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REVIEWS OF Wells Fargo Bank IN Alaska

James Goetz

Ro Li

I routinely do my banking at this branch. I've never had a single bad experience no matter how small or big of a business I do here. People are very friendly and they do their best to provide the help I need. There is a Bank of America much closer to my office but I always try to come to this Wells because I feel my business is appreciated here.

Grace Chard

As of May 2016 (and banking here over 1.5 years), I can tell you that this branch is GOOD. They're FAST, courteous, and the employees are so, so friendly to me-- like immensely friendly. So many of them speak Spanish too! Very laid back atmosphere... Also, the manager always says hi to me. Every. Single. Time. Cool bank!

James Watters

Waited in line for 15 minutes to watch someone open a window, help one person and walk away and stare at me waiting for another 10 minutes, worst customer service I’ve ever experienced at a bank by far.

air twenty

I had a horrible experience at bank of America but I can always count on wells fargo to help

Luis Garcia

Friendly Staff!!! Great Customer Service!!! A smile and a thank you is rare now a days not for this crew. Coffee is always Fresh. From Am to Deep in the afternoon like they know I come for the coffee. DONT CHANGE PLEASE!!!

Richard Thomas


This bank will not answer their phone... EVER! Three days straight of calling multiple times and they are always "unavailable" at the time. Makes no sense to have a phone number displayed if your customers cannot get a hold of you.

Cindy Magee

I prefer the Hardy st branch over the Turtle Creek location. Both are great but I enjoy the girls at the Hardy branch. Thx y'all.

Jessica Pouncey

Quick and always ready to help

Caitlyn Richards

Great customer service.

Melissa Here

No stars! This bank is horrible! I deposited a check and waited well over 24hrs, as they stated, for the funds to clear. I drove a hour to this bank and a hour home, after they told me I could not cash a check. So I had to drive back a third day to cash a check. On top of it they had the nerve to charge me a check cashing fee as well. All this drama(fuel, check charge, and time) I could have went to a check cashing place. I will definitely not ever use this bank for personal or business!

Pat Livengood

Olguita Castañeda

karl tipple

Very bad Bank they don't take there own checks

Clarence Eastham

I had to get a checking account in a hurry as I was moving states quickly. John Clay Davies got everything handled quickly and efficiently. I appreciate his friendly demeanor and professionalism - definitely the best banking experience I've had so far. Additionally, branch manager Jackie Jackson was accommodating and helpful, making sure I felt welcome and to come to her with any questions.

Benjamin Dickey

Helpful staff and has atm

CarLarans Coles

Kedian Taborn

Went they a simple document notorized for a national company and they refused saying it didn't look right. Literally, walked down the street 1 block and got it done at Bank of America. Sadly I had to pay because it wasn't my bank. I've been with them from the Wachovia days (21 years) and this is how I got treated... SMH...

Taylor Barrett

Friendly service...

Mac Pherson

Love this bank it helped me out to FULLEST

Parker McCumber

I go into this branch regularly and have always been met by a cheerful greeting, politely employees, and excellent service. I think the Branch here is outstanding in operation and well staffed.

Malcolm Berry

Worst customer service I've ever experienced rude tellers and rude personal bankers all in all one of the worst experiences with a company

steven green

Pay attention to the Courts. From what I see...they are Robbing the World Blind. Maybe I am one of the few that see this?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Alicia Pixler

Julio E Garcia is the best personal banker you could ask for! I highly recommend you go talk to him! Definitely looking out for YOU!

Adam Z

I’m no longer a Wells Fargo customer (not due to any shortcomings or frustrations from this branch or the company), but needed to visit this branch to get some older information from a closed account. Even though I’m not a customer, their customer service was truly phenomenal (I found that to be the case when I was a customer as well). The banker I worked with made me feel like my problem was the only one he cared about until it was solved. If/when I’m in the market for a new bank, I would definitely come back to Wells Fargo.

Milissa Carter

Poor customer service. Teller are great, bankers are not friendly, long wait times, misleading with fees.

Elias Espin


Can't perform basic functions. I went in to add a joint holder on my credit card. We both sat down with a banker and filled out the proper forms. Then the banker faxed in the documents. 10 days later we get a letter saying "Regrettably, your rrquest did not include all of th rewuired information or signatures." But it did contain everything , there is no call back # to dispute it, and now we jave to go waste another hour at this bank to try again. Also Wells Fargo loves to hit you with hidden fees, so be very careful and ask questions when opening an account.


Ed Magno

Just my opinion... but their customer service is a bit overkill. Just a lil too much for me.

Heather Ewan

The tellers here have always been so friendly towards me. The are always smiling and cheerful! No complaints.

Lupita Jiménez

Richard Garcia


Dave Bruninga

Switched to AFCU after many many issues with checking and Credit Card

Betty Varner

Christine Collins

Excellent customer service!

Jaime Mendez

Mr. Bennett. Bad sense of humor. No, I don't. understand why would Wells Fargo keep seven dollars and change over two weeks out of a 5K deposit. No, per your joke, I don't need your pocket money. Just to understand the policy. Wasn't Wells Fargo about changing how it derailed from its tradition?

Corey Beare

During my stay in Hobbs just say this was the best business I had daily interactions with. Both Daniel and Martha are excellent.

Luis D. Garcia

The other day I made a deposit after going home to check the balance I found out they deposited to the wrong account there fore making me go back to the bank this is just frustrating. then just recently I went to make a deposit and it took for ever with the person infront of me and there wore not even busy with 3 guys standing in the back taking, so I walk out no wonder why big banks are going out of business and then go cryng to the gov. For a bail out even tho it was there fault but went small businesses are struggling to get trouh because of funds guess what the gov. Says "f#%# you"!. "you success shows the failure of others"

Emalee Rae

Drive thru takes an extremely long time when sometimes there isn't even another person in line . Never answers the phone and are not friendly in drive thru , only inside . Fails to respond to your questions , or answers questions minutes later . Spend sometimes 15 min plus in drive thru for a simple transaction when there aren't any other cars . I would not complain except for the fact that this has happened on numerous occasions. There has been times there are only a couple cars in parking lot and none in drive thru and this has happened . To me this is unacceptable, but when you can't get in touch with anybody to address the issue there's not much more I can do

Matt Nielson

Yasar Awan

Benjamin Casco

Robert Espinoza

Baleria Martínez

Addison S

I went to exchange dollars for euros and they changed their policy that only people with accounts could exchange currency. I let them know I wanted to open an account. 30 minutes later I left after no one ever helped me open the account. I guess all is least it means WF can't open 10 new fraudulent accounts in my name.

Nathaniel Johnson

Kaleb Robledo

Karen E

I've had accounts here for 10 years and have never had a problem. The tellers are always friendly and the ATM machines work 99.9% of the time.

Juan Garcia

Cristopher Maldonado

Good information about location

Rosemary Bradshaw

mark klewinski

I don't know how they were when these other comments were put here, but they must of improved by miles. Every time I walk in, they call me by name, they know my face, and we joke around quite often. If I forget something, it's no problem, they can take care of it, and it does not even take extra time. I can be in and out with in 2 minutes.

Brandon Cuellar

I didn't pay much attention to the reviews but now that I've experienced the employees working here, I understand the bad reviews. Leslie Grismore gave me terrible customer service and had no knowledge on my situation even though I asked her before hand. Terrible experience. Will never come back.

Brenda Johnson

Christopher Charles

Fast and Nice customer service.

w ogidep

Just got off the phone with a representative that was completely useless to help me in my predicament. Then she tried to argue with me then hung up on me. The supervisor was also useless. These people do not have a CLUE!! Poor customer service and support. Go to a credit union!

Joseph Parker

Gabriela Hernandez

(Translated by Google) Very good attention. (Original) Muy buena atención.

carbon shadow

the staff, including the branch manager, are among the most ignorant people i've ever encountered. these people couldn't even deposit an endorsed check (from the state) from my family member, for which whom i am her legal financier/guardian. of course i provided the the proper legal paperwork as well, yet they tried to tell me my disabled mother would have to come open an account with them if she wanted to have her check deposited into my account. i notified corporate immediately, and wouldn't you know it - they accepted the check. i despise the banking cartels and cannot wait until the class-action lawsuit against Wells Fargo is underway. i am one of the thousands of individuals whom Wells Fargo defrauded and opened a savings account against my will, without permission. will never return to this location.

ralph urias

Sorry but they have a habit of getting into your account.

