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REVIEWS OF Citizens Bank IN Connecticut

Andy Gowens


Had an issue with statment charges i called mutiple times and went into the branch location to make sure i was opted out and no longer receiving fees. Branch manager dawn. Whom i had two vocal interactions , she saying she would make the adjustments. Did not. She was very nasty,abrupt rude. Not customer friendly at all. Quick tounged and unapologetic of her mistakes. Booth times i had an interaction with this person she had a aweful attitude. I hope she is able to control her self and act in a polite courteous professional manner going forth with other customers and that maybe she gets more training on that department of her job.

Miss Jackson

Parking is horrible and their is know drive up

Thayer Gregg

Who closes at 4pm?

Jose Franco

The Midnight Spectrum Club

Extraordinarily Underhanded with Collecting Overdraft Fees!!!!!!!!!! What they have done to me is this. When I make purchases, they deliberately do not take money out of my account until I have a very low balance, causing me to overdraft $35.00 each time. A while ago, they did another backhanded method to me. They always send emails when you overdraft and decline your card when you overdraft. This time, they did not send an email and allowed me to overdraft on a declined card. Having a burger and ribs with my brother on the 4th of July, didn't cost me $20 at a restaurant, it ended-up costing me almost $60 because of Citizens Banks' snaky methods. I paid over $700 with these dishonest practices. They won't tell you that their policy is to forgive one $35.00 overdraft charge a year, and they act snarky about this too. This is a company that takes advantage of the working class, people with debts and people who live paycheck to paycheck. Watch your account daily and always keep $100.00 in your accounts that you do not plan to spend, to insure against overdrafting.

Khalfani Ajamu

Jimmy Weller

Went in to this bank to speak with them about overdraft options. They were able to explain different overdraft options to me, and the branch manager, even spoke with me, and was nice enough to say that she'd waive the fees that I had as a courtesy. I checked my account the next day, and the fees were not waived. I went back in to this branch, and she denied ever saying such a thing, and refused to refund me any fees. Beware if you speak with the branch manager, that she will lie straight to your face

Brian Wisneski

jay5660990 H

Drove 20 mins to go to the atm and it’s broke , now I gotta drive 28 mins to seaford smh

Chris Vigilante

This branch is extremely customer service oriented....they always make banking easy. Great Job!

Kathryn McManus

Every evening when i go to the ATM its out of order. I go 5 nights a week. 2 nights the cash collecting portion is not available and the other nights the check portion is out of order. Whats the point in having an ATM if you can never use it?

Jim Edwards

I recently moved to New Haven and transferred my account to this bank. I have found them to be extremely friendly and helpful, actually the nicest interactions I have had with New Haven.

Nathan Wei

Way better staff than Wells Fargo. Very patient!.

Duncan Goodall

If you own a small business and you need a line of credit, whatever you do, do NOT go to Citizen's bank. Their Loan Officer Michael Montelli is rude, dismissive and arrogant. They hook you on a line of credit, then jerk you around until all you can think about is taking your business elsewhere. Michael is particularly devious doing underhanded things without telling you, such as changing terms/conditions etc.

Nkenge Hook

The staff at Citzen's Bank are very professional and kind. They are quick to assist you and even remember your name.

Jose Rivera

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