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Stephen Morring

Their brokerage is horrible! Back before Scottrade, TDAmeritrade, etc. I made the mistake of opening an IRA for my wife and a brokerage account for myself. Here are my experiences: --- Found they started charging $50 per year to hold my wife's small dollar IRA. It was just in money market. They were bleeding her dry. Then, when I transferred the IRA to a real brokerage, BBVA charged $177. -- Sold some stock in the brokerage account and needed to know the cost basis for tax purposes. Not only could BBVA not provide my cost basis, my account rep wouldn't even try to help me run down the statements to figure it out. He was too busy watching The Masters golf tournament and was irritated that I was asking him questions. Seriously, he didn't even bother to turn down the volume on the broadcast while he had me on speaker phone. Good thing he was in Birmingham -- over 60 miles away -- or I might have visited him and something unpleasant happen. -- Finally, when I first opened the brokerage account and didn't know much about investing they sold me all kinds of ridiculous investing instruments. I know that's largely my own fault, but still I came to realize later that they were simply recommending a lot of things based on the personal commissions they would get. Needless to say, all of my relationships with BBVA brokerage are now ended. GOOD RIDDANCE! Don't be a fool, like me.

Angelica Agee Prince

Brittni Kester

I regret ever getting a car loan through this bank. The people who work for this company could care less about their customers. I have been trying to get in contact with the branch that has my title so i can get them to send it to the dmv so i can get my car registered and nothing. No one will even take the time to help me or help me figure out what to do

Raul Ledezma

MAGA!! Morons Are Governing America

Pretty much the most do-nothing bank I've ever been associated with. Living overseas, I have to rely on email to ask questions about my account and to get things corrected. I get replies to my emails about 50% of the time. End up having to call them, and then dealing with the dullest knife in the drawer. On my next visit to the US, I'm changing banks to one that at least allows a profile to contain an international phone number!

April Condiff

My mother pays her vehicle loan on time every month. February 2019, the representative started giving her trouble about making a payment over the phone. The same payment was applied to ANOTHER PERSON’S ACCOUNT. The issue has caused undue stress, and now they have the nerve after emailing and screenshotting proof of the payment through her bank, coming from HER BANK’S MANAGER, to charge a late fee. This bank’s procedures are asinine to say the least. I urge all of you to rethink financing with this bank, and to pull your money from it. Who knows what account your money is being deposited into? Can you comfortably bank with someone who cannot keep accounts and confirmation numbers straight?!

Thomas Reid

Jacoby Frailey

I don't think I have ever been treated this badly anywhere else. I tried numerous times to contact the bank and resolve my problems, but instead I got very unhelpful representatives. They hung up on me several times and one even yelled at me over the phone and told me "good luck with getting that fixed". After he yelled at me over the phone, I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor and he said "That will never happen" and then hung up the phone. Unbelievable!!!

Michael Palmer

Staff inside the bank are phenominal, the building's security guard(the day I was there) was less than pleasant.

robert holloway

atm only accepts deposits,lol,went inside to withdrawal money and nobody in there and had to wait 4.5 minutes for employee to get off there phone to help me then took there sweet time on top of that

OTM Members

This company is geared to take money from it's customers. HIGH HIDDEN FEES!!! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! CREDIT CARD PROGRAM & SUPPORT in SHAMBLES. One year of experience banking with this company was the absolute worst ever. Buyer Beware!!!!

Scott Hogan

Compass cares about it's customers. I've been treated professionally whenever I've visited any branch. Here is a FACT Compass Bank financed Regions Baseball Stadium. I wonder if some of these poor reviews are from Regions bank employees....

Jermaine Snowden

Worse customer service I’ve ever had. I mean acted as if my questions and concerns were like whatever. I will be closing my account. WOW!!

sonya spears

My Mother is a senior citizen. Currently, I am responsible for her financial obligations. Unfortunately her primary account is with BBVA Compass bank. Poor customer service, for example, when calling about an online "Bill Payment" through the bank my first attempt resulted in 2 customer service reps transferring me and disconnecting . Once I did speak to a rep they were very friendly BUT the reasons I was given as to why the bill was not paid and what I had to do get the utilities paid as well as resolving late fees was not acceptable.