Dillon Tew

They aren't open until 9:00

Herbert Yazzie Jr.

Very nice customer service.

good bye

Summer Deane-Haak

Elli S

Ryan H

Supports DAPL (Dakota access pipeline)

Abdul Hamid Tamim

This branch is alwaysss killing us; The wait time is for a banker is always more than two hours, there are five cashier chatting with each others, but there is NO to only one banker for which three to four customers waiting,........this is tribble.

Robert Gonzalez

Wait time is horrible

Frank Royz

customer service is horrible, the tellers are ok, but the accountants have no manners, treat you like crap, have horrible attitudes as well. Taking my business and money to another BANK terminating my account with this company.

Shane Spivey

Multiple attempts to call someone to ask a simple question, ended up being rerouted to a general 800 number that then put me through the whole voice option routine. Can't even answer the phone. Time to stop being lazy and switch over to a credit union.

Kyle Mayer

I stopped in, as I have been for YEARS with no issues as I live in the neighborhood, to buy some quarters - $30 to be precise - and they would barely help me. A woman - whom I assume was some sort of management - couldn’t even look me in the eyes and *politely* say anything. She merely looked down at whatever it was she was doing and said “for non-customers we can only do twenty now...”. I mean C’MON Wells Fargo! Support your community better! Just because I don’t “bank” with you, doesn’t mean you can’t sell three rolls of quarters to patrons! You’re a bank after all! There’s a reason I don’t bank with Wells Fargo - and the service is just one of the many. I will definitely continue to dissuade future customers from banking with Wells Fargo in general, and tell people to avoid this location for another if possible. Zero stars and a big thumbs down.

Charles K. Hale II

Jesús Bárcenas

Fair service. I went on a Tuesday late morning, not a busy day. Teller was helpful, knowledgeable and made it easy with such a large amount of money with my transaction.

David Hoppe

abdel garciarena

(Translated by Google) We were treated like family good care, whenever I go is excellent (Original) Nos trataron como familia buena atención , siempre que voy es excelente

kmm bem

Rude tellers; condescending attitude of manager; extremely unfriendly bank policies which are convenient for Wells Fargo, rather than convenient for their customers. You will be well-served to find another bank---there are plenty of others to choose from in this area.

Nancy Carranza A

Brandon Weimer

Wells Fargo makes ~$1.5 billion per year off of overdraft fees alone. In fact, they were recently fined $203 million for abusing its customers. Would really appreciate help with the 21 overdraft fees I've been charged.

Jessica Rodriguez

Awful do not go into their branch hands down the most awful branch, the notary guy is rude and never willing to notarize anything front lobby people lazy, they hate you coming in, instead they send you to the ATM. Sorry for the window lady at the drive thru she is the only face worth working with at this branch.

Chad McMahan

I have a business account with wells fargo and 2 deposits in a row at this branch my deposit disappeared the day after it was deposited. After spending 15 minutes each time on the phone with them, their is still no reason for the mishap! It is extremely hard to pay bills when the funds are not deposited in a branches store! Shopping for a new bank now unfortunately! The people who work here are extremely nice, I am just frustrated with the system. Cookies on Friday are the best if only my deposits would show up in my account on Monday from a deposit on Friday!

Victor Estudillo

larhonda coleman

Silvia Cobo

Fast service

Vicente green

I can never get good help here don't recommend it

Will Cordero

Hercell was very helpful! They printed my check deposits from the past year and waived the printing fees!! Much appreciated!!

Mary Pyle

They never answer the phone when I’m calling

Luke Kirchmayr

Jimmy Alcala

In my only two recent experiences I have nothing nut rude tellers who seem extremely bothered when asked question. They come across as if I need to earn their respect. To be bothered by me asking to verify funds seems so petty. Rudely handed me the check while looking away with a rude tone. Her tag states she speaks Spanish and Portuguese but is plain rude!

Tiana Andrews

Fast service


Linnea, John, and Elan were the BEST! Wonderful customer service, great attitude and sense of urgency. I will be a forever Wells Fargo customer because of them! Thank you for your support! You really do follow your vision which is: “We want to satisfy our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially.”

T 801

WOW! Best service ever!keep it up!

Shelita Lamar

I called and no one answered but when I went there two of the three tellers weren't doing anything. When I walked in no one greeted me or asked what I needed. I went to the counter to ask my question since she was just staring at me. Not a customer but definitely wouldn't be with service like that.

Jewel Tater

franchesca lucas

Konnor Willison

Does not honor promotions. So they use promotions to get people to sign up then do not give you the promotion. In my case it was a $400 bonus for opening a checking account. Met all requirements and have multiple emails from them saying I get it then suddenly they decided I don't. Including just two of the emails from them. Otherwise it's a good branch.

Pam Boyd

I had a banking problem that was overwhelming, I went into this branch and they helped me with my problem, it took around a hour to fix the problem, in this day and age it’s good to walk into a branch and feel the good old fashion hospitality from a banker that Generally cares about your banking experience and doesn’t try to pass you off to a automated system phone call

Akshay Patel

Best service and support. They are so helpfull. Thank you Francisco Delgado for your help :)

Lauren Medina

Wells Fargo has absolutely awful customer service. We were originally happy account holders with First Union and after multiple mergers ended up with Wells Fargo. I finally had enough and decided to come to this branch to close all my accounts. The banker did not close our accounts properly. Causing warning letters to be mailed to us stating that we would begin incurring a fee due to not maintaining the minimum balance requirements. It took me another two more visits to the branch to finally get this entire mess resolved. I hardly ever write reviews on businesses but this particular branch should be avoided at all cost.

Benjamin James

Mathew Whyte

Very helpful. Staff was courteous of my needs and polite. I Highly recommend this bank.

Madison Raburn

Thieves nothing but crooks

krystal nelson

Charles Holt

My bank! Thanks to james for easy account set up and everything went smoothly.

Yolanda Ruiz

I was one of the many victims of ghost accounts in this wells fargo. It appeared that I had money in my account but it could not be removed and if I could do it they sent me cards saying that I took money that was not mine and had to return it. I hope they pay it back!!

Patricia Rudden

This bank employs cleaners who run a leaf blower on the sidewalk anywhere from 1 am to 5 am on any given night. It waked up everybody living upstairs. Repeated calls to 311 bring some relief but it never lasts. This morning that fool was out there with his blower at 5 am. This kind of equipment cannot legally be used before 8 am or after 7 pm or sunset, whichever comes first. He was at it again at 5:15 this morning. Enough already. Don't use this bank until they learn how to be good neighbors. This seems to have stopped for the past couple of months since I had a talk with the manager. He was very receptive and said he'd look into it. That was on April 5 (when the blower-boy showed up at 4:30 am--I went in several hours later). I hope the relative quiet continues!

Dwight Coyote

Disappointed as a long time customer of Wells Fargo Bank.

Julie Couey

I use this bank for business and personal accounts. The tellers always greet me by name as does the Branch Manager. They are always very friendly no matter how busy they are. I always feel welcome here. :)

Lorin Tandy

Good customer service, and the bank teller was awesome

Chess Mazz

Currently still waiting over one hour to get something notarized. Initially, I told just take a seat without any estimation of how long it would take or I would have left long ago. It was 45 minutes before anyone even talked to me. My friend was in and out of chase in 5 minutes for the same one page document. Good businesses triage requests.

Janel Ezernack

I have to come here everyday as a commercial customer and it never fails that I’m here at least 30 minutes. Doesn’t matter if I go inside or through the drive through. Today I had to wait while I was watching tellers talking without getting my bank bag from the slot for over 15 min. It’s super frustrating how much time it takes out of my day.


