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REVIEWS OF National Bakery & Deli IN Wisconsin

Daniel Wexler

They have a booth at the South shore Farmers market. I saw a bakery item that looked ok, but there was no price listed. So I asked how much for a slice? Instead of answering, she placed a slice of the cake onto a paper plate and then, after she had prepared the portion she revealed that the price was $4! I thought that was too much. In fact, it looked like the cake had 20 slicesx4 equals 80 bucks for a cake that probably only cost a few bucks to make. But the day was nice, and I decided not to make an issue of either the price or the "sneaky" sales technique. Unfortunately the cake was somewhat dry and not very tasty, suggesting it was not frshly baked. Perhaps I was too laid back at the time to confront them, but in hindsight I should have complained.

Christopher Fuhrman

The staff is all smiles and willing to help.. Come on national bakery, no ham and rolls on sunday? My job kept me away from wi for 18 years.. This is a great tradition milwaukee has.. Nobody else has this.. Please consider sunday.. Close on monday, that day is miserable.. Lol, thxs for all you do

Elizabeth Colvin

Great donuts! Just don't expect anyone to hold the door open for you, as the person going in is not going to risk letting someone else get in line before them.

Robert Butschle

Classic bakery in all senses. All of their baked goods are fantastic, and their hot ham and rolls special is the best on the Southside . Also, if you haven't picked up a box of paczkis on Fat Tuesday, it's a tradition you'll soon do year after year once you do. It's always broadcast on TV from there every year, which attests to their popularity and quality...

steve conners

Great food and sweets

Niani Q

The deli sandwiches are my fav but chips are bland. Bakery is ok. Cake donuts are delish!! Nice sweet servers.

Jake Augustine

Get birthday cakes and donuts from here for last 25 years. Amazing buttercream frosting!

Jean Baron

Love their pershings. The frosting is very good

Sandy Lindquist

Nice supply of goods but help is alot to be desired

Pam Frinzi

Yummy cupcakes

Josué Rivera#14

I can describe National bakery and deli with just a word "AWESOME"

Tito Jones

This place is changing so fast for the worst. The bakery and deli used to be the best in town. But now there is no quality any more. The food just taste horrible now. In fact one of the workers told me only some of the stuff is made fresh while the older stuff is mixed in. They used to have 50%off on Saturdays and now they stated that if it was made that day and it doesn't sell then they will try to sell it next week Tuesday. Wow Totally lost my appetite and will no longer be a customer anymore Soon this place will be out of business as all other places when greed is a factor. God Bless

Gary Zenda

Best "Punchkies" ever!

Beatrice Pennebecker

This bakery is the best. Have been dealing with them for years and I won't change

Paul Feilen

Sweet gal who waited on me. I was 20 cents short so she covered it. The bakery is straight up excelled old time fare.

Sue Dane

Best bakery in Milwaukee

Tony Perez

Really good doughnuts.

Ceatra Banks

The Donuts are great and the staff is Nice!

Andrew Fluckiger

Really great brioche pasteries

Chris P

Some of the best donuts in the city

Thor Gran

Best bakery in town. 'Nuff said.

Juan Rodriguez 909

Had a delicious bran muffin pastries are fleshly backed.

Susan Belongia

Amazing as always!


Best bakery around!

Sheila Lair

Best donuts EVER! Nobody can beat their buttercream!

John Wicker

Awsome panini.

omar juarez

Great pastries and super friendly service

Fahd Alghazzi

I don't go there, they fry with lard.

Christine Cavallaro

Excellent bread, salads, ham, treats.

Craig Burbey

This place along with Canforra are my 2 fave bakeries. Great donuts and rye bread. The staff is friendly and incredibly efficient. The traffic flow of this place is well thought out because it can be really busy.


Best cake in the city hands down

David Burrows

Not just a bakery, best deli around

Margie Welniak

Best in Milwaukee.

Lee Trotta

Tasty sandwiches and baked goods (prices lower after 2pm). Busy but friendly.


Awesome baked goods, with a nice deli setup, and spots to sit and eat and enjoy good food and friendly conversations

La Shonda Prince

I Love National Deli & Bakery Donuts and Cakes. You also can get hot sandwhiches.

