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Danielle Cordon

They love to sue for credit card accounts that was years old!!! Terrible company if you have a credit card account close it while you can!!


I disputed a Barclays Account that looks to have been opened in 1996 for $80,000. I’ve never borrowed this much money for anything and certainly never had this high of a limit on any CC that I have had. I purchased my first home in 2001, so it’s not that. My cars have not nor will they ever be anywhere near this cost. What is going on? I disputed with Experian. 2 days later they say I have an account. I do not! Now I can’t get through to these people. Good news is the account has been current and paid in full, but what the heck is this???

Nick Sheridan

Fraud on my effin credit report!

Lydia DaCosta

I've enjoyed dealing with Barclays up to this point. I've had a credit card with them for two years. My only suggestion is that they speed up the time charges sit in the temporary authorizations or allow you to pay more than your current balance. I have had to call twice, the first time was horrible.....I couldn't understand the person at all! Months later I called, didn't have any problems.

Haleigh Stanson

Terrible service


This organization hired Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solis, PLLC in Miami to come after me for debt I can't pay off due to me being unemployed for four years and only have my small disability for income. Don't use Barclays as they care more about profit margins and their investors vs the consumer credit card.

Anthony Asaro

Horrible customer loyalty. Would have give 0 stars if it were possible.

Jane Levin

No one from the United States ever is available!!!! I cannot understand foreign customer rep with fake names like Mary and Rachel!

Marchy Fer

they are all scheme, they sent me application and I have great fico over 750 score they reject it to give me any credit card, they just want your info to sell it to others. watch out!!!

David Munoz

This Bank allows Fraud and/or aiding Fraud accounts!

Michael Vansickle

Henry Roland

This bank is a joke,when they give you a credit card be careful ...because the next time they do is just start dropping your credit limit for no reason even when you paying your bill on time..and even paying more than your minimum payment...and then your credit start dropping 10 to 15 points they are no good

Albert Humphrey

This bank tries to ruin your credit .

Carol Hahn

Terrible customer service. Merry-go-round, ping-pong, on hold forever. I was reporting a fraudulent credit card being opened in my name.


Amy Kleissas

Terrible communication and process- cannot get situation with Frontier frequent flyer miles resolved for over 3 months despite multiple phone calls and emails!

Dan Rice


I’ve never heard of your bank a day in my life and yet i get hit with a credit check from you guys for some odd reason

Christopher Raynor

I have been with Barclay since June of 2008 and have put on average over $15K a year during these years and a couple of years it was more than double that. Earlier this year I paid the card off in Feb, did not use it for a few weeks and then paid it off again in Apr, they reported a 30 day late on me and refuse to assist or remove this. There horrible, horrible service and refusal to assist in having this handled has ended a long term relationship with them and they don’t even care!

Iselmou Jelil

Karen Milton

There is a fraudulent account on my credit. I called Barclay, they said I dont have an account. Tried to dispute with Experian. Barclay came back and told Experian I have an account. I see several issues like my issue has anyone had the account removed from the credit report?

Avery Brooks

Fraud on my credit report as well, on the phone with their customer service.

Jordan Tracks



Kevin Rancher

Any Review above 1 star is a schill-scam. You can not understand the boiler room babble of the customer dis-service center. So all concerns end in frustration and abject dismay.

Steve Harris

TOO OLD FOR CREDIT? I'm 68 years old female, with 780 FICO score, currently applied for credit to finance Iphone X, however after providing requested information, copy SSN, Driver License, 1040 Form, i received following reply by Barclays Bank Delaware; Currently we are unable to offer you a credit card issued by Barclays Bank Delaware. Details on why we could not make you a credit offer will be mailed to you. I strongly believe that this financial institution dont like to issue credit to OLD folks... Shame on you!!

Christina Checchi

This bank always calls my phone. I don't have an account with them or even live in delware. Please stop calling me constantly.

