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REVIEWS OF O&H Danish Bakery IN Wisconsin

Billy Mueller

Absolutely love this place. Amazing Kringle. I personally enjoy the pecan and cherry flavors the best.

Ruthie Mcginnis

I have loved this bakery since I was a little girl! It's been a couple years since I've visted but they still have the best Kringle in the world. They also have this wonderful Cafe with homemade soups, sandwiches, and cold salads and a variety of hot coffees, cappacinos, cold brew coffees etc. They also happen to have some of the best (buttercream) frosted cakes with Danish Layer, almost any layer flavors now. Years ago it was just the strawberry and custard Danish Layer. I did buy each of my kids a mini-cake or Large Petit Fours really which is what is in the picture. Florentine Horns are my personal favorite. Any one who comes to Racine must experience O&H Bakery at least once in their lifetime.

David DeRosier

Best Kringle in town.

Laura Greeley

Beautiful inside and great selection.

J. May

Kringle is the best, you MUST try their Seven Sisters something to die for ! (I always buy two and with raisins) yummm !

Dan Neiman


Chris mccormick

Best pastries in the USA in my opinion. Kringle's areCS famous

Linda McKown

Love love love

Ellie M

An excellent place for all your bakery needs.

Eric Marinez

The best bakery and BEST kringle!!

Ryan Wermes

Vicki Thorpe

Best kringle ever. They sell they're kringle across the country. Danish pastries to die for. Wish they had one of these in Ohio but last I knew I saw they're kringle in sams club

Carla Ruffolo

Richard Krueger

Kathleen Konesko

They have a small amount of gluten free. Giving cookies and cheesecake a try.

Brett M

Good kringle, but to high priced.

Charissa H

They offered samples of the Kringle (oh so so yummy and huge), so I got one only $8!! + Coffee = $11 Very good deal. Got there an hour before closing on Sunday (close early at 2PM) , will have to return too try other stuff another day. GREAT LOCAL FIND

Elizabeth Oplatka

Best of the Kringles.

Mercy Snow

David Eccles

M Heflen

Too many things to mention everything

Jennifer Aremu

Don't understand why they keep going up on the price for a donut. It's not all that good to pay $1.50 each.

PM Snowraven

Can't get enough of their delicious delites!

Jessica Cranley

Danish Bakery ♡♡♡

Thomas Rohlman

Great service, authentic pastries, quality establishment!!

Michael Duchac

Seriously the beat dinner rolls ever. I had a soup for lunch there and it was equally good. Cream of mushroom. Came with a roll and it was so good I bought 12 more and the best day I brought my mechanic a bunch of ham and cheese sliders. He even mentioned how good the rolls were. If you do ham on sundays or whatever you need to get these rolls. I'll shut up about the rolls now .

Tee Rain

Went to pick up doughnuts for National Doughnut Day and the kids at work enjoyed them as always along with the adults. The best place to get doughnuts.

Raymona Herbric

Great danish kringles and deli sandwiches.

Ashlee C

The only bakery you should buy your kringle from!

Warren Bergman

I like going there.

Todd Gee

Tony B

You may think it's just another bakery, and drive right past. It's okay, I was a fool too once. Until one day I stopped in and my eyes were opened, my tastebuds were made aware, and my mind was blown as to the deliciousness of everything O&H bakes, especially their Kringle. Go, eat, live!

Janet Urban

Everyone is friendly and the bakery is delicious.

Mike V

Lori Mehring

Helpful staff. The BEST kringle!

tih kobolson

Always such a beautiful place to go. Very friendly, helpful. Love the food. A wonderful place to go

Stacy Johnson

Ordered a birthday cake from here for my son & picked it up today and they did an even better job then the picture I showed them! And the buttercream was so creamy everyone told me how good it was! Highly recommend O&H on Durand. Stephanie was the one who took my order, she was fantastic!

Ana M

I buy my kids cakes here and always get compliments on their banana split flavor!

Charles Peoples

Luv Kringle

Christopher Morano

Great bakery. Fresh made coffee ..and great service.

