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REVIEWS OF Chase Bank IN California

Daniel Seymour

Amazing service, very professional. Took a little longer than expected but no worries.

Who Me

Convenient location next to Safeway

Chris Pashalis

I just moved to Arizona and my chip went bad. All I needed was a new card. To start, the manager there rolled her eyes to her employee that she had to help. Then she was super rude while trying to explain to me I needed to prove my address. I just moved this week so I dont have all of the paper work. I can prove who I am 5 different ways. Then she tries to use the excuse my signature was damaged on my license and i had to show her that infact the signature was there on the card in full undamaged. I drove 45 minutes to the only chase bank in Delaware for this rude woman to not give a damn. Bye Chase. I'm moving all of my accounts to a different bank.

Christina Arokiasamy

I have personally experienced rude, disrespectful and harsh customer service by Shaelyn, who is a customer service banker at this MAPLE VALLEY Branch. She also hung up on me TWICE when I kindly asked to speak to the manager on banking issues. I felt it was completely unnecessary for Shaelyn to be belligerent, argumentative, to the point of constantly cutting me off and rudely speaking over me. I am a Chase customer for over 2 decades. I can only hope the branch managers here would reprimand her for her rude and unacceptable behavior. Do we as customers stand up and reject rude bankers or do we as customers put up with abuse like the one presented by Shealyn. At other branch and at BECU they treat each customer politely, respectful and kindly. You need to changed your attitude Shealyn, because you represent CHASE BANK in The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Jennifer Martin

TheTellers are usually warm, inviting & very helpful ~ The branch manager (Jessica Cheney) can come across passive aggressive who seems to protect her staff above the customers. Unable to listen with an open mind & heart to a concern. Sadly biased, dismissive, deflective & completely unaware of her defensive character/communication skills ~ even after several attempts to appeal to her better side. My hope, she'll one day humble out because Chase is better than that. #PeopleFirstMoneySecond Long time customer.

Rick Phillips

Chase is one of the largest financial institutions in the country. It has been around for a very long time, and has a very good reputation. If you are looking for a place to put your money, you can't go far wrong at Chase. They also can help you with loans and mortgages and other things that you need to do with money.

Kris Mendoza

Long time chase customer and this was probably one of the more poorly run branches I’ve been to. Employees sitting around talking to each other and not helpful — should have been an easy in and out for a deposit that turned into 15 mins and no one else waiting.

robertoescalante454 .

There is just one way to describe the experience in this bank and it is horrible!!! I have been to this place about 5 times and every time it is the same they treat ppl like they are not important for their business

Cristina L

Do not apply for any of their credit cards. They are notorious for lying to their customers and if you file a complaint with the BBB or any other entity, they reply just to save face. One of their specialists left a vm message that they had reached a resolution; it was a lie. I will continue to share my experience onward with all of our friends and family so they are not subjected to the negligence and “miscommunication” that I have personally experienced.

Michelle Lee Baker

Branch now open to the public

Jonathan Colon

This is absolutely the worst branch I have ever been in. There is workers everywhere, but only one person working the windows.

Tae Jones


I have Navy Federal, but there isn't one here in UT so I went to the ATM at chase. It took the money off my card but did not give me any cash back. It has been 24 hours and nothing was done to help the situation.


They have deposit and withdraw ATM business outside the building. Their counter business is for employee ONLY.

Jasmine M.

Real definition of douche bags none of them know anything about what they're doing I don't know how they hire these people it is so freaking annoying I cannot imagine to have such idiots working there I went there and none of them could help me get my rewards into my credit card such a simple thing that you'd expect a bankcard to know but none of them knew how to do it so I had to go to another bank just to get this situation done.oh by the way don't forget about the about that people oh my goodness just jackasses I don't know where this people come from all of them are just douche bag they make Chase look bad don't even think about going there safe your time and go to another Chase brunch that can help you and I knows what to do

Kyriako Douvikas

maryam Mohammed

Great experience. Staff are helpful and freindly. I got served ver quickly.

Buland Akhtar

Darrell Scott

i have to say that i have been with chase bank since they bought the previous bank i was with and it was called (bank one) 20 plus years ago and i have only had one person be rude to me, i have always thought they were the top of the banking industry, but my experience with this particular branch was not good, i came 5 or 10 minutes before closing the first day and clerk was not friendly at all, i tried my best to be nice and her attitude was past bad, she made me feel like i was not significant at all, i wanted out of there so bad i left my paperwork, came back next day and said was shredded, she was helpful and made a copy of last statement, but not the one i needed, 2 other clerks came in and i was just making conversation with one of them and said such a big bank and friday where is everybody, and she didnt even respond to me and i was looking her straight in the face, so i get out of there and they have a real big parking lot i mean big, i was half a block away from the building and decided to park and have a cigarrette i dont smoke in truck and it was 6:08 and bank stays open till 6:00 but locks doors at 6:10 and a security guard rolled up and asked me if i was ok and i said i was just having a cigarette, she said banks closed and i said i bank here, then she said there is no smoking on premises, im 300 feet from anything, so i tell her i get it lady, im leaving, my overall opinion of this particular branch is not good at all and im getting the feeling im not the only one, this bank seems like a ghost town, friday afternoon and nobody there, im not sure what is happening at this branch, but i still say chase has always been very professional and very courteous overall and bent over backwards to help me and i really appreciate everything they did, its not chase bank its this branch that has a problem ;

Mory Katan

No banking at this location. Only an ATM that is accessible behind the shorter building, near the parking lot.

Matt Orr

Unhelpful, incredibly rude, and defensive over problems caused by the teller. Save your time and go to a different branch.

Douglas K. Ham III

People don't need a review that tells them about your life, they need a review that tells them how your service is going to be and why it's bad if it is.

Pam Jost

They never answer their phone and want ID for a CASH deposit! (as long as it is to your account). Chase is not one of my favorite banks as this point.

Diana Horn

Charges 3$ to get out cash

Vincent Guiang Ramos


Danelle Mahoney

Great place

Harold 1 Plunkett

Ebony Allen

Kinga Tarczon

If I could give this place zero stars I would. This branch replaced humans with three machines that perform the same transactions as the ATM outside. What does that create? A 20 minute wait just so speak to a teller and find out they are not able to print out a statement. And no, they cannot help me, I have to wait for a personal banker (30 minute wait there). After speaking to a manager, Cesar, I found out that he has no idea what customer service means, and that sometimes you should go above and beyond for your customers. I was also told that he cannot print the statement or have anyone else print it for me. After I was rudely told to have a nice day in a heavy Spanish accent I left. I suggest that chase invests more time and effort into basic office supplies instead of machines. But then again if I had employees like Cesar, I would rather have a machine too so I guess I understand.

