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REVIEWS OF Shari's Cafe & Pies IN Wyoming

James Brown

Sat for 45min for just a cup of coffee with no silverware....sadly not the first bad experience ive had at this restaurant

Dahlia Garza

The food was good but the server I got was bad. I waited at least 10mins before she came over to me. Another server saw me and asked the girls who is serving that table? She took my order and disappeared. Than I watched as my food sat there for at least 7mins before she finally picked up my food and brought it to me. I would have left a tip but decided she didn't deserve it. Her name is Denise. Good Luck if she happens to serve on you.

John Sutter

Got my order wrong. When I told her, she said oh. Was not corrected. What's up with that?

Michael Lee

The food was outstanding. I had the veggie omelet and a strawberry lemonade. I enjoyed every bite and sip taken. And the waitresses was generous and calm- much deserving of a good tip.

Ethel Ryan

Vicky takes great care of us.

Donna Otten

Friendly service good food and great pies

Mike Coppock

We went in to have a Christmas breakfast and we were quickly seated. The food was great and the butter milk pancakes

Josie Sanchez Pacheco

Always clean! We're always seated promptly. Our food is always hot. The servers are always very helpful.

Holly Stevenson

Good food, service was very busy but they tried to keep up

Kathy Watson

The service was very slow but there werent many people. Not sure why. Chef over cooked our eggs. I'm not sure what's happened there. It used to be the place to eat. Having said that, the chicken fried steaks were good. Nice and tender. It was clean

Robert Rowe

Service was good. Food good.

Tanya Forte

There food is not the greatest but it’s not bad I don’t eat here all that much. They are a fairly a clean they could make some improvements that’s for sure. But overall this is a friendly place the people are friendly the management I cannot say because I haven’t had to deal with them in a while. So don’t hesitate to give this restaurant a try and let me know what you think.

Donna Perry

Debby our waitress was super nice. Got the Alfredo dinner and hickory ham dinner. Service excellent. Food delicious. kiddo gives 2 thumbs up for their pie shakes. Was slightly chilling ( air conditioning). Will definitely be back

Jestine Jenkins

Good staff, food is ok. It takes a little long to get a server then I'd like and they don't check on you as often as I'd like.

Julie Steinfeld

We had a great meal...great pie and wonderful service!

Chad Sears

The worst meal ive had in a very long time. Wish the wife would of chose another place. I'll never go back.

Robin Drake

Food was good, service and waiting time was terrible ... Would not go there again

Cel Designs

Absolutely wonderful! Wish we had one near us.

Don Boyd

Excellent coffee and better pie.

Jiovonne Ayala

Always a good meal, best pies in town, and honestly one of the only places open 24 hrs in town besides Mc Donald's or Rudolpho's

Kennedy Terry

Slow service, dirty dishes, cold food. Very unimpressed. And a dead fly on our table.

lester prince

Good food great service. Love the place.

Steve Bayless

Food was good, service was good, food portions were generous and price was reasonable - I would go back again.

Corinne Buffington

Shari's is the best Cheyenne has to offer when it comes family meals. Staff is always accommodating and efficient.

Miguel Reyes

Was just in the restaurant waiting on the server. Took them too long to get to us and couldn't keep control of a loud mouth party. Haven't had horrible service like this in years.

Josh Ballard

The service is great, it's one place that I would give a huge shout out to the staff! and this place has great pies!

Tara Hayes

People are good but every time I order my pasta dish they always mess it up. They make it different then the menu says. Also the menu shows alcoholic beverages but Cheyenne location does NOT have them. Wish they'd update the menu and recipes to match.

