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REVIEWS OF Uncle Mike's Bake Shoppe IN Wisconsin

carol thor

I love Uncle Mikes Kringle, I’m not in love with customer service at east Mason st. I can’t say all of the staff is rude but this past Monday I had an appointment at Aurora I saw a flashing sign “Creamy Cheese cakes”. The store was busy but the line was moving ok & I didn’t mind waiting while people took their time picking out sweet rolls, while in line I could see the cheese cakes & I had my order in my head. When I got up to the counter I asked for 2 turtle & before I could say & 2 strawberry swirl, the employee said “ I can’t cut the cheese cake” when I asked who could, she said “ I don’t have time right now, you could wait” by now I’m not too pleased cause I had waited patiently while others chose what they wanted. I replied “ I have been waiting” & she said I could pick what was cut already. My wait seemed like a total waste of my time & I felt that it was very poor customer service especially given the fact your sign outside was taunting people with the expectation of getting “creamy cheesecake” . I’m sorry I am only one person but I won’t return to this store again

Lisa Hernandez

Awful service when it comes to getting a custom cake ordered! On phone for 30 minutes, mostly on hold, come to find out they want you to give them what you want on the cake. The whole, online info of them "helping" you with a design is NOT correct at all. Ordered from different bakery and believe it they actually gave design ideas. Uncle Mike's may be successful with their baked goods but anything needed above and beyond does not happen!!!

Linda Smrcina

After getting a shot my grandson wanted pumpkin pie but after trying it for the first time he picked out 2 decorated cookies instead then dropped one on the floor. The staff was very kind and immediately replaced the broken cookie and mended his broken heart. Thanks for your kindness.

Yer Yang Pictures

Great selection of bakery. Very friendly staff.

Jamie Knight

Excellent bakery, soups and local butcher shops offerings.

Penny Lutterman

Prices pretty high, $4.10 for a cookie and not very big for the money you pay.

Diane Ethridge

Moving people through very effeciently during this very busy Christmas Eve. so friendly and helpful. Best Kringle ever!!

Jim Avery

Kringles can't be beat.

James Placek

Long wait after work, but worth it, staff is helpful and patient. Best bakery around.

Cathy Lindsay

Newest Uncle Mike's location in the greater Green Bay area. Spacious, easy in/out, lots of counter space and an amazing selection of free samples! Hot soup, coffee and deli selections in addition to their amazing bakery. Beautiful outdoor seating when the weather is nice!

julie hoenig

Don't pass out many 5s but if you're looking for a GREAT bakery... you found it.

Gordon Graham

Best bake shop in northern WI. Get a loaf of bread to take home with the best Kringles in the state.

Aaron Seiser

Kringles are amazing!

Nick Cotterman

Love the place, people are amazingly friendly. Service is outstanding

Stuart Goldman

AWESOME samples, love tgeir bread, also served at The Village Grill with certain meals! And of course the BEST Bakery!!

Thomas Kent

Think everything in the store is sinful. That's why I love it

Kathy Collins

Irresistible with devilishly Temptations. Yes we caved!

Terry Blasier

Best tasting baked goods you can ever find We had the Kringle and some donuts and they were fantastic

Brian Hardina

Can't say enough positive about this bakery. Well worth the visit!

Michelle Laplante

Great bakery and new store is extending products, coffee,gifts, Maplewood meats. Best kringle!!

Amanda Housner

Salted caramel pecan kringle... need I say more?!

Matthew Huber

This place is the place to find your homemade baking items from your friendly neighborhood bakery. Prices are fair with the quality they do. They also have some other snack items, coffee, and other drinks and they have designated eating areas to enjoy your newfound treats. Would recommend this place for your baking treats from parties to the occasional snack attack.

Aleta Suess

Best food ever! Love this place

R ****

Best Kringles ever!

Ray Barrington

Award winning bakery, noted for it's kringles, a Danish pastry. A must stop.

Patrick Markham

Good Kringle and great bread. As a Racine native I don't think it beats O&H but that's a birthright thing. It was good just different

rebecca haen

Always great! Hugh selection of delightful baked goods. They also have available great cafe foods: coffees, lattes sandwiches and soups.

Sally Meyer

Great bakery can't wait to stop in again as I go through Green Bay thanks for using Pine River butter

Cody Ernest

This is a newer bakery in Green Bay. Uncle Mike's boasts huge, flakey kringle, assirted pastries, cakes, cookies, breads, and donuts. All are huge portions of yummy goodness! Be prepared to taste away...they serve up nice portions of just about everything they make! We loved the kringle...delicious, buttery, sweet and different, but in a good way! Will definitely be going back again.

