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REVIEWS OF Bank of America Financial Center IN Arizona

Aaron Aceves

Change my review to 1 start. 2 people moving a cart from one side to another, 3 executives attending 3 clients, 1 person just walking around doing nothing and just 1 cashier for 20 people, is this a joke? Where is the manager? I’ll like to see him trying to attend the people, I’ll lime to see him as a cashier attending, not hiding in his room

Mariyah Bryant

TERRIBLE service. I went in to get a replacement card and was made to wait rather long as other people went in front of me. Then when I spoke up and said that I was next, I was immediately shut down as if I was disturbing the peace. Once it was my turn, I didn't even get shown how to use my card like those who went in front of me (and had to ask to). In short, if I were not a young black woman, I would've been given tip top service and treated with way more respect. I will never go back here again and suggest anyone not to, either. Get new management and not hood rats from the streets of Wilmington.

S am

Tells me my account was closed. She then tells me to call customer service, even though that's HER job. I call and they tell me the only thing I need to do is go to a branch with 2 forms of I.D to re-open my account. Had she called, I wouldn't have wasted gas nor time going back and forth.

Mike Webb

Nice enough, but no help at all. Directed to online or phone customer service. Hyper-Hold for over an hour. The very nice "real" service agent could have accomplished this in 5 minutes. Done with these indignities and B of A.

Charles Morris Supreme

very slow service the management is garbage, only one teller on fridays and no air condition

Christian Orozco

Will Mcgee

Justin Zhao

Devin Justine

The atm took my money and not a single person inside was able to do more than hand me a phone number. I absolutely hate this bank as a whole they charge you for holding your money as well and it’s annoying!

francisco vargas

(Translated by Google) Good attention (Original) Buena atención


I was very well treated at this branch.

Omar Encarnacion Ortiz

Very nice and professional!!!

kory vandamme

Rafael Castro

Candice Diggs-Jenkins

I went to this branch yesterday around, it was moderately crowded, so I thought I'd grab a few brochures and return later. I came back today, at 3:45PM, pretty empty, plenty of tellers, yet know one greeted me. All I wanted was to ask a few questions to the personal bankers, but I decided to leave instead. I was there for a good 10 minutes, just sitting and waiting. I remember why I left them years ago.

Jonathan urvina

Went in there to get an account successfully got it and everything was coming out perfect and 2days later they closed my account no reason at all and won't give me one cause there was no statement for why it was closed so to me just a waste of time

steve rossiter

Jose Manuel Monsalve Díaz

Bank staff was lovely

Mark Leeds

Good service at tellers. Wait for other services can be very, very long. Come early or bring a good book. The ATM machine runs slow. It is a great convenience having this branch here if you use them. Tellers are very professional and the manager is attentive.

shweta singh

I had a terrible experience at this branch. The branch was full of people when I came. No one greeted me. I was there for availing their notary services and I clearly stated it in my call ( I took an appointment for it a week back stating clearly that I wanted to get my passport documents notarized , left office early to make it in time for my appointment ) . Once I reached there, I parked on the street (paid parking). They have some parking that can be validated but it was really confusing. When I went to the Bank Notary to get my documents notarized, he asked for my id and all and then told me how he cannot notarize my documents. I was shocked since i clearly mentioned what I wanted notarized when I called to take an appointment. Then he said, after bank hours, I can !!! All he wanted was to make some money and no one from the bank came up to me and asked if I needed any help. He is getting paid by the bank and not notarizing documents for their customers . What a scam! And he has the guts to ask me to wait for 30 mins as he can notarize the documents in non-bank hours. My husband got the same set of documents notarized through another branch of Bank of America and he didn't face any such problems!! I will definitely report this incident to the customer service

Eric Jones

Reyna Burruel

Made a payment. No problems. Quick and friendly lady at the window.

Oscar Asbury

Horrible customer service starting from the top. Worthy of zero stars.

Ji Gi

Fan Wu

Raquel Bello

Tiffany is a blessing! Amazing customer service.

Shannon P

Omar Malik

The worst BOA in Tampa Bay. One teller. wait time over 30 mins. And as the Riverview area grows they believe good customer service equals 1 teller, go to CHASE or Wells Fargo, better service more tellers, shorter wait.

