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REVIEWS OF Fosdal Home Bakery IN Wisconsin

Evelyn Collins

We've heard many compliments on Fosdal bakery. We were not disappointed. We picked a variety of items to try. Reason for looking them up was because of an upcoming event that will require a very nice cake. I think we found the place we'll be ordering from.

Les Wilkinson

Fantastic donuts and scones. First time our boys ate more than the frosting off a donut!!

Chris Cogbill

gregory lee

there are no better donuts. in the world.

Daniel Hoppe

Nice bakery, don't really care for their style of donuts but the danishes and muffins are good. They also have a list of sandwiches. Great spot to grab a quick bite while walking around town. Went here for my sister's birthday

Erika Nowlan

Best donuts ever!! Their frosting-filled donuts are true heaven. We drive from Madison to get them and keep some in the freezer for later. We heat them up slightly so the frosting is melty and delicious.

Molly Bowser

Can't really beat fresh baked goods. Their lunch menu is delicious!

Meaghan Zeimet


Diamond Dawson

Tammy Lane

Amazing bakery

John Culton

Igreat soup and bq sandwich. Great bakery. John.portage Wis.

thomas kvamme

I love this place I even take them to NC. the family require I bring 3-5 doz every visit.


Kyle Gibson

This is a cozy little dessert shop. It is mostly known for its very cheap and delicious donuts, but also offer coffee, cake, cookies, brownies, and more. They also ran for America’s Sweetest Bakery award, which is a big feat, and that is just how great it is. (Please buy yourselves some goodies)

Don Dargel

Oh my gosh....deliciously sinful!!! The best bakery in the world!!! If you pass through Stoughton, stop at Fosdals!!!!

Mike Lamberty

By far and away the best bakery within 100 miles. Great service and great people.

Veronica pahl

Delicious! Friendly! Cozy atmosphere! Love it!!!!

M Porter

Tim Pollard

Sergio Scarponi

Stay away. Too good. You will die smiling when you eat it all. Not good for your waistline. Yummy. You've been warned!

Larry Schuller

Best bakery in Dane County.

Emily G

Hunter Hill

Amanda Larson

Friendly staff, delicious donuts

Cole H

This is one of the best places in Stoughton exept the fact that there closed Mondays it's the best they got a ton of doughnuts and brownies I highly recommend this place

Matthew Fecarotta

The best place in the world

Larry Stall

Peter Felknor

Best bakery in Dane County. Very old school ( been in business 80 years). Reasonably priced.

Jacqueline VS

Sweetest bakery ever!

Lukas Dodds

there danishes are the best

John Conway

Best place around for donuts... except for the ordering area is so small that sometimes you're throwin elbows and stepping on kids to get a cream filled... but its worth it.

christie colvett

The prices are very good for the amount you get there. I bought a brownie for less than 3 dollars and it was huge. My 3 year old just loves the cookies with the fun characters and colors on them. The atmosphere is never rushed and the employees are so sweet and very patient with my 3 year old.

r Schaller

Discovered this place at work when one of customers would bring in treats from this bakery, I was hooked so I had to visit this bakery. Donuts are out of this world with no skimping on the filling. Staff is very friendly

Omle EnasnI

The glazed croissants are my favorite and my husband always gets the double chocolate cream filled donuts. I don't know why this person says that the employees don't like children because they ALWAYS give my 2 year old son a free cookie every time we go there.

Jacob Braaten

Peter Grafton

#1 in the state for a very good reason. Fosdals has the best pastries hands down. Great place to get all things sweet, hang out and have a cup of coffee.

Greg D

Friendly, good deals and pricing fresh baked and tasty! We'll come back again

Patricia Fairbank

Love the donuts

Erich schenkenberg


Amy Gerrits

Their cakes and donuts are loved and coveted by everyone I work with. You want to brighten up someone's Monday, swing in for a couple dozen. You'll feel appreciated!!

Julie Churchill

Best experience everytime! It has been a privilege to have Fosdals in my home town! Employee's are so warm & kind! I highly recommend putting it on your bucket list of places to experience! You'll be well taken care of and I guarantee you'll be back!

Kenneth Anderson

I have been to bakeries all over the US and Fosdals is the BEST ever. Fresh baked goods daily. Absolutely the tastiest sweets.

KT Howard

Eat. A. Donut.

Adam Haen

Great baked goods and service!

