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REVIEWS OF Bank of America Financial Center IN Hawaii

MBA Lady

Bogus customer service on the first floor. Rude and condescending fellow. BofA is surely a bad bank, bloated by its bigness. The tellers are nice, though.

Rafael Hernandez

They have the two entrances blocked off? Why? I had to park at McDonald’s and walk over to us the ATM didn’t feel safe with money I needed for the hotel walking across from two parking lots and a busy street because you have your parking lot closed off for no reason.

Yonathan Kazansky

They couldn't make a transfer (cash advance) from my foreign credit card. btw: Chase do it with no issues.

Danielle Kopke

Went to this branch for convenience (close to work). Wanted to ask about using my debit card internationally. The teller just kept telling me to log into the app and add a travel notice to my account. I said I would, but that didn’t answer my question. He kept telling me “I don’t know all this stuff” [about traveling], yet had no suggestions of how I could find out. He was talking down to me and insisted there would be no fees for using my ATM card in France. I didn’t believe him so he finally asked another teller and turns out I was right. The second teller said there would be a fee but also couldn’t tell me how much. I’m going back today to pick up the Euro I ordered and talk to a manager about my experience.

Matej Benc

Not sure who schedule number of staff in here... but they are understaffed and always long wait... ALWAYS. How to give 0 stars? I came here again

Lety Enriques

The people, works Here, they don't treat good!! I was planning to open an account, not anymore!!

Priscilla Richmond

I'm 3.5 hrs from home. They won't cash our check. My husban is in having chemo at CTCA he wanted me to cash this check. He can't come out. Hr is an inpatient. We are broke. We do not have any local banks. Or no checking acct. This sucks!!!!

Macee Meadors

Costumer service good. Need better hours. Closing at 12 on Saturday is crazy.

Nick Downing

I spent a little over an hour at this location everyone made me feel welcome and had a great experience with Edward Ramirez.

Martin Munoz

It's improved.

Mariela Barnes

This branch is absolutely awful! Today I waited for more than 60 minutes to be helped. They had 1 teller and 3 Ladies walking around doing nothing!!! They have no respect for their own people. Is so evident that they abuse clients because they can. I went to deposited a large check and the Manager said I will not deposited because is with your middle name. I opened this account 15 years ago. I always deposit checks with my middle name with no problem. She is just intoxicated with power and no desire of helping clients. She perfectly could took me to her office, check my account history and see that I deposit check with my middle name all the time. ( I worked in Bank of America for 3 years. I know what can be done) Shame on you Bank of America! THIS MANAGER SHOULD BE FIRE AND ALL THE LAZY ONES WORKING IN THERE.

Domingo Quiroz

Go somewhere else! They are not customer oriented. After waiting on 1 working teller they tell me I need to wait on one other working individual to do a wire transfer. Mean while two other ladies sit around doing nothing. A store this size should not only count with 1 teller! Very dissatisfied!

Esteban Garcia

The service is crippling terrible. I have come in and out of here for months for depositing and withdrawing from my savings and today was denied a withdrawal for no reason. I will definitely be looking for a bank that has a better interest rate and customer service.

Abhilash m

It’s a new bank opened in Wexford community. It would be very nice if it offers best welcome offers on auto loans and personal loans

Meredith Wright

My husband and I spent a bit of time here last week in order to combine our accounts. It was quite a long process due to changing my name and opening and closing different accounts. Sandra was extremely kind and helpful throughout the whole process! Definitely worth the drive from Shadyside for us to have a great experience. Will be returning!

roberto hernandez

Very good customer service

Hemant kumar

Very kind and helpful

Omar Alsholi

Carlos Balbuena

Fancy atms

Jon Smith

Yet another lame Bank of America branch. Only one color in the middle of the afternoon with the line going back to the door. I was told they're hiring but I don't buy it. Maybe they should offer their workers better pay.

Karley Ortega

It’s crazy that this branch is one of the most visited ones in uptown and the only have one associate working at the cashier. I mean, on a Friday morning how can there be only one person to assist all the people that comes in??? They definitely need more associates and all working in the cashier, not at the back doing nothing and fooling around. What’s the point of having this long line??? Doesn’t make any sense to me. I came here at 9:45 and it’s 10:07 and there’s still 3 people ahead of me. This made me loose a very important appointment I had at 11:00 and just won’t be able to make it on time. Terrible!!!

Rachael T

I love this location! I prefer this location over other locations around me within a 5-mile radius. I am often greeted with a smile. The customer service here has been a very good experience over the years. The bank manager Lisa has always helped me resolve any issues I've had with several of my B of A accounts quickly and efficiently. She is consistently friendly, helpful with a smile and allocates her staff to quickly resolve any issues or often will help resolve it herself if she has time. Lisa does such a good job at shows in her staff. I really genuinely appreciate all their good customer services over the years. Banking the way it should be. I did see a lot of the negative reviews and I think a lot of it maybe there are fluctuations in the lines as is to be expected with any banking center, they are in a very busy and convenient location. Overall, I get the customer service I need and importantly when I really need their help they have always been there to make sure everything is resolved and that I leave happy. That has meant a lot to me over the years. Thank you B of A staff at this location!!!!

Miguelina Castillo

Yenika Rojas

If I can give this location 0 stars, I would. I have been with Bank of America since 1997. I have never had a problem with in-branch banking until this one. I always keep my banking very easy by using my phone or the ATM. But there are times when I have to go in . One word....LAZY! Most of my family members have accounts in Bank of America and they all had bad experiences here. First of all, 99 percent of the time it's just one teller. Also, my father and brother tried opening an account since this is the closest branch to us and they were given stupid excuses for not opening the accounts. One was, "We don't open new accounts on Saturdays". WHAT?They had to go home and open them online. Just recently my brother tried to withdraw his direct deposit and was told he didn't have enough, which he did. I feel like they just don't want to do the work when it is a Friday or Saturday, especially when their lines are out the door. It's sad that I can even trust going in here anymore. I love this company but something needs to be done with these branches and their poor customer service.

Raja Pragallapati

All brand new. Friendly staff.

Gate City Boat Repair

One teller and long lines

Captain America Mustang

Excellent service

Michael Shurtleff

I have banked with bank of america for a long time. I am a foreclosure defense and bankruptcy attorney who has had a lot of dealings with the corporate greed of bank of america and every other large corporate bank and non-bank mortgage loan servicer. This review and star rating is not about the bank and its greed. It is about the salem high-street branch and its employees and customer service. I find them to work very hard and try very hard and they are local people in our community who try to make the banking experience pleasant. If they had the privilege of working for a small regional bank or credit union I am sure it would be an outstanding branch. I can tell they are good people and they seek excellence in their service. Bank of america does have excellent mobile and online tools which is a plus when dealing with a large well-funded bank.

Cali Love


Cecilia Morris

Waiting in line on a Friday, busiest day of the week & only 3 tellers. Line out the door.

Linda Jernigan

Sahar z


Its saturday and theres a super long line. On top of this while everyone has about a 30min-1 hr wait. This lady goes up to window she had supposely made the line, and one of the window clerks had told her to just come back. My father asks why she went to the window when people have been waiting for minutes. The window clerk basically yelled out that she told her to come up that she had supposedly made the line. Instead of apologizing and speaking in a professional manner. Id recommend people to go to another location but this is the only one in our area. Bank of America hire better people. A degree isnt enough when you have rude people representing your company.

Fransheska Wiggins

You will wait forever. They need to hire more personnel here.

Kurkys Matty

The Worst location and very bad customer service the manager she's very rude there is a fee on my account eight dollars extra charge I told her can you waive it for me she's like no I can't with an attitude I want to different location and they were smiling and they waive it for me

Gerardo Martinez

Anthony DeGeorge

The teller is unfriendly and unhelpful


Good for international business

Simon James

Absolutely the worst customer service I've ever had in my life. I have never had such issues other than with this bank. Not only are they not helpful but they don't even take responsibility for their actions.

Lisa Rajah

This is the worst bank in the world!!!

Juan Rodriguez

Every time I go in and try to change something on my account they tell me to just use the mobile app.. The one the banker set up wrong with a wrong e-mail that i cant get access to. Whether it's in person or on the phone the customer service stinks and the fees to have an account are a joke too.

Crystal Heart

It's a bank

Diaa Alhelou

ATM doesn’t work for cash deposite ,first one you face when you go drive through,very careless staff ,I told all employees there ,Milion times , and the way they repond showed they are really careless , hope a the head office take some actions ,it’s been over 6 months

Kishor Simkhada

Glenn Geisler

There is no Zero. Slow most of the time. Very poor staffing levels. I would go elsewhere but this is where my company banks.

Freddy Chasi

Worst service ever.. only one teller

Haadcore Attire

Yamileth Morales

Brandon Heisler

Alex_978 s21

To long of a wait to often

Esmeralda Amezcua

Sergio Aymar

Fran Dunbar

Very friendly tellers. Bank was very clean. Usually go to the one in Northfield 5 miles away...glad this one is here!!!

Charly Estrada

Worse Bank of America branch, customers service is very bad and branch is usually dirty. Not happy with this location

delsha Bartlett

Some how they let somebody run my bank account up and they're saying i own them..


Run around and high fees, had to wait in line for 15 minutes only to be told I would need to make an appointment, this process took about ten minutes. Came back and waited for another ten minutes to be told a teller could complete this task. 2 trips, 30 minutes of time wasted, and a non-waivable 10 dollar fee later I had my cashier's check. Will not be returning to this branch.

Laura Harrell

I don't understand ...I bank with BB&T my husband banks with Bank of America...twice this last month I've gone into deposit cash into his account. He has his card and his checks are out of deposit I grab a deposit slip to fill out a lady with dark shoulder length hair says excuse me can't you deposit at the atm.......ummmm really you think If I could I its my husbands you don't have his annoys me...I'm taking my time to go in not to be told to go the the atm...If I could use it is would....I guess next time I'll go thru the drive thru ask for a deposit slip and hold up the line. She's not friendly at all! Lay off the atm talk please

Bohdan Kozak

Shame on bank of America upper level management! 300 billion company can't allow itself to hire couple more tellers in one of the busiest location in NYC? should wait at least an hour to get service and when 2-3 senior stuff members just walking around instead of helping tellers.Considering transfer to other banks due to poor customer service...

Sally Bauer

You need to put lobby only on the Saturday hours. Just drove all the way out there and drive ups were closed. Wasn't exactly dressed to come in. Please update it.

Shyam Gajjar

Worst customer service I experienced !!! There were 3 reps there, and There are customers waiting in line, only one rep is helping out and other are just watching the customers standing in line. Ridiculous !!!

Ferid Khammedov

Mr Laurent is amazing The best manager Helped me a lot


Heather Moore

Everyone at this location was so friendly. I was greeted at the door by a nice gentleman. I was helped by Kimberly who was so sweet and helpful. Definitely would recommend this location and bank.

Carl Kufchak

They usually have 1 teller, and a greeter. Slowest bank in earth. NO DRIVE THRU !!!

Michael Doodakian


Letty Alvarez

Their hours are ridiculous 9-3? I know we have online options for everything but sometimes we need to go in the office and people work, these hours are not helpful.

Myron Oliver

Colors of Amber Photography

Liliana Fontaine

Racist bank employee blocked me from going downstairs to get change until I told him the purpose of my visit. When I was leaving he stopped me again to ask me multiple times if I had a Bank of America account. Don't come to this location. Thinking about switching banks.

Morgan Gould

This is literally the worst branch I've ever been to. The service is terrible. It's so slow. You will wait 30 minutes for anyone to help you, and watch as the other employees sit around. Or, the line will be out the door with only two slow moving tellers. It's horribly run, the atms break all the time. Avoid if you can.

William Wright

Very poor service. One teller with seven people in line. I have the same poor review as the others. BoA is just ok....until you have to go inside for anything....then it's a total waste of time.

Erin Murphy Adame


ayda deleon

Rasul Yakhyaev


Door Dasher

My 2 year old pissed his pants in their lobby because they refused to allow him to use their restroom. I am moving my account elsewhere.

Alberto Valle

The people who work here are very rude to the customer and they always have an attitude. I live in long Branch and I prefer to go to the one on Shrewsbury they have more respect and treat the customers well. And i don’t know why they do that if the workers are Latinos, and 60% of the customers are Latinos , they should Treat us with more respect

George G

Nice bank,employees are just ok.

Chris Edman

I had to wait over 45 minutes in line

Lokabiramam Lavanyaram

Joe Murchison

I’ve been to BOAs all over the country and this is by far the most unorganized branch. It’s the only location in Indy but avoid at all cost if you can.

Emmanuela Peralta Tejeda

David Angotti

I have never been disappointed with the professional employees at this location. Everyone is so pleasant and understanding. Major shout outs to Steve and Connor. But congrats to the whole team. You guys rock!

daniel camacho

They take a deposit from you then hold it for 9 days. if we were to take money from them ( overdraft, loan anything) they charge intrest or fees but they can hold my money for verification for way longer then necessary with no issues. very poor practices. then when I try and cancel the transaction to go to another bank that will not waste my time. I was told that they can't do anything and I will just have to wait. I have talked to my lawyer and they released the funds already. so I want to know how its legal to take my money do what you want with it for a week and a half then release it to me?

Hassan M

This place has a poorly trained staff and they take forever to do anything I have to wait 35 mins just to do a withdrawal or a deposit

Janardo Williamson

Ada Caraballo

I went with my sister to open an account n waited about 2 Hrs for someone to take care of us.The lines n wait are very long.The A T M machine is disgusting dirty n so is the wall where is at n the sorrundin g of the ATM.Discusting.usually a lot of street people waiting there for u to ask u for money.

juana Ortiz


Refused to cash a check written from a bank of America account...... Are you a bank or aren't you?

