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1501 Western Ave Ste 202, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

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REVIEWS OF Zig Zag Cafe IN Washington

Moni Kiki

Oh so good. The buratta with grilled peaches was so flavourful and delicious. Cocktails served in a dainty coupe, this place has such a great theme and setting.

Jim Eiseman

Great selection of bourbons and other liquor with a very friendly staff in a very cozy atmosphere. Stopped by while in Seattle for work and was not disappointed.

L. LaBrosse

Excellent, professional service. Wonderful drinks. Lovely atmosphere!

Quavious Huncho

Very chill spot. Good drinks and really like the atmosphere for certain occasions. I hope they never change

Dana Weld

Cozy bar with great drinks

Vishal Yadav

Great cocktails and service

Jared Creasy

Sat at the bar, staff was great! Informative about drinks and how to make them and great with recommendations.

Gail Garver

Excellent food, fantastic ambience, highly recommend this place which is not a chain restaurant. Everything was excellent.

Russ Wilson

Fun iconic craft cocktail bar -- great Sazerac!

Valicetra 'rah

As always, the service here is always top notch. They are friendly, personable, and if you have any questions about the menu there is no question that they will have an answer or a recommendation. I don't drink myself, but my friends chose this spot specifically for their renowned bartenders. The food is always excellent, I've never had any complaints. On my last visit I tried out all their deserts and have to say the chocolate creme brulee was fantastic. Last to say is the dark cozy atmosphere. They know how to create a comfortable space that makes you just want to sit and chill with your friends for hours. Which I guess just helps sell more drinks, so kudos to them. I look forward to my next visit.

Juha Kuikka

Good, well balanced and inventive cocktails. The kitchen has snacks until late. Great venue for after show sit-down for example.

Jonathan Tidmore

Great cocktails

Sylvia Billings

Great restaurant cozy only had drinks at the bar but I love it the bar tender was great also..i recommend this place

Steve Perry

Great atmosphere, friendly staff. Bartenders could virtually create any drink you knew or thought of. Would definitely go back next time looking for a cocktail downtown.

rob weakly

Great drinks and food. I have had great service there before but was disappointed this time. The waiter didn't really say anything to us until we were ready to leave. I'll definitely go back.

Scott Rhule

Simply the best bar in Seattle. No question!

Andrew Kim

I wasnt really blown away probably because we only ordered drink and the cheese platter here. Other than that the customer service was great and the drinks were good. It gets pretty crowded so prepare to wait some.

Adrian Popescu

Great atmosphere and drink selection. Somewhat secluded when you are trying to find it for the first time. A bit pricey for the ammount of food/drink you get but it's always very good quality.

Kory Olson

Delicious Sazarak!

Thom Coleman

Very knowledgeable bartender. Excellent service from Elijah.

Daniel Flinton

Had to stop just because I was with my mom and she read "50 Shades of Grey". However, the staff were inattentive and dismissive, the prices were exorbitant and after being there for 15 min. with not so much as an introduction from our crappy server, we left. No drinks no food and no going back. But we did get a picture. They lost out on an easy sale. Awesome business model. They must be rolling in the dough if they don't have to care about the customers.

Nick Drochak

Cool place for drinks and Greek-inspired food. Staff is friendly and there is some nice outside seating available for when the temps are reasonable. Recommended.

Afrodite Elseesy

You must try the oysters. And their cocktails cant not be missed

Kayla Walker

A must-visit bar in Seattle. Excellent food, drinks, atmosphere, service and HH.

Susanna Perkins

Nice place for dinner in an intimate setting with jazz in the background. I had the burger, which comes on a buttered brioche bun, and it was excellent. My son tried the pastitsios, which he loved. If you're walking there from Pike's Place, be aware that there are a LOT of stairs - I didn't count, but I think 6 flights...

Cyrus Bonnet

Probably my favorite review to write. This place is chill and I never use the word.. Mellow lighting and music accompanied by amazing staff and best cocktail selection.. tucked away from the fast pace. My new favorite Seattle spot..

John G

We were looking for a place to have dinner in the area and this place had solid reviews. The restaurant was fairly busy, but they found a table for our group of 6 easily. The menu is Mediterranean / Greek. Most of us ordered the burger which comes with fries topped with oregano, we really liked it and the oregano is a great touch. We also ordered pastitsio (kind of a Greek lasagna) and imam bayildi (the eggplant dish). The pastitsio was ok, I didn't try the other dish but it looked good. Overall everyone seemed to have enjoyed their meals, but we felt that the dishes were in the pricy side. Tips: They have a great patio so it's nice to go there on a sunny day. They have great happy hour 5-7 with discounted house drinks and appetizers. It says second floor, but you have to go down the stairs not up if you're coming from western ave.

