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2610 S Douglas Hwy #170, Gillette, WY 82718, United States Located in: Powder Basin Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Main Bagel Co IN Wyoming

Joshua Havron

Wasn't impressed. Seats in the bar stools on the border of the room are a little uncomfortable, and the food is spendy for what ya get.

Nicole Alonzo

The food here was good, we ordered cinnamon roll French toast,a bagel breakfast sandwich, and the hamwich. The staff was friendly. My only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that it took us over 45 minutes to get our food after we ordered.

Michael Lorenzo

Don't go unless you have minimum 25 minutes just to stand in line. Gone three times and had to leave cause I couldn't wait in line anymore and had to go to work.

Alexandra Castro

omg I love this place! food and drinks are amazing. my favorite is the main street.

Anne Gross

Breakfast or lunch the foods great! Definitely a great place to stay and savor every bite. They offer Wi-Fi for those who want to come and study or maybe need to keep the little one occupied while you get that first sip of coffee. Everything is basically made from scratch. Drink variety is astronomical and flavors galore. The current owners added a lot of really cool things to the menu since the place opened. If you have your sights set on trying a BAGELDOG give them a heads up because those puppies go quick! Sadly. Pay is low. $8.50/hr. They offer 40 hours then avoid it at all costs. Turnover is high because they are quick to fire. Hopefully the new owners offer better pay especially to people who have been there for 5 maybe even 10 years. The bagels are great but the guy who makes them is an angry and fiesty little thing.

Jason Shih

Small shop big flavor! Great service, clean, and organized. Ordered a Ruben with bagel and it was great. Coffee is nice as well.

Travis Morrow

Decent bagels for breakfast. Service was fast and friendly. The best part were the bagel bites. Yummy!!

Fusion Hotline

Place is pretty nice, it's a nice mock of Chicago right here in Gillette. That being said, it's Gillette. Place usually has a constant flow of customers but food moves pretty fast. Worth a try if you're on the fence.

Marco Reza

Great Decor, great service. Wonderful atmosphere and options.

Kylee Albu

A bit over priced. When making an order they seem very unsure what is going on. Can't get a clear answer either when you have questions about the menu.

Karen Loeffler-Quintieri

This place is awesome!! Best coffee I have found in Gillette. The staff have always super friendly despite the rudeness of some. Their salads are wonderful and have yet to have anything from their menu that wasn't spot on.

Monty Norris

Very friendly and good food

John Smith

Delicious food, the one restraunt I would eat at everyday for any meal of the day. Good service and clean. Had a problem once and they gave me two free meals.

Jadee Kroeger

Love this place but miss it on Sundays since they are closed.

Sharon Turner

Great customer service ♥️

Joanne Tanner

The main bagel is always good.


Food was great, and the interior design was nice as well. Cool place to grab breakfast.

Eli Jordan

Possibly the best healthy breakfast/lunch spot in Gillette. Absolutely a must it you can make it. Try the steak n everything on a jalapeno cheddar wrap, and don't forget the Italian soda. ;-)

Josh Wilson

Great place

Brant Nyberg

The menu has potential, and the pace was packed, so I may try again later, but my first trip was a long wait for a mediocre breakfast burrito.

Desere Shafer

Loved the bagel I got and their Italian soda was amazing!!!

Camille Rheaume

I love the main bagel! I enjoy the cozy bistro atmosphere. They have a huge range of bagels that you can get alone, with their specialty cream cheeses, or as sandwiches! They serve breakfast food, lunch bagels, wraps, and my personal favorite the bagel pizza. They also have a wide range of coffee drinks with many options on flavors. I always check out the day old bin of bagels to get a mixed bag of delicious bagels! This is by far my favorite place to go in Gillette.

Brian Worthen

This is where everyone knows your name. Freshly-made bagels and cinnamon rolls on site. Fantastic. My kids love eating here on the weekends, and I sneak by couple of times a week as well...

Melody Royal

Amazing food, staff and environment. Not expensive, well worth it.

Kelly Daugherty

Awesome selection, great food. Excellent customer service as well

Jeremy Middleton

Rocking it!

Carol Leslie

Always excellent food

David Kraus

Main Bagel has pretty good bagels; plain, cinnamon crunch, and spinach parmesan are all tasty. Friendly and prompt service. The drip coffee is okay, espresso drinks as well. I have ordered a breakfast sandwich on three occasions, all were disappointing. Poor quality bacon and a strange taste to the eggs. Very popular in Gillette, crowded on Saturdays for breakfast.