Roberto Jacobo

Friendly teller but busy branch. First time I've have to wait 20 minutes in line to see a teller.

lipilekha Mukherjea

worst customer care service. No body picks up phone

Derek Ashley

Why are there so many people in line to use the two ATMs AT ALL HOURS of the day non-stop, every day? And every single one of them is making multiple transactions and acting like they’ve never used an ATM before. Is there something I don’t know? Please clue me in. Sorry this isn’t in Spanish.

Patrick Carter

Jorge Rivera

Why does people still doing business with this bank 40 minutes on the line to talk to someone. 2 teller all day.

Edisson P.

Leonard Smith


علي علي

Angel gabriel

Diablaso este es el peor banco del mundo. Les recomiendo no venir a esta mugre!

Hasan Alqaisy

melissa myers

Yuel Grmay

I went there for my Direct deposit info and they gave the wrong numbers:| I figured it out after two weeks of not getting paid. Also on top that, I know it it not everyone there but some of the tellers know nothing about customer service or be friendly!!!!!! (Yess I’m angry but honestly I expected a little better from the Harvard location!)

Terrance Dottin

Austin Riley

Staff are usually friendly and helpful.

fabiola cota

I need to know bussines hours

Yehia Omar

Slow, understaffed and terrible

Kris Miller

25+ minute wait on site to receive service. additional 45 minutes and counting at the desk just to add a person to my account :(


Waited an hour for the most incompetent service.

Molly 0223

Es la peor sucursal, siempre tienen poco personal SIEMPRE. En hora pico una sola cajera , aparte son inexpertos , deberian darles entrenamiento fuerte o reforzar cada cierto tiempo lo aprendido y adaptarse a nuevos tiempos. Perdí casi dos horas allí en una fila y la joven que atiende afuera es de muy mal genio...............

Rosie Montano

First time there needed to deposit money into my brothers account. He bought me an auto part from California and shipped it to me in Wisconsin. I drove an hour in rain with my daughters traffic heavy all to get there 4:58. Bank closes at 5:00. A lady came over to me and asked if I needed something. I told her what I was filling out a deposit slip for and she responded we can’t take your deposit we don’t expect cash. Proceeds to say it could be fraud but would take a personal check. Really and that is better than cash. I just drove an hour in heavy rain and traffic and I didn’t have my check book. She advised me to go to Walmart buy a money order and with out a deposit slip and I had to buy my own envelope into the night box. Really just his name on the money order and nothing else. So they wouldn’t take cash had no envelopes and to top it off Walmart’s machine was broken. Needless to say I was very upset this lady was rude didn’t care about what I said or asked other than saying we’re closed now. I would not recommend this location .

Jennifer Knollenberg

One star is too many. The most unprofessional, rudest and slowest drive through service I have ever experienced. They just told my employee that if she had that many deposits she should come inside because it slows down the drive through lane. Average wait in the drive through lane for us is about 15 minutes. Not sure how it can be any slower. Perhaps you should get a second teller so there is not such a long wait. If Stephanie isn't working the drive through bring a book because you will have time to read a few chapters while you wait. Don't use your kindle, battery may die while you wait.

Kimberly Paula


Long wait at times


Always genuinely friendly and fast service. The only good BoA I've seen, make what they do here the standard!

Annamarie Snider

Horrible hours, who isn't open before 9 and open until at least 5:30? Like others I've had to leave work (on multiple occasions) to get small things done. While there I have had to wait over an hour on two occasions. Definitely not worth remaining their customer.

Gan Xu

Sir W

This branch moves slow and the ATMs aren't taking deposits. Ridiculous service for a big bank.

Brian Martel

One star too many. If you are trying to call, forget about it. When I finally got through they were not helpful and did not call back as they said they would. After trying to call again a week later I was hung up on after waiting for a representative for 10 minutes. Nice of them to take my money but not my call.

Krys M

David Kananowitz

Unbelievable. The wait times in this bank are incredible. You'll spend 30-40 minutes just waiting... easily. They never have more than two tellers open, even at peak times. Management doesn't care, the service is horrible!

Jared Yoder

Yes it was busy and yes there was a bit of a wait (hence 4 not 5 stars) but I live in the city and there's a wait for everything so that wasn't a surprise. We wanted to see an associate to change some things with our accounts and each person we encountered smiled, and performed as a very competent professional! Our BOA rep Jenny was very polite and very helpful (5 stars!) and even stayed a bit after closing to finish things up. Above and beyond courtesy for sure! It's true they had only 2 tellers available but the reviews here seem to be all about the wait and their incompetence. Might I suggest you try out the BOA app? Why even mess with waiting for a teller when most of your issues can be resolved with their app in the comfort of your own home instead? I go to the bank perhaps 2-3 times a year, tops. It's great!

Robert Stewart

Good luck trying to get someone to answer the phone. Not much of a way to run a business.

Amy Madelyn

Be aware when coming into this Bank of America location! One of the worst customer service banks ever! They should close this bank down! It's a very small and busy bank so they don't worry about providing their best service. They are so arrogant and they give you feeling that we need them more then they need us! My experience with trying to speak to an associate about a fee that they keep charging was very disappointing. Since it's a busy bank I went in early before they opened(9:00) to make a line. Once signing in they tell me there is one person ahead of me and it will be about 30 minutes. I agreed since I saw there was only one person working. While waiting I see they are taking other people in the front and not considering who came in first. After waiting 40 minutes they let me know that someone else had an appointment at 9:30 which ment another 30 minute wait. Which is crazy to wait for an hour because they aren't staffed well! They need better management, better customer service, better everything! Note; this wasn't my first time at this location with bad service but my first review in hope for new changes!

Katie Lauer

This bank has the worst hours seriously what bank is open different hours each day? No drive thru - you have to get out of your car & wait in line every time you go:( it is the worst place I have EVER banked with. Terrible customer service. I gave 1 star because staff is at least friendly & the conditions are beyond thier control. But you would expect soo much more from a major bank like this.

Vikash Kumar

Friendly staff

Venkatesh R

Cool and Friendly Bank Officials. The ATM inside bank was Out of Order (Jul 2015), so had to wait in Drive-In ATM. Not a Big Deal.

Dan lara

Nice staff

The Capoo


John Berger

One word....................... S L O W

Grace Yunzhi Qian

I made an appointment to come in but still need to wait for half an hour to be served. Do not recommend this branch

Patrick Macellus

Worst branch I've ever been inside, rude employees and incredibly long wait times. If you choose to bank at Bank of America NEVER go to this branch if you can avoid it.

nancy safi

Pankaj Rupani

S Stresky

I tried to use the ATM today and as soon as I put in my card the machine threw an error and kept my debit card. I went into the branch and approached Karen and explained what happened at the ATM. Karen told me that there was nothing that could be done, that no one at the branch has access to the ATM. When I asked who had access her response was that Loomis is the only ones with access but that they would not be able to give me my card back because I am not a Bank of America customer, I bank with USAA. Karen and I went back and forth, with me asking questions, for her to just tell me very matter of factly that nothing could be done. I asked to speak to her supervisor which she informed me that she is the branch manager and that there is no one above her at this location. What appalled me is that not once (except when I pointed it out to Karen) did she apologize to me for the inconvenience this has caused me. At no time was Karen actually rude with her verbage or her tone but my issue was that there was absolutely no sympathy from her, no remorse, and no empathy towards me and the situation that was created due to the malfunction of her machine. My debit card is linked to so many of my accounts, it automatically pays many of my bills on a monthly basis. This machine malfunction has terribly inconvenienced me as I am now without a debit card and with the 1st of the month tomorrow, my car payment and other automatic payments will get rejected as my card has had to be cancelled. Had Karen showed an ounce of empathy, sympathy, remorse or even apologized prior to me acknowledging the fact that she didn't, I wouldn't have been upset and probably wouldn't be even writing this review. And might I remind you, none of this is my fault. This is all due to a machine malfunction as I didn't push a single button prior to this error occurring.

good morning

Very good service

John Nguyen

Gets the job done

Rosanna Duran

I have been visiting this branch for several years. The worst service I've ever received. Most of the time they only have available one chashier. I have to wait a minimun of half an hour to receive a service.

Drew Ahrold

Great bank with great location. They need two ATMs outside though.

Brenda Campos

Shandra was so rude,if u don't know how to treat customers the right way that job is not for u,horrible experience with her.

shixuan ye

David Chandler

Far and away the world's WORST bank...not to mention Salem's worst. Impersonal, unfirndly, fee you to death, and don't even get me started if you have to get on the phone and try to talk to someone in "customer service." You'll be much better off using a local credit union or a local bank.

CraftTheKiller Gamer

Vinzent Moesch

Brigette Leyva

Young Jin Youn

A manager, Josh was really kind and the place was so comfortable for me.

Priyanka Sachdeva

Worst service. Waited 40 minutes and the guy stated he couldn't help me because they don't provide the service I was asking for. They should have asked the customer before they wasted their time waiting.

Steve Murphy

One of the worst financial institutions I've ever dealt with!

Tyler Scheib

When I opened my account I was treated like a child. Also, what kind of bank closes at 4pm?

Sonia Santiago

Me han brindado buen servicio

Steve Andrews

The manager Nivitch told me that to cash my check the check writer would have to call him. But two minutes later the bank was CLOSED at 4pm! He never told me the bank was closing! Are the trying to get employees off of their 40 hour workweek so they no longer have benefits?? What a cheapshot!

V Brand

Karim Rahim

LaDawn McClamb

worst bank ever... do not waste your time or money banking with these crooks

John Schissel

Good online awful phydical services No ATM's downtown. Understaffed long waits.

Tano Luz

(Translated by Google) Great service! (Original) Ótimo atendimento!


Always busy, to many people not enough staff. The tellers are slow and only two atm's.

Justin Brotton

I don’t think it’s possible to have worst customer service in this Bank of America. They are the definition of incompetent and have no clue what they’re doing.

Ethel Dowdy

The best customer service I have ever received from a bank. The manger even came and welcomed me. If there were 10 stars I would rate 10. If you want great banking service and great customer service I recommend them!

Sultan Kutbi

velin stoilov

A single ATM works

Maryann Mathiasen

john b

Awful bank. Longest lines. You'll always wait for at least 15 minutes to do anything. Meanwhile, their loan officers just stand around the water cooler telling stories, while 2 tellers try and help 25+ people. Two thumbs down.

Francisco Nunez

Noman Jamshidy

Bobby Firouz

The Worst Service, wait time of 2 hours to do a simple Bank of America to Bank of America wire transfer. 11 employees working but only one person could do the transfer, all the rest of the employees standing around doing nothing while I had to wait 2 hours for that one employee to finish up to do the transfer!

Lee Cook

I have banked with BOA for over 20 years and this branch is by far the worst. Long waits, no notary, window at drive thru always closed. I have referred customers to BOA and they have been so disappointed because they went to this branch. I am in a quandary since this branch is the closest to me. I have had no problems at other branches but for convenience I may switch banks.

Robert Rivera

Atm machines

Viveksai Ramagiri

Chelsea Curtis

Felt bad reading all the poor reviews on here I wanted to take a moment to put a positive one. Had some charges on my acct that aren't mine over the weekend so I called the 800 # and while my concerns were addressed they were unable to do anything till they posted. I was told to come to my branch for a temp card. I was greeted immediately despite the tellers being busy by Lavelle Compton and he asked what I needed. When I told him he said he could help me and not only got me set up with the temp card I needed but he called customer service for me to place a travel notice on my acct for my mission trip next week. In and out in 15 mins, kind and proactive service which is both rare and welcomed. Good job boa you did right by me for once lol.

GoodCitizenTX None


Daniel Alas

Walked in to take out some money from my savings because i didnt have a debit card and my checkings had been cancelled due to an overdraft from a year ago, the manager helped me out and ended up getting me set up with a new checkings account, very good people.

Silvia Roa

Shawn Cullipher

Love my bank!

Ammar Shigri

Stevens S.

Very rude customer service in general, doesn't t seem you re on a bank at all, total lack of professionalism and competence, people have no manners, no class at all.


Cami Landa

Worst customer service ever assistant manager is a joke, worst bank in the country, keep in mind this bank has only 1 teller all the time, no drive thru and not to mention was in the news for fraud with the mortgages ....

Amanda B

I would have chase instead of Bank of America if they had it here in south Carolina. Both Bank of America locations in Myrtle Beach are terrible!

Cedar Farwell

Sub-par service.

Corrie Chavez

The worst bank ever. We filled for fraud and they decided to decline our claim without talking with us or anything. When we tried to fight them declining it they decided to close out our account without telling us so when we went to useat our card it was declined. Very unprofessional and they have definitely lost all our business. My husband was with them for 8 years and this is how they treat their customers. Very disgusting and I wouldn't recommend this bank to my worst enemy.

Olivia Williams

I have been going to this location on Armor at the beginning of the month every month for the past 4 years and today Brad turned my 1 star to a 5 star! He greeted me with a smile, kept eye contact, was friendly, efficient and he was FAST! Completely different from any service I got ever at this location. At 9:01 there was already a line of 5 or more people ahead of me- the tellers all seemed to be fast- they didn't chat amongst themselves while the line gets bigger and bigger the afternoon group seems to. They made that line move so quick- I walked in at 9:01 and was out in my car at 9:08. Seriously the best experience I've had at this location. Brad rocks!

Amin Zarkesh

The teller service here is extremely slow. None of the staff seem to be in any hurry to help the customers. I've had the same experience multiple times here.

Juan Morett Reynaga

I had an appointment at 12:00PM, stressed the fact that punctuality was very important due to having to leave work in order to apply for a credit card (could not process it online). Waited 21 minutes and never even reassured me that I was next. My time is very valuable, I would expect B of A personel to treat me and my business better. Left pretty disappointed.

