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51 Town Center Dr #100, Gillette, WY 82718, United States

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REVIEWS OF Pho and Bakery 59 IN Wyoming

April Heck

Food is delicious! !!

Shane Power

Being a pho place in Wyoming the pho was better than expected. After traveling to Vietnam a few times a year for the last 10 years, it is lacking a few of the traditional ingredients. None the less was very tasty and was on par with many pho restaurants in larger American city's . Price was very reasonable and was very clean and the owner and cook was very nice .

Lee Jorgensen

Mary Gray

Matt Barker

Best Pho around hands down!

Colby Aaberg

Mark Bullick

Food was excellent service was friendly raspberry lemonade was outstanding

Roy McCary

The beef in the pho tasted microwaved and there was no basil or bean sprouts served alongside. Server was very awkward and unknowledgable of the menu.

mandi speakman

First experience here today. The chicken Pho is BOMB!! We ordered the medium portion (around $7) and that was plenty (had left overs) they have med and lrg. The customer service was not that great. We had to ask for our own to go boxes while being questioned whether or not I needed "that size" I recommend stopping in and getting a bowl of Pho, they have other food options as well.

Meghan Rubidge

greg perkins

One of those places that are in a bad location and often forgotten or not noticed because of it ,however good food for good prices and fast service. Very friendly people that are hurting due to the location and our economy I'm sure so support them and enjoy great food .

Jennifer Addington

Ryan Brotherton

Sandra Gonzalez

Anne Thorne

Dean Welch

Unbelievable food!!

Alexander Malyshev

No chicken meat in chicken pho.....common guys, you could do better then this!

Nicole Muller

Two workers standing there. The website showed lots of baked goods but all of the shelves were empty. Not a bakery.

Michelle Campbell

Love this place

Sevy Girl

The soup was ok. The spring rolls were over cooked and seemed to have a burnt taste. The other dish gave my partner an upset stomach later. I dont think will be going back. Service was good. The place seemed to be clean and well maintained.

Shyvonne Fronning

Fabulous food/bakery and staff!! We'd give 10 stars if we could!

Bruce Kauffman

Good food, good prices, good portions

cole temp

Excellent food. Very nice people.


I love pho! And I try to eat it any time I can. But I was so disappointed about this place, worst pho I've ever had. They need to improve a lot.

Dawn Strohschein

Robert Horsley

The only reason I gave it a 2 star is because we didn't eat there. We walked In around 3 PM and was greeted by this short rude guy. He acted like he didn't want us there led us around to a tabe sat us down right next to other people and they were the only people in the whole place, I mean sit us by ourselves dude. But that's not the point, he threw down the menu hard and walked away so mad. No clue why he was mad, we just walked in. So my wife, daughter and I just looked at each other and walked away. Went to Qudoba and had a late lunch. So, so awkward. If you asked me I would just stay away from this place.

Carene Weinand

Teddy Roose

Great egg rolls

Crystal !

Love this place

Dean Knigge


Nick Johnson

Shrimp pho was awesome. Service was great, i will come back whenever im in town!

Julie Adair

Phos is always amazing.

Steven Clark

David Kraus

My first two visits to Pho & Bakery 59 were pretty good. Nice folks running the place. My last visit was rather disappointing, noodles far too salty. Might give them another chance.

Nichole Delgado

Luv this place...good is always wonderful

Robert Hamm

Andre Luckow

Gloria Porter

Really good food and friendly staff would recommend to anyone

Nancy Yelland

We love eating eating here! It is fresh, and delicious! Large servings...the large bowl of pho looks like you could share with 3 other people! Friendly staff, locally owned! Try it, there is nothing quite like getting a bowl of pho to go when you are under the weather!

Troy Akins

Lance Kleiderlein

Been here a hundred times... Used to be great. Food is still pretty good, service not so much. We tried to sub beef for shrimp due to a shrimp allergy, and were told it was going to be $14.95 instead of $9.95. All of the other dishes with beef are $9.95, and it's never been an issue going back a couple years now. This is the second time they've been unwilling to accommodate a really simple/reasonable request due to dietary limitations lately, and on top of it the hostess is really not friendly at all. Maybe this is because the owner has been gone more lately? The experience was much better when she was around more!! Little things like a friendly atmosphere, accommodating service, bathrooms stocked with soap, cuts of meat, etc are lacking now. I don't normally leave reviews, and overall this restaurant is better than one star. However, I was hungry, the short lady in the kitchen/hostess was rude, and the attempted overcharge thing was irritating... To the point I wasn't really even interested in ordering anymore. So, my personal experience at Pho & 59 today was one star.

