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REVIEWS OF American Southwest Credit Union IN Arizona

Cheryl Jones

Rude tellers rude so called bankers. You try to call on phone Noone answered you go up there to credit union. They ignore calls that come in. I will be moving my accts soon. Don't go there

Nick Hoffsmith

I have had more issues with these guys than any bank I've ever been with. Their tellers are generally polite, but EVERY call I've ever had, they've been extremely rude and not helpful. I had a vehicle loan through them, and when the vehicle was totaled, they threatened to collect the money from ME 30 days before the deadline "because they can" rather than going through my insurance company who I had full coverage on the vehicle through. The supervisor told me my credit was going to go down the drain. They finally contacted insurance after harassing me several times, received the check from insurance, and THEN decided to be polite when THEY owed ME money from my gap coverage on the same vehicle. Literally would not recommend this credit union to anyone.

Jason Sampson

I applied for a personal loan I recieved an email stating the application was recieved and I would be contacted shortly by a loan officer to complete the process. The next day i recieved a message on their website from a loan officer who didnt provide a name but simply instead asked "whats the loan for?" I replied to the email address provided and stated I had questions please call me to discuss in person. I never got a reply so I called and they said my loan officer was Denise Jiminez so I left her a voice mail to please contact me, She never did. I called multiple times and was told she was not available and they'd have her call me she, never did. I asked for a different loan offi er and was told the other one was out and that Denise would call me. I called this morning and asked for the manager I wad told she is not available but if I leave a message she'll call me back soon, she never did. I went to the branch wasted my lunch break to ask to have the credit inquiry removed from my credit report as the ran my credit but never provided me any services and I got to speak to the manager she was confused and unappologetic she jotted my info down on a scratch piece of paper and said she'll call me. We'll see. I went to another bank and got serviced right away. I'm glad this all happened before I opened a new business checking acct., personal checking and savings acct., and loan with them.

Michal Mack

Not a good place to do business.

Kristofer Newtson

Went in to American Southwest Credit Union to get change for two 20's today. Imagine how shocked I was when the manager asked me loud enough so that the waiting customers could hear; "Is this for personal use or for your business?" I told her I just needed change and it was for personal use. She said "Because we cant support WHAT YOU DO!" What? Like I am some kind of drug dealer or something. It is a personal bank account my wife and I share. Not a business account of any kind! What difference does it make WHERE I work? Why was I singled out and embarrassed like this? The manager must have heard "through the grapevine" that I work for a local NON PROFIT Medical Marijuana Dispensary! I don't appreciate being discriminated against by my Credit Union, and being singled out in front of everyone. There are plenty of better places to keep my money. Terrible customer service!

Todd Kleinert

Friendly staff.

Kara Nicole

Kylie Zavala

Easy way to bank convenient ways to handle money, MSR & tellers are great.

Niall Tinney

So i think its about time to do a class action lawsuit against this credit union we have as the members here... i have caught them flip flopping transaction to benefit themselves such as if you have over draft protection with them.. lets say you have $85 in your account then buy something for $35 one day the next day you pull $300 out knowing you have $50 in the account and knowing that you will pay a $28 fee for the overdraft.. well then they turn around flip those two transactions so they can charge you for two $28 overdraft fees... how many of the members actually have caught this happen and have them correct it... i have thought that was happening so i put it to the test and well what do you know they are for a fact doing this.... i had to call them and fix this issue and advised them this is not the first its happened but they refused to look back in time more than a couple days so they only fixed the one that was in the last few days.... i feel like i might get an attorney to have an investigation done for all the memebers they may be frauding...

Timothy Dejarnett

Great customer service. Always helpful with all my questions.

Pejmon Hodaee

Adela Rembao

We have used American Southwest for a few years now and absolutely love it better than our previous bank. We were getting fees for everything and here we haven't gotten any even when we have over draft a couple of times. Staff if always helpful.

James MacLean

Not an NCUA credit union and they charge $5.00 for ATM service. Definitely not user friendly.