Fuad Huskic

Hi there is to many fly bee with mosquitoes

atorian hunter

They never answer the phones


Some workers have attitudes

dawn uncapher

This branch is very disorganized! The manager doesn't even know the proper protocol to endorse a check. I had to leave then call main number then get the directions of what the branch needs to do. I went back again waited over an hour to see manager for second time only to tell her to call the internal approval number. Ugh!!! Chase NEEDS to increase training of their staff!

Paula Olaya

Worst bank ever, placed a restriction on both my checkings and saving account for a Check I deposited using their app. Didn’t warn me about it, I had to find out when I noticed my card wasn’t working. They didn’t give me access to my savings money which means I don’t have a dollar to even buy lunch. This money wasn’t even in the same account I deposited the check in. They didn’t even care. I deposited the check on Monday which meant they had the whole week to verify the company that issued the check however they decided to search the number and try to call the company on a Saturday, when the office was of course closed, only because I went in the branch to try to find out why my card was suddenly closed. Don’t even waste your time.

Relyt Rekab

I called this Branch to get a few simple questions answered. I do not get through with my questions before I am interrupted with a please hold one moment and then I'm transferred to a f******** 1-800 number. This is just b*******. I get this type of service all throughout all of the chases in Louisville. I thought it was just a corporate ass that didn't give a damn about its customers but apparently it's the employees as well...

Thumper Bunny

Friendly tellers, fast service, close and convenient

Angus Bennion

This bank is in a very convenient location and has very friendly staff. They’re always very helpful and have helped me and my wife with a variety of tasks/questions. The only downside is that often there’s a bit of a wait to see a banker. The candy they offer is pretty standard, great for noisy kids.

Diamond Conway

Matthew Masek

They are really nice and handle money like a boss.


Nice clean and good interior design

jamila issack

john b

Very long wait time.

Linda KWalden

Very difficult to contact by phone to ask a general question. Tried several times and computer said to call back and hung up on me. Would not consider banking here because phone contact is too difficult.

El De Chicago

Best staff ever, fast service in and out andan bien pilas.

Acedia Ira

Rude workers rude customers this place blows.

Mr.D Woodz

Linh Nguyen

poor customer service, i been here this morning to cash money from my check, and the black girl was so rude to me, this is customer service, and she got a attitude problem. I been here plenty of time and she is the only one being rude to me and a lot of people on the line too. i was so upset about the way she talk to me and all of her customer, she is new and i dont know why she still can work there with that attitude, so dissapoint. she made my day :(

Kendall Yapp

We just walked in asking if we could open up a checking and a savings account in about 30 minutes. Both of the bankers, who were just sitting and talking to one another, smirked and said it wasn’t likely. We thought they were kidding. We clarified and asked again if we could open a checking and savings quickly, they again looked at each other. Rolled their eyes. And said no. It couldn’t be done. Which is to bad because we just left Mountain America, where we opened our savings account, checking account, deposited money and got new debit cards. IN 30 MINUTES. Thanks Andre!

Georgi Iliev

Athithyan Rajasekaran

Friendlest safe. Never really had a bad experience. But if you want to meet with somebody I suggest you to get an appointment beforehand.

Patricia Haycraft

I would give this locations ATM a 0 if possible it NEVER accepts deposits

Kayla Hinshaw

They feed me over $900 when I requested paperwork online for my Banks history (statements) and it did not tell me it would cost that much whenever I request the paperwork I'm very mad and will be closing my account after my husband and I have been with them well over 15 years I feel like they should have made people more aware of how much they were feing them because that completely made it an affordable for us to continue banking with them we live paycheck to paycheck anyway let alone them making outrageous fees for that ever since then we've been paying at least a 150 a week and fees because we go negative because we can't get caught up since we had $900 forced out of our account over paperwork that I never would have agreed to getting if I had known it would be that much I will be gladly taking my business elsewhere to a more honest and upfront company

Lucien Briscoe

While we did have to wait quite a long time to be helped despite the manager and another banker not sitting with a person (presumably doing work on their computers instead), we were pleased with the service we received once we were helped. Our banker was fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. She was respectful of us and our privacy, and accomplished everything we needed! Great experience.

Victor Diaz

Chekita Stevens

James A. Pless Sr.


Cynthia Manelski

dx Woodward

I wanted to share a quick story about my experience to help others decide to bank or not bank here. A couple days ago I logged into to account to view my payroll deposit was deposited successfully into my savings account, which it was! Things have been going smooth with Chase so far, no reason to complain, or so I thought... I logged in today to move some money around and I noticed my savings account was missing? WTF? I had a lot of money in that account, where did it go? Well after calling the bank, I found out that they had CLOSED my savings account due to 'no activity' and returned my money to the payroll company. How god damn kind of Chase! So to make matters worse, they will not re-open the account, I have to go into a branch and open ANOTHER savings account. Not to mention contact my HR manager and get a physical check after they can prove the check was returned by my bank. This will be a multiple day process that could have easily been avoided if they could see the activity in my savings account before closing my account. Very disappointed in my experience here at Chase. Worst banking experience I've had. Bring your money elsewhere if you want any sort of competency.



Connie Jakes

Ariel שײץ


Monica Brand

The worst customer service of any Chase Bank I've ever been too. The line was extremely long and the manager just stood around and didn't even apologize for the wait. Usually chase branches are wonderful, but this one is terrible.

Adam Clark


Shelbycat36 Catlover

Jason H. Czuj has been very unprofessional in the way he has handled his duties as a Mortgage Broker . Rarely to never answering his phone, late replies to the e-mails, running away from the office when his client walks into the branch most likely in order to avoid her . Not my top recommendation when it comes to getting a loan.

Michael Jenkins

I always had a pleasant experience here. The staff is very friendly and attentive to your inquires about credit cards,budgeting and financial literacy.

Luis Lebron


Maya/Mojgan Motamedi

Amazing, friendly and helpful staff! They go out of your way to help you with all your banking needs!

Johnny Horvath

Leslie Flores

Went in to open a new account and was turned away by Sandy stating not enough time. Thanks for letting me know about the excellent service before opening up an account! Yes I arrived at 5:50pm 10 minutes before closing but if you don't want to work until 6pm maybe close doors earlier! I'll continue service with my excellent credit union!

Timothy Pooch

Always helpful when I go in to do my business banking with them

Santiago Herrera

Excellent costumer service. Chanelle Williams was expedient and kind, definitely would recommend this branch. I waited 15 minutes to get my title notarized and the manager thanked me for waiting. I had a great experience at the Chase Bank in Shively.

Jorge Cordero

Fast and friendly service. Thank you

Meet manojkumar shah

Worst customer service! Always takes more than 1 hour for trivial things. Bankers doesn’t even have complete knowledge of their tasks. Chase is good but this branch is not!

Mike Johnston

They could really use some music that would really help, not just the customers but also the employees something to really think about

Envious Gaming

Always have had a good experience here without any issues. The people have always been really nice and helped me with anything I needed. I plan to keep using chase

Abhishek Vaidya

Need improvement for non-office hrs

Chris Castro

Alan M

Very friendly.