Dora Ventura

If i could give them a no star, i would. The young lady handling customers relations have no manners to be on that position. Went in for a request, waited 30 minutes she supposedly fax it but it never went through or maybe never faxed ot because she came out withon seconds... 2 months later I find out my building management never received the request. As i was waiting there i saw her being not too customer friendly to other patrons as well. Ridiculous ghetto branch..

Esperanza Mejia

Terrible service!!!!!! The teller was lovely but I went in 30-40 mins before close and the bankers told me they could not help me because they didn’t have time. There were 2 people waiting in the whole lobby!! I told the banker there is no way you could squeeze me in? She said no maybe try the app!!!!!! I went to the branch because what I needed to do you can’t do on the app!!!

Ashley O

My rating is based on BofA in general.. the amount of your fees are asinine and I can tell your staff is in agreement by how they try to explain them via their response script. I can't wait to close my account.

Google user S

I came into this branch yesterday to cash a check. I didn't have an account there so I was told to sit in the lobby, only to be ignored for 15 mins. There were even people available in the offices and no one helped. I left and went to the branch on May where I was greeted and got in right away even through they were busy. I was so pleased with their service that I opened an account. Even though I now bank with them, I will NEVER go back to the memorial branch. They could learn so much from the other branches.

Dudie Silberman

Quick service and convenient location

Melinda Middleton

I'm not sure what bank teller these negative reviewers got, but I've never had a better experience at a bank in my life. I got there right at 9 when it opened so of course there was a line of people that came in with me. There was only one teller at the counter, but a manager immediately appeared and started asking what everyone needed. Deposits and withdrawals had to wait for the counter, but since I was cashing a check I was able to go to a teller in an adjacent office. While I was getting my check cashed I witnessed the manager help someone in line login to their app and order new checks. I call that multi tasking! I don't have an account with bank of the but they still cashed my bank of America check in an extremely timely manner. Also, the girl I got was beyond extraordinary! She gave me so much great advice in a short amount of time. I left there just feeling really good about the interaction

bass man

Great customer service , Paula Wyner is always friendly with a positive attitude every time i go there .

Connor Jason

This entire corporation is useless. If you have any issues with this branch you're out of luck unless you can physically go there. No phone number listed and if you call corporate they're of no use because they don't even have a phone number for this branch. I use BOA for a business account, but Citizens is about to get a new client.

Sara Arnold

$8 to cash one of your checks for non BofA customers is ridiculous. Your being greedy and stealing from people. I looked into opening an account to avoid these fees, but being an average person who can't keep $1,500 in an account at all times, that means more fees to avoid the check cashing fees. Horrible bank!

Bailey Hamilton

I have been going to this bank for two and a half years and always find them helpful and kind. This week specifically, I had a lot of changes to make to my account and we hit a few bumps along the road. I worked with Bob Capalbo and was so lucky! He was incredibly patient, nice, and helpful. He even stayed past close so I could finish up the changes and not have to come back again. I am so greatful that we had him to work with this week and plan to come back to him for any future needs

John Andres

The tellers rock at this branch. If you go on any kind of regular basis they remember you by name. No matter how busy they are you get in out quick. Nice to see Meghan get promoted up. Elsy and Ashley should be next for promotions bc they are both great too.

FoFo kahn

This location they do not deserve any stars (3) over there they do not Solve my problem. But when I go to other locations they do solve my problem And now I see why they don't have a lot of business

Sean Hart

Update: this place still is the worst! Their customer service is absolutely pathetic at best. THEY FORGET THAT IS OUR MONEY THAT KEEPS THIS IN BUSINESS AND THEY TALK DOWN TO YOU AND MISTREAT PEOPLE. SO AGAIN. PUT THIS PLACE OUT OF BUSINESS... The manager is lil lying weasel with horrible customer service. They only think their time is valuable and disregard and waste your time with out a care. I am going to make it my mission to spread the word for as many poeple possible to change bank accounts to a credit union. BOA ARE CROOKS!

Erik S.

I tried to cash a check they wrote on one of their own accounts for INS check.. They told me I need two forms of ID to cash the check since I dont carry two forms of ID *who does* they made me open an account *which I didnt want to do. Funny thing was I could open an account with one ID. Does that make any sense!

Hong Le

I have been waiting 1 hour just to get my bank statements. And I can't even get them get. The whole bank is only 3 people in there. 2 for the cashier, and one was seatting in the station to help customers. I can't believe that i waited over 1 hour and still can't get my bank statement. This is horrible!! Bad service. And no body even asking me. After all i just left.

Oleksiy Lysenko

Very poor service in this office. Very slowly. I spent about 1 hour and they not help me fully. In another offices I did it much better.

Anthony R

Excellent friendly customer service. Just hard to find a spot

Pepita Mora

It's our bank and we are happy

Susan W

I just went in there to deposit a check for the business. They only had one teller working but yet they had two greeters at the door. The line was quickly backing up with the teller since her patron had a complicated transaction. I don't understand why one of the greeters couldn't have pitched in with being a teller. I left because I didn't want to waste my time in line.

Jonathon Tockstein

Wost experience ever. Tried to put money in atm out front to pay off credit card but they didn't add it to my account and never gave my card back. Guess they will do anything to keep you paying that interest. Now they are holding my money hostage to up to 10 days and forcing me to go in the get a temporary card on my birthday. I leave for North Carolina in two days and they ruined my vacation. I would recommend metro credit union because they have never screwed with my money of family. Also if you try to call any of the numbers you Google to get help, no one will help you. It's all automated. Even the number listed on the atm for errors is automated and there is no option for stealing your money and card. When bank of America decides to return the money it took, I will immediately be leaving for a bank/credit union that doesn't steal from you and has actual customer service.

Yesenia Almazan

I waited for 30 minutes or so for someone to help, and ended up leaving, beacuse they were too busy. I don't think they provide bad service its just short on staff, but making customers wait that long will give bad reputation. I wanted to spend time with my sister, who has to go back to base at 7pm, so I will just have to deal with my bank matters another day.

Eoracco Official

I really don’t get the bad reviews. I went to this location open my bank account. Jay is the one who helped me with all the stuff. He is nice and cute. Compared with the guy at chase he is an angel for me. And the manager come by to say hi! That’s the best service I’ve ever received! In all great experience!

Andrea L

DO NOT GO TO THIS BANK. They will profile you and, based on the color of your skin and what language you speak, customer service will change. If you don't speak Spanish don't expect good service. If you're from out of town don't expect good service. They're slow and the wait time is insane. Don't expect a drivers license to get you anywhere, apparently they have to have passport or citizenship certificate to get anything.

Mr. Shnozberry

The least personal experience I've ever had. They couldn't even give me the 45 cents that the ATM shorted me without having to call a number and get an account first.

Greg Nees

Bank of America no longer cares about their customers. They no longer call themselves a bank but a financial center. They do everything possible to get you not to come in, but to do it on line. They would totally get rid of all locations if they thought they could. Each time I go in they have fewer and fewer tellers. The lines are longer and longer. Do not go there unless you have an hour to be wait. The shortest wait that I have had recently is 30 minutes. Most of the time it takes an hour. I like to do my banking with people. They want you to do it with a computer. Sad, sad, sad.

Ryan Mclain

Very dumb workers at this bank. They tell me that I cannot make a payment to them for a loan with them. I can’t believe the stupidity

Ekieh K Synovec

Had my share with BofA for y w ars! It's a inside job that customers griping about. If you're not satusfied go straight to BRANCH MANAGER. I did it due to ID THEFT.

Kathy Allen

Horrible service. Waited in drive through line for 28 minutes along with 7 other cars only 1 car helped... drive through line closed more than open. Time to change banks

Ace Boogie

Andres Ogando

(Translated by Google) The ATM was damaged and they had no sign. Nothing. (Original) El cajero automático estaba dañado y no tenían ningún letrero. Ni nada.

EAS Recorder Productions

I love it

Shannon Corder

Mazikeen 666

Raymond Gerges

This is hands down the worst bank you will ever deal with .... Stay away at all costs

Rahul Thakkar

Joe Knecht

Possibly poor excuse of a bank

Eric Christman

Carlos Velazquez

Willie Hufford

Angkhana Liablok

Was told it was going to be a 30 minute wait. After 30 minutes they told us it was going to be another hour.

Aerica Hayes

Need more locations!!!!! It’s so inconvenient to have to travel all the way downtown.


This is the worst bank EVER! I have never been in a bank that is this slow, always a line, only one drive window open if you’re lucky and that is slower! And wonder why we are moving to mobile banking. Just provide self service because this bank is a joke!

Master Yubyub

Place sucks now, no drive-thru any more. Long lines because of their shortened hours.

Lourdes Castro

Sahil khan

I went there many times and had the worst experience ever, staff is much unprofessional, they give me tempraraly credit card which never worked, order permanent one never recived ,trying to close my account they play the game, shame

Jose Medina

josue canahuate

Arson svce.

Rey Musni

Allen Yiu

Ronnie Perez

Don’t brother calling they never answer, but when someone actually answer the phone the hang up on you because your calling back to back! Horrible service, they claim they are always busy. If you’re always busy then hire more people. Not rocket science!

Nabil Mousa

Like most banks the over all service is just bad. They make you wait too long and they don't try very hard to correct issues.

Mekhribon Askarova

Very bad 1 h wetting mi.

Roland Raoul

You should bring a chair to sit will.wait on line more than 1 hour to get tonthe worst exoerience at Bofa.

Hank Li

Jeremy Davis

Worst branch location of any bank that I have ever experienced anywhere at any time in my life. One can expect a ten minute wait MINIMUM at any time during the day. As other reviews have stated, the employees will leave to go on break while a line is stretched to the entrance leaving one teller working. None of the employees act as if they have the faintest care for the customers. If a customer does bring up the wait time (I have seen multiple people do this), the employees just shrug it off. My employer uses this bank so I would go in to cash my paychecks. I opened an account at a different bank just so I wouldn't have to deal with lack of professionalism, the insane wait time, and complete lack of regard towards their customers. Bank of America may be a decent bank, but AVOID THIS BRANCH AT ALL COSTS!!!

Sebastian Krasowski

Unfriendly personel, giving hard time to customers

Katie Line

This location is awesome. The facility is brand new so it's very nice. Plus the staff is very friendly and helpful. :)

Scott Henshaw

There are no tellers at this location! You are forced to use a ridiculous video conference machine to cash a check drawn from BofA. I hated them when they were my bank and I hate them more now.


This bank management is very very bad. I already passed 1 hour still i need may be another hour. Because they have only two tellers. Others people very busy for eating vullseet talking and others.

Kaitlin Siebken

The tellers take forever and they are understaffed. There is a huge language barrier that makes for a lot of confusion They put a hold on checks that arent from Bank of America. I'm looking for a new bank asap.


Extremely rude teller "assisted" me this morning.

Yas Kheder

There was a bit of wait at the beginning, but I always expect some wait time in such places. The staff, especially Laurent and Jenny, were amazing. Totally professional, friendly and extremely helpful. Their customer service is top tier.

yavuz selim Ermaner

This is my second time to visit customer rep at this bank and Anthony helped me in both. His knowledge and ability made the process easy and smooth. Thanks to him and I mean it.

Петар Николић

Excellent service, ladies that are working here are extremely pleasant to talk with, never had any problems.

Dennis Lopez

Their customer service sucks at the drive through

Bryan Wilson

Rupesh Kumar

I had few issue with online banking and taught of resolving it at he bank. Instead of resolving the issue, manager and banker created more problem. Manager was too mean and didn't had respect to customers. They gave some reason saying that the tool isn't working and even if as a manager he could have over ridden it, he wasn't going to do it. Worst customer service. Not going back. Not helpful.

Barbara James

Really BofA closes at 3p, SMH

Peter Freeman

This is the worst BofA branch I have been too. The staff is lazy and rude. You are better off driving over to mill creek where the employees will actually pay attention to you and help you with your needs. A hour to see a personal banker when no one else is line is too long. I have been to over 30 branches and never waited longer then 10 mins


The customer service here is absolutely horrible. I stood for a couple of minutes then I explained that I needed to make a deposit, I asked for the slip forms. She then walks to the back and pretends that she looks for the slips and comes back and says she does not have them. THEN I asked her for change then she proceeds to tell me to come back later. This has happened more than one time. Bank of America already has a bad reputation but I might just have to change banks, this is ridiculous.

Kuldeep singh

Michael Van Dyke

This is the absolute worst banking branch I have ever been too. The facility has 2 door greeters and but 1 bank teller. The bank teller is extremely rude after waiting 33 minutes for service. I will definitely be taking my business elsewhere

Malik Faisal Moonzajer

This branch of Bank of America is relatively better than most. Although they run short on staff but they are a bit quicker and can fit you somewhere to finish your work in 30 minutes. The costumer services are good and explain everything from maintenance charges to rewards. The only negative points I felt visiting here was the set up for those who are waiting for the line and those who want to talk to a costumer service officer. Their must be a clear sign or way of knowing where one must wait. This comes in handy especially for elderly people who cannot wait in line for their turn. They should also use numbering like MVA which could clearly give an idea when you have to be there.

Victoria Angielina

Unbearably slow


Recently my account started being charged a $25 maintence fee without notifying me after an account change. Called Bank of America customer support and they would not reverse the fee. Large banks taking advantage of average customers with fraudulent billing practices is common practice nowadays, and BoA is leading the pack. There is no way for customers to stand up for themselves other than by switching banks.

Tess Antigo


Phil Marotta

Avoid at all costs. Worst wait times ever minimun 1 hr

Julie Ford

Meloman Boy

Instability with cashing a check.

Yisset Pérez

Demasiado tiempo de espera muy mal servicio

joelle jones

Worst banking experience

Jenna Willison

The drive thru is a joke. Literally waited 20 mins. I was there at 2:30pm. This isn’t the first time either. Time to change banks for sure.