Christine Leach

Best Kringle

Tiffany Stevenson

Best Danish layer cakes ever

Michael Cobb

Always a treat for me to come here.

Joyce Placzkowski

Mark Phillips

One of my favorite pastries. Very buttery and super tasty. Great with good hot cup of coffee, or ice cold milk.

David Carlsen

Cringle is great! Great sandwiches!

Paul Quella

Greatest Kringle IN THE WORLD!

Cristian Holmes

Great donuts

ivan gabriel

Deben cerrado a las 3:00pm

Kristine Ensign

Their kringles are great! People working there are also really nice.

velma barrett

Wonderful. Great selection and service

Deborah Bidwell

Love O & H, best kringle and donuts.

Jeannette Keller

I can't believe that O&B is right down the street from my new condo. I can actually walk there in the morning, and get a warm one that right out of oven. Delightful!

Joshua Gage

Paul Schumer


Brenda Kaprelian

I love their pumpkin squares and danish layer cake

Dorothy Maccanelli

Chase Bedard

Best bakery in town and probably the best anywherw.

Sally Daly

Their kringles are the best in Racine!!

Booboo Kitty

Karen Jensen

If you haven't had Kringle, you must. If you know what Kringle is, you know O&H. Just the best!

Robert Proksa

Love their kringle.

Chris Porter

My favorite bakery in the Kenosha and Racine area. Fantastic strawberry torte and Danish layer cake. Sweet rolls, kringle, and donuts are hard to beat.

Saadiyah House

Great, good donuts

Nick Hansen

Best danish Kringle fresh & soft

George Dachno

Great Kringle!

Tyler Zahner

C Karl

Laurie Vargas

This is a definent stop when we travel to Racine WI. Kringle is amazing.

Travis Harp

Amazing bakery

Joe T

My favorite bakery

Roy Pennington

I use to live in Racine and was able to enjoy them all the time.I now make trips back for Harley events and always stock up.

andi d.

Nothing like having an O & H Danish Kringle! Delicious beyond words.

Carlo Odoardi, M.Eng.

Danish HEAVEN!


Wade Mars

Great food

Angie Brown



Kringles ... are huge deal in Tucson, so when we were in Chicago, we had to drive up to Racine to check this place out. We were ecstatic to see the large variety of Kringle flavors that we have never seen in Trader Joe’s before. We were also pumped to see they had a gift shop but then were let down when there were no Kringle specific tchotchkes and only like 3 O&H specific souvenirs. That’s the only reason I knocked a star off. I wanted to get stuff for friends back home. I did buy them a Kringle, but it didn’t survive the trip ... :-0

Judy Gorter

Great Danish Kringles! You have to go here and try the kringles . We like almond, Wisconsin, and harvest spice!!

Aron Laycock

Very positive and polite workers I have never been disrespected there and I feel they work hard to service customers to there satisfactions. I however feel that the customer needs to show them some respect.

Douglas Hamilton

Best Kringle around! Location is excellant, and prices are very reasonable. If your a coffee drinker you'll be very satisfied with their selections. Sandwiches and soups are always a great addition when shopping here. Friendly staff and always smiling.

Charlie S.

Great service today. Employees were very nice.

Keri Larsen

Their kringle and lemon pound cake is the best.

Brian Lowery

Todd Dominski

Great quality great service

Brandon L

Kringle, cakes and pastries what's not to love?

Cynthia Tyler

d brand

Tanya Tucker

Bakery so good

Kevin James

A. J.

Not nearly as good as it used to be.

Jean Gruenert

Best Kringle EVER

Peggy Veasey-Days

Good service, wonderful food.

Christopher H

Always nice to take a bit of home back when I come to visit. My friends now expect Kringle when I return.

Brian Stevens1

Only place selling the New York Times!!

Angela Cantu

My family has been coming here for years. Their Danish layer cakes are the best! Pricey, but worth every penny! Everything in the shop is worth trying.

Chris Henry

Daniel Stucker

Great selections of kringles

Khurshid Khan

Lisa Jenner

LOVE!! The staff was amazing!!