Eddy Watson

They are friendly if you are the same with them. Some time the customers are yelling at them when they trying there best to help them.

Jorge Zambrana

Quan Jenkins

Steven Widtfeldt

Chase offers to veterans no monthly account fees. Thank you!

Dino Earls

Poor service, after waiting for good while, I was called to the window for document noteriy, then the bank manager(cathy) incorrectly stated policy, resulting in no notaries getting completed and it was important they get done. The buyer Does NOT need to be present when noterizing a title.

Zach Hunter

Love chase bank and their online banking but every time I visit this branch the members working here treat you as an inconvenience. They complain about helping their customers. Anything more than cashing a check is too much work. Asking for my deposit statements that only chase can print should take 5min to print with a personal banker however I've been told they are too busy, about to leave for lunch, or that only one banker can do that, etc. Went to another branch and the banker helped quickly and effectively. Consider local credit unions or other branches. one star review (Couple of days later) Went back in to the bank a couple of days later and received great service. Very attentive and helpful and made my experience much better.

Paula Bryant

Work work work

Marcos Cordova

Have been going here for awhile and will not be coming back. Employees laugh and look at each other in a sense “making fun” of what the customer needs... felt really offended. Although the slimmer guy I had today was truly nice!

Robert J. Woldhuis

Had to use the ATM. In and out real quick

Jeannie Merritt

Always have great customer service, but the parking is impossible! Only meters or paid garages, on a very busy downtown street and construction has been going on, on the road behind for the last year. Turns a simple deposit drop into a 45 minute affair.

Mariya Pankratova

Ran to Wilmington branch to open business checking account twice, both times was turned back by the same banker Diana Mooney. First time fairly, second time she just didn't want to move her finger. Despite it is not required in the documents list, she told us to bring the certificate of good standing, that is issued online and costs 10 bucks from her words. Actually, she insisted on this certificate even when she printed out the list of required documents and there was no single word about such paper. We checked, you need to go to Dover (spend 2 hours of driving one trip) and apply in paper for this certificate, that will make afterwards around 90 dollars for issuance and who knows how much time. Then we called customer service, they confirmed that the bank doesn't require any Certificate of Good standing for opening a checking account. Good news, but I am afraid to trust my money and operations to the person who just doesn't want to work. Our first visit she doubted how it comes my husband has a CPC status, that was actually none of her business and unpleasant attitude. My husband loved working with your bank, the Manhattan branch was a perfection of customer service. Cannot say the same about regional branch in Wilmington. If simple account opening created so much fuss in my life, what happens when the real issue starts? Guys, it's a shame! You make so many efforts to attract the customers with all these cash bonus offers, your mobile banking app is one of the best we had. However, an auntie in the branch is capable of spoiling the whole relationships with the client.

kristine wiles

Very nice

Pamela Church-Pryor

Great staff, but too few....was in line for 20 minutes! 14 ppl head of me!!

Omar Q

Bank teller Xavier Hill is not forthright, he will say one thing then afterwards he'll claim he didn't say that but something else.


(Translated by Google) enthusiasm (Original) 热情

Kayla Vargas

They take care of you in a great timely manner and have great respect and a happy additude witheach of thier clients .


I had the worst experience with this place today. Unfortunately, they made me wait more than 55 mins and nobody helped. The office employee just wanted to get rid of me when I asked him what was my estimating wait time. He "kindly" suggested me to go another place for notarizing my papers.

Joshua Bynum

Rajnish Bhusal

Wonderful people out there. They are polite, they are helpful. Much better than any other banks. Especially, Natalie Soto, an employee over there is the best with customers.

Ninja Reviewer

Worst chase location ever. Lots of staff, but always need to wait to do anything. Half are just sitting there chatting with themselves.


Great staff look like they know what their doing, i'm used to using machines for easy deposit there is usually a line for chase tellers im to scared to used them.

Blake Billings

The people are helpful but not always the friendliest. Good bank and a great location for anyone living in Provo.

carson shepherd

Worst bank ever. Less than one star. They wanted 8$ to cash a check issued through their bank. I got my. Paycheck from my work issued through JP Morgan chase and still they wanted to charge me to cash it. Where am I supposed to cash it, if not at the bank who issued it. What a bunch of crap.

Julián Batista

You always have to wait a lot of time to be received.

Patrick Creed

I needed a bank teller to sign off on a simple form verifying account and routing numbers and the dumbass said she can’t fill it out even though every other Chase bank has been able to sign off rather than having to make an appointment with a teller. Waste of time with unintelligent employees

Johnny Biscotti

Always friendly and accommodating- great neighborhood branch

Brandon Gebo

This branch kicks ass. Great people, always there to help. And they do answer the phones lol I don't know what these other people are talking about. Patty, she's been there for years and years and she's great. Stoney, he's a cool guy and is there to help. Brett, that guy hooks it up. He is my personal banker and is always giving me quality financial advice. Top notch branch!! Everyone else giving 1 star reviews are just haters hatin

Gwendolyn McCarley

I have a good experience every time i go to this branch.

Heather Goldeelox

Friendly staff.

Ayush Thapa

Worst customer service that you could ever get. I went there at about 4 o'clock and they sent me away after making an appointment for 5pm for the next day. Even when I showed up 5 mins earlier the other day, I had to wait for more than an hour before I was taken.

Kelly Stolly

The wait in the drive is entirely way too long ....

chloe soto

Ravi Barn

Mahmood Abu

Dale Mckethan

Nobody Cares

Karina Steele

I went to open a new account and asked how Lin it would take to make sure I had enough time and the personal banker told e half an hour. It took an hour in half and she continued to step away from us and assist other customers that came threw. Very unfriendly and unprofessional.

Anorris Adam

Who ever processed my auto loan really messed up.My social security number was put in incorrectly and now i cant even sell the truck,no positive feedback on my credit report for making 17 months worth of payments. Overall terrible experience and still dealing with it............

jony paredes

neftali rodriguez

the tellers were very helpful and kind

Zoe Hendricks

I’ve had this account for over a year and haven’t had any serious problems, but their customer service is just the worst. They never answer the phone and I’ve never had a friendly encounter at their location.


Great branch. At this branch they cater to Farsi speakers too.

Silver Max

Andrew Beesley

I don't have an account here but just went to cash a check drawn from chase and was nailed $8 to do that. The teller was nice and just doing her job but come on Chase, bad policy!

Britty Lucas

An ATM is in the back of the building, but this is not a bank branch. It's a corporate office building.

