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411 N 4th St, Clarksburg, WV 26301, United States

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REVIEWS OF Tomaro's Bakery IN West Virginia

Cari Currey

Great place to stop and pick yourself up a fresh warm pepperoni roll. Many delicious italian breads to choose from. Pick up a soft crust or hard crust to take home the next time you have pasta. Friendly staff. You might have to stand in line but so worth the wait.

Anthony Danes

Best Pepporini Rolls in West Virginia. Great bread, cookies, polite staff.

Zachary Guzzi

They are seriously the best ! Been eating from this bakery since I was a kid .Even today as an adult nothing beats Tomaro's!

kit kat

Great rolls

Pete Knapp

Donna Noland

lylla ables

Jay Waldren

Leigh Ann Poling

Me and my mom go here for pepperoni rolls at least once a week. Every time my mom has went in there the old lady is very hateful with her and has even slammed money down on the counter. If you are a business you should have change for large bills and definitely be nice to your customers!

Dannie Yocco

Zachary Kapp

I personally know the owner and the bakery has been making Italian bread and WV pepperoni-rolls for OVER 100 years! It's a local favorite for the people of Clarksburg, WV. Being the oldest bakery in the state, Tomaros definetly lives up to their name. They even ship product anywhere in the continental US! If you haven't been you have to try a fresh, hot pepperoni-roll from the best bakery in town!

Sheila Swartz

Heather Murphy

William Duckworth

The best pepperoni rolls! Fresh hot Italian bread too.

Bill Jurick

I'm a lifelong Harrison County resident. This is my favorite Italian bakery for pepperoni rolls and tally bread!

Cindy Dunn

Wonderful tasting pepperoni rolls and great bread

King's NeverFollow

They have great pepperoni rolls

Jon Henderson

Can't beat a hot pepperoni roll straight from the oven

Thomas Turner

About the employees

Steve Smith

Gotta love hot outta the oven pepperoni rolls. And there's are good...

Mathue Nice

Joshua Childers

Angela Lamont

Be sure to take cash. Good pepperoni rolls. Not especially friendly service but not unfriendly either.

Tim Haught

Hot off the rack!! Fast service!! Awesome pepperoni rolls!!

Kiki N.

Lemon of the Purple

Ricky Lewis


Joan Sause

Jim Golden

Best pepperoni rolls

Rebecca Richards

Nancy Bruno

Carrie Brown

Stephanie Cleghorn

Mike Fazzini

The BEST bread and pepperoni rolls!!

matt the gathering


Roxann Shuttleworth

This is the only place I buy pepperoni rolls

Stephenie Weaver

Love this bakery ! Always fresh

pete Barnett

Great family business great bakery

Sarah Rose

Jonathan Sherman

Linda Bramer

What can I say,,,great pepperoni, right out of the all their bread..

John Henry

You haven't seen old world Italian until you've got a chance to get the 100 plus year old tradionally baked pepperoni rolls and bread made fresh nightly. Seriously made by hand this place will knock your socks off.

Oskar Q.

Louis Weiner

Michael Goots

This is West Virginia's original Bakery and still hands down the best

Vivian Kroll

Such friendly staff & amazing pepperoni rolls & bread!

The Miley Legal Group

If we could afford having the calories, we would go every day. The pepperoni rolls on Sunday mornings are the best!!!

Jim Nutter

Ira Renn

Jessica Hancock

Michael Byrd

This is a genuine, authentic, family owned, old style Italian bakery.. You haven't tasted real Italian bread until you've tasted this! And their famous pepperoni rolls are almost to die for, they are so delicious, especially fresh out of the oven!! They make several traditional styles of Italian bread, pizza shells, rolls, hoagie buns, etc. There's only one drawback and that is it is not a restaurant, everything is pick up only.. Unless you havea big special order you don't have to call ahead of time... Also they are closed completely on Saturdays, and another week day, but I don't remember which one... Even with the these drawbacks, the food far outweighs the fact that you can't sit there on the premises and eat it LOL!! That's why the 5

Jean Moore

Kate Simmons

Skeptis Trader

They're the best... stop looking in google comments to try and imagine the damn taste and just go buy a dozen oven fresh pepperoni rolls!!!!