Kathleen Bray

The best thing going for this place are the Huge portions. The appetizer was burned. There were no spices in either the number ten or eleven meals.

Mikel Wilcox

Food was awesome. Unless you are really hungry or splitting it watch out for the large bowl of pho... It bigger than your head.. haha

tana Brown

Jeffrey Farmer

WEAK. No bean sprouts or basil. Barely any meat. What the hell is this?

Brandon TiberionHero

Don't go here, they charge extra for everything. Small portions for normal pricing. They cut corners on everything they do.

DJ Sanchez

Good food, poor service.

Kyle Graves


Good food, the guy that works there is a little awkward and rude.

Michael Adair

Best Pho I ever had!

Mike M

Love the Pho. Excellent selection.

Kevin Paynter

Cannot recommend. When I pulled up, from the outside, I wasn't sure if they were open. Walked in, and as the only customer, I was seated immediately. Glanced over the menu and ordered a large bowl of pho with brisket, and a hot Vietnamese coffee. The coffee arrived first, and it was an indication of things to come. I've never had a Vietnamese coffee made like a hot chocolate before. It was not the traditional slow drip over the condensed milk, and if it was, I couldn't tell because the server stirred it up with a spoon like it was made with instant coffee. Then came the pho. I was really looking forward to it because it was cold and cloudy out; perfect pho weather. The server dropped off the pho and a dish with some jalapeno slices, cilantro, one lime and one lemon slice. I asked about basil, and besides "no basil" I couldn't understand what the server said. No sprouts either. First time I've had pho without basil and sprouts. I taste the broth before adding anything, because that's how you know if it's good pho or not. The broth was fairly bland. Nothing special. Really had to hunt for the brisket also, as there was very little for a large pho. The server brought me a traditional soup spoon that I'm used to at pho places, and a fork?!? Got up and walked over to ask for chop sticks, which were clearly right in front of the kitchen space. There was no way I was going to have pho with a spoon and fork. I was hungry, so I ate all the noodles. Went to pay, and the credit card machine was down. They got it working, but after 5min. Maybe their bakery items are good???

Sydny Koehn

Michael Napolitano

Heather Arambel

Delicious entrées, to die for macaroons, great prices, big portions and lots of gluten free choices!

Ralph Kingan

Christina Jones

The food is good but it certainly has to be said that it used to be phenominal! Sadly, not sure what happened here? The service is almost non-existent at times. Started out a hopping great place to eat but is now in decline.

Kenton Ripley

Loved it

Renee McMullen

We love coming here! Have had issues with service in the past, but the food makes up for it, plus the people are super nice, just issue with getting food on the table at the same time, and sometimes appetizers come after the main dish

Brianna Garcia

Jeff Hudson

Pho soup and spring rolls were awesome!

Rawss LeBlanc

The flavor of the pho wasn't quite what I'm used to. The basil and other leafy greens were missing. It looks like they are just opening up, hopefully they get it running smoothly because it looks promising.

Harry Rohr

Girlfriend and I went today. Pho was pretty damn good. Service was kinda in between, but it might be a cultural thing. Worth a try.

Tobias Fiske

My girlfriend and I eat here at least once a week. Excellent food, friendly service.

Shiela Blake

Bailey Knopp

I adore the Pho and Bakery 59. It's a nice quiet place to eat with delicious homemade noodles and chicken. I usually choose the #12, it makes great comfort food!

Amber Wallen

Timothy Martin

Endless Tiramisu

They have great service and they have great food but our waiter got my dad the wrong type of food

April Shippy

We always love going! Great food and great people.

Dennis Oberst

Very good food and very good service

cricket pow pow

Kiara Kunz

Reilly Sasse

Used to me my favorite place to eat but the Vietnamese dude that works in there is disgusting. He smells like he hasn’t taken a shower and flirts with dudes. Very off putting. I won’t be back till he’s gone.

Mikele Wissel

I love this place!! Took my family there when they came to visit and they absolutely loved it to!

Anthony Cain


Yes!! This towns idea of "ethnic food" is Americanized Mexican eats and Americanized sushi (which is super delicious, don't get me wrong), but this place flipped the script. Traditional Vietnamese comfort food done right. There is nothing in this world that can't be made a bit better by a big, hot bowl of Pho!

Corey Bricker

Quite possibly the best stir fry I’ve ever had. Seriously. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sandi Aberle

I love the chicken Pho soup.