Misti Davis

Great food. Atmosphere was definitely a 5. Drinks were spot on.

Paul Johnston

Wayyyy Cooool

Ahmed Abdulmajeed

Cozy venue, with speakeasy vibe. Lovely environment. Great cocktails, and good food.

Christopher Lindsey

Unbelievably good. I don't even want to tell you how good because I am afraid you will ruin it. Seriously, don't come here. I want to come back and I don't want you to ruin it for me.

Sara Nesson

I just had the best experience at ZigZag. Amazing vibe. Bartender and owner so friendly. Grilled Octopus was off the hook. Such a great spot for my one night in town!!

latefa redjouh

On vacation in Seattle, i was recommended this place To meet a friend. Very average food food, average service as well. I am not sure i would go back or recommend it. Probably popular as it is in a tourist neighborhood.

ritu mehrotra

Quaint cafe. The food was Ok the Greek desert was good. Good options during happy hour .

breen masciotra

Romantic atmosphere, great staff, and delicious cocktails.

Eric Brooks

My favorite "find" in Pikes Place. Great drinks and great service, an upscale but still very authentic Seattle vibe. 21+

Harry Shurek

I come here every time I come to Seattle on business and it is better every time. The food is amazing, just incredible. They have a great drink selection and the bartenders are always friendly and helpful. They are also open late so you can order food up until 1am and the bar closes at 2am every night. Definitely worth the trip. Highly recommended.

Jason Weber

Cool vibes good food, drink and awesome staff. A quintessential Seattle stop. Don't miss it!


Food was delicious. Portions are of the right size. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Look out for the spicy cocktails; some are so spicy to enjoy.

Anushree Garg

Great place for drinks with friends. Loved the ambience! I would suggest get the ginger snaps drink! It’s excellent

Kate Milligan

Cute n' quirky. Tucked away from the chaos of downtown, making it very difficult to find. But worth it! Drinks were delicious, though mine was an awful muddy brown color. Guess I asked for it when I ordered a drink with honey and ginger.

Mackenzie Lebeis

Great food, great atmosphere, great drinks!

tony potts

Service was excellent and food equally so. I enjoyed a side salad with an order of their delicious lobster Mac and Cheese! Nice atmosphere on a chilly evening. The caramels are a perfect balance of sweet and salty. Paired with Madeira is a no brainer. I love this place!!!

Anubhav Saxena

Beautiful lighting and okay cocktails.

Josh Wise

I have loved this place since I was a cook downtown

Victoria Albritton

Love ZigZag for it's stylish quaint and intimate setting. It was the perfect spot for after dinner drinks on my 1940's themed 40th birthday. The server was excellent and the drinks were always. It really made a special night even more perfect!

Brian Quinn

Amazing cocktails, excellent service at bar. Ricardo was such a help in both making our drinks and finding us an amazing dinner at a local seafood restaurant (Rock Creek in Fremont). Definitely recommend stopping in for a drink during happy hour if you’re in the area.

Leon Billingsley

I've heard about this place for a while especially for cocktails, but was blown away by the food. This was absolutely one of the best meals I've had in Seattle in a while. Every dish, each cocktail was incredibly delicious and Service was top notch. Can't wait to go back.

Kristin Pettersen

Good service, reasonable prices, nice atmosphere for a date or chill hangout. Butter and fried pork app were both very good!!

Ron Higgins

Nice atmosphere. Great food and drink selections!

Patricia Taran

First time there. . Good service and delish food!

Carissa Marsh

Amazing happy hour with a speak easy vibe. Wine was 5, beer was 3.50 and old cocktails about 6/7

Matthew Brown

Cool vibes, good drinks, friendly staff.

Andrew Sorensen

Been here several times, every time has been great with fantastic drinks, great service, and a good atmosphere!

Michael McConnell

What a wonderful terrace! The perfect place for warm evening drinks

Felix Good

Classy cocktailbar. The candlelights and the booths make a cozy atmosphere. Friendly staff. Perfect for a date ;)

Brian Schmitz

Iconic spot. On the Hillclimb steps between Western Ave and the waterfront.