Ryan Felker

Best bake shop in the area....hands down!

Timothy Atwood

Gained 10 pounds just looking at baked goods!

Carrie Schultz

Many varieties of kringles available. I quill need to go back to try more sweet treats.

Dan Whipp

This Valentines Day they had the best chocolate covered strawberries

sandy maly

Best bakery hands down donuts,special bread favorite is cinn raisin walnut

Stephanie Sheppard

Always good can't go wrong. Service is good and the food is awesome. The east side location is big and inviting. Will be back many more times.

Tom Jachimstal

Truly the best kringle I ever had

Marvin Rucker

Very good desserts. Little pricey but worth it.

Phillip Bohman

Whats a Kringle you Ask? Its that warm just left your grandmas feel. Love this place its a great bakery! So many Kringle samples to help you make up your mind. I never leave with out some Kringle or custerd doughnut.

Cindy De Waneki88888

Very busy not alot of help

Sarah Rad

Salted Caramel Kringle is to die for!!!

Zack King

If you've ever had food you didn't want to jokingly share with a loved one so you'd say oh it's poisonous that's this facility personified. Best most delicious flavors I've had in my life 10/10 will not return for I'd just eat myself to death via gluttony. In all honesty though, if you're in the area try them out your sense of taste won't regret it. I can't say the same for your waistline though lol

Annette Cornell

Beautiful display cases and pastries - the cases are even adorned with delicious samples from time to time. I loved the cranberry bread and brownie cookie dough! (And trust me, the donut I bought made my car smell amazing; it's still calling my name from inside its box!) The staff that I interacted with were super knowledgeable and friendly, too. It fostered a warm environment that really makes me want to go back for seconds, thirds, fourths... seriously, if you haven't gone yet, just go.

Peter Williams

Some of the best bakery I have ever had!9

Jason Neukirchen

Excellent bakery, plenty of kringle samples.

Louie F.

Always the best!!

Susie Scott

Best kringles ever! My fave is the award winning caramel sea salt kringle. You can sample almost everything, too!

Emily Savetwith

We always love a trip to Uncle Mike's. Hands down the best carrot cake.

Matt Holl

Donuts to kringle you will love your visit

Brett Falck

Excellent service and all the desserts are simply superb! A couple of the donuts tend to be heavily sugared and it can be a hit or miss with some people. Overall though, I am definitely adding this to my list of frequent stops. So much for any diet I had!

brian wondrash

Best bakery hands down

Emily g

My favorite bakery in the Green Bay area for donuts. They never disappoint. The new store in east gb even has all the donuts visible and labeled, which is helpful. The kringle is reliably yummy, with plenty of free samples at the counter. I have also purchased other items, cookies, etc and am rarely disappointed. There is some seating, and coffee can be purchased if you want to enjoy your treats on the spot. Bread is also available for purchase but I have yet to try it. Some items are costly but worth it for the occasional treat.

Tony Tremel

Ordered a king cake for my grandma's party several days in advance. Grandma went to get the cake the day of the party only to be told they never made she bought an angel food cake .. overbaked and burnt hidden with frosting........ Won't be back..

TreyJay Jude

Omg the bread is phenomenal!

Kaytie Broadhurst

Love their bread and their cronuts

Joel Blackman

Fantastic samples :) I always enjoy buying a cookie or two as well. The people working are always super nice as well.

CaroL Ameen

Simply The Best! Expensive but so worth it. Friendly and helpful staff.

This is what I Got for ya

Giving it a 4 ONLY because I'm not from the area and stopped in for a gift. Staff was VERY courteous to me and all the guests! Everyone looked as if they truly enjoyed working here! Such a great atmosphere! The recipients of the gifts were overjoyed and stated this place is THEIR favorite backery!!! Definitely stopping in next time I come through!

Susan Gezella

Best bakery around. Especially the Kringle.

Jim Ellis

Great Kringle! Lots of samples, friendly staff; food is delicious!

Barney Meighen

Best bakery that I have ever been in! OMGoodness! Samples to die for! Smiles all around. Oops! There goes my weight loss program.

Anthony Cornwell

Have yet to find something i do not like.

Bruce Poindexter

If you love will LOVE KRINGLEs! OMG!!! Go in for a taste of the breads...the caramel butter, ohhh....everything is soo darn delicious!!! Staff are super friendly and helpful...and patient! Go there!!!!

tanya stage

Their baked good are things of legend

Beth Ann Pribbernow

Oh what fun...never been there before....yum yum

Joan Captain

Sweet tooth paradise...every kind of roll,cake or bread you could ask for !!

