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775 E Parks Hwy, Wasilla, AK 99654

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REVIEWS OF First National Bank Alaska Wasilla Branch IN Alaska

Alexanderia Depue

Aaron Crawford

this bank stole my money so i ate there ear holes

Area 49

I agree. I'm ret. military ssg e-6 type one each. Had my account there for 10+ years then all of a sudden the Wasilla branch cannot transfer or wire money. Really?

Ashley Nelson

Jim Jim

Since my first encounter with FNB in 1992 until now every experience has been satisfactory. From loans to business checking to their fine escrow department, if have found FNB to be reliable, and easy to do business with.


My father passed away and I went into this branch to find out what I needed to begin the process of settling his accounts, I too was treated like a criminal! They were extremely rude right off the bat and we're not helpful in any way. My parents banked with these people for over 30 years, sad that this is how I would be treated in any situation, but especially this one. On top of it all, I banked with them many years ago, when I first moved to Alaska. I was not 18 at the time, but I worked and needed a bank account. My mom and dad were put on my account, but I was not on theirs. On three separate occasions, this branch tried to give me money out of my parents account instead of mine. I pulled my money and went to Alaska USA credit union as soon as I turned 18. This bank is a sad excuses for a business and I strongly recommend that you don't use their service. That's right First National Bank of Alaska, Wasilla branch, you provide a service...the money in the accounts belongs to the people, not you, so try and be a little more customer service friendly.

Page Hall

In the 2 years after we used them for our home loan FNBA found and used THREE opportunities to take hostile control of thousands of dollars of our money. We do not have late fees, overcharges, poor credit, unpaid bills... no reason to withhold our funds or treat us as adversaries...but if we did, the financial damage created by their "policies" would have us in foreclosure right now. That^^^ was written years ago. The bank still misuses our money and I have no idea why we still keep accounts there... something we definitely need to change.

Robert Ball

I had direct deposit and my check hit I owed from a past bill so that should have cleared up the Bill it didn't cuz I pulled it out and borrowed on it so 3 days before my direct deposit hits am late so they closed out my account and even if I pay them back I can't open a new account anywhere for 5 years they new this and they new my money would hit in 3 days not a phone call a letter nothing saying my bank account would be closed out thanks allot first national Bank of Alaska

Megan Yaremkiv

Would give this a zero star if possible. Defiantly some of the rudest people I've met. Will be banking elsewhere.

Amanda Wiebelhaus

My landloan for 25000 took 3 months to close ... I felt like my officer had no idea what he was doing and never had a clue about the status of where we are - when I go to make monthly payments they still can never give me a balance on my loan ... DO NOT GO THROUGH THEM 4 LOANS !


d s

Have been with this banking company for 21 years. Checking acct. with auto withdrawals to pay some of my bills. So far they are great.

Chase Jones

I'm not a member of this bank but I went in to make a rent payment to my landlord and I was treated like a criminal. I can't believe all of the questions they asked me in order for me to give them money. In my mind it is very simple...I give them the account number and they deposit the money. Easy right? Nope, the clerk had to go speak to her manager, behind closed doors, like 3 times before she would accept the payment. Recommend avoiding if at all possible.

yohanan harvey

I attempted to get a home loan through first national Bank. After more than 6 months if delays and having to pay for more inspections and rent costing me thousands of dollars. I switched to prime lending and it was done in 32 days. With first national I had to right a letter for every paycheck I got to explain income. ITS THE SSLAME AMOUNT AS THE PAYSTUB I SENT YOU. And the loan administrator couldn't get the file through underwriting. I don't know how they could have ever got a loan for any one.

Michael Willowbilly

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