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REVIEWS OF Macrina Bakery & Cafe IN Washington

Christine Elzey

This place never fails me. Though I still haven't tried many of their breads, except the ones I buy at local grocery stores. Their bread is good, but when I'm at the actual bakery, I am definitely getting dessert or at the very least a sweet pastry like a morning glory roll. An excellent way to start your day! Prices are reasonable for the quality you are getting (it's not cheap but not absurd)... The prices clearly do not stop me from coming home with a sizable pink box of goodies every time.

Carl Fletcher

The pastries are amazing. Ginger Molasses cookie is my favorite there. Excellent service.

Natalia Perovskaya

If you are in the Seattle area, I would HIGHLY recommend coming here! Amazing!!

Jim Panz

Great baked goods A little pricey

Autumn Trillium

friendly folks, good atmosphere, bread, pastries. the drip coffee tastes oddly like it came from a truck stop.

Scott Anderson

This is a pretty cool place. Came here to get a cake for a work event and would definitely come back just to hang out and have some coffee. 10/10

Jason Barney

Spot on for a New Year's brunch. The huckleberry french toast is a star on the menu, and I can't live without lox if it's in proximity. Seating is really cramped. Watched a hungover patron puking outside on the sidewalk while a dog pooped next to her, adding to the Belltown ambience.

Elizabeth Bulgrin

Gets pretty popular here in the morning and around lunchtime on weekdays, and for brunch on weekends. But despite that the service is good and everyone is usually nice and helpful. They've given good bread and sweets suggestions. They're kind of on the more expensive side, which is why I took off one star. But everything is delicious and made fresh in house so you are paying for quality.

Julius Wicked

Great bakery goods with some amazingly notable cream pies! Coffee is 4/5 but I'll be back for more

Federico Espriu

Macrina is a well established bakery, with good brunch options and a small but super menu. The brioche and french toast is very good. You can get bread and other bakery specialties to go or enjoy them with a cup of coffee in the nearly 10 small tables inside

Missy Nielsen

Excellent fresh baked goods with an more than adequate selection of savory goods. Great service too!

Jarod Sulik

Great Americano and egg sandwich, get it with bacon!

Kris Galicia Brown

Good spot for breakfast. Meat could have been seasoned more.

Allexis Dizon

Best chocolate chip cookie ever! Literally the best I've ever had. Ask them to warm it up for maximum yumminess

Erin Hutchison

Great bakery, friendly and helpful staff goes above and beyond to take care of customers.

David Close

The Morning Glory muffin and Coffee from Macrina is just the ticket to start your day!

Ashley Oglesbee

Best almond cherry scone I've ever had!

Jonathon Acierno

Pretty good man, didnt get coffee but the baby cheesecakes were v tasty

Aline Altmann

Best bakery in Seattle, also has amazing brunch options

Rick Schupp

Enjoyed the coffee- americano - great flavor. Pastries are so fresh and delicious. A nice start to my day.

Shane Kidd

You cannot overstate the joy of having a local neighborhood bakery. When it’s as amazing as Macrina that joy swells into neighborhood pride.


One of Seattle famous bakery with their bread sold at Whole Food and many other food outlets. They also serve breakfast and brunch on the weekend. Love their potatoes bread and many of their cakes and desserts.

Madalyn Barela

Very crowded and the drinks aren't that different from anything else you could get somewhere else. The breakfast sandwiches weren't that tastey at all, only the bagels themselves. They at least have nice, friendly, and speedy service, plus a beautiful facility. Probably won't come back though.

Matthew Stromer

Excellent food but getting a table was tough. Very noisy.

Nick Coffman

A wonderful bakery with exceptionally delicious baked goods and helpful staff.

Kimberli Havok

Great coffee and wait staff--excellent bakery

Laura Musikanski

My favorite brunch spot. Worth the wait. Get a big huge cup of coffee once you get your seat. Order the pastry basket. Or order whatever pastries that you’ve been salivating over while in line. If you go later in the day they have selections in the day old section that are just fine and a great price. It’s a great way to make coffee break at work a little bit of a celebration

Charles Surmonte

Great service and great food! Perfect for brunch!

anil kumar

Great bakery place in belltown.

William Thornton

Fresh and delicious baked food always.

Arki Kirwin-Muller

Fantastic little spot and their baked goods are incredible!

Deanna Seaman

Nice place, friendly staff. All out of cookies when I got there, so sad. But, staff helped me find something workable.

James Z

The French toast is a must try! Great staff and atmosphere.

Russell Brooks

Great food. Great coffee.

