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REVIEWS OF Regions Bank IN Arkansas

Robert Long

Went there Friday tried to deposit my check they had one line open five cars ahead of me after sitting there 30 mins they still had one line open the lady ahead of me was done but her and the teller had to talk about other things not bank related just talking to be talking for at least 10 minutes. This branch has went down hill. They have also started closing on Saturday new to us.

Mary Walker

Kota Kell

Absolutely the WORSE BANK EVER!!!! Don't be fooled with this bank, do NOT open an account online!! This is the ONLY bank in the country that makes you jump thru hoops after accepting your deposit to be able to use your money, not to mention, they do not give temporary checks! This account has only been opened a week, and will be closed today!!! BEWARE!

Marcy R. Stave

Both Hallie and Zina were extremely helpful and courteous answering my questions and offering service for my situation today.

Keyonna Miles

Nolen Harris

Worst bank ever - no loyalty ! 17 year customer & I was upset over a stock check they would not cash . They closed my account . I would NEVER recommend them for any business .

Pablo Midence

No drive up atm at this location.

Susan Culberson

I love this bank, so helpful.

William Brown

Bank not open during posted hours.

Amanda Byrd

BEWARE!!!!!! This place is a joke, they will close your account without warning after you have all your direct deposits switched to them. Then cant help you and give you the run around looking for your money for a week. This bank sucks, worst decision I've ever made....

Taylor Miller

Anna Baker

I have banked with this institution for 2 years and have had multiple problems with them. This last one is the last straw. I am closing my account and going to a different bank. This place is a joke!

mitchell g

The only bank I have ever been to that wanted to charge to cash a check written on one of there account holders checks since I have no account with them they will never get any of my money

Mrs_QueenSJ Ramos

I deposited my check at the rogers branch on 2/16 and was told that I could withdraw my requested amount which was enough to pay a few bills and that the rest of the money would be available on Tuesday. At no time did that Regions Cashier/Teller say that there was going to be a further delay or that it would be a certain time, only that it would be available the following Tuesday due to Monday being a holiday. My spouse went into the bank where Hallie Hannaman was working and asked a teller about the funds still not being available yet and she basically brushed him off stating there was nothing they could do, it would be another day or that evening until the money was available even though..again the previous teller never said that. Hallie was contacted because wwe stressed them to make any exception possible as we have 3 small children under 4yrs old and needed to tend to their financial needs asap. My spouse was extremely, obvously and visibly upset when Hallie approached and continued to explain they could not do anything and admited the previous teller should have explained to us that it may take until the evening or until Wednesday. We have had such amazing bank experiences in the past other than with Capital One but with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, USBank, Fairwinds credit union, and Navy federal credit union where managers are able to push through pending amounts in cases of emergencies especially when babies are involved that we really thought they were just followin policy and did not care (due to how they acted about it) and were not even trying to go above and beyond to help. However my husband exited the bank and came and told me who was in the car, that "they really are acting like they do not care what the needs are" ..This again was very disappointing that a manager would have absolutely no sympathy or empathy but I was reminded immediately after hearing this that last month (January) on the day that I went into this bank in distress (I had just recieved a check from my mother's life insurance polilcy since she had passed and the check had my divorced name on it instead of my married name on it) a gentleman assisted us and basically said the only way they could help is by us opening an account with Regions and depositing the money (which we did) and during this process I began crying in his office, it was hitting me again that my mom had recently passed and seeing her name on the letter and check showing "deceased" triggered something so my husband comforted me but this gentleman just kept typing ignoring that I was literally in the process of having an emotional breakdown, didnt ask if I was ok, no sorry for your loss, just nothing as if he was some robot trained to not feel emotion. So is this the training the tellers and managers receive? no empthay or sympathy? I ask because after my husband left that Tuesday afternoon, he went back into the store and was very angry, explaining why we really needed these funds, were on a fixed income, he used profanity but did not direct it at anyone, it was just used in his sentences and now today we get a letter from Hallie saying they are closing our account on 3/5/19. No explanation in the letter at all just that it will be closed and when I called the very unfriendly unprofessional employee that answered said she would look into it, did not tell me she was transferring me to speak to someone else and then Hallie came on the line stating that they were all uncomfortable when my husband went in the second time, they did not like what he was saying and they are exercising their right to close the account. I asked her "so there's a problem with him being upset"? .. because they made US upset and her response (no accountability or empathy regarding our bills or our children or being misinformed) was's one thing to be upset but its another thing to say things he was saying... I disconnected saying we will find a more understanding bank and we will but that's not the point. These tellers & managers need training in customer service.