Jango Kango

I have always had great service with American Southwest Credit Union...either at the Sierra Vista branch or over the phone, the representatives have been professional and very helpful.

Tab Jo

They do charge non-members for services. Wells Fargo just seems to be the best bank around. So super helpful for people traveling through! This place, not so much.

Suzy Reed

If I could give no stars I would. This bank has no costumer service, no way to make appointments, just first come first served. Rude at the costumer service desk, no sympathy for a person with a busy scheduled. I've used this bank for 10 years and they have not gotten any better, just worse. I'm moving to another credit union.

Randy Sonoqui

Got bank ideas from my bank that would change the world thanks swcu !

Richardcardner Saulog

Elsie Ivette Estrada

Lori MacAlister

Sally Nava

Disappointed! I tried to log into my account from Costa Rica, which I have been doing since I opened the account about three years ago. Now,all of a sudden, I can't get to my login page, the one I have had saved since the beginning. It worked a few days ago, and now, nothing, zip, nada... There is no way to get logged frustrating!

David Allee

Opening an account was easy and fast. Staff were friendly. Well give them 5 stars so far and hope they continue to give good service. The negative reviews had me lmao.

Brian Driscoll

They make their customers clean spills, let lost dogs hangout outside and do nothing about it, and one of the employees came running out yelling at a customer that he would cancel their account because she ran over a cone. They obviously don't care about their jobs and just run through the motions.


I would give 0 stars to this place. Very rude and have fees for paying your bill . Sounds like 840 dollars extra to your payments if your decide not to go to their bank or do auto payments .

Andrew Saunders

I'd give 0 stars if possible. This bank just sucks. I usually give honest reviews of my experiences so this is it. Customer service, horrible at best, tried to fix my account from some erroneous overdraft fees and was treated like I'm the cheat. This bank waits to update so they can charge you fees, I can't make this up. On top of not answering calls, closed on the weekends, good luck trying to purchase anything on your debit card. Every time I go to the mall or shop online it's the same deal, they block my card, but they aren't there to unblock it on the weekends, when I'm shopping and need my cards. I notified them and visa on several occasions to NOT block or restrict my cards but here we are Saturday morning Internet shopping and I can't buy anything because they've blocked my card again! As much as I despite bank of America at least I could use my cards when I needed to. ASCU GET BENT!

Desert Dove Kicks

Horrible just awful people! How are they still open?

Isabella Pierce

Tom Joyce

I like using credit unions for banking. It’s like a not for profit bank. Had pretty good luck in the past but when I moved to Sierra Vista last Fall, there wasn’t much selection. I didn’t qualify for Navy Federal so despite the less than stellar reviews, I went with ASCU. My first warning (after the bad reviews) should have been: In the course of opening my account, they had me fill out this form saying they could disclose to the Feds how much money I would be taking in and out of the account and how much of that would be transactions with Mexico. What? I was new here and we’re close to Mexico but, really I doubt they make everyone fill out that form. I must have looked like Scarface to them or something. I get done with all that and they give me an ATM card that looks like someone printed it on a home printer. And that is not a temporary card. No chip on it, still swiping in 2016. I found out later, they are not part of the Co-Op network so even if you use this card at another Co-Op, you will be charged an ATM fee. Lame. I got home and go to set up on-line banking for bill paying and such. The website was set up by a third party whose name is in the web address. That is just a terrible look. And the design looks like a high school kid did it as a class project. But here’s why I finally switched to Navy Federal, (any veteran can use them now): I go in to the ASCU branch to change a $20 bill to laundry quarters. The teller asks me for my ATM card. Then my driver’s license. Then for the password for my online account! I am not kidding. This is the second time this has happened so I started to question him about it but he kept interrupting me. Very rude. When I finally got my quarters, I told him I was taking my little account to Navy Federal. As I turned to leave, the chubby older lady who is always at the sitting teller window said, “Have a nice day, sir!” in a very sarcastic way. She had nothing to do with the conversation. Would you bank with people like this? After I set up my account at Navy Federal, I went back to the ASCU branch and asked to speak to the manager. The manager was not in at 10:30am on a Monday and the assistant manager is on leave. So, this will take the place of my letter to the manager and also a warning to you. If you don’t qualify for Navy Federal Credit Union, maybe just try one of the banks in Sierra Vista. Avoid ASCU.

