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REVIEWS OF Citizens Trust Bank IN Georgia

Jaffah sterling

I hate that it has come to this but the employees of this location have forced my hand not only to write this post but to close my account as well. On Feb 3 I went to a Chase bank to withdraw $ out of my CTB account. The money was taking out of my account but did not dispense, being that it was a Saturday I had to wait until Monday Feb 5 to speak with someone in regards to getting this rectified. Monday comes and I get to the branch 15 minutes before they close, after waiting about five minutes or less the branch manager calls me to her office, I explain to her the situation and asked how could we get thes handled ASAP since this is my rent $ being held up. She explained to me that there was nothing that she could do or anyone else and that CTB policy was a 7-10 day hold on this type of issue. I reiterated to her that this was for my rent and I didn’t have that long so if it was something that could be done or someone higher up we could talk to then we needed to take that route, but she insisted there was nothing that could be done. After speaking to her for almost 30 minutes I decided to take her word and proceed with the investigation process into the issue at hand. The branch manager let me know that she would follow up with me as soon as she sent the papers over, well she never did this. She couldn’t even give me the decency of calling me and honoring her word. So after not hearing from her on feb 6 I reached out to customer service on feb 7 and the told me that the process had begun. I called both the branch and CS every 2 days to see where I was in the process never once did I get a call back from the branch. Fast forward to feb20 (the 11th business day) and still my funds have not been returned as promised. Finally we get to present day and my funds are still not available so I ask to speak to a supervisor, after explaining my story to the supervisor she informed me that the branch Manager filled the paperwork out wrong which prolonged everything. Well why wasn’t I contacted about this and when (if ever)would I have been notified of this. She had no answer. She apologized and assured me that the funds would be made available today. Why couldn’t we do this from the beginning??? These problems amidst MANY others have ultimately lead me to the decision to close my account wit CTB. Although the issue I have is mainly with this specific branch, they have set the bar extremely low for the entire company. I hope the company reads this and learns from it. I hope the branch manager reads this and learns from this. And I hope this isn’t the determining factor for anyone considering to open an account with CTB


I cant speak for the other branches but this one is horrible. The lack of customer service is deplorable. No sense of urgency whatsoever. And this is on a consistent basis. I love that it’s black owned but that alone won’t keep me coming back

Angelique Rucker

Poor phone service. I don't understand how this bank is open on Saturday and no one answer the phones. The prompts tell you to wait for the next available person, but the phone keeps ringing then it hangs you up.

Hal Louis

Tree Administration

I just called this branch three times to ask about making a deposit and they completely ignored me... the first two times just letting the phone ring for more than 5 minutes and the last time they straight up picked up and hung up on me.

Richard Gibbs

Iya 'Fasade

Shi Shi

I hate to do this but I no longer can take this mediocrity. Hands down the worst bank I have ever been a part of. ATM is down a lot. The service could be way better. you walk in and nobody speaks. The system is so hold. it is 2019 and they are still operating like 1983. There is always an excused why they can't cash your check. I bank with you. the least you can do is cash a check. No ATM reimbursement, no perks, never a location close by. I will be shutting my account down this week. Terrible

Josephine Oyedelegraham

Sophia Griffin

Always receive great customer service.

Darrlynn Turner

I have only had a 2 with this bank. They have started answering the phone more than they use to. Now, I am trying to make a mobile deposit and they are telling me the deposit amount has to be approved to make the deposit via your phone. Why? What sense does that make? Now I have to drive downtown to make my deposit. I love black business BUT let's do things that make sense. I spoke with She'a and she was very rude and unprofessional in her tone. I have had to call her 2 times this week and it appeared I was bothering her.

Tesa Ross

I wish I didn't even have to give the one star. Customer Service is horrible. No one wants to help. Everyone is strong and wrong with attitude behind it. And they are slow as Christmas .I will never bank with this company again, you should not either. They have tons of hidden fees and they typically only service Elderly people , whom they are ripping off.

18_Wheels_Of_War_ 88

Bringing my business here!!!!

Alex Phillips

Good service, friendly people. I'm honored to patronize CTB


This place is horrible! I originally came on 8/11/17 @ 9:45 am... By 10:22 I still had not been seen, so I had to to leave for a 11:00 dental appointment.. I returned about 6 mins before closing the same day and the unprofessional security guard had the doors locked stating they were closed! I replied no I have six minutes! I told him that's one of the reasons I'm clising my account and his reponse was " well that has nothing to do with me"! Today 8/12/17 I got here at 10:20am It's now 11:12 am.. There are 10 customers including myself but only 2 reps here a the casacade location! But I will not leave I'm closing this account today!