Laura Morris

STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK AT ALL COSTS!! THEY WILL RUIN YOUR CREDIT!! I had a credit card with this bank for almost 13 years. I had never missed a payment, when one was was actually due, and never late! They increased my credit line by $15,000, no problem. They even sent me checks telling me I could use them for anything. So I did, I bought into a company with one of the checks. This company I bought into, I already had interest in one of it's stores and it was the #1 store out of the 100 it has across the US for the year 2016. So when I could buy into a second store, I jumped on the chance. As soon as I wrote the check to the company and it posted on my credit card, Barclay's cancelled my card with NO notice! My credit score when they closed my account was 816! There was NO reason to close my account, BARCLAY's is the one who increased my line no problem and offered me the checks to use, but as soon as I did, they said it was bad debt and cancelled my card. I even did an appeal and when they received my new income figures from me, which is over $145,000 annually, they said I still wasn't worthy to reopen my card! That's INSANE! They said I had too much "new" debt, which was a Justice Credit Card and the most I had ever charged on it was $233 in August for my daughter's school uniforms and it was already paid off when all of this happened! Not only that, but in the 12+ years I had been with this company, I had accrued $826 worth of reward points prior to any of this happening, that they stole when they cancelled my card! I earned those fairly by using their card over 12+ years, yet they stole them from me when they closed my card with no notice. Not only that, but when they closed my card (and added a remark to my credit report that they were the ones who closed it), it dropped my credit score from 816 down to 746!!! Not that 746 is a bad credit score, but they had NO reason to close my card, hurt my credit by dropping my credit score and leaving a remark on my credit report! They never even gave me a chance to make the first payment due to even see if I was going to be late or anything, they cancelled my card as soon as the check they mailed me to use posted on my credit card! DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH BARCLAY'S OF DELAWARE OR ANY BARCLAY'S FOR THAT MATTER!! THEY DON'T APPRECIATE LONG-TERM LOYAL CUSTOMERS AND WILL SCREW YOUR CREDIT OVER AND STEAL YOUR HARD EARNED REWARDS!!

Michael Gebremariam


Eugene Paceleo

The worst in customer service relations ever. I have spoken to some very nice people who promise to help and then never follow through. So frustrating - cancelled all my cards with them. If you live in NYC I will put it into perspective for you - they are worse than Time Warner Cable......

Tony Giovino

I got my first credit card from American Express back in 1985. My credit cards are always paid on time or early for the past 32 years. I signed up for the Barclay‘s ring MasterCard in 2012. Two years ago there was a problem with the US mail delivering in my neighborhood. On the second day from my payment due date which I was totally unaware of because of the US mail mishap this company gave me harassing phone calls every few hours. I stopped using them and just paid the minimum balance until it was paid off because I don’t want to deal with them. Fast-forward two years and they did credit inquiries twice in one month and then dinged my credit line by $8000 for no reason. I got a letter last week stating the reduction of my credit line along with a statement “you credit score is 612.” My current credit score is 723. They can’t even get that right. I’m filing a grievance with Trans Union about this issue and hopefully they can help.

Marta Rivera

terry liu

franchesca lucas

John Liu Jr.

0 stars if possible. Poor response times, poor customer service, poor products.

John Atwater

It is very hard to reach an actual person. I had a question on a billing but unlike all my other credit cards, there was no phone number I could find to call the merchant. I sent a message to their help center and received a useless robot response. Finally talked to a real person after an internet search. Worst credit card company I have ever dealt with. Use another company!!!

brandon Heartsill

Never heard of them but yet they have showed up on my credit report as a hard inqury

Thomas Williams

Allowed someone to open up an account under my name, using all of my personal information, not keep any of the original documentation that was used to open up the accounts, and rack up debt for over two years. Once I found out about it and contacted them, they refused to close the account and just sold my debt to a debt collector, so now i'm getting contacted by them around the clock.

suraj lulla

Amazing bank

Patrick Patterson

Even after having an active fraud alert on my account the Bank still tried to issue a credit card.

Stephen Richards

They needed to tighten up their requirements for proof of Identity. They showed up as a hard inquiry on my credit report. Call and had them close it ASAP!! Looks like they are the bank of choice for criminals.

Christopher Gannon


Balwinder Singh

Jeff Donovan

Priceline Inducement $50 off first purchase...DIDN'T HAPPEN AND REFUSE TO give me credit and I called and spoke with manager Shane. Shane said I would get the $50 once I purchased using my card. When I went to Priceline and applied for the visa, it says if approved you will get $50 off your flight purchase and use that new credit card for the purchase. I applied and when I was approved a few minutes later, it did NOT take me back to Priceline purchase. It approved me and there was no way to get back to Priceline. So I had to open a Priceline and enter my reservation info again only to have the price increase another $60 due to high demand for same days. Then I had to purchase using my visa because I had already been approved for Priceline visa and so I couldn't like re-apply. Tonight I was booking flight to another city and I called customer service to explain my situation and ask them to simply put a $50 credit on my account but the first person refused and instead said "I can put 5,000 rewards points on your account once you spend $1,000 in the first 90 days", a completely different inducement. I said no way and I demanded a manager. I waited on hold for ten to fifteen minutes and I was transferred to Shane who said he is a manager. He told me I could have the $50 credit once I purchased using my Priceline card but i told him I already purchased my Frontier airline ticket last week through his promotion and his Barclay page must have timed out and didn't take me back to Priceline and I did purchase my ticket with my own I missed out the the $50 off and the rewards points using the new rewards visa. Shane refused to be give me a credit tonight and I told him if he didn't do was obvious, I would write a nasty Google review and I did and he hung up on me.