Andrew Carter

Who knew that a kringle is what I'd been missing in my life! We picked up one as a birthday 'cake' for my sister: sweet, sticky and very flavourful. It's clear these guys are using quality ingredients, and a lot of love and care, in their products. The staff were super friendly too.

Tom Eagle

Best bakery in town

Kyle Ness

The Skinny: Offering a wide assortment of doughnuts, Kringles, pastries, breads, and many other baked goods, Uncle Mike's is the place to go for delicious, fresh baked goods. The Good: -Everything I have had from here has been high quality, flavorful, and wonderfully presented. -Their Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, let them know, they will replace it. Zero questions asked. The Bad: -The prices of some of their goods are on the higher end, however, you're paying for quality. If you want a cheaper doughnut that won't taste as good, go to the local supermarket.

Paula Christensen

Beautiful, well layed out, and of course the baked goods are delicious as always. Also they have the best chicken salad I've ever had.

Laurie Dunlap

What a nice bakery!

Steve Langenberg

Excellent Kringle! Samples of Kringles and breads are available to narrow down your choice. Very large variety of sweet rolls and pastries. I think I found a bakery that equals or exceeds the quality of the Willow Street bakery.

Jim Reimer

Phenomenally good bakery!

Susan Kurzinski

Quiche was awesome. They were busy but the wait was woth it and not that bad.

Nick Jansen

The cinnamon bread was insanely good. Pop it in the toaster and add some butter and you'll be in heaven. The Kringle is amazing as well. A must if you are in that area. Staff was very helpful and the free samples are very much welcomed. Helps find the perfect Kringle.

Laura Allen

Homemade kringle, breads, donuts, pies and butter.

Kurt Nordbeck

Best kringle hands down


Went in to buy 6 loaves of bread. Was told no one tgere to slice the bread???thats inexcusable. This is a bakery..bought nothing. Their loss.


I got a half sea salt caramel praline Kringle and it was completely dried up like it was a week old. I contacted them through their website and I got a response back. Explain why it happened and gave me credit or a refund!!! Very pleased

Gregg Smith

Good service, great food

Schnitzel Buns

Great Bakery!

Kendall Oakason

These guys are awesome! Or it's the donuts! Free samples each time you stop in to help you find out just how many donuts you want! Sometimes there is a wait but it's usually not bad. They can be a bit pricey but they don't skimp so I find that it's worth it.

Richard Gibbs

Great breads and being from Racine I hate admit great Kringle too.

Melissa Crosby

Very expensive!! There bakery is alright. The ladies that work there are very unfriendly!!

Annette Haschke

Oh my goodness! A must stop! Their kringle danishes are off the charts. Also got a specialty bacon butter! Super friendly helpful staff. So incredibly yummy!

Josiah Hawkins

Simply the best bakery in Green Bay. I can't think of anything that I've had that's been bad. Of course the Kringle gets a lot of mentions, and it should because they're delicious, but everything they make is simply amazing. I especially love the savory kringles that they make on the weekend. No matter who you are, you gotta stop in and try what they have to offer.

Samdra Swan- Kramer

All I can say is that you're going to want to buy everything in the entire store , as it's that good !!! Spectacular variety of bakery and other food items... We're definitely going to be coming back .

Lori Butt

OMG so many good treats

sean slappey

This place has the best kringle I've ever had. Flaky, great flavor. It's HUGE too. If you're nearby, it's a must IMO.

lee debruin

The baked goods are excellent and Door County Coffee to go as well.

Randall Eckman

Good, strong coffee! Great stuff inside!!

Angie Del Marcelle

Yummy! Try the Samples... It's a Must!

Steve Hellmann

The kringle is very good and I enjoy the pastries as well. A busy place, but service is very quick.

Scott Piton

Always great selections. The Kringles are awesome.

Kelly Pearse

The kringle... it is AMAZING!! you can try all the flavors before you decide which one(s) you would like to take home. You can buy them by the half or the whole. There bread was also to die for - a must stop location for a local or someone visiting

Meg Whitehouse

Very nice location. And helpful staff

Brett Mastey

Friendly and delicious!

Sapphire Rose

OMG!!!! AWESOME AWESOME BAKERY!!!! DONT BELIEVE ME.. GO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF, Make sure you try the harvest bread with crandberries with fresh butter.. Mmmmmm soooo good

Richard Haczynski

First time there, great service, fantastic selection of breads and krigles. Have to try to enjoy.

Timothy Ash

FANTASTIC as always, too may good treats..

Jerry Wilfer

Great treats

Barbara G

You want yummy, YOU get it here ! My fav = Angel Food Cake & Cherry Frosting !