Kevin VanEvery

This is an obvious five star. I went by myself. Ordered the Veg-Out Sandwich on an everything bagel. It was really good and had a nice spicy kick which is rare for a veggie sandwich. Bathrooms are immaculate, seating is spacious and comfortable, staff was charming, wi-fi is fast, and refills are free. I got work done for about 45 minutes, got a delicious sandwich and refilled both my coffee thermoses for $9, including tip. I could have sat here for three hours though and they wouldn't have minded. Would highly recommend.

Brandi Phoenix

Always a good choice for breakfast or lunch. Love the service, the atmosphere, the food...

Janna K

SO GOOD and super-friendly service. Forget all your greasy spoon diners - I'd go out of my way to go back here for breakfast. I only wish we lived nearby so we could go more often!

Lorn Macilravie

Very good breakfast bagels and other choices

Lynn Reichle

Good, a little pricey, slow service and PEPSI... ICK on my do not return list.


Wonderful home town eats! Best breakfast in town, just order the cinnamon roll French toast!


Good breakfast and friendly service. Local owned place instead of a chain. Can't beat it. I will be coming back for sure.

Guy Lee Phillips

Best place in Gillette to eat anytime of the day, friendly service, which is a rarity, prices are great and the breakfast is second to none

Jose R0bles

I realy like this place

Adam Hart

Amazing food, would recommend crack-n scramble.

Alexander Holcomb

Bagels are proper new york bagels. Coffee is good as well.

Jude Dodd

Great bagels, huge cinnamon rolls, awesome staff! Love coming here for either breakfast or lunch. Great value, too!

DJ Sanchez

Great place for breakfast or lunch.

John Park

Very good, jalapeno bagel!

Melissa Dutcher

Such great food and drinks. Staff friendly, fun atmosphere

Sammi Ellis

Always amazing food. Amazing drinks. Amazing service

Jill Johnson

Love the food and atmosphere!

Wood Pusher

Great food and nice staff.

Isaiah Kuhbacher

Great place to eat

Melissa Birk

Great food, nice little place with great atmosphere.

Nancy Hawken

My first time, I went in because I've heard great things. After. 1/2 hoir and still no order we asked where our food was and we're told they forgot to give it to the back. I understand mistakes, I make them all of the time. What was so disappointing is not one person apologized. Just gave us our money back.

Blu Moon

Definitely one of the best go to place in Gillette, WY for bagels, coffee and if you have time breakfast or lunch. Go early during the season, it gets busy.

Ryan Georgius

Great place to get a good breakfast!

Jennifer Wiese

DELICIOUS.. No other words!

Pauline Cary

Love this place. Great staff

Bailey Knopp

Their Cinnamon Crunch bagel has always been my breakfast favorite! For a sandwhich I reccomend the Batalian on a pesto or spinach bagel -- it's become my lunch go-to

Candis Smith

Very busy but always excellent!!

Sophie Hood

I actually haven't tried the bagels here yet, but I am giving them a 5 star rating based on the best spicy green chili I've had anywhere! I can't wait to try some of the bagels as well.

Barry Smith

Amazing breakfast all around!

Aubrey Fritz

Probably my favorite place in town to eat...their chai teas are fantastic and the food is delicious!

Michael Martinez

One of those spots off the beaten path totally worth the trip. Perfect for your coffee and bagel fix. Good food.

Christian Lerback

Fantastic service and great food! I've yet to be disappointed with anything here!! Definitely a Gillette favorite!

Desiree Olson

This is one of the best little eateries in town

Jonathan Hampton

Outstanding breakfast. Gluten free options available.

Nathan Larson

Best place for a sandwich in town! Fast friendly service every time

Dana Bidne

Super friendly and helpful staff, great food, generous portions. What more do you need to know?

Sandi Blohm

Awesome bagels!! This has become a regular stop for me.


Thanks for an amazing bagel breakfast. This is the best bagel we've had since we left NY state in 2003! You need to open a location in Austin, TX

Gina Sheumaker

Really nice place! Great menu and great food!

Amanda Israel

Great food, great service, great atmosphere! Absolutely a must try restraurant!

Anela Lawrence

Amazing food!! Good coffee! Great atmosphere, great people. Breakfast served til 1 pm.

Amd D

Great place, always clean, friendly staff, fast service. The turkey club on sourdough is to die for! My absolute favorite ❤️

Rosa Aguiñaga

Love the bagels here. I definitely recommend!!

