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Where is Jackson Whole Grocer & Cafe?

REVIEWS OF Jackson Whole Grocer & Cafe IN Wyoming

Reed Welch

Great place to shop, fresh fruit and vegetables. Very clean with a courteous staff. An added benefit was using the Tesla Supercharger to top off my car.

Janette Mydland

Don't pass up this store. You will love the deli and bakery. Save money feeding your family and pack lunches for days spent in the parks.

Claire Marlin

this is a great store with a wonderful wine department and also specialty foods

Michael Reeser

Upscale, name sounds similar, prices are too. Renewable, locally sourced, organic, clean, name the cause they've got you covered. On the southern end of town, mile or so from the square.

Lissie Brooks

Really good place to shop for top quality and organic food. You obviously pay more but if that is a priority and you can afford it, this is terrific. Nice atmosphere and really good staff.

Kerilyn Paris

Expensive groceries, but great deli and lunch options!

Art Traveler

Kind of like Whole Foods...and similar prices.

Emerald Baldwin

Basically a locally owned Whole Foods, the quick food options were not as vegan friendly as I would have hoped.

Mike Nelson

Hands down the nicest store for groceries we have here. While it is smaller than 2 others in town, you feel like you're in a wonderful environment. Customer service is incredibly good and friendly. You won't feel like you are a problem or bother. They do have a nice store, good environment and clean and neat. Very good hot prepared food. Good seating for eating there, both indoor and outdoor. Pretty good bulk food selection. Do NOT even attempt a left turn out of the parking lot in summer. Turn right, go aways down, then turn across and come out through another parking lot.

Jacob Grabner

Pretty good selection although most options are "organic" and cost alot

Adam Greco

Great grocery store that deserves to be busier! Great selection and great prices for what it is. Not like your average big box hole (Albertsons or Smiths). I'd shop here and visit regularly. Enjoy!!! :) :)

Gina Jones

I love the fact that they have different types of deliscious soups to choose from daily and so far always a vegan one. Their salad bar has so many choices to chose from. It’s always well stocked. The hot bar also has many vegan choices

Monika Gilmore

Very similar to a Whole Foods. If you're looking for a prepared meal to take on the go, this is a great place! Of course, there are also normal groceries too.

Daniela Di Marco

Lots of fresh foods, not sure how they got a single $ rating, it's very expensive here

Daniel Swan

The selection and quality of food was good, however the customer service was severely lacking. Both members of staff that I interacted with seemed annoyed by my presence and insistent on being unhelpful.

Velda Nix

Pretty pricey but what do u expect in Jackson no Sprouts

Rebecca Koenig

Always just a little too rich for my blood, but yummy food nonetheless

Doreen'a Alesna Baclayon

Aspen is very knowledgeable on her herbal products

1 Ladybug mom

Love their prepared food section. It's my favorite. They change it from breakfast to to lunch to dinner. Yum-o

Kealohanui Baclayon

Wonderful store for Organic vegetables. Prices are reasonable compared to California.

Roman Morozov

Excellent choice of remium organic foods and products.

Paul Talbert

Great selection

The Singing Bowl Guy

Nice organic store for those traveling in and out of the National parks.

Brian Clark

Can get things here you can't get anywhere else in this area, and have a meal while you're there.

Isaac Comcowich

Good selection for lunch and nice work room upstairs but isn’t cheap


Great products and wish I could give more stars but the young cashier with braces and dark hair was extremely rude. She lacked complete manners, was rude and rolled her eyes when we asked her to try to be a bit more polite. The next day we went again she didnt even say "hello or have a nice day" etc. when we told her to "have a nice day ". She just rolled her eyes again and said "aha" ? Weird thing how such a grocery store with great products lack the experience of hiring an employer with manners.

David Brown

Jackson's version of Whole Foods. It has a broad selection of regular, organic and natural foods. The meat, fish and poultry are strong. The prepared food and deli items are well prepared. The selection fruits and vegetables are extensive, but my only complaint is the freshness is not consistent. Great cheese bar.