Clearly just stay away from this bank. They WILL close soon! We the people control the American businesses! Quit giving them business so they can shut this location down

Tim McCullough

Love this branch. The staff is always so nice and helpful.

Robert Myers

Hatrongquang Hatrongquang

Corey Fleming

Amy Knyzewski

We were in florida for spring break and out debit card got hacked. our entire checking account was wiped out and we found out on a Saturday night. We called the after hours people twice and was told there was absolutely nothing they could do for us. We were stranded 6 hours from home with nothing in our bank account. Even after we were able to get back home on Monday we went into the bank and we told that they had a full 10 days to credit us back the money that was stolen and they couldn't even dispute the charges on the account until Tuesday morning AFTER the charges had posted the account instead of being in Pending status. This is the worst possible customer service I could ask for. Needless to say, they will no longer have our business. We've been with them almost 10 years. Anyone else that I have talked to their bank turned around and credited them back immediately and handled everything else with the police department

Diem Nguyen

Very happy with regions bank.

Cindy Blaeuer

Walk in with cash and just need a few smaller bills and they won't do it if you don't have an account?? That is crazy! Not even friendly about it. I am looking for a new bank. This won't be it.

Mike Allen

S Henson

Slow and unfriendly. Unsure even how to pull a previous copy of deposit slips. Task I havee been able to resolve at other banks promptly take forever here. In side of location needs a make over.

Mr. Harris

On 12/21/18 I visited Regions bank at 1409 S Walton Blvd Bentonville, AR 72712 at 3:30 PM. It was busy afternoon and I waited patiently while the tellers helped the drive thru people and someone became available. I was inside the bank with my husband and 10 year old daughter. A lady by the name of Zina Marshall with the worse attitude and customer service skills that she absolutely lacked of came to help. I was there to pick up money from Western Union, I do not use Western Union often, I usually use MoneyGram, which is an easier way to send and receive money I learned! Zina started asking me a lot of personal question and I asked why she needed to know all that, with the worse attitude she returned my documents and said she could not help me! I do not see why, she failed to tell me why she needed all my personal information like social security number, address, citizenship status, etc… I have done customer service and the first thing you do when you ask sensitive information is tell the customer the reason you are asking, because the customer will feel less anxious about sharing such information. With MoneyGram you do not give all that information, so it is different for customers to give that just because. Another thing is that Zina’s attitude was of someone abusing the little power she had. Her attitude was that she was the boss and she could refuse helping me if I was uneasy about giving my information instead of her explaining why she needed the information she asked. I have seen people like Zina that a little power makes them crazy and feel the need to take power trips. I said a small prayer not to go off on this lady and be a good example to my kid, but what a horrible representation of Regions Bank to have people with zero customer service skills deal with customers the way she did. I will not be using any of Regions services for future business transactions. We live in a country that businesses like Region are in every corner and customers are loyal to the ones with exceptional customer service, so am I.

Nuke Fearon

Poor customer service

Brian and Brittney Bush

I am actually a return customer from a few years ago. We went in to open an account again with them and Brenda was very polite and professional. We expressed the issues we were habing with our current bank and she made sure to not only make us feel like our business is wanted and appreciated but she went into details about the accounts. She was awesome to work with and made opening the account painless and easy. Even my 4 year old daughter LOVED her and asked to go home with her :) I would recomend doing business with this bank and I am not going anywhere else again.

Peachtree Mall

ProGro Lawns LLC

Excellent customer service! Just wish they had more locations in NWA.

cory powers

This location is great! Costumer service is second to none and they offer tons of financial services! do not pass this location up!

michael greenhaw

Most awful bank in NW Arkansas.