Kristen Sporbert

Delicious cookies. Got my locations mixed up when trying to call the belltown store. Both a curse and a blessing to be on 1st Ave!

ralph padilla

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thank you so much! It was delicious! Perfect! I will be back

antoinette sabarots

Poorly organized so that you always have to wait in line. The cashier also does the tea/coffee pouring. They usually have tons of people there, but only one or two actually help the customers. I use to go there frequently because the food is good and it was on my way to my kids school, but realized that now matter how many people are working or how busy they are you will always wait in line. It took me over 12 minutes to get a baguette today and when I walked in there were 2 people in front of me.

Bennet Yee

Good food. Some confusion with our order, but it's worth it.

Crissie Alex

This place is a little secret spot that I adored. It had the MOST amazing breads I have tasted. Hands-down the best brunch! We went there multiple times during our stay in Seattle. When it is good, people return.. It's that simple! This is definitely worth trying if you are looking for good food and service!

Luca Ottonari

Very good quality bakery... It gets very busy for brunch and that play against their customer service skills

Lexington Tredway

This place is so good. Wish I went here more. Their menu is always rotating which can be a good or bad thing. I’d do almost anything to get their tomato bisque soup right now with their grilled cheese. Their coffee is great too.

Jonathan Rundle

This spread cost me $19 with tip. The salad was good but what is up with this "sandwich"? I would be embarrassed to put that on a plate and charge $6 for it. This is what they consider a half sandwich.

Christopher Archiopoli

One of the best bakeries in Seattle!

Mathias Steffen

Love the chai lattes and tomato burrata

Jack Eiler

Great food, prices are a bit high. Actually real high. I guess you have to pay for ambience.

Anne Abbott-Gee, NBCT

I loved the peach upside-down mini cake I bought on my first day in Seattle, and then they didn't have it again no matter how early I showed up. The options were fresh, though, and the counter staff didn't get too annoyed with all my questions. :) Their gf options were pretty good, too, and it looks like it would be a nice, open atmosphere to sit and enjoy your findings of you have time. :)

Kurt Haag

Excellent place for breakfast or lunch. They make their own pastries, so a pastry and a cup of coffee is amazing for breakfast. Also they make their own bread so their sandwiches are fantastic. One of my favorites is the ham and egg sandwich on brioche.

Hanna Lange-Chenier

Very glad I stumbled upon this great little place! The sandwiches, baked goods, and coffee were incredible. I kept going back to the counter to try new breads and cookies because one just wasn’t enough! The atmosphere was wonderful - gorgeously decorated and really cosy. Hoping to go back once more before I leave Seattle!

Maddie Gavigan Martin

Macrina has delicious pastries, breads, and coffee. I'm happy to support a business that also supports local non-profits.

Neil Paterson

Very average. Say they have gluten free food options, but these are very limited. Not even GF bread! Breakfast was half cold when served.

John Overstreet

If you like bread, this is the place to go. I've been there twice in the last two days and their sandwiches and breads are delicious. Everyone was very nice also

Lauren Wuscher

I love Macrina. They're one of my favorite (if not my favorite) bakeries in Seattle. Everything is delicious. I love their pastries and savory baked goods, and I love their atmosphere and the coffee (I recommend the cold brew). They have a few gluten free options regularly (a jam biscuit, mixed berry muffin, cranberry orange scone - my fav, and typically a chocolate cupcake) and all are delicious. My husband loves the ham and cheese brioche and gets it every time we come here. Never a bad trip to Macrina - though be prepared as I've rarely been there without a line of people who can't decide what they want. You can also sit and eat in for pastries or the weekend brunch menu. It def gets packed with a wait during weekend brunch so go early.

Daniel Tuttle

Reliably good, comfy and friendly.

Eva Luna

My new favorite bakery! I have a chicken egg allergy and they don't use egg in many of their pastries so I can eat them. The morning rolls are to die for♠️

Terrance Rose

The food was delicious. The pastries were amazing.

Jennifer Klimoski

Had a peanut butter cookie and upside down ginger cake thing. Both were awesome and the staff was helpful and quick. Would go back!

Randall Oglesby

Love their breakfast sandwiches, Mexican hot chocolate and salads. The bread is used in countless restaurants in Seattle, and for good reason!

Devki RajGuru

Food is always outstanding. Everything. Eat EVERY THING. They've done away with hostess and table wait service since my last visit to this location. Easier to find a table, but counter ordering creates a lot of back an forth...meals brought out, coffee drinks must be picked up. A bit of a hassle, but your taste buds will thank you!!

