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REVIEWS OF Rosie's Coffee Bar & Bakery IN Wisconsin

Allie Anderson

Rosie’s backers is the best choice for your wedding cake. Coz was very delightful, attentive, interactive and gracious through the whole process including set up. We did a two tier Brandy Old Fashion (which I sampled at the wedding expo and fell in love) along with cupcakes that flavor and chocolate. I received the most compliments on taste and setup from my guests than I did anything else! Hiiiighly recommend!

Ten J

I order to go from Rosie’s once in a while. Everything has always been so good and so fresh. Definitely will be ordering more frequently! Thank you!

TRAVELS withDavid

Short time. Bucks game final win over Boston. Sticky floors,

Debbie Tasso

In a word- Horrible. We orderd our food and sat down. After waiting half an hour and not being served. I went to the counter to ask how much longer. I was told their was a "miscommunication" and they didn't have our order. Anothet 20 minutes later, they brought us cold food. When I asked for it to be warmed. I got attitude from the server. At that point I left. Be advised. This place is awful.

Rita Shimniok

Always a great stop for Bakery, breakfast or lunch. Top quality ingredients and friendly staff.

Kirk Zentner

Well, I wanted to give Rosie's a try this morning. 6:42am. Website says they're open. Sign says they're open. Door locked. No coffee for me. Rosie's could have become my go to coffee spot before work, and maybe it's the best place ever, but I will never know. Going to work without coffee again is not an option.

Darryl Koehler

Nice place with a simple dinner dacor, good coffee, and decadent pastries.

Vickie McNeal


Mike Barnett

9:00am Thursday before Xmas - very busy; nice festive holiday vibe with good food & coffee.

Bill Brasky

Food and coffee excellent. Will update if internet improves.

Julia Nepper

The mocha frappe is my favorite coffee drink ever. Also, it's great being able to buy a growler of cold brew coffee! I'm far too lazy to make it myself.

jacque girard

Great People! Made from scratch everything! Yummy!

Matthew Kim

Absolutely cozy place to spend time at. Koz the owner is a very kind lady and I always enjoy being there

Chauncey B

the cinnamon rolls here are off the chain

Colin Germer

Atmosphere: The place seems to be shooting for a sort of homey look. If you go to coffee shops in small towns, this fits the bill pretty well. There's nothing really "there" about it, though. So if atmosphere is a big part of a coffee shop to you, I'd pass on this. Id' also recommend not sitting near the coffee bar if you're worried it'll get busy. As nice of a little place to sit as it is, the blender can get a little loud and disruptive. Unfortunately, there's not a lot you can do to mute that to a significant degree. Service: Most of the time, the staff are prompt, friendly, quick, and professional. I have very little to complain about here. The one thing I would watch for is if they seem exceedingly busy. If they get too rushed, the overall quality seems to suffer, which is natural in most establishments. I'd pay special attention to the coffee bar area. If the barista seems to jump from one drink to the next in a rush, come back in an hour or two. Food: I've had a variety of what they offer and it's all very tasty. I'd highly recommend the Brie and Pear sandwich. There's plenty of food, so you'll be filled up at the end of your meal. The pastries they have are AMAZING. If you come here and don't buy one of the donuts, cakes, or other items, I'd say you wasted a trip. Whoever is behind the bakery knows what they're doing. Coffee: The point of any cafe is the coffee, right? And...their coffee is alright. Nothing about their mocha stands out, unfortunately. It's not bad by any means, but there's no flair. It just feels like coffee you could obtain from some nondescript cafe. I'd personally go here for the tea, since they have an entire ritual for that which is highly enjoyable.

Anna E

Good bakery, nice atmosphere, nice staff. Not very good sandwiches and awful coffee.

Brittany Lawrence

Friendly staff. Great coffee.

Tori Petersen

A comfortable place with strong and tasty coffee, delicious baked goods, and very kind people.

Melissa Deist

Everything I have had here has been delicious, especially their giant cinnamon roll! Exceptional service.

Donna Cross

Great food, good service

Alena Aiken

Cozy and classy place, hidden away from the rest of the city

Gennell Onsted

Great find! Friendly staff, excellent food.

Sam & Brett Taber

Massive and delicious cinnamon rolls and a well-made latte.

Angelique Camp

I was hung up on the phone by an employee while making an online order and I returned the call to talk to a manager about the issue. That’s when I found out that the actual manager was the person who hung up and boy does she have a big attitude. I asked her if the owners of the business knew that she was treating their customers like this and she didn’t seem to care. I will not be doing any business with Rosie’s again.