Terry Murphy

The prices were outrageous!!!!! Folks were friendly but the normal family cannot afford to shop there.

Paula Davis

Biggest store I have ever seen. With his going in to see the selections.

Eli Reiman

Fantastic selection of health food products. Love it here!

Connie Muir

At the bakery, wonderful chocolate desserts and other pasteries. Did not like the vitamin selections. Couldn't find some that I needed

Toni Harris

Great place to grocery shop and eat! Gluten free as well as Vegan/Vegetarian options! Not a place for bargain shopping so expect to pay a little more.

Douglas Johnson

Fun store to take the granddaughters.Wonderful lunch and dinner.

Jenny Rastorfer

Mary in the beverage department is so friendly and very knowledgeable!

Rosco & Shadow

Great selection of organic food. JWG makes it easy to eat healthy. Could use some more cashiers.

Teresa Johnson

Great variety, good food a little spendy though.

Lisa Adams

SOOOO OVER PRICED!!! I am from one of the most expensive places to shop and live and this was 3x's more than that!!!! It is RIDICULOUS!!!! Go to Albertsons one block over! Better selection there also!

Gerard Meszaros

Great local food store with fabulous buy&eat buffet including salmon and tuna poke' at the same price as veggie dishes.

Helenea D

Very diverse selection of food, coffee, smoothie, hot and cold bars have been an asset of fresh, fast alternatives. Vegan options available, which has made my visit easier. Staff has always been friendly and store is very clean

Elliot Aquila

Great food choices and friendly staff. Caitlin is always smiling and happy at checkout. Keith and Jo in the bakery and cafe are always super helpful and thorough. Thanks!!!

William Boland

As a tourist this is my #1 spot (Lucky’s a close second) for meals, snacks, and groceries. I love the deli and hot food area.

Pat Morris

Well organized, friendly staff

Isabella Bernard

GREAT selection of prepared food. Clean seating areas.

Quinn Moreland

We loved Jackson Whole Grocer! They had a lot of the brands that you'd normally find at Natural Grocers or Whole Foods, but that were difficult to find elsewhere in Jackson.

Tanner Dougall

Love the Sushi. Fresh.

Rocky Mountain

Expensive, but high quality foods. Focus on organic products. Very nice cafe seating area with fireplace. Great Deli.

Lindy J

Great Grocer eith all the things i can't find elsewhere.

Rick Learned

Lovely grocery store in Jackson. Stopped to charge at Supercharger in parking lot and bought dinner and a beer in deli. Great selection of craft beer and cheese. Nice dining area in front of store.

Jeremy Mckaig

Great selection of organic food and produce

Branko Zagar

Nice place, but not good service

Brian K

Great selection at good prices. Prepared foods are excellent!


Great service and food choices plus a cafe!

Angela Paterna

I stopped in to get a salad as I was feeling the need for some greens. The variety on the salad bar was decent but I felt the hot bar could use either more items or more variety. Granted, it was late afternoon and I may have missed a few things. Otherwise, the store appeared to have a good selection of items and a really nice seating area to eat.

Alice Thwin

Prepared food is made fresh daily and is delicious. The groceries can be reasonably priced and very fresh. And customer service is top notch.

Steve Wennerstrom

The best, if eating healthy food is important to you. It might even top Natural Grocers and is probably what Whole Foods strived to be, pre-Amazon.

Joseph Proctor

Prices a LOT higher here than what I am accustomed to at home.

Sara Rose

They are going to give a class about keto but I would really like to see more keto options available for sale. Especially in the hot bar or to go and desserts as well.

Thatoe Kyaw

Idaho trout and monk fish

Bailey Smith

Pizza and salad bar are top notch delicious. As far as grocery store items go, they are over priced. Very friendly staff.

Kevin Costello

Good place to get quality produce or decent hot food

Jimmy R Nelson


Matt Dalman

Great grocery store. Lots of options, nice layout and a great little liquor store!