Manu M

i visited this bank to open up a credit Card for my friend. its good/friendly environment, oh and luckily he got it approved :P. it got drive through too.

Lorenzo Shirley

The service was very friendly and prompt considering it being so close to closing.


El peor servicio el maneger que esta ahy solo es de adorno de navidad no hace nada solo te dice que llame al servicio al cliente tienen que hacer mejor trabajo

CNazario Vizcaino

My experience was during cashing a company check. He (teller), for some strange reason short changes me by guess what? $60.00. Luckily i took my time counting what was the difference after the $8.00 check cash charge. Mind you, that the check is from a checking account at this bank. This is really and attitude, and hopefully not a corporate attitude. Another bank at a predominantly poor neighborhood also has being operating likewise as a business even after changing its name to Apple bank. Now if I go further south of manhattan everything goes back to normal. No complaints. People meet people. Not people meet corporation. It's personal care.

Lisa Wilkinson

Very upsetting to see the way they have our American Flag barely attached by one string. Very disrespectful to the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.


not to happy with anything at this location so i drive 10 miles



Tasha Royer

Worst bank I have ever been waiting for a hour, this is complete nonsense never coming to this branch ever again. All I wanted to do was change my PIN number. Which normal banks let you do over the phone but no I have to leave my job to come here and wait for almost an hour now and still counting.

Coraline Nick

No help and no customer service assistant manager is lazy and doesn’t help customers. Worst service ever

Joselyn Hamilton

Sonny Miller

Very slow Services

Josh Fernandez

Honestly the only good thing about this boa location are the ATM machines. The line are always ridiculously long. To speak to a representative is like trying to win the power ball. They need to just shut this place down already.

Kay White

Manny Baez


Mustafa Ajwad

Jenney Hernandez is so good , if she ia not thier you can't get any thing done

CityDump Records

If you want you account froze and your money held hostage over not filling out their random mailers they send out go here !

Kyle Smith

Really would like to give them ZERO stars!!! Horrible customer service, Corperate should really pay attention to how this store operates. Utterly disappointed!

Luis abreu


Victoria Capps

Dealing with bank of America was the worst banking experience I've ever had. So expensive. Sunflower bank all the way. No fees.

Benjamin Espparza

3 ppl behind the glass and only one teller. I'm actually posting this while I wait their ridiculous line.

vásquez pau

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

Charles Clarke

I didn't want to give a star but 0 was not a choice. No one will pick up the phone and the phone answering system makes it difficult to talk to a real person. A good bank would cater to real live service. Not everyone wants to "communicate" via text/internet.

jason salamacha

I didn’t see any good reason for taking out the drive-through services my parents are elderly and have a hard time moving in to take of the drive-through service is just ignorant to me I was told the reason why is Bank of America is the leader of banks and he knows 85% of the money in the US they set the bar but this is a very bad thing to say You’re the only the leader in banks because you have the most branches great for you when did customer service not become important so every other bank in the country is wrong you should get ready or drive-through service according to Bank of America trying to be the leader in the industry does not mean you can’t don’t have to give service when it comes down to it you were just worried about your bottom line Yes I do understand that online banking and no real person though so you don’t have to pay them hope your bottom line

Chad Moores

Fathi Judah

always long wait honestly I don't care to visit the bank ,most of the time is 1 teller and slow hope they will do something about it

Keryee M

I've never had a good experience with Bank of America, I will be closing all accounts there soon. They never have enough tellers, their drive thru is almost always closed, the staff can be rude at times and they close at 4 instead of 5! I see that many other reviewers saying the same thing over and over about this bank. Also they charge for everything! You need a money order? Pay a $6 fee or go to 7-eleven and pay half that. My advice would be to steer clear of all BoA's. I will be looking for another bank soon.

Nara L. Kolb

Iris the bank teller actually argued with me in front of other customers. I had to ask her to stop arguing with me because it was unprofessional. Absolutely one of the worst customer service experiences from a bank I’ve even encountered.

Yubelkis Castillo

Wei Ni

Влад Гончар


terrible service, long waits, morons working here

Gabriel Muñoz


Nishit Patel

If you ask them to help you with something they have 1 cliched answer. “OUR BANKERS ARE BUSY RIGHT NOW, YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AND COME BACK TOMORROW”. Have had that answer last 4 consecutive times about totally different issues. Worst management and service, coming from a reputed bank. Totally unprofessional

Steven Andersen

Jarret Slater

Roberto Rodrigues

Really bad service those guys make me wait for 25 minutes just to take money off my account never come to this banck again

Michael Beck

Susy Santo

It is pretty good. Good customers service. Yes, one have to wait on line most of the time. More clerks are needed or another branch it needed in this neiborhood. No waiting time for the ATM which is great. .

John Cannon

Terrible customer service. Everyone in America would be well served to change to a bank that cares about their customers.

Becca Boo

What a hassle. Never again.

Deyanira Alicea

this bank is horrible. they take hours to help you. you will be in line for a long time just waiting for them to have side conversations. they don’t greet you as you walk in. horrible bank. i rather take the trip to dykman honestly.

Matt Ventura

Very long lines during the summer and never enough people working the counter. Took 25 minutes of waiting to be told they couldn't assist with my account issue.

Heiko Katins

Very helpful, nice and knowledgable staff at this branch ... Tamala, Jeff, Abder, Dean and Diany ... etc. It is a pleasure coming in (and even to wait in line on a Friday morning 9 am !! Was still out in less then 15 mins !!). When I opened accounts 13 years ago in ATL I had troubles over troubles - in here - they take it all from you ... Thank you. Good experience.

Luis Miguel Betances

Rj Miller

Montse monne-corbero

I had such a bad experience I don’t even want to get into it. I only wast to say, that the person how assist me, it was the worst I had in all my life experience in bankingI ever.

Carmelo Giuffre

ATMs never work and there is always a long line.

John Spinelli

Easy service. Good customer service.

Paco Taco

$8 to cash a bank of America check without an account????? You should be ashamed boa. I always hear people complaining about bank charges at boa. I have personal and business accounts at commerce for over 20 years and never had any bank charges for anything.

Shawn Sloan

Avoid if possible.

Keivan Mohammadi

very nice behaviar of personnel, help customers

Thomas M

I recently opened a checking account at this location. I found the bank staff to be efficient and friendly. However, the branch felt very...formal. Not that you don't want professionalism when dealing with your money, but it felt a little pretentious. I also found the layout a bit odd. The teller line is way in the back; they really push self-service via the ATM machines, which is the first thing you see instead of a teller line. Overall, BofA offers the efficiency and advance technology of a major financial institution. That is even more evident in this modern branch. I'm happy the City of Edina pushed BofA to make their MN flagship location as polished as it is.

freerange rv

20 minutes to cash a check and wouldn't cash it cuz I couldn't quote on quote verify a check drawn off of their Bank.. $8 to cash a check that's coming from their Bank just biggest Crooks poor customer service I'd recommend somewhere else other than Bank of America that has had a billion dollar bailout from the government been known to scam their customers and fraudulent accounts

Nicholas McDermott

Slow service , don’t go here

Alghadr Ayash

Jessica Piacenza

Always helpful. This location is open

Delroy Vernon

Pietro Gasperini

Mai avuto un servizio migliore

B. B.

I wasn't much impressed by the service I got at this branch. In addition, the ATM machine seemed to have some issues with my foreign card too. However, it worked perfectly with my US debit card and also complied well with respect to depositing a cheque. Hopefully, this is not a recurrent issue and gets solved soon.

Med Robot

Nihal Velpanur

Luis Guerrero

Diego Salinas

Really bad service

Erick Sinclair

Wish i had the option of 0 stars. I cant even cash my check at BOA.

Liceu Pereira

Like many others before very understaffed. I have here for 16 minutes, and I’ve yet to be acknowledged. Sadly, nothing will ever be done to remedy this situation.

JD _

Manager is a rude witch

Annie-Saray Moreno

This is the worst branch I've ever been tomorrow will be a 3rd day un row going there. Workers aren't that bad is their service that sucks, they're slow, the place is too small for many people coming in and out, just because on a paper misses letter did not want to cash out and dislike open an account with them, 1st time me going there and last time

Jonthan Olivo

Kamlesh Dhairyavan

One of the worst Bank if you call customer service they will put you on hold for 30 minutes and also if you make some request it won't be done you will have to call them at least 5 times it will give you all possible stress one of the worst bank in America

Kenneth Knight

Went to cash a church from Bank of America and they couldn't because they are not a full service center. Nearest full service center is Chicago. Not one in Indiana but they are Bank of

Alvin Tavarez

This bank is the worst.. Always one teller.. the slowest bank here in the heights

Armando Chairez

Lazy Bankers standing around cant ask if anybody needs assistance.

Morte Morte

(مترجم بواسطة Google) لقد حددت موعدًا للدخول ولكن لا زلت بحاجة إلى الانتظار لمدة نصف ساعة لتقديمها. لا ننصح بهذا الفرع (النص الأصلي) I made an appointment to come in but still need to wait for half an hour to be served. Do not recommend this branch

Max Lu

Chris Blose

Quick and knowledgeable

Yury Pellicier

Sydney Mayfield

Shonda Carlino

1 worker at the window it’s ridiculous, i waited over an hour to be seen and this is not the first time. They need more staffing for the windows.

Jon Franchi

I asked for notary services. They provide them, but only to customers. I offered to pay and that's not allowed. This helped make up my mind about where my girlfriend and I eventually open an account at a bank that has branches in Texas. (Hint: it's not here)

Syeda zia

Jasper Pane

Convenient Location in the Middle of town. ATM Outside 24 Hours.

LTL Warehouse

Jordan Kesner

Like other people have mentioned, ive been here twice and both times they have 1/4 teller stations manned and a huge line. The staff are nice enough I supposed but this place is absurdely mismanaged, people should not have to wait an hour to use the bank that is supposed to be providing a service for them

Ryan Oconnor

Unfriendly and not willing to help.

Paul Matzek

Same as other posts. 1 star is too many. There was 1 teller and 8 people in line. Asked the manager for help on a check that had available funds and was drafted on a Bank of America account he said the check may be considered invalid because the amount was changed. I tried to explain what happened and that he could call to verify the amount or look and look at his system to verify funds. I asked for a new check to fill out, I also had a Bank of America card he could have used to secure funds. He didn't want to help. I took it to my bank, they cashed it no problem. Very poor service

Alex Tovar

Bank associate asks:"Is it a big GUN?". I reply as always "Oh yeah!".

Stas Trapeznikov

Huong Wenger

Muhammad Akmam Saleem

Malignant branch Non-professional attitudes Worst customer service possible One possible way of fixing this specific branch: SHUT IT DOWN ! Writing this review after three bad experiences during three consecutive visits.

Fazal Mahmood Salimee

Good staff with best service

Dev Chhetri

Worse bank ever in USA and no branches in most of the states n 0 customer service, need to improve lot more! Good bye to this bank for ever!

Carlos Rebellon

Brett Hobbs

Sandra Beggs

Mark Hamm

This is seriously the slowest bank around. We have been in the commercial line for 30 minutes since the bank opened at 9 am and there was only two cars in front of us when we got here. There is no concern for customers or their time AT ALL!

Shawn Witschen

awful, disgusting place. Would not give me change, will never bank with Bank of America

Rex Shephard

Slow to nonexistent customer service - they appear not to care at all.

Kostadin Petrov

Worst branch to go. 3 ATMs, one is blocked with parked cars, the other is totally turned off and the third one is not accepting cash deposits. Similar situation last weekend... get inside and be prepared to wait hours... Every summer, every holiday those ATMs are down or some issue occurs...


Staff is good, people are nice frindly and all that, but the bank itself is bad. This is the only location in 30-40mile and its only open till 3pm evan in crazy busy summer time when there are hundreds of students trying to open or close account. If you need to go inside its pain you will wait hours before anyone helps you and its not the employees fault, its just the hours are short. You would a think since I am doing most of the things at atm than who carries about the busy inside, but the atm are way to busy too during the day and atlist 1 out of 5 visit time some atm does not work.

Nana Bee

One of the best banks with good customer service.

Jeffrey Castro

The wait is ridiculous. They are always short staffed. For improvement they need to consider hiring new tellers.


Worst service , you need to wait and wait to get the services from this center. Being an preferred Diamond customer "called BoA " did not get basic services from this Bank. I would not recommend to be do Banking here.

Yami Hernandez

Miguel Solian


Gioconda Tovar

I came here to ask for information and Laurent the Manager was the most helpful. He booked me to speak with his staff and they took the time to explain me the best options to refinance my mortgage. I will come back as Brad have given me options I did not even consider before. Very educational and helpful visit.

Silvia Forbes

Backup withholding All part of my Heirs

Keely Ridgeway

Cannot believe the service. Didn't even try to help!! Been with this bank for over a year. No customer service at all! Went to another branch and they helped me! Straightened everything out for me. Guess this branch needs to learn how its done on Harding place!

Harvey Bailey

Very friendly staff.

Sirila Alcantar

Its great you can check everything.

Monish M

I went in to encash a cashier's check. Unable to do it with a foreign id because the machine cannot verify ut. Quite ridiculous to have a bank branch without real tellers! Wasted my time in there.

Matthew Sneed

This location has terrible customer service. Jennifer, the manager, is rude and not helpful. They closed early and she refused to unlock the door to service a customer. I was appalled. Terrible.

Ovanny Cerda

Very bad slow service..Long LINE and just one TELLER...Customers are complaining This branch of Bank of America is always saving money ..NOT WELL STAFF

Kolt Byerly

This place is UNREAL. Bad customer service, 45 minute plus wait for a notary. Only 1 person capable of doing it and her computer shut down causing huge delays.