Roxy UwU

The service was amazing there. I got the bacon double double burger and I couldnt finish it because it was so big. I loved the food. 10/10

Jen Strickland

Nice local feel. The place was packed when we went in and was able to get service quick and the food was served quick. The portions were large and the price reflected it. Not a place to get a $3.99 egg breakfast but priced according for what they serve.

emmanuel castillo

Good stuff and the pies are mmmmmmmm. Mmmmmm mmm

Karen McNally

Went for breakfast 2 days in a row with out of town company. The food was excellent and the service was great. Both times our waitress was accommodating with our special requests. I cannot remember the first waitress's name but the second one was Debbie. I will be back and will recommend this to others.

Zeeza Rothermel

Very good food after a very long trip!

KMO Creative

A staple of Southeastern Wyoming, Shari's is the all day breakfast place, the all night coffee joint, the destination for a 3 a.m. hankering for a classic American meal. A true family diner. And their pie...

Joshua Bland

Decent food with generous proportions but slow service time

Joyce Jasper

Excellent place to eat has awesome breakfast

Regina Pacheco

Service was good flavor was so so.

john padilla

Great selection of food and pies plus pie shakes


Great food and great service!! Mom and I wanted an extra plate to share the meal and the cook made two separate plates. It was so nice that they went the extra mile!!!

joey vargas

Good service. Love the pies. They never have any wine.

Patricia Tye

Excellent meal and service!

Connie Gunter

Food was good waitress was slow and kept forgetting about us.


They used to be good but I don't know what happened but the place has gone downhill. They do have some really great pies though.

Melodie Hill

The food is good. Service is usually good. I prefer for the more experienced staff to wait on is.

Sam Crawford

Nice sit down, order at the table

Amanda Kilgore

My husband and I have gone to Shari's 5 times over the past five years and we always have had Eddie as our waitress and she is the best waitress we have ever had at any restaurant. Always extremely friendly, checks in just enough, brings water and coffee as needed and just very pleasant. I go there looking forward to being served by her and she makes the experience excellent and the food taste even better :)

David Wilson

A great place with a vast menu. The food is really great and the atmosphere is pure family restaurant that even includes a counter with stools. The service is sometimes a little hit or miss but never really bad. The pies are fantastic!

Allen Firnekas

Loved it, the waitress was wonderful. The food was very good and they were very accommodating to one of our party who had an intolerance to certain ingredients. The pie was wonderful also!

Charles Boswell

It was pretty good food

Darcy Blaisdell

24hours and you can pretty much get what ever you feel like whenever you feel like.

Sharon James

Newest favorite restaurant! Lunch was very good and the pies excellent! Looking forward to trying breakfast.

Miranda Knerr

Not impressed at all, steak was tough. My son's pancakes were fluffy but lacked flavor

The Flutistjimmy

Really good food! Love the Chicken BLT, and the fries are amazing. The waitress (Wednesday) is fabulous at her job and made it feel great to be there.

Shaymaa Zuhair

They have a very delicious steak

Jon Vierk

First of all, the waitress was great! Here's my assorted fruit....not very assorted. They are turning 40 and I've had several good Shari's meals at the location.

John Hogg

Very good food and service

keionna bennett

so good and filling

Allan Cummings

Still a great go to place to sit down and eat

Jaycee Willard

This place was very comforting and refreshing. Staff was on piont, well done friends, great food!


Came in shortly before midnight. While the food was good my order was messed up. April was by herself and doing the best she could. However, Edith the short order cook was rude and kept messing up orders. There should have been more staff on board.

Larry Ratliff

This place used to be really good with good service. And been in there in several months. Don't know if they got a new manager or what happened but the service was lousy and the food was just mediocre not near as good as it used to be. I don't know maybe I just went on a bad day but I was disappointed.


Its so good and the service is AMAZINGGGG

Johna Billings

Great food!! wait time to get in was crazy!! And they wasnt even busy! Took forever to get drinks and food! I would go again.. they just need better customer Service!!

John Sanderson

Food was simply breakfast but was only average at best maybe below. Service not that great and no military discount and priced highest we have seen in Cheyenne. Not planning on going back.