Libu Thomas

Hour and half for notary

Rick Salerno

Visited to cash paycheck and teller denied me because my state identification card was bent ive cashed checks all over the us with this Id and this wasvonly place to ever denie me garbage ass place garbage ass tellers

Cari Buckner

I would give them 0 if it was an option. Went in to change my name on my account to my married name and instead they signed me up for another account. Took me 3 months to get them to change my name on the account I originally went in to change. Very, very deceptive and unfortunate. All I wanted to do was change my name and now I'm stuck with two accounts. To make their deceptive practices worse, my Internet was down yesterday and could not make a payment. Because of what happened previously I am petrified to go into the location. I was one day late on my payment on a 5 year old account in perfect standing that has never been late and they refuse to waive the fee. Such a horrible experience overall, I would avoid BOA at all costs!!! My main banking is with Space Coast Credit Union and what a wonderful place. This would have never happened there.

Nancy Ceniceros

Vanessa Canales

So Slow... only one teller ....

Jung Han

No ones are willing to work !! Slowest place and never kind. Also they are not expert any service !!

Ben Patterson

Gustavo Rondon

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention! (Original) Exelente atención !

Maria Gabriela

Jiaqi Jia

Very nice service

Sarah Gonzalez

So happy to have BofA here. Drive through atm and three inside lobby available after hours.. I have not been inside yet but all good with ATM services.

Susie Vance

The employees at this branch were not helpful or friendly. I arrived at the bank shortly before closing to drop off a document. She wouldn't let me drop it off because, "We're closed." She wanted me to make an appointment to drop off a document. When I got to my car, I noticed it was still a couple of minutes before 4:00pm, their closing time. I guess I will mail the document - I live 20 minutes away. In the future, I will probably try to avoid doing business with Bank of America.

Drea Mie

Terrible. The lady at the front is a Stage 10 busy body. It just comes off very gossipy and unprofessional. Not the kind of place I want to keep our money. The sad part is these business select the wrong people as the first person/s, customers see when they walk in. It speaks volumes about this location. I will not be returning. Went with PNC.

Angel Gutierrez

They have the Worst customer service, they have a very bad attention to disable customer's

Michael Kessler

I have an Superior credit rating. O have premium rewards account and money market account. Their lending policies suck, so I will move to WSFS or PNC.

Christian Dean

This bank is a terrible bank who doesn’t care about their customers. Their system is out of date and will make you pay over 500 dollars worth of late fees. Also they will not keep your information up to date on the account. Their customer service is terrible too, I would never have a bank at Bank of America again.

dana aviles

The worst customer service... Told i need wait at least 2hr to reset my atm pin number... Like really there wad a total of 6 customer in bank at the time... Everyrhing i come to this location always a long wait. Last week i waited close to 3 hr for someone to help me... Ridiculous. Feeling like time to find a new bank for really.. This bank sucks. And you try talking to someone they just give you the run around.. And BS excuses! Like what happened to really customer service??

Rebecca Vidal

I wish I could give zero stars. Bank of America makes it so hard for their customers to even access their own money. I tried to make a cash deposit for a family member who had an emergency and needed the cash right away. I was told I could only deposit using a check or money order. Since I was concerned that a check may have a hold put on it, I specifically asked and was told that they wouldn't know until AFTER making the deposit, but I could also bring a money order. Of course, they don't sell money orders, so I had to spend over an hour running to several ATMs to get the cash, prove the cash's source to the money order place and then ce back and stand in line AGAIN at BofA only to be told the money order, that I JUST used cash to purchase, would also not be immediately available for withdrawal. This is for "security reasons" when I paid cash for the money orders. I was not told the first time that the money wouldn't be available, and now have two money orders written to my family member that I have to figure out how to get to be for the emergency. Ridiculous policy that is not customer friendly and just makes things harder for people. This adds another reason that I no longer do business with Bank of America and encourage you to look elsewhere for a bank!

Jon Jon

Excellent bank, always on point. ATMs are sometimes out of money... I guess that's a good thing though.

Namo 911

Make sure you have an hour of your schedule on any given day dedicated to being here. Not including travel time.

Jayden Calleo

Never had any trouble with this BOA branch, been going here since 2017 after moving from Texas! Thank you!