Alisha Yoder

If you're looking for a serious cocktail in a chic but cozy atmosphere, this is the place! The location is a bit hard to find the first time, but I think that keeps most of the Pike's Place tourists/crowds at bay; it is worth a bit of meandering to find it. If you enjoy a legit, boozy cocktail, you will definitely like this place. The service is great, the bartenders are knowledgeable, and the drinks are worth every dollar. I have a feeling this will become a regular stop for us.

Michael Miller

The burger is the best I have ever had.

Daniella Mark

Great drinks and food variety. Everything we ordered was delicious. Service was friendly. Everyone there let’s you take your time and enjoy it too.

Sheldon Magee

Popped in for a quick cocktail. They have a fantastic selection. I tried the "Daddy Got Caught" and would highly recommend it, if your palate gravitates toward strong and tart.

Tyler Malone

The bartenders are great there! In the food is awesome. They were open on Christmas Day, and I had nowhere to go so they told me to come there and it was fantastic! You guys rock

Jose Benitez

Zig Zag is a must visit bar. I’d say a top-10 bar in America, hands down. Great food, extensive wine and spirits menu- they serve Chartreuse VEP, the purple label version. Outstanding!!

Abhishek Doddapaneni

Great cocktails! Been there many times and would still go

Kevin Condit

I did not eat there. I did not see the cafe I just wanted a photo of the ferris wheel.

Morgan McDonald

Was really looking forward to coming back here. It had been a couple years. Menu is pretty sparse. The ambiance is still excellent. Hip cocktail bar with jazz music low key service. Unbelievably it was the cocktails that dissappointed. Many people would probably find them fancy, but anyone who knows anything about craft cocktails will immediately notice the missing attention to detail. The gin martini variation with cocchi Ameticano and pear brandy was bland and has me questioning the exact ratios that were used. The Rye/amaro cocktail had better flavors but wasn't chilled appropriately. That's a rookie mistake. If this was my first time here it would probably earn 4 stars, but my expectations are so much higher for this place. It feels like their proximity to the easy tourist dollars of pike place has diminished their passion for excellence. Hopefully it was just an off night.

Marcus Schwartz

Great atmosphere for friends and family. Extensive liquor selection and craft cocktails. Empathetic and friendly wait staff. Contemporary cuisine from a skilled Greek chef.

Petercho BG

Best Mojito's in town!! Great customer service!!

David Han

I had some friends from California in town and they had this place on their list. Being a local, I actually never had been here but I was absolutely shocked about how nice the place was. It's definitely a chill place to just grab a drink and enjoy a conversation with friends all while munching on Greek fries. I wish I had learned of this place sooner as it's definitely the kind of vibe I enjoy. If you're into jazz, cocktails, good hand food, and good company then this is definitely a place you should check out.

Jacob Schmitt

Great experience. Food was great, drinks and setting were very informal andthe experience with our clients was relaxed but the quality was high. Staff and management very friendly and flexible. We also went for drinks one night , to try it out. Again...loved it. Close to Pike Market...but not one of those dive bars ( which I like sometimes also). Highly recommended. I’d go back again. Was referred from a foodie and after venturing way out of downtown the night before (& disappointed) this was unexpected surprise in great way. Laid back and out of market chaos. Meal was great even for dietary restrictions.

Untitled Untitled

It's nice. Cocktail and drink selection is good. Atmosphere is flawed though. Very drab and claustrophobic, despite the classy image it otherwise has.

Erin Moore

The food, drinks & service were impeccable. The ambiance is posh, but not snooty. It's very comfortable. Ricardo was not only pleasant & charming, but I have never seen a bartender care so much about the process, presentation & taste of the cocktails that he prepares. I am Hooked!

Pratik Malpe

Awesome cocktails and good place to hangout in night. Limited option for food but whatever they serve is good.

Ken Plahn

Great craft cocktails! Interesting walk getting there.... zig... zag.... repeat... (lots and lots of stairs).

Stuart McAlister

A true Seattle hidden gem. Great drinks, food and service. Be prepared for the stairs!

Ramun McCallum

A great little hideaway martini bar. The crowd scene has changed lately though. Seems like there were more "Belltown dudes" with baseball hats then trendy retro cool setups.

Nick Raines

Great drinks and food

brian h

Okay food and atmosphere. The customer service is absolutely terrible. The place wasnt overly busy, yet still tool forever for us to be seated. Had to flag down the bus boy so we could order since no one ever came over. The bill arrived very quickly though. No body came to pick it up. Had to flag down the bus boy again. Just gave him the tip. It's a tourist area so customer service isn't a top priority.