Crumbly Jiub

The service here is really slow. The staff seems nice, but it takes a while to be seated and get the food after ordering. The food also isn't very good. My order was slightly wrong, the food took a while to get out and was getting cold. Other reviews say the evening service isn't good and I agree (slow at every step). This is the second time coming here (both times in the early evening)and while not great the first time, it was worse the second. I don't wish anything bad upon this place since the staff seems nice, but if I had to chose to get food at a gas station or here, I wouldn't hesitate to choose the gas station over this place.

Christian Adams

24 hr sit down restaurant with an amazing menu choice. The food was great and the service was good. Well worth checking out.

Deb Charles

Great food. Excellent service

stephanie middleton

My first experience of sheris was in Portland Oregon where I had the best pie and Marion berry belinis. I never had a Marian berry before but I'm hooked now. So I was thrilled when I found one in Cheyenne Wyoming. I bought a whole Marion berry cheese pie. I tell all my trucker friends if you see a sheris, to stop its the best food IV found on the road so far and best friendliest staff .... I will be back. Thankyou Stephanie

upuz wins

The food was amazing the service was fast and polite


Fantastic pie! Some places say they make good pies and don't deliver on the promise. These guys do!

Lynn Lujan

Not even worth our trip there. The waiter was terrible. He brought my hot tea but seems to forgot my husband drinks and then we waited as I watched him cleaning a table and ringing up orders. It seems like he forgot about taking our orders. I thought he was a beginner and not to mention an idol too. Not to mention the manager seemed unprofessional about while talking to us. A real manager would have told us let offer you to meals on us. And refund your meal. Along with I will address the matter later with the waiter. They really don't deserve a 1 star.

Mary Gagliardi

Breakfast was awesome cheddar pepper biscuits the best

samuel crawford

Usually smothered fries, tater tots and the such have lots of melted cheese. These had cold and soggy bacon, little bit of sprinkled cheddar cheese....hmmm.

Rusty Anglin

Wonderful ... good old fashioned country food ... the pies are great !!!

Ashley Wenberg

The food is good and the staff is friendly. The location is nice and it's open 24 hours which is great for someone who works nights.

Charles Kuckel

Comfort food done pretty well. Fish and chips were good. Apple pie a la mode was also nice. 10% military discount on top helped.

Ur Dad

Long wait, okay food, nice waiters

christy willard

It was just OK. I'm glad that it's open 24 hours.

Alyssa Seals

Good is ok, good for a bite to eat late at night. Service was only ok.

Steve Mumford

Very pleasant waitress. Great steak sandwich and we bought a pie.

Randy Pestel

Horrible service! Went during CFD and the place was empty of customers. Found out why it took forever and the food was not good!!

syber glasgow

Normally not bad going to this restaurant, but the other day we went, denise was our waitress and clearly hates her job. I wanted to leave her a 2 dollar trip but gave her more ed because maybe it was a bad day, but still Denise dont take it out on your regulars check the attatude at the door or leave it's that simple

Jay Meade

Good pies and not so bad coffee

Yvette Hashem

Super nice staff, good food


Lemon meringue was bangorang

Tom Neely

Good food and service

Myhriah Young

I don’t like to leave a negative review; however, I don’t feel like this Shari’s lived up to what I believe is the “Shari’s Brand.” We are traveling and commented that we were glad we found one, because you can usually expect good service and food. That’s the case where we live anyways. The service started out fine; we did have to wait to be addressed to be seated, which was fine. Our waitress was nice and got us our drinks quickly. After we ordered was when things weren’t as good. 3 of us ordered what looked to be their delicious peppercorn topped sirloin, and one of us ordered the Tuscan Chicken Salad. When it came out the salad looked amazing. The steak, although it was cooked well, was missing it’s peppercorn topping, and we did have to remind the waitress of several things we were missing and asked about the topping. Apparently they were out of that. This was a bummer; I would have asked for something else, but we weren’t told that until after it had already come out. I will say the broccoli cheddar soup had good flavor, so that was good. I feel like the mistake on all 3 of our steaks should have been addressed in some way, but that didn’t happen, and I did notice that our waitress was avoiding us after we mentioned it. They weren’t busy; I did notice people standing at the door for several minutes before they were even acknowledged, and the bathroom was a mess. Overall, it certainly wasn’t the worst restaurant experience. The staff seemed nice, some of the food was good, and it was a somewhat familiar atmosphere, but it wasn’t the best Shari’s experience either; certainly not what we would expect from one.