Maddy Land

Good convienient store

Dave Mills

Great food (a bit pricey), wonderful salad bar, pleasant seating area by the fireplace. Clean, smart, unique.


Hot food is good. Not organic though and definitely overpriced.

Darbi Martin

Really good homemade roast beef sandwiches

Donald & Karen Saner

Best Place for Organic Food in Jackson.

Melissa Bourgeois

Great selection of produce and baked goods. The hot bar is usually pretty good although I’d really like some more vegetarian options. Otherwise a great grocery store!

Sallie B

The selection and service were wonderful, but the prices were outrageous. We bought some bakery items and they were delicious.

Jeremy Williamson

This is like a whole foods but that actually carries the food you want. So you can get the nice product you would expect, also have a Coke or fruity pebbles. Haha


Lots of good choices! Love it.

John Roman

Fresh products, great variety, great shopping community. The parking lot has Tesla Superchargers!

Amber Mitchell

Neat little Whole Foods place. Staff was friendly and the store was so organized and clean.

Laura Clark

Great place! This store is clean. It smells good walking in the door! The atmosphere is inviting, and the employees are friendly. I love the variety of foods and supplies. I didn't get a chance to sample the small cafe foods, but will soon.

Julie West

Great lunch!

Zay Mitchell

Very nice grocery store. Had everything we needed. Friendly staff and clean bathrooms.

Heather & Bri

This is Very similar to a Wholefoods. The hot bar is pretty good. But they have several soup selections, that are impressive and so good on a chilly day. Prices are pretty good. Especially when they have a sale. But Def over priced for some things.


Wonderful Whole Foods Like Grocery Store. Small hot bar for a quick bite!

Melani Moneva

Best Grocery Store in town!!

Suzanne Scott

Great selections

Adiel Nissanian

Incredibly helpful staff!

Peter Catoe

This store is simply outstanding. Great selection of healthy and organic quality foods. The staff was very accessible and helpful.

Char Herd-Shallenberger

What an amazing store! The most beautiful meat, seafood & fish, and produce! Super friendly and helpful staff!

Arjun Shrivastava

Unexpectedly wide range of good quality products

Sabrina Stone

Very cute and nice store. Very expensive though. But its very nice!

turtle rock

One of the best whole grocers in the Rocky Mountains.

Denise Smith

Helpful staff, good selection of groceries. We love their breakfast burritos. I could eat one of everything in the bakery department.

Chuck Foster

Really nice store; with great ready-to-eat choices. Thank you for the Tesla Charger!

Gabriel Kantor

We go here all the time to shop and eat. Everyone is very nice and respectful and they are always willing to help you. I personally love Phoenix and the dragon, the Chinese cuisine in there.


Great grocery store with plenty of healthy options. I love that the lines are always short too!

Gina Matchen

Best organic smoothies in town. The staff is especially friendly and helpful. They have a great hot food bar with lots of different foods to choice from. Their soups are some of the best in town.

Gas Station Cowgirl

Love love love this grocery store! This store has so many healthy choices and superb freshness. I was impressed to find they stock my fave Snake River Farm kobe beef! Reliable, consistent quality, and the staff are super tolerant of my rowdy boys! Ps. You can purchase liquor here.

Juan Jimenez

Great shaping

Mitch V

Excellent grocery store with lots of local options. Great fresh squeezed orange juice.

Maritta Fink

Fabulous produce, meat and much more. I loved that store.

Thomas Burrell

I delivered a load of groceries to them. I'm not looking forward to this trip in winter weather though!

Rachel VanBeekum

Such a unique beautiful store!! If you are a foodie, you'll love it!

tom wuthrich

Good food and people...great selection. little pricey...

Rob O'M

If you want excellent variety, quality and freshness... This is the place to come. The cheese counter is excellent. It's not cheap though, so I'd come here as a treat.


Exorbitant prices, but still cheaper than restaurants. I also hope, a little healthier.

Brent Averett

Great natural market. Not too expensive.

shereen bickham

I was so excited to see this store!!! Bought 98% of everything I needed to go camping for 4 days. Thrilled!!!

