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6985 Nugget, Evansville, WY 82636, United States

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REVIEWS OF Schlotzsky's IN Wyoming

Cory Evans

This place serves some of the best sandwiches hands down. They are always busy, but I suppose anything good is worth the wait. From the front counter to the people running the food out, the staff is very friendly. Keep it up guys, you will always have my business!


Great stop on the way to or from Yellowstone. In a big truck stop with a lot of other food options too. They made our food correctly and fast and it tasted great. Really nice Schlotzskys location!

Richard ssr


William Holloway

Great food, nice location

Priscilla Lutter

Interesting sandwiches. Gotta go try another.

Sean McGrane

Great truck stop. Lots of food choices, clean. Schlotzsky's was great.


Dark Chaos

Awesome place!! Great food and great service.

He follows always

They got the best Angus and cheese sandwich in Wyoming

Gregg Clanton

Great place and I love their sandwiches. We always stop when we travel thru Evansville. This is the farthest north Schlotsky's on our way to Montana.

Michael Sanchez

Delicious!! Wish you were on California. Ate here twice in two different cities on my trip...

Mike Hoffman

The food is good which is why I go back. The service is terribly slow. Even when there is nobody else there you can count on 15 minutes to get your food. If ordering more than one sandwich, be grateful if at least one of them is correct. I have never gotten a multiple sandwich order that has been correct for everyone. Fortunately the mistakes are usually pretty good and we just eat them rather than complain. This place would be great with some decent management or employees that cared at all about being good at what they do.

Britte Sapp

This was part of a big gas station/convenient store on the edge of Casper and it was well worth the stop! The place was clean and new and had TONS of options for everyone in our party. A Cinabon, Mexican food, coffee shop, souvenirs, and a well stocked convenient store. Schlotzsky's itself was everything we expected- a full menu and everything was SO good! And had a coke freestyle machine. Staff was nice also. We would stop here again for sure.

David Parrish

Good food and fast service

Bill Morgan

Great food.

Rick Stidman

Some of the best sandwiches right here on earth

Brooke Munguia

The young gentleman at the counter was the nicest guy ever!! And amazing food

Mairia M

Clean, good food but definitely need more servers on duty.

Joshua Hineline

Very good roast beef

Misty Ahumuza

Sandwiches were great.

Nicholas Newman

Always great sandwiches. In a great location for those who are traveling and want to avoid having to go into town.

Kenneth Scott

Love love love this place. Great parking. Great food. Great bathroom. Great people. Store and parking lot is clean. They have two dog parks.

Carlton Duncan

Great food and service.

michael smith

Good sammy's


Greasy but delicious. Expensive for what you get but kinda sometimes worth it.

Don Posten

I have tried to order a sandwich there twice and both times there was no one at the counter even after waiting a while. I felt ignored and unwelcome. It's too bad because I have had their sandwiches in other cities and have been a big fan.

Lisa Osborn

Carolyn Leonard

Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm

scott gagnon

Good lunch quick service


Rob Martin

Schlotzsky's is weird. The bread is weird. The combination of ingredients on their original sandwich is weird. I'm always a bit delighted when I come across a Schlotzsky's. I feel a need to eat there quickly in case they go out of business for making weird sandwiches. And I usually order the original. Of course, Schlotzsky's has been around since 1971 so in spite of decades of opportunity to close up shop, somebody besides me must like them.

Rachel Flesher

We really appreciated the gluten-free options (my daughter and I shared an awesome Grilled Chicken Pesto Pizza). Nice stop in an area where there aren't many options.

Chris Koepp

Lisa Dubrul

Great food, quick service

Mike Wright

Good food. Stop in on the way to Sturgis.

Shane LaValley

Good pizza. Great french dip.

kurt tille

Love their sandwiches

John Gilbert

Good food

T Gus

This is in a food court inside a gas station. Fast service,good food at a good price.

jerry frazier

Excellent food

Wendy Bassett

The Caprese sandwich is to die for! Delicious!!

Mary Jo Davis

Good food!

Dora Adams

They always mess up our oder and they can not refund your oder to your credit card unless the manager is there. They ask you to come back the next day. Which is dumb because they are in a travel center. We will not be going out of are way to eat there anymore.

Edna Hetchler

Great sandwiches and salads. A bit of a wait for to go orders, with no place to sit down.