One hot tamale

The people are nice but the wait is forever long EVERYTIME I go there. There is only 1 teller that ever works at the front and usually I see 4 to 5 others working the desk area. Please get more tellers! No drive threw either. 1 person taking care of all the customers isn't fair to the teller and or all the customers. I don't bank here and dont plan on ever banking here due to seeing how much the customer doesn't matter to this particular branch. I come here only to because the company I work for does their banking here.

Robert Milligan

I like the teller and out, no waiting.


Went in to make a withdrawal because I reached my daily atm limit and they only have one cash tailor working! And about 4 people sitting at their desk including the manager on a Friday afternoon. This isn't the first time Very inconvenient.

Moto E5 play

Would not recommend if you care about your personal info and your money keep it in your wallet and don't put it in this bank

Michael Bessolov

Paying for parking to visit a bank branch??? And then waiting in line of cars to get out of parking??? No, thank you, never again.

Joe Hagan

Slowest bank I have ever used, only one teller works at a time. No drive thru. Wait is never shorter than 45 minutes. Literally anywhere is better than this place. I would give them 0 stars if possible. Horrible service!

Ala Ashour

Dianne Cherrez

The parking is free for 15 min. but it takes that long to get to the location, once you're in the lot.

Sylvia Navarro

Ennui Malaise

Super friendly staff, very courteous & fast - a bit crowded around lunch & on the weekend, but that's to be expected at any bank - I appreciate the talk-to-teller thingy offered!! Every time I had an issue with my account, I was assisted in a prompt & friendly manner, the staff took their time walking me thru the matter &, if need be, opened a claim (my claims were investigated appropriately & resolved in my favor each time). This branch is wonderful. Thanks!

Michael Lacy

These are, without a doubt, the slowest human beings on the face of the earth. Plus it's always understaffed; there's four stations and I've never seen more than two open at a time. Bankers on the floor take forever to help cashiers that signal for assistance. EDIT: Demoting to one star because it took two tellers half an hour to complete 6 transactions. Bankers were blatantly standing around doing nothing. I watched in disbelief as one teller closed her station and went to lunch while there were still ten people in line.

Tracy Voss

Yumac L

Saidulu Kommineni

Good staff

CoolGuy 3478

Would Be Better If There Was A Table Near The ATM

Dianesimmons898 Playz


Comfortable drive thru , Banking

Ryan Simpson

They have always done me right here.

Yuridia S.

(Translated by Google) They never answer calls as they are busy, and one goes to the branch and is empty or there are 1 or 2 people nothing more (Original) Nunca contestan las llamadas según están ocupados,y va uno a la sucursal y esta vacía o hay 1 o 2 personas nada mas

Jonathan Cervantes

Milutin Jeftic

Great place for business. Thank you

Patricia Eileen

Only ever have one teller on. Every Friday it's the same thing. Ridiculous. Employees walk around doing nothing while people wait in line for an hour because of something they can't do at an atm.

Anthony Conde

This bank has the worst customer service

Robert Cruz

Short staffed. This is unconscionable considering that it's a pay day for most people. Very poor judgment on the part of BOA Management.

Monica Nevarez

They don’t care about the costumers, they just talking around, doing nothing. They have just one poor lady doing deposits, etc, with a waiting line ( 20 people ) .. i spend a 1 hour 15 min and this happen’ ALWAYS! Do something about ir!

Chris Brownfield

Absolutely the worst. What is the point of putting the ATM inside? Congratulations, you've completely defeated the purpose of the ATM

Destiny Prentice

Daniel Gutierrez

Ferrarini's Garage

Horrible customer service, they don't know how to talk to customer.

Melissa Stafford

I have banked with BOA for a very long time, this location has gone downhill. I stood in line for a long time with only 1 teller working. I ended up leaving. Not one single employee acknowledged anyone coming in or waiting. I have tried to call to make an appointment to discuss my IRA and no one answers. The recording says to set up an appointment online, which you can't do since the person they have listed is no longer there. Very disappointed!!

