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REVIEWS OF Mountain America Credit Union IN Arizona

Dominique Branaum

Mountain America is trash! Never get your car loan through them, no one ever answers the phone. It’s just the worst place ever i high recommend you don’t bank with them

Larry Greenly

Fast and friendly.

Jovan Gauthier-Vincent

Their service has been more friendly and understanding recently, but based on my own experiences I would not recommend them. First impressions count, but your mileage may vary. For one thing, they did not go to bat for me or were sympathetic when I got ripped off by an employer who ghosted me and cut off all forms of communication. (The police were no help either.) Their tellers accepted an $1800 fraudulent check from my employer -- something they're supposed to be trained in detecting -- and had nothing in place to protect against it bouncing. I ended up having to pay it off as a loan because I was told at every turn that it was, essentially, my fault for being scammed. Keep in mind, I had no money at that point and was relying on that paycheck for all my living expenses. I tried to explain this to the general manager at the time, as well as the fact that people could bring legal recourse in the future if their tellers accepted fraudulent checks. He literally laughed and rhetorically asked what legal options those people would even had. So, I provided free labor for a dirtbag and to add insult to injury was not taken seriously by the financial institution who is supposed to protect their customers against this sort of thing. Additionally, I had both my credit and debit card information stolen four times over the course of a year and half. I did nothing to have them stolen and this has never happened before or since at other financial institutions. I keep my card information secure and do not enter it over public WiFi networks. I signed up for text alerts when my account had suspicious activity on it but never got those notifications -- these fraudulent charges were found when I was mysteriously short on funds and checked my account. It was time-consuming and a chore to prove that my charges to the Apple Store (which I don't even have an account with) or a T-Mobile location all the way in California were not me. I understand why it has to be that way, but it would have been nice not to have my card info stolen and needing to wait for replacement cards in the first place. To their credit however, every single fraudulent charge was eventually reversed. Thank you for that, Mountain America. When asked if they had anything suspicious like this happen to their other customers, they shrugged and said they didn't know. I was not very reassuring or helpful. The positive thing is that recently, the new general manager has been a lot more friendly. She helped me take out a personal loan, which was easy to understand and pay off. I rather liked the smartphone app they had and its mobile checking feature was quite useful. However, I've since moved on to another financial institution.

Trisha Ray

Never trust this credit union!

Glade Allred

MCOOH! Music

Deborah Moore

Kerry and Sandy at the Paseo branch in Albuquerque are such a pleasure to work with!!! For the 2 years I have been a member, they have always been sooooo helpful in a friendly and professional manner!!!! Great assets to the company!!

Jerilyn Zeller

Peter Gutierrez

Love my bank so much!!!!

Jordan G

Fantastic customer service that always exceeds expectations.

Genessy Trucking Services

Not sure what to think walking in but, by the time we left it felt like we were saying by to old friends. We are glad we will be doing business with Mountain America.

Chris Dougan

Sarah Langston

This was by far the most caring and helpful bank I have ever been to. I was amazed that they furthered my financial goals more in one visit than my previous banks had in the all the years I had been there. I met with Nuria and she was fantastic. Just an amazing place!

Sheri Martinez

Brandy (Drive thru Teller) is awesome. I moved and this branch is fairly close than the one on Thunderbird. Great customer service.

Cynthia Yabut

I only visit the physical branch about 3-4 times a year (mostly use the on-line branch). Rarely a line, and the tellers are always friendly and helpful. The only complaint I have is that the Paseo branch does not have Saturday walk-in hours. This does not matter now that I am retired, but Saturday hours (if only morning or afternoon) were extremely convenient at the San Diego County Credit Union, where I am still a member. This is a minor quibble- overall, MACU is excellent.

briadon schlaegel

Every time I go in Im always helped with a smile and no matter how stupid my questions are they always have a good answer I wont bank anywhere else, and I've just gotta say that Haley down there does a great job every time I need something shes got me shes good to talk to and she always gives good advice five stars!!!

Brooke Clark

Chris Patton

Julie Barringer

OUTSTANDING SERVICE! I'm glad we are transferring most of our $ to them. Everyone is friendly and helpful!

Pamela Orner

I can't say enough about the Staff at Mountain America Credit Union. "My" branch is on Ventura and Paseo. I started by using the drive up since they accepted transactions from other credit unions. The professionalism, personality and environment of this credit union is wonderful; so much so that I transferred my account from a credit union of 40 years to MACU. Additionally, they saved me a great deal of money on services and auto financing. So grateful to have them!

Ian Pierce

Extremely friendly staff! They were very helpful, polite, and the credit union has great financial advantages over my old bank. Here you're a member, not simply a product, (credit unions are essentially co-ops,) so you don't feel like they're trying as hard as possible to make your money into theirs through fees and predatory banking practices like other places. Just don't get trapped in the randomly-arranged parking lot!

Krysta Van Klaveren

Jennifer is the best, she is super friendly and helpful!

Jordan Mcconkie

Carolyn Garner

Aaron H

Jeremy Herriott

Awesome Staff! The wait to talk to a representative was not long at all! Opened up a checking account with in a hour. In and Out!

Lily Young

Horrible online banking services. No 24 hour banking available.

Shonesha Rogers

Tammy K. Was extremely helpful. She was easy going, knowledgeable and efficient. I’d recommend anyone go see her and the tellers there at MACU.

josh nowack

Always someone to take care of us and always super friendly and helpful.

Kyle T

Awesome place to bank! They make everything simple with detailed explanations! Easy to use mobile banking app! Great staff

david ortiz

Reidd Maxwell

Very friendly staff and great services. The mobile app and website are very feature filled and secure, plus any problem I've had has been resolved without me having to worry about it. Definitely recommend.

