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1000 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

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REVIEWS OF Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta IN Georgia

Glynn McGehee

A non-government entity that has been manipulating and devaluing your currency since 1913. Would not recommend

Randolph Cobb

Haley Waldrup


Knolan Smith

Alan Chan

Robert Mahar

Free to the pubic and excellent museum with very interesting history

Savador Gonzales Gonzalez

Shana Lee

Want to see and learn about the history of money this is the place to go. Lots of cool stuff to see.

Kate Chaimankong

John Sejdini

I am a bond holder at this bank and I want my interest so I can buy the new dodge charger demon.

Gaidros De Ampirion

A lot of money

Thelma Mack

Shenard Parks

Get shredded money

Repete 2222

Perfect free self guided way to spend an hour so. See a gold bar, $100,000.00 bills, gold coins. Learn about the history of money, the ecomony and oh yeah, what the FED is and why we have it. Any idea why Louisiana was known as dixie?

Gaurav Shah

Good place to know about history of money and US monetary policy.

Someone Anon

A non governmental entity that has control over our money supply, and now effectively owns us as we owe more debt to it than there is cash available. It's the biggest scam in history.

Valerie Hudgins

Unexpected fun in an hour or less! Do it.


Free museum about the history of money and the role of federal reserve bank. Like the role or not, it is still a good place to visit and learn. You cannot take pics or bring anything into the museum with you. They have lockers and a place for suitcases. Restrooms were clean. Security looks through your stuff like the TSA. Staff is friendly. They give kids a bag of shredded money.

Walt England

Sean Brown

Jay Gee

Wake up and take the "Red Pill". Read the TRUTH about the how and why the Feds were created in the booked titled, "The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve". Thank you.

Nicholas Kvalheim

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is a very impressive building. The lobby is beautifully constructed with marble. The free museum is worth the time if you have a free hour or two. It contains a lot of interesting history about money in the United States. At the back of the museum you also get a cool glimpse into the behind the scenes of the bank, which includes robots that transport money to and from the vault!

Torri Solomon Weed Mukbang

My favorite exhibit in the whole world. CAP

nathaniel Hayes


Carl Holt

Free daily museum tours.

steven hamlin

End the fed.

Traxxz Major

Brenda Crowley

Eric Burdette

Pretty cool but small exhibit. The two highlights were getting to watch millions and millions of dollars transported by robot fork lifts, and the gold brick you get to test for weight.

elia sanchez

idk if I like it cuz im going on a feild trip here soo yahhh

Eric Knapke

The museum is a wonderful place to spend some time on a rainy day. Admission is free and they have lockers available to store belongings while walking through the exhibits. Some of the exhibits feel slightly outdated, but the information is great and viewing the automated cash forklifts at the end is intriguing. No photos are allowed inside so you'll have to see it for yourself!

Marcus McElrath

Jonathan Zapata

Amazing place for a free self guided museum tour. Every station is interactive in some way. Honestly, I was very surprised and my expectations were exceeded. There is even a few games you can play. You get to see the processing room - which is where bills are verified and packed together or shredded and taken out of circulation. You get FREE souvenirs at the end of your tour. Security is a priority and you go through a metal detector and bag check. Also, absolutely no photos are allowed inside but it was not a big issue for me. This is way better than some of the tours I actually paid for in Atlanta. Other reviews bringing this down disagree with the Fed. I do as well. Nonetheless it was a good experience. Their history portion leaves out some important points (do some research) and they are not very critical of themselves.

Drew Cannon

Beautiful building.

Austin Starkweather

Kovoki Mcclendon

Thomas Yuan


Dr.Morteza Kohansal

Carbo Kuo

Beautiful building.

Davis Groves

Adam Pelewski

If you love money I recommend going here. Free admission, security is tight but all in all great experience. Ive never seen so much cash in my life!

Aaron Sentell

Famous Zidah

Lovell Montiel

i saw with my eyes a sealed corroded metal box same size of attache case with seal mark federal reserve 1934 with SN.NO.G73334655A

james robbins

Joe Cox

Great free museum all about the history of money. Definitely worth checking out.

Kevin Luo

Free shredded money, very educational, musuem visit is free.

teepat sutabutra

Carlo Angelo

Like it :)

Tom Blooming

Richard Hayden

Small museum where you learn about money and actually see them bundle it away... Worth it near piedmont park and Margaret Mitchell house so make it part of the day.

Chidi Nwankwo

Lovely landscape and environment. Has a beautiful garden around.

Gene Shin

Good, free educational money museum.

Sirion Sewell

Tours available

The Enforcer

Very organized

Stacey Akinlosotu

Very Educational. Learn About Your money. Free shredded money, but note this No Cameras, No Recording devices , No bags. There are lockers for your personal items.

eduardo De La Cruz

Ari Kurtz

Cool tour inside where you can see them moving and storing large stacks of cash.

Falon Primus

Eric -

Gustavo Garcia

(Translated by Google) A very good tour of the history of money and the Fed, especially for non-experts. Very good opportunity to ask about the functioning of the economy and the role of the state in the creation of money. The space is careful and the tour is free and unguided, so you can stop the time you think necessary in each theme. The ideal is to do it in two hours. (Original) Una muy buena recorrida por la historia del dinero y de la FED, especialmente para los no expertos. Muy buena ocasión para preguntarse por el funcionamiento de la economía y la función del estado en la creación del dinero. El espacio es cuidado y el tour es gratuito y no guiado, de modo que puedes detenerte el tiempo que creas necesario en cada tema. Lo ideal es realizarlo en dos horas.

Y Mashburn

Awesome....visited on a slow day...Friday.....but with a lot of construction in the area....take your patience. The self guided tour was wonderful. At the end...being able to grab some old shredded money was fabulous....makes great gifts!!!

Daksh Chauhan

Zuri Han

Good place.

Lin Brown

It's a very beautiful building and the money museum is awesome.

Loves to Travel

Cool tour. Not a lot to see but you get a glimpse. Well worth 30 minutes and it's free!

Deutschland Reform

This exhibit is free to the public. Since it’s located in the building of the FED, security is a bit tighter: One has to show photo ID, go through a metal detector, and store all items in one of the lockers they provide. Also, there are no photographs allowed inside. The museum features some information about the history of money, counterfeit bills, etc. There are also a few interactive stations like feeling the weight of a gold bar. In addition, visitors can watch two rather dorky films on the role of the FED/ monetary policy. Since the items on display are not that plentiful, you probably have a better experience being part of a guided tour. Visitors who care to pick up a small plastic bag of shredded currency can do so at the free publication kiosk in the foyer. The FED is located downtown Atlanta, so parking can be a bit of an issue. Normally, one should be able to find a metered parking ($2 an hour) close by, though.

Rebecca Zais

Love this beautiful grand building. The museum inside it's very education and when you leave out don't forget to take your free bag of shredded money.

Trevor Buford

It has a small but awesome museum. Two great films to explain the Fed, and everyone gets a free bag of money. The money is old shredded bills, but still a free bag of money is great.


jess m

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