparks, III worked here under Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1987-2002 Alan Greenspan and had given me, his eldest son the greatest gift that no one on this world had ever given me. He is my Hero for the rest of my entire life...

franchesca lucas

Marcus Laurén

Impressive building, and the content they house of course. I recommend the free tour available, what seems to be, every day. Worth a visit, and not far from other tourist spots, like Willis Tower, Silver Bean...

Patrick Gallagher

Matthew Connolly

Kyle Perry

This place counterfeits money under protection of the law at the expense of the working class.


Great place to learn and be entertained

Rui Spinelli

Christian Cox

Very very cool check this place out.theres a free tour at 1pm almost everyday.

Todd Burdeinei

Matthew Eads

Thank you for prompt delivery of my $h!t pot full of cash.

Joey Crypto

This disgusting entity shouldnt be allowed to do what they do. PRINT OUR NATIONS MONEY! They are not FEDERAL nor Do they have any RESERVES! Federal Reserve = Kinkos, Nothing But Gold and Silver shall be coined as money! we do not need a third party creating money then TAXING US TO BORROW IT! THATS INSANE! RISE ETHEREUM/BITCOIN HELP US AMERICANS DESTROY THIS DEBT PONZI SCHEME AND BUY BITCOIN< ETHEREUM>SILVER>GOLD and TRANSACT IN THEM!

Joe Sawicki

There is an easily accessible museum on the first floor of the the FED where you can interact with some exhibits that teach you about money and leave with your own bag of shredded US dollars free of charge.

C.J. Huang

Money museum

игорь бузулуцков

jagadishwar gupta


Blakely Natalie

Hector Oropeza

Los Ki

Danielle repets


Ric Rini

It's free so a place to kill some time . you could spend about 45 minutes.


Lucas Wertz

Rose Merree

Thank you for Modern Money Mechanics. Reading it really did help me understand a lot.

Steve T.

SeFok Chan

I have only seen the lobby and the money museum. The money museum is very interesting. It has many hands-on stations for kids and adults alike to play, learning about money, bills and the economy. The lobby is so so as the original one had been remodelled. As such do not expect to find the lobby in its former glory like in the lobby of the Chicago Board of Trade.

Meshal Albhairy

Nice place and nice fake information.


At the Chicago Federal Reserve Money Museum you will see Counterfeit money, Confederate Currency, a $1000 bill, the Million Dollar Money Cube, and see so much more. Make money with your face on a dollar bill. When you are done, they will give you $360 in shredded money. It is totally free and open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Don't miss this!

Trevor Sullivan

Prints too much money. Makes my money worthless.

David McMasters

Be ready to go through the metal detectors. It is just like the airport (except you don't need to take off your shoes).

A Perez

Anyone who’s in Downtown should visit the FRB, it’s close to coffee shops, lunch spots and you can legit spend a few hours here. It’s only a limited amount of FRB in the US and Chicago is one of the places. It’s free and extremely informative. If you like money you can take

Earn Saenmuk

One of my favorite place in Chicago. It's free and you get to see a lot of cool stuffs like how they make money/destroy it lol There is also this thing that you can make your own dollar bill with your face on it. Definitely recommended!

Eric Tagarao

I dont always use a bank, but when i do I use the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Southside ChiDIY

Incentivizes war. Prints money at will. Controls political decisions. Owns media companies that divide us. Prints paper and claims it has enough gold to back it. Raises interest rates at will. ALL WITH ZERO OVERSIGHT FROM A GOVERNMENT ENTITY. DESTROYING THE USA!

K James

Moderator was amazingly knowledgeable!

Fernando Moreno

(Translated by Google) One of the most important business areas of Chicago. (Original) Una de las zonas financieras más importantes de Chicago.

Will Kap

Tim Dorsey

Carpediem STD

Rafael Trejo

Gells Fargo bank

Mary Smith

کارکنان خوب هستةرب

otto skorzeny

Thomas Jefferson warned us about turning over control of our $ to a private bank like the Federal Reserve. Besides- according to the US Constitution only the US government is supposed to have the power to issue money.

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