So slow I was here for over two hours

Huibin Yu

Five staff, only one customer being served, I still waited for more than 40 minutes for a banker to assist me. Bad resource allocation

Sabrina McLean

Great place

Priyanka Lauber

I don’t live close to this bank, but I would drive out of the way to come to this bank! The branch manager, Armando Ordonez, goes out of his way for his customers and this mentality is palpable with all his staff and bankers as well. Friendliest, most convenient, and most efficient branch!

Cedric Hayes

Great place , a little small but great people work there..

Harold Bailey


Always good to stop in a Wells when out of town


Do yourself a favor and just drive the extra distance to the other Wells Fargo in town.

Misty Seay

alice parker

Cristina Vargas


Excellent and friendly service at all times

Tomyra O'Hara

Jorge Ramirez

Sapphire Graham

Kyle Patrick

Hahahahahahahaha I tried to pull out $10,000 out of my own business account and they flagged me for fraud / suspicion and kept me here for an hour

Rita Montes

Jian Zheng

Good service attitude

Charles Vernters Jr.

NEVER been to this location before, but came to make a deposit in my son's account. Waited in line for 20 minutes because of the EXTRA SLOW tellers they have!!! Nobody was doing any difficult transactions, but they were STILL SLOW!!!! I didn't even come in during a rush hour. I wouldn't recommend coming here unless necessary!

Brittney Miller

The drive through here is SO SLOW and only has one ATM. Doesnt even have a walk up. I hate this location. For where it sits I would think they would fix this problem.

Dora Llama

(Translated by Google) Very good staff (Original) Muy buen personal.

Jonathan Nelson

Hard to find until you realize is bit a standalone bank but inside Smith's grocery. Otherwise a good experience.

Helligans Offroad

After I dropped my wife off at 8am, I waited patiently at the bank for their 9am openong. I'm a small business man and I work from my phone a lot so I thought I would take the quiet time to catch up on some emails and paperwork. At 815am one of the employees drives up beside me and stares until I exit my vehicle to see what issue there might be. Employee demands that I leave the premises immediately. When I explained that I was a Wells Fargo customer, she replied that she didn't care and instructed for me to wait in the parking lot across the street in a slightly less cordial tone. I've been with WF for many years. Never have I been treated to rudely and without regard. This location is going nowhere but downhill. Believe I'll just visit the Broadway location where they know me by name instead of the 16TH street location where they can't seem to find their tail with a bow on it.

Zero Da Hero

How Ah

Brielle Young

There’s a huge sign but the bank is nowhere to be found.... at least have an arrow. I never found the bank. Frustrating.

yonas gebrehiwot



Debra Simpson

If you don't know the answer to a customer's question, why not find out instead of making up answers that are incorrect? I went into the American Fork Main St. Wells Fargo branch this morning to exchange currency. I recently exchanged currency at the Wells Fargo in Provo only a few months ago with no problems. Because I have a Wells Fargo mortgage, I'm a Wells Fargo customer. However, this branch told me a mortgage wasn't good enough. I needed to have a checking account too. Since I'd recently done this with no problems, I asked if the policy had changed and the teller said yes. I could tell it was the kind of answer you give someone when you don't really know but you don't want to go to the trouble of finding out for sure from a manager or corporate. So I left, called the corporate Wells Fargo number and was told that as long as I'm a Wells Fargo customer (ie mortgage), I can exchange currency with them. I went to the branch on State Street and completed the task with no problems thanks to a very helpful and informed teller.

Carlos Arce

Es tienda pero ay como banco adentro lo atienden muy amable .

lolita brewer

Jeff Jones

Good experience here. Employees of Fry's get some discounts.

Tina Tompkins

Excellent Customer Service. We LOVE Nina :)

Raghad Tawachi

the employee were nice and professional. although i cashed a large check the got the money ready for me in quick manner .

Lovee Freehling

My granddaughter went in for what should have been a simple and pleasant customer service experience. Instead she was tag teamed by a manager, employee and trainee and USED CAR SALES TACTICS were used to get her to make changes on her account. She felt intimidated pressured and finally guilty that she was not doing what they said. This is not the first time with this bank that they try and pressure sales when you come in. After years with them I will be moving all of our accounts.

James M. Balistreri

I called Wells Fargo today 3 times - each time got a recording that due to high call volume I had to call back and I was disconnected. That's amazing - too busy to take a customer's call. Jim

Alex Kosar

Chase Moore

The teller told me they have problems here. Will not be going back to this branch again. Any problem at a bank is not something I want to be part of.

Rab McNaught

My local branch. Have to wait in a long line every time I come in. As soon as you enter, a banker asks you "how can I help you?" And the answer is "make the lines shorter"

Faisal Lalani

Valerie Frazier-Griffin

I don't trust them, there is a thief at the southaven location beware and watch your money and transactions. Don't trust them to send the email it may never make it to your email and your money won't make it in your account. Its so sad.

Darnell Sumpter

Leandra Perri

Went today around 4:00 pm. Was seen immediately. There were multiple tellers and they were all friendly. I went to exchange currency and it was very easy.

Amanda R

Tellers are always wonderful, quick, and friendly. Lines are often long, few tellers and multiple supervisors walking around. Today 8 people in line, 2 tellers, and 3 supervisors standing watching. 10+ minutes to make a withdrawal (drive though or going in) Good place as long as you're not in a hurry.

pedro delgado

Great customer service

JB Glass

This branch is a joke! They let there phones run off the hook until someone at the offices in california answer. Ive been calling for 3+ days trying to set an appointment up with a banker. In fact, as I am writing this I have just called 10-20 times back to back just to see if anyone would pickup.... No one picked up......... Everytime I go in there is multiple people sitting around talking about there Personal BS.... I wanted to open a small buisness account, but at this point im going somewhere else...

Darryl Wright


Johnny Stinson

Christopher Langford

Wells Fargo is decent at a local branch level, but anything above that and they are dismal. They care nothing for their customers. All that matters to them is making as much money as possible. Horrible bank.

Drew R

I have only used the ATM, so I can't comment of the Staff. Wells Fargo chased out the Starbucks from here because the traffic was an issue for them.

Alondra Duran

Tim M

One of the worst banking experiences ever. If this is how all Wells Fargo branches are, be cautious any of them. Avoid at all costs!!!

Amber Weimer

Getting charged $12.50 overdraft fees over & over again for small purchases is awesome! Thanks WF!

Kimber Doolittle

Banking there is such a disappointment. I'll be closing my accounts after I've had a perfect banking record and they were unwilling to help me with an issue. Just bad business. I'll be going to a credit union.

Robbie Fletcher

Peter Moerman

Katherine Doebler

Doug Wang

Attempted to call 3 times. Phone rings for 10 minutes with no answer, no automated answer, nothing. Disappointed as a long time customer.

Andrew Thompson

lost my wallet looking to get a replacement debit card. Sat through the usual wait, but was skipped over and NOT even asked if anyone could've helped! Once I finally spoke to a rep, it turns out I didn't have the proper info! Complete waste of time!!!

Katie Creamer

Jose Salazar

Marvin Hackley

I have been here for a long time. Have been proactive twice and changed my debit card once when I had unusual activity and once when Target got hacked. When Target got hacked change my card before I even knew Target got hacked. Yeah they send you a text and Email to make an appointment with service rep, cancel your card immediately and give you a new temporary card


I love the people at this bank!

Darrell Rodriguez

donna sikes

Mike Andrew

Yousri Elmejdoubi

Very Very Disappointed with employees at this Branch, used to be awesome place to do business with, the so called commercial loan officer specialist MaShakeem Shabzz, doesn't know what hell he is doing, got promoted from a teller to Commercial banking, terrible at customer service and tries to impose and acts like he knows everything :(, I decided I didn't want to deal with him anymore and I asked for the manager of the branch, they introduced me to Garrett Green, nice guy, but all he did is act like he was trying to help, and the answer was going to be the same. He doesn't return email unless I emailed him several times, definitely doesn't call back she I leave massages. I had dealt with different managers at this branch before and they awesome. We have been a client for almost 8 years now and this is the treatment we get, shame on you guys. Wells Fargo you need to find new talent. VERY VERY Disappointed :(

Kate Holley

I have had nothing but pleasant experiences at both this Wells Fargo branch and other branches I've been to. People are always very nice and patient and never try to pressure me into opening other accounts or anything. A+

Katie Hanson

Susan Ortiz

I have had nothing but good experiences here! The tellers and bankers are very friendly and they go out of their way to assist me, especially Tatum and Bethany.