Sandy K

Always love Fosdal's! Doughnuts, soups, and special orders for parties (Persian ring).

Robin Lickel

The best. Raised glazed, or chocolate. The best, for generations.

jeffrey dudman

Great donuts.

Jim Blouin

The best becouse danish is the best in the trip state area. Coffee bar has been upgraded, customers are friendly like family. You can tell the employee's love there job.

Walter Phillips

Good food considering there are not a lot of choices in the area. I would recommend if you don't have kids. Many of the workers don't seem to like children, even if they are well-behaved [curious since they sell donuts]. We have been actively ignored [after having been seen] or been treated badly in this store on multiple occasions. Again, the products are well made, but the customer service was bad enough that it does not matter and I will not give them my money anymore.

Nathan G

Amy Mork

We come here for donuts often and are never disappointed.

Chris Holte

The best...

Drawing Water

It is an amazing place that has friendly people. It is loved by so many people, and I have never had anything that can compare.

Charles Bouton

Been going for years, fantastic, the reason I drive from Janesville to get me baked goods.

Jody Schultz

Great donuts

Kim Slava

The quintessential Stoughton doughnut shop. It's the real deal.

larry c

The best baked goods. And friendly staff.

D Zee

This is an odd review - it has everything to do with customer service and not their product. I arrive after a long drive to Stoughton - tired, hungry and on a mission to shop and cook dinner for my family. I need buns and love the products at this bakery. I arrive at the bakery at 6:00 pm. Sadly the sign on the door say that they close at 5:00 pm. I glance in the door - see a light in the back with people moving about and a man leaning on the counter. I try the door and it opens. I say -"I know you are closed, I just need some hamburger buns." glancing to my right I see that there are several bags of delicious buns in the display rack. The man at the counter says "we are closed." I say - "I know that - I have cash - can I leave you $5 - I don't need any change." The man says "no, we are closed." I say "well can you give me the buns for free? Tomorrow they will be day old." He says - "we are closed - leave." With that I backed out and let the door close. This is a small town - when did common courtesy disappear? Will I be back for their delicious baked goods? Not very likely...


Best doughnuts by far in the area. Good prices, cute bakery, friendly staff, and delicious food!

Barbara Tamblingson

Awesome place for great bakery like the old days. Coffee cakes, Norwegian delights, rosettes, delicious Danish, darling decorated sugar cookies....the best

Benjamin Boerigter

I don't really have anything to say which hasn't already been said. I would unequivocally recommend this bakery to anyone not on a diet.

DJ LeClear

The best doughnuts! Love the breads too.

Jana Reed

Worth the drive. We use to live in stoughton but now that we moved to a different town we still make the trip. Cute, fast and tasty.

Ben R

Delicious baked goods. Stopped in for a donut and coffee and was very pleased.

Savage Siblings

Amazing selection of donuts, bakery items, cakes, bread, and it always smells divine! Staff is awesome and friendly. Prices are perfect!

Eric M

Best bakery around

Don H

By far the best donuts ever. Dont even bother with any of those national chains. Fosdals doesnt rip you off on the price either.

Riksor VB

I've been to several bakeries and donut shops. This one's the best. Donuts are made everyday fresh, and you can really taste it. the price is incredibly cheap--you get fresh, fluffy donuts that are huge compared to a place like Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts, and at a much cheaper price! The staff is usually very pleasant and kind. Along with donuts, fresh bread, cookies, cakes, brownies, etc are served. Beverages can also be bought (soda, milk, juice, water, coffee.) The only downside is the size of the store. There are only about 5-6 small tables to eat at. Don't bring a large party to eat inside. I recommend you buy your food to go.

Miles Hungsberg-Perzewski

Awesome long stay bakery!! So many bakeries in small towns have sadly closed shop these days

Ginger Hagemann

Great cakes

Eleanor Brinsko

Delicious treats and friendly staff!

Patrick Duffy

The best donuts anywhere in the whole country by far!!

Sarah Wheeler

Donuts and kringle are to die for.

Ethan Johnson

Great freshly baked treats!

Mary Fauble


jim haley

Best bakery on the planet

Jodell Quamme

Best donuts in the world! Also sell Norwegian delicacies.

Groucho Barks

Bring your sweet tooth and this wonderful bakery will be good to you. The donuts are terrific. Quality is much higher than Dunkin and prices are very good.