Fathima Razik

Poor service - won’t heat up food, very mediocre food for the price

Peter White

Great bread and food, didn't try the coffee so can't comment on that.

Jenna Keller

Friendly service and great menu for artisan bread, brunch, lunch, a wide variety of drinks and treats. Their jam biscuit was top notch! They kindly can toast their sandwiches and I like how you can do half orders. There’s plenty of seating inside and some outside. Definitely going back for more!

Martin Jirušek

Lovely food but too crowdy and a bit chaotic. It is understandable in the morning but improvements could certainly be made.

g s

Cuidado! Everything looks better than it tastes

Willie Porche

The place is nice and clean. Prices are a little high. $42 for breakfast for two. They love their herbs. Both dishes we had were full of them. Thr roasted potatoes were on point. Very good and crunchy on the outside with a soft silky interior . They don't' like to do substitutions, and a lot of their sandwiches are premade. No mayo in the shop. Coffee is great though. There is a lot of locals stopping in for wuick bites and ordering fresh bread for the day.

Andrew Blackham

Awesome bread- I've always purchased Macrina bread from the local grocery stores, but getting here is better. They have more variety and a 10 bread punch card (buy 10 loaves, get 1 free). Their rustic potato bread is always welcome at my house.


Compared to La Parisienne French Bakery, Macrina Bakery is in a good location for tourist. They have plenty of room for their customers, great customer service, and friendly staff.

Alex Tran

Four stars for service. Five stars for food! I love the food here. So delicious and fresh. I recently tried the chocolate buttermilk waffle and I need more! It was black forest style. So the waffle was topped with cherries and a seasoned whipped cream. The bacon was crispy and flavorful. I definitely recommend this location. It can be busy on weekends but the wait for a seat won't be long. People are usually in and out within minutes. Service could be more friendlier. They seemed annoyed with working there....

Raghu Havaldar

Delicious coffee. Amazing croissant. Always reliable

Catherine Cohen

That Skagit sourdough loaf.... Holy moly. Delicious and varying levels of caramelization in the crust and a crumb where you can really smell the whole grains. In love. Needs no butter. Just tear right into it.

Kait Smith

Macrina has absolutely delicious fresh baked goods as well as fabulous salads, sandwiches and drinks. The location in Belltown is larger than others, a perfect spot for decompressing after a difficult doctor’s appointment. Don’t miss out on the glorious morning muffins—the name says it all! They’re healthy, but absolutely delicious. And, at the holidays, it’s a fantastic place to order a pie or quiche or any number of items from their special menu so that you can spend time with your family instead of in the kitchen. Truly fantastic place!

Hannah Woods

I come here just about every weekend. Its particularly nice if you get here before 8 am, because it does get quite crowded in the morning. The staff is friendly, the food is good, and the prices are reasonable.

Larisa Brown

Delicious baked goods, lovely weekend brunches, great service.

SS Dearing

Best ever. The ham and cheese rolls were great

Chris Perkins

This place is great for grabbing a loaf of bread or coffee and a quick sandwich

Amanda Armstrong

The blueberry scones, with their big, bursty berries, are amazing - there's a reason this bakery supplies other coffee shops with goodies in the city, for sure. Coffee is great. This is my new favorite weekend stop for a treat, even if it's a little further away! And if you're looking for fresh, artisan bread for a yummy meal at home, Macrina definitely has you covered.

A. C.

Got half a grilled cheese and a Guinness chocolate mousse cake. Both were AMAZING. Highly recommend!!

Alastair Knowles

Best pastries in Seattle - their scones are out of control. The coffee is also exceptional, and certainly some of the best around downtown Seattle (having worked and explored downtown for 5 years, I can say that and mean it). It does get VERY busy! They do manage their crowds quite well, but don't go there expecting to find seating readily available (especially during breakfast, brunch, and lunch times).

Jon Higgins

Great food and coffee!

marianna kalaitzidaki

The Bakery in Seattle! Start your Day with amazing Coffee and amazing cakes, muffins, french delicasies etc etc

Alexandra Boucher

You guys are always nice and you make the BEST Americano I can find in Seattle. And you guys sell a childhood food I had been missing. Thanks!

Ryan Unger

Stopped here for lunch after a business meeting. The roast beef sandwich was very good. The staff was friendly and the food came out in a reasonable time frame. I would come back.

Alex Horn

Wonderful establishment. Their bread is made from a 20+ year old yeast culture that is the same culture they used when they first opened. Though this place is known for its bakery, the brunch was spectacular. The service was exceptional. We especially enjoyed the complimentary pastry! 5 stars!

Kathleen H.

