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REVIEWS OF Sluys Poulsbo Bakery IN Washington

Nathan Johnson

They have great donuts, and I love their bread (especially the black sweet bread). My kids love getting up super early with me on Saturdays to make the trip and get their doughboys!


Hands down the best eclair I've tasted in a long while.

James Schwarting

All sorts of unique breads and pastries, Scandinavian.

Brandon Jensen

Very friendly guy at the front counter, the Viking roll was amazing, huge selection anyone will find something that they like. Fresh!

Brittany Heybrock

You know, it was just alright. I ws visiting a GF and she raved about their donuts so I got a few diff things. All of which were disappointing. I mean... How do mess up an apple fritter? Anyway, for the first time ever, I was not upset about tossing my donuts...

G Ellis

Had the Viking cup with cream cheese frosting and it was amazing! My daughter had the chocolate with sprinkles and she enjoyed every bite!

Anna Nickel

I wish I had taken pictures. We LOVE their cinnamon rolls, maple bars and anything there! Can't go wrong!

Mikel Martin

Best apple fritters you'll find, anywhere!

Creativity Chrysalis

Classic & timeless bakery, been going since I was 4yo, take my 2yo there every week!

Aram Oraha

Great bakery! Tasty pastries and excellent customer service.

Brittany Bierbaum

Lots of donuts, cookies, and that cinnamon apple walnut bread!

Jeff Rulland

This is one of those places that you go to and when they ask you what you want, the only honest response is “Yes Please!” The only negative about this place is that you can’t literally have one of everything. It can get a little busy but the line is always fast and the kids behind the counter are like well organized ants. Very kind and patient with you as you struggle to pick only a reasonable amount.


Don't miss stopping here. Wonderful, wonderful.

Bob Lewis

Great bakery!

Cheasequah D

Excellent service, great prices, quality goodies, it's hard to make a selection there are so many options! Must visit when in Poulsbo!

shawn mcgarr

Best bakery in town with a great history. Donuts are the best!

Saralynne Tsiaku

I keep wanting to love this place, been going for years and I know that it's a staple in the community... but I'm always underwhelmed. It's not that it's bad, it's perfectly adequate. But that's all it is: adequate. The bread is hit or miss, the donuts and pastries are usually all right, but the big disappointment is the lefse. Not once has it been good, it's thick and floury, and mostly tasteless. I expect the famously "Scandinavian bakery" to be able to get one of the most iconic Scandinavian foods right and they just can't.

Rob Wright

Always a wonderful, and tasty stop.

Jessica Sullivan

Love, love, love, that pretty much sums it up. Also, we’re looking for a wedding cake... so if you’re interested in making custom cakes, we’re interested in buying it

Laura Stclair

No one knows the owners and theres no cannolli

Julie Baker

The BEST maple bars around!

Melody Beebe

Best donuts on the planet!

Thomas Deits

The go-to place for baked treats. Top quality, great variety of cookies, pies, killer cinnamon rolls and, of course, lefse. Worth a detour!

Alex King

Lots of authentic options. Fresh and so good

George Sudarkoff

This is a gem! The bakery has been around for a few generations, they make everything fresh right there. The place is very often packed, but the friendly staff deals with that very efficiently.

David Ahmuty

Try the Danish donuts, coconut bars, and krispies!

Beth Durand

If you have (or had) a European Grandma, you will love Sluys Bakery. No European Grandma? You will atill love Sluys. From their Maple Donut Men, to their chocolate cake, to their cinnamon raisen bread, EVERYTHING is big and delicious at Sluys.

Frannie U

Best bakery in town, and beyond. I only gave 4 stars for the ever shrinking apple fritters. They are delicious but they get smaller every year.

Simon Borrou

This place is a treat if just to look at all the excitement the tourist have for it :) ... I usually to go there in the Christmas season to by their traditional fruit cake, but nice bread and pastry all through the year favorite is the eclair and baked goods of all types ...there's a cozy coffee shop across the street to enjoy everything you buy there.

Lonnie Hyde

Best bakery in the Western Hemisphere, bring your family, take away a mouthful of Norwegian dreams, Sluy's Bakery, I love you!

Lucas Bugam

Such a classic bakery and experience in Poulsbo. The cheesy bread and smiley face cookies are my favorite. Hands down one of the best bakeries in the Puget Sound.