Peggy Johnson

Food good. Great wait staff.

Augustina Merritt

Best service I've had it in very long time.

Liliana Manzo

Great food! I absolutely love the food and the pies are AMAZING!!! Will definitely go back!

Allen Strauss

I love their food, even late at night (early in the morning) they keep up the standards of their food. The pie shakes are phenomenal, along with the pies themselves. The wait on food isn't usually long, and the customer service is spot on. I love eating here.

Marcela Eu Mesma

Such a nice place! I didnt think it would be that good from the outside, but it was very early in the morning and it was the only thing open other than fast food. I have to say I'm glad I came! Food is delicious, clean place, nice waitress! Will definitely be back.

Charleen Nicholson

It's a Shari's. Not a lot changes per store. This one seems to have different staff every time, but the manager had been the same for a very long time. I never wait to be seated very long. It needs some updating. I worked there as a server many years ago and it was one of the better serving jobs I've had, the training was good and tips are not bad. I like that they're open every day of the year, we've had a couple Thanksgiving dinners there when we didn't want to cook. Good variety in their menu too. Their pies rule.

David Kieselhorst

Remind me of a restaurant we use to have in st Louis good service and the food was good to

manonfire WY

If I had come in by myself I would have walked out after 15 minutes. I felt the waitress, Jamie made it a point to make me wait for everything and to serve me last. My empty soda sat in the edge of the table for no less than 12 minutes while she walked by repeatedly. When she brought my food, I had to ask for the sauce that was supposed to come with it, and then she told me I had to wait while she took another table's order before she would go and get it. So I sat there and waited for the sauce. She took their order and went to the back, coming back with a pitcher of soda. No sauce. Then she went back again, coming back with sauce for the rest of my table but none for me. Two more times she returned without it while my friends had to remind her. I was actually in the process of getting up to leave when she finally brought it. I didn't tip the waitress for the first time in 16 years. I paid $16 for a $15.98 order and when she brought my final receipt she told me "Here's your two cents." I felt unwelcome from the moment she came to our table. I've lost 38 pounds in 90 days and I'm extremely proud of myself and the hard work I had to put in for that to happen. I chose Shari's as my reward and I regret it. I've been a waiter before and I currently work a job where 60% of my income is from tips. I know what it means to work for tips. But you're supposed to WORK for your tips. Don't ignore me and condecend and then smart off when I decide not to pay you for doing it. I literally get better service from Taco Bell.


Was a nice place to enjoy some pie, coffee and hot cocoa. Plus it was really nice having a place to warm up after watching East High play some foosball

sadie jayne

NEVER USE UBER. Sheris manager had no explanation as to why uber driver stole my food. Offered no refund. Super disappointed.

Julianna McDonald

Was told there was a 5-10 minute wait. After about 20 minutes of people being seated before us we finally asked again and we're sat by a rude host. Food was cold. The pie shakes were basically milk? Melted? Very unhappy. Previously loved eating here. Maybe just a bad day for their staff.

Ann Eadeh

Good food. Fast efficient service. Didn't get to try the pies but they looked delicious

Scorp Sting

Not a grand place but the food is decent most times. A good inexpensive place to just sit and chat with friends or family. Oh and the pies are pretty good


Another tired restaurant that could either use s scrub or a remodel. Keep getting the same meal to see some consistency. Seems that if the pic shows fresh something it should be. Fun when I mention how bad things look and manager guy walks by, laughs about it.