Behzad Farhangfar

Hannah Tucker

Hate wells Fargo

Bill Guyton

Angel Peredo

(Translated by Google) They are sons of a bitch they didn't give me a loan (Original) Son Hijos de Puta no me dieron prestamo

Lenzo Ruiz

Michael Struck

Carolyn Cooper

I have never had a problem with this bank. Everyone has always been very helpful to me.

Temporary Account

My account has more sanctions than a Russian.

Peter Rupp

Great customer service! They are super friendly and will work with you to get anything done.

Derrick Cain

They are super friendly and they provide excellent service

Google user google user

Fast & Friendly tellers.... 2 stars for wait time for bankers ...ridiculous!


We went in and we were there for almost 3 hours longer than I thought but Kate who helped us was very good and patient. She went over everything and was professional. I recommend seeing her if you need any help. Very kind when I was getting tired. I told her it wasn't her..she was fine. Long day. I didn't think people used banks anymore but that place was so busy. I appreciate her patience....thank you Kate.

Saurabh Sulabh

Scottie 2 Hottie

I've been banking with Wells Fargo for a little over a year now and I must say this is one of the worst banks that I have ever dealt with. Like I mentioned in the beginning I've been with these guys over a year with steady income, I went to apply for a car loan and Guess who denied my loan...yep Wells Fargo(my so called bank). Its ridiculous that an outside bank approved me for a loan before the bank(Wells Fargo) that holds my money year round did. Stay away because WE mean nothing to them,and yes I will be withdrawing and closing all accounts with them tomorrow.

Rebecca Hill

Jesus Ledesma

Lot's of people working there


Boniato Malanga


Yes they seem good I agree they need to look at helping in times of need not kick you when you have troubles to me as well

Brian Johnson

Be aware: The only vehicle entrance is at the light, and the only exit puts you facing the main road at a stop sign versus main traffic north south without a stop. Walk up ATM is outdoors, not enclosed. Interesting building with glulams and clerestory windows.

Sonya Buckley

Great options and friendly staff at this WF branch. Always enjoy socializing with the BCM.


This place is known to lock the doors well in advance of the scheduled closing time. Poor customer service

Timotius Tara

Mega Home Repair

This bank is racist there is a black girl that works there and if she has a personal issue with you or you are white she won't cash your check. They profile

Alyssa Passmore


Jeff Harris

I recommend going to see John if you need a loan or financing, he was awesome!

Leo Barba

Víctor Landa was of good help really cool guy and professional as well. thanks bro always wear your Michoacán flag.

Kelly Moore moore

Jack Darland

Now THIS is a friendly bank...people there truly care about people.

Dylan Thiebeau

(Translated by Google) Bazuugi. (Original) Bazuugi.

Tony Foster

Always have a great experience at the branch

Sid Tiwari

Absolutely great bank and location. Staff goes above and beyond.

Sam Isaacs

Kayla Noyes

Jon Reimer

Great team, quick service.

Amanda Dixon

I love this branch. The employees make you feel like family!

Diane L Narens

Benjamin Ard

Everyone has been super easy to work with.

Rae Johnson

Customer service could be better

Michael Brown

My credit card somehow ended up over 30 miles away from my home at this branch’s ATM. I was thankfully called by a representative to know they had found it. However, I let them know I wouldn’t be able to come until the weekend to pick it up as I work 9am-7pm weekdays. Once I got ready to head over on Saturday, I noticed they were closing in 30 min. I called to say I needed to pick up my card and would be about 10 min past 2pm, the closing time. At first the representative said this would be no problem. Then he hesitated and said he needed to talk to the manager. He then came back on the phone and said they were about to close as it “had been a slow day.” I explained that I was already on my way and would arrive very shortly after closing. The representative told me if I could arrive at 2:05pm that would be fine, but any time after that would be too late. I said I would possibly be there right after 2:05pm as I was coming from far south. I was then told “we cannot help anyone after closing hours.” I was then told I would need to call and get a new credit card. I tried to let the representative know my credit card was linked to a few accounts and a new number would be a rather large inconvenience. The representative then said “You can either get a new card or come gets yours during business hours.” I cannot believe they would not help me and hold my credit card hostage like this. In my mind there is very little difference between being willing to wait until 2:05pm, but unwilling to help after an extra 5 min past this time. I’ve worked customer service for years, and even I was willing to spend an extra 5 min to help out a customer in need. This branch’s “service” was marginally above flat out rude. Good thing I live no where near America Fork as I would never visit this branch in the future.

Anthony Tocco

Paul Fulgoni

Have had lots of fraud. Due to people around me..But Wells Fargo Bank has been on top of it all!! Nothing but the "Best" for me..Awesome people very helpful an caring!!

sean oshinski

Tyler Calhoun

Went into this location to ask questions about me recently opened account at another location. The previous location had my ssn inputed wrong and I was not sure what to do. Kayla was beyond helpful and kind to me and helped me figure out exactly what I needed to do. I appreciated her professionalism and attitude.

Anthony Raynor

It's a busy store located on a busy road. The staff are friendly and there still are Waits at times. They have loan officers on site. There is a drive-thru with at least four bass. An ATM as well on the side street.

Jose Regino

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention! !! (Original) Excelente atención! !!

Joshua Stevic

Talk to Dave Ostronic... best banker there Helped me clear up my account problems He is amazing

Maria S

This place was packed. The lines were all the way to the doors. Tellers standing around chatting and eatting instead of helping customers. I will drive to Eunice and use their wells fargo bc this one is full of a bunch of lazy ppl not willing to do their jobs.

Christopher Reynolds

This place is a joke of a bank, tried depositing money in a family members account, which I have done more then ten times, and they tell me they cant do that unless it's in a check, and he says it's to prevent criminal activity bahahaha this coming from a bank that opened millions of accounts without people concent

Treasure Huntersgym

Last month I was there on the first there was a huge line I said something to the manager he was extremely cocky and rude and walked up to me was videotaping on my cell phone he actually touched my left arm and kick me out of the bank I called corporate they have not done anything today I’m fine with the American disabilities Association and the Better Business Bureau about how I was assaulted at the Wells Fargo by the manager on the first of last month and he touched me because I started recording because they were not do anything in the bank and there was a line of 50 people But the manager was sitting there just flirting with the bank tellers doing nothing while there was literally a line of 50 people I said something he got extremely mad ran up to me grab my left arm and hauled me out of the bank and lied and said I was illegally recording him and was not legal I don’t need his permission. It’s a public place and I was there publicly I’m allowed to record I was there perfectly legally. I already called a lawyer for the ACLU The Wells Fargo in Hamilton has the rudest manager and the longest waits Armando ordonz is the manger He is lazy rude and actually physically touched me He had no right to ever put his hands on a mentally disabled combat veteran that was there to get his pension As you’ll see in the six second video clip there was a massive line he was standing over there doing nothing but flirting with his bank tellers that’s why I started the video I am following my complaint with the better business center the ACLU and the American disabilities Association

Alex Zajacek

Angel Jagrup

Mr. T. Peterson at the front door is so friendly! He always brightens my mornings!

Dawn Tan

Good experience here!One staff helped me and the sincere smile made my day~

Andrea Grady

I'm not happy with them I have a tiny savings acct everytime I turn around after making a transfer into it they charge me a extra $15 on top of monthly fees. At this rate I'll never have a savings to retire on. Tellers are rude as hell. Very racist, forget getting any service if ur white! Nina is the only one worth asking for. She's awesome

Dominique Maclin

I asked if the Lady if she spoke spanish. Never got a confirmation of yes or no. I asked again and was completely ignored. Was not very nice, I thought she would be in a good mood since it is the holiday season. If you are going to rush people out of the bank AT LEAST BE NICE. This sucks since I am visiting from out of town.