Don Grubb

You guys are great

Harley White


Garbage customer service

Ravi V


Decided to give this location a try since I read a couple bad reviews well once I got in I was not greeted so I sat down and like I read on a previous review someone mentioned that Alex Chang was not much of a help to them well what do you know he was sitting at his desk and shouted over and asked what I needed help with as a polite person that I am I walked over and tried to introduce myself I was going to shake his hand and he did not shake my hand or even introduce himself I had to read his name tag I went in wanting to start my credit right off the back he was very rude and said I had to open a bank account with Chase I mentioned I didn't have to because I had Chase before and I knew that in order to open a credit card you don't have to have an account with them when I mentioned it to him he seem really bothered by what I had said so I just asked him to give me back my ID and i left. I did not like this experience and I'm glad I went out of my way to drive an extra five minutes away to other location where they actually greet and are kind to customers.

Christopher Davis

Benjamin Powell

Brandon Fulmer

Driving to any other Chase branch is worth your time. I went in to apply for a credit card. The teller told me a banker would help me. One banker was on the phone, the other was helping (I'm assuming) other customers. I wasn't sure which banker I was supposed to go to since the teller didn't specify, but I assumed the first banker would call me once he was finished with his (very loud) phone call. He didn't call me. Just as I was about to walk over to him to ask, one of his friends or associates came in, and they started having another long, loud conversation. So I kept waiting. After about 10 minutes of waiting, the second banker finally came and got me. He did not look enthused, to say the least. I asked about different credit cards, and while at first he was answering them and helping me, about 5 minutes in, he started to sound impatient. I tried keeping my questions as brief and pertinent as possible, but I really started to feel even more unwelcome. I could've applied for one there, but I didn't want to be in this branch for a minute longer. Next time, I'm driving to a different Chase branch.

Alejandra Villalobo

Way under staffed. Ive been here 3 different times and every single one ive had to wait at least an hour because they only have 2 bankers.

Joey Raney

The staff is friendly, there just aren't enough of them. They've done away with the drive up lanes and most tellers. You get one business line and one personal line. I came it to make a deposit and get something notorized, took an hour.

sherri kroll

Jim Keeports

Great place to work

Chris Aszt

Prubowalem dzwonic parokrotnie po3 sygnalach telefon sie przelacza mowiac ze wszyscy sa zajeci no to niech beda

Pete Stott

I wish I could rate just this branch. They deserve 5 stars and are a great bunch of people. But sadly I had to close my account because my "free" account was no longer going to be free. I would expect that many more will do the same after realizing that their accounts aren't going to be free anymore either.

David Mickelsen

If you keep the customer waiting long enough, they will have time to weigh the pros and cons of withdrawing all their money and switching to a different bank.

Katiuska Casin gonzalez

Charlotte P

Josh was very rude, not caring and unprofessional. Will be changing banks, although all all he said was "okay". Disgusted after years of accounts and having no problem with any other branches.

Jill F

Parking is always tough. Service great.

The House OKC

Desiree Morris

They *never* answer the phone. After days of trying to call, I went to the branch in person.

Joy Brunson

John Mosley

Great place to work. Very accomodating, convenience features for the employee. Great food and coffe

Samuel De Los Santos


Stephanie Hanemann

Very friendly and helpful. And patient

Tanisia Davis

So slow!!!! I am in the drive through for at least 10 minutes and that's going through fast. Every time I go it takes forever even if I am the only one. It's is extremely frustrating. I LOVE chase but this is ridiculous.

Joseph Mcdonald

Chase is by far the best bank in Oklahoma.

Kira Ta'Shae

Really nice team

Juan Careaga

Grant Robinson

What's the point of a phone if no one answers it?

Alli Jane White

Great credit card benefits. POOR customer service. Called 4 different locations each about 3 times in hope for real human communication. All I received was an automated voicemail each time I called was “We’re sorry, all of the representatives are currently helping other customers.” Not impressed.

Kimber Art

Always cheerful. And great help. Coffee for a special treat.

GMail GMail

Best ! Thank you !!


Really the best people for friendly service :)

m Monjezi

Understaff all the time, but friendly



Misty Hopkins

They need more parking space. People will park on the street. Or across the street

Sylvia Rini Handayani

This is one of the few ATM where you can withdraw money and check balances for non-US bank cards. Chase will charge you $3 for each withdrawal and no charge for balance checking. It is quite convenient as I havent found a better method to withdraw my money in the US. This one is right on the street side in westwood LA near the crossroad across the red building of Union Bank. The ATM is outside the bank wall on the pavement.

Roz Moses

Bruce Longacre

They need a better location. Tough time getting in and out.

Kelvin Stigars

deb brooke

Horrible customer service. Tellers are very rude... slow transactions ... no drive up lanes.. I took my business to Huntington and will never be back. Thanks to the manager and teller..


Bob Mill

Anna Cervantes

Joseph Ochs

Poor customer service. I walk in any other chase bank in louisville and everyone is friendly and helpfull. I walk into this chase and everyone treats you like you have something to hide or that your going to case problems. My experience with the banker was disgusting, and i always regret the day that this bank is the closest to me.

Daniël-James vdB

This branch goes out of its way to do a good job and provide me with great service and tailored products. Really appreciate working with friendly bankers who are personable as well as effective! Since day one of using my accounts I have been assisted with every problem or need I have had in terms of my accounts. 100% convenience all you have to do is ask and understand the banking products that suite you. All the best love you all at Chase.

Lita Reine

Borislava Pavlova

Uncle Fjester

Worst Bank in town! I went in to cash a check, I don't have an account here. They charge $8 to cash a check! Screw that so I left, but the teller never gave back my drivers license. They just put my license in a drawer, with 100's of other licenses. It took me over a week to back track my daily movements to realize where I had left it. When I went back to retrieve it, and then bitched as to why they didn't call me or mail it, they looked at me as if I was in the wrong for complaining. I'm local, with a Park City 84060 zip code, address on the license, google my name & I have the first 2 pages with my phone numbers! Locals in Park City take care of locals. Not this bank, they don't care about locals. or maybe it would cost them a stamp they wouldn't be able to charge a fee for? The teller said something along the lines of " we hold the license, or do you have an account here?" Like that should matter, Chase was the ones that didn't return my license, theyt should have immediately attempted to contact me or put it in the mail right away. I will NEVER do Business with Chase, ESPECIALLY THIS BRANCH!

Tricia Griffith

Always pleasant and very helpful. They know their jobs well and it shows every time I use this branch

mitali gautam

The five stars are for Michael Normand who is a great banker! He was very helpful to an annoying problem posed with my online banking service. Thank you for your service and all help to frustrating situations like mine. Cheers!

Anggie Vera

If I could give them 0 stars I would. My husband and I went in there because he was trying to open a new checking account with them. We get there and were completely ignored. Waited there about 10 mins and then someone else walks in there and one of the workers there asks him what he needed. She then asked us what we were doing today so we told her, and she then tells us that "their system is down and new accounts can't be opened". So I guess we aren't all greated with the same kind of respect. We are greated based on "looks". If that guy hadn't walked in , we would of waited there & wasted more of our time. Since we weren't good enough to even be greated or asked what we needed right when we walked in. May I add how dirty their chairs were ! They were sticky , not one but several chairs. I had to wipe one down in order to have my child sit. Horrible experience at Chase.