Kelly Stien

Tom DeMuth

Great selection of bakery foods and fair prices. Many items are the same as the Quality Bakery in Dodgeville owned and operated by Joe's brothers and niece.

Kevin Mikulaj

Best bakery for miles. Soups and sandwiches are also good. Staff is helpful and friendly.

raecoolme hill

eric ramsey

Awesome! Simply awesome! The best bakery anywhere!!!

Lindsay Gallagher

Gregg Bonti

Be careful going to Downtown Stoughton. The delicious smells will drive you in to this place every time. My kids love it!


Donuts... Very tasty donuts... I love this bakery


Great potato bacon soup and bbq pork sandwich.

Abby Abramovich

Literally the BEST. DONUTS. EVER. Also muffins, coffee, giant kringles, and customer service A+... But did I mention their donuts? Delicious, giant, cheap. How do you do it Fosdal's?

Wade Kapanke

The best Doughnuts in town. The best fresh bread in town. The best bakery in town. There is no need to go anywhere else. This bakery has it all: doughnuts, bread, cookies, cakes, kringles, these little bits of heaven called a chocolate dip loaf where they take a piece of chocolate cake and frost it with this amazing white frosting and then drip it in chocolate. YUM!!!

Mark Thompson

Jilladair Carlson

It was our first visit. Great service and amazing pastry.

Jeffrey Farley

If I can find a place to work out that is as amazing as this bakery, I might avoid obesity. Maybe. I walked in and just wanted to roll around in the cases. I want to EAT ALL THE THINGS. I'm so lucky to live just a couple of miles away from this place. Can't wait to go back.

Evan Corbeil

Lorena Montenegro

Amazing donuts, Danishes, and pecan roll! Drove in from Chicago to visit our friends at El Rio Grande & stopped by Fosdal on our way out of Stoughton.

Sara Kluender

Staff is wonderful. Love the food!

Joshua VonDran

My favorite bakery ! Always fresh and delicious :-)

Amy Sprague

Jacquie Hopp

Great donuts, muffins, cookies & more!

Olle Jager

Wonderful donuts & bread. Sit down for a coffebreak & refill naturally.

Derrick Peters

Great bakery. The donuts are great and so are the breads and rolls.

Derek Clevidence

Outstanding blueberry Kringle. And everything else.

Felicia Wallace

Great tasting baked good with an old fashioned way

Sarah K

Joyce Williams

Fabulous baked goods, as always

Kelsey Brooks

I am experienced in the world of the small town cafe, and I hate to be "that person" (as we all do), but genuinely, I've not been so disappointed at a coffee joint in quite some time. The girl helping me didn't know whether they sold True coffee, when in fact the is a sign directly behind her that says they do! Then, when I expressed interest in purchasing some, she was going to put it into a paper bag intended for donuts and pastries (instead of the advertised tin), and she told me she didn't know how to grind coffee... then i noticed the selection of coffee was weak. One dark roast, one medium, and one decaf. I was extremely excited to buy one of my favorite roasts and bring it home for use in my cold brew kit and for regular coffee, but I asked her to skip it regardless. I got a scone and a medium roast Gold Star Pacific Island Blend to go, and upon taking my first bite, I realized that my scone was black and burnt on the bottom. Today is already a terrible day for me, but this visit sure didn't help. I've been here twice before for a donut run, and I've not ever been disappointed with that. Go for their donuts!

Tom Jefferson

A good old small town bakery. Open seven days a week, with sweets and coffee.

Sean Anderson

I bought Christmas cookies at Fosdal's this year and they were delicious.

Jon Coughlin


Richard Hoppe

Best bakery in the area

Jim Norton

Great dognuts

Colton Peterson

Nelia Gundersen

Good food:)

Asia Miller

Best bakery in Stoughton, WI. The brownies are well portioned for the price and the blueberry Kringles are delicious. Not sure what the other pastries taste like but they’re probably amazing too.

Chris Johnson

What can I say, it's a great family bakery that does it old school with great product without over doing it like many of the new ones like Hurts. I appreciate the simple approach and quality product Everytime.

Jill Burnard

My husband and I have grown up going here and now we get to bring our little one!! They made our wedding cake 3 years ago and we still get comments about it! So fresh and yummy!! Thanks for being such a great staple in Stoughton.

Paul Logsdon

Best doughnuts ever had hands down... EVER

keri r

Always great service and the best donuts.

