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REVIEWS OF HSBC Bank IN California

Marisa Denaro

Jose Galvez

Tu Anh Pham

Anand Agarwal

Horrible,unprofessional people who do not want to work. Will never advise anyone to go this branch or preferably this bank. Not sure why they send out the flyer if they don’t care about their customers. Hope the upper management take note.

Tal Aviv

Bad location, archaic bank, NO FREE PARKING!!!!! Service is very slow compared to Chase or Wells Fargo. I don't see what advantages this bank has on others for non international customers. The only nice things I can say about this bank are their pretty debit card and that it smells nice in this specific branch.

Jack goldman

STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK. Just opened an account in California at one of LA Branch and in four months I got nothing but trouble. At every few thousands dollars wire and transaction they freeze my account to verify the transaction for any potential fraud. I have an active site online and I always buys items from China. I learnt lately that this bank was under world wide investigation for money laundering. Best treatment for this bank is to to sue them for large amount for damaging my business.

Sennett Tzinberg

Very helpful

Frank Meredith

I have been a customer for a long time. This is a branch of a great international Bank. Gail has always made it feel like your local bank and will fulfill any reasonable request.

Tracy Thompson

Adrian Davies

Some of these reviews are surprisingly negative. My own experience of the Encino branch has been pretty good, the staff are courteous and helpful. I also bank with them in England, where they have a good reputation.

Jason King


Timothy Clarke

Terrible customer service and they lied to me about a $350 promotion for opening an account. They use false advertising, are never open on weekends and only have a couple branches in the DC area. Do yourself a favor and work with a real bank like BofA or Wells Fargo. HSBC USA is a disgusting joke!

Go For Jesse

This bank sucks donkey fumunda

Randy Focht

After spending more than an hour yesterday with them explaining the 3 types of account, I came back today to open. I was then told I can't open an account because I live I Hawaii and I am not depositing 100,000 dollars.

George Lou

Arman Gasparyan

Good place

Harmit Singh

NJ Guy

I've been an HSBC customer for about 15 years. I've never seen a branch with such terrible customer service. It seems as if they are trying to steer customers away from entering the branch and only use ATM's and on-line banking. I've been asked several times by tellers if I'd be interested in opening a credit card- when I've had one for 10 years. I loathe having to go into this branch and prefer to drive several miles further to use another branch where I feel appreciated.

Phil Nuttall

Alvaro Canon

Very good service,the employees attention exceptional .good service averall

Tiffany Ramos

MA Milián

This is the fastest HSBC branch in the city and it has a parking lot! No more illegal parking in that little "diplomat cut" on Connecticut Avenue!


Do Not waste your time coming to this place. They don’t want to help at all! Horrible, probably that’s the reason why branch is huge and empty.

Manan Mittal

Cool place to get cash

Melissa Friedman

I signed up for a $400 deposit after opening up a premier checking account with a $10000 balance. The entire experience was very unprofessional. There was an error with the HSBC code to obtain the deposit after the $10000 was put in the account. No one could tell us whether the code for the $400 was going to work. They stringed us along for 4 months only to find out the deposit was never put into the account. I would stay away from HSBC. It seems like every time we tried to inquire about this issue, we could only reach someone via email. The response via email was always the same.(We have a history of useless emails) No one could tell us anything. There are just so many banking opportunities out there other than HSBC. The entire experience was a waste of time. Beware of HSBC.


Bela P

On of the worse service. I will never recommend anyone to HSBC bank or credit card. I called many times and always goes on few hour If by luck someone pick and transfer then another few hour. I don't understand why they even keep the customer service center if not ready to help customer.

Hop Cask Krishna

Donnie Febbo

Tim Clarke

Rick James

Ray Davis

So I have HSBC New York Account so I went to withdrawal money from my account was hit with a Barrage of question’s they are Racist saying they had to verify my cash deposit & a Million more question

Z Taylor

Cyrah Hawkins

I came in to cash a corporate check and I stood at the tellers window for 5 minutes as she left to "get conformation". In another 5 minutes I was asked to take a seat by the assistant branch manager. I wasn't offered any information or any comfort as to what was going on. After sitting in a chair for 20 minutes I called my company payroll who sent me the check and invited myself into the branch managers cubicle, her name is Gail Miller. I offered Gail the phone with my company that could verify the check, Gail refused to take the phone because "she had no way of knowing that was my company or not". So I sat in her cubicle uninvited and called my company to get the dept. Gail needed to verify my check, keep in mind my company has a corporate account with this HSBC and this should be a smooth transaction. Gail asked me a barrage of questions that had nothing to do with anything, she asked if my business name is a sole prop...what does that have to do with my name being on my check with the proper identification? She asked personal questions that didn't resolve anything. Completely unprofessional, however, after I got on the phone and did my due diligence and got the payroll dept of my company, a proper extension, and even an employee name ergo "doing Gail job for her" everything was confirmed and handled. I understand proper protocol for check cashing but I've never been treated this horribly as such a reputable bank and I will never open an account with them due to this poor service. I even expressed my concerns to her and few the check was cashed and she continued to argue argue and disagree with how things went down. 5 thumbs down for this bank location and Gail can go to hell. #thatrhymed

Alyaa Abdullah

Look for Lakshmi , she’s professional, friendly , patient, and a problem solver.

mary abaunza

Michael James

Mitchel Wood

Declined my application after showing proof of income over 180k and wanting to deposit money. DO NOT BANK WITH THEM. WHY ADVERTISE A BONUS FOR 750$ IF YOU WILL NOT ACCEPT AN APP.

Joe Maria

Siggy Jackson

Horrible service and the staff is racist. They do not follow proper protocol at all.

henry castellon

Robert Armistead

Terrible bank, rude and unprofessional!

Jonghyun Kim

Went in because I was interested in the $350 promotion. When I sat down I was told in my face that they don't like people like me. WOW- what a nice welcome to new customers.

delfos machado

Jennifer Jimenez

I went to make a deposit in behalf of my sister the check was from HSBC to make a direct deposit into her account. They said that my sister needed to be present then the supervisor said I needed to be authorized by her and since there were no notes on her account I couldn't do it. They even called NY at my request and both branches kept bouncing about their policy, etc. It was really bad and hard to believe (what's the big deal with this bank, I am still puzzled of how terrible my experience was) Indeed, it was a check from their Bank to a deposit to one of their customers, I didn't understand, didn't make sense to me that they could verified my sister's company pay check if is one of their clients. I had to drive really far to get to the Branch in Encino and wasted it all afternoon on that... Then believe it or not I took the check and went to my bank; I since my sister had signed the endorsement on the back of the check. I just wrote for deposit only and the supervisor made one phone call and took the deposit. They just told me that the money wasn't going to be available right away which I understood - Their policy was completely different and towards the customer's service. Two weeks later the check clear and my sister shock of what happened is going to close her account at HSBC and obviously is switching to another bank, as soon as, she gets back in town from her travels.

Mark Colgan


Plain horrible outsource assistance program. I was on the phone for hour and a half switching from one department to another department. All I wanted to do was set up my online account . They all failed to do that . Once again horrible service.

Ashraf Assy

Scott Greenspan

If you like being treated like a piece of meat, then I highly recommend you open up an account at this branch.


I repeatedly requested that HSBC close my checking account, which has a zero balance and is not being used. HSBC refuses to do so unless I pay them a $25 fee to close the account.

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