Christopher Johnson

I personally am genuinely glad to have grown up with this bakery so easily accessible. The shop is warm and inviting, and the staff have always been helpful and friendly. The texture of any of the breads or doughnuts are definitely worth the long wait in line in the summer. The craftsmanship is apparent through the quality of, and effort behind, this bakery. Enough so that people come from around the world to experience what Sluys has to offer.

Charles Foster

Best bakery in Kitsap county.

Dawn Whipp

Best bakery in all of the USA

Mac Sauce

Go here. Full stop. Sluy's is a real, quality, old school bakery. Their products are made with love and they don't take shortcuts. Expect butter and calories galore. And, expect quality and exceptional service. Also, if you really want to actually get something healthy, get a loaf of Poulsbo Bread. It's pretty glorious.

Steve Grimes

Not a bad place for some bakery

Chris Dailey

Expensive but worth it .. a must when visit paulsbo

Robert Provence

Very delicious and staff was very friendly

Steve Shibuya

Oh my goodness, what a place. An old fashion bakery with more treats and goodies than one would think possible. And you can get an early start to your day, they open at 4:30 am. Probably no line at that hour, but expect one during more "regular" times. The folks behind the counter are friendly and are accustom to people that keep adding things to their order. The world would be a better place if every town had a Sluys Bakery.

Tami Hastings

Can't visit Poulsbo without a visit to Sluys! My husbands mother was raised in Poulsbo, and my great great grandparents came from Norway, so we both have an affinity for the town. Fun shops, good restaurants, nice waterfront. Top it off with donuts and Lefsa from Sluys, and you have a great day trip!


Must go every time we are in Poulsbo Gets crowded but worth the wait. Polite staff Huge selection Open early

Brad Pendleton

Viking cup was a little dry. Cheesecake icing was good tho. Probably needed 15 seconds in a microwave.

Malinda Griffin

I love Sly's and all of the scrumptious treats. My only complaint is that they are so good that they are more often than not over crowded. They could use a second location to disperse the crowd.

Chris Scarlett

Stumbled on this early on a Sunday morning, and it was busy! The decore was very Scandinavian, clean, friendly, busy, with a huge selection of all manner of bakery items - it was hard to decide. We chose some Raised Viking donuts - which were fresh and superb. If the locals pack the place it must be good!


The lines were long and overwhelming for a Saturday evening, but I will say it was worth the wait. The friendly cashier behind the register recommended the Rosettes and the Viking Creme. I wish I had purchased a dozen as opposed to a few. The items are freshly baked and there is just way too much to choose from. The raises glazed donuts were also amazing. Great portion and price!

Samara Matson

Great bakery. I've been coming here since I was a kid. I've never been there when there wasn't anyone in line. Their pastries, donuts, cookies, and bread are all amazing. Definitely worth a visit, especially if you haven't been there.

Douglas Guffey

Amazing selection of craft breads and Nordic themed bakery goods in addition to popular favorites. Friendly staff. A must-stop store if you are passing through Poulsbo.

Thomas Rau

What is not to like about a traditional bakery with very tasty goods. Always the best taste.

ray gomez

Great pastries and the service is good. I originally gave this place 5 stars. I recently went back on 8/18/19 and the pastries were still good, but this time, the guy serving us rolled his eyes because we took longer than 5 seconds to decide on which cookie we wanted. Talk about customer no service.

Roguegunn Works

A MUST stop. Always busy because they have the best backed goods! A Poulsbo icon, bring your whole family because it is a treat to remember.

Jimmy Lang

Really great place to go, donuts are excellent.

Jacob Coffman

Absolutely amazing bakery shop great way to start the day!!

Luke Paulin

Classic Norwegian bakery with amazing treats. You cannot miss this stop when you are in Poulsbo. I grew up coming here and alway get their smiley face sugar cookies, which are great. But they have huge assortments of desserts and bread to try. I also tried the eclairs and Viking horn and they were both delicious. Watch out because it can get crazy busy in there, for good reasons!

Alex Kerl

Best. Pastries. Ever. I'm a huge fan of the Swedish Almond pastry, but you really can't go wrong. Excellent breads and cookies too.

Cynthea Lock

Best bakery in the world

James Christie

Only place to get doughnuts!! The absolute best!!

Deorbrah Robe'

As always best all around. Grandkids love the donuts

Brittany Hilfred

Been coming here for years and absolutely love the smiley face cookies on a sunny day and the cheesy bread! So fun to take down to the park and feed the birds with little breadcrumbs. Sluys is a classic Poulsbo destination!