Colin Wilson

Banked with Chase for 15 years since they bought out Bank One years ago. NO MORE! Do not subject yourself to this. Bank local/regional. I've learned my lesson.

Robbie Gildenblatt

I was a victim of fraud. I go in to cancel the account and open a new one. Hugo is a peice of work. Instead of acknowledging my awful predicament and showing compassion, he refused to accept my 1 day expired license. Then came back with my passport and refused to give me some checks for my new account and suggested I buy from them!! As in spend more money because their inability to safely protect me. After TWO visits to the branch manager, the final reluctantly decided to give me some checks. Thanks guys, but I still feel completely taken advantage of and had ZERO compassion towards my situation. Will never be back to this branch.

Dima Danylevych

Extremely slow. I had a great overall experience with chase, but this branch is just horrible. My second time here, and almost an hour of waiting. And noone really cares to fix it. Unbelievable

K2 Kk2

Just standing don't help. I waited an hour.

Melissa Zb

Waited over an hour to get help from a person who was not knowledgeable and did not understand our needs. Do not visit this branch.

Tory Nava

Omar Reece

The employees regularly go above beyond to provide exceptional customer service to the a diverse population in the downtown Kalamazoo.The racist accusation is a incredulous reckless insult from non-members and it can’t be taken seriously. This Location is a staple for banking members in West Michigan...

Victor Ibarra

I have been coming here for almost 5 years and have never had a great experience. Everytime I know I have to go, I feel pain. I hate having going here because the location has the worst accessibility and location imaginable. Going here is a 30+ min commitment when I live 3 mins away. They parking is awful and never available when you need it because its in the busiest part of town. They have no hold for the phone so good luck trying to ask questions

Tatiana Proctor

Friendly welcoming bankers. Working on your staff with fill attention.

flavian dcunha

I received very detailed explanation and very polite customer service by Mr. Abiud Reyna in this branch

Ivonne Vivanco

Matthew Wittman

Have not ever had a good experience with this branch.

Jenelle Bossett

So you can't make cash deposits for Chase customers if you bank anywhere else...that's right checks only... The customer service sucks...No friendly smiles, no "Welcome to Chase"...just a blank stare smug look from a teller who obviously can't wait for her shift to be over... And to top off the horrendousness of this place, they have hella dum dum suckers lying out for your taking....AINT NOBODY EAT THOSE GROSS SUCKERS..... Ewww Urgh NO -_-

Eliza Morales

Robb Quiller

Josh Henry

This place has horrible customer service. Do not go here

C.L. Moore

Rochelle Wyatt

It's a lot you can get done I. One place,,

Judy Alispach

Your phone recording is horrible !!! She sounds like she has cotton balls stuffed up her nose and we never can talk to an employee at the bank!

Eric Chandler

Tucker Evans

The tellers and bankers are always helpful and friendly. I am always greeted and welcomed. Even if there is a long wait they always handle it with class and ease. The problems I have had they have been great in getting my concerns resolved. Chase as a bank may have some policies that are not ideal but this branch is amazing.

Brittany Burton

Employees only branch! I called ahead and was told I could make deposits into the ATM which was an absolute lie, and the staff inside was so mean they wouldn't even let me use the bathroom or recommend a close place where I could make my deposit.

Jorge Macias

Justin Pumford

Visits usually last longer than I'd like but this is a clean, nice bank with professional and friendly bankers

mike rottenberger


Brendol Scholz

The bank wouldn't cash a check for me today drawn on Chase Bank because she said it exceeds a $2500.00 limit. They wI'll not give me my money!

Jimmy T

Easy walk from work and there is even a parking structure to park at. They have the big screen ATMs that give you more options, though I feel like it takes too many taps to get what you want. One of the nicer chases.

Amin Jiwan

Went to deposit $500/- in my sons account, I was told they cannot accept cash deposit as I didn't have account with them , Had to purchase money order from neighborhood store and they took money order,

Dami Fadipe

Nikki Tbo

Jason Thompson

Big bank but great employees

Chad H

I will never open a acct with this bank. I just went to pay my girlfriends car payment with cash n they said they will not accept it bacause im not on the loan and they would only accept a check or money order so I said ok can I buy a money order please because I'm at work n I'm on a time limit I have to be to peoples houses at a certain time. They said no cuz I don't bank with them they couldn't sell me one. So now I'm late going back to work over this. I think that's so stupid I'm just making a payment for her and they will not take it. Thanks for the terrible customer service I will never bank with u ur manager could have done something atleast sold me a m.o. Hope I don't get in trouble from work for being late.

Annabelia Salazar

barbara, philip, peter Anderson

Just trying to write to the folks who send out “balance transfer checks”. Used to be a 2% fee, now 4%. Can’t do!

zhong sheng zou

Aaron Crandall

Brother went in and appied for a credit card to condense his payments. We go in with same scores & was completely denied. Makes no sense, no answers, we can't help you cause the decision is third party...

Robert Ball

I keep getting the run around I want to pay off my car loan wilmington Chase knows nothing could only tell me call Texas Wilmington Chase has no connection with the other Chase banks very rude people they need to learn customer service

Danny Ortiz

Worst customer sevice ever! I have been with Chase for over a decade and i have to say the tellers that we're working today we're not just undertrained but rude and arrogant. I would recommend to use another branch.

Dhwani Kaneria

I even don't want to give any start. Really unprofessional service. I had been waiting for 5 hours and they said you have to take appointment to open account. They don't care about other people's time. Bad management. Sucks service.

Sean Mathews

helen zhang

我是你们CHASE 银行14年的老客户了,对你们的服务质量一直是很满意的,从LA 到 OKC 包括你们的在线服务,我是很满意的。可是就在前几天我去你们银行找这位工作人员,他的名字叫:Josue R. Villalobos 要你们银行的 information (因为我要海外汇款)他说没有,然后他用纸给我写了几个英文字母,我说,我看不懂你写的什么意思,中国人和美国人写的英文字母是不一样的,要他给我打印出来一张正规字体的,他说,他们没有这项业务,然后他把我拢在一边不管,又去做别的工作了,当时我气的头昏脑胀,两只眼睛冒金花,后来他看到我在给你们的服务热线打投诉电话,他又叫我,要找的在线翻译帮我,我听到在线翻译说中国人和美国人写出来的英文字母确实不一样的,i就帮你这位客户打印出来一张正规体的吧!别为难他了,就这样他给我打印出了一张。其实像这样的小事情无论在哪个银行不会有的,因为都知道中国人不懂英文的,我想就这位工作人员Josue R. Villalobos 真是给 Chase 银行丢了脸面,我离开银行的时候,说了一句话,希望你们银行的每一个工作人员都不要像你这样。在这里我要投诉这位工作人员 Josue. R. Villalobos 他的服务质量太差了,他这是在歧视我们中国人不会讲英文的,所以你们银行一定要重视起来。

Courtney Howard

I've tried calling every Chase branch in Greenwood, IN TWICE today and not ONE of them answered their phones. Pathetic.