Bree Webs

Horrible customer loyalty. I was told over a month ago from a seller that she would refund me and she never did. Barclays is still investigating. But yet they have proof for over 30 days that this woman is a fraud and never credited their card. Their office of the president Nicole c IS of No help.

Alberto Mancho

Cambiamos de banco por el trato recibido en esta sucursal, varios problemas y no nos ayudaron en ningún momento. El banco tiene ofertas interesantes, pero de ninguna manera compensa el trato recibido.

Nathan Domenech


Ed Eick

Potential identity theft by BarclayCard employee: Submitted application for credit card on BarclayCard website. They sent form with my name on it asking for picture of social security card, driver's license, and an original, current utility bill, with 30 days of their letter. This is good verification by a bank. I sent as requested less than 14 days after receiving letter. No answer. Then received another copy of same letter giving me another 30 days to respond. Obviously my response didn't make it into their application process. I called to inquire 3 weeks after their second letter to see if they found my response to the first letter. A recorded voice asked for my s.s. number and zip code, then responded that they didn't have my application. This means that an employee could be intercepting the s.s. card, driver's license, and home address, dumping my application from the computer, and planning an identity theft to access my social security information to redirect my s.s. checks. BarclayCard may be harboring a theft ring among its employees.

Alex W

bad customer service experience, no help when you meet some problem.

Pramod Kumar Badatiya

A nice place to work.

Robert Strong

The wait to speak to someone was about 12 minutes, but Kevin in customer security was able to answer all my questions and help me in a timely manner.

sean sean20

Good customer service .

Ronella Lutchman

Refused to help me with issues on my credit report after I had payed off a $1431 account!

mahmoud halhoussine

This company shows up from no where in my credit report

Sergio Landau

Worst choice I have ever made. Deceptive at best.

d west

I keep getting spam calls from barclay every day. I am not the person they're looking for yet they keep calling. I've requested to be removed from their list but they have not complied with that request and won't leave me alone. Now that I know where they're located perhaps it's time to visit in person and maybe encourage them to leave me alone the "old fashioned" way...

Estefani Villarreal

I'm about to report this bank for identity theft, not once have I ever applied for this bank or any other bank

Pristine Raeign

Tom Zhong


Claudia Carrillo

It’s impossible and you will NOT get though to an actual person if you call customer service. DO NOT get this card!

TheRhinoGamer 2

Will sue you when you are behind your payment! This bank make money by suing people. Even if you cancel your account with them they will still find a way to sue you. This company love milking money, they doesn't even care about their reputation.

DJ Clark

Fraud on my credit report also, after looking at the other reviews it looks like this bank will open a credit card to anyone. I would recommend closing all accounts with this bank!!!!

Andre Harper

Have exceptional credit and multiple credit cards. Have had Barclay Mastercard for 6 to 7 years. Have requested line increases over the year for higher spending limit and have been constantly denied so I stopped using the card for an extended period of time. Without advance notice my account was canceled for inactivity. I am convinced that since Barclay was not getting any interest revenue from my account, policy must be to outright cancel member account.d Past experience with customer service was dissatisfying boarding outright rudness. My advice is to stay away from Barclay Bank Delaware... Another dissatisfied customer

Gloria Morgan

If there was a zero I would choose it. Worst institution I have EVER dealt with! Impossible to gethehelp!!@!


A fraudulent account was opened. They would never answer the phone. Do not use! They do not seem to care if the accounts are fraudulent.

Christopher Bartosik

Got one of their cards with a nice limit years ago. Over time they have continued to lower it, thus hurting me credit. This last time they did they cut it in half, after I've been paying the balance off in full each month, which kept them from collecting any fees. Guess they didn't like that. I tried to communicate, no answer and voice mail is full. Of to the BBB. Be warned they are not helpful, friendly or even looking out to help you in anyway!

curtis ziegler

Stephanie Santangelo

I can't get through to them and I'm somehow an authorized user on there credit card !! Never opened a card with them nor do I live anywhere near Delaware !!