Phillip Duba

A must stop on the rare occasions when I come home! Always gotta pick up my Pepperoni Rolls to take home

Tim Weekley

Ryan Toohey

There is a reason there is usually a line out the door

Edith Rosner

Best pepperoni rolls in town

Chuck Vickers

Beth Barker

Great Italian bread and pepperoni rolls!

Michael Tatum

The pepperoni rolls are awesome

Charles Green


Stephen Morrison

Nate Jordan

Clifford Blake


Best pepperoni buns

Tim Freeman

Alford Duncan

Sunday morning at Tomaro's, the smell of fresh baked bread and pepperoni rolls hits you in the face as you open the door.

Steve Blake

The best

Marsha Nichols

Best bread anywhere. We always stop there when we go to Morgantown, WV, to pick up bread. We also have it shipped to us. They are fantastic and the bread is fabulous.

Joseph TristaniTristani

MonicaBabyy Lee

Brian Lamp

The fresh bread and hot pepperoni rolls from here are amazing

vandm richardson

chris godfrey

Been going there for years for pepperoni rolls and bread and it has always been good

Marcey Forquer


Jordan Cross

love the bread and a pepperoni rolls,my whole family thing going there for years,would recommend for everyone

Jim Amodio

Great Italian bread and pepperoni rolls

Adam DeGraff

Tamela Gwinn

Best hot pepperoni rolls in town. Actually everything is good!

Chad Baker

How could just a ball of dough and a few sticks of pepperoni become a transcendent culinary experience? I don't know what magic is at work here, but you have to stop in and get a Tomaro's pepperoni roll. It's a bucket list thing if you're passing through Clarksburg. And if you're further away, they can ship. Shipping is steep though, be warned. Really best to get them got from the oven.

Tonya Price

Always awesome pepperoni rolls and bread...Traveling to visit family for Labor Day weekend. Had to take a little of home with us.

Melissa Taylor

The pepperoni rolls are out of this world. Next time, I'm buying more.

Mark Richards

Best pepperoni rolls in town. We always get a bunch to take on our trip back home. (Washington state). Sure wish we still lived close again

Thomas Kearns

Cindy Mugnano



Great bread and pepperoni rolls. West Virginia legend.

Kimberli Collett

Johnny Tee

Tj Reese

Love the bread and pepperoni rolls

Perry Jones

Mary K Ferrell

I worked at tomorrow's Bakery and I love their all their pepperoni rolls or bread pizza the whole nine yards is very good even down in the pepperoni rolls if I were you I would order them

Randy Mcgaha

Got some pepperoni rolls and fresh bread.

Michael Sargent

Some of the best pepperoni rolls I have had. And this is comming from somebody who has travelled all over the State of West Virginia sampling pepperoni rolls. Try their bread also. You will not be disappointed. I personally stop by here whenever I am in the area and pick some up.

Mark Flint

Real good

Mike Mitchell

If it's hot out of the oven, it's one of the best Pepperoni rolls you will ever have. Avoid the prepackaged ones though!

Kimberly Wright

Great pepperoni rolls

Thomas Greco

Great pepperoni rolls and fresh bread

Richard Christian

Hot fresh pepperoni rolls and the fresh Italian bread, so good.

Nick Schaer

Clarksburg Legend

Dave Heater

Great bread and the worlds best pepperoni rolls

Tony Martin

Pepporoni rolls and Italian bread are legendary. We always stock up when we are in town!

Susan Michette

These are my all time favorite pepperoni rolls. The people are incredibly friendly. The bread is wonderful too. The only thing to note is payment is cash only. No credit cards.


Awesome Pepperoni Tolls!

PH 735

Hot pepperoni rolls fresh from the oven!

russell carpenter

Stop in the morning and get fresh hot pepperoni rolls for breakfast and Italian bread!!

Debbie Douglas

The bread and pepperoni rolls are great. The clerk was nasty. Older lady

Deborah Porter

Best pepperoni rolls I've tasted!

Paula Spisak

Bj Jeannine

Billie Leasure

Katie Mehle

Best pepperoni rolls! Get them hot.


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