Phillip Cheng

samaria reyes

William Terry

Have done business here many years always a pleasent experience

Danny Yoko

Tyler Baker

Needed to deposit one check, I have been in line for over an hour. This is by far the worst bank in the Riverview area. GO ANYWHERE ELSE!! You will have faster and better service. I promise you.

allie_ inwonderland

Artem Violety

I have been a B of A customer for 20+ years, but I just switched to Chase Bank thanks to the experience at this branch. I just wanted to add my wife to my checking account and went in on Saturday to do it. Ended up going to Chase to add myself to her account instead and closing my B of A account. With 3 people waiting for help, one teller at this branch spent an hour with a customer, but she obviously didnt know what she was doing, so that every few minutes she would call over someone else to help. The other banker was too busy chatting up a young woman outside of the branch instead of helping customers. Both should be retrained or fired.

Oscar Fuenmayor

Em este lugar solo encontre un Wells Fargo Bank no un Bank of America

Jonathan Ramirez

By far the worst experience I have had in a bank. This is the closest bank of america in weston to my house and I choose to drive to the farthest just to get good customer service. Most recently I was in need of a temporary card. I walked in with no other customers around. I was met by the manager that did not seem to care. There was one lady that was 45 minutes late to her appointment after i had been there 5 and she was taken before me. Didnt know you can show up that late and be considered a priority. Then I had another women walk up to me and tell me it would take an hr to get my temporary card. Again no problem waiting but there were no other customers in the bank and this ladys reasoning was that there are appointments coming in Over the next hour and that the 4 other employees in the bank twiddling their thumbs couldnt help me. Now me physically being there and no one doing anything would take a backseat to people who werent there yet a whole two minute operation to get a temporary card over an hr. I believe everyone except for tellers should be fired. Outrageous the amount of laziness. Also the ldy that asked if i had called the fraud department first office to the right when you walk in told me i should call on my own time on my own phone because its the same number she would call. Again outrageous.

Sarah Sumner

Paul Jay

Horrible wait times no matter when I go,, I've since closed my account with this bank. I went with the closer much more people friendly bank (regions). My real experience with this Bank of America, is that myself and at least a dozen other people would wait for one teller... I am not alone either, I can see by the comments below other people have experienced the same hassle there, the sad thing is employees would be walking around all over or sitting around doing nothing while tons of people would wait !! .. Seriously- no exaggerations, I personally wasted many a lunch break on the greedy Bank of America do nothing employees.. Also there would be some goofy manager walking around asking what we were doing there, but not bothering to open a second teller window. There would also be people sitting behind the desk just looking at the crowd of people waiting and waiting and waiting. Goodbye Bank of America you guys sucked


Good Luck, if you are trying to call them on the phone! They are all busy unless you make an appointment. Only with this bank because we were "grandfathered" into a free safety box. Now they want to start charging for that and Checking. Wish they would STOP nickel and dime'ng us. This is why the bulk of our money is w/ our Credit Union.

Tony Wang

Closed at business hours with no explanation!!! Had many customers waiting outside.

Alvina Francisco

I went in to this B of A on Saturday (12/9/17) to cash a check. I have an account at a different bank and so I didn't mind if there was going to be Fee. So I go up to the teller (a man) and right away he said he needed the manager to sign of on it? And they ask me to have a seat at one of the desk and the manager Abril? (pretty sure that was her name) she starts heckling me to open an account and I told her I was fine with my bank, and continued to explain that I wasn't expecting to receive a check and I usually DO NOT. Because thru my employer I have direct deposit. She kept repeating herself and made me feel very uncomfortable. And she continued to state how my bank was very Inconvenient and how much easier it would be to bank with B of A. I wasn't going to change my mind. She seemed very nice at first but once I said did not want to switch she got very rude, pushy and her tone just changed. I felt very intimidated. I really thought she wasn't going to let me cash my check. But they did. And after that conversation with her, the teller who helped me he was trying to make small talk and I just hung my head low and didn't really respond to him when he was counting my money. I don't think I will go back to this Bank Of America.

Wanda Kennedy

Cam Gallegos

How does one go about contacting someone at this branch? I've been trying all day and I can't get anyone to answer the phone.


People are nice here. 3 ATM's. The drive through is convenient but the ATM is hard to get close to.