Jennifer Reddy-Theisen

Extremely friendly and helpful staff. Well priced and good food.

Karen Miller

Good service and reasonable prices. The food is okay. We had breakfast this time and the omelet I had was good (Ron's Favorite, on the menu) My dad is a regular there and they never rush him and always treat him kindly.

stephanie hupke

They make their salads buy scooping the lettuce out of a plastic bag laying on the counter. Is it even washed. I drive uber and wonder if I should tell my people to wash salad before eating. Smh. I don't recommend eating salad.

Dave Den Adel

Think if it as Wyoming’s version of Perkins or Denny’s. But in 1982. I got the Pork Nachos, they were good, but not Mexican restaurant good. Never get Mexican food at a truck stop or bakery restaurant. Why would you anyways ?? I broke my own rule, oh the hypocrisy. My kid got pie for supper, obviously he is on a health kick, and loved it. Friendly staff, decent food with outdated decor means there is a 1982% chance I come back. I don’t live here in Cheyenne, so I may never come back...

Abel Carv

Great value, food, service, and very clean

G Meyer

The food is tasty and there is a good variety of dishes to choose from. Prices are good enough to make it affordable for me. The service is always great!

James McQuivey

Look, I'll admit this isn't a fancy place and most of the entrees aren't very different from what you will find at other similar places like IHOP or Ruby's. But nobody does a pie shake like Shari's. We plan our cross-country drives to make sure we land at Shari's whether in Nebraska, Wyoming, or Idaho. It's worth it. And the service is always so down home that you leave feeling like part of the community.

April Lejeune

Excellent breakfast selection and great cinnamon rolls

Errol Brown

I would like to say that the food is the best part about Shari's Cafe, but I think the staff are even better! And that's saying a lot :-) Michelle, Jackie, Crystal and the other great wait staff totally rock!

Kim d Grindrod

First time eating at this establishment. Our waitress Eddie was wonderful!! Food was really good. Meat tender, salads fresh, and the pie Delicious

Lucas C

Not recommended. First meal meat was dangerously raw, replacement meal again meat was dangerously raw. But the waitress was very kind and helpful. The manager was also very kind and helpful

Cathy McDonald

Great service and food!

jerry bowman

Yeah the local Diner here greasy-spoon depayser fabulous stop in and try so very delicious

Tina Eshleman

I ate at Sheri's Friday 1/26/19 at about 6 p.m I had the French toast combo, over medium eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and glass of ice tea with lemon. It was good. I think the french toast could of been cooked longer, my bacon and eggs too, but that's just me. I didn't eat all eggs, only yolk, didn't finish hashbrowns, and only had 2 slices french toast cutting off pieces that were not cooked long enough for me. Waitress was AMAZING. I ended up having the worst case if food poisoning I have ever had in my life. I have never had issues with this restaurant before, other the twice having a cook pepper my food. (I hate pepper) but other then that my experience has always been good. Not sure what happened this night. I won't be going back anytime soon.

Susan Murray

Good variety of menu items and food was cooked as ordered. The server promptly greeted us, took our order, and checked back on us.

Liz Riley

Used to like going here. Tonight I ordered the breakfast Panini and kiddo ordered Shari's breakfast sampler. My Panini came like it was quickly tossed together and with no side. My daughter requested Sunny side up eggs, came with scrambled. Each time I've come here something had come wrong on my order. Food tastes good. But I shouldn't have to double look at the menu to check and see if I have anything missing.

Melinda Campbell

Great wait staff that put up with a 15 top right after a new year's party! She was very sweet. Got the food or quick and even took a group pic for us!

Kevin Varner

Pies are great food is ok the staff is awesome

Shelley Gauna

Good food and great service

Karen Macuich

Great food and great service I highly recommend this place!


Food is good but service is not worth it, sad. Won't be back unless service improves a lot. Didn't get food until way later, was ignored no extras for food or refills. Waited on check for 20 minutes.