Effortlessly Egypt

Clean, friendly and the best made from scratch food in the area. You won't be disappointed eating here!

Matt Bakken

Espresso was pretty good, but the donuts are just bad. Booths are fairly comfortable, with several plugs on them, which is great. The place lacks any sort of atmosphere, it's just sort of quiet and empty inside. It's not a bad spot to get work done, but it's also nothing to write home about.


Awesome for breakfast and lunch! I loved the out of the ordinary choices, and if I'm on the east side, it would be my choice hands down

Thin Thin Rodgers

Nice coffee and pastries. Limited parking space sometimes.

Meaghan Stehr

I got the pear and brie panini and the chicken and rice soup. Both tasted fine, but for almost $12 you'd expect better. The sandwich was super disappointing and calling it a panini is a stretch. The rind of the brie was in the sandwich which I thought was odd. Disappointing. Will not go back.

Karen Mercado

Good food, friendly people.

Elizabeth Winder

Really tasty food, good service I tried the s'mores French toast which was massive!

Sonya Sullins

Friendly atmosphere! Unique menu options...I love the food! Delicious tea, and I did break down and nibble a freshly baked Snickerdoodle...yum!

Jesse Engelkins

This place is the "Breaking Bad" of coffee. Seriously, they have coffee brewing down to a science. I highly insist you try the coffee siphon technique, I have never tasted coffee so amazing! They even carefully took the time to explain every step of the process. I also tried their quiche which was amazing and made to order, so fresh. Mind blowing coffee, great food, friendly staff... Yeah, this place is a win.

Nick Horne

This place is a perfect cozy real local business the coffee is made traditionally and skillfully. The pastry is all fresh baked and wonderfully balanced. Nothing tastes overly sugary and fake. They also serve breakfast fare and my biscuits and gravy were rich and meaty with a light dusting of paprika. All delicious.

Balachandar Rangasamy

Was addicted to this coffee.. should be little more hot to this winter..liked it

Katie Grace

Great food and kid friendly. We are visiting the area and stopped in to Rosie's for breakfast. The donuts, pastries, and breakfast burrito were delicious. Fresh food, good portion size, friendly staff. Will go again when we are back in town!

Judith Cirves

Wonderful food, great baristas, friendly wait staff and inspired management! A warm and welcoming space to relax with friends.

Tori Wagner

Always great service and wonderful food and coffe!!!

Marlo Darken

Excellent customer service and special treatment of routine customers, a place where "everyone knows your name" :)

Dan Seiter

Best cinnamon buns I've ever had!

Rebecca A Ehnert

I have loved everything I've tasted at this cute cafe. Coz, the main baker, and her team also made our beautiful and DELICIOUS wedding cake in August. Five stars, and I wish I could give it more.

Barry Ellis

Great coffee and the Bakery is so GOOD!!!!

Cindy Nawrocki

Great food, great coffee, great service. A favorite eatery!

Melody Harrison Hanson

Friendly staff. Incredible home made food!

Sean Conniff

Good place for brunch and good coffee

Sandy Jensen

Great place to meet up with friends for coffee, bkfst, lunch. Friendly service.

tom allen

Ordered a cold brew and was told to dilute with water or milk. It's super concentrated she said. Usually I like cold brew black. I figured if it was super strong ok fine, I'll try milk. When I got my drink, it looked and tasted like a watered McDonald's milkshake. $4.50 it cost. So i then decided to go just down the road and bought cold brew no hassle at another coffeeshop. $2.73.... I know where I'll be going to from now on.

Pamela S.

Very relaxing place to come to. Coffee, fried donuts, breakfast or lunch. Outdoor seating.

Bradley Campbell

If you really like coffee...these people know how to geek out on coffee and they put together a variety of options. Each option leads to the best cup of coffee you will ever have.

Malc King

Great sausage egg biscuit

Jamah Johnson

One of the best baker's in town. The carrot cake is the best treat. Breakfast is also on point. Great selection and quick friendly service. This year, my choice cafe to start off my birthday with a breakfast scrambler and a slice of carrot cake to go for later.

Patrick Kuhl

Love this place. Great food (try the breakfast burrito!) and nice people. Really good coffee too.

John Wardale

Great place to order custom cakes! Super delicious!! Entire bakery case looked great, but I had 2 cakes, so I (somehow) restrained myself.