Rana Brahma

Aibek Kalmurzaev

Went in to make a payment onto my secure credit card using a suntrust check and the manager told me that I wouldn’t be able to because I don’t have a checking account with them and that I would have to cash the check first at suntrust where they charge10% and make a payment using cash. But I figured out that all I needed to do is deposit the check using a atm, that’s all it took! I could understand if a intern misguided me and gave me the wrong information but the manager?!

teepat sutabutra

George Manuel Illacuci Edghill

Evan Zocchi

Never more than one teller...always a long line

Nancy Tallent

Would not recommend this bank your info isn't safe here and they will close your account for no reason whatsoever then make it hard for you to get your money if you value your money do not do business with them just my opinion

Jessica Rieman

Brown Iverson

Carlos is the best there, and im a foreign student so go there, but might have to pay for parking cus its only 1 hr free.

Shapemasters International

Most friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating and help beyond call of duty staff. Manager is always ready to help ANYBODY. Officers are all service oriented.

willian caceres

Best bank

Oink Apps

Slowest service ever! Managers and other workers doing everything but attending to customers. No urgency or consideration for depositors. They truly don’t care about their customers. Wells Fargo’s service is a million times better. This is coming from a “high valued” customer. I will say other BOFA’s are also way better than this branch.

Johnny Dico

Staff is always friendly and eager to assist when needed. Service is generally quick. Drive thru ATM is nice as well.

Bryant Rodriguez Peralta

Went in for something quick, friendly customer service but the wait is so long.

Kevin Etter

Michelle Nelson

Sunny & Wayne

Super friendly Staff. Very busy Saturday and a bit of waiting but all staffs were courteous and nice. I definitely recommend this branch over the Parsons branch. Thank you.


Humble staff

Grazia Majonica

We alway had amazing custumer Service, Tony is always ready to smile and give the welcome, Felipe, the cashiers are amazing Five star for all them!

Richard Kennedy

No complaints.

Alice Seabolt

Best bank ever

Suraj Singh

Alysce Dunnavant

Absolute worst experience ever your info isn't safe with them and they will close your account and withhold your money for no reason

Norma Zertuche

Worst customer service! Asked for help and she just said fill out this paper and go up.asked again for help filling out paper and she said youhave to fill out thr paper to help frustrated !

Paul Perez

No drive up banking... It seems there's always only one teller working whenever I come in... Not the most convenient hours... They keep trying to up sell me every single time I come in so that I have more reason to be inconvenienced....

Silvana Canale

Horrible place and terrible customer service. This place looks like a flee market. Nobody respects anybody. Clients talk to the financial adviser in front of you, FA talks back to them. I've waited for my appointment over and hour and they couldn't help me at all. They told to come back M-F and go to a different branch. I will never go back to that branch.

MR: Goncalves

The Best .. thanks


Excellent services


Michael Gagne

Christiana Gifford

Alisha Lollis

Would rate -5 stars. Took 4 hours to get 20$ out and counting.they need to hire more ppl

Crystal L

This was the worse experience I have ever had at a bank. First, the agent asked the reason I am there. I asked if we could go to the private desk. She said she was only checking me in. She then preceded to give me my private information after checking me in. We were in the very small lobby with 4 other people. Then we FINALLY get to speak to someone. The desk was next to 2 tellers that had live people video to assist. The volume was at its highest. It made it impossible to hear the rep I was taking to. I tried calling earlier and they told me to come in. I came in and had to call someone fron the bank. So I came in to speak on the phone. Smh

Wael Alalawi

Celia De Freitas

Mohammed AL

Judith Shirley

Krysta Alsioury

Unfortunate I have to give this place even one star if I could have it my way it would have no stars. I was in line for over 45 minutes waiting. There was only one teller working the whole entire desk with a line full of people taking her sweet time, having full blown conversations while two other employees just seem to be walking back and forth not doing anything not even offering help. By the time I got to the desk the lady had an attitude as if she was the one wasting 45 minutes standing in line.. absolutely ridiculous.. This is not only the slowest bank but definitely the worst bank in Riverview. My first and final visit there.

Amy Raynes

Everytime I come into the Bank in Summerfield FL you always have to wait forever. Instead of someone opening a nother teller, they have you stand in line forever. They rather have the manager stand @ the door asking in front of everyone else what you are here for. It is not everyone else's business what your in the bank for. I stood in this line for about 25-30 min & there was only 2 customers (including me) & one with the teller.

Karina Bedolla

Shobhan Singh

At last BOFA near my place. Nice and welcoming staff.

Tina Chambers

No not a week ago

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