Chris Nycum

Went to this branch to use their notary public service because this is my bank and that is a service I get here as part of being a customer. Got there at 3:50pm and was told the notary lady was with someone. So I wait. And wait. And wait. Finally another woman comes up to me and says the notary lady will be tied up for a while more yet. Sorry! This is 4:28pm and they are closing now of course. They could have done a couple things. One suggestion is that they have her take a 5 min break in what was obviously a long process and take care of what would be a quick and easy notary job. OR someone could have told me that she was not going to get to me before they close 30 mins ago! So I ended up going to a UPS store costing me $18. Just not good customer service.

H John

Best Bank!! Great Services!!

Jordan Dendinger

Friendly and helpful staff. Sometimes the line can get a little long and take a good while to wait.

Cameron Smith

Stariya Cobb

The drive through workers are terrible .. bad attitudes

Jonathan Williams

Drive through is always fast and efficient.

Biggs Lew

evil bank, go to a credit union folks.

Tobias _

Horribly understaffed. One teller in the back dealing with 3 cars and one teller in the front with a customer who spends 5 minutes talking, before even starting her transaction while all the people playing on their computers couldn't care less. Guess facebook can't wait for customers.

Angela H

If i could give this place no stars I would. But they do have an employee by,the name of Nina she is wonderful..But Suk or whatever her name is , Is straight up & down Racist. 1st she reached for my credentials with a napkin, next She ran my credit without premission, in order to open a business, Then told me I can't open an account there do to my credit, I asked her to try opening 1 in my husband name she said his name had to be on my Certificate, But let her try anyway, made 1 click on the computer and said No. Threw our ID on the desk sat back and folded her arms shrug her shoulders and said y'all can go. I went to another Bank no credit check account open in 5mins & dropped 500 right in it. Some times things happen for a reason..Thanks Wells Fargo

Efrain Duarte

Yahami Urbina



Lloyd Edwards

Excellent place and very nice employees that want to help you with your business

Ian Grant

The business bankers at Wells are fantastic. Go see Leslie

Lacie Christensen

Worst Customer Service! I have spent way too much time waiting at this branch! Their employees are careless and don't really understand customer service. I have waited in the lobby at times being completely overlooked for 20 minutes. I have waited in the drive up for equal amounts of time for simple transactions. Spend the time and drive to the next Wells Fargo! It's worth the time! This branch doesn't move to keep up with your busy life or work to ensure accuracy in things. Go to a different branch with transactions, questions, or need for service!

Robin Foster

Love this branch. Love Wells Fargo. Great Staff and always helpful!

marie wilcox

Best bank in town and in Odessa, Texas.

P Newman

Promised me a free security box, but started charging me, and had no record, after I had the for 6 years. Eventually after 2 months management decided continue honoring the arrangement that has been in place the prior 6 years.

RJ Lopez

Elsie Dickerson

Superb service. Deposited my money with no problem.

Felipe Guerra

Lephy Odonally

Kiyanna Nelson

Wow! I am just thrilled with my experience at Wells Fargo. This is actually by far the best experience I have had in any bank. Angel exceeded my expectations and as a small start-up business owner made me feel extremely comfortable. He presented a solution/service for every possible aspect of my business and business needs; he definitely had my best interest at heart. As a new customer of Wells Fargo (with doubts at first due to the reputation of Wells Fargo misconduct) I am now confident in the bank and the team that is working at this branch- especially Angel. Thank you so much!

Fadin Reigne

This location has been very helpful to me and the traveling circus that is my life. For a big city bank they have a small town attitude.

Mandi Roswurm

This is also my favorite bank too because it is by the store.

Rebecca Lorens

Very friendly and helpful staff, I was greeted as soon as I walked in the door and they found out what I needed and directed me to the right person! Super fast, very competent, Best wells fargo branch I've ever been to!

JX Carrillo

Never had any issues compare to other banks and branches this one defetnatly top 5

Robert Lienau

Mallory Smith

This location has some of the slowest tellers I have ever seen.. the older lady Virginia is so rude and unhappy when she waits on me and is by far so dang slow. I always feel awkward when this lady waits on me. The employees should smile more :)

Brenda Mole

Today I went to Wells Fargo and was help by Jamison and he was amazing such a big help and helped turn this Monday around for me!!! I love my bank!!!

george wittbold

Very disconnected !! I had a card cancelled due to a bank problem NOT MY issue and had spent 26 minutes on the phone with a "call center" straightening out automatic bill pay which required that I had to call,text and email ALL my accounts tied to the cancelled card number. THEN They did not activate the card so my payment(s) were declined !!! They really need to get their act together !!

Adrian Gutierrez

Miguel Martinez


Aaron Hubbard

groovy bear Alexander

Dred Harper

Great bank with friendly service

Chloe Murray

The tellers are friendlier than the bankers walking around and the bankers deal with you more one on one. They treat you like a number, not a client spending your hard earned money with them, keeping them employed.

Christofer Kaman

It's wells Fargo enough said

Morgan Dailey

Incredible experience as a business owner! Their branch manager, Joel, is profesional and concise. 10/10 would recommend!

Alan Silva

Good service

Renato Caal

Caleb Riddle

Moved my emergency fund savings into a Marcus account with Goldman’s (way better rates) and got a fee for not having a large enough balance in my savings. Ridiculous.

Saad Elbeleidy

Debbie Greene

This place is a nightmare worse bank you could ever choose. Horrible service and nasty place. I don't bank here and never will. Don't ever open and account at Wells Fargo. I needed to go here due to the death of a parent and let me say a bunch of idiots work for this craphole!!!!!

Sum Guy

Wells Fargo has accused a family friend of fraud and closed down her account but also her 78 year old mother's account as well just because its linked together over a returned check. They will be sued! This bank will loose not only my business but my business banking and should loose yours as well. Do Not Bank with these people!

Juan Ochoa

Edgar Molina


Angel Funderburk

james r

Everyone is friendly and helpful

Pedro Garcia S

Katie Lovato

went in to just do a deposit and ask about a charge that I shouldn't have been getting, they used the opportunity to throw another checking account on me without telling me that's what they were doing, they told me they were getting me a new card with a chip in it. What should have taken 2 minutes had me there for 15. Ended up calling and finding out what the heck they did and the lady ended up telling me they opened another checking account for me and I would be getting a different card and checks in the mail. Horrible way of banking, telling your customer one thing and doing something completely different.

Arin Ashkan

ghulam khan

Good costumer services

Oscar Mendoza

Jessica Allen

Great bank

Lee Ann Mitchell

Everybody has been very helpful, courteous and polite.

Ella Stewart

It's an okay place to Bank, but their daily percentage rates are not that great.

Eli Andrews

I called for a question and the whole time the representative was laughing in the background with her co-workers. So rather than place blame I just closed my account. Wells Fargo#fail

Federico Celaya

King Jones

Bastian Cowsert

They asked me why I was withdrawing MY money out of MY account. Like as if they were trying to see if the reason was legitimate to pull a certain amount out. Worst bank ever! If it wasn't for the fact that I have an account pay into this every month, I would drop wells and this branch like a bad habbit.


Mac D

Upward adjustment to previous review for this bank location.

Jenna Klippenstein

Nikkita Carter

The teller are nice ! I was sitting waiting on one customer service rep bc I just open acct with them. One was not even busy as soon as she saw some guy she knew she told him to come on in as if She didn’t see smh .

Kom Vargas

Taka White

I love this bank and the employees are so polite always

John McCurdy

They cashed my check on a Monday, and my funds were withdrawn from my old bank, to open a checking and a savings account at Wells Fargo. A week later my money was still not available in these new accounts. It took a total of twelve (12) days from the date of opening to get access to my money! I'm not a money genius but I know that it takes a matter of a couple of days to ensure that funds clear... not 12 calendar days or eight business days. The days of kiting checking is long past. Additionally, because it took them so long to validate the funds, my pay check direct deposit was not able to transact. Just a bunch of bull. No prior information of this delay was ever shared with me or my wife! Take care if you are thinking of Wells Fargo as a good place to deposit you money.

Anna Nielsen

Samuel Alcala

Gabrielle Sutton

Dustin Johnson

Don't like the hard sale, which does seem to have diminished since the big controversy.