Gustavo Voigt

Please beware with this bank and believe all the negative reviews, this bank is a joke they closed my credit card without any notice, causing me financial problems. Besides the embarrassment of a transaction being declined , since they closed the account I've been making all my payments on time, until they started charging me interest on there closed credit card. I missed a payment because the frustration of being charged, and now im 60 point less on my credit score , I have over 10 credit cards from the most reputable banks on USA to the cheapest one and this has never happened to me before I honestly regret the day I accepted this credit card. I really hope someone find this review helpfull and think twice before starting doing bussiness with this thieves....

Fernando Ramírez

'Sean Ceschia- Real Estate Agent'

Worse Customer Service, Do not bank with them. I called customer service 3 times and they hang up on my for problem on their end! BAD!

Pri vate

Arrogant, ignorant, disfunctional! Their reps actually LIE. The bank violated IRS law by NOT sending required Tax document. Lying rep Mgr 'Juan' of customer service stated it was sent Jan 30. The actual bank stated none was sent and they are confused why the form was not sent out. Whomever is right, the bank is wrong and illegal. Do NOT work with this bank.

bobby loops

i have never vwaited so so so long to speak to anyone worst ive ever seen wih a Bank I can understand why Compass Bank has such terrible reviews. Wow how do they stay in buisness WOW....

Tee F Kay

It was supposed to be a great day - making the final payment on a Car Loan. 1) The BBVA Compass online services were - according to their agent - unable to process my debit card. And to make it more complicated for the willing customer, they would not accept credit cards for online payment. Unbelievable ... welcome to the stone age! 2) I suggested to see a branch office in Kingwood, TX and the online agent thought this was a good idea. When I arrived there, their ONLY credit card machine was defective. We are talking about a bank here. A bank! ... well it was Halloween and the bankers at least had fun, being dressed up funny ... how professional is that?! 3) I finally found a branch in Atascocita, TX that could make the payment from my credit card. The lady behind the counter was separating the bills by tearing the paper apart by hands. Great move, the bills may eventually look a bit ugly - but who cares, it probably avoids possible accidents with scissors. I get that. 4) The next morning I looked up my checking account. 3 charges to my debit card, followed by 3 corrections payments from the BBVA Compass online services recorded. Seems my debit card was working just fine in first instance. I am sorry, I always was under the impression banking is a serious business ... but this very day changed my opinion. I mean, what do they at BBVA Compass expect a customer to feel like when most simple things fail??? Not even mentioning, that just meeting customers expectations is far out of reach for them. What a waste of time and gas!

Two Mamas

The are always so helpful and make banking easy. They always are friendly as well.

Reed Nolin

Didn't do any banking here, Toastmasters training, great employees and a spacious comfortable facility, made for a great meeting.

Richard Nelson

Horrible!!! Stay away from them!!! BBVA sent my wife a credit card solicitation. They proposed an interest rate of up to 30.49%. As a result, we wrote BBVA and demanded that they remove her name from their mailing list and never contact us again. But, another solicitation came in this morning's mail. Horrible bank. NEVER do business with them.

Gustavo Martell


David Mayhew

I got a car loan through Compass. When it was paid off they sent me the wrong title (called a "memorandum title" in Massachusetts that looks like the title but isn't). Now they claim they don't have the original title. I can't sell it without the title! Also MA law won't let me cancel my insurance until I prove that it's sold, which I can't do! So I'm stuck paying taxes and insurance on a car I can't sell, all because Compass doesn't know how to process a loan!!!!

Starlyn Robinson


light stars

Horrible!!! I opened an account at my local bank and after less than a month they closed my accounts and reported me to ChexSystems because I was the victim of fraud.