Dustin Serbin

Nice little spot for breakfast, iced Americano featured was absolutely perfect. Baked oatmeal was great as well as a bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel. Like donuts? Like pastries? They have a great selection of those too. Super friendly staff, nice restrooms and a cute little play/ lounge area for kids and parents. I'll be back! Free Spectrum wifi (which is the best in the business) Thanks for the hospitality.

Paul Wiesler

This place is secretly really nice! It looks like it is in kind of a dumpy strip mall but inside it is pretty and big. My sandwich was very good and they have many types of coffee including siphons and pour overs. I really want to try the baked goods people were raving over the carrot cake which has won awards. The Lunch menu had a lot of options for a cafe. Keep this place in mind.

Henry Johannes

Amazing! If you love coffee like we do you will fall in love with this place. They even have Cold Brewed Coffee out of a Tap also known as NITRO! This is a really hard product to find. Rosie's! Ahead of the game! The bakery is also amazing. Yes you should try it!

Kara Henn

We had Coz help design our cake for our wedding and let her baker's have a lot of creative design with it. It came out BEAUTIFUL and delicious! I absolutely loved it and so did my guests. Thank you for helping make our day so special!

Bryant Plano

This place is wonderful. One of the best diners I’ve ever been to, and they also do wonderful baked goods. We ordered our wedding cakes through them in 2016 and they were phenomenal - Coz is awesome!!! - now we come back for delicious coffee and breakfast. Get the mocha (hot or iced). You won’t regret it :)


Fantastic food and even better coffee as well as pastries! I am extremely picky about soft cheeses, but the grilled goat cheese bree and pear sandwich is to die for! The peanutbutter with chocolate ganache cheesecake is as decadent as it sounds! Make sure that you let it warm up a bit though to truly enjoy the flavors

Eric Frailing

Fantastic cakes. Always willing to go the extra mile to make something special or customize something to your specific taste.

Greg Padden

Good donuts and good coffee

Emi Natvig

Cute cafe with super delicious food!

Hannah Olson

The coffee was mediocre at best. We ordered cappucinos and ended up throwing them out after a few sips and getting a new cup from another coffee shop down the street. The donuts looked good but definitely weren't fresh -- however this is probably because they had been closed for two days for the holidays. The pastries were fresh and delicious.

Sue Carr

Rosie's is great! Great bakery, great coffee, beautiful lattes and we especially appreciate the fantastic service of Cici! And they are very supportive of the Monona library which we so appreciate! Go Rosie's!

Annie Kraemer

I love coming to Rosie's. They have great baked goods, everyone is really friendly and their nitro cold brew is amazing. I love spending a Saturday morning there because it's so chill and tasty.

Raven Albrecht

Great coffee and tea! Super friendly staff and awesome baked goods. Great community gathering place.

marchellee moore

Thank you! The cashier was warm and inviting. I enjoyed the shrimp and grits. It was really amazing!!!

Reannah Jones

Although the carrot cake looked incredible, presentation-wise, it was rather hard, 1/4 of the way through it. However, the customer service at Rosie's was great. I complained about this, and the woman at the register let me pick out something different for myself, and my friend, for no extra charge. The next thing I picked out was absolutely delicious! My friend liked his cream filled chocolate donut, too. So, even though I wasn't fully impressed with the carrot cake, I was impressed with the service and the next item I selected, which was a shortbread cookie sandwich with Quince berry jam layered, in the middle, with what looked like a layer of caramel, and then hardened dark/milk chocolate in the middle and on the very top of the shortbread cookie. It's a good choice to have with coffee/tea/milk. I haven't found anything else like that, yet, in Madison. I'd definitely go back there!

Adrienne Hagen

Rosie's made the cupcakes for our wedding a few weeks ago and they were amazing! Coz was an absolute delight during every step of the process. She helped us figure out exactly what we wanted in terms of flavors and decorations. Our guests who are vegan or gluten-free really appreciated that we had delicious options available for them.

Brandon Dorr

Rosie's is great! I stop in for espresso most days of the week! Their breakfast sandwich is awesome, as well.

Echo Farmer

Very attentive service. Reasonable prices for both food and coffee. Willing to make custom orders without question.

Emanuel C. Schwam

Decent food and bakery but not par with other similar neighborhood bistros.

