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6205 Missile Dr, Francis E. Warren AFB, WY 82005, United States

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REVIEWS OF FE Warren Commissary IN Wyoming

Anna Jones

Adam, was very helpful with directions to the FAMCAMP. I had 3 different directions to the Famcamp. He told me to take exit 11 off I-25 . They have redone the main gate & over 30' RV's can enter & exit. Enjoyed our stay.

Dahlia Garza

Clean & organized, easy to find what your looking for. Fruits , vegetables , meats re fresh & good quality

Lynda Seifert

These people are total idiots!! I get groceries go to cashier to pay! Everything is good until we try to pay. I had a MC Debit w/ chip. I run my card as cashier says insert chip part of card. I do. Transaction goes through on my end but cashier pushes button and says retry! So I do. This time it only clears $42. So she had me retry 4 x. This caused my account to empty to zero balance and suspend my acct!!! Cashier says nothing was approved!! I look online banking and noticed it did in fact go through and the $190. 28 was pending and another amount of $42.10 pending. And they would not let me take my groceries! I talked to the mgr and she couldn't / wouldn't do anything. This was on 7/28/16. It's now 3 days and still pending! No groceries and no money! The mgr was kind enough to credit back the $42.10 but chrgd my acct $4 for transaction!! This happened 2 other times this year!! They are total idiots!! I still don't have my $190.28 for groceries I never got!!! If it goes through, I'm charging this Commisary and manager and cashier for theft!!! Three times too much!! Total idiots!!! No customer service!! Big rip off!! I reported them to Base Commander and Public Affairs on base. Nothing!!

Dennis Seitz

First time at your commissary, it's nice to walk through and see things. Took advantage of some your really good meat prices. Diffently will be back

Roger Holborn

Excellent service

Robert L Racette



Love it here.

Barbara Pace

Kim Fetterer

The meat department is fantastic! Produce on the other hand I have never been happy with. Keep in mind please, that every DECA facility I have shopped in has had the same issue with produce. It doesn't stay fresh as long as it should. On several occasions I had to point out that produce had gone bad. This makes me think that it is NOT the fault of our facilities rather that of the vendors. Buyers beware...check your produce before you buy.

Jim Leonard

Granted, F E Warren is classified as a small base and the commissary is under going remodeling. BUT! Bare shelves, and lack of variety in all sections has been a constant problem for years. I find myself driving to Buckley AFB once or twice a month to complete my grocery shopping. Recent manager change hasn't improved these issues.

Zackary Burrows

Nice store, connection hall with the b.x makes it better, usually quiet

Jason Boardman

David Brodacki

kenneth norris

Great place to shop. Excellent variety and very good prices.

Beverly Webb

Matthew J.L. Malcom

Palmer Trujillo

F.E. Warren Commissary is always a great place to shop!

Erin Mook

Jerry Egge

Great values and well stocked. For a small military base, this commissary is at the top of the list.

Alphonsus Barroso

Best store on base

Monica Gusimat

Shandi Conner

I'll make the drive worth the money

Rosa Jones


Kara Pickett

Zane Reed

Great selection of food and good quality


Billy Ward

Clarissa Stallard

Teresa Chaffin

Always find everything we need meat is the best price

Cody D

It's ok. Good for basic groceries. And The prices really cannot be beat. The produce is a joke though. I visit this place almost every day and i am always seeing old and shriveled produce. It also seems like they randomly stop carrying certain produce for no reason. I have to go elsewhere for parsley and ginger... Parsley is a staple herb, why the hell would you stop carrying it?? I went today to get spinach and everything was shriveled and old, should have been removed from the shelf 2 days ago. There's a trade off with price but the quality of produce is absolutely pathetic.

Joe Deufemia

Nice place, shop there whenever we're in Cheyenne.

Kay Shelledy

Lot of things needed to be restocked

Shannon Swenson

Jim Messer

Very nice. All shelves where stocked

Kathy Banker

New store layout so be patient bu beauotful store

nick slade


Nice & clean, everyone is helpful, great prices & fast register lines! Great place for military to shop !!