Jordan Epstein

Excellent source for high end groceries and prepared meals. Sometimes lacking in organisation during holiday preparation.


Friendly and happy staff who were very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you!


Sold me a 12oz coffee and charged me for a 16oz.

Shailesh B

This place is equivalent of Whole Food, good collection of products and produce. Visited this place when visiting Grand Teton park.

Kristi B

The selection of food is great! I found all organics food that I needed for the week. They even sell water by the gallon and in cases. The staff is friendly, helpful and kind.

Jeff Bernhard

Great place

Tom Goodwill

The best place to get groceries in Jackson. Skip the crowds and the empty shelves at Albertsons. Great selection overall. Produce is top notch. The deli has great cold and hot you can grab a beer while you shop!

Racquel Clark

Excellent place to stop for a reasonably priced meal that is good for you. Excellent juice bar, deli, salad bar, and quick bites. They have a great selection of products. I highly reccomend!

Diana Waycott

Beautiful store! Mostly organic and clean choices. Some big box brands. Great ready made section, organic salad bar, awesome for lunch!! Meat is expensive and local.

Alex Cooper

This might be the best grocery store I’ve ever been to. Clean, great selection, really good in-house products, and friendly staff

Mary Lynn Wilmore

Great place for lunch in Jackson Hole! I stopped in for a meeting because it's a great place for coffee and lunch - with parking! - on the west side of town. I had an incredible fresh salad from the salad bar with a cup of Nitro Coffee from the coffee bar. The hot bar and salad bar have tons of selections, and if you don't find what you want there, you can get fresh sushi, tacos or pizza instead. They have something for everyone. Delicious!

Brandon Oakley

Great selection of food. Reminds me of Whole Foods. On the pricey side.

Alan Reid

Great market... but they have trucks blocking access to Tesla chargers

Ashley Steelefalcon

I love a good whole foods store. Pricing here can be really steep. In general Whole Grocer sells more local items than any of the other grocery stops in town. The produce varies a lot on the condition of fruit and vegetable items. So not always the number one stop.

Sean May

Overpriced and almost no vegan options. Would not recommend. I like Luckys more.

Alec Booher

JWG is the best place to go grocery shopping in Jackson Hole. Whatever you are looking for, I guarantee that you'll find it at the Whole Grocer! The staff is full of neighborly, family oriented locals, and they are ready to help you with any questions. The prepared foods space has a wide variety, anywhere from ribs and mashed potatoes, to sushi, from a burrito bowl, to a coffee from a local store. The price range is very moderate, especially compared to the other benefits of JWG, such as the quick service at the register, and the extensive range of food supplies. Definitely a good place to go!

Deb Kozlowski

Nice lay out. Clean. Wonderful products.


Wonderful, locally owned grocery store! Great selection of organic produce and natural foods throughout the store. As a mom with kids, it is a great place to find healthy snacks and quality food for the family. Amazing prepared foods section with a large variety of everything from sushi, salad, pizza, tacos, and the most amazing soups in the valley! You have to stop by and get a burrito bowl, great Mexican food on the go, all made in house with fresh ingredients.


Very helpful staff.

Tom DeChellis

Incredible selection of healthy and hard to find foods! Very clean. There is a juice and coffee bar along with many other convenient services available.

DP Alesna

Great products...always stocked!

Travis Spomer

The prepared food here was surprisingly good! And the bakery items are excellent. I was a little worried when the Tesla supercharger was kind of in the middle of nowhere with nothing else to eat, but this place surpassed my expectations—and had the best WiFi I’ve found in a couple thousand miles of driving.

Jazz Hoffer

Phenomenal selection of organic and natural products. I only wish it was more affordable


Great beer selection, friendly people.

Avi Elizabeth C

Literally everything is overpriced. Definitely the bougie grocery store. Selection & service is pretty good but prices are ridiculous.