Wendy Buttke


Ashlie Urban

Cheap delicious homemade donuts!! Good coffee selection. 3 donuts and a coffee cost me 5 bucks! Good atmosphere! And 50% off when you wear a flannel!

Packattack Greenbayfan

Best donuts in town

aj jameson

Love this place! Every time i have a department meeting my team request Fosdal Donuts.

Zachary Zahalka

This place as ruined donuts for me. I used to enjoy all donuts pretty equally, but then I moved to Stoughton and had Fosdal's donuts. They set the new standard of great that is rarely beaten. Good donuts aside, the rest of their food (bread, cookies, cake, ect) is fantastic as well and they are professional and efficient. Couldn't ask for a better "hometown" bakery.

Vicki Degenhardt

Every bite melts in your mouth!!!! Best donuts I ever they blow dunkin out of the water I managed one for a few years would never get my donuts any place but your bakery an the buttercream is the best to.

chris garza

Becky G

Best sweets in Wisconsin

Christine Ziegler

The best place

k.c. lipman

Matt W

The doughnuts at Fosdal Bakery have some substance to them without feeling heavy or greasy. Their doughnuts are less expensive and better in overall quality than their counterparts at Greenbush Bakery in Madison. While I didn't pick up any bread, I tried several samples and was impressed with the taste and texture. The women working the counter that Saturday morning were wonderful. Even though it was my visit, they treated me like a regular. The cozy surroundings seem to be a popular gathering spot for the Stoughtonites. If I lived closer to Stoughton, I no doubt would be joining them.

Godzilla James

Well....this place is certainly worth the stop. We became aware of it through google maps. I read all of the top reviews and decided I would swing in and try some. We walked in early about 5:15AM...there were 1 or 2 customers that beat us in there. Everything looked great. The blonde counter clerk keep looking at me like I was a large delicious dougnut. See couldn't take her eyes of me. She smiled and looked me up and down. She glanced down and looked at my work boots.

Erin McRoberts

Best donuts in Stoughton

Rob Kreger

Tom Stone

Great doughnuts and good breads

Graham Eler

Great Bakery!!

Gary Harrington

John Opager

Delicious breads and donuts. Occasionally has tasty Norwegian treats as well. Make sure to try the cinnamon bread!

Patty Poredos

Cute bakery lot to pick from reasonable and good.

Cynthia Skaar

Very good Had good scone cookie coffee

William Manson

Everything at Fosdal's is SUPER NUM-NUM! Get a Persian and be the envy of all your friends!

Jonathan Meyer

I missed Fosdal bakery so much when I moved out of town! I haven't found its equal. The donuts are amazing, and they have a good selection of coffee, too. The place has a warm, hometown feel to it, and the staff are very nice.

Todd Spencer

Amy Clark

Fosdals is always delicious

Jennifer Slaughter

I got a cupcake there so pretty I almost didn't want to eat it. Key word. Almost. I have yet to get something there that was even just meh. Breads, cupcakes, kringle, brownies, buns, rolls, and of course doughnuts all so delicious. And reasonably priced. Can't be beat!

Kathryn Hylkema

We stop at Fosdal with the kids for some doughnuts on the weekend or we will order their delicious kringles for special events. It's a great little place with very good bakery and friendly people. You can also order many things only a couple days in advance, even around busy times. They are very accomodating. Always a good experience!

Donald Rosby

Phenomenal bakery.....period

Hampton Properties

paul fritz

The last great Bakery in Dane County. They are indeed better than the rest.

Mark McNally

pecan roll was fire. the chocolate long john was good my friend ate it.

George Standard

I love fosdal's soo much and i have been going to fosdals since i was 5 years old and they have never let me down ever, they have amazing staff that are always kind. Thank you fosdals for making my life a little sweater.

Jon Case

Kaden Hanson

cori schlegel

Awesome baked goods

Brett Klitzke

Rae Marie Woodward

Delicious donuts!


The best Hometown Bakery in Stoughton

Maritza Pfanku Stewart

One word....donuts.

Jan Lindeman

Daniel Hulstrom

Delicious, dense baked breads - so far the medium, dark, and circular rye have been outstanding, and the Christmas bread is wonderful! Scandinavian Christmas cookies are spot-on. Scones are great, and the fry cakes (donuts) are better than Dunkin. Friendly service, decent prices. Stopped initially out of curiosity, and have been back many times since.


It's so cute and they the best food. They everything.

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