Patricia Robison

Jay Lonewolf

Good food, but a little expensive for what you get. The portions are okay and so far I haven't found a sandwich I don't like. So I'd say if you aren't on a budget go wild and enjoy.

Donavon Valentine

Troy Baalhorn

Randy Evans

I love their original sandwich on sour dough... and they have the best brocolli cheese soup around!

Richard Bibb

Foods okay, place isn't the cleanest

Todd Taylor

Love those sandwiches


Friendly service

Derrell Ervin

A little pricey but good food

j Sauceda

Good sandwiches gluten free available. Mall food court like dinning area next to Moe's southwestern grille so the family has even more options

sean Davis

The sourdough bread is wonderful and compliments any sandwich.

Don Wood

If this was our first Schlotzsky's, it would be our last. No a Deli??? Which means no Reuben. Want to take soup back to the motel (from a truck stop restaurant)? Okay, but they have no spoons! Which was no big deal because the soup was no longer hot by the time I got back to the motel. If you've never eaten at a Schlotzsky's go here. But if you know what food tastes like at a real Schlotzsky's, don't waste your time.

Ryan Bushnell


Good sandwiches, polite cashier.


Tyler C

Great food and I wanted to get some early in the morning but the website and Google says 5:30am but the door says 7am. Nothing serious but man a bacon grilled cheese would've hit the spot.

Justin Snyder

Everything is amazing I haven't had one thing that I didn't like there

Marc Florita

Madeline Kelly

Only place to get a Kale Salad on the go. Also the mac n cheese is so good. $10 for half mac and half kale salad. We make a special stop everytime we're on the road. Takes a bit longer than fast food. About 15 minutes, but its worth it.

freaky greg

Best sandwich in town.

Jim See

Yummy good stuff and great service. Love this place.

Trent Gaines

Jesse Sullivan

I love the sandwitches here and to my surprise the breakfast tacos are also pretty dang good. Dont forget the hot sauce.

Eric Peters

Rob Masterson



Bethany Colyar

Service is okay, but the food isn't great.

Jimmy Fitts

It's been years since I've had a Schlotzsky's sandwich. Still awesome.

Brandy Bryan

Michael Pierce

Jedekiah May

Sandwiches are awesome, and a large could feed 3

Charmaine Schroder

The worst sourdough sandwich I have ever had my friends salad had rotten avocado in it and when she complained they told her she was the only person who complained and it's not bad.

Virginia Peterson

Better than Paniera and faster.

Jayron S.

Schlotzky's is always good.

Chris Dougherty

Jay Rothleutner

Very good food

John Shetler

I got what I ordered but the lady who brought it out seemed socially awkward and didn't want to interact with customers.

Raymond Hubbard

Would give 5stars but food is too expensive for what you get

T Cam

Is the kitchen staff high? They need to step up their game in terms of efficiency. We waited 25-30 minutes for our food... This is a quick service restaurant in a travel stop. Chances are people eating here want to get back on the road, and this was the case for us. Additionally they added my dressing to my boyfriend's salad and provided his dressing on the side, and my soup arrived barely warm. I gave 2 stars because the food was delicious notwithstanding these basic errors, and because the cashier was very helpful and brought some half & half to our table. Overall would not recommend to someone in a hurry!

Adam Dickinson

The home of the Manchos!!!

Keith Huff

Love the sourdough

Lisa Thompson

The service is great the food is to die

Sunny Whaley

Flatbread pizza is really good

Brad Williams

Great service and some of the best food, especially for a truck stop.

Ryan Cox

Great chicken smoked cheesey.

Robert Fleming

Great food & service

Alisha Sloan

The wait time was a little long, but the food was fresh and hot!


Love the French onion soup, people are always nice.

Krista Daniels

Kearney makes my visits wonderful always

Lisa Britton

Great food!!

jolene lucero

Jaime Mcfarland

I went there because I was traveling and I love schlotzsky’. I went about 10 miles out of my way. I always stop because I love thier bread. Went to eat it and the bread was moldy..... I love my sandwiches there wont stop going but it was in Evansville WY.

Tabatha Burns

Sandwich was delicious. Soup was even better. I got the pastrami on rye and tomato bisque. For being being a truck stop I was amazed how good the food is. Wish there where more of these around instead of the same old McDonald's or Subway.