Valerie McCoy

Loooove the build your own salad bar!!! This needs to be a staple in all cities. Plus, the people are kind and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

Gregory Ley

Hard to beat in overall quality. We shop here for some hard to find items, but most visits are for the good salad bar and prep food. Expensive place as you would expect, but they have things you wouldn't find elsewhere.

Carlos Jaime

A little bit pricy

Rudy D

I go here all the time but I've never bought groceries. Food deli, burrito bar and bakery are amazing. Also the pesto pizza if it hasn't been sitting out

Sara H.

Used to be a great place to grab a hot lunch. I have a big salad bar and a hot bar and Soup Bar. Have a burrito bar, Sandwich Bar, Pizza. The Hotbar has gone downhill considerably. When the store first opened they had a different theme of food everyday now it's basically the same food everyday that don't really go together. The pasta is flavorless chicken marsala I think it is is gelatinous. It's just not good. The soup when they managed to have out a flavor that I like is okay but they rarely have out good flavors.

Tristan Kolb

Most expensive place to buy food in the state of Wyoming!

Jason Rushin

Nearly indistinguishable from a Whole Foods. Lots of organic options. Dairy section is full of every milk known to humans, from pecan to pea to cow.

Erik Thornton

Cleanest restrooms for the public on town. The store is clean and well organized. Plenty of cashiers and friendly staff.

Kamal Kothari

Superb grocery place for day to day shopping.

utkarsh gupta

We are from Austin Texas and we haven't seen such sophisticated and organized grocery store ever. Did not expect from Jackson. Kudos.

Tania Briceno

Lots of organic produce and enjoyable shopping experience

Laura Lee Everett

Excellent gluten free certified options in the bakery, though they sell out before the end of the day. Great birthday cake options for my celiac family.

Richard Richard

A Whole Foods of Jackson really.

Alex Forsythe

Wow.. amazing!

Bryanna Connor

Great grocery store in Jackson. Lots of healthy choices, reminded me of a Whole foods

Peter Jackson

Great healthy options

Cindi Young

Over priced

D R Fitch

Great foods and a Tesla supercharger. The best.

Matthew Moses

I liked it. Made a delivery here and popped in to grab some lunch. It's a specialty market so it was a little pricey, but I can't complain about the food. It was delicious.

Reed Rasmussen

Their website advertises their deli will make you a box lunch and we stopped in to buy 4 for our hike. Denied. They had a big sign up in their deli advertising it too, but we were just told flatly, “no, we don’t do that.” Tried to buy our own lunch meat in the deli but no one would help us there. Employees kept looking up at us from whatever busy work they were doing and then look down again as we stared at them. So rude.

William Sweney

Top notch locally-owned clone of national chain Whole Foods Market, and NOT owned by Amazon. Really nice hot soups, salad bar, and in-store Chinese restaurant. Also nice to have 8 Tesla Superchargers out back!

Stan Hillgood

make your own trail mix??? can I ask for anything more at a grocery store.

Janine J

Asked for baked goods made with coconut sugar and Stefan pointed me to one and then left didn't help. Had to go to customer service to get help and the gal help me quite a bit. But my initial impression is not good. Bought sausage and Pepper's, the sausage was dry and Mealy. Took it back in within 5 minutes after tasting, couldn't find the receipt she remembered the person buying it, but store credit. Ribs were good, tender, but very fatty. Cream corn soup very good.

Hector A Flores

Great place amazing always and people are really friendly

Kay Jordan

Great food, dining area complete with fireplace!

A Big Dreamer

Great place great staff

Kevin Kneeland

Expensive but good quality food and service.


This store has a good selection of great quality food. This store is not the cheapest in town but the quality of selection makes it a worthwhile stop. I love stopping here for lunch with the family, great selection of different types of food to satisfy different wants. Bring your laptop if you need to upload pictures as they have free WiFi that is pretty fast.


One of the cleanest grocery stores that I have been, great service and variety.

Bora Oflaz

Lots of organic produce. Very good presentation. Especially fish and meat department.

Varun Gopinath

It a little pricey when compared to Lucky’s across the street but appreciated the selection.

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