Bernard Schulman

One of the best bakeries in washington


The donuts have dropped in quality. The best example I can think of are the apple fritters. I would save yourself a trip to downtown Poulsbo and go to Central Market if you want donuts.

Robin Vanaman

One of the widest selections of pastries I have ever seen I recommend to whomever day trips thru. Downtown Poulsbo wa

John Dombrock

What can you say about Sluys bakery but" delicious"! The baked goods here are top notch and they have a great selection to include some unusual findings. Always busy on the weekend but worth a small wait. No where to sit and eat your treasure at the bakery but a great little town to walk while enjoying your baked goods.


Always the best baked goods.

Richard Beebe

Best bakery in Poulsbo. Probably one of the best in Kitsap.

Nick Dietlein

This is a must visit if you like all things baked. Sluys is a local legend that everyone should try at least once. You will be back for more!


Best bakery in Kitsap County.

Cherie Hovik

I would give them a 5 star if they weren't so damn expensive.

Edwin Oyler

A must see when in Poulsbo Wa. If you want to know what a small town use to be like visit here.

Jeffrey Phillips

I call this my Cathedral in our holy Norwegian city. Amazing staff produces outstanding product. Ask for the manager may be short in stature but knows how to appreciate his customers

Hailey Potts

The things there are actually really good, but there isn't that many gluten- free items

Learn To Code, Journalists

Every pastry I bought was delicious and delectable like it came right from grandma. Clerk at the counter knew about the food he was selling. Prices were extremely fair. Would highly recommend and will return if I'm in Poulsbo again.

Valeria Valiente

Stop here and grab a pastry or more. Worth the stop and the line moves fast. Grab coffee nearby and then sit at any bench that is in the sunlight, whether on the main drag or along the waterfront. Guaranteed you will smile and feel happy to be alive.

Suzie Stanley

Yummy! Go there, you'll love it!

Michael Hawkins

Not sure how they have such a great rating. The place is over crowded, pastries were average at best. They put one in a bag because "it would make a mess" and they dropped it upside down in the bag. It may be the only option in town, but it is not a place worth going.

Emilio Marquez

Great service Fresh doughnuts Fresh Bread for the early birds I highly recommend it

Kat Millhouse

Fantastic bakery. I always have to go there everytime i visit

Kylynn Hilyard

The best donuts ever. We always stop by here for a delicious donut when the craving hits

Michael Berglund

Yummmmmm. Excellent sweets. Delicious buns.

Jay Wheeler

Danish doughnuts are a special treat

Rich Aston

Yeah, I get that this is a cute, small town bakery, but I really do wish that for once, it could be a slightly different. Maybe consider offering just a few items that aren't overly sugar based and boring. You can't offer any kind of savory pastry? Even a madeline offering would be welcome. Nothing original here.

Vanessa Jansen

Love this place. Some of the best Maple bar donuts I've ever had!

Matthew Cartwright

The workers know their product and give great recommendations.

Camille Park

Get the Viking Cup - you won't regret it!

Galatians 6:17

Always amazed that this place is so crowded. In all honesty, Safeway's bakery is superior in every way. Perhaps it is the fact that my grandmother was a prize winning master baker, and I have high standards, but this place is not even mediocre. Dry, tasteless. Everything tastes the same. Try some sugar in your pastries, there, buddy! I assume many of the people who line up at this place are tourists. Maybe that explains it. This place is lucky it's the only game in town, or no one would go here. Well, no one with functioning taste buds that is.

Sara Hume

SO. GOOD. It took me and the rest of my crew a while to decide what we wanted. I had the Norwegian Almond Mastery and it was light, airy, and just the right amount of sweet. Next time I'm in town, I will be stopping back by for more goodies.


Enjoy tasty bakery food

Trish Lambert

Best bakery ever

Jenny Storment

Such yummy goods from this Poulsbo stable!

Rick Thomas

Nice big donuts. I wish that they were in Belfair. But other wise you can't beat them. Great Place

Elizabeth Feldman

Their food is so addicting I have to stay out

Azgrubob Murphy

There is only one real donut store around. Thankfully Sluys is one of the best donut and pastry shops I've ever been in. If you are anything like me just be ready to spend 30 bucks and take stuff home with you.

Tasha Connors

Great bakery! Friendly and Delicious.

eric augustine

Awesome Bakery, have a wide selection of baked goods from doughnuts, pastry, breads, cookies, etc. Always fresh and great service.

Stephanie R

The best bakery ever! Good thing I don't live in the area.....I would eat there everyday.