Trudi Witonsky

I don' t know that I would even give Rosie's one star. We had a truly terrible experience there yesterday. We ordered our food -- a club sandwich, fruit cup, and toast, and then went to get a glass of water. There was only one glass there, so my husband went to the coffee station to see if he could get a glass. The person making a coffee drink was in her own world, so after several minutes waiting for her to look up, I went back to the other counter to see if I could get a glass. That person looked around vaguely, and then said I should go ask at the coffee station. My husband waited a few more minutes. Meanwhile, another employee who had been eating breakfast at the bar at the coffee station, finished eating, and put away her dishes, didn't check in to see if my husband needed anything, and went to relieve the person at the ordering counter. Finally, I suggested my husband should just get a paper cup at the ordering station, which is what he did. Apparently, each person who works at Rosie's has one task and one task only -- a specialized crew. It took at least 25 minutes for the food to come (there was one other table in the restaurant that had ordered food -- 6 people). When the food came, the (previously frozen?) hashbrowns with the sandwich were not fully cooked, the fruit cup had hard cores of pineapple, stubbled pieces of pineapple cut too close to the edge, hard, unripe honeydew, a few grapes, and a strawberry. The person who brought the food out, didn't know if they had any jam, but she could bring butter. I asked if I could just get an apple or something because the fruit cup wasn't edible. I got a grannysmith apple (so that was about $3.00) and the toast was good. The sandwich, my husband said, was edible.

John Rodriguez

Best chicken salad ever!!!! Service an attitude of all employees excellent!!! I will be back as soon as possible!!

Christine Knox

Cinnamon rolls as big as your head!

Scott Fenton

JBC coffee and Madison’s BEST fresh made donuts. ‘Nuff said.

Alexander Drankus

If you like over priced items and are below grade quality, this is the place for you. Employees seem really polite, but over $10 for three pancakes? Anywhere else this is a $7 - $8 item.

DJ LeClear

The barista pulled me two perfect shots of espresso. I loved the single origin Costa Rica that they had on their espresso. I will be back!

Jeff Meloy

Thank you Coz for the most beautiful and delicious wedding cake ordered for our daughter's wedding. Also, thank you for your timely delivery to the reception at the University Club. Best service ever! Highly recommend!

Eileen Stacey

Great food and coffee.

Jan Levine Thal

Great food, generous portions. Personnel friendly, well-informed, and good at their jobs.


Update: excellent place to stop for coffee and bakery. Get the robust blend coffee - it's fabulous! With a slice of tiramisu - bellisimo!! Egg dishes and sandwiches still exceptional. Prior review: This place has Way more than coffee and bakery!!! Quiche, paninis, sandwiches, soup, and coffee drinks, and wonderful bakery. Asparagus soup today was really fresh tasting - slightly crisp asparagus, not mushy - a much needed hint of spring! Great tuna sandwich. Had a cheese danish, then had to buy three more to bring home : ) If this was useful to you, please like.

joel girard

Great bakery and fun environment

Timothy Goers

I like the coffee I don't like paying for refills when I go and work there.

Nina Gehan

It was just ok. Im giving it three stars because I like this business location and staff overall but my last visit was more of a 2 star experience. This was my first time back in over a year - had a work meeting scheduled here. Was disappointed as had a good experience last time. Found the place in need of a deep clean. The floors and tables felt sticky and the booth we sat at had a major rip and dirty foam pouring out - couldn't help but wonder why they wouldn't at least tape it. My cold brew tasted like it had been brewed days ago (I chose to "dilute" with water - they tell you its super strong and ask you to choose milk or water to dilute) and my glass was streaked and appeared dirty. I hope the owners invest time in fixing up the space and more diligent cleaning so I can schedule future meetings here! For now I will schedule meetings elsewhere.

Jim Hannem

A great old-school type bakery with many new twists. A can't miss kind of place.

Brian Benford

Best cinnamon roll in the county

David Posso

Fun and warm spot! Excellent service in the morning. Delicious variety of pastries and hot beverages. Easy parking, quiet and excellent for some morning work or reading. Not too busy this Tuesday morning, 830am. Recommended!

Joshua Kaminski

Food is great! Made from scratch. Great prices. Best coffee. ❤ Owner took time to talk to me.

Alison Mikulyuk

Rosie’s is trying some new things, to great effect! The highlight is the baking case: delectable treats from their new South American (Uruguay/Argentina) baker are worth a stop in on their own. The dulce de leche is velvety and sweet, a peach cake flecked with meringue is sheer perfection. Deserts are light, balanced, flavorful. Add some of the best coffee in Madison; sit, sip, dine, repeat!