Dianna Lytle

Got our food and my husband's burger was raw, had to wait another 20 minutes before he got a cooked one. They took away his French fries with the raw burger and forgot to replace them. Was supposed to have horseradish sauce with my sandwich, had to ask for it andwas told he never thinks of it because to him it is horrid sauce. Its my sandwich not his. Flies everywhere. I walked to the bathroom and there were more flies all through the restaurant and in the bathroom. Was very disappoint with the service and food and the restaurant.

susana rojas

Good food. Customer service needs work.

Wes O'Hara

The pie was what you would expect at your grandma's. Crispy and flaky and packed full of fresh ingredients. I will be back for sure!

Dot Basse

I think we over payed. Used the coupon which included burger, fries, drink and piece of pie for 12.99. Sooo 2 of us amounted to 26. And. 1.56 tax. Should have been about 27.54. We were charged 31 and change. Hmmmm im not great at math but that doesnt seem right. Waitress never returned to refill glasses.

Trystan Cline

First time I have ever been there. Went there upon the recommendation of an older couple who was downtown when my boyfriend and I asked for a new restaurant to try, as we are not from Cheyenne. They sent us to Shari's without any hesitation. Funny thing is, that couple showed up a few minutes before we did. I think we gave them a dinner idea. The only I have to complain about was that it took forever to be seated by the hostess (I can't remember her name). Beyond that, Wednesday was a phenomenal waitress, very friendly and attentive. Food wise, my baked potato soup was amazing!! There was no sour cream that night, no biggie because I hate sour cream. And that fish was BEYOND amazing, as was the chocolate pie. Needless to say, whenever I find myself in Cheyenne again, I will be returning to Shari's again, provided that first time experience is replicated every single time!!

Marchane Hunt

Great service and food

Laurie Hutchinson

Usually come here once a week. We had Father's Day brunch. Even though some staff was slacking the manager was outstanding.

william shemberger

Excellent service! Happy and friendly staff with great food for the middle of the night! Hilton hotel recommend and they hit nail on the head

Veemo 89

The food is great here, one of my favorite places to go from back in the north west. However, the service during the evening shift is very lacking. On the first occasion the server was very absent and unwilling to do any of her own responsibilities. Was witnessed pawning off work to other waitresses. The second occasion was that we were completely forgotten about after our drinks were brought out. When the drinks were brought out the waitress did not even ask if we were ready to order and then we were left waiting for 15 minutes without any acknowledgement from other staff here.

Matt Warner

Decent food, seems like they are short staffed at the moment but our service was still pretty good.

William Sanford

Always has delicious pies. If there is one in the area, you must try it.

Errol Smith

Great refuge from the weather. Great service!

Linda Guerrero

Some meals are good depends on what cook you get fast service, friendly staff.


I used to come here as a child when I would fly into town to see my grandparents. My grandpa was named Kenneth. He LOVED this place and stopped here for coffee nearly everyday. This past week he passed away and I have been reflecting on the time I did have with my precious grandpa. Thanks Shari's for the memories.

Rose Meeks

Nice quiet place to sit down and have a good meal. Pie is to die for!

#ph Plasencio

The pie is always a nice treat! Key Lime or Banana Cream for ME please!

dconner 221

Good food. Excellent pie

Leslie Russell

Great place to eat.

Cindi Young

Food was excellent. Sugar free pie was awesome. I recommend this cafe.