Robert Hull

If you want a Kringle or any other bakery item O&H Danish Bakery either this great location on Durand or the main store on Douglas is one of the best places to get it. Always great service and the best pastry.

Jeffrey Palmer

Best bakery anywhere. Very helpful staff. Bakery is oven fresh. Not stuck on the shelf all day. You have to get a kringle for sure. Nothing like the others. Melts in your mouth. Better than sex!!!

David Arvai

Always happy with our purchases and they treat you so well

scott gordon

Great customer service at this facility

Wanjiku Kariuki

Fresh Coffee and Delectable Donuts!

Emilly 5

Jim Morgan

While I have been a kringle fan for years, o&h's website is misleading (apparently intentionally so) about their gluten-free coffee cakes, which are the same frozen brands you can get anywhere.

Ernesto Rosales

Cheryl Schmidt

AshleyMarie Dail

Must see and eat classic of Racine. Must try the kringle

Cas O

I always have to come here for my kringle to bring back with me to Texas.

Thomas Howard

Very best Bakery in town. Always friendly & efficient including knowledgeable to handle any related questions. Wide variety of assortments, fresh & tasty everytime. Long-standing area business with an exemplary reputation.

Courtenay Teska

Amanda Baker

Rebecca Beck

The best bakery in the country! Award winning Kringles of all flavors,(Wisconsin Kringle my favorite)variety of cakes poppyseed torte my favorite;donuts; cookies; speciality breads; deli with salads & dips...

Patrick Meshenky

Life long Racine resident. The best Kringle and bakery.

Chris Dunn

We drive up here from Chicago for some good Scandinavian treats since all the local delis closed. We venture north of the cheddar curtain once in a while for the kringles and such.

Angela Mirretti

Best danishes!!

Chuck Masterson

The best tasting bakery in the world. I feel the only fault in my description is that they have not competed in global contests. If they did, I believe they would have ribbons and medals covering every wall in the store. I have seen fancier bakery, but in all my travels so far, nothing tastes better. I heard that they sold thousands of Seven-Sisters in minutes on a TV shopping channel.

Jay T

Whenever I am in town, I stop and purchase a few kringles to bring back to AZ!

Robert Cook

Almost out of kringle's

Harold Humburg

Mark Weitkum

The quality here goes up and down, usually down - until people complain, then goes up temporarily, cuts into their profits, then goes back down. Very erratic.

Jacquelyn Sykes

Don Trudeau

What can I say, other than Great "Danish" bakery. I would just like a little more variety. For a constant customer, sometimes everything get to be the same. But it still tastes good with a hot cup of coffee ! Also the staff is just super, always polite and willing to please in any way they can.

So Thereitis

large selection,i usually only eat the kringles, the rest of the food it ok.

Amanda Johnson

The desserts speak for them selfs odder 4 they will be gone♡

BrianNSharon PinkTransport

Update I've spoken with there customer service department. It seems that they do care that I as a customer was treated bad. I hope the upper management does review there security video and sees how there casher treats people. It's buisness like this one that make me wish I could go lower than one star. This buisness shares a store with two other buisness. I ordered a coffee at iron skillet. Asked for French vanilla cremer. I was informed OH. was the only one in the building that carried it. I went to OH. to buy a shot of cremer for my iron skillet coffee. They refused to sell just the cremer and insisted I buy a coffee. I agreed to buy the coffee and asked them to pour it out so I could get the cremer. They said I'm not allowed to get just cremer. That it's a health risk. I explained that I'm sitting next door (in same building) at breakfast and just need some creamer for my coffee. They told me I had to add the cremer to there coffee and insisted that it would be a health hazard if I took just cremer next door. Unbelievable!

Kat Malcz

Best Kringle anywhere!

AAron Foege

Amazing donuts and kringle!

Tammy Laundre

Great selection

Kevin S.