Peter Dettmer

Excellent in-house prepared baked goods. Espresso machine was broken, but they offered coffee.

Margies Honest Opinion

Friendly service. Tastey breakfast sandwhich for a good price. I ordered a pour over coffee which I thought was overpriced and not much special flavor to it. Yes going back but not ordering specialty coffee.

Corey Horning

Great food and coffee. Everyone in their position here knows what they are doing. Great stuff


Just had chia tea. Great as always

Jeff Wagner

Top notch flavors, local and great. Quiet location easy entrance and exit on to monona drive. Kids love it.

David Krause

Food is always very good like going there.

Melinda Dee

Fresh eats and excellent service!

Jan Tindall

It would be nice if you updated your hours. Very dissapointing to be there at 3:10 and instead of closing at 4:00 like it is advertised you close at 3:00.

Andy Olson

Great syphon coffee!

Front Desk Princeton Club East

Rosie's Coffee and Bakery in Monona is by far the most amazing place! Not only do they have amazing doughnuts and correct barista skills they also have THE BEST customer service anyone could ask for. Thank you Rosie's bakery the Princeton Club East appreciates you!

David Erickson

Clean. Good food. Friendly staff.

Irasema Romero

The food is amazing and the bakery selection is incredible.

Ada Lai

Great service. Really pleasant staff. Good food. Unfortunately, chairs at the tables were uncomfortable and some were somewhat dangerous for me (limited mobility) because of wheels. But I will be back because of everything else. I wish, for their sake, that they had better signage to be seen from Monona Drive. If you have trouble finding them, they're in the same strip mall as Viet Hoa market.

Andrew Nyland

Low quality food at a high price.

Marcelo Espasandin

Great service and amazing pastry.

Jacob Hrubecky

soggy breakfast sandwich

Trish Bailey

Food was amazing!

Dane Melby

Coin Toss, read on: **1.11.19** Big miss on the biscuits and gravy today..the gravy was old/broken w a real off-putting flavor. **UPDATE** Have been back and tried a breakfast sandwich on the biscuit. Gotta say it didn't measure up as well in this form. The sandwich seemed dry..the biscuit was just too much for the egg/cheese and protein. I guess I like my breakfast a bit more "greasy-spoon". Still very friendly service. Just moved in nearby and had to try the biscuits and gravy (as stated in other reviews, I'm a junkie who can't help myself). A is for AWESOME! A bakery that gets not only the gravy right, with good sausage flavor, but has the biscuits done right. Too often, the base biscuits seem an afterthought. Its the first word in the name (well second here, after Bobby's) and Rosie's respects that. Had a very friendly reception and helpful service. I like the mix of booths, tables and even the requisite coffee shop couch n table set-up they have. It is clean and bright with decent wi-fi. I'll be back.

Andrea Hopkins

Great coffee, food, and service! Highly recommend this cafe.

Dez B

The food quality and bakery case are inconsistent however the coffee is still my favorite in town also the prices are high. So my overall rating is a balance of the above things

Jonathon P. Struve

The cinnamon roll was huge and one of the best I've ever eaten. The coffee was also very good. I recommend trying the French Press option, though the regular coffee is still very good. The prices are a little on the high side, but still pretty reasonable.

Greg Gersbach

Cinnamon roll as big as I have ever seen.

Bill Whitford

The entrees are great, the sweets are delicious, and the coffee is perfect. A great place to meet a friend and chat. Strongly recommended.

Jenny K

Best homemade food ever! The staff is also wonderful. We are so glad we tried this place. I highly recommend it. It's cozy and has free wifi.

David Lovelace

Great coffee (cold pressed)! Tasty pastries, and the biscuits and gravy we're wonderful m

Brent Anderson

Slow, don't go unless you have all day.

Sam Engsberg

Coffee is excellent (JBC) and the handful of pastries I got were incredible. Their frosting is airy and not overly sweet. Cinnamon roll is something you need multiple people to tackle - wow.

Taila Schluter

DELICIOUS. I highly recommend their Iced Caramel Coffee, they make their own caramel! Food is excellent and the staff is wonderful.

Kathleen McLaughlin-Hoppe

The texture of the donuts is the best in Madison. Cozy atmosphere, astoundingly friendly staff, great coffee. A must!

Jason Allor

Yes yes yes. Go here.

Jon Wedell

Excellent coffee and food at reasonable prices. Great place.