Rick Rolain

Great samples, top quality Bake Shop!!

Bryan Ford

Kringle Kringle Kringle! It's the best in the nation. Sea salt caramel get it.

Gravy Gamer

Uncle Mike's looks down on us and I can feel it's not a good environment. The workers there are snobby.

Lori Pan

Awesome place... you can't go wrong with anything you get here but I strongly recommend the kringle and the Carmel apple pie.

irv mackmiller

Great service, very friendly. Lots of samples, no need to wonder if you're going to like the item. Nice little area inside to sit and snack and drink with a friend or 2. Outside patio furniture and umbrellas.

Paul Belanger

I'd love to tell you how good Uncle Mike's is, but I'm elbow deep in the best Kringle I've ever eaten. YUM!

Josh Allen

My one stop shop for everything Wisconsin. I get all of my bed sticks here and if course A KRINGLE. This is a requirement for anyone visiting.

Catelynn Heagle

Always amazing. Try the sea salt Kringle!! The best!

Brenda Jacquet

Sooo good

Corey Capwell

If you are in Green Bay, you have to stop in at one of the locations and try ANYTHING!!

Lori May

Best Kringles around!


If you've never been to an Uncle Mike's then you're missing out. Their kringles are amazing! They have a large variety of cookies, doughnuts, cakes and breads. Make sure to schedule a dentist appointment after you leave with all the goodies you purchased cause your sweet tooth will probably go into a sugar coma.

Andrew Schwalbe

Two words: gluten free. This place is amazing for those who have celiac. Even if you don't have to eat GF their cupcakes are great! So happy we have a place to get some celiac friendly baked goods. Beyond this... their kringles are amazing, but everyone pretty much says that! I don't think they do those in GF though.

Angela Thede

This place has the best bakery foods, I have tried so many different things, and I loved everything I tried, they also have really great olive oils in so many different flavors for dipping your breads, and they have breads for all occasions, I totally recommend this place.

Sue Coonen

What can I say AWESOME bakery.

Ouch My Hand

Always great service and some of the beat baked goods in wisconsin!

Jodi Hubbard

Awesome place!!! Nummy fresh baked goods reasonable prices!! The Kringle is so good!!

Eli Raindancer

Good product

Christine Benson

Delicious kringle

David Haus

Bakery done right! The many delicious samples make it very hard to choose what you want. The kringle selection is very special. The bread is very good with a fine assortment. Brat rolls that looked perfect for a great Wisconsin made and grilled brat. Individual pastries make the mouth water.

Karla Lawatsch

I had the best Kringle of my life here while in Green Bay. It was their award-winning Sea Salt and Caramel Kringle. The pastry was light and buttery and the Caramel tasted of actual old-time caramel. The sea salt heightened the incredible rich flavors and made this another memorable desert that I've had from Uncle Mike's. This was my first time at the east side Green Bay shop and the expanded capacity of the store was impressive and appreciated. We did have a visit to the first location wherein the place had been all but vacuumed out of all the goodies. If you're having guests or just want an incredible treat, Uncle Mike's will make your day.

Destiny Williquette

Best bread, pies, kringle and free samples oh my!!!!

Heidi Kouba

Mmmm. ❤

Evan Hoffman

Best doughnuts in the area hands down. Wife says the kringles are amazing, but I've never tried one.

Suzanne Laux

A must stop for bakery lovers! Everything in this bakery is mouthwatering good! They also carry breads,drinks,sandwiches. My sister had a birthday cake made for her it was excellent!

Michelle Hoogland

Fantastic Sea Salt Kringle! Samples are soooooo good!

Emily Weber

Best bakery hands down. Brought a kringle to Madison to share with others for breakfast and couldn't go more than a minute between comments on how fantastic it was. The wide variety of options is superb, impossible to walk out without finding something you'll love. Between cookies, donuts, fresh bread, and muffins, I walked out an extremely satisfied customer. I've been back several times since!

Lisa S

What can I say but Super yummy!

Lori Foster

Fast and friendly sevice with great sweets!