Janet Finger

ca't get no result from bank people should stop doing bussness with barclays bank Barclays bank stings big time

Brian J

Was here for some work. Quick turnaround in things

Paria Ghorbani

A big rip off!! They are advertising for 0% APR for first 15 month of credit card opening and they deny what they said after they charge you! Then they give you the offer for balance transfer. It is the worst customer service ever I saw during past years in credit card institutes!

jeffrey koellner

Hit or miss with customer service, most are very polite but don't have any capabilities to help you even if they wanted to. Long hold times and really don't try to work with you.Worst bank I have ever dealt with. Wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy.

Maria Vieda

Saleh Ali

the worst service ever you credit fraud

Henry Lopez

As a store we got ripped off with $7,053.34 on our account.

Maria Scala

i requested validation of debt on a card and filed a complaint with a consumer reporting agency for a few reasons. These inept representatives responded by telling me I disputed the claim. HMMMM no inept rep. I didn't, I requested validation.... They stink and are the worst company ever

Steven Oconnor

G Mitch

I have 3 Credit Cards With this Bank. since 201 . and Every 8 mos they lower my Credit Limits. And Send a Letter saying the reason is because my other credit acct showing higher balance... What have nother to do with your ban . And right after i closed my acct . Went online and qas Approved with Citi Bank. 15000 credit card. I make over 120k a years. credit score Over 750 . yall can keep your cards and Business and shove it deep in your Back pocket ok by the way Use my reward points to pay of balance what was only $42. And Now yall can send me a check for the rest....

Kitty Manning

DO NOT GET THIS CARD! You have been warn. After receiving my card, I setup my bank account for auto pay. I tried to add my husband as a authorized user, they said I put in the wrong info( I didn’t and I double checked before proceeding)and locked me out my account. Customer service was rude and now I have to send in paperwork. This bank is terrible.

Stephanie Pauley

On behalf of my husband James Pauley as he doesn't have a google account. Poor card servicing. They lied to us about removing a late fee, then decreased his credit line because he didn't pay it thinking it was removed. Then refused to close the account by phone after we paid of the balance.

Robert Dudash

Kept dropping my calls. Could not find real person to talk to. Go elsewhere. Save yourself.

Trey Neff

fraud on my credit report

Vimal Kurup

corey ostrander

Never been to this bank but they withdrew money from my account at another company. I was redirected 3 times before they could find the right course of action.

Lucus C

Priceline isn't meant to shift into the CC market. They are the worse company to work with on this side of the industry. EX: I submitted an application for this card in Mid-July and received the card early August. Somehow, their was already a $500 activity charge on this card. I only used this card 6 times. My transaction should have been $140. When I called the customer service line I literally had to explain myself 20times as if the rep was incompetent of her work. She advised me they will put in a dispute for the unrecognize charges, close out the account and re-issue me a new card. Soon as I received my new card I contacted their customer service again. The new rep had no record that I called to file a dispute. Again, I had to explain myself 20time because that rep seem uneducated. I explain one thing and he kept repeating something else. He putted me on hold for more than 5min each time he claimed he had to research the unrecognized activities. He wanted to put me on hold for 5-10min just to check each unauthorized transaction which would of taken 2hours. This is a ridiculous company. I can't wait for them to figure out what fraud or identity problem they mistake my record with so I can close my business. "STAY AWAY AND STICK TO THE USUAL CREDIT CARD."

Robert Rollins

Wish I could give a 1/2 star. Like so many others, I recently discovered that I have a fraudulent account open with this bank.

Julie Spano

If I could give them less than a star, I would. I had an account with them over 10 years ago and they keep saying I owe them money, which I don't. I paid them off, closed the account and have been disputing their reporting for a year. I can't get them off my report and am frustrated. Their investigation is crap, their customer service is crap and they are frauds

marie ostrander

This bank is absolutely a disaster with which to work. No one knows who is on first, thus costing the card holder money. Despite our requests to make payments at our discretion they have ignored our insistence and have entered our account and took double payments, twice, may I add. They have even set up two accounts without our authorization, and have taken payents for each account!!! Is this the result of dumbing of America?

Sarah Oba

horrible no star

Abhishek Gupta

Angelina Galarza


Abhishek Shukla

Todd Davis

I was going to contact the Better Business Bureau, but when I went to the B.B.B. website, it directed me to the "Office of the President" of Barclay's. I called and spoke to Juliette who seemed like a very nice person, but she really did not do anything to rectify my situation. Barclay is a big, corporate conglomerate who really cares nothing about you as an individual and when they make a clear error on an offer or their billing, they take it in stride and don't concern themselves with the ramifications of their error. I do not recommend dealing with this organization and suggest dealing with a company who cares about their customers.