Jeff Hernandez

Clyde Meeks

Angel Mazur

Great finds


Melody Moody

Nicole Edwards

Always nice to shop at the commissary. Produce looks good. Deli is always very friendly and has nice product, much better with new management. Cashiers could be more pleasant..

Stormy Bacon

Always wonderful

Birch Goodnight

Mari Collis

Love shopping here!!

Christine Coffey


William Douglas

Cayle Harris

Smaller commissary, but nice and clean.

Kelly Randall

Good selection

amber thomason


Nice grocery store, meat prices are very competitive. Like most commissaries your bagger is expecting a tip and they seem to get a little attitude if you don't leave one. I'm not tipping for one or two bags of groceries, I got it.

Patrice Pillivant

jeR D'wayan

Food to go offering Bag your own line Self checkout line Reasonable prices


Doug Clark

Prices are so much Higher than in town stores

Vincent N Erica Shaw

Joe Winsett

Michael Fail

Excellent choices and great value. Very friendly staff.

James England

It is a small commissary. I rated it low because items are frequently out of stock. I also think the produce is of questionable quality. The good news is the staff are friendly and helpful. In addition, the prices are often lower than other stores.

Amanda Fleming

Anthony Gagliardi

Great product line. Competitive pricing.

Thomas Bleming

Robert Ray

Quick trip. Going through remodeling. But,friendly people.

Dylan Hoover

Friendly staff but is the saddest commissary I've ever been to

Corky Fanning

They are still remodeling. Will have more info when that is complete.

Steven Castle

Always good...

Gary Jones

Has what you need and workers are very friendly.

Isabelle mikayla Canady

Good place to work on magic city employment

Ashton r

Is the deli/bakery closing, it's not stocked? The quality of sandwiches has gone down to and the manager is rude.

Rachelle Ware


William Berg

Great benefit for those serving America

Tammy Nell

Always a friendly and helpful staff.

Jamie Ross

Tracy Clement

Love the commissary.

Michael Alexander

samuel crawford

Great prices

Wjb Brewer

Plenty of parking plenty of Handicap slots Excellent bakery Fare prices good selection of everything you might need in a Civilian grocery store

jana h. ginter

Good selection. Great prices. Deli lacks salad selections.

Slade Bowcutt

Great prices.

Delmar Temple

joshua pennock

Vern Powers

Lawrence Beals

They are coming out of a remodeling (post 2 weeks). Still empty shelves in spots and stock that has no shelf prices but it seems they are working diligently to get things sorted. As part of the remodel they were supposed to add shelf space for more items but empirically my perception is that they are carrying less variety; with some of the things I used to purchase on every visit no longer available. Commissary is a bit on the smaller side so they are having to deal with foot print issues. The remodel was a nice upgrade to the look and feel of the store. Still worth the 1.25 hr drive (one way) for staples. Employees are extremely polite and engaged.

Pamela Cunningham

Enjoyed our stay very much. Clean and quiet. Close to things we wanted to see.


Great place

B Keller Griffin

Carl Olsen

Better prices for many items (especially imported items like some produce) and much better selection than local 'off base' stores for many Asian and other foreign food products.

Robert Forsythe

Still a lot of remodeling going on. It will be nice when done.

Jerri Dyke

The commissary has recently completed a year long remodel which makes it very nice. They complete the installation of new shelves store wide. Looking forward to the completed store. This store is limited to military personnel and their dependents.

Melissa Martin

Dayne Neal

Never disappointed when it comes to their prices, just wish the produce was better/fresher.

Susan Copeland

Charise Thompson

Always clean, bright, good selection, fresh produce and meat. Employees are helpful and nice, and baggers are exceptional!