Paul Shadrach

Delicious pastries, helpful staff.

Christine Johnson

They forgot our Viking cups. The wedding cake cookies are made with maple flavor instead of vanilla so we were not able to get fan. But the other items we did end up getting when we got home were delicious!

Jonathan Hancock

Some of the best donuts I've ever had. I recommend the "viking donuts"- Literally just a normal donut, but huge. Simple things can be great sometimes

Carol Brashar

Always was and always will be the best!

Amanda Osborn

I'm never disappointed how everything turns out!

Ryan Upton

Great baked goods. Friendliness is hit or miss.

Karen N Cricket

Ok yum! I am having some shipped! So sweet and flaky. Sinfully delicious

Kierstin Kelly

Who gives someone a date bear claw. I’ve literally never had an issue asking for just a “bear claw”, because it’s an almond filled pastry. Today was not the case. Now I’m hungry and broke and pastry-less. Thanks guys!

Kitt's Music Box

Amazing cinnamon raisin bread and orange bread, but people take road trips here just to try the donuts.

Sal Marchese

Excellent traditional scratch made baked goods


I want to give these guys 5 stars for their incredible viking cups...except that they aren't available until 8am every day which kinda defeats the purpose for any worker trying to get some of them.

Elijah Criss

Best bakery in the PNW! Viking cups are amazing and you have to get the maple dough boy!

Maria Griffin

Sluys is amazing! Their products are always fresh baked and consistently delicious. Their Viking Doughnuts, Viking Cups (cupped cinnamon rolls with cream cheese in them), and apple strudels are especially to die for. I've been going here for over a decade, and they're still as amazing today as they were back then. I have friends from out of state who only know of Poulsbo as "that place with the amazing bakery" - yup, they're referring to Sluys!

Andew Howard

My first visit to this bakery. They have very tasty pastries here! Good variety but a little pricey.

Diane Sundvik

There aren't any words to describe the deliciousness of Sluy's! We love their cardamom bread. It tastes just like the bread our Swedish grandmothers used to make.

Jerry Lewis

If you like bakery donuts, etc. you will love this bakery. Delicious pastries of all kinds and friendly staff!

Jill Lesoing

I have always gotten fresh and consistent food here. The smell when you walk in the door is worth the trip all it's own.

Matthew Gannon

This place was awesome, helpful staff, delicious pastries and very authentic Scandinavian ones at that.

Jon Lamardo

I just stopped by yesterday to try it out since I just moved to town and I loved it. I tried some cupcakes, Viking cup and donuts and it was delicious. I definitely recommend and I’m for sure going again.

Michael Wynne-Jones

This is a great bakery, open super early in the mornings, with Norwegian breads and other stuff, and a reputation for the best donuts and cheese sticks for miles around

Laura Maxwell

I love this bakery. I take all our out of town visitors here and when I really want a doughnut this is where I prefer to go.

Lucas Hanson

I love this place so much that I normally go there when I get to Poulsbo and then go again at some point before I leave. Great service and even better pastries. The Viking cups are my go to. Like the best cinnamon roll you've ever had.

Phil Wiesner

You can't go wrong with the classics here. Or the Viking donut. Well, actually you can, but the King Olaf isn't made to be ingested by one person.

Deborah Kady

Stopped by on my way to work to pick up treats for the office. They have a fairly large selection of pastries, donuts, cookies, cakes. It's a quaint little spot with friendly and knowledgeable staff. The prices are great and everyone said it all tasted great!

Mary Grace Leavitt

Such great doughnuts and pastries!!!


So yummy. My favorites are the angel cream and apple fritters.

Eric Bulfinch

Great Scandinavian bakery surrounded by a cool Norwegian village. Try the cinnamon apple bread.

Kendra Mosher

I can't say enough good things about this place. Every item I have tried has been mindblowingly amazing and is nice and fresh. The prices are responsible and the staff is always friendly and willing to answer any questions. I think it's crazy that they are open at 4:30am and sell until around 8 I think. This place is definitely a must go to spot in Poulsbo

Robert Mclaughlin

Just a yummy place, always a favorite and always good. They make several items from cinnamon and sack one is to die for. The cookies are just right and each of the donuts are unique. I like that they have small items that you can indulge on as well as the big items to gorge into. Most times this place will be busy because it is just that good. The do take special orders and are very timely on those. Don't forget the breads, also so fresh.