Annette Leggett

I used to live in Racine and was able to enjoy them all the time. I now make yearly trips to stock up (kringles freeze well)

Kate Kitowski

Our cake was beautiful and delicious! We had a lot of fun picking it out with Katie's assistance and were delighted with the final outcome. The pricing was perfect and we highly recommend them!

Brian Wodicka

Great place to pickup some Danish bakery kringle, seven sisters, Danish layered cake

Charlene Gavin

Its sugar pastry alright manufacturedby machines...

Susan Leece

Quite simply the best in a city of awesome bakeries.

Cindy Riley

Always a special treat....Kringle is the way to everyone's heart!! We love Ben, Lauren, and all banks yummm to Kringle

David Rossman

Not many bakery goods anymore. Not like it used to be.

Daniela Sommers-Dawson

Melinda Williams

Michael Ulicki

anthony brown

Best and only place for Kringle

Melisa Bodoh

Edward Perez

Kelvin Cribbs

It's the bakery people and the best in town

Readings by Lindsay Psychic\Medium

I have raised my rating of this bakery after 2 years because after boycotting this bakery for 2 years due to poor customer service, overpriced products and their refusal to put things like cupcakes in plastic containers leaving cupcakes sometimes priced up to 1.95 each smashed or at the very least without frosting because it all rubbed off on the bag,fence or shallow donut box I took a chance on a week when they had fresh eclairs and went in and to my surprise most of my complaints had FINALLY been corrected. While there is still one employee there that gets under my skin because she likes to argue with me when I catch her packaging things in a way that I don't like and I nicely ask her to do it differently and instead of just doing it she argues. (She also has a generally unpleasant attitude.) They have revamped some of their breakfast sandwich recipies to make them larger, they are properly packaging their baked goods and some of their prices on certain items seem to have come down (a little.. they still are overpriced) On top of those changes they have also hired a very sweet woman who works behind the register which makes all the difference. She offered me a complimentary cake server with my danish layer torte (both are pictured below) which has never been offered to me before when I purchased cakes or anything like it before. While I am still Leary to go back and become the nearly daily regular I was, I will start doing business with them again under the condition that the issues that they claimed were too expensive to correct stay corrected. I notice someone else left a comment addressing the same issue enough people start complaining and try start losing business and they finally fix things, but when the business comes back and it starts cutting into their profits they cut back again thinking they can do so because they have a steady flow of business and a good product. What I don't think they realize is their customer base isn't changing to completely different people but it's the same people coming back because the problems they are having seem to have been resolved. But once it goes to their head they take a step backwards and go back to the same problems that made their regular customers disapear in the first place. As or August 2019 they are on and up swing... We will see how long it lasts :/ I also would like to add that their deli is very good and the same lady that was there when I left is still working it. It put a smile on my face when she remembered me and asked why I had been gone for so long and said it was good to see me back. For the record it was never the deli side I had issues with minus the price of the ittybitty sandwiches which was not in the worker's control. But it was still nice for her to notice I am coming in again. She was always pleasant anyway ☺️

Jason Pankoff

Randy Foege

great product!

Michael Jacob

The best Danish in all of the Midwest!

Jeff Bahr

Kringles do I need to say more

Kelly Smith

Great Always clean

Sali Hochberg

Nowhere else compares!

John Gadeikis

My daughter had a fundraiser for her Mahone Middle School Orchestra, and was selling O&H Kringles. I ordered a Cherry Kringle...that was my first mistake...I only ordered ONE! I should have ordered 10 because it was SO DELICIOUS!! I've had other brands of Kringle but O&H is by far the best I've ever had, hands down!! You can taste the butter in the soft, flaky pastry. If you've never tried an O&H Kringle, you are missing out on a truly heavenly taste sensation!! That's my 2¢.

Zaffer Basith

Great place to get pastries.

Joan Van Swol

Always love it

Tony Peterson

I've been on the hunt for a great bakery in the area for a while now. I've tried them all and O&H is head and shoulders above the rest. Great bakery goods (we were there for donuts and sliced sandwich bread) but they also have gift shop items that aren't kitschy and a deli area for sandwiches and salads. They gave my daughter a free 16oz hot cocoa!

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