DrAmit Gajeelee

I got great customer service there and the RM jashdeep was 5 stars.This branch must have changed strategies cause i had a totally different experience from reviews of previous time.i am a foreign tourist 1st time in the USA and non caucasian.i liked the diversity eg the security officer in front on the bank.

Amanda Staggs

Everyone at this location was so friendly and helpful. I went in on a Saturday to get a cashier's check, and the gentleman who helped was efficient and so nice. I very rarely go into the branch for anything, and I'm so happy to find one that is great!

Laura Poellet

ZERO STARS (have to click at least one star to submit the review) I went into this branch to open a checking account, which is a condition of the BoA mortgage I currently have in process. I was given information re: minimum required deposit that conflicts with what the mortgage broker told me. The branch employee then asked how long I planned to use the checking account; I was honest and said only until the home sale has closed. He then stated (direct quote): "You are wasting our time." 1) when is it EVER acceptable to tell a customer that she is wasting your time? 2) it's pretty clear that it is MY time that is being wasted. I was too disgusted even to ask for the manager. Google reviews are more useful, anyway.

Justin Schneider

Terribly inconvenient hours, no drive thru. Atm success rate: 60%

Mariana Ball

Tellers don’t want to do their jobs and refer you away when they are fully capable of resolving an issue.

Brad Wilson

James Graham

If you are a business owner, I would strongly encourage you to steer clear at all costs. The bankers will repeatedly lie to your face and mislead you. Or, if I’m a serious situation deserving thoughtful consideration, attempt to sell you additional services that you don’t need. Not cool BofA. Not cool at all. It was totally uncouth and inappropriate. I was repeatedly interrupted and lied to. Directly to my face. I was tossed from banker to banker. No one cares. Many people there, except for Tuan, appear to operate in a fraternized fashion — prioritizing inter-employee interactions at the expense of clients. Some will even imply this truth. My feeling is that it’s a deeply sales-driven culture without any sense of ethics toward helping small businesses or consumers. I am entirely disgusted with Bank of America in Harvard Square and I would encourage anyone and everyone to take their valuable accounts elsewhere. You and your capital deserve much better care.

Sabi Randhawa

All people talking to very very badly

Erin Wilkinson

This is the first big bank I have used in ten years. I have been banking with BoA for about two months and I am not satisfied with their customer service. I went in to SEE how high of a credit card limit I could get. Well my banker actually requested that I get that card instead of just seeing if I qualify. I month later I actually needed a credit card and now I can't get one because of this mistake. So now for the third time I have to go in and try to clear up this mess they made of my account and credit. On the bright side their internet banking is the best I've ever used and the fees are low. Still not very happy with switching to this bank though.

Brittany Whiteside

I was NOT impressed by the service I received. The gentleman helping me would not look me in the eye and was very short in his responses. I was trying to contact my mother to see what she wanted to do with money as I was trying to send her a check and they apparently didn't offer temporary checks, and even after I told him 'please hold on, let me see what my mom wants to do' he took my money while I was on the phone and deposited it anyway. He also never told me that my account was negative even though I have never done a transaction out of that account. So now I'm left with $100 short of what I initially deposited and didn't know that until I logged on to the site this morning. I will definitely be looking for another local bank to do business with,

Sebastian Luna

Friendly service but unfortunately seemed misinformed about business banking.

Angela Roe

Very clean. People seem very professional and nice. A good experience all around. I would suggest this branch.

Megan Guros

Every time I'm in here there's only one teller and a huge line. Pick a different location.

Angela Fernandez

This branch is awesome!! Whether it's the MNGR Lisa Stone or Yvon Acloque.. or anyone of the employees. They have you in their best interest!! I live in Ky and made this branch my branch. Thank you!! A. Fernandez

Jonathan Masland

Good attention. Nice people.

Hadi H

Many years ago when BayBank owned this branch it was one of the greatest branches/financial centers in the Cambridge areas. Today under BOA this has become one of the worst branches anywhere ever. You cannot contact anyone at the branch via phone and no one even picks up the phone. Awful awful service; no wonder people move their accounts to other banks such as Citizens that I think is a lot better than BOA.

Dean H

Another horribly rude bank of America full of a bunch of incompetent workers you dont want and can't do there jobs right DON'T BANK HERE

Ex-muslim Atheist

This place discriminate is here. White it was expecting of being a thieves stealing from your own bank account. Terrible people I wouldn't want to do banking with

Juan J Dume P

Hailey Moore-frank

Jacqueline Bassinger (while I was trying to cash an insurance check) decided to get rude and sassy with me when I stated I didn't feel the need to have a bank account and dont trust banks due to issues I've had in the past. I kept telling her I needed to get to work and kept trying to talk about opening a bank account. I kept staring my position on banks and that I felt they were unnecessary for my personal use, and she then said well they must be if you're here huh? I was only there to cash an insurance check. Will not be back and will be contacting management.

Naser Jouhari

Long line. Staff too slow. 25 minutes online to withdrawal money from account. WTH

Alyssa Nunez

Heather the vice president very bad customer service should know how to treat people esspially of her clients who they write checks to...even if your non customer you should be treated the same as a customer ...she needs to be retrain to know how customer service should be...never come here I've been to way better bank customer service

Trung Tran

Recently changed their hours of operation. I used to go here after work to make deposits. Now their hours are terrible and I will never get the opportunity without leaving work. Horrible move by BOA.

Mahmoud Ali

Finally branch in Columbus Ohio

Zarif Dayi


Demetrius Randolph

BEWARE: This location has no "in person tellers!" They only have virtual tellers, that have limited abilities.


Unprofessional drive through service. I called the national office to explain my experience. I hope tellers receive better training which concentrates on quality customer service to all customers. Very disappointed.

Melonies Sue

Sarah Watts

This is the worst branch I've ever been to. The lady at the window needs to lose the attitude. You all have 4 or so windows and one person working.....REALLY!? I HATE BANK OF AMERICA. I'M DONE WITH YOU ALL. WILL BE CLOSED MY ACCOUNT ASAP! To many year of dealing with ALL your b.s!!!!! Another thing when you have a cars in the drive thru with 1 person working the window 1 person working the inside walk up counter and 3 people standing anfd chatting with customers in the lobby, are you for real!? You know the people I talk to say their so tired of being attacked minute to get in the door from you guy. If you have something so great to offer, awesome write it down on a piece of paper and hand it 2 people at the end their service. People will let you know if they need something and they surely don't need to be slowed down by you guys is small talk! GET IT!? Haven't been to this Branch since I left this review came back today and what do you know same lady still working at the drive-thru and still a total b****!!!


David Turner

Always been friendly and helpful. The new hours are a bit of an inconvenience.

Ing Solorzano

Barbara Almeida

WORST BANK EVER! Be ready to wait almost an hour to be attended to.. I came during my lunch hour and I am still waiting as I write this horrible review. UGH

David Mbogo

Worst Customer Service

Shandy Luna

Mrs. SaSa

Clean and safe.

Frank Crawford

One of THEIR customers wrote me a bad check, and when I have gone by to determine whether funds were in the account to cover it, they have been less than cordial to me, as if this were MY fault. I would hope their tellers might consider some customer service training.

Mirjana Pantic

The worst branch ever. There is always a long line because usually only one window is open. The rest of employees just walk around, not paying attention to the clients at all. Prepare to wait at least an hour. Terrible experience every time I need to go there.

Daniel Hartzler

8990000 at Gmail dot com

The greatest hometown bank I've ever had. The have always been gracious and respectful when I walk in, hello Mr... I appreciate them making my experience so good here.

Chris Heerdegen

Walked in at nine am to ask about a wire transfer. Turns out you need an appointment! The reason I walked inwas because I could not get ahold of an on location rep by phone after multiple attempts. Why the five star rating? A fellow named Ryan Winn went ahead and saw me immediately even though it backed right up to an appointment he had. I really appreciated the service!

Jason Cox

Deanna MIchal

In drive thru for 20+ minutes. First teller was useless, second was helpful. Understaffed.

Adam Maryniuk

Everyone was super polite and friendly as they helped me, and the place is gorgeous inside!

J Ditmore

Poor excuse of a banking institution. Bank of America literally rips their customers off any chance they can. On top of that... if you bring in one of THEIR customers checks and ask to cash it, they will charge you some BS fee if YOU don't have an account with them. I would NEVER bank with BOA.

Judith Villegas

Not as helpful. I was here early in the morning and got send out by asking me to call the fraud dept. After 30 mins. On the phone the call got disconected. Now im back at the bank.

Josie P.

This the worst customers services I've ever seen! I was there this past Saturday mid noon and waited on line for over 40 minutes or more. They only had one bank teller working the long line that went around approximately 15 people. After waiting for almost 40 minutes and giving complaints to the manager herself than she decided to take customers service when she should have done that a long time. It's ashamed of being a large financial institutions branch to be understaffed with only 1 bank teller and the manager! What's very upsetting is that Bank of America is making a lot of profits of people finances and they can't afford to staff more tellers.

dani jonetsu

The teller I dealt with was rude, I withdrew a large amount of cash from my account and asked him why he didnt check my identification his response was my pin # was sufficient. I responded with what if someone got a hold of it, his response was you should keep it secure so no one can access it. Other BOA's I've gone to have checked my identification. I dont mind the "extra" security. I actually prefer it.

Pedro Acosta

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Jim Roy

ATM centre

Ed O'Shaughnessy

Why do I have to wait a minimum of 20-30 minutes to use a teller??? This is ridiculous! I’ve never seen another bank so overcrowded. All day!! Changing banks.

Lucia Z

I used this bank located in spreen green bvld. The service is excellent. Bilingual customer service. The tellers are fast, professionals and very helpful all the time. They offer financial assesors that help you with any doubt in the more easy way to understand just if you start a business or think to start one. They help explaining very well about personal loans and home loans.The time of wait depends on the amount of persons that are before you but is super easy make and appoiment by phone or using the App. This bank office is open Saturdays so very convenient if you work Monday to Friday.

Double Ghod

passing thru town on a late Thursday I had agita with the atm machine. The blonde lady at the door took me to the teller, Tina, and I conducted business with no more worries. Very satisfied.

Alex Leuchs

Adomias Abera

Are you really going to make me wait in line 30 minutes just to tell me you can't help me because your hours closed WHILE I was in line? Horrible bank. Go to Veridian instead.

Eric Gordon

Ja anw

Worst drive through teller

ADRIAN Georgescu

Yan D Zhao

I like the online version of the bank. The branch has too many customers so often times you will have to wait.

Leon White

Well maintained , however the lines get way too long and the tellers seemed understaffed.

Samuel Vacheret

Анна Бугакова

Jawad Alaa

Terrible experience. If there’s less than 1 star, I would rate them with as they don’t even deserve the rating system. The worst branch of a worst bank ever! I have been loyal to them for five years now and they just don’t appreciate their customers!!! They are rude, extortionists, in addition to the very ugly staff members’ behavior. I Don’t recommend that branch to any person. Across the street, the DCU where they treat people in a very decent way.

Aldo Cruz Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) The bank is closed for remodeling and does not have that ptm update. (Original) El banco esta cerrado por remodelacion y no tiene esa actualizacion ptm.

Kim Yarrell

Too damn slow Too damn hot Too uninterested in giving proper customer service.

Mendi Sumter

Location at Memorial and Penn closed with people in line. Refused to help people who had been waiting. This was the day after a holiday when they were closed. Terrible customer service. I'm moving to another bank.

Crystal Carlson

Always incredibly understaffed. Be prepared to wait, at least, 10 minutes in line.

Gustavo González

I just went there to ask a question for someone and one of the associates keep telling me "no" without even listening what i had to ask nor looking to provide me an option for my issue i just will not recommend to speak with the person to receive you in the entrance and go directly to a representative who will listen to your issues that obviously have an answer. I found an answer calling one of my friends who works at another location but seriously get better serving your customers.

Kason Mims

Good and respectful people

Phyllis Burrell

Nice employees, ATM, Drive-thru tellers

Rjay Williamson

Worst bank ever they never have enough people they always take forever and they are rude except the man up there and the new girl. I wish my company didn't use them and one time I said you guys should probably get more people after waiting for 45 mins and they said that will never happen corporate won't approve that. My company prides us in making sure corporate doesn't require bad customer service. Hope they get it together there is a reason they are closing a lot of locations. Proof is in the locations.

Dujuana Jenkins

If I could give this location a 0 I would! Horrible service, unprofessional and no sense of urgency! Every time I visit this location I contemplate closing my accounts. Unfortunately this is the closest location to my home. NEVER VISIT THIS LOCATION!!!

Farkhad Maksudov

Christopher James Atreides

I've been banking with Bank of America for 10 years now. I'm a Platinum Honor member in their Rewards system where they promise to have a priority for customers like me. Well.. I waited 1 hour waiting trying to open a safety deposit box in this location. Ended up opening a box from Chase (they took 10 minutes to open one for me). They only have one teller, one guy who greets people to the branch and one banker to help customers. They need to add more staff in this location. They don't even offer any coffee for any waiting customers

Dave Hastings

Steph VonAhnen

There was one teller actually helping people inside the bank on a Friday. The other teller was pretending to be busy by shuffling papers around while knowing full well there was a line. This location needs to work on its priorities.

daman singh

lanre olowe

Jeffrey Solomon

Marija Nichevska

John Blanche

Great customer service

Sosa Baby 32

Kedwin ramon Then gutierrez

Tom Haight

Don't bother stopping here. Find a branch in Portland and go there. I have literally never had a pleasant experience in the Falmouth Branch. They always make you wait as long as they can get away with. I went in this morning to cash in a CD. I was the only customer in there with 4 employess. They had me sit and wait for someone. Didn't even know what I wanted or how easy it would be. They always do this. They consistantly have one teller and then 3 people standing around doing nothing when most of the people are there for the teller. If you actually have the nerve to complain, they get nasty real quick. One guy flat out refused to cash in my CD. When I got to the Portland Branch they couldn't do enough for me.