Gina Lenzen

It's hard to rate this bakery, generally the items are well made. The issue I have and almost always have, is the staff. I once went there to pick up a cake that looked like it was decorated by a two-year-old. After much frustration they finally admitted that the cake decorator did not do it, it was one of the couter help people who decorated it. They promptly refunded my money Last week I ordered a dozen donuts and 6 danish by phone. I had a cab driver pick them up for me, what I got was 6 donuts two each of 3 kinds & 6 danish. I called to complain and was told that they just filled the order according to the way the order was taken, they did apologize supposedly the girl on the phone was new. This morning I went in, Rather than to place my order by phone. There was one other person in the store ordering 3 dozen makes donuts 1 person on the phone handling a complaint, apparently the woman on the phone had been overcharged. I heard them refund $8 to the callers credit card. Instead of helping me when she finally got off the phone she went to help the person close the boxes for the man ordering the 3 dozen donuts. I explain that I had a cab waiting and asked to be taken care of, she had been told previously that I was waiting to pick up a coffee cake but that didn't seem to faze her at. Instead of getting that coffee cake for me she chose for some reason to ignore me. When I asked if she could take care of me as I had a cab waiting she told me "we help each other here 1st" In addition she was loud & indifferent towards me, telling me harshly to "go to the register she'll be there in a minute" I ggain reminded her I had a cab waiting for me. I guess 3 was the charm because at that point she refused to give me the amount that I owed and said I had to wait for someone else to take my money. I should also mention that I had a loaf of banana bread in my hand that I took from the table I asked the counter girl if the bread was fresh she said "it was brought out this morning" I said does that mean it was made this morning? She grabbed the bread from my hand looked at it and said "no it was made Saturday." In truth the bakery is good, They sell a lot of day old stuff but if you get their donuts and bread that's generally fresh. I would never step foot in that place again if there was another bakery with in 3 miles of me. I go there because I don't drive. I have spoken to the owners and they do seem concerned about their staff's inconsiderate manner however that seems to be the only kind of people who work the counter, I would recommend going anywhere else if you don't need to take a cab.

Luzalma Granados

Good fresh bakery. Fast & friendly service.

Lee Lee

Fresh Bakery ham&rolls cross from Saint Francis Hospital

Erica Love

I love it

Marianna Miller-Martinez

Clean and the bakery is so good my. Go to place

Laura Arzate

Good Bread

sonya nelson

Love this bakery. Just slightly dissapointed with doughnut varieties. Otherwise, would I would 5 stars this buisness.

Jenni Ciske

This place is the greatest bakery in the state! The staff is great and willing to help you with absolutely anything and everything you need. They have the most delicious cookies! Actually, all of their bakery is delicious! And if you can't find something, they can most likely make it for you. The designers are amazing!!!

K. Ab

I was referred to this bakery by a coworker. From Never actually going into the bakery, I called to place a birthday cake order over the phone. I hadn't seen the cake until the day of the individuals birthday and I must say it was a hit! The cake looked and taste great!! Thank you very much.

Christine Renock

Been going to this bakery for years. Bakery is NOT from the grocery store, it's the one independent bakery that's left from years ago. Hope they remain independent. Nothing like the old fashioned bakery.


Great service, but the Veggies Lovers sandwich was shredded lettuce, onion and two small slices of tomato on very dry bread. Couldn't finish it.

Serena Brown

Truly amazing the service is the best i have ever received from any place

Patty Zastrow

Delicious and unique items. The most friendly staff. And bonus: Paczki!!

Eli Barto

Small bakery/small deli Small parking with signs designating,

Nancy Cochrane


Denise Lopez

Not fried,baked. The lines long sometimes, but moves quickly. Gre@t selection of doughnuts, breads, cookies, and even has a deli.

Stephanie R

Sugar cookies dry... Not good flavor. Ham sandwich roll dry. Lemon bar horrible. Disappointed.

Dawn Schimke

The best bakery and Deli in town.

David Gust

Great bakery. Great staff. Such an incredible variety of choices. I didn't get to try the deli on this visit but I will next time. Highly recommend them.

Sam Fike

Friendly staff and good breads. Rye bread was tasty and nutritious. I will be back for the deserts

Amy K

It may be small on the outside but it is full of delicious things. The critter cookies feature cute buttercream animals and the deli has a great selection. They even do those barbie doll cakes. The prices are very reasonable.

melody sorano

Great Baked Ham

Gary Mandel

As good as a bakery can be. The bakery is great They sell Badger Ham and give you hard rolls to go with it. Can't make a better ham sandwich anywhere. I would drive many miles out of my way to go to this bakery and have.

Steve Leer

Good selection great deals Saturday afternoon is the time to go

danny Torres

I love national bakery they have the best of everything and everything is always DELICIOUS

Paul Wetzel

Great place

juli Stojsavljevic

Great bread, bakery and tortes

Robert Robillard

Best bakery in town

Blanca Rodriguez

Best banana cake

Ashley Peplinski

Love all of their cakes!

Peter Mika

Amazing doughnuts!


This is the only place I go for my cakes. Their prices are way lower than the quality you get for them. The best, moistest cakes I've ever had, and they never fail to have a cake ready for me by the next day when I've forgotten to place my order sooner. Talked to Mandy on the phone, and she is one of the nicest people I've talked to at any business. People these days are just not friendly anymore. The price I paid for a 1/4 inch sheet cake (which feeds about 12-16 people) is unbelievable. This time I ordered an inscribed carrot cake with actual cream cheese frosting, which is usually a lot more expensive than a regular cake, but I've ordered those too, are they're still pretty fantastic. If you're looking for a good old fashioned bakery made cake, and not a store bought one, this should be your place to go.