Jeannette Lowe

None of my transactions seem to go as smoothly as I had hoped here.

Edward Huerta

never again.

LaSayle Myers

When I first switched to this bank, it was Huachuca Federal, and the best bank in the area. They treated their members like they mattered. Since the rebuilding of the Sierra Vista branch, they seem to be under the mistaken impression that they can treat their customers like Wells Fargo, and remain in business. Wells Fargo is huge, and can afford a few cargo ships full of lawyers packed in like sardines. Wells Fargo can afford to lose a few million when they can't cover up exactly how many lives they ruin in the quest for the next dollar. I took just a little too long, when I saw the warning signs, the new rules taking away the rights of their customers. They are going downhill much faster than expected, and anyone who can't afford to lose a lot of money, should be hitting the exit, fast. It would have been more honest to rename it Huachuca Savings and Loan.

Kate McDonough

I wish negative stars was an option. Horrible experiences with customer service. No one ever returns phone calls, they will leave a call on hold for extended amounts of time, forced to stand in multiple lines because no one person can do more than one type of work.

Trish Pettijohn

Stephanie at ASCU in Sierra Vista deserves a raise. She is extremely nice, knowledgeable, efficient, and handled my issue with my Mom's estate within ONE DAY. I am dealing with three other banks with the exact same issue, and they have all told me this will take weeks. Stephanie is incredible and one of the nicest people I've ever dealt with in a bank.

nailin palin

I've had this credit union since forever. They legit never changed. Auto deposits like child support and even pay checks take forever to post and you literally have to wait days for your money if it's a holiday. I'm tired of banking in 2002. I'm going to find a new credit union.

Julio N. Cardona

Glad they are out of my life, had my direct deposit going since they were HFCU in 1982, never had a problem with them while I was assigned all over the world did all my banking over the phone, these people took over, and nothing but problems, traveled 1900 miles to close the account believe me it was worth it, I just feel sorry for the young soldiers that are taken advantage of. Piece of advice don't do business with these people get another Bank.


There is a very disrespectful employee named Erin who will share your account information without verification of your identity. She did that with my account 3 times. She never verified my phone number nor address which is supposedly what they are supposed to verify before sharing information. I told Erin what she did wrong and she just argued with me. I left multiple messages to the manager and i never received a call back. I closed my account and I will never recommend this credit union to anyone.

Kelsey Norton

Super frustrated with this bank. Every month there is a new problem. At one point, a lady made a mistake and deposited someone else’s $2500 into my account and then a month later they told me they were going to need it back. I had put it in my savings, but asked what they would have done if I didn’t have it and I was told that my account would have been thrown negative and I would have been expected to make payments. The woman kept her job. Another time my payroll check wasn’t depositing after 3 days, so I called and the woman told me that they were having “difficulties”. I tried to be understanding and waited a few more days. Still nothing, so I called again. This woman told me that it must have gotten caught up somewhere, asked for my info, and had the problem solved in minutes. A few of their staff are great at their jobs, but the vast majority either don’t know anything or just don’t care. This bank has cost me so much money and I will be switching as soon as my loan is paid off. I am so tired of paying the price for their enployees’ mistakes.

Larry Thompson

Had the opportunity to be helped my Ralph. I had a few things that I needed done. All was perfect. That's Customer Service with all Caps. Great job Ralph

Anthony Work

Not sure what everyone else's experience has been, but ASCU is the best Credit Union in town by far. I wont use anyone else!!!

Antonio Guthrie

I've been a customer of the ASCU and its predecessor, the Huachuca Federal Credit Union since 1981. In the 34 years of having the ASCU as my primary and often, only, financial institution, they have never made an error in thousands of checking, savings and loan transactions. For 34 years, my fees have been exactly $0. Customer service has been great and loans have been quick and simple to obtain.

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