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1300 Adams Ave, Huntington, WV 25704, United States

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REVIEWS OF Heiner's Bakery IN West Virginia

Roger Norman

Very nice people. Good prices for my family. Thank U

Lesley Adkins

you can get good fresh, cheap bread

Carl Tweel

Like good deals on what i buy in the store already

Jack Saunders

Good place to get bread & cakes

Brent Ervin

Great place to work, only down fall is split days off.

Elizabeth Farley

Come early for product left over from previous day, or come after 2pm for the product the drivers are bringing back that day. The driver's are off on Wednesday. Heiner's, Sara Lee, Arnold, Thomas, Entenmann's, Bimbo, Barcel. We sell animal feed also 9am til 12pm.

joseph swanson

Phillip Parker

Heiners has the best bread

Kayla McDonald

Jennifer Bryson

Djuana Ritchie

Great deals on stocking up on bakery items

Jason Wilson

Tina Smith

So tired of buying heiners old fashioned and it being stale no more 8 will switch u charge way to much to throw it away. Shame on you

sabrina monhollen

Bread, donuts, assorted bakery items are sold at a discounted price. They also sell bulk bread for animal feed. I like to get it for feeding birds& deer. I also buy loafs of bread& pastries that I ordinarily can't afford.

Philip Bernard

Best mass-produced bread around. Love it! (I was not compensated or asked for this review in any way)

Judy Schooley

Always stop here when I'm in Huntington

irishredpill notre dame



Billy Prince

Very nice people and excellent product

Garrett Mathis

Just drive by it with your windows down. Such a great smell. The bread is great.

Carlie Hensley

Ronna Hensley

Great discounts!!

Clarence Jackson

Inexpensive bread

DaddyDon 69

Cynthia Adkins

Sonja Hayes

Always good

Dave McNeely

when the bakery is in full production you can smell the baking bread for blocks and blocks around.The bake tge Heiners, Sara Lee abd Bimbo brands. Nice brand thrift store right next door to the bakery.

Rachel Fairchild

Edie Mays

Jesse Simmons

kelly woodyard

The Breads hard like there baking it to long like a cheap store brand. Go back to the way it was

Debbie Mcdowell

Larry Wiggins

Alan Wood

Hieners use to be so soft and moist what has happened? Now you buy a loaf and the first 3-4 pieces are so dryed out ! and the rest is on the verge of being dryed out what has happened to quality in your company? Please listen to the comments of your customers please go back about a year or so and go back to the way you was making it then Thanks,

Shannon Divas

Irrational law suiys’ I’m actually allergic to the yeast in the bread and beers’ aLL Huntington is made of yeast infections’.. Probably why I had got a infection in my back tooth ..

Denise Stepp

Friendly place to get your bread and cakes

Michael Gandy

I love to come to come and shop hare the stuff was nice there all ways good to me a lot more the other's. Will come back hare

Marco DeLegg

Caught them at a off day didnt have much in there

Nickey Spry

Eric Nierling

Very friendly people work here! If unload here you can walk to Biscuit world get good cheap breakfast why you unload.

Ron Thomas

good price

Allyson Layne

Wonderful place best bread ever

Bread Vision56

Great prices and great bread. The smell kills me though. It is hard to be low carb with this place around

Miranda & Brad Luppino

Love this place! The best bread around!

Tena Hensley

I have always loved the freshness and taste of Heiners bread. I would never think of buying anything else until the past year and the quality is so bad now that I have to buy Sunbeam. I have tried shopping at different stores to find fresh Heiners with no luck. I wish you would go back to the old recipe and get it out to the local stores sooner.

Sherry Smith

In 48 years, I've always thought Heiner's bread was the very best on the market. Now, I think I'm being generous with a 2 star rating. If you're lucky enough to get a loaf that feels fresh, it gets stale within a day or two. It has a sweet taste that it never had before. The consistency isn't smooth like it used to be. I can't even find the Italian bread I use to buy all the time. I am not a happy consumer!

Jen Browning

Kathy Bays

Just did not have what I was looking for, they were out of the 35 calorie wheat bread

Anthony Llewellyn

Tim Rice

Excellent place to buy your food and good people that work there

Ron David

Gary maynard

Dave Rodgers

Jennifer Goodall

The ladies are friendly and I love the products. Such a great deal.

Cyrena Sullivan

There is an outlet store

Nancy Lewis

Greatest bread fresh hot and not yet cut. That's how I got it from the bakery 1968-1974 when Lewis Market was on the corner 13th Street. 1360 Adams Ave. My grandmother's store. Building is still there.

Wayne Pennington

Heiner's makes the best bread I've ever had anywhere

Jeffery Bradford

Alisa mahaney

Needs more selection and items for purchase .

Jeremy Thompson

Outlet store great price's


Dropped trailer went down the street for breakfast by the time we got back trailer wad empty. Great bunch of guys working the yard.