Shelby Hajny

Great ham and rolls! I love going there with my family for cheese and bakery also! Highly recommend!

Frederick Deuter

The best. One of the few that are left. Everything is good. Recommended.

Brian Nuernberg

Excellent very fresh.

Al Mrozek

Best ham and rolls in city

Jonathan Robinson

Best cookies

Dale Gilbo Sr

Very good services fast and friendly

Katherine Reyes

Anything you get here is delicious. In love with all their donuts I've had.

Marlene Sandmire

Better than it has been.service awesome and bakery

Patr Schmidtknecht

Best bakery in town but they are getting a bit too pricey for a senior citizen

Robin Lagunas

The butter cream frosting cake is absolutely the best in Wisconsin. I was not impressed with the donuts.

robert ring

While the love of my life was carrying our daughter we would walk by the bakery at least once a week. We must have tried at least one of everything that summer and it was all fantastic.

Timothy Paez

I stopped in the bakery today for ham and rolls, the ham was fine but the rolls were dried out. However, my biggest concern lies in the working conditions of the establishment. I was in the store for approximately 10 minutes and I was very uncomfortable due to the heat of the store. My asthma was flaring up because of the intense heat and I was only there for 10 minutes. I couldn't imagine working in those conditions. I could understand if the workers were offered water throughout the day but an employee said that the owners offered nothing. working in that heat for an extended period of time is incredibly dangerous and they're intentionally putting their workers at risk. I'm going to be taking this to the city this is intentionally negligent behavior and no one deserves to work in those conditions.

vince markey

Great bakery, wonderful doughnuts!

Trini Torres

Great bakery, sandwiches,soup,deli salads! Never disappointed:)

Allen Hentz

The cookies are fantastic. Great deli sandwiches.

Heather R.

Good bakery. Can get bread, rolls, baked ham and sides. Can get a sandwich made as well. Usually there are long lines. The one bathroom they have for customers to use looks dingy since it hasn't been updated for a long time.

frankie guerrido

The best bakery ever....mmmmmmm donuts

Michael Wagner

There donuts are great , fresh, the ham is one the best tasting, not sure when eating them which is better the bun or the ham, and need we say more about there cream puffs

John Warren Jr

Rolls were fantastic! Ham was delicious! And pastries were amazing! Love this place....

Julia Forbush

The Christmas cookies were decorated nicely, but tasted like cardboard and were a very weird crumbly texture. Your donuts were pretty good though.

Tim Anderson

As always a great deli sandwich, good hot soup and amazing cookies. Best bakery on earth

Chris Wozniak

Best donuts ever.

Brian Daub

Love the bakery. White long johns are my favorite! The ham is awesome too.

Marie S

Best bakery around

Clay Hoffmann

They have good bakery, and not too small.

Rachel Sekey

Extremely impressed and will be buying all future cakes from this bakery. I called a customized cake order in on a Friday morning and they were able to make the cake above and beyond my expectations that same day! Everyone I spoke with was extremely pleasant and friendly. Definitely recommend!

Verlonda Kirchner

Fresh baked bakery everyday and the best paczki in town.

Rosemary Krause

Great items great flavors great prices a Milwaukee treasure

Mary Encarnacion

Love Love Love this place. Awesome cakes.

Greg Shell

Just talked to owner. The bakery is freshly baked every morning.

David R Pollak

Fresh bakery and a deli as well. So good you may have to stand in line ! Great place !

Sarah Gail Luther

Good sandwiches, beautiful bakery. Perfectly old school.

Gary McKnight

They have the best baked goods I've ever had

Sheila Van Kanegan

Bomber deli sandwiches are great tasting and fresh however the slow service often makes me wish I had gone somewhere else. I go on my lunch breaks and it can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to get through the line and get my food. If the service was faster I would definitely eat there more often.

Kenny Lovas

Very very good Bakery reminds me of the old fashioned bakeries always helpful always accommodating

Jennifer M

Sandwich was great. Cookie was...well, ate what I could and threw away the rest. Customer service could've been better

Bob Johnson

Great place

Gary Waszak

Always good bakery, and memories.

Jeanette sarkis

Terrific food always and the most courteous employees

Chuck Ellingson

Even though almost all of the donuts had been purchased prior to my 4:30pm arrival, I was still able to get a delicious cruller and a yummy tuna salad sandwich.

Mary Wargolet

Rolls n doughnuts were hard for the money they charge, sorry I stop next time l will go to Pick n save.