Trevor O

This is the first bank of America I've worked with and they are real professional. Gotta give it to em. Matt was a real help.

Marylin Herrera

Super under staffed... Really slow service inside and in drive through. Wells Fargo has way faster service.

Javier A Reyes

(Translated by Google) Excellent commercial office, sales executives of high quality of service, willing to advise you on everything at a financial level.Recommended Ms. Jenny Hernandez asks about her and will assist you 1000% .. (Original) Excelente oficina comercial, ejecutivos de venta de alta calidad de servicio, dispuestos a asesorarte en todo a nivel financiero.recomendada la srta Jenny Hernandez pregunta por ella y te atendera al 1000%..

M R Noneya

This location has three ATM's. The walk up ATM is in a recessed location by the front door. It's nearly impossible to get any of the three ATM's to accept a deposit on any given day. You removed your human drive through staff so you need to keep your ATM's serviced.

Arthur Floyd

Lane Ostrow

I have always received great service at this location.

Ghassan Neshawat

Only one teller window open.

Patricia Z

Excellent service. Managers and attendants were extremely pleasing and efficient. Highly recommend it.

Maria Caz

(Translated by Google) very good. Thank you (Original) muy bueno. gracias


Only one banker in the whole branch ... waiting time is ridiculous ... dont come here


Bad service


Long Ma


Kerri Hurley

I would not bank with them!! I opened my account two weeks ago and the first time that I go there.. I get to the door at 4:02.. They close at 4.. The lady opens the door, is rude about how I can't do a transaction. I told her I was a new customer and this was the first time I came to the bank.. So she didn't care at all about what my first impression was. And they obviously don't care about there customers.. Like 2 minutes.. Really. I also bank at citizens bank and my boyfriend has walked in 5 mins after closing and they never turn him away. It just goes to show they don't care about my business .. So I closed my account today. Also when I called to claw it.. They didn't even care to ask my why.. So the company as a whole doesn't care. I thought citizens was bad.. No I will stick with citizens and I'll be sure to pass my experience along and I certainly will not be using any of there ATM's I'm not giving them any money. Well I can say my opinion of Bank of America from the day I opened the account to now has certainly decreased.. It wasn't high to start with.. But I figured I'd try it out.. Ohh but u guys are not worth my business

Cog nomen

Eric Li

PM Meregildo

Phong Le

John P Ross

A great bank where you are given courteous and professional service. Whenever I have an issue they come to my rescue and exceed my expectations.

Jose gonzales

Great people .,fast service

Mike Stewart

I went in today to open an account and the manager was so unbelievably rude I walked out I will never take my business there again my advice to the manager I encountered today if you don't like your job QUIT to treat a first time Customer with such disrespect is completely unacceptable

Ylencia Jackson

Very helpful and definitely security conscious!

Phil Jennings

You phone systems stink. Your people who “service” our accounts are cold and too busy to work with you. You don’t answer the phone. That is not the way I want to bank. If it were for your receptionist, who works well with the public, you would totall fail, in my opinion. Tellers are friendly but each time I have a question, I wait. As I wait I watch wrinkle browned office people looking at computer screens while I waste time in your lobby. I tried to call your 800 number and I heard a litany of sales pitches. Forget it! We will move our account!

Andy Daoheuang

I don’t understand the low ratings that are given to this location but I’ve been with them since they opened and always have great customer service and experience every time I visit! What I love about this bank is it does not have restrictions on your accounts like the last bank I was banking with that gave me a daily $400 limit to spend on my card and atm withdrawals. I’m not a child, don’t tell me how to spend my money! Thank you Bank of America for giving me excellent service and not restricting me from using my money!

Sophia M.

James Player

Great bank

Yellow Card

jason kinney

I get some of the low ratings. I deal with the tellers as I get cashiers checks frequently. Most are great but they have a few middle aged tellers that are pretty horrible. Texting is more important then the line of customers and can't exchange even a hello or thank you. Not the best location because of a few tellers compared to some others around town. As an observation, the bankers in the offices always look like angrey caged animals.


srujan s

need more staff only 3 guys serving whole bank with lot of crowd , service is good but waiting time is too much, please increase the staff

Cheri Morren

Michael Campbell

doris clausell

Mi banco personal

William Cox

Been here a bunch of times (so I know it’s not a fluke) and it takes a million years of waiting to get the most basic thing done, every single time. I kid you not, they have five or six counters and I have never seen more than one person behind them. On top of that, they didn’t even ask for my ID when I was getting a large bank check... major security concern. Of course, they found time to question my signature. You should be requiring ID, not depending on comparing a signature that can be easily faked if an impostor has the debit card (especially since the signature is on the back, LOL)

Jimmy Johnson

This is such an unprofessional group of people at Bank of America. I cannot believe that they're in business here and that the corporate office hasn't reached out to them about their lack of customer service and inability to help customers. Went in there and found rude staff and an hour wait with only 3 people in the entire Bank of America branch. I would not recommend this branch to anyone. Be careful. Don't go here.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Customer service is great.but no safe box is available at this location and it is the only one in Indianapolis. As a BofA customer i feel very upset about that, I will have to open another account in other bank for that reason.

Oluwafemi Osanyin

Joseph Ira

Always slow and understaffed. The people are nice. They let people cut who drive up so... Its not like a real bank to actual banking and account help. You have to call in about some issues.

Ameerah Muhammad

Hana Elmi

Cosmic Enigma

Takes forever to do anything here.

Denzel George

The worst branch, including associates and management, and most of the crew are not well trained!!

Michael Tsakaris

Sali Abott

This bank is sucks.I am a Bank of America customer for many years,and Rick the manger is one of the rudest managers that I ever seen in Bank of America.

Steven Page

Vitalii Puhach

Had good experience at this place

Holly Larsen

Shout out for Michael, branch manager, for helping me out!!

Hamdi Arte

Very rude! They close and lock doors before closing time and tell you that they’ve logged out of the computers.

Nicole Dalzell

The gentleman who took care of me today was very pleasant but can the management not hire enough staff to work the line to lower the wait time? Most of the time I come here there is only one person working the window and the counter and I have never seen a helping hand from any other staff member.

Noreen Clyne

Friendly tellers, but how can you possibly think it's okay to remove the drive in teller windows in a RESORT town. Busiest time of year.

Allison MacDonald

I witnessed racism at this bank today where there was a young black man trying to deposit a check and the teller was continually questioning him and out of nowhere, a white man (also a teller) came to back up the female teller and continually reiterate and investigate this man who was just trying to deposit a check. Not shocking from a large corporation, but don't play as an inclusive space when you're anything but.

John Paul Victor

Randy Kim

Ebraheem Alshehabei

Luisa Taveras

There is always a line. It's a very busy branch

Jeff Fischer

Worthless branch manager. Total jerk an I will never use boa again

papa alioune

The wait there to do deposits or get Foreign Currency is always extremely long. I talked to Bruno the Manager but he seamed disinterested. I called customer service and they tried selling me other Services. There is no hope I guess because no one really cares

Manuel Portela

I own a business in Washington Heights. I had a terrible experience trying to open a business account. The bank representatives seemed poorly trained, disoriented and indifferent to opening a new business account. I arrived to the bank at about 11:00 am and was hoping to be out by noon. I had to wait approximately 35 minutes for the business representative who was not attending a client in his office. I returned to my business to get additional business records. When I returned at 2 p.m. the business service representative stated he would attend to me shortly despite having met with him already at 11:00 am. He saw the next client while I waited approximately 45 minutes. I left and ordered a slice of pizza. When I returned the same business representative was with the same client. I waited another 15 minutes. I gave up waiting and asked for my papers back. I lost a day of work at my business trying to open a business account. I prefer to take my business downtown where the service is prompt, reliability and the competency of the employees are more reliable. Management should pay closer attention to this branch!

Lily Boston

Sabri Math

They wouldn't help me receive a temporary debit card when there was no one in the branch. They told me they had "appointments" they were waiting on.

Jeovanni Davila

Rixio Rodriguez

Jim Kelley

Sad that with 3 teller machines, only one was able to take a deposit. BoA has reduced it's human staff but will not keep it's ATM's functioning.

Jose Carranza

(Translated by Google) Very good bank (Original) Muy buenos bank

D Rich

Donna Howe

Bin Dao

One Star! Kept calling and no one even care to pick up the phone. The prompt is set to hangup on callers if callers wants to hold on line instead of agreeing to be redirected to online banking. I called to open up an account. Is it just Wichita or is it the style of Bank of America? No wonder Bank of America has closed some offices. I sure hope someone is listening from Bank of America. Is it really how any company should be conduct business and hoping to survive?

Sydney Henck

The ATMs always have long lines and the windows even longer.

aubrey burks

Angel Da original NAPPSTA Torres

Small bank and the ATM is always busy.

bharat rathod

Gerin Hess

By far the worst, from management to employees. Stay away if can.

Mary Mccartney

I had a wonderful experience at this location Isela was wonderful I would recommend her for all your banking needs

Robison Souza

Wendy Cooper

Chad Johnson

This bank sucks. You have 4 monkeys in suits walking around but one teller. Lines always out the door.

Adriana Williams


Couldn't even give me $300 out of the ATM. Bank of America is a fraud. Take your money and use it for nefarious business purposes and then only repay those account holders with .01% interest!

Shawn Jin

Pretty good except for some loiters

Jfga 1932

Danny Diaz

Slow workers and long lines. prepare to spend at least an hour in line before any help is received. One teller is usually working while 5 other employees are just walking around asking people what they are in for instead of actually helping people. The day ATM machines replace bank tellers cannot come sooner....

karizma alvarado

They are always so polite & welcoming! Love coming to this specific location because of the staff. Thank you guys for making banking with you so easy!

Melissa Thompson

Rathore Gaming

Worst service, no knowledge , dumb employees, can not fix problems, where other branch fix it ,but this branch doesn't know to work ,and the manager there was rude ,doesn't have manners to speak with customers ,.... Worst experience and never reccomend to step in this branch again.... If you want to fix u r problems ,don't get to this branch...

chris forsythe

Brian Nun


I love this bank of America everybody that works there is very polite and they will always greet you with a smile ! Also there is a ATM 24 hours !

Becky Wuenschel

Jenna Krupski

Bank info got stolen through no fault of my own. They were 0% helpful. Then they terminated my banking there because "I'm a liability". I wish I could give 0 stars.. They also never answered the phone there.

Chibale Wills

The service at this branch is terrible.

Jon Le

Always super slow and understaffed bank of America doesn't care about their customers. 8 customers waiting one clerk, 5 people sitting in offices doing nothing. Very bad starting to look for new bank.

Joseph Savitsky

Do not bank with BOA. They will rob you any way they can and care nothing for people!


Very very very slow and low efficiency, can’t be worse.

Iam Stone

Fast and always friendly. Need drive thru centers in Denver. Kansas, Okla, are loaded

Polina Ivova

Great service provided by Anthony Holdaway! He was very nice and patient enough to answer all my questions! Thank you!

Kennedy Power

Martin Reindl

Good branch with a bunch of ATMs and decent wait times.

Woolf Grey

Superior service.

Andrew VandeKrol

THIS BANK SUCKS, EVER TRY ANSWERING YOU PHONE Called, x30 times... I'm not kidding wanted to see how many times it would take as a joke and am worn out. This Bank Sucks!!

Allen Tomlin

Eric Braun

This review is for this branch location only. The staff are usually quite friendly and courteous. The lines are typically 8-16 customers deep, averaging 15-25 min to speak to a teller. My record is 42 min for a deposit. All drive through lanes were closed in 2015, resulting in all customers coming inside. The manager greets people as the enter, funneling all customers into the same extremely long line. I currently have a mortgage through Bank of America. After seeing a personal financial rep, they stated "off the record" that certain types of mortgage accounts are not offered by BoA due to lower profitability for the bank, even though the accounts are publicly advertised. There is also only one mortgage banker who services 6 locations, so hours are extremely limited.

Doris Cruz

All workers in the bank is very nice.

Richard Rodolis

This BOA doesn't believe in more than one teller at a time. Be prepared to wait for a long time. Go to the BOA on 145th.

Johanne Francisco

This place is terrible im writing my review as i've been waiting more than 30 minutes just to get seen by a banker. I will definitely not make another visit to this bank of america. It is ridiculous to have 3 people on the floor and none can help you out.

Ray Marey

Privacy is not taken seriously at this Chesterfield location!

Juan Leger

Peter Samuel

Always takes care of customers. No wait. Friendly staff. Been with this bank for 20yrs now.

Logan McNay

They never pick up the phone. Not people's fault, but it's a really bad system they've set up.

Tanachai Hanidhikul

Bad bad bad Service. US Bank is much better


Unless you work at the hospital or are a frequent visitor there, this is pretty much the only option for banking as a B of A client. While not a frequent user of teller service or other in person services, I do find myself at the drive-through ATM window occasionally. The few times I had any business in the branch itself, staff was cordial, helpful and professional. Can't say as much about the service center representatives, but that is another story.


Don’t come here for banking services

Nathan La Ponse

Atm works

Kenneth Campbell

Very professional and helpful. Associate Yamilet Delgado was very helpful and informative about all my Banking needs. The world needs more individuals like her.


Absolute worse bank experience of my life. They don't care about people. Only their ridiculous policies. I will never go back!!!

Lisa W

20 minutes in the drive through to deposit ONE commercial check is WAY too long. No one else here - now I know why.

Brianna Oppong-Antwi

I have always had great experiences at this bank. All of the staff are very professional and handle your business in a very timely and comprehensive way. My most recent experience at this bank with relationship manager Gabriel Vides, was extremely positive. He answered all of my questions in very thorough way and took the time to make sure everything I needed assistance with was handled. I have had nothing but positive experiences with this bank location and would highly recommend it for anyone in the area or looking for a new bank.

margret ebert

Heather was amazing. Fast, friendly, and very professional.