Bob Dennis

Adam Vig

We get the beef bacon smokecheesy every weekend. So freaking good!

Wade Lillie

Great sandwich but highly dysfunctional staff. Manager and ast. Manager both seemed lost and discussing employee issue in public.

Deven B


Odion Porras John Porras

Me and my son definitely enjoyed the food, and the service was nice and courteous with a smile....looking forward to a return trip.

Brad Lucas

Great sandwiches

Torque307 SpoolyBoi

tyler hageman

Best sandwich is the rancher !

James Duncan

This place rocks! Best hot sandwich in Casper, and they are open till 10 pm! Great and fun staff who don't have any problems with special instructions. I will hit this place up every time I go through Casper now.

Dale Martin


Peggy Boldrey

Great sandwiches

sheryl schoenwolf

Moe's quesadilla excellent today.

Rachel Webb

Always Amazing. We stop every time we are in town!

christmas credit

Jennifer Jones

best sandwiches ever... Love this place. This particular one is nice. The owners are wonderful and are always running promotions for the locals. It's a beautiful building, there's a Moe's restaurant in there as well. Both of which are located inside the Hat 6 travel plaza. Super nice! Best food ever, and of course there's a cinnabon too.

Wandajean Jones

Sandwiches are huge, so I shared with my husband.

Ron M

Excellent sandwich. I am very glad it's not a subway.

Jake Maurer

The McMurry Business Park is top notch!

Katie Turk

The people that work here are not friendly at all bad management

Jessica Baxter

Food is good....when they have it. Ordered pizza kids cookies. Waited ten minutes only to have them say they had no pizza crust. This isn't uncommon. And it takes FOREVER!!

Brad Adams

Typical good friendly clean

Anita Snook

Lu LoCoco

A tall drink of water on a long drive. Thanks for the memories. If the clouds are green and swirly, leave asap.

Beka Johnson

Kim Stephenson

Very good!

Beau Claar

Seriously good food. The Haliburton out post there means this is the best food at a Wyoming exit if you need it fast. Super clean.

Kristin Ellis

I LOVE Schlotzskys!!! Original on ad, no onion.

John Allen

Great sandwiches and decant selection

Nathan Schmidt

Favorite quick lunch spot! Pictured is the abgus beef and cheese. Very pleasant service! Delicious food. $7.50 for just my sandwich, but sooo sooo worth it! Hat six travel center has everything you need too! Two restaurants and plenty of road snack and drinks! Very clean, modern and up to date! Nice service over all!!!

Ben Bannister

For was okay. Service was wonderful. They messed up my order but were very gracious and fixed it right away.

Rob Boase

Badass Sandwiches. Sometimes they take forever.

madie johnson


Great food. Good staff. Place is under construction... So 4 stars.


Mitch Shedd

Slowest schlotskys I've ever been to. Over 20 min wait for a sandwich and soup and nobody here...

Chris Chapman

Great cinnabons! Yummm.

Ezequiel Gonzalez

Good food

Kyah Davis

Love their brisket mac n cheese!

Alex Gerasimenko

Audra Tyler

Everything is good. I can't think of anything I've had that i didn't like. So good.

Amber Larson

Awesome sandwiches! Delicious bread filled with fixings! Definitely worth the stop!

Michelle Pederson

My sandwich wasn't that great like it usually is.

Cindy Addleman

Good food

Lori Nielson

Love the original on sourdough!!!

Jo Ann Padia

Not bad

Teah Pettit

Fast, friendly service in a nice clean travel plaza. The food is so flavorful!! You cannot go wrong with a deluxe original sandwich on jalapeno-cheese bread.

Linda Mead

Alejandro Miramontes

Maybe more bread options. Sandwiches are delicious.

Tim Copper

Always good!

Scott Simpson

Good sandwiches

Dave White

Haven't had Schlogzsky's in a decade! Love it!

Sitomi H

john hancock

Gail Pliley

Always a great sandwich, hot and fresh. Employees are cheerful and friendly. I especially enjoy the fresh made bread.

kenneth arnold

Good food fast service .

Michael Hayward

Great food!

K Ctsab

It tasted alright

Krista Bauer


Joe Tilghman

The best quick bite from the interstate in Casper.

Tom Elkins

Lots of smiles every time.

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