Eric B

Love this place!!! The best bakery in town!!

Patricia Henkel

If you're looking for a unique bakery, come here. They're are a few locations around Milwaukee. They offer hot ham and rolls (a Sunday Wisconsin tradition) and during Easter hot cross buns. They have a small deli department that offers pasta and potato salads and a table right when you walk in that has breads, brownies and cookies for a quick pick up and go option. The staff is always friendly and they have a few members that are bilingual.

David Mouradian

One of Milwaukee's best full service, quality bakerys.

Michelle Kinnard

Had a last minute order of 20 dozen and "Kelsey" was so incredibly nice and patient! I needed her to separate out the receipts and she had no problem with that!! What a great employee to have!! She was WONDERFUL!!! Thanks again Kelsey!!!

Devan Koons

Very delicious cakes!!

Matt B

If you need a last minute birthday cake get the cakes that are fresh in their Bakery case not the ones in the freezer. Tastes Super Fresh and like old-fashioned birthday cake!

Bianca Cintron

So cheap and so good

Barb Asselin

Best Bakery for our Paczkis

travelnted1 .

Paczki my butt! If you think they've got good paczki, you've clearly never had a real one.

Dennis W

Great offerings in bakery, breads and rolls. Custom cakes to order or in cooler. Soup and deli sandwiches to order. Always great & a treat.

Eric Jacobi

friendly and polite service here, excellent bakery food!

Penney Beatovic

Was in town for a funeral. Had to visit Milwaukee's greatest bakery!

deb strzelecki

If you've never been to national bakery you missing out on some fabulous baked goods. They bake fresh daily. The service is great. I've never had anything there that wasn't worth the extra calories. They also have a variety of lunch meats, rolls etc. You should try it at least once.

Carmen Razo

Great cakes, friendly service, and they're always willing to go the extra mile to make the customer happy!

Betzaida Colon Perez

Good pastries and the deli meat is so good.

Joseph Weis

Not only is the bakery Goods the most fantastic in the city. They make a awesome fruit cake that no one else in the city I can find compares to, their almond cookies are the greatest according to my wife for the last two years of not been able to make them that she has for over 30 years. The service is amazing the people that work there are just awesome. Thanks National Bakery.


Oh my gosh they got really good donuts and sandwiches here and desserts

Aida Vinent

I have been a customer for over 50 years first at the 16 street location and now in Greendale. The quality is perfection and the cleanliness outstanding. Their greatest asset is the people who work there! Their filled cupcakes are perfection itself. The buttercream frosting is perfection itself. I go daily to get my dose of heaven!

Maarouf Aldayea

Good food

Rita Mosley

Deli sandwich was excellent.


Ordered a cake wanted a sheet cake with buttercream frosting. They said they couldn't do it!!! They opted for me to get a 14" round. After leaving, I found a bakery that would do what I wanted. It tasted awesome and was a lot cheaper. Thank you Grebe's!!!

Ronin 53207

Great Paczki, a south side tradition!

Leo Quinn

The best bakery in Milwaukee

Michael Kelley

Love this bakery

Gloria Johnson

Excellent place

Mark Lange

Outstanding service!

Rick Tucker

Fantastic eclairs and cakes. There cookies are great and we'll decorated.

Stacie Owen

Great selections offered

Troy Klemstein

Great service and pastries

Keith Radtke

Amazing hard rolls and doughnuts

Susan Szydel

Been going on and off for more than twenty years.never disappointed and they are always busy so you know they are good!

Ricardo Torres

Tasty and delightful

Tracy Lange

Best maple nut doughnuts ever

Scott Jenquin

My favorite place in Milwaukee for donuts.

Jennifer Thompson

Love this place. They have the best donuts. Their ham and rolls are amazing as well!!

Kathleen Paukner

I always go there. Their bakery is very good.

Clarence Schreiber

I love the bakery here. The bakery here is always fresh and tasty.

felix Collazo

Good food/ bakery and service!

Mark Lansing

The rating should be five stars. This is my own fault. I cannot get to this bakery/deli early enough to buy all the delicious temptations they offer. Probably the best in the city!

Carlos Montes De Oca

I live walking distance from National bakery. Just was there recently for Fat Tuesday and order two dozen Paczkis. Best in the city.

Travis Rueda

The lady's are amazing

Future Fortunes

Great Bakery

Scott Molling

Donuts were pretty good and bought some apple bread that was REALLY good. Great prices too.

Denise Arkin

Great bakery.

Patrick Ryan

Great selection with reasonable prices. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Tried their pretzel buns last time I was there and they were delicious.

Chris Cotter

Staff is very friendly and it smells wonderful! Some things are a little pricey, but for a special treat, worth it.

Jeffrey Sobczak

Best bakery in town

Tina Bondar

Great service and as always great food!!

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