Jo Garske

I love the discount prices

Rachael Douglas

Jerry Pinson

jason wysong

Really good bread. Nice people to work with.

Laura Adkins

Jimmie Howard

B"H . On a recent visit to Bergoo, W VA. I tasted your bread and buns for the first time. In all of my sixty-eight years, they are the very finest I have ever eaten. Oh, how I wish I could purchase Heiner's bakery products here in Gainesville, GA.

Coral Santee

Michael Ball

Heiners bread use to be so soft and fresh. What has happened Heiners? I’m so tired of taking a loaf of bread home and it’s not fresh. It doesn’t matter which style (Old Fashion, etc), we’re so disappointed. I guess we’ll look for another bread company to get fresh bread for sandwiches.

Jenny jarrell

Trevor Rinaldi

Paul Bradley

Franklin Petty

AppalachianUnicorn aka Erin

Great place to get feed for the pigs

Steve Kinser

Brian Rood

Great outlet store fresh bread's and roll's

Dianna Hubbell

Best bread around

Todd Clay

Where I come to feed my bread addiction.

Sonya Patrick

Denny Davis

Jason Wysong

Really good fresh bread

Traci Konrad

Brandon Price

Adam Dunlap

Kenny Collins

Outlet bread and snacks

Ralph Thacker

Cheap prices

Michael Tatum

Fresh bread

Myles Adedeji

It's great low price

Angela Davis

The bread always smells so good that it makes you want a warm piece with butter

Brad Mccloud

It isn't a restaurant . It is a bread manufacturing facility.

Darn Righteous

Charles Withrow

Frederick Leedy

trinity assemblyofgod

Shimeree Mary

Goodness in every loaf

Andrew Frazier

Jack Frost

Great bread, terrible packaging. Bread is already stale before purchasing.

Ashley Sutphin

Nick Czadzeck

Jessica Short

Being WVian, I grew up eating Heiner’s bread. Now that I live in Huntington, I love driving by the bakery and smelling fresh baked bread.

Lisa Nelson

Ten star

Bill Peyton


Adam Kazee

Kurt Bryson

Great Thrift Shop

Chapzino TheDon

Workers are amazing!

Wm & Crystal Blevins

Go early

Isaac Ramsey Jr

Kelley Werner

Matt Lollis

Some of the best and nicest people work here and I truly enjoy delivering to this reciever. Everyone is extremely helpful and kind to the drivers and everyone does a great job to make great products! Plus the bread quality is FANTASTIC!

Tina Shell

Wonderful prices clean atmosphere highly recommend

mark legg

Best bread in the tristate....

Brenda Sutphin

Matt Wellman

Malcolm Wells

Tommy Hughes

LOVE the oven fresh bread and pastries and cakes !! Also carries jams ,jellies, chips and more !! GREAT selection and AWESOME prices on EVERYTHING !!

Sabrina Jeffers

Love the bakery store always save at least 10 bucks when I stop

Barry Halsey


Sandra Ferrell

We have been buying this bread for years, no other was as smooth and fresh. The past 6 months or so it has gone down hill. The bread has big holes in it and the loaves are flatter. It's now very dry and can barely cover a cheese slice. What a shame to see such a great product fail so bad.

Joe McIntyre

treay brown

Jennifer Turner

Unloaded in less than 30 minutes. Employees were friendly and knowledgeable. Only bad part was we were in and out before the store opened.

Carolyn Craft

I love being able to purchase baked goods at a reasonable price. The staff is friendly and helpful

snookums johnson

Nice clean and good prices for big family on a budget

jaden Burgess

Love it

Suzan Farnsworth

Great fresh baked goods

Richard Blake

Beth Daniels

Clean needs to be a bigger place

Allen McNeely

Glen Berry

Sarah Dolan

Melvin Adkins

Great Place, Get All Bread And Bun's Here.

Jason Henderson

Great prices and smells amazing

Donna Tumbleson

Crystal Cook

Beverly Snow

Samantha Brumfield

Sheila Vanfossen

Graham Andreae

Hippie Drifter

Great prices and friendly staff

Robin Fife

I grew up in Huntington and was raised on Heiners king white bread and my favorite Snyders potato chips. HEINERS, what have you done to my bread???? Its not fresh even when you know it was just delivered to the grocer. It's not even white anymore! Please fix it!

Rebecca Cremeans

Limited stock but fresh product.

Leigh Ann Dias

There's no other like Heiners bakery Best bread around

Clayton Bias

Outlet bakes very cheap

Jesse James

Jackie Slash-Franklin

Angela Christine

Christa Plybon

I LOVE shopping at this store! Very clean. Great prices and employees are the BEST!

John Runyon

Allway great

Anna Prichard

Love the bakery

chad bentley

david clay

Well mannered and friendly workers

Tyler Pratt

Jason Sammons

Love it

Ra'Shoun Tweel

Jeffery Sampson

Good products.

Jessica Lucas

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