Marilyn Derstine

This place was tops! My first time to visit n I will definitely be back wen I get the chance!

Teresa Wilcox

My favorite place to eat! They are always kind and courteous! When my kids come to visit that is the first place they want to go...

Amanda Langley

Always great food and wonderful people.

Paul Soliz

The food food was great. The staff was very friendly.

Stephanie Bradley

Everything here is great. Try the Steak-N-Everything on a Jalapeno cheddar bagel, it's my favorite!

Fi na

Great Breakfast!!! Very delicious. Small dining area, long line. It can get quite busy but it is worth the wait!

Rion Scherr

Since I moved out of Gillette this is the one place I miss. I make a point to come back whenever I visit the family. The bagels are better than anything you will get at a grocery store. I specifically recommend their breakfast sandwich on an everything bagel for a nice breakfast. If you want something sweet, a cinnamon crunch bagel with frosting is a great choice. I highly recommend Main Bagel to anyone in the area.

Alexandra Chute

Have gluten free bagels. Have not had a problem with cross contamination. Great options.

Ryan Rivera

I have been taking my swim team, which is 40+ guys, here for years and they always get us served extremely fast. The food is top notch and the staff is fantastic. This is hands down my favorite place to eat in Gillette.

Christine Porter

The food here is always fabulous! Make sure you have a few minutes, there is always a line.

Angella Winkler

This is a great little bagel shop good service good food this place is always busy wish they would buy a bigger building

Robert Williams

Excellent food

Hollie Holt

My husband and I decided to try something new for lunch. This place is amazing. Super friendly staff. Very relaxing atmosphere. We asked if the had sweet yea. They did not. However she said to get the unsweetened tea and add vanilla. The most amazing tea we have ever had. Please try this crazy concoction. Yall are amazing ! Will be back.

Neva Bentley

So tasty!!! Bagels are great and so is the coffee.

Vickie Schmidt

Great food. Great service. Relaxing atmosphere.

Jamey Fieler

Man does this place smell great! A friend had me stop there just to pick her up some day old bagels to bring back to ND. While there, I grabbed a breakfast sandwich to go. It was fresh and delicious! Took home extra bagels and I still get to enjoy them (a little less fresh) pulling some out of the freezer

Vadim Shun

Superb place for lunch or breakfast. We stopped here due to reviews and the place did not disappoint. Service was great, food was fresh, plenty of choices for the whole family. After sandwiches try their walnut salad and home baked sweets which are all delicious.

Matt Schultz

Too much cream cheese on all 3 of my bagels

Jordan Geiger

I've had breakfast and lunch here. Lunch almost blew breakfast away. They have a great menu full of delicious deli sandwiches and bagels. The breakfast is really great

Chris Leisy

Great atmosphere. The food is always great. It is busy for a reason.

Harvey Jackson

Always love this place!! It is THE hang out in the mornings. You have to try this place. the food is incredible and the speed of getting things out to you is lightning fast.

Danny Carnahan

Great food. Great selection. Great coffee.

Shane Stefanick

Consistently great food and service. The breakfast bagel is amazing.

Nathan Cook

Absolutely one of the best places to eat. Great service, even better food.

Starlyn Kunz

Good place for a morning date or to lunch break. Their coffee is super yummy and so is all their food. Decently priced as well.

Mike Spurlock

I'm a regular here so of course I'm biased. The staff is always friendly and courteous, the food is good and it's always clean. Busy on holidays and Saturdays!

MissyR Iszler

It's always cold in there and the servings seem smaller than a year ago. That said, the coffee is good, the food is made right with many options and variety. The booths are the best and very comfortable.

John Bojan II

Love the main bagel. Highly recommend

Timothy Jackson

Best breakfast restaurant town!

kellee carroll

All their food is great. Service is also great. Can be crowded at certain parts of the morning, but that is because their food is so good.

Resolute Blood

Some of the best bagels you will ever try! Super friendly staff! Well worth the wait

Alice Neal

Great service. Loved the bagel bites.

DeAnn Dickinson

Wonderful food, service and staff!

William fowler

Excellent food and coffee! Love this place!

Cevan Kyla

Great bagels.

Shelbi Morrison

Great food. Great drink, but they need to learn some customer service, they weren’t the very nicest.

Tim Bessette

Such wonderful food and service

Flint Bennett

Nice atmosphere there. Love the gluten free options

kelly tangeman

Best food & service in town!