David Cameron

I went through a debt settlement almost 7 years ago. All my Debtors agreed even Chase. After 1 years Chase dropped out tried to sue for their money, they failed. So now after I completed the 4 years and paid all my debt every 2 to 3 months Chase post a hard copy of credit applied by me. Every 2 to 3 months these stay on your credit report for 2 years. I HAVE NEVER APPLIED FOR A CHASE CREDIT CARD. They are still harassing me today. After being bailed out by some of my tax dollars. When will they quit.

Tanya Naton

Arturo Garcia

I like this place everybody is very friendly thanks for you services Chase bank

Jamal Martinez

Went to deposit money to a friend, first they asked for I'd, forgot my wallet so I have to drive back home, then they told me they don't take the 150 because is a personal account, they only handle all other types of account.. I'm grateful not to have an account with them

Adel Sabuba

Very good

Luis Silva

George Davis

Friendly local staff but the bank policies are horrible. I made a large deposit and they were going to hold it for 10 working days even though the check cleared the other bank within 24 hours. I called the people who wrote the the check thinking their check had bounced, they told me the funds were transferred overnight.

Sue Savoie

Abi, Nancy, Missy, Julie and Lisa greet me with a smile every day that I take my deposits. They are quick and efficient and even make time to send a treat out to my puppy when she is in the car. The Chums Corner branch is awesome!

Bertha Carpio

Maguire Ward

Went to this location recently to open an account, swapped my banking over from a nearby cu. I went in on a Saturday to open the account shortly after they opened, had to wait a little while to open my account because only one person was servicing non-quick banking customers. But overall, a very pleasant team that got me signed up quickly.

santhosh kumar

Easy go

Ron Burba

This place is hit and miss. Sometimes the line is fast but others like today are never moving 1 car in front of me been here for over 15 min. It happens often, not sure if this is a training branch or if they are not able to hold on to employees, because there are a lot of changes in people here, which is bad if they have to learn the system etc.

Kerry Walker

Franciscus Roos

Friendly staff

Jennifer Soballe

Staff was very friendly when I first moved out here. Love that they are open later than most.

Brandon Hunt

Convenient location, fast service and friendly staff.

Duddupudi Viswak

Michael C

Jaclyn is fantastic and very helpful

Garrett Yentes

Good customer service.

victor paneque

Andrew Lund

Joshua Douty

Miramar DIS

malik adil

Kristi Meskhi

Very bad experience!! The Bankers and workers there are not friendly at all!!! very very rude and not professional!! They are very mean!!! They need to take care costumers not to show disrespect and rude attitude!!!

Patricia Lofthouse

May 8, 2015 4:30pm I am a preferred Chase customer, my husband is a business Chase customer and my daughter and son-in-law are also Chase customers. While visiting the Oakton & Lee branch at 1590 Lee Street in Des Plaines, Illinois, today, my daughter requested to use the washroom because my 3 year old granddaughter desperately needed it. She was told that they do not have bathrooms. When my daughter replied that surely with all of these employees the bank must have a restroom, the teller responded that it was not for public use. My daughter was forced to have my granddaughter urinate in the bank parking lot outside the entrance. Imagine our humiliation and anger! I called three times within the half hour to speak to someone and received voicemail. I have called the Chase Complaint Department at their 800 number and spoke with Rose Bartello. She has contacted the branch by email. I called the branch again and reached the bank manager, Cesar Hernandez. He advises that the public use of the bathroom policy was changed to employee only at all of the Chase banks about two months ago and cited that the bank is not a public but a private institution. Surely the bank invites the public in to contribute to its services yet it is unwilling to offer the most basic accommodation in return? This experience has changed my perception of Chase and I am going to consider moving our accounts to a more people-friendly financial institution.

De Verse

WORST Chase Bank I have ever visited. There are only 2 windows for human workers and 3 with a machine, half of the time the machines are not working. There are often 15 to 20 people lined up. The place is a DISASTER. The employees are novices and some are rude. If this was the only Chase Bank I knew I would definitely NOT keep my money here. AWFUL IN EVERY WAY

Graxia ness

Horrible service

bhuiyan Tanjil

Robyn Kemp

Frank Murphy

I work. There

Andrew Kucienski

Claire-Tyler Remund

The tellers waited after their very stimulating conversation to see if I needed anything. After finding out I needed a new card they sent me to the ONE banker in the whole establishment. She was on the phone for a good fifteen minutes and then asked me in a bored tone if I needed anything. The entire time she acted like I was interrupting her busy schedule. Suffice it to say it was one of my worst customer service experiences. Bad enough that I wrote a review.

Adam DeWitt

Do not bank with Chase! I had fraudulent charges on my account and they said they reversed them, but then canceled it afterward and didn't notify me for 8 months, sending me a letter saying there was a failure in their communication but my claims were reversed and it was now outside of the 6 month window to challenge the reversal. They also told me that the claims were reversed because their bankers had failed to cancel my card after a fraud claim had been filed so the subsequent fraud charges weren't their fault even though their bankers had failed to follow protocol and cancel the card to begin with. Despite their Executive Office admitting the communication failure, the failure to cancel my card, and the failure to protect my account, Chase refuses to do anything about it. Chase will not look out for its clients and doesn't care if what it does breaches contract, they'll take your money anyway and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Adam Trinidad

This bank is a scam. Thieves and crooks. Management is rude and careless.

Bernard Gates

Christian Nelson

What's the pint of having an ATM if it's only available during business hours? That makes this a pretty worthless branch in my eyes.

Shala Wall

sushmita bala

Bianca Jones

I have come to this bank 3 days in a row to just get a direct deposit form and each time they told me it was over an 45 minute wait to get a damn sheet of paper. Horrible location and their excuse is always we are under staffed. Then hire some damn employees. DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION

Tania Mendoza

They certainly don't have an easy job! But they're always curtious & greet me with much respect. I'm happy with this branch & the service I receive everytime. Thank u all for ur hard work & dedication!

Joshua Henry

Nathan Murray

I banked here for a while until they started charging for checking.

Jo Fx

Nice place to work easy to get to nice environment

Joelle Johnson

Hit or miss depending on who you get. Some of their people make me feel like I'm an important member of the bank. Others treated me like a child. Generally, the personal bankers, clerks, and investment people have been really great. The mortgage people --- not so much. Will likely not go back to Chase when looking for a loan in the future.

John Giroir

Convenient drive thru location with ATM in furthest right lane. Fast and friendly service.