Reebee Martz

What a wonderful little hideaway. Very ecclectic menu and everything we had was delightful. The staff was thoughtful and attentive. Highly recommend.

Saptarshi Bhattacharya

My favorite place in Seattle for cocktails! Don't expect high quality food though.

Dan Smith

Get drinks here! Another of Seattle's places you spend time in if youre in the know

Faiz Khan

This is a gem in Seattle. Food is good. Definitely above average for Seattle standards. Zig Zag cafe truly shines on it's drinks and cocktails.I'm not a fan of most cocktails since they tend to be sweeter than my liking. The bartenders here made me a believer. They are folks of true skill. Their menu drinks are fantastic. However, to truly have your taste buds blown away tell the bartender your taste in drinks. I'm a fan of scotch but I avoid cocktails since they tend to ruin the taste and feel of the drink. I also prefer fruity drinks but dry not sweet. Each time they make something slightly different and each time I'm blown away. The taste develops over time. I take my time during each sip to enjoy the flavors developing. I'm a fast drinker usually but here it takes a while to finish any drink. It's just that great. Challenge the bartenders to make combinations of tastes that you think could never work. They will make it work and blow you away. Tell them you enjoyed it and they will show a look of genuine pride in their work. And tip accordingly. If anyone in Seattle deserves a proper tip it's these folks.

Sarah Nasatka

Zig Zag Cafe was recommended by Our favorite bartender in Colorado Springs. It was one of the first Bars we looked for while we we're in Seattle and we were not disappointed. The cocktails were delicious and the food was amazing. It was so good we had to go back a second time with some friends just to show off this gem in their own city. This place has a wonderful atmosphere, even when its packed you can hear the people at your table without yelling. If you like good food and amazing cocktails make sure this is at the top of your list!

Jessica Hubacher

Super friendly service and delicious cocktails. The ability to make you something based on a mood or a feeling is extraordinary. Make this a must to stop in when you're on a walk about throughout the city or just because.

Doug Miller

Great meals and cocktails. Lovely setting and nice people here.

Kami Hoffmann

My only complaint is the draft beer selection. 3 to choose from and all from the same brewery which wasn't that great in my opinion. The food however was excellent as was my cocktail. The atmosphere was chill and the service was decent. I would come here again for a special occasion.

Ward Otter

Precisely mixed, inventive drinks for all of us who are less than precise after a precisely mixed drink. Huge liquor selection.

James Goddard

Good atmosphere and drinks

Esteban Lechman

Best bar you can go!!

Michelle O'Connor

Great little place tucked behind Pike Place

Paige Stinebaugh

We went later in the evening and were concerned that it would be filled up. We got a great seat outside and we’re pleased with our cocktails. We were just planning on getting some small plates to share but we were really disappointed with the oysters. They were falling apart and way past being edible. The waitress was understanding and didn’t charge us for them but we paid for our drinks and moved on. Stars for a good drink though!

Anna M

Hard to find, but really nice staff and great food. Appetizers are generously sized and the ones we ordered had just enough Greek flavor. If you're a cheese fan, you'll love the menu.

Edward Meier

It was perfect because of the superlative bartender. My companion and I were celebrating my birthday at midnight. We were treated to a dessert complete with candle and the traditional song, and the champagne he served was excellent. Above and beyond expectations. Check it out for yourself.

Misa Gareau

Great drinks. Great fries. Great overheard convos at the bar (oops, and wow).

Kayla D

My absolute favorite cocktail bar on Seattle. The staff is fantastic and will take the time to educate you on any questions you may have about the menu. If it isn't busy ask the bartender to create something for you (but give them something to go on-oaky, floral, sweet, sour, favorite alcohol-etc). I love being able to walk in here in jeans or come in for a special occasion and my finest gown. Makes the perfect night out before or after pikes place!

Edd Mewborn

Loved the experience, and the food was delicious. We had a very friendly server too

Doug MacDonald

Not fancy, but one of the finest cocktail bars you will find. Tell them what flavors you like and they will make you something delicious. Simple as that

Troy Harmon

The owner and the staff very nice and attentive. The atmosphere and ambiance both top notch. An the breath mints at the front desk were even delicious lol

Anne Clark

This place never gets old. I've been coming here for at least 6 years and it never disappoints. The beverages and food are both great, and the staff are always prompt, helpful and friendly.