I have issues on my account and they just say me the I need wait one more day for do something cause they no have time for take care of me, go to other office if you want save time

Jeff Link sr

This location should be shut down, the people are rude and unprofessional.

Hector Barradas

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muí bueno

Marlon Miller

Worse banking experience ever horrible staff go to a different bank

brad parker

By far the worst bank I've ever been to. Wont cash a large check unless you are a peasant and assume that a large check is 2500.00

Jen Austin

Wow. Horrible customer service. Went in to the location- 2 tellers working Michael & Adrianna. Adrianna is helping a customer -Both tellers are talking to her customer in front of me about his adventures in San Paulo. They continued to talk for a couple mins. Then another lady came into the bank and gets in line behind me. She starts waving Michael down. He then has her come to his check out. Completely skipping me. So then I get to wait for Adrianna and Mr. San Paulo to finish their conversation before I got helped. No apology was given.

Donna Waltrip

This place does not accept cash unless the account is yours, and apparently cant look a customer up by there name. So fn dumb. I will never bank here and my friend is now switching banks

José Pérez

Always save my day...

David Rivera

Go to this bank if you ONLY need Spanish representatives and if you need an ATM! If not go to a branch in downtown Manhattan. I’m not sure if it’s the bank manager or corporate but their branch needs more tellers and personal bankers. Their is a NEED for it in this neighborhood. Imagine all the business that bofa is missing out on! My wife and I needed to open up a joint bank account. We went in and before even checking in there was about 4 people waiting to be checked in and 5 people online waiting to open accounts. I did the grandpa Simpson meme and grabbed my jacket and hat and headed on out to a branch in midtown Manhattan. I was seen in less than 2 minutes and opened my account in less than an hour.

Frank Mendez

bad service; They are not very friendly in this location. Wells fargo better in customer service.


Worst bank in the area. This one and the one in Beaumont. The Bank had the nerve to tell me they do not accept cash. I repeat, a BANK told me they do not accept cash. I’m over it.

Nora Saidy

Everyone was kind and pleasant. I was immediately greeted. My wait was less than 10 min. Maria Valdez was wonderful banker. Very helpful and Considerate of my time. Thanks for being great help. Keep up the good work everyone.

Jenny Furniss

I have always had very friendly service. For a big corporate bank, this branch feels very local and welcoming.

Daddy Dunnam

Charged 8 dollars for a 30 dollar check then they made me make an account so i wouldnt get charged 30%

Emma Stevens

Tracy is the best. Initally set me up with an account in June, and have brought several loved ones back to bank with her. Most recently I booked an appointment to set up my minor siblings with their first checking account, mistakenly booked the wrong branch, but Tracy still fit us in and gave us options for them that perfectly suits their needs right now.

Alejandro Alonso

I see why all the bad reviews!!! What's weird is that most branches, particularly out of state offer excellent service. So it has to do with the management of THIS BRANCH!!!!

Riv Locc

I love it except closed on Saturday

Willis Medina

The Best Bank

Jay Singh

Went to depsit a check. Everybody was nice. In and out 5 minutes

starlet smith

The Quail Springs branch in Oklahoma City might have the worst customer service I have ever experienced!!! Unfortunately I believe this to be a problem throughout Bank of America. I started calling this particular branch last Friday and called 16 times between Friday and Monday, no one ever answered. I also tried calling another branch on MacArthur in Oklahoma City several times, same thing, no response. I am not a customer but was calling because I was considering opening an account..I actually went to the Quail branch today and they didn't even attempt to be helpful. I do believe they are very short staffed in management and their tellers are just not knowledgable. .For me, problem solved, they couldn't pay me enough to switch my banking. I only thought my current bank was not responsive, I now have a new perspective.

Fishin dudas

Worst service ever. 2 people work in the entire bank all the time and this branch won’t hire more people. You are bound to wait over an hour.

L Woods

I couldn't cash my paycheck even though it was a Bank of America check. The numbers were printed a bit too low, and because their scanner couldn't read it in Florida and there are no human tellers, they wouldn't cash their own check

Serewp WP

The worst bank always have to wait like 30 min . There is only one teller for 10 people waiting.

DeMarcus May


Tina Zillges

ATM is constantly out of service. No drive through banking. Hours are horrible. Closed on Saturday....bad!!

MeongSun Lee

The people here are very helpful and accommodating. Actually found working with them quite enjoyable.

Stephanie Thornton

Just had the worst experience in life! Attempted to cash an echeck written from a Bank of America account. The first thing she ask me, "what did you get this check for?" Perplexed I ask her to clarify. I ask "you mean like what company? It's on the check." She respond, "no like for what?" I respond "Working." Then she inspects the check as if I've given her a bomb. She says I can't verify this. The check has multiple ways to verify mind you! I ask her since it's on Bank of America maybe she can use the account and routing number printed on the check. She does and after a few hard clicks in her keyboard and mouse (to let me know she wasn't happy.) She says she's able to verify it. She then has me endorse and finger print, just to tell me she can't "scan" it and I need to contact the issuer . I'm like really ma'am? Are you just messing with me? She says no! And ask me to leave. I'm not yelling, I'm not swearing. I'm literally just trying to see if there are any other options. Like her verifying the check like it states on the check. She says not I can't verify a check based on what YOU tell me! And if I don't leave she'll call the police. I ask her for what? Me trying to cash a Bank of America check. I'm like whether it's cashed now or later you'll find out it's legit. So why would you threaten me? Needless the to say I'll update once I speak to the branch manager Update: no resolution

William Ramey

The bank personnel are polite and helpful. Sometimes, there is a line, but I have not had to wait more than ten minutes. The "A Google User" that stated that "this bank closed some time ago" is incorrect. It was the Bank of America on Burlington that closed (the one close to the QuikTrip). This branch has been and is still open. I have lived in this area for more than 21 years and use this branch on a weekly basis.

Brad Lowrie

This corporation wouldn't know what customer service was if it slapped them silly. Which is what needs to happen. TERRIBLE

Aaron Romero

Horrible!!!!!!! Never make an appointment - they don't honor them!!!! They will make you wait behind walk-ins. What's the point???? They can't tell you. Lisa is nice, but a joke - I have closed my account, and had my kids do the same, and moved on to another institution to handle my money. Boa can go find another sucker

Robyn MacMillan

Need more accessible ATMs. Reopen the south side branch.

Henry Nguyen

Expensive fees. Unfriendly staff

Jacob Burton

Because of the recent road construction it is slightly confusing to enter. Tellers are polite and helpful.

James Guthrie

Never been so rudely treated as I was by manager Lisa Stone. She circulated the bank making sure no one would help me with money, acted like the money was personally hers and gloated about having rules to keep me from getting it. Went online and closed the account.

Sal Arafat

Version slow

Dan Hobbie

Refused to cash a check from their location because my drivers license was 1 day expired...

Holly Carpenter

Romeo Smith

Terrible hours, what bank closes at 3pm. Also why have a drive through if employees are going to park their cars in it so customers can't use it?

Blake McGhghy

mounika chintha

Very rude customer service and highly disappointed with their behavior

Kr Ma

Disappointed with this branch-I needed a medallion signature (a special type of notarization) for a document I needed to include in my bar exam application, the manager refused to provide this service because I was not a current client, but a former one. Despite my explanation why I needed this special signature, she said I needed to open a new account first, which I refused to do, and left.

Roman Shukshin

Aditya S

sparkling gems

Kambiz Hatami


Avoid this bank at all costs, expect to wait on teller line for 45 to 60 minutes. Totally unacceptable. Fire management immediately. In conclusion, this branch really sucks.

foxx you

They're very rude with no respect at all. I was there Monday 4/8 /2019 . someone told me that I don't need to come inside. Cod it's ATM out side.I'm disgusting.thanks.

Ed Solo


Christopher Rodriguez

Juan Carlos leyva

Jerome Taylor

Benito sotelo

Cassandra Robbins

Came in to sort out an issue with my car title. I had to wait longer than I would have liked but was greeted by Susan and she was very helpful and kind.

Sue Edwards

We have banked with BOA for 40+ years through all of the name and other changes. Tried to get something notarized. They said they only have one notary and she was tied up for an hour. Always understaffed at this location. Very disappointing. If you cannot provide quality service, don’t open your doors.

Fengguo Li

Beverly Johnson

Tried calling to speak to a person multiple times, each time the phone rings and is never answered. Then, it cuts you off after you try to go back to the "main menu" and try again. Why even advertise that you can speak to someone if you never pick up the phone????

thanigaiarsu thiyagarajan

Sandra Wright

Only one in Indy and closed when needed to talk with someone

Jeremy Garcia

Worse Bank Branch in the world. Absolutely horrible service. Four teller windows and usually only having 1 or 2 very slow tellers at peak time. Usual wait time to make a simple deposit is about 30 - 40 minutes which is totally unacceptable. Fire management cause if there is any manager, he / she is definitely not doing their job. I go to this particular branch because it is the closest and only one in my immediate neighborhood.

Shehan Fernandez

I have only been here once and that would be my first and last time. The representative was rude to us as if she didn’t like her job. She was unable to answer our questions. Some employees think they’re entitled. No doubt that the ATM outside will do a better job than the staff.

julio polanco

I have always had a great experience at this branch it's always been clean and helpful staff some people are unhappy and miserable so they Wil never have anything nice to say about anything


I have been with this bank for over 10 years but continue to get upset every time I walk into their Rock Road, Wichita location. They are consistently understaffed or have a few representatives standing around that should be helping customers in front. The long lines and lack of customer service are unacceptable. In addition, I have tried calling all afternoon for a question, specific to this location, and they don’t pick up the phone… Ever! So incredibly frustrating that they are now losing a solid customer.

Deaunte Mayers

They have you waiting too long, not satisfied

Jeff Yenzer

Bring back Drive thru. Bank of America is inconvenient enough with the hours. I only come here because I have a business loan but will soon be moving it now to credit union. Better rates better hours friendlier service.

Jessica Brown

Long line. Waited 25 minutes for a voided check. They had two tellers and a line 10 deep. To the two supervisors doing nothing- Jump in and help!

wenjun li

slow as fxxk! They only open one window for service.


Always friendly and fast service with a smile

Jose Guillen

Really good bank

Monica Juarez

Bad service, long lines all the time

Jeremy Hurd

Worst bank ever. Tellers are nice, hours are horrible. What bank closes at 3 o'clock, AND removes the drive through. Not everyone likes to bank exclusively on-line. Some of us still like fresh air and human interaction. Closing my accounts and moving to another bank.


One teller and 20 people waiting on the line?

Patricia McDaniel

Had to wait for a simple notary. Arrive at 3 30. Was told I would wait till after 4. I guess being a good customer for many decades mean nothing. Only one notary with a visable staff of 5.

Bernardo Then

9 out if 10 times I come into this location there's a tremendous wait. There are 4 teller windows but only seem to either have 1 or 2 tellers assisting customers. One of the least favorable locations.

Stefanie Brown

Worst customer service I've ever had.

Beatriz Santelises

Personal muy amable. gracias.

Millard Norton

johnathan alberty

This bank is great the tellers know me and my dad by name I am not a number to them I am a human and they value that they may have wierd polices like they no longer take you 20 ziplock bags full of change but they make it up with great customer service there security gaurd is super friendly and is a people person which is so nice since I have worked security and always valued relationships even though this bank maybe understaffed and sometimes may make mistakes bo one is ever perfect bank of America you rock love you app and love this bank

Raman Solanki

Juanita Atrizco

Maureen Hernandez

Good place

Fern Porter

Not their best branch

Michele Vogt

Really 3 o'clock ???? Who the hell closes a bank on a busy Island at 3oclock

Shantyana LLedín

There are never enough tellers and when they are around they’re often rude

adnan mursal

Ricardo Rueda

This location is horrible! They never have enough personnel and they close the drive through at any time the lobby gets full, which is all the time. I wouldn't recommend this location to anybody, sorry to say this but you can get in and out faster at Walmart then this location. And let's not forget that most banks are open until 5 or a lil later while Bank of America closes at 4.

Michael Williams

Thanks Michael Williams Vpx.

Sam sam

This goes for the two locations I have visited who don’t have notary services. Why would I even bother being an elite client if I have to drive across town to get a simple service!!!!

darwin iriarte

(Translated by Google) It's new in the city I have my account in NY and the VAT to close but I realized that I have a new location in Indianapolis and it is near my house (Original) Es nuevo en la ciudad yo tengo mi cuenta en NY y la iva a cerrar pero me di cuenta que avia una localidad nueva en indianapolis y esta cerca de mi casa

Tom Ele

Very friendly, fast, and patient. Will definitely return and recommend.


Carlos Cruz

(Translated by Google) Thank you Olivia, you are very kind !! And in general at the entrance they treated us very well ... (Original) Gracias Olivia sos bien amable!! Y en general en la entrada nos trataron muy bien...

Randy Gomez

Jenny Lynn

Scheduling service is broken so the phone system just hangs up on you over and over again

Hailey Thomas


I hate this location. They're always extremely pushy when you go inside and try and force you to use the ATM for everything. If I wanted to use the ATM, I would have. What's the point of having employees that you pay to be there if customers can't utilize them? I also always have issues cashing checks even though I've had an account with them for years! Not to mention cashier's checks/money orders cost you $10. I can go to Jewel and get a money order for $0.99 so I'm not sure why they need to charge so much more for money that is guaranteed there.... Bottom line: don't use this bank. There is better out there.

Stephen Grimard

Rude branch manager with a bad attitude!