Carl Pappert

Thomas Burkins

David Goldbach

Thomas Dyson


Always amazing! Cheap if you know how to shop. Got to use it or it will be a benefit we will lose


Bruce Earheart

Prices were a little on the high side . But by other than that good over all.

Harry Fugginknutts

Good nuff for this place.

Kevin Bell

Management doesn't have a clue how to run a grocery store. Act like they don't care if they sell anything!!

Dennis Barnes

The employees and baggers were outstanding and very friendly

Leisa Winders

Lauren Crips

Laurie Marquez

Great staff

William Zaczek

Great food & meats

Elizabeth Lee

Walt Karen DeFreece

Barry Gordon

Small with little selection.

Jim Bush

Good selection (excellent produce & meat), prices. Staff is willing to assist, even with special orders.

Jammy Todd

Ramona Henderson

Always friendly folks at the commissary.

Sheryl Wallerich

nighthawk lonetree

Always great to be going there

John Elkins

Prices are lower than civilian stores

Sheri Lay

Jeff Clark

Very clean restrooms even if you’re going number 2.

Sherry Cabela

I don't have respect for some of the people that work their cuz they disrespect some of the disabled vets I will never go back with my sister ever again

Deborah Scheid

I love the selections that I get at the commissary and the prices save me a lot of money rather than spend it on the outside.

Janice Roberts

Good priced food great customer service

Max E. James

Tax free, and all that one really needs is here, but some things are higher priced than other shopping centers. The variety can sometimes be limited as well, but I have not been displeased with what I am looking for when I shop here.

Jessie Zoller

Cheryl Chaney

T h ey are remodeling. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes!

Brenda Gibbs

We always save money using our commissary.

Janice Torrance

Saves me money!

Kathleen Floyd

Barbara Richmond

Well stocked, isles a bit clustered

Matthew Johnson

Great place to shop and good prices.

Joseph Herrera

30% cheaper than Walmart

Connie Floyd

Great place to shop but a little hard to find it all while they remodel. When they are all set up it should be a.5 star at the.least.

Hank Colman

Great prices, nice redesign

Casey Cavallero

Extremely rude customer service

Jody S

Used to b very affordable. Now it's like shopping at a civilian store w no breaks in cost.

Linda Bogart

Love the commissary....great checkers and others who work there. Keep up the great work, can't wait to see the new remodeled store.

Barry Fulcher

The Warren commissary is always a wonderful experience everyone is helpful informative always a positive experience

Ray smith

Holley Gorman

Great commissary! Great items and Price's!!

James Hunter

Good quality and no tax

Russell Telander

. Moz mom im mm mmnoloo Mk Pp/ L me lll m. Mom Z Mom lol Mk.. Ml ll. Let m I'll ll

Danny Dimitt

Good stuff

Jan Marie

Have been using this commissary since 1992. Nice and clean but brand selection is less than before the remodel. Too much American Freedom brand, esp in canned vegetables. Shelf/product organization is inconsistent. Frequently out of things including in the produce section. I often find out of date items still on shelves, e.g. yogurt, lunchmeat. Perhaps there is still some adjustment post-remodel and in the future I can rate higher.

Michael Hernandez

Fresh, convenient, efficient.

Donna Koon

Amado Gracia Jr.

andrew uy

Good supply for a medium sized commissary. Meat is good. Produce is good. Aged products are marked down for quick sale.

Zareaz Franjevic

Seth Williams

Could have a better selection but the prices are much lower than safeway or albertsons

Terra V.

Under construction, but it will e better once it's finished. They will have more items, which needed to happen.

Jenny sellers

So clean and friendly and the meat is so good!


Great selection and prices

Gabrielle Littlesunday

Sauce Boss

It's the only place I get the bulk of my groceries from. Since their remodel the store itself and the restrooms are very nice and very clean.

Jerrie Montoya

Wonderful I love shopping out there

Jason Wang

Just moved here from Vandenberg AFB. The selection isn't nearly as good as in CA, but the prices are good.

John Neefe

Shareen Muldrow

A always great prices

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