Soja-Marie Morgens

Great atmosphere although a little hard to find. It's halfway down the stairs between levels. We were the first there (we were meeting people for dinner afterwards) but it was clear there were a ton of regulars trickling in afterwards. Service was easy and just the right amount of attention. Drinks were very delicious.

Fletcher Helle

Super cool cafe with a trendy vibe. I'm not sure about food because we didn't eat here but the drinks were on point and even though it was packed it wasn't too loud. I'm not sure I'd make myself a regular here but I could definitely understand someone doing just that. It's a fun spot.

Karen Bryan

It's a classic and time-honored place but the food is just ok.

Jodi Pilot

Great vibes, music, atmosphere, food and drinks.

G Lampreda

Hand crafted drinks, summer breeze sitting on the patio and the acoustic sound of wonderful Latin music playing echoing out to the patio was fabulous. The inside/out experience was amazing and I am so glad to have remembered this hidden gem. Looks like birthday drinks are coming soon!

Eric Stubna

Very cool spot with outdoor seating. Extensive whiskey/bourbon list. Food was very good as well. Will return for sure.

Ashley Hoard

Great service, even at 0100 in the morning!

Francisco Gomez

It was a late night bite. I didn't expect anything to be open at the time but this place hit the spot. The ambience was pleasant and the menu had plenty of options. The burger of course drew my attention right away and it was perfect. Every bite was delicious as well as the fries. Jason was very friendly and attentive, he provided great recommendations and definitely convinced me to come back again.

Katherine Mauchamer

Don't get the beet salad but do order a craft cocktail!! Love this old-school lounge vibe. It's relaxing and chill especially for some after-the-show late night drinks!!

Joshua Gomez

A cute place with outdoor sitting that we enjoyed on a lovely summer night. The drinks were reasonably priced and delicious. The waitress was definitely on some edibles or something. Whenever we asked her a question she seemed spaced out and took a minute to register we were asking a question. She was very sweet though. We had pork crackle and cherries with yogurt and olive oil to start. The cherries are a must. It was mouth watering. We couldn't get enough. The crackle was crispy and popped in your mouth. I had a beet salad which was bright and flavorful. My husband had a pasta dish that was almost perfect except for the sweet corn folded into the dish. The corn made zero sense and broke the whole pallete of the dish. We couldn't figure out why the chef would include such an ingredient in an otherwise perfect dish. For dessert we had a crumble which was the right balance of sweet and salty. Each bite was more satisfying than the last.

Derreck Albers

Nice place to grab a night cap

Danielray Morgan

Great atmosphere, service, barfood, and perfectly executed cocktails

Joseph Coeling

What a cool little bar! We were a huge fan of the cocktail selection, very creative and delicious. Server was really friendly and genuine, even though I think she knew we were just there for happy hour. The Minty Feta Bleu Cheese spread with warm pita was a great pairing for a rye whiskey cocktail.

ray carveth

My family took me to Zig Zag for my 70th birthday. What an excellent choice. The owner greeted us and he and his staff made us not only feel welcomed but like we were long lost friends. It has the feeling of a place you've gone to for years and is full of friends. The food is great and you simply can't beat the bar staff. They are beyond excellent. I encourage you to tell them the type of alcohol you enjoy and the type of feel you want in your mouth and let them create something for you.

Jason Cardiff

I loved the food and cocktails. They had a Selection of alcohol in their cocktails, so if you have a liquor you don't drink... You should be able to pick something. The "Daddy got caught" was my fav, a version of Old Fashion with Absinthe. The Deviled Eggs were sublime.

Joe Sosa

Wonderful joint. Good easy music. Super cocktails and small plates. That nostalgic feel.


Every time I come here I have a wonderful experience. The food is always delicious. I swear ZigZag spoils me for other restaurants. The amount of care and subtle detail that goes into making this place so fantastic is incomparable . I love it, every time!

John Edwards

Hands down the best cocktail lounge in Seattle. No competition. The drinks are top notch and the bartender is the consummate pro. Can't remember the drink's name, but one has Citron vodka, Limoncello, and champagne. Amazing. I also had a gin one called "MDF" or MDA" or MSG" or some kind of 3 initials. That was was also AOK! We also got the seared tuna with cucumber/cashew salsa. Great combination. Great atmosphere. No TV. No stupid beer ads or annoying jukebox. Dimly lit, (kind of red) and perfect for conversation. If you are lucky, sit at the bar. This is my kind of place.