I received a notice from TransUnion that someone tried to open an account with my information and after reading all of these comments it's quite obvious that Barclays is in bed with the thieves. Luckily, my credit is FROZEN so the fraudster got c-blocked but it's impossible to reach Barclays to discuss the incident. That's cool though. I'm coming after them for violations of the FCRA and will seek treble damages. Cowboy up, Barclays.

Vicki B

Read their post

Kimberly Matthews

Awful customer service. This company has gone downhill.

Pia Aspee

Just like a previous post I realized there was an credit inquiry from this bank. I immediately called to make sure everthing was ok..they say was no account under my name. The lady told me to write to the buro to make a complaint for the buro investigate. When I asked if they had any record of when was that inquiry made and for what purposes she said they were going to investigate that. When I asked for a number or proof of this "investigation" they hanged up......

Alex Chambers

Claimed I owed $26,768 when I live in Texas, have never been to Delaware & have never been in any kind of credit card debt. FRAUD ON MY CREDIT REPORT!!

Bryce Henry

So not one but multiple people have tried contacting to get ahold of someone tried to get things taken care of and no response. I called back in early November about a card that had $3000 in credit limit and almost maxed out no response or call back for almost two months I missed there call by a couple of hours returned their call the same day with no response. They don’t take fraud seriously I wonder how they would take a class action lawsuit.

Joanne Logue

I have just been tortured by JetBlue Barclays Bank Delaware. In October I purchased a very expensive JetBlue Getaways vacation. I called recently to order a wheelchair, and discovered that our very expensive trip didn't include luggage. JetBlue recommended that I get the JetBlue Plus card for $90 a year. JetBlue informed me that if I did that they would credit my old JetBlue card, and debit the Plus card for the same amount so that I could get 4 free bags. Prior to doing that I call Barclay's. I was on the phone for about 30 minutes and spoke to multiple people. Finally they confirmed that if I did that I would be able to transfer the credit from the old card to offset the credit from the new card. Of course, I just called Barclay's today, and they said they couldn't do that. I asked to have the situation escalated and was told no one was available but someone would call me back within 24 to 48 hours. Once this gets straightened out I am canceling the Barclays card. American Express was so much more customer friendly.

J. B. Raider

These people are some the scumbags in the credit industry and I would avoid them at all costs.

Niki L

Would give them no stars if that was an option. Have a hard inquiry on my credit report from this that was not requested by me. Cannot get anyone on the phone to assist me. Sit on hold forever! Clearly they do not require much info to award credit to just anyone. Extremely unhappy!

Norma Toenjes

Horrible experience. Do not get their American Airline card!

Ludovic Bouchard

AFTER waiting . Final point AVOID IT!!!

A Google User

too bad

Arthur Damasco

[Minus 5 Stars -5] This Bank is NO GOOD at all! They don't issue ATM Cards, Poor Service, Poor Customer Service and BAD CRIMINALS work there. I deposited a check there [Legitimate Check] and they're HOLDING my available funds from me. They tell you that you have a FRAUD ACCOUNT and that they will close it due to FRAUDULENT Activity. ULTIMATELY, THEY REPORTED MY NAME TO THE CREDIT BUREAU FOR FRAUD, WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE! THIS BANK SUCKS! DON'T BANK THERE, YOUR MONEY IS BEING INVESTED WHILE THE WEBSITE REFLECTS THE AMOUNT YOU HAVE, BUT NOT WITHDRAWABLE!

Jonnie Bart

No one in Customer Service seems to speak English! I have been kept on hold 30 minutes or more each time I have tried to call. When I ask for someone I can understand, the person transfers me and after another long hold the new person is no better. I would cancel my card, but it is tied to my Choice Privileges membership.

Mijoi Lewis

I just noticed that this Damn Bank is on my freaking credit report as an HARD TRANS UNION CREDIT INQUIRIES for a car which is FRAUD !!!!!

Eugene L

Originally I thought it's a scam because both my wife and I somehow had open accounts with this bank even though we never did any business with it. Turned out the accounts were American Airlines Aviator credit cards that we did actually open.

Bradford Van Dam

Richie Slack

I have had an issue with signing in to my account on the web for over 6 months. Customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I get apologies and promises of a call back but nothing gets resolved. They have addressed where the issue is but no one seems to care to fix it. Just brutal!

Gina DelCarmen

Ronald Aylward

This bank is paying one of the highest interest rates in the US. The bank security is good, but this may be why some people are giving this bank a poor evaluation.

Claire Bell

I just took an SW Airlines flights and now this Bank tried to run my credit like another comment said. Experian just blocked 2 of their attempts. I did NOT apply for a credit card either. Seems like a scam


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