Jacob Morgan

Mountain america is the best bank I have ever dealt with. I wish they would open some branches in Wyoming.

Shaiane Ramirez

Mary Bunn

FRIENDS: Don't bank with Mountain America. One of the key points of security is accessibility. If I can't even access MY OWN bank account number, ITS TOO SECURE. I have been trying to get the stupid number for 3 DAYS. The people working with the home loan were nice.

ACEverything Channel

Opened a account today, had to wait awhile but the employees (and branch manager) went out of their way to compensate for the time I spent here (about a hour, but it was slow). giving 5 stars because I know mistakes happen and even received a Phone call from the manager herself (Tammy) apologizing for the inconvenience. Well done to everyone at the Ventura branch, Eric is the man!! Made banking with them a pleasure so far. Thank you everyone, even after the frustrating wait I'm glad I drove out of my way to bank with mountain America. - a satisfied customer

Josh Bartlett

Jamie Houston

Always very helpful

Adri Baker

Great customer service and loan rates!!

Richard Bruner

Friendly staff whether you go inside or thru the drive thru!

Ruth Acevedo

You guys are so amazing always willing to help out. you are the reason why I wont bank with anybody else. you guys are awesome

Chelsea Watkins

Scott Goolsby

I've tried every bank in town, this is the only one I will honestly say I like

Kameron Wiech

Superb customer service especially for Small Businesses. I switched from Key Bank and I won't look back. Been banking with them for a few months now, and I haven't had a single issue yet. A membership bank, which is nice. Parking is always awesome here. I definitely recommend!

Jerome McCann

the people there was great to work with we are very happy with Mountain American credit union

Starlette Oaks

brenda anderson

Very friendly credit union I do all my banking at Mountain America in Vernal Utah. Thanks for making me feel welcome as a person and not a number.

Jordan Clark

Very good credit union, been using it for years!

Angelina Garcia

No banking drama ever. I love it.

Carl Epler

My favorite bank, so helpful and in it to better you, not just make money

J Campa

Rita Hunter

I love banking with Mountain America Credit Union nice customer Service.

Bert Wehr

This is Bert's wife, Christine Wehr, I just spoke with Kerry today and Sandy a couple of weeks ago and they are fabulous. This bank & branch are unbelievable. So helpful and never a negative comment or attitude. I can't say enough about this branch. Just the best ever. The regular bank have nothing on these guys. Thank you so much.

Jamie Costa

Pretty disappointing to call and be placed on hold twice by two people for over 10 mins. First I spoke with a girl named Kelly and I let her know what I needed and she said she needed to place me on hold so she could get back to her computer, and never answered the line. I waited for 10 mins and then called again thinking there was a problem with the phone. The next girl that answered did not give me her name and sounded annoyed I called. I let her know I had been placed on hold by Kelly and she said quite rudely sorry but you’re going to be placed on a hold again! Then she never came back to the line either! Terrible customer service!

mark espinoza

drive stayed open for me 3minutes after they closed . soo cool !!!! wells farto would never do that for me .

Evan Bassett

Amazing service, Friendly faces and great loan procedures. Banking with these guys are a breeze. They will take care of all you Banking and Loan needs. Stop in a say hello Pablo and Connie are who I work with.

Ethan Mitchell

Great people working in all of the banks give all them raises been bank with them for 6 years nothing but good things from them

Eric Velasquez

Good rates for an investment property here! If your credit is good, you only need 10% down here.

Tracie Hall

Kinsey Johnson

The drive up at the Ammon location is terrible. I don't even know if the bankers even pay attention to it. I have to push the Call Teller button multiple times each time I go. I usually have a good experience going inside but that's not always convenient when my kids are with me.

Connie Higgs

Shauna Goodsell

Good to work with

Suzie Chiles

Have banked here for 8 years and have loved it, they've always helped us out when we needed it. their customer service is top notch, would recommend to everyone.

Rashael Dunn

I've been a part of Mountain America since I was 16 it's been the best place to banks in this town

Steven Cline

Good customer service. Good app. Terrible bill pay service. Do not use for auto bill pay

Maryann k Helm

Over the Top!! Customer Service # 1 Friendly # 1 Knowledgeable # 1 LOVE Mountain America Credit Union!

Joshua Day

Larry Hudman

Would NEVER bank here. I purchased a car from a member of theirs. They failed to tell us the car was not even in the members name after their notary witnessed our bill of sale and took our check to pay off the loan. We have had to wait for a title to be issued in the previous sellers name, then his son's name before we can even register the car. Every time I call I get told something different. They blame DMV, DMV blames them. After trying to register the car and finding all this out, we returned to the branch and waiting in line for 20 minutes. Granted it was the day after a holiday, but we waited. But, then, they would not help us. I was actually told because we were not members we would have to wait for a different person to help us. Even though, only hours earlier, they happily took our check and failed to inform us of pertinent information. Have made several calls, never able to get to the one person who I needed to talk to. Calls routed to the wrong place, said she did not find that name at that branch, oh my gosh! Finally got in my car and drove there. Asked to speak to this specific person and was told she was at lunch. Tried to allow someone else to help, but with the complexity of the situation, offered to see if she was back. Watched her go in her office and she came to talk to her. She was there the entire time. SO they lied. Then we were given a loan release, thought we could get the title now, but no, it was not worth the paper it was written on. So, it's been a month now. Still no title, still can't call and get through. Guess I am going to have to get in my car and drive over there. Final thoughts... WOULD NEVER BANK HERE! and to the people of the bank - HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY!!

Carrol Jaramillo

Quick & Friendly service

Bill Grimmett


Extremely helpful and friendly staff. Real people that care about people.

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