Ashley McCarty

So went there this morning 6-21-19, with my husband, kids, and inlaws. When we walked in the manager was very nice and welcoming. But our waitress was just ugh. We asked for one mountain dew, 3 ojs, one chocolate milk, and 3 coffees, one decaf and 2 regular. Apparently that was not good to do or the waitress had a bad life. She brought the drinks, and oj was fine, daughter said she wasnt sure about the chocolate milk and brought mountain dew. The 3 coffee cups has something nasty on them like they never washed them. Then we asked which was which regular coffee or decaf, she said the one was decaf then changed it to regular, mine was regular, but then the carafes they brought has green and black handles. We asked which was which. She said non caring which was which, then switched the answers. Talked to the manager and he didnt care, he asked what the waitress said, and then we told him, he said well then she is right. Brought new cups still dirty, and splashed some coffee on my father in law. Then I got like 2 more cups and still dirty like 8 cups later still dirty, finally we just left. Didnt even make it to the food. If that waitress cant get her coffee straight and their dishes be cleaned on just coffee cups, how are we to trust the food and plates and silverware. She also just grabbed a bunch of silverware and sat it on the table. She kept saying sorry in a not so sorry but really just hating life, or yall are annoying tone. We are not hoity toity people, we are very friendly. We understand bad days, but regardless if you work in a customer face to face job, bad days need to be left out the door, or at least try to put on a happy face. I will never go back here. You couldnt even pay me to go back here. The worst customer service I have EVER gotten, and the worst place for dirty dishes. So if you like to eat and drink right after complete strangers and have rude service this is your place.

Kathy Eads

Wonderful service Good food Pies are delicious

Chris Wenner

Delicious homemade pies! Great food and service. I was very impressed that the manager seated me and asked how my day went. Food was served promptly and was delicious. Shari's also recognizes military members with a 10 percent discount. Thank you!

Tom Spettigue

Food is fine, but if you need a sandwich in less than 45 minutes on Saturday night, they have one cook to handle the late night crowds. Don't count on anything happening in a reasonable amount of time. Maybe some Google bad review pressure will incentivize the owner to have more cooks on hand on weekend nights when the drunks show up.

Jim Peters

Stopped in a couple days ago and got my usual meal - the pot roast. It was good but different than other times. The ingredients weren't mixed together as usual, but the food was still pretty tasty. The waitress - Savannah - was very nice and efficient.... thanks Savannah.

Jo Wolfe

Took a Friend to VA in Cheyenne and stopped by there first for Breakfast !! Great Food !!

Katie Dolan

It was ok, Maybe caught on off day but the tables weren't super clean. Had to ask for baby highchair to wiped down. Food 5/10..edible could made steak and eggs better at home.

Geddy Tschetter

Amazing service, Amazing food! They have a great selection of food varying from breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Always serving amazing food, the French toast is absolutely delicious! Definitely worth a visit if you're visiting the area or passing through.

Bobby Cochran

The food was good and the waitress was very nice. Fair prices with a lot of desserts..

Chris Dall

It was wonderful, the food and the service. Would go back again Nice and clean


My family had dinner at this restaurant around 8 PM. There was only 4 other small groups in our section.The food was good but the service was not. Our waitress took about 15 minutes just to get our drink order. She took our orders fine but once we got our food we never saw her again. I had asked for ranch dressing to go with my tater tots, never got that. My daughter's biscuits were supposed to have sausage gravy on them we thought according to the menu but it was plain. I asked if I could substitute rice for the cole slaw and she said yeah no problem and that never happened. We never got any refills on our drinks either. We usually get great service at the other Shari restaurants so not sure what the deal is with this one but won't be coming back anytime soon.

oledogs journey

Great food even better service

Amy Adams

Always friendly, timely and delicious. The new marion berry cheese pie is worth the indulgence. But you can Shari's in many states. It is not worth a trip to Cheyenne for this Shari's. Because it is late April, and this was the view out the window.

keith kruse


Gary Rucker

Love it very good all around

Debbie White

Food and service very good definitely go again when in Cheyenne

Rachel lavach

Great food and prices and very nice staff

Dee Reynolds

Good service, Lily was very good. Food was also good. They give military discount we found out.

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Breanna's Bakery
Breanna's Bakery
Bakery - Wyoming


Einstein Bros. Bagels
Einstein Bros. Bagels
Bakery - Wyoming

Bagel shop

Lander Bake Shop
Lander Bake Shop
Bakery - Wyoming