Dustin Hoagland

Smith Johnson

Very bad experience. The manager and workers there are not friendly at all. They are very mean. Never go back.

Danilo Santiesteban Ramírez

Justin Hatcher

Looks like you might potentially be robbed in the area at this Chase location. Longer wait times than the DMV which is atrocious; go to any other Chase location.

Bere Huerta

Muy buen servicio. Gente muy amigable. Instalaciones muy limpias.

Nag Hiremath

Understaffed on all days of the week. Tellers are very chatty and take a lot of time with customers making others wait. I had to wait 40 minutes before it was my turn. At least they have fast free WiFi. Meh

April Dunn

kennith matheny

This is a SHITY bank I waited a hour to open a account then the lady walks up and says she can’t get to me when they still had a hour till closing I’ll never use chase or recommend anyone to chase

Nora Ten

The atm has been down a lot

Larry Hughes

Kam Pawlowski

Took a picture of the employees sitting around chatting for 5 minutes while 1 teller was helping a line full of 6 people.... dude comes out and takes a picture of my truck.... lol.... the rest of the reviews state the truth here... worst bank in town

Mason Douglas Faust

Waited almost an hour to meet with a banker, funny thing was there was hardly anyone in the branch. There were three customers waiting in the lobby for a long time while the bankers just sat and chatted with each other. Finally get back to the desk of the little blonde "relationship" banker. She came to help me only after she was done gossiping with another banker. Don't wish to put her name in the review. She asked one question about what I needed then proceeded to talk about herself very loudly for the next 10 + minutes before taking the next step to help with my account. I understand trying to relate with the customers and building rapport, but this lady just wanted to talk about herself. It was very odd to me how someone who does that poor of a job can be that self-absorbed and think so highly of themselves. I have done my banking with Chase for some time but after this experience I will be changing who I bank with. I do not recommend this branch at all. Terrible Service. Avoid the blonde unless you want to wait an hour and then hear a very loud person talk about herself instead of handling your account.

Athena Rodriguez

T Thorne

Just to confirm, there IS a 24-hr Chase ATM located on the outside of this Chase building - I used it today. Not the easiest thing to find - if you walk around the building you will see an entrance that just says 'No ATM' - not letting a customer know where the ATM is actually located. I parked on North King near 3rd Street, near Bill's Meat Market, walked across a parking lot to an area adjacent to the building with outside lunch tables and shade trees. You'll see ATM there. I don't know why, but the Chase 'find a location' website won't tell you about this one. Pretty inconsiderate for those of us who live in the Maryland / DC / Delaware area and may need this particular bank -- there isn't another one till up in Trenton or out in the middle of West Virginia, a several-hour drive away.


Tried to apply for a Business credit card and the application was put on hold pending verification of my business. Chase staff lied to me on 3 separate occasions (I was told to re-submit the application and twice given incorrect information on what documentation was required). Unprofessional staff who refused to escalate my complaint to work towards a resolution.

Wojciech Przeczkowski

You almost always need to wait in line. The staff are nice but they replaced 3 human tellers with 3 automated machines. Not much useful if you need to deposit chance or tons of cash. Chase should revert back to giving living humans jobs rather than replacing humans with automated teller machines.

Scott Gomez

Went to cash a check from damage a company caused to my property and they said there was a $8 fee if I was not a account holder. I asked what the fee was for and could not get an straight answer. Thank god I don’t bank with these people!! If I wrote a check for some one I knew and my own bank charged a fee..... I would be ashamed!! Shame on you CHASE bank!

Nick Zeigler

The staff was helpful and very polite as always. I went to the branch at 6 pm and Adam took his time to help me opening the account I needed. Thank you!

Bertha Irene Gomez

They are always profesional and kind, even though it's the closest agency to me I like coming here.

Ralph J

So much better than Bank of America, MB, or Citibank. If you want to see what waiting is really like, a switch to Bank of America across the street. So bad, they had my mortgage but COULDN'T FIND IT IN THEIR SYSTEM! This branch has great service. Never wait more than 5 minutes for a teller.

Ms Samar

Always great service, helpful people. I never waited longer than 5 minutes.

Bill DiCindio

Just opened a student Visa card with my daughter and the service was very professional and friendly staff and clean environment. The card is a great starter card to build credit.

Britany Johnson

I'm very upset with chase right now, with the manner of questions I was intruded on in my recent encounter that I had at this Chase location. I have been a Chase customer with checking, and credit for a number of years. As I was going to set up an account for my Aunt, who was along with me, and that I take care of as she has special needs, I was approached by a man who could be the manager. He told me I needed an appointment to open a payee account, and almost seemed as if he had very little knowledge of this type of account, as he insisted I needed guardianship papers when I know that she does not have a guardian and never has, yet social security finds that my aunt needs a payee for her funds, to help her pay her bills and take care of her needs. This person I encountered still requesting "guardianship" papers, may need some extra training as I felt I was being treated as I was doing something wrong. I have never had such a negative encounter with Chase and hope they can make some changes, to keep everyone educated on important information.

Warren Jenkins

If you black do not go here. This woman name Tiffany gave me and my mom a hard time for no reason and was straight up racist to us. She was being mean to us but was being nice to this one white lady was in there

Jennie Mills

I have to pay $3 to park just to use the ATM. Guess who's closing their account after 10 years! Not a bank. Employees only. Customers with accounts cannot use. Bathroom

Sniper Pigeon

I do not work here, but visited here on business in the past and the staff members I met in person seemed to genuinely care and want to help, as well as the personnel I spoke with over the phone for Credit Card related things. Building itself has an awesome layout and looks very modern and well upkept.

Muntathir Abufawr

I agreed with Warren. She being racist too if you are an Arab or Muslim. I applied for credit card two times they don’t accept it. But when I went to Detroit I got accepted credit card in the same day. I don’t think she like us. She has to learn some respect other people and other color....

Sarah Schaefer

This particular branch is full of people that really don't know the bank's policies. No 2 people will tell you the same thing, it's different answers every time and when they don't have an answer you get a friendly shrug from the manager. I would recommend not using this branch unless you yourself are familiar with their policies as the employees are not.

Kurt Steinke

Always a pleasant experience dealing with this branch.

Cong Wang

Worst service. Every time I come here l, the visit would turn to a waste of time

Francisco Mendez

Bilal Jaad

Worst bank experience ever. I was served by a high school girl, Cindy, who didn't know what to do or how to do her job. When I asked her I want to tall to a banker, she said " I'm the branch assistant manager" really? You're just a high school girl who didn't know what to do and is rude to people. Thankfully, I'm ending my busniss with Chase. Never again. So glad.

Matthew Hales

Very nice people and I love their incentives to sign up.

Chris January

Surprised as a local business when I was told the business transaction line as labeled is inactive. When I asked why the signs were still up advertising a business line I was told because no one has taken it down... very poor experience. Will recommend our company transitions to a bank that respects it's commercial customers.