Tony Becker

Fantastic food everytime. Cinnamon roll French toast and the chicken parmesan sandwich are exquisite. Quite swift turnaround, even during busy hours. Every drink you can think of can be made. White chocolate mocha is my current favorite or for something different try an unusual flavor, lime shake is great.

bill schillinger

Great service and good food

Kristina Aguirre

I love thier food. Anything you order you can't go wrong. Go eat

Andrea Elliott

Great food, and great service

Kristy Williams

Visiting from Tennessee and stopped in our way to Yellowstone. Great service and food!

Tristin Bears

Love the food. Staff is very friendly. Definitely eating here every time I return to Gillette.

Ken Hamaguchi

This place is great. We loved the cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting, steak n everything breakfast and biscuits and gravy! The staff is super nice! If we are ever in the area again we will definitely come back!

James Greer

Very unique food for Gillette, everything on the menu is always amazing! Its hard to decide on what to order because its all so goooood! The staff is beyond friendly, their breakfast and lunches are one of the best places in town!

Cheryl King

The chicken, bacon, ranch was good. My husband's beef sandwich was cold and the bottom portion of the bagel wasn't cut making it sloppy/difficult to eat.

Patricia Nelson

Best food

Richard Richard

Extremely friendly staff. A must stop in if you want QUALITY scratch made bagels and fresh meals. Also impossible to find a homemade bagel store in Wyoming so get awesome flavors here!

Latife Bulur

They have a great selection of coffee drinks, my personal favorite being their white chocolate raspberry mocha. I've also had their breakfast and lunch sandwiches. The ruben is soooooo good! The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, not to mention patient! The only negative is that it gets crazy crowded in the morning, but that's just a testament to their great food, drinks and service.

Ericka Sullivan

Good food. Great atmosphere. Next time I come back to Gillette, I'm eating here.

Morgan Jane

Love this place! The food is incredible, healthy and in a nice location in town.

Ron Wild

I stopped in with the hope of a good cup of coffee, I wasn't disappointed. They were very accommodating and even brought my breakfast to the table. I found the bacon crispy and tasty, and not all bacon is the same. Some bacon is like a horrible thunderstorm on your day at the beach, some is like a child smiling on the first day of summer break. This bacon was a smile and no clouds in the sky. I do suggest you stop in and grab a bite.

Anna Swaney

Very good. Great customer service and the food is decent. Better than fast food, that's for sure. They're usually pretty full too.


Good food, decent coffee...nice place for breakfasts

Kenneth Edblum

Excellent, friendly staff! Gluten free choices!

Julie Ruff

Fast, courteous, Delicious! Great atmosphere

Evanna Christensen

Love, love, love this place. Best bagels around town with amazing food!

None Ya

It was a mess, the menu signs were from the previous day, so after standing in line for over 5 min., I was told about the menu, I had to leave the line to tell my companion to look order something else, them stand in again to order. The staff wasn't friendly at all. Won't go again.

Simon Bidne

Great food, awesome service, super friendly staff, great experience all around.

Neela Sjostrom

We used to go here every day but the owners are choosing to sell it o I ♥♥♥♥♥♥the food.

Samantha Jones

Usually eat here after work on Friday or a great place to go for breakfast on the weekends. MB gets busy but worth the wait

Darian Mendoza

It's such a hometown favorite, anytime I go in to get something to eat I've received nothing but good service.

Judith Cardenas

Great bagels and food looked amazing


Pumpkin bagels are life.

Jason Tanner

Good breakfast sandwiches and wraps. Very busy.

Debra Houser BSN RN

Food never disappoints!

Jeff Garrett

Delicious food and super friendly staff! Never disappointed with my visits.

John Schroeder

Tasty ingredients, generous portions, friendly service, delicious coffee, superb value----did I miss anything? Didn't think so. The breakfast bagel is my fave. I've never had a bad one. This is one of those rare places you can't hurry back to often enough.


Great place for breakfast. Has delicious bagels, waffles, and other breakfast foods. Almost everybody I know loves this place.

John Taylor

Good food

Anthony B

I eat here almost every day. Food is fantastic and atmosphere is great. Love this place.


Excellent quality food and great service. Unique menu of sandwiches available on croissants also and large coffee menu. Always fresh. Dine in or to go. No drive-thru.

Donna Hymer

Fast and friendly service. Clean , well maintained with good food.

Allen Brown

Delicious everytime!

Tressa Jagemann

The food here is very good. It is super busy and you do wait for quite a while to get your order. They have a great variety of different sandwiches as well as other items.

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