Sean Sanderlin

Friendly staff, great customer care

Alan lott

Laurel Fritzsche

Never give me the correct change that I order

Michael Mott

I bank here and have had only professional, courteous, and prompt service. The staff are truly friendly and treat their customers with dignity and respect.

Justin Watson

Walked In and was greeted very well. Jessica helped me set up my new checking account and did a great job and was very professional. Took her to time to go over everything with me instead of rushing me out. Thank you Jessica!

William Harrison

They don't have convenience check nor do they forgive a overdraft fee witch it was my first time overdrafting my acct in years I'm switching banks asap

Erin Lee

All of these branches charge way to many fees. They charge non-account holders $2.00 to cash their own checks.

Nicholas Jasmine

Normal bank, mortgage fees are higher than most banks in Alexandria, but checking and savings accounts are pretty good.

Catherine Stanton-Schmoll

Love the staff at this location. Super friendly and helpful.

T. Mitchell

Never had any issues with this branch. They're always helpful and friendly when I go in.

Mark Henrie

The worst service I have ever received. Simply went in to cash a check from a customer of mine. They were very rude and offered no help at all. When I commented on their poor attitude the response from the manager was to take my business to Arvest bank. THANKS FOR THE ADVICE!! I WILL ALWAYS BANK WITH ARVEST

jessica spence

Laurie Boyce

Jennifer Wolf

Have had a few issues with this bank random fees but they are very quick to resolve them. James is one of the best bankers I have ever had to deal with everyone is really friendly.

Cody Merrill

Tameka Riggins

Amber Livingston

I don't like they don't post holiday hours...... But overall great bank

stephen ford

Went in to cash a check i got from a friend. 1 percent fee bc i wasnt an account holder. Halfway through the transaction he asked me to take off my hat bc only account holders can wear hats in their building. Just poor customer service and every time i deal with them its an inconvenience.

Chris J

Terrible, rude and lack of concern from Branch manager to the 2 tellers. I waited in line like you should patiently while Marisa Finnished the customer in front of me as I waited 3 cars pulled up at drive up windows. They procedded to help all the cars before me , when I was in line first and longer. I was to pick up money from a customer from western union and Marisa asked for my SS# I told her it wasn't my form of ID she demanded it and so did the other teller. They said it was western union that needed it. The other teller said we as Regions bank need it and branch manager didn't help in any fashion he stood there and said have a nice day as I left the building. What a bunch of rude unprofessional liars. I would never step foot in a Regions bank ever again. It's real funny I went to another WU facility and no mention of SS # . Call any of their help lines you have to give them your SS# just to talk with anyone.

Ashlee Williams

very unhappy with this bank! got scammed and they made it out like it was my fault and closed my account and told me i could never bank with them again. i had never been scammed before so i didnt know any better but the branch manager said i shouldve known better. Told me i couldnt get my paycheck out of my account they would have to email the fraud department and get them to write a check and mail it to me and it would take 10 days. the number they have on website it the customer service number so i had no way of calling the bank i had to always drive down there and i work in Columbus so i had to take my lunch to go down there and i was never in there for longer then an hour because they always had some excuse. i went to them when it first happened and the lady i worked with said she would call me by the end of that day and never did. this started on July 22nd and the closed my account on Monday so it has been going on for a while! i will be telling my friends and family to never use this bank.

Tabitha Townsend

been a customer for years and they refuse to cash check they double charge me on items then expect me to wait week to get my money back some transactions they tell me will be thru that night takes 3-4 days then i have to fill out a form and wait to get money put back in there that shouldn't have ever been pulled out and this has been going on for years money has gone missing out of my account so i'm definitely going somewhere else and never referring them to anyone

Connie Jacobs

This bank is the awfulness bank that I have ever delt with. You cannot get an answer from anyone.

Laura Kiel

Always have issues. Lists incorrect hours online. (Says drive thru opens at 8am) Inconvenient hours. Now they are open for 3 hours on Saturdays, their week day hours are even worse. ATM is frequently out of service. Have had multiple issues over the years. At this point it’s my own fault for not switching sooner but I will be now. Many people tried to warn me when I moved to Florida. Lots of problems here.

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