Minerva Quiñones

Dustin Gwin

They have replaced their lobby with ATMs and removed any personal feeling you get when dealing with a bank.

Max Ducey

THIS IS NOT A CUSTOMER BRANCH! Google maps needs to remove this as a Chase branch! This was the only Chase bank within an hour of northern MD according to google maps, so I travelled out there. I proceeded to walk in through the revolving doors and found the banking area. The woman at the front desk told me to use the ATM machine to make a withdrawal. I was making small talk and she realized I was not a Chase employee and proceeded to kick me and my friend out of the building because this is an employee only branch. She did not even let us use a lobby bathroom. I am a 7 year Chase customer and this was very rude behavior for an honest mistake.

uzi z

Billy Nelson

This place is going to steal your money dont trust this bank they stole my money and closed my account be carful class action law suit pending.

Carlos Ramirez

Glenn Eisenberg

Both local branches don't answer the phones. Terrible service!

Paul Johnson

No one answers the phone and message says voicemail is full!

Chynna Brazelton

Mark DeSouza

Julie V

Awful unhelpful rude. The manager is ok but she should listen to how her associates speak to people. Karen is the definition of a seemingly polite but extremely judgmental rude person. I know we're in Jupiter Tequesta, but not every 17 year old has a passport. The oohhhh okkk and acting like she couldn't take what her manager just said they could. When I arrived to the bank she was worse. Just awful to have to deal with such a nasty person.

Jennifer Wessel

Wish I could do a zero. This location is super busy and there is almost never more than one teller. There are always plenty of people working but apparently none are tellers. It's a shame because this particular Chase has a lot of business traffic. This includes myself or I would go elsewhere.

Davin Christensen

I like Chase, but this branch is horrible. The staff is rude and lazy.

Dipesh Zaveri

Good friendly staff !!!

Mr. Transmission Milex Complete Auto Care

This branch of Chase has always treated me well. They are friendly and helpful.

Joshua LaBaumbard

Net H

Not enough staff. Very long wait times

Will Howson

Andrew Karl

Hunter S

Gabriel Paganin

Go our of our way to stop here and deposit checks for our business when we're told there's no actual bank inside by the security guard, only an ATM


Danail Georgiev

45min waiting to pay off may credit loan... My last time there

Brandon Leibowitz

Great bank I love chase

Volodymyr Dovhoshyya

1.5 hours waiting for for the banker to serve you.

John Wine

Bank machine 1 is out of order with out a sign in the drive they lane. Machine 2 is out of receipt paper. As I pulled up I saw the employees closing up and leaving. Be nice if some checked the machines before someone left.

Patti Lacey

I was very impressed with Kevin Stigelmeyer, Relationship Banker. He answered my questions and concerns with professionalism and trustworthiness regarding opening up an account.

Latisha Parson

Just awesomeness

J A Ne Heisenfeldt

We opened an account in Florida because ou CU was not there. We have done international transfers and met several people from tellers to mgmt. We had two at airport and garfield and another at 31 and 37. We were very pleased with the help we received. I see the previous gentleman's frustration, but there are banking rules and they can be frustrating.

Franklin Cruz

Jeffrey Whiting

These clowns are the worst. They couldn't even help me out with cashing a simple prepaid card. I was told he couldn't do anything and to call a number, terrible customer service. I ended up going outside and dealing with the "only in $20 amount" increment ATM and will end up losing money with transaction fees from withdrawals since they messed up.

Artur Terletskyy

You have to wait at least 40mins when someone will come to you...

Jeffery Rizer

While the people here are friendly the bank itself is terrible! Held a large deposit for more than 24 days even though the check cleared in only one day. This has been the worst banking experience of my life. Never again will I deal with Chase Bank.

Hristo Stoyanov

Luke Milly

Caroline Kehoe

Most unhelpful experience i have ever had at a bank. They wouldn't discuss anything with me without my ID and were extremely unapologetic about the issues that I notified them about. I want to switch banks.

Kellie Marsing

Great Customer service! We go out of our way to come here and bank.

Alicia House

new York

Farrukh Sadykov

Horrible customer service. Workers walking around the building doing nothing. Makes you wait

quinn klein

Jacob Butterfield

Just like all the other reviews, this location is impossibly slow. Never had problems at other branches, bit Chase should really considering changing the employees here because they are all very slow and many of them are pretty grouchy.

Jonathan Graf

Ms. Donna, the branch manager, said she would be right back with me... Yet somehow she left me on hold for 5+ minutes before I finally gave up and hung up. I believe it would be much better if Chase would at least check in with their customers they have on hold every 90 seconds or so.

Sangeeta Vaknalli

Angelica C

C. Beck Mayberry

Jake Conlin

Bobby Ventura

Mary Palmer

I love this bank branch and the people who work there. Everyone is always friendly and efficient. I'm in there at least once a week and I've always received exceptional customer service. My dogs also love going through the drive through window!

John Powers

Tamara De Armas

Muy buena atencion y atienden en espanol

Clerna Henry

Teron Hart

The location isn't great, but anytime I go in there the customer service is amazing.

Umang Gala

Great service

Abhishek Gupta

Leo Shin

They let you wait in queue for business and within 10 mins before closing and ask you out because it takes them 45-1hr to open an account for existing customer. The branch manager is bad for business growth

Donald Malone

Subroto Dakshi


Best one in Westwood

Bennett Tyrrell

I’m sorry but I switched to banking with chase and it has been terrible thus far... the banker... Hugo is his name was very rude and a pain in the but to work with. It has been over 4 months and I have not received my debit bank card because someone has messed up multiple times. I am sure chase is a great bank but this Provo branch needs a lot of help...

Lanie Backstrum

The google directions take you to the wrong place. I wasted an hour trying to find this bank.

Pamela Wyche

Kelley Coffey

The branch staff is so friendly. I come a few times a week for work, and the call me by name. Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference.

Jill Murray

Brad Bergling

No atm. Google maps needs to be fixed

Antonio Vigil jr

No Bankers at the time and waited for an hour before I had to leave

Whitney Perez-Adams

Usually have a good experience but today I can't say it's a good one.The cashier Amanda Smith beyond rude.She asked for my business's account number (which I dont know offhand) never been asked before u til today.I explained I didnt know.She then rolled her eyes at me and was very unpleasant the whole time.U work in a bank ur job isnt backbreaking ,god forbid u have to do a little extra.

joyce doepker

Friendly people!

Taylor Wood

Dana Hill

Friendly staff, understanding. Lengthy wait, but satifying service and plenty of self serve ATMs

Randy McCullough

I find the staff and tellers very professional and courteous, I've banked at other banks here in PC and I really like these guys best! Never a problem they haven't been able to solve for me. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends!

Julissa Zelaya

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