Black owned, I'm loving it!

lucinda charlery

Sharlyn Mouzon

I have banked here for 20 years and have always received great service. They are friendly and professional .

Kimberly Robertson

The teller when I walked up was on her phone. And had a previous customer check just out not put away in the proper place. She wasn't friendly at all (no name tag) . Will not go to this location again I will go out the way to have better service.

blackpantherairsoft_cqb psychomfdrama

Great experience opening a checking account. The assistant manager Chameeka made everything too easy. I'm from out of state so that made all the difference. I didn't have online access so she logged me in on her computer. Great customer service!!!


Marcela De Santos

Word experience not only banking wise, customer service as a whole. 1-walked to the teller trying to cash a check. (We bank with Wells Fargo-Bank of America and PNC, every time I deposit from this bank fund get withheld because CTB doesn't release in a timely manner. 2-teller tells to wait for manager to approve the check. 3-never been to this bank, practically wait while manager sees all her "customers. 4- after 55 min we are told the funds are not available. To top it off we are asked to leave after complaining about the nonsense wait. The security spend the entire time going into their break room and coming out smacking on food. All that happened before 11:40am I support small businesses as that is our situation, never the less this place is a joke of intention for business. The costumer that gave me this check was upset because he made a transfer for the purpose of paying, manager sees the transfer pending and refused to approve it.

Brenda Beavers

I've been with this Bank a min and a very good bank

Chayla German

Shawn Jones

would rather bank at a check cashing center. These people are stuck in the stone ages. Terrible customer service, no sense of urgency!

penny jackson

After several calls about a company removing funds from my account (fraud) this bank lacklusterly hasn't sent a form for dispute and won't close the account. Aside from this horrifying practice, the tellers are ghetto and lack customer service skills. This bank can't help with basic services (change of address, ordering checks). They've forced my hand into closing my account (if they ever do that) or simply letting it sit empty. I've filed a complaint with the BBB and encourage everyone to do the same.

Antwan Alexander

Great Experience

Beblessed Beloved

Black People must do better. I have tried to contact the CEO to share ways to improve service. But was meet with being intercepted. These outdated ways of doing business is destroying us. Because we are comfortable conforming to what they give us. Get some fresh blood in their so we can stop with the Inferiority complex. We are much better than this , until we realize this most of us are going to sink with those who we seem to want to emulate. Black People please Rise. When we fail everything around us fails. The on line banking system is out dated. This is unacceptable. Waiting over a hour for customer service is unacceptable. Have the CEO contact me. DONOT have anyone below the CEO contact me. Because evidently the person's intercepting me contacting the CEO has nothing to lose, otherwise all the complaints would of been addressed along time ago. And / or the CEO is also incompetent and was put into position to fail. What the hell is wrong with Black America. Black America is sinking with the ships that brought us here.

Brandy Cockrell

I love black owned everything. If we support and promote more black business our communities would profit more. Thank god for black owned banks.

Alex Cunningham

Alysha Justice

Great experience opening a business account all of the workers were helpful and informative!

Elizabeth Ragin

It has been 4 weeks since my fiancé's bank transferred his account to this bank. We had to call to find out about his bank card. They stated that he should have received it before the transfer. We assured them that we never got it. They stated that they were mailing another one and we would receive it in 7 to 10 business days. Several promises after this and still no card.Long story short, its been a whole month and still no card. Calling to speak with customet service is very inconveniencing. Long wait each time. This is the most un- professional bank that we have ever had to deal with. We are definitively leaving.

Milfred Ellard

Good service

Shelia E. Crabb

I am truly disappointed with Citizen Trust Bank on Cascade Road in Atlanta, GA. I have recently relocated toTuskegee, AL. Staying faithful to the support of Black Owned Businesses, I remained a customer with Citizen in Atlanta, but i am beginning to rethink my loyalty to them because i am not the reciprocal of this covenant. For example, Still waiting on my night deposit to post, after calling three times. Disappointed. And one more thing. I believe Citizens tellers dilibertly held the deposit to be vendictive because i would not stop calling. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, the deposit was made available because it is my money. Citizen should never forget, customer service can make you are break you.

Donovan Ringo

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