Lori Seekamp

Great place!! Great food!!! Great drinks!!! Great baked goods!! Great atmosphere!! Great art!! XO Coz

Elias Hudson

Excellent as always

Randy Miller

Great food, coffee drinks & desserts. Very expensive desserts. Cookies & brownies for the office cost me just short of $100

Mark Scheideman

One of new favorite little spots. Highly recommend. If you have the munchies and like CBD coffee head on over!

MW Rodgers

Great food! The French toast orders are HUGE!

Kevin Santulis

The staff was a bit overwhelmed and arrive was slow and disorganized on a Thursday mid morning, but atmosphere, food and coffee were good.

Sara Schmitz

The food is super delicious and the coffee is amazing! Plus the staff is so wonderful! They catered my moms 50th and did the cake And it was fantastic! I go for lunch and treats!


My review merits two stars only because the CAKE was delicious. The decorating? Definitely not professional. The lettering and design I requested on my cake looked to be done by a child. Letters run together, looked to be done at the last minute. I had to scrape it off only to find that the icing on top was not even and cake was showing through. I recommend if you buy a cake, don't ask for any decorating. You will be much more pleased.

Staci Chapin

amazing food. and the staff is top notch. Extremely nice. This is one of my favorite places to go in the Madison area.

Elisabeth Oasen

Wonderful food! Great service! Nice little place for some coffee and breakfast! Love!!

John Lin

Awesome place for breakfast, coffee, or a casual lunch. Friendly staff, great owner, and the food/coffee = top notch!

Julie Norland

I met someone here for coffee for a business meeting. They did a great job of recognizing we didn't want us to be interrupted and only stopped by to deliver two complimentary chocolate covered strawberries. Nice touch!

Yami Jiménez

Yummy carrot cake!


Not a bad place. Decent prices

Cynthia Skaar

Cookies biscotti was Great never seen one that big Coffee okay a little strong for our liking

Al Moser

Nice place the food was really good

Christa Lackey

Food was delicious! I specially a breakfast burrito and the staff, espicially Courtney, and Connor were so helpful! They made my day. Joe was also very knowledgeable about the coffee. I loved the atmosphere the staff brought. Thank you!

Naty Lema

Absolutely delicious!

Andrea Romine

The best cinnamon rolls on the planet.

Michelyn R

the staff is so nice and friendly...but the food is not tasty...and over priced

Santana Flint

Always very friendly service! Great food. Great espresso and a chill environment. Bought one of the beautiful walking sticks that was made by an employee there. He actually told me to just have it for free because he was Happy I was interested I then and I didn't have money for it at the time, but I made sure to come back in and pay him for it. Just an all around great place with cute creative donuts and other deserts

Jim Driscoll

Locally owned. Fresh bakery and top notch coffee.

Donald Rosby

Great vibrant coffee!

Neil Gleason

Nice selection of sandwiches in a friendly atmosphere.

Sean Lamb

Coz visited one of my business network meetings a year ago when she was opening the cafe and I've been visiting her cafe often since then. She is one of the most hard-working people I know and does a wonderful job with her baked goods. This cafe is one of my favorite places for meeting with my clients over coffee.

Kathy B

The food was fabulous!! Will definitely be back. Bakery case was full of tempting items as well.

Nicole O'Connell

Great coffee, desserts, and staff.

Austin Thomason

Rosie's has great coffee and makes exquisite pastries that are always a pleasure to try. They also have the biggest common rolls you have ever seen!

Angie Great

I will keep trying different items because they are in the neighborhood, but I don't like much here but the salads and quiche. Nice ambiance too.

Chris Young

Good food great coffee

Tyler Swenson

Great cofee. Excellant staff

Linda Morris

Love the food and staff..lovely place..

Heather Schank

I had a list of artistic requirements written/drawn by six-year old - which only means a less pretentious Bridezilla. Not only was her birthday cake a beautiful work of art, the chocolate cake with raspberry cream filling was moist and delicious.

Andrea Brown

Had an amazing piece of flourless chocolate cake and a chai tea latte. Great service and WONDERFUL food. I will definitely be back to try some sandwiches.

Tyler Seever

Great little coffee bar and bakery. Stopped here for cinnamon rolls but unfortunately was too late but ended up getting a Chai Latte which was phenomenal. The baked goods looked delicious but i was just in the mood for a cinnamon roll. next time i'll try and make it in earlier.

Zealoth Xyven

Damn good food, service, and atmosphere. Would recommend!

Dawn Marie Svanoe

Good coffee... delicious entrees. The staff is always friendly.

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