Alan Bengtson

We took a chance on this place on a Saturday when everything else nearby had closed for the day...we were super glad we did. It was a beautiful night and we were able to snag a table outside where the atmosphere was perfect (inside had the problem I think most places have - to loud). But device was excellent, the deviled eggs were tasty, and the drinks were great as well. We killed a good couple hours just relaxing and drinking outside. Will definitely come back here when looking for a plac to hang out in the city after hours.

Chris Snee

Excellent ambience, bartenders, and cocktails

Camel Butter

Casual and classy. Off the beaten path tucked away as a hidden gem, this cafe wont disappoint.

Marcus Fan

A shadow of it's one famed past. It is a fine place to get a dram. the cocktails sadly need work nowadays.

Sav Nah

I would probably have rated this 4 stars but the server was so rude we aren't likely going to return. We went for an after dinner drink after walking around Pike Place, and the server seemed put off that my boyfriend didn't order anything. He was going to drive us home soon and didn't want a drink. It was a quiet night and there were plenty of tables available so this attitude seemed unnecessary. She didn't return for a while after I got my drink and then it started to rain, so we moved to a table on the patio that was covered. After that, we were totally ignored and had to go inside to ask for our check so we could leave. Otherwise it was a really nice, romantic spot, but we didn't understand why we were snubbed.

Kelly Hunt

Excellent food and service.

Chris Smigielski

Always consistently amazing!!

princess franada

Had a party of 8. Service was horrible. The server did not even bother to greet us. Was not very friendly. I think the servers name was Ivan. (Asian guy)

Jordan Melnikoff

The preeminent cocktail bar in Seattle

cryssy cheung

Zig zag was great! Nice vibe, good drinks and good food!

Derek Hermsen

Great cocktails

Brandon Woodson

Great sake list!

rebecca brown

Wonderful drinks in a unique throwback atmosphere.

Jerome Ariganello

Service not the greatest but excellent cocktails.

Aniruddha Basak

Delicious food and cocktail. Welcoming host.

Randall Kenna

Great whiskey selection. Very laid back and personable and professional staff.

Krista Petkov

Delicious cocktails! Quaint setting. Food looked amazing but get the chance to try.

Kae Reichgott

Great place to wind down an evening. Food was good and the drink selection was awesome. Patio or inside dining available.

Alexis Vanhoutte

The perfect cocktail bar. Wonderful service, amazing drinks, delicious eats and a cool relaxing environment. There is no place I'd rather have a drink.

John Spano

Awesome Bar with a massive amount of different liquors to choose from! The Bar tender made my wife and I 2 unbelievable drinks....Amazing!!

wendi levy

Best craft cocktails! Excellent service. A hidden gem.

Kay Stephenson

A favorite place in Seattle. Best cocktails ever.

Ricco Giancana

An old Seattle standard. My fav spot with friends old and new. I have alot of memories here. Skilled bartenders and the liquor stock to make it happen.

Saniya Shah

Good ambience and amazing drinks

Joshua Bellomo

Been almost a decade since I had been here and wasn't impressed the first time. Time changes many things and bars more than most with talented bartenders coming and going all the time. I can positively say that currently this place is top notch. Haven't had a bad drink there yet in the few times the wife and I have been recently. Also, try the greek fries to soak up some that alcohol, they are top notch.

Ben T

Been going there since the beginning in 2003. The unwaivering commitment to creativity and quality is unmatched for any bar program if this tenure. Ben keeps it running smooth. Love this place x100. Will be a patron till the end.

Little Byte

Oh. My. Word! What a hidden gem! I've been to the market numerous of times and never knew this place existed! I'm so glad my husband found out about it and took me here. The food, drinks, and service were all amazing. Higher priced, but well worth it! A great place to go if you are a local or visiting. Will 100% come back again. It is busy, so get there early!

Anna Blankinship

Fantastic selection of cocktails and one of the best burgers I have had. From the atmosphere to the remarkable service, I could not have asked for a better experience for a late dinner with the woman I love.

clayton stephenson

I recommend sitting at the bar occasionally. The bartenders really know their stuff and perform well!

Adonis Sulit

Best cocktail bar in Seattle ever! Best bartender in town. I’m from Vancouver BC, we stop here all the time when we’re in town. Don’t need to look at the drinks menu, just tell the bartender what you prefer and he takes care of the rest. Enjoy your drink!

Justin Graham

Best cocktails in Seattle

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