Nesto Rios

USA.elsalvador503 503

London Rose

Devi Sukhdeo

I would not recommend this location to anyone for Merchant Services. Their service is completely terrible. They grab your business and after that they pay you no attention and never give what they promise. If I can rate a "0" I would.

Paola DeAlba

Employees are usually really nice and friendly, but I have to give Kudos to Manny he verified my information was quick and effective. I really appreciate his help

Arhaaz Bana

Gloria Espino

The chances of anyone seeing this are slim to none. But yesterday I went in to a location in McKinney on University. The young woman I was working with told me she’d be able to help me she in fact said let me go get you the cash I don’t have a till. Only to come out with a heavy set older white woman who told me that the bank couldn’t help me. Even after the young woman told me I’m positive we can help you over 75% of the bill is here. That money I took in is and was my mortgage payment as well as other bills. The older woman seemed very indifferent and unsympathetic like she just wanted me out of there.

Justin Sutton

I would never do business at any Wells Fargo location

Yuliana Ramirez

Great experiences every time. Yeah we have to wait for help but that is how the world works everyone helping each other

Ahmed Ahmed

Cathy Munoz

No good services here. The girl that helped me was rude she threw the cents and didn't count the bills or asked me how I wanted my bills. Her name is Magaly. Never coming back to this wells Fargo

chelsea f

Wanted to edify Heather Davis, she helped me out today with my loan and closing an account, wanted to say her demeanor was just all around amazing and her customer service was over the top! She answered every question I had in great detail and gave me some helpful advice on things to do in the future to help my credit and my business! She was so personable and knowledgeable it made me feel important (even tho I was closing an account) she gave me her full time and attention and made my experience at wells fargo that much better and I don't even bank there! Thanks so much Heather!!

Joyce Zimbardi

Justin Morris


I went in on Saturday and was helped very well by Heather Richards and had all of my concerns resolved. She followed up today (the following Tuesday) and she was concerned that all went well. This is amazing to me that she is concerned about my happiness given something I learned from her on Saturday - SHE'S EXPECTING A BABY TOMORROW!!! Outstanding customer service - the best ever...

Yi Zhao

(Translated by Google) Passing by (Original) 路过

Ae Ghuruh

Naimah moh'd

Ahmeed ali

Carlos Anzo

Poor service the banker she takes over 50 minutes talking about the customer life it's supposed to be bank business

nancy smith

eloy_loses _fat

Worst customer service if you have a business account they only have one teller the other tellers ignore the business accounts. I feel like they see us as if we are a burden it takes my to process my account.



It’s welsfargo which means it’s probably a scam anyways... nah to the nah


Aleta Hall

I'm at the Texarkana, Arkansas Jefferson location at least twice a week for work. I haven't always been treated friendly or even greeted with a smile by others but Kaylea always smiles, is polite and treats me like our business matters. I work in the service industry and she's the definition of what the industry is designed to do. Thank you

Brea Gaudioso

Slowest service ever. Was the second person in line and waited over an hour

Nathan Johnson

This is my main favorite place. Money following me and will never go away.

Maxim Gorskiy

The couldn’t open my business account, sent me to print the documents from my accouter and then cancel that service. Poor service, ugly banker, defiantly wasted time NOT RECOMMEND !!!!!

Uncle Jesse

Very unprofessional. My dyslexic brother ask a question to 2 young greeters just standings there and they giggled and made unbelievably remarks. This girl who I assume was only hired on appearance and the boy who is most likely a relative of a manager because he clearly won't hack in any physical job, need to get a class on customer service.

Duane Brown

Horrible customer service, the bank tellers are nice if all you need is teller service. Expect the worst service you could imagine if you need to speak with a banker. All the bankers act as if they don’t want to help you with anything, as if it’s not a part of their job description.

samih akkad

I have had very bad experience with mortgage officer Virginia i drove more than 30 min to memphis to her office she was completely disrespectful and unorganized ...... i cancelled the whole ideal to do business with the whole bank

Liz Ariza

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention, very fast and olga the very kind advisor (Original) Excelente atencion, muy rapida y olga la asesora muy amable

Alexander Perez

D Ramos

Jared Ronquillo

Papa Jon

Extremely rude service. I live almost next door to this bank. I tried to open an account there but the rep was so rude to my wife and I that I chose another bank further away. Rediculously expensive fees as well.

Hernan Humberto Pasquett Garcia

Mark Friday

mandrez robinson

Great bank they always get me situated quickly

Adela Antonoiu

Vosche Rimmer

Neda Woods

I thought it was important to share my experience here in specific with the notary person, Linzi and the branch manager, Zora. I first waited about 20 minutes for the Notary person. After he called me in, he asked me what I needed. I stated that I needed a notary for a Application for a Birth Certificate. He asked if I was a customer of Wells Fargo and I used No. He then said he couldn't do it because I wasn't a customer. I told him I knew someone who just got something notarize for free there so he said, "OK, Let me see what you got?". I showed him my app (not filled out nothing on it) and he said Oh, We can't notarize birth certificate applications! I said on the paper it states just get it notarized, doesn't say anything about you can't. He said let me go check with his manager. He came back and said yes they can't notarize a signature sworn application. I felt since I first encountered him that he just wanted to deny me service. I didn't believe this to be true (can't notarize a government document) and I actually knew he would give me problems based on his character once upon encounter with him. So, I left and called the manager there after I went to get my paper notarized up the street with no problem and after calling WF Customer Service line and they advising me that its to the notarize discretion. I called and spoke to the manager Zora who says as long as she been notarized she was told only an Attorney can notarize an Birth Certificate Application. Bad, poor experience. No one there seemed to care or help despite me sitting there patiently for 20 mins plus.

Virginia Means

Love it

Lucky Perez

I need to know if there is service in Spanish

Andy Nguyen

I went depositing money this morning around 9:15am. I already sent money along with bank card, and bank teller asked for I.D. I told her she holding me up, she asked me “how?” After that she dragged it longer on purpose. Then I asked for her name, “Sandra”, she responded. I called the bank asking for manager. While calling, “Sandra” went to the back, and so when I asked to speak to manager, the operator hung off on me. I called back and asked for operator name, she hung off again. Then I called 2 more times, no one answering the phone!! The fact that I fussed about “Sandra” held me up making her stretching more time to hold me longer and went to the back asking her operator friend not to let me speak to the manager made seeing how connection really did take place in Wells Fargo.


This is the slowest Wells Fargo that I have ever been to. The person that is hiring these tellers needs to be fired they are the worst. It is seems like every time I go in they are to busy chatting with each other to assist I will most definitely be closing all of my accounts with them.

Enrique Montilva

W Waiting for 45 minutes today and not Boddy gives not services, thanks Pablo Montilva

ActionBam mobile gamewars

Best decision I've made ever! Mr. Alain was outstanding in helping me quickly open an account with a barrage of questions. Then the GM Jorge came and thank me for my business and welcomed me back.

Gerald Semmel

Good bank nice people

Adrian Lopez

This BS bank closed 30 min early one day and an hour early today and i work all day so this the only time i can cash my check

Robert Revett

Photo51 bio

Best ever. Quick service and great phone call experience.

Tara Stanton

Never had any problems, they had a promotion when I first opened my account so they gave me $100 for free. After 10 swipes of my debit card I got $50 and another $50 for something else but I forgot what. The employees are very friendly and super helpful, always greeted with a smile and a handshake. I hardly ever even have to go in, the drive thru makes it convenient and I love that I dont get charged a fee for using WF ATM's plus it's a nationwide bank so I can go anywhere and they have what I need.

Clarisa Melo

(Translated by Google) The bank is very broad, but it lasts much staff to serve customers. (Original) Es bien amplio el banco, pero el personal dura mucho para atender al cliente.

Tech Nerd

At 485 Goodman Rd E Southaven, MS 38671 United States the ATM is down every weekend to make a deposit

M. Hassan Ayub

After my Mortgage with Wellsfargo Bank, I was getting letter after letter to transfer my Auto and home owner insurances to them. Last month I received letter stating that the Wellsfargo insurance is not insuring drivers and home owners in the state of Virginia. If I go back to my previous insurance it costs me more. I should not have transferred my insurances to them.