Ryan Sorenson

I was in Gilette for work this week and was craving some Pho. I wasnt sure what to expect, but the Beef Pho and Spring Rolls were great. If you havent tried Pho before I reccommend visiting Pho & Bakery 59. They offer true authentic Vietnamese food. Pho is a soup that has rice noodles, beef or chicken and beef or chicken broth. You cant beat it on a cold day.

Ronald Florenski

They were very quick, my food came out hot, and I was stuffed. Pretty awesome for $15.

Travis Koehn

Excellant Food. Excellant Service. I would recommend highly to anybody.

John Strand

eurana altizer

Pho was decent..prices are absurd..$5 for extra meat is insane especially when we ordered extra shrimp and only got 4 shrimp.. the noodles were overcooked and mushy... probably will not go again..

Antonia Aipperspach

James Karr

Always love the food there

Leander Benally

Jeremy Onsgard

Good food

Kyle Reddoch

Just had the most amazing Pho (beef). Decidee to go here while visiting my mother in law. Great place to eat. The staff was friendly and the service was okay (might be a culture thing though). The large Pho was HUGE.


Sheldon Bartel

Great food at affordable price at what could be Wyomings's only Vietnamese restaurant. We eat here whenever visiting Gillette.

Suzanne Phillips

Donald Humes

Never been here before so I came in with an open mind not expecting anything. What I experienced was very good food and good service at reasonable prices. Food was freshly prepared and served steamy. As I don't speak the Vietnamese language, I expected to pick what I wanted off the pictures on the menu (all which looked good), the young man providing service was very helpful in helping me order my dinner. All in all, it was a great dining experience and I was glad that I made the decision to try this restaurant out and would recommend you do the same.

Toni O

Bakery? Yeah right. Stopped here a year ago and shelves were empty. This year, place is closed at 7:30 am and shelves are completely empty. No bakery can survive like this. Whats the password? I want in on the action in the back!

Unkillable YT

Marco Pinto

Worst pho I've ever had.

Wynn Macones

Nick TCH

Good, though broth could use some tweaking.

Raven Sixfifteen

Good place to eat.

Mik Cun

Not inedible but not good food.

Frank Holmes

They treated me awesome. Love little hole in the wall places. The owners are super nice. The food was amazing. I had the filet mignon Pho and it was delicious especially on a cold night. The donuts were awesome also. Great Great restaurant and great people. Will definitely be back! Can't wait to try the spring rolls.


the pho is not authentic at all no basil no beansprouts...

Christian Myers-M.

My banh mi sandwich was horrible. The bread was stale, they used too much soy sauce, the ingredients weren’t evenly distributed. I really just wanted my money back, but I got it to go.

Kimberly Lucas

George Samon

First of all, the Pho is NOT authentic however, the food is delicious, some are gluten free and there's plenty there for a doggy bag. Prices are very reasonable and I like it enough to return. When we visited, there was no bread to be had due to an equipment issue. Next time we go to Gillette, we will visit in hopes of getting fresh bread. The owner felt bad about the oven issue and offered us delicious turnovers free of charge. We recommend this restaurant and anticipate 2 additional stars once we try out fresh bread.


Was fast and tasty

abby branaman


Brenda Lindsey

Jose Juarez

Prices are kind of steep and the food is ok. I do enjoy the shrimp fried rice.

Robert Mueller

Gutes Essen zum kleinen Preis, freundliche Belegschaft.

Todd Lambert

Love it

Arun Job

Excellent food

Katherine Palmer

Wendy Bonsness

I liked it..

Cheney Lee

Michael Pratt

Has a lot of potential, but would like to see more pride in ownership. Hang some stuff on the walls, upgrade menus, plate the food a little differently, smile at your customers. Food is pretty good though compared to competition.

Edward Thrombley

Fabulous fresh food and Delicious.

Kassi Trujillo-Adams

Such a treat to get to have pho in northern Wyoming! Lovely staff!

Tad Elf

Very good bowl of pho! Good food. Fast service.

Ronda Prickett

Really enjoy this restaurant

jesus Spartan

Food was good and not overpriced, could use some more flavor on the actual noodles.

Rox Smith

Lori Manitz


Jason Weinberger

Only 5 good items on the whole menu. Service was very bad. And the dumplings had no meet whf

Jake Haskins

Hits the spot

Jonathan Erwin

I have enjoyed everything I've gotton from this establishment.


Good quality, fast and usually friendly. Small place with bland atmosphere.

Jona Creswell Gray

Just to let you know I will send. My family and friends the waiter was awesome very very nice and made us feel right at home. I do Belo e his name is Don I think that is what he said when I asked him. This is the best place to eat and visit friends and family Thank You Mr.Don.

James Schraeder

An unexpected pleasure, owned by wonderful people

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