Stephen Lawson

We used BBVA Compass Bank to finance our new BMW. Inasmuch as we are not located anywhere that BBVA has a branch, we do not have a checking or savings account with them. For this reason, we were unable to make online payments (like we're able to do with virtually every other lending company we've dealt with), and instead had to mail a check each month. I paid this account off almost exactly one month ago. The check cleared MY bank in 9 days. It is now 20 days later and I STILL do not have a lien release! I have called to inquire about this twice to no avail. Today, I called again and was informed that my lien release was mailed 6 days ago. I have yet to receive it. IF the release shows up tomorrow, it will have been almost a FULL MONTH since I sent them the payoff - and 3 WEEKS since my check cleared MY bank! The lackluster efficiency and couldn't-care-less attitude is completely unacceptable. I would strongly suggest that you find another lending institution with which to deal. These people quite clearly do not know what constitutes good and proper customer service.

Ryan Karamichael

I like how it says you're open and we drive here and you're closed thank you

Sharon Conley

I have had trouble dealing with this company for years with trying to pay my bill online and it's has gotten worse and worse as time has gone on. If you can find another place to get a car loan through I highly suggest it....

el_cerebrodor el_cerebrodor

Had an auto loan and paid it off early, two weeks later still had not recieved the title, so I called this dump and apparently they mailed the title exactly two weeks to the day from paying off the loan. I get that they have two weeks to send the title, but really how hard is it to treat your customers with the same standards you expect of them? On a separate but also frustrating subject when attempting to get ahold of a rep to ask about the title I decided to use their "request a call" service, I have spent several hours of my life waiting for these dinguses to answer. After filling out the fields on my phone and hitting the "request" button, which was very sloppily over lapping the "cancel" button, I discovered it did very little to confirm the hitting of said button so I hit it several more times to see if it was an issue with my phone or maybe I was just anger spamming that pushy boi, anyway it worked everytime I hit the button, so yeah getting a lot of return calls, just a few features could really help the user experience. Oh and GIVE ME MY TITLE YA PUNKS!! Very bad service terrible awful do go somewhere else with your monies folks.

Cristal Veech

I trusted this bank to take automatic pay out of my account on the due date we have set. EVEN WITH A TRACKING NUMBER they still didn't set the date. The lady's name is Barath that " set the tracking number and due date" and didn't do it! now i am -$300 on my checking account! This is breach of contract and they will be hearing from my lawyer! I have now stopped automatic pay because i cannot trust THEM to do it on the correct date or even update my account! THANK YOU CHASE BANK FOR HELPING ME FIX BBVA COMPASS BANKS PROBLEM!

Ronnie Boodram

It’s my pleasure to provide this review to BBVA customer service Agent Edwin Morales located at Guatemala, after speaking to a rep before him for a while, which did not solve my problem decided to call back customer service and fortunately Mr. Morales took the call, within five minutes he resolved the issue quite efficiently and professionally,On a personal level his communication skills and consistency exceeded this call. Thank You Houston Texas.

Jim Enke

terrible service !!...cannot ever talk to anyone !

Joe Phillips

There can not be a worse bank. When you hang up on your own branch manager as well as customers. When you say you will be contacted in 24 to 48 hours and weeks go by. You should be closed. No own should trust you with their money

Bart Lee

Pray nothing goes wrong and you have to speak to an actual person. They never pick up.

Drea Hardworker

This place calls you if it's the day of the payment due date or a day after like this place bugs the crap out of you and it clearly says that you have 10 days after the due date to make a payment. I 'll never finance through these people for a car loan ever again and I only been with them for like 4 months now ugh a headache company.

Lynaye C

By far the WORST bank I have ever encountered. And I thought Bank of America was the worst. Customer Service is a total joke and calls are routed to Columbia where they read scripts and prompts to you. I challenge you to ask your representative where they are located. It will take a few tries but eventually you will get the answer. Just imagine if your inquiry required half a thought. And on that note, I wish you the best of luck.