Patrick Flaherty

I see my advisor Tom Kalapsa here when I have to physically go to the bank. Everyone here is very Friendly.

James Pearson

Wells Fargo is not a bank. They are legalized criminals. For a bank that has lost lawsuit after lawsuit, they continue shady practices on they're posting order of transactions, lie about credit and business services, and legally steal your money.


Amazing customer service!! They’re all so helpful, this one time they had almost the whole staff check my employment card cuz they had never seen it before well duhhh it was the newest card out but I understand they have to be sure since it’s a bank, other than that everything is excellent

NATAJA Alvarado

Never been to a wells Fargo till today. Never going to one again unless absolutely necessary. The "required" 2 forms of identification... for a $5.98 check. R u kidding me?!? I had to drive 15 miles to my HOUSE to get my second form of identification. You go to stockman, first National or rocky Mountain bank they only ask for your license. Forrest Davis's attitude was not appropriate when she was told that the "policy" was absurd. That "policy" should be removed and a better one put in so you don't have to have 2 forms of identification for a $6 check.

Concerned FATHER

I went in last week and Had an issue with my account and got to speak to a Woman Named Jules mackewich she dealt with my issue got it resolved and ended up leaving with a smile on my face she is awesome and great at her job really thankful she did what she did her first name is Jules and she did a fantastic job thank you again jules for your superb customer service service!! 5 stars for her not Wells Fargo she need a raise!!!

Jason Zuni

Joa Martinex

Bueno vine por qué el chip no me funciona no hay ni donde poner el nombre , la empleada que me atendió es una perra mal hecha. Más bien una estupida, pasa a gente que apenas llego solo por que las conoce, que clase de servicio es este??? Aparte pasan a 2 o 3 personas juntas con la misma persona solo por que se conocen, y solo 1 tiene cita según ella!!! Ósea nosotros teniendo cuenta no contamos o qué por que no ser justo y pasar solo la persona con cita y dejar que las otras esperen igual que las demás personas? Se me hace injusto y una falta de respeto hace 2 años atrás no eran las mismas personas los cambian y creen y actúan como si fueran los dueños, sabiendo todo mundo que son unos gatos más aqui. Esto de esperar es una estupidez honestamente. El nombre de la empleada es Jazmine es americana un poco racista por lo que vi. Cuando pasen cosas así escríbanla y califiquen para saber donde esperar o irnos a otro banco. El post no dura ellos lo borran!!!!

Yaliel El Artista Ejecutivo

Terrance D. Walsh, Jr.

Ruby H

I really like some of the people, especially one banker in particular. But it seems like I've been having more problems with them lately than I have over the past 15 years that I've been with WF and it's frustrating. Especially when I wake up early to go there and make a deposit before work and no one opens up the drive through, or comes to tell us why they aren't opening when I saw them in there earlier, or doesn't have a sign up explaining a reason they're not going to be open when they show they're supposed to. I waste a good chunk of my morning and have ended up being late for work. And I'm not the only one because there are usually 1-3 other cars while I'm there. It's also happened on multiple occasions. Considering alternatives...

Zylny Gutierrez

Great location and very busy ...usually you will be Waiting to get out ...and the driving thru same way is busy.

Audrey Smith

Staff very helpful & friendly. Love this branch!

Xia Huang


After all the negative press your company has received as of late, you'd think the least you guys could do is answer your phones, instead if redirecting callers to a 1-800.

Heather Groom

Great Bank- We recently started going to Wells Fargo and have been very happy with their service and products. We've been at a credit union for years and for the most part, they have been pretty good. However, recently we have started going out of the country for business. I've had several problems with my ATM cards, from my credit union (and I notified them of each trip before I left), and let me tell you- there is nothing worse than being overseas and having no cash and no 24 hour service line. Time zones don't match-up and it gets crazy. We also didn't have personal service at the credit union, there was a high turnover. In addition, they never explained products to us that could help us and their home loans weren't a great deal either. I really like this particular branch and they recognize me when I walk in the door. My kids even like going here. Joel, Christian, Daniel, Ervis, Amy(?- over foreign currency), the guy who speaks Portuguese and notarized papers for my son for free, the tall assistant manager, etc- they all are fantastic and so helpful. I would encourage anyone I know to go here.

Megan Coburn

The staff are very friendly, and the location has great parking. However, there are several local banks from which I've gotten much better service and corporate treatment.

Nick Hays

Recently remodeled. I've banked here for a while. Lots of weird charges on my accounts. Talked me into opening accounts and lines of credit I didn't need. Tried to get a loan last year. The business loan guy didn't seem to have much interest in helping me. Never returned my emails. Kinda meh experience here overall.

Enrique Granillo

Customer service is bad and take to long to assist people literally the workers just sitting there for ten minutes not doing anything until they call a name and you also call during the day and operater says it's closed

Myrna Silva


Fountia was great. Very friendly and professional. Kayla, the supervisor needs a class in couth and customer service. I work in service and if I had her attitude, I'd be fired. My experience with her she was rude, condescending and flippant. Only people that don't care about their jobs act like that. This may be the straw that breaks my tie to this bank.

Margarita Illescas

Tyler Schrupp

I was told I would have a fee waiver on account when moving my company and personal accounts here. After a year I was told they would no longer honor the waiver and they applied "Cash deposited fees" of approx $100.00 to my account. I am now going through the inconvenience of moving all my bank accounts to a bank that doesn't charge me to deposit my own money. Wells Fargo is simply the bank of ridiculous fees.

Kevin Gossett

Eva in the drive-up window was just awesome very customer service oriented stayed on point and I even gave me a lollipop so five stars for me 100% customer service thank you very much will always be back

Kevion Robinson

Everyone should come here.

Loai Misurti

Rita Hessen

Drew Castle

Bad, Bad, Bad, Trust in God, not a bank. If possible never use Wells Fargo.

Chance D

Friendly, helpful, little to no waiting

jerry hayward

They always greet with a smile, answer complex questions and go out of their way to make things work for me.

Chris Gingery

The teller line is beyond slow. When there is a line of customers and the manager looking guy can just drink coffee and watch his team slave over the line

Luis Gallardo

Mike Scarberry

Had a great experience when I went to go cash my pay check. I don't have an account there But going to get one set up soon. I worked with Masha and Amanda, they were both supper nice and very helpful.

RUCKUS wethepeep

Great bank very friendly employees!!

Lisa Walters

Very helpful staff.

Carolyn Thornton Nelson

Neighborhood bank. Staff calls you by name

Jackson Keyes

Communication from tellers is overall poor. Will not be returning, incompetency makes me think about switching who I bank with.

Ayame Jay

John Dupuis

Been at this branch office(3600 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO) for over 18 years and just can’t believe the experience that we had to endure today! I went there with my 23yrs old daughter who needs some help to close and open accounts which were still through my name since we created those when she was young. As I was explaining the situation to John, the banker (her checking got compromised), I was brutally interrupted with a condescending tone, literally out of place and very disrespectfully he turned around to my daughter with questions. She was shocked and was not quite sure what was happening. I immediately knew that he didn’t give a …. I stand up and pick up our ID & WF cards and left. The entire situation took 1-2 min but geez that left me a pretty bad taste. This is not what it used to be for sure, it was so friendly. Unfortunately, my daughter was just telling me as I was driving there, how her experience in the Loveland office was pretty bad. As we left this office, I got the “Told you so!! If there are treating you that way, how do you think they are with me?” I’m seriously debating to close all my accounts with them and go elsewhere where they deserve my business. Then, decided to go to another WF office 320 Harmony and it went flawlessly with very courteous approach, the situation was resolved in matter of no time as it should have been with the first attempt. Will give Sean Dellenback a 5 stars, great work with 2 very upset customers.

Brad Miller

There's a difference between friendly and creepy. The overly friendliness of this branch feels creepy and invasive. Two people waited on me, initially. One asked how my day was going. A minute or two later, the other asked how my day was going. All the while, they were both smiling excessively. I was also asked if I had special plans for the weekend. None of your business! seriously. I just said yes, and asked if HE had any special plans for the weekend. He proceeded to tell me more information than I wanted about his child's soccer game. I was there to pay our credit card bill. We bank at another bank. He asked if I was pleased with our bank. Well, if I wasn't, I certainly wouldn't switch to Wells Fargo. The attempts at friendliness feel fake, invasive and creepy. Smile at me, but don't act like we're best friends.