Jenny Taylor

The Viking Cup with Cream Cheese is the best pastry I have had in my life. Everytime I am within an hour of this place, I make a special trip just for this! Delicious, friendly, and adorable shop.

Tracey Lanning

Always the best in town. I wish the glazed gingerbread man which is just a shape not ginger and the Vicking doughnut we're still the size they were in the 80's. People brought their out of town guests just to get one. They shrunk them down so sad.


Best bakery in Western Washington

Michael C

Great pastry bakery. Fantastic selection of baked goods. Friendly enough staff.

Ingrid Bruner

Great pastries!

Matt Moyer

Always a joy to stop in every time we are in town. Staff always pleasant, bread and treats delicious.

Yvonne Simpson

My family has been coming to this bakery for decades. The quality of products and services have always been consistent. Whenever I'm in Poulsbo I make an effort to stop by. Try the viking happy faced cookies or the maple doughboys!

Audy Vasquez-Ramirez

A must visit delicious deserts.

Chiemi Ymk

Only bakery in town. Wide selections of baked goods from doughnuts, cookies, pastries to cakes. They have some Scandinavian treats, too. However, things that I bought tasted mediocre. Gingerbread man did not tasted ginger at all. Eclairs ( no photos taken) was too sweet, the other one tasted pure sugar. It was very popular shop and many people obviously like what they offer but it was not for me. Street parking only. No seating available.

Brian Meyers

Delicious doughnuts and cookies including a few poulsbo specialties. The happy face cookie is always a hit with the kids.

albert sluys

I'm related so all I can say is it is a great place to have a real donut and some fine pastries amen

Dani Golian

Dead flies in baked hoods, unfriendly staff

Don Boland

Great bakery. Excellent selection

Sheryl Parsons

Very helpful & delicious products.

Nellie Rock

BEST donuts! The coconut crunch bar is amazing!


A must stop if visiting Poulsbo! HIGHLY recommend a viking cup with cream cheese!! Also tried the coconut crunch and it was very tasty too.

David W

Always the go to place to get the best doughnuts

Kirstin Mellander

Outstanding bakery! Get the cinnamon rolls

Brendan Slama

I live in Lebanon, MO. This bakery is so much better. Chocolate Maple doughnuts are awesome. Was very impressed with the size of the doughnuts. I don't know that I've ever been to a better bakery.

Rhowe Bart

Best tasting donuts! #happytummy

Korinne Lacy

Loved it Couldn't believe they had Krispies...just like my Grandma made. OMG! The cream puffs and eclairs were to die for too!

Brock Rumer

This staple of downtown Poulsbo won't disappoint whether for special treat or breakfast for a special event.

Max Roseman

Dough boys are amazing. So is everything else created and served here!

Christine Mo

cream chesee was sooo good!

Ruth Kenney

Yummy. It's worth every penny.

Ariel Brooks

You walk in and smell delicious sweets and breads. Firendly staff that is helpful, very clean and cozy. It does get packed with customers from time to time. For good reason, their baked goods are devine!

Trisha Ulrey

Doughboys! Great little bakery, well worth the 10 min. wait in line

christina jönsson

I had high expectations for this place as I hear people raving about it but after my visit I was left disappointed. I've tried various different things and they all were very mediocre. The cream puff (which I assume is an interpretation of the "semla" which you can find in most bakeries in Sweden was especially disappointing. The almond paste had been left out and was too heavy on the whip cream (which had a really nasty artificial flavor, it was probably store-bought). The cinnamon roll was dull and dry. The donuts are alright but nothing special. Overall I found the pastries here to have too many artificial ingredients and lack in flavor. I don't understand the rave about this place as more flavorful and less artificial-tasting pastries can be found at most grocery store where I live (Sweden). The place also lacks some true staples of Scandinavian pastries and the ones they do have don't look/taste like the ones I can find back home.

Christine Roske

Delicious pastries. Needs more organized waiting area.

Robert Clapp

Great doughnuts... Best in Kitsap County!

VInce C

Excellent baked goods brought back memories of European bakery. I will go back to this place.

Bryan Bredl

One thing to say VIKING Donuts! (Those who don't know) ({O} -compared to- { ° })

Aaron Bullard

Delicious melt in your mouth donuts..

Matt Longacre

This place has a wonderful selection and everything I tried there was delicious! It is a good thing that this place is 3k miles away from my home or I would eat there daily. Instead, I eat there monthly when I go for work!

Taylor Abbott

The staff was wonderful and the cookies and cupcakes are good!

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