Reach Berteg

Been with them since the early 70s. They were good then and are better now. I would not have a house but for Compass❗❤

Michelle Turner

I'm a disabled veteran who has had to sleep outside due to this Bank from sending my money. I was in a DV Saturday night and was thrown into the street with only my id. I called all Monday and again this morning about why they won't let me wire my money under these serious and dangerous situation. Again they claim they either won't try and help or better yet do whatever you got to do... They refused to get me in touch with corporate and wish me luck out side.... I will never ever refer anyone to this Bank.... They rather hold my money then wire it so I don't have to sleep outside. What kinda bank is that????!!!

Amanda Ware

unreliable, incompetent, liars!

Esther Jones

If I could give them a negative rating I would. This company's online services and processing is still in the dark ages. Their customer service employees are poorly trained. BEWARE, if you pay your loan online, you can't pay it within the stated grace period printed in your coupon book. You must pay it early or on the due date because it takes BBVA 5 to 6 days to process it. But you can call them and make a payment over the phone for which they will happily charge you $10.

Brian Krueger

WARNING to anyone considering opening a Money Market account at BBVA because of the advertised high rate...DON’T DO IT!!!! DO NOT FALL VICTIM to their deceptive marketing practices and awful customer service. I haven’t fully closed my account yet, but will give you just one example of why this bank is so dysfunctional. I had to drive two hours from my house in Georgia to the closest physical BBVA branch in Oxford, Alabama to access my funds on Saturday over Memorial Day weekend to get access to my money to purchase a car. From account opening, to what I imagine will be the same experience at account closing, this whole process has been a nightmare. Management is truly oblivious and does not care about customer experience when the bank is advertising how wonderful their customer experience is, but literally EVERYTHING is difficult to do unless you go to a physical branch. Why the hell offer a nation-wide money market account special when I can even access my funds because there aren’t any branches of the bank in my state. I sent in over 6 complaints through various methods and have continued to have problems to this day. Note to the bank: don’t both posting a response about how sorry you are and saying please contact us so we can help you. This is just a public relations stunt to try and save face. Fix your awful systems and processes, that’s all the information you need from me.

V Smith

Terrible business practices. Horrible and rude employees. Worst bank to use. Avoid at all costs!

Frank D

Simply opened a plain ole checking account for convenience of having online banking. What a huge mistake. Treated with no respect, had to deal what was probably the most incompetent employee in the company, Luis Rivera, and threatened by this low level jerk. Ended up pulling my funds out via ATM leaving a very small balance (3.00) which a week later was seized by compass with not even a phone call or email. Called customer service for a reason and was informed that they had no idea and I would have to go to the branch Salado, Tx.where the account was opened. Unbelievable !!!! If you see a Compass bank, Run.

Beverly Jack jones

I have the right to which teller I want to wait on me I am a regular customer the Manger is very rude and there was no sign up saying that she was closed he standing there running his mouth with the teller this is the bank on Airline in Houston Texas I am thinking about moving my bank account and my husband is thinking about the same thing

Kit B

I had a check sent to me by this bank and it’s have been 3 weeks and they still haven’t contacted my bank so it can be off hold. This bank needs to be shut down. Because they obviously don’t care about their business.

Danae Still

This company is garbage. We haven't even received our credit card yet and it's the worst credit card company I've ever worked with. The card took a ridiculously long amount of time to mail and it got sent to the wrong address anyway. When you call, the customer support people (who barely speak English) insist on you giving them an account number, despite the fact that you've explained to them several times that you don't have one due to the fact that your card has yet to arrive. They won't transfer you to supervisors. I realized about 30 minutes into the call that they call them superiors and have no idea what a supervisor is. But the agent won't let you talk to them anyway without your account number. There is no cancellation department, so there's no way to cancel your card if you haven't received it yet because they insist on knowing your account number. They're impossible to work with.

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