Fredy Flores

Vixen Sunset

No one would answer the phone...40 rings..

Kathy Ransom

Dreadful treatment. We have a check written on a valid LOCAL business account yet THIS branch wants to charge to cash the wells Fargo check at their own wells Fargo bank.

Jan Myers

We LOVE this bank! It's easy to get into and get help on any banking issue. We've been Wells customers for 25+ years and exclusively using this bank since we moved to American Fork two years ago. Always a pleasure to work with the friendly and capable employees there.

Regular Guy

Wells Fargo is BAD BAD BAD! They make their money by SELLING your personal information to telemarketing companies. Prove me wrong. Go sign up for an account or even half way sign up for one and see if the very next day you start getting phone calls saying you have won something! The bankers seem friendly and nice but are really just PUSHY SALES PEOPLE. I went in to try and pay for a car loan which was through them(which they couldn't do for some reason) and made it clear I didn't want an account with them other than my car loan and was asked OVER FIVE TIMES if I would like to sign up for something. Tricking me by asking me questions that I was told were toward my car loan, he was really just signing me up for a bank account WHICH I SAID OVER AND OVER I DIDN'T WANT! So now I am woken up the last three days from random numbers saying that I won something I really didn't! Thank you Wells Fargo for being snakes in the grass. I advise anyone TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSE WARES!!!

William Brunst

Colin Beard

Worst bank on history. Strongly encourage going to another bank.

Angelea Kelley

So unprofessional! The worst service ive ever received. The banker was eating while she helped me and it took her 20 minutes to print out one paper that she printed 3 different times and still didnt give me the correct paper i asked for. Also attemped to with hold the first 3 papers and the correct one once it was finally printed correctly so i had to have her manager come over and explain to her. I am sooo disappointed with this location and my service if i didnt have a good home bank on chicago and 47th in south minneapolis i woulda have closed my account with wells fargo. customer service at this richfield location was ridiculously unprofessional.

Diane Day

The best bank.

Pamela Scott

Horrible customer service.

Diana Leshkevich

Yasmir Mitchell

I don't have a problem with the people inside the bank, but those employees who work on the drive up are just rude. Specially Kenneth A. and, sometimes, Cameron. If you don't like your job QUIT!! You work for US, the clients, who have our money with Well Fargo. I don't work for you and you are, definitely, not doing me a favor.

Alejandra Reyes

Lisa Patton

Staff is always friendly and helpful. John, the Branch Manger was able to help me out with my situation with ease. He was very courteous and helpful and saved me from switching my accounts to another bank. Thank you John!

Emilia Hitchcock

Luis Otegui

Great service. Good communicaters

Nick Tomasette

The Smith branch in Bozeman is run and operated by the biggest bunch of MORONS I've ever run into. Been trying to pay off an auto loan for three months and ever time I try to write a check I get a different story. " We don't know what the payoff is" " You need to send in a cashiers check and add several dollar extra" " We don't know the address to send it to!" All MORONS.

Ygor Andreff


This is a super nice friendly Wells Fargo, the entire staff are awesome, especially the bankers, they treat you special, even though all of them are great, Edward Cadena is a really nice super dude, takes his time and very helpful and courteous.


Any time l've needed 2 go 2 a teller window here, there is ALWAYS a long line (which usually gets longer because the managers of this branch actually CLOSE windows when there R 20 people or more waiting!). Last time l needed 2 go inside 4 a substantial amount in cash, l stood in line 4 nearly 30 minutes!

Keya Rode

SO SO much better than the other Wells Fargo. People are friendly and willing to work with you.

rudyanto apen

Hadi Afra

They notarize for free, and with very quick turnaround. Great service.

Frank McGimpsey

John Latham

Most of the time people do not come to the internet to tell how great there experience was. I was treated very well even with my disrespecting attitude. Sorry again. I was having a moment of my own. Yolanda was so sweet :) and professional. If, I owned a bank I would want her representing it for me. In today's World it is rare to find someone so accountable for my actions and her action. Thanks again!

Angel Buckhalton

Lolo Ortega

Murder Bird

We have a business account and they sure don't care about customer service with us either.

Deleted Profile

Simply the worst customer service ever ,rude tellers who act like they are special, no help whatsoever when you have any questions, Wells Fargo in general is trash, something happened where there was $2100.00 taken from my account clearly it wasn't me and Wells Fargo placed the blame on me I was told to be more careful with my spending glad I convinced my family and friends to go to another bank

Shandra Cecil

A specific teller named Sonia is for this review for Wells Fargo on S College. I have never been treated so disrespectfully numerous times by anyone before. I haven't made a review before because I thought I would just give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she was just having a bad day. After having over 5 altercations with her I need to make a review. Every time I go to this location literally everyone else is pleasant but her. I have never met someone so miserable before. She makes me feel like I'm committing fraud or doing something shady. Just because me and my fiance are on the same account she makes it such a big deal. Everyone else is 100% accepting but her. She doesn't make me feel welcomed, and her customer service is non-existent. She might do a good job at her job but customer service has to be a least a little bit of her job and she fails at that. I've been helped by other tellers and she would be helping other people and she does the same thing to those people. NOT EVERYONE IS COMMITTING FRAUD. Quit treating your customers this way or else you won't have anyone coming to this location again.

Ana Prieto

Susan Hawn-smith

Stopped in to make business deposit into my account. Requested ID. Drivers license and a business card?????? Ask that they not enter info into their computer. Said they had to or I couldn't make deposit with them... Left with my money. Request for ID to make deposit into own account is overboard and then asking for a business card is totally insane.

Melissa Gray

I have to say that I was shocked this location didn't have a commercial lane. I do like a certain group of tellers, they are amazing. There are one or two who are just plain slow and have given me wrong change back. I try to stay out of their lines when I see them, but the rest is great!

Kyle Spencer

They couldnt cash my payroll check even with id ss and medical cards. Closed account previously for poor service and will never go back

Tina OSullivan

Horrible service and the fees are as bad as a bank of America.

Nava Young

Eric Ostlie

Fahad Alhassar

detrise fashion

James Worcester

Very difficult to find, they have a large sign on the corner of Greensboro and Pinnacle, but the actual location is nowhere near that. It is buried deep within 1751 Pinnacle. If you see the "Wells Fargo" sign inside the building, you're still in the wrong place, it's not there either. If you do decide to look for it, be aware they close at 5, and close at 2 on Saturdays (the hours google has are incorrect).

Karena Askeland

I love this Wells Fargo branch. Everyone there is always so helpful and friendly.

Terry Thompson

The People are very helpful. Always with a smile.

Hareesh Yakkala

Z Romsa

Julisn Ruiz

Jorge Rojas

(Translated by Google) Fast and friendly (Original) Rápidos y amables

JD LaMonte

Eb N Ronny

Never come here they do not try and help out as much a they can horrible location. I've been a customer with Wells for 10+ years. And Never felt so dissatisfied. They're condescending, and now because of them my rent will be late! So upset!!!

Tyler Pitts

I'm going to be completely honest, the service the branch tellers and bankers provide is wonderful. People who complain about bank policies are insane, policies are constructed to form security of the customers accounts. Asking for identification or security questions to secure an account during a transaction should mandatory on anyone, I mean seriously would you like someone to just come in there and pretend to be you and take your hard earned money? Appreciate it when tellers or bankers ask for identification or ask questions to make sure nothing fraudulent is going on in your accounts or something you may not know you are apart of. People yelling and acting crazy will only have you sent out the branch, have common sense and self control as an adult in a bank . The experiences I've had were wonderful and I have learned so much from being a customer, and I respect the precautions these employees take to protect me and my accounts. Thank you so much to the Crofton team!


Marisela Bautista

Amazing service ! Several greetings when you first enter very quick service and the teller Roxanna was very friendly. Wish all bank service was like this because down the street at bank of america has terrible service

Timothy Le

Standard bank.


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