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REVIEWS OF Discover Financial Services IN Delaware

Umar J


Ruomin Xu

linda reyes

Small Fry

Discover is really great, use them for Discover Card, Savings, Checking, & CDs. Always positive when dealing with them, plus they have good savings rates compared to other banks and credit unions.....

Roger Sligh

amazing company with great rewards and friendly customer service willing to help with all issues. very quick and to the point. very happy with my discover card

Ted Hixson

I have had a discover credit card for 8 + years. It has always been in good standing and I have always had excellent credit. I constantly review my credit report for my own security and protection. I noticed on my report my long-standing discover card had been closed. I logged into my discover and it showed no indication of being closed. Within the past 30 days I had spoken to multiple discover customer service representatives, in regards to a credit increase that was approved and information on a balance transfer. The account was then closed immediately after the credit increase was applied due to inactivity. I called to inquire and was treated very rudely and was told that they can close accounts at any time without notifying the account holder. They then began to back track stating they sent a letter in May but possibly to an old address. They don’t include important notifications on the statements or online account. And the 3-4 discover agents I spoke to in the previous 30 days left out critical account information but I was told this is not a mistake and they are not required to pass on critical information. They don’t deserve to be in business treating customers like this. Discover was always the best but recently they have let that go to their heads and more concerned about the bottom line. They closed my high credit limit account because I have good credit and always make my payments in order to free up their own availability to lend out credit to individuals with not so great credit and make more on interest. The account was also closed just days after we filled out a email survey discussing the problems with a customer service representative. Good customers get the boot with discover. STAY AWAY FROM Discover!

Nathan Evans

Awesome company. Not sure how they do it, but their credit card rewards are competitive and their bank account interest rates are always rising. Despite having US-based customer service, the hold queues are usually pretty low.

Jimin Is my love

Anthony Vittor

J Smith

It's that time of the month, bills. I opened the app and started to setup payments. For whatever reason I set it to overpay the balance. Being close to Christmas and stretching the budget I called to start from scratch. Wow, the lady I talked to was so kind, so helpful, laughed and joked with me. Made me feel like a friend over a customer. I know enough to know you don't get that much anymore and even here, she's probably one in a few. I might never get to speak with her again but she helped me smile and laugh at a time it was very much needed. Thanks so much, Cheryl, I believe was her name.

Ya boi is back

kelly pintuo

Good company with lost of rewards & cool customer service.

Ericka Roberson

Love to work here and we always get free food

Terence G

Great place. Everyone is cordial.

Juan Moore

Michael V

Mostly happy with them. The main reasons are they from a credit card stand point they are really good. From a security stand point they are also pretty good. The interest is not bad. They gave me a chance when others would not. My biggest issue is the disputes department. Without making this a long diatribe. The disputes department might as well not be there. They are not good with disputes at all in my opinion. I have had 2 in 12 + years as a card holder. The 1st while partially shame on me. I should have taken that receipt from the gas pump. The 2nd was handled ineptly on their part and the more I discussed it with them patiently and not so patiently. They only have sorry for the inconvenience but they did their job. Admittedly wrong at 1st. They stand on they did there job. Having serious thoughts of moving on

Anthony Ianni

Its lousey I tried to get my free credit score & couldn't

Joy Scott

Got a job

Cindy Parente

Katherine Yo

My husband works here and met and had an affair with his co-worker using person work emails!! How shameful is that from both ends!! Need to check their emails.. how can you feel confident about your account if they can just use it to have an affair?!??

Sniper Pigeon

First let me start off with my Wife Works here. Not to sound anymore Bias but, she LOVES her Job, and genuinely feels like she's helping people. From an Employer standpoint they pay very well. From a business standpoint both the Wife and I have separate accounts through discover and both have very good interest rates. I also got my highest credit limit from Discover when my credit was in the mid 600's years ago which was much needed when I was a new homeowner. the Free Fico score thing online is cool, free update every month to show your score. which was very accurate, unlike credit karma was for me.

Tom .

Discover is trying to steal from me on a dispute I filed due to a shady vendor. Vendor got defective part, I provided the proof requested, but Discover refuses to credit the $154.27 for months now. I've paid off the rest of my balance & cut up the card. I do not owe this so I will not pay it. Need this resolved. That was what I posted & messaged many days ago for the 50th time (This has been ongoing for MONTHS). Per usual, got the run around. Guess what, this has now been reported to the BBB & posted all over social media. This is fraud & theft. I'm not going away nor am I paying this.

Harman Kaur

Dave Sevenstrings

Predatory lender. Company feeds off people with average credit and will bury you with interest. Company will not work with you on interest rate once they have you locked in. Avoid like the plague.

Jenny Arnold

Joe Lanigan

Amanda Kubicek

Marie NM

Tim Martinez

This place makes alot of money. My girl just got a Career here

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