Kiva Harris

dilan valenzuela


andrea mitchell

Michael Morales

Yogesh Thapa

Destiny Aigbe

the people are nice!


Pete Kruskall

Always helpful

Jingting Wang

This location looks like just opened, everything looks brand new. But compare this branch to another one which located at 2700 Hennepin Ave, the customer service is not good and not helpful. I opened a checking account last week, I asked to order checks for me, but he rejected and suggest go online and order it. However, I try to order checks on the website, it shows an error, and let me go BOA financial center for help. Of course, he could help me to order the checks when I was opening checking account, as another one which at uptown location did, but he didn't, I think he is lazy and I should speed more time to do it. I feel not good.

Karmen Sanchez

Not a usual Bank of America, there is only ATMs here. 2 clerks but they only operate a virtual teller system so you don't really get any help. Dont bother coming here.

Gerardo Leal

Excellent it was necessary to open a branch in Indianapolis

Corey Fuhrhop

Probably the most friendly and upbeat bank I've ever been to.

Ryan Hedges

Samantha Newton

Absolutely horrible slow service with NO sense of urgency! Having to wait 45 minutes just to make a deposit for your business on multiple occasions! By far the worst service I have ever seen from a bank!

Ibrahim alwehaibi

Nice services. The only brunch in Indiana

Sonny Flow

really slow and bad service.

UL Digital

ildika varga

DeAndre Mims

This is the worst bank I’ve ever been to. I’m currently in line and have been for nearly an hour. The line isn’t moving. Only one teller and the manager walked right pass me even after i called her and said excuse me to get her attention. This is horrible. Everyone in line looks extremely pissed. I’ve been with BOA for 15 years and have never seen something manganged so bad and dysfunctional. Never coming again. I may Even cancel my account. And i wanted To give zero stars!!! They don’t deserve 1

Anna Laura

I'd give 0 stars if I could--the tellers at this branch passed a bad check and made the funds available to me, saying that it was verified, and is now charging me the cost of the check saying that it's my fault. Nobody wad helpful, and nobody gave me correct information. The tellers' ignorance has cost me the funds in my checking account, hours trying to fight their stupidity and possibly my credit. 0/10, absolutely.

Rafiullah Hashimi

Recently I went to this branch , in order to send money. The associate (Daysi), that assisted me was amazing and provided me with one of my best customer service experience ever. I would recommend my friends to feel free to visit this location for any transitions. However, try to get an appointment with Daysi A, who is very friendly and awesome associate. Thanks Daysi A,,,,,, U r awesome

Jessica Therres

Staff is very rude

Amanda P

Gabe is my fav. Works quickly and efficiently and no bs. Won’t work with anyone else.

christopher joya

More than Half an hour to Se a teller. What is wrong with Bank of America in Nevada. In California I would wait the same amount of time with 50 people I line- there are only 7 ahead of me an 1 teller

Andrew Marsh

No staff are on, the one teller working is on the phone for a customer that is not present. Management are not interested in hearing complaints.

Brandon Sawyer

The wait is too long. They only have one window for service. This is by far the worst Bank Of America branch ive ever delt with.


SID:DUR: Convenient & Easy Accessibility, but commuting IN/OUT is very unpleasant. W.omen T.errible C.ommuting esp WHT (F) Trefahs "Gov.s" OSTENTATIOUS/OBSTRUCTIVE" 5 $teps behind Orthodox Females in Culture/Dynamics (x) BLKS (M) are KJs in vias UP/DWN WTC/MTA, Chopo Level: 67% as oppose to 003% Wash. Hts, NYC. 04/17. BLKS: Not Home HAREDI: Not Home The VISA Team, Andrew Contado (Cytologist)

Massi Tirado

Ramesh dahal

Everything is perfect. Had a nice experience

Stacy & DJ Sager

Love my bank of america

Vivek Desai

Some brilliant employee put the receipt paper in the drive thru atm backwards 6/4/19 its printing blanks..

Daniel Stewart

Friendly staff and was fairly quick

Char J-Daniel

Horrible wait time


Amazing service bank

Alex Honest

Helpful staff..more than 1 atm machines so not much longer wait time . Want to thank Jay for helping us many times & for patiently listening our every single question & answering us to our understanding & satisfaction.

Srijata Chakravorti

I've had an account with them for about two years. Their service is very friendly and helpful.

Efraim Lujan

I have nothing but good remarks for Bank of America. They have been very helpful in every instance that I needed assistance.

Nahomi Ortiz

Me gusta mucho bank of America por que le brinda muy buena atención para sus clientes

Tatiana Yakunina

Hassan Hassanzadeh

Breanna Briggs

Is there a reason why ALL of the BOA branches including this one are not offering drive up services?!?!

Terrell L


Dollie Unique

great branch

Connie Newville

They have always been nice to me when i come im and take care of my banking needs. One teller was not very pleasant but everyone was great!! Its the only boa i can go to, there aren't any others in the area.

Susana Becerril

Very nice. Love the layout. Customer service is okay. Super happy to finally have Bank Of America in Minnesota


Victoria Taylor

Every check we deposit gets a 7 day hold. We've been customers for over a year and all of the sudden they start doing holds on checks that aren't even written for that much. They have every excuse in the book as to why it's being held, cannot break the 7 day policy ( I Mean 3 Would Be Semi-Reasonable ), They Can Clearly See That Depositing Checks is our only source of income. When we get a chance, we do cash deposits but NOT anymore. We will be opening an account elsewhere. Where the establishment actually takes care of their customers. We have been late on numerous bills because of BOA! Thank YOU! You guys rock. I hope everyone of you working there starts getting holds so you know what it feels like to be late paying bills because you can't access your $$. Ridiculous. You can also view the account and see that the one you continuously put on hold has been written by the same person who has had checks go through repeatedly. Yet you still want to be arrogant and not release these holds. I should sue you and make you pay for my credit card bills that are late and effecting my CREDIT SCORE. I'll probably win.

Wade Hocker

Refused to cash a check due to misspelling in the name . Had multiple forms of ID. Wouldn't simply call the person who issued the check and verify that the check was intended for me. I should have known it was going to be a issue four of the five customers in front of me left unhappy. This bank is TERRIBLE.

Endap Pun

Maria Rodriguez

Called every ten minutes for an hour. Each time the machine said that all the associates were busy. I agree with the previous reviews. The branch always has a line reaching the door and few associates ever working.

D Rose

Get rid of the drive through and dont add atms

Victor Gutierrez

(Translated by Google) I recommend it very well (Original) Muy bueno lo recomiendo

Badass Redbone

c Cha

Stay away from All bank of America

Stephanie Zamarripa

I've been in this branch a few times and they're always very rude and unhelpful. Their service is so poor that I refuse to go back.

brian P

Charity was very patient and considerate as she helped us wire an international transaction. She went out of her way to make sure we accomplished what we needed to do. Would highly recommend her at this bank location.

Les Kalimootoo

i park my truck in the bank parking lot -at 4.a.m Saturday morning-- went over the street to grab a bit and my vehicle was tow-- cost me $300.00--- this is a commercial business with access to the public, why would they not let you use . it suck - i close my bank of america account today.

T.J. Williams

Angela Santana

Excelente servicio brindado a sus clientes!!!

Luis Blanco

Melissa Obichukwu

Blaine Cole

Rarely do I have to go in unless to get into my safety deposit box or speak with a personal banker. They have always been friendly and provided great service. I notice that many of the negative comments are from non customers. Open an account with them or just use your own bank, your presence only delays those of us who are customers. And, to the lady who banks with BB&T complaining about deposit slips and the's an idea, get hubby to order deposit slips for his account and then you can use the drive through. Problem solved,


Unhelpfull no knowledge

Yohanny Tejera

Christopher Koch

The ATM works one time every two months. Then when it does work, it’s out of cash or locks your account. They need to fix this location

Michael Hudson

ayoubzadeh aa

Jacob Lewis

[Updated below. So, Almost...] Never a good experience. Long waits with plenty of employees twiddling their thumbs while the line grows. Friendly and nice people but almost no customer service. And the security monitor (old tube TV) looks like it's about to fall on someone at the window... Convenience is not worth it. Hope to find a better branch... Update: Scary TV was gone and got lucky with the line on the most recent visit. Unfair to not respond to changes for the good, so 1 Star went to 3 Star. Best recommendation is visit at odd hours in hopes of a small line!

Terei Gonzalez

I like the news ATM, finally.

Nikki Moore

My son and I just had the most amazingly pleasant customer service experience fixing a student account and a new business account. Ask for Ashley M. She was such a surprise after reading the first couple reviews.

Alexandra Tatum

Horrible banking hours! My company uses this bank and it is such a pain getting here before they close at 4pm for my daily deposits. I’m here almost every day and many of the tellers know me by name, yet they are still required to ask for ID every time. I get it, they’re following protocol but seriously my personal bank doesn’t ask every time and they also know me by name.

Dipak Patel

Always long wait. Not a great customer.

Eulalio Hernández

(Translated by Google) will (Original) Sal

Melissa TuRner

L. Winn

I'm just trying to connect with my account. Cannot get help from any one. Only recorded messages. Will be called back in 30 minutes. I left B&O bank. Big mistake.

Leah Guanipa

Now most of the women there are Latina but that is expected because of the location. Being half Venezuelan I can confidently say that I've experienced and to this day face prejudice people from both sides of the spectrum - I've had white Americans judge me due to my Hispanic ethnicity and also been judged by other hispanics and latinos due to me being American - you can't please everyone or be excepted by everyone unfortunately. With that being said - I've seen a common trend where most Latin women feel the need to overcompensate and prove themselves solely due to the prejudice / judgmental world we live in where there is the common stereo type that claims that a Hispanic Latina woman can't hold a professional or classy job along with a classy, professional appearance. Now the better person knows that this is not true and we are all equal and respectful human beings under the eyes of God but unfortunately we live in an imperfect world. But the experience and service I receive from the social interactions from the women and men I have with at this branch prove nothing less than this unfortunate stereo type. What's more is the entitlement and arrogance that comes from what is most likely a deep cultural insecurity that will probably remain until someone decides to take pride and respect in who they are in this world but alas with the most important thing - humility. No one is better in class, race, intelligence, or standards than the other. We are all here to serve and respect each other equally and not take sides. That's my message for today. Peace out.

JennieLeigh826 J

Alexius Barrett

Best place to bank in indy.

Chris Maida

Only bank of America that won't cash my check.workers are spanish or Puerto Rican and won't cash your check if you're white and don't have an account with them. Racism alive and well in this bank.please remove your money and get another bank

Walter Foley

Iam with andrew utc.aro space tecknoligies 4hrs i ll call brick law firm see if they can get someone to answer my guestion .

Seol Park

Well done Bank of America... Please close this branch. It’s useless.

Serhiy Kuzhanov

This is the first time bank refused to change $20 because I wasn't a customer. Guess what, I will never be your customer.

Gary TheCoconut

They helped me on several cash transactions and were very helpful. I don't even have an account with them either. I was very impressed.

rafael rosado

Sat there for 15 minutes no one said a word to me or helped me .... awful employees not to mention that no one was in the bank either they where just sitting at there desk

Dena Rice

No drive thru.

Naytasha Simone

Great staff here.

Eduardo Vega

Racist bank,on August 21 2018 I took a personal check and the maneger didn’t want to cash it she didn’t believe that it was real.I went to another branch with the owner of the check and cashed it without problems.

C Hamrick

Horrible!!! Anyone who put more than one star probably works there, just saying .......

Jacob Farney

Markus Mobius

Terrible bank. They talk you into buying other services while waiting in line at the cashier. One was a "premium upgrade" to my savings account that paid a "higher interest rate" (which was revealed to be 0.05 percent more interest in the end after paperwork was done) but has a maintenance fee if you dont fulfill certain conditions. The other was a refinance which was sold as straightforward but turned out to be anything but that. My very strong advice is to run away whenever someone picks you out of the line to offer some "free" account reviews. Update: they now offer notarization only by appt. One guy took me aside to give me "good" advice: take a T to Davis and go to UPS. I ended up walking over to Cambridge Trust who did it immediately.

Christian Day

Walked in to find only 1 teller and 1 associate at 1:00 pm 7/11/17. The associate was already helping someone, so i waited. After she was finished she walked right past me to the front and would of helped someone else if i had not spoken up to let her know i had been waiting. After letting her know what was the issue she told me she couldn't help me and that i should of come in earlier, i guess she doesn't understand that not everyone works 8 hours. I'm a licensed contractor who works 12-15 hour days, i go to work before the bank opens and get off after it closes Sunday to Sunday. She was rude, disrespectful and unhelpful i recommend that no one go to this location especially if you need any help from an associate. Not ever busy but you have to wait for some reason.

Katherine Reddish

Ridiculous wait time for service.

Charlie Levy

Scarlyn Veloz

The branch itself is not good. Long waiting lines. They are really understaffed and that makes the bank busy most of the time. The only good thing is that when you finally get to the teller they do their best to help you out, especially the lady who helped me out, I forgot her name.(I think Puerto Rican with glasses and beautiful smile), the most beautiful teller I've seen in a bank. She really helped me out. Ok bank...

Joanne Curry

PLEASE OPEN THE DRIVE THROUGH!!! The hours are very inconvenient.

Lina Rozo

Customer service is a disaster. They need more employees in order to avoid long waits. I waited more than 1 hour to make a wire transfer. The day before I tried to do it but the system was down and then the printer didn’t work. The person that helped me was not really nice. Next time I will go to another location

Andrea Glover

People are always friendly but they are understaffed.... I stand in line 8-10 people deep every time I go in to do banking and there is usually 1-2 tellers. It’s ridiculous how slow it is, the banking I do has to be done with a teller otherwise I would do it all at the ATM and avoid ever having to step foot in this location. This is the only BOA I have experienced an issue like this.

Jose Ramos

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