Marty Chapman

Best Kringle in the solar system, I'd not the galaxy

Faith Formation

BEWARE!!!!! About 2 weeks ago I stopped at the East Mason street location and bought 2 loaves of bread (one Cinnamon and one Spicy Cheesy Bacon bread). A couple of days later, on a Sunday, I decided to have a piece of the Spicy Cheesy Bacon bread for lunch. It wasn't sliced because the clerk explained that the cheese and bacon would gunk up the slicer so I sliced a few pieces off the loaf. After I buttered one of the pieces I began eating it. Suddenly, I bit into something so hard I just about jumped. I spit the bite back into my hand and examined it but couldn't find what it was so I chalked it up to a hard seed. During the next bite it happened again but this time it felt much bigger between my teeth! Again, I spit the bite into my hand. This time I found 2 pieces of some sort of metal and figured that it was in one piece until I chewed down on it and most likely broke the piece into 2 parts. My 21 yo son was in the room was shocked to see what was in the bread. Unfortunately, I needed to work that day so I couldn't go to the shop but Monday I stopped back at the same store where I bought it. I was told there was no owner or manager on duty and that they "typically just stop in unannounced and only stay for a bit". The clerk looked pretty concerned when I showed her to pieces of metal and told me she was going to call someone right then. When she returned she said she had spoken to Mike, the owner, and I should leave my contact info and he would contact me the next day. So I left the shop still feeling upset that this happened and what would have happened had I swallowed the pieces! (The picture shows the 2 pieces next to a quarter just to show the sizes of the pieces) To this day, 15 DAYS LATER, I still have not received a phone call from Mike!! I'm sorry but if this is how you treat your customers then don't ever consider me one again.... And for any of you reading this post, the clerk told me that all breads are made at their DePere location and then sent out to all locations. So please don't just avoid the East Mason location, avoid ALL of those shops!! I know MANY people who have gone there in the past but when they hear my story and see the pieces of metal they are just as disgusted as I am. **Mike, you should be ashamed to own shops (with goods that are pricey) that have your name attached to them and not treat a customer better than this!

Dirk Huenink

A great bakery. The kringle is outstanding. Very good selection of homemade bread.

Tina Pickard

Love it it smells so good going in there

Mary Kallies

Love it. Best bakery around

Laor DeLove

Good service. Good donuts. Good coffee. Great kringles.

Yunus Indori

One of the best cakes and really manage a good brand. Friendly and polite staff.

Adam Dolan

Excellent food, prices are kind of high though. Love some of the breads. Lots of free samples!


The best Kringle shop ever! If your ever nearby you should stop over.

Linda Duerr

Delicious, fresh made baked goods. Reasonably priced goods.

Greg Moran

Picked up loaf of bread , boy they have shrunk

Mary Schultz

Smelled amazing when I walked in the door! Lady employees not so smiley or friendly or patient. No greeting....just "Who's next?" which is unusual for Green Bay. Pastry was amazing!!!

Puerto Rico

All the goodies I've tried from Uncle Mike's have been delicious! So flavorful and fresh!

Mary Lee

My granddaughter wrote an essay about her favorite donut and what it should look like so they made it and served it and sold it at sprinkle fest and she got to meet Uncle Mike and it was a lot of fun their bakery is outstanding

Joshua Klein

First time ever, so very delicious

Shea McEwen

OMG! I have to stop myself from going here everyday. Everything is delicious and their NYT chocolate chip cookies are out of this world. All of their cookies are so buttery and soft. We also love their giant fresh baked pretzels.

Ann DuFresne

1230pm No cookies but 2 to choose from. Only 2 types of sweet rolls to choose from. Open 5 more hours without a selection. Like DePere and Lineville site better this is second time at this site with same thing.

Jon Majerus

Love the Kringles. I use them for business meetings and everyone raves about them and never have any left over.

Paul Honzik

Been going to Uncle Mike's for years and have never been disapointed. Many of their baked products are best in class in my opinion. Friendly staff with great customer service.

Patti Martin

Oh my goodness! 7 layer! Ya know it's got be good when every kid that is going in is running to the door!

J Herlache

The food is just way too good

Peter Swanson

Kringle! Every flavor imaginable to choose from. Any one of them is my favorite.

dawn dryjanski

Wow!! What a selection of deliciousness!! It was my first visit and I WILL be back very soon because there's just too much to try and I just can't get it all at once!! Should have known from all the traffic at this place!!

Heather Bradberg

We just drove by this while going through Green Bay and had to stop. Any they place the claims to have the best Kringle, we need to check out. It was the best Kringle. They have a lot of different samples available to try before you buy. The staff is ultra friendly and is very willing to help. This is my must stop place in Green Bay now!

Gregory Moore

Could Use Easier In/Out Driveways. Good Bakery

Heather Lomelino

Soooooooooo good. I am sad I only get to visit once a year !

Samantha Platkowski

We enjoy Uncle Mikes desserts and kringles, but the new store is often understaffed, be prepared to wait a while. The parking here is a nightmare. Super narrow lot and a lot of traffic make for some interesting driving encounters.

Heath Martinson

Great bakery, will visit again.

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