The food was fairly tasty, and it was a nice atmosphere. The apricot chocolate chip cookie is super good! The only thing is that it took a while for the food to come, and the employees were not very accommodating to food substitutions.

Matthew Ellstrom

Such a great bakery and cafe. They have awesome baked goods and some great sandwiches.

Jen H.

Friendly and helpful staff. Pretty good sourdough. Now a fan of Grassland butter (what they use)! Brunch on weekends from 10am-2pm.


Went in today and was pleasantly greeted. Displays were pretty and my simple little pastry was delicious. I really enjoyed the windows to the kitchen. I always enjoy being able to see bakers and chefs work. Gives a great personal touch. Next time I'm getting something chocolate!

Sam Bricker

Wonderful customer service. The pastry with jam on top was unbelievably good. Wonderful coffee . Bailys breakfast sandwich was delish. Highly recommended

Lynette Stock

The best blueberry scones ever...

Karen Mitchell

Wow! The orange pastry is awesome! Cozy. Fast service. Good coffee.

Lyne Johnston

Great fresh bread, coffee & atmosphere

Dancing Sunshine

So unprofessional and slow. A lot of immature and incompetent teenagers working there. They can barely take an order correctly. Food is not that bad, but they need to get better customer service. It's very overpriced for what they have to offer. Ambience is usually loud and stressful.


A great pastry place as always. But I miss their table service brunch. Now you have to hope you can snag a table to eat, from folks drinking just a cup of coffee. Better to go elsewhere for breakfast.

Brenda Micchelli

Great place. Fantastic coffee, pastries, and service.

Keith Worman

I'm a long-standing fan of the Roly-Poly. Better that a cinnamon roll because of the croissant-like pastry dough used in its preparation.

Rum Bear

Super friendly staff. Sparkle and flat water on tap. Coffee was delicious.

McKenzie Brickl

The cinnamon brioche makes THE BEST French toast in the world.

Landon LaPalm

Walked in for the first time today. Awesome customer service. I believe the guy who helped me was Luke. Gave me bread to try sonce it was my first time. The onion rye bread is awesome. My sandwich and cookie were top notch too! Will recommend to everyone! Thanks Luke!


Delicious pastries, bread and coffee. Cordial service.


Top notch baked goods and coffee!

Antony White

Drip coffee and a chocolate and peanut butter cake with waffer bottom. Delicious!

AJ Weaver

Rocket muffin, morning roll, morning Glory roll, squash loaf, all the breads. Can't go wrong, lemon sour cherry coffee cake = the best!

Stewart Levine

Food was great! People awesome!

Vitalii Kravets

This place is a mess. My table was never cleaned. Cappuccino was burning hot. It took them 55 minutes to bring my waffles: 50 mins before complaining and 5 after. Oh, and dirty silverware of course.

Catie Cowden

Cozy cafe for a quick breakfast! We ordered the ham and cheese brioche and multigrain cereal. There was a good crowd for a Sunday morning, but the service and the food were very prompt.

Alicia Carbajal

Lovely for breakfast

Seth T

Great food and lots of good pastry options. It's a bit pricey and they need a better way of service than their cafeteria style restaurant section. But it was worth checking out and I would go back for brunch again the French toast was amazing!

Garson Moser

Incredible staff! Food is amazing, a little pricey for the pastries but you're in a trendy place. Brunch is top notch. Often a wait for brunch but its well worth it. Even worth a drive downtown and it's a place my family like to go when they come to town. Very pet friendly place as well. Take home some bread! Great fresh baked daily bread they sale here.

Jere Mills


Sean Gordon

MARKET SPECIAL Spring vegetable omelette withs sauce verte and cheesy grits. Served with herb-roasted potatoes, fresh fruit and our Ciabatta Roll. Holy moly this is amazing!

Jaden Hanamura

Delicious coffee and treats. Also something about that vanilla sugar keeps us coming back!

François Gauthier

Great bread, pastries and coffee. Small, cozy place.

Hannah Garrison

Great baked goods and coffee. Gays busy on weekends, so come early.

Madeline Stevenson

Our favorites brunch spot in Seattle. Great, friendly staff. Fresh delicious and creative menu items. Fresh baked bread. Freshly made coffee! I love the brunch specials on the weekends, but be warned it is really busy and getting a table can take some time. There is also seating outside but it was a bit cold when we were there. I love to sit next to the large glass windows and watch the bakery staff at work. The manager, Frank is so kind and hospitable. He takes extra time to ensure we are greeted and everything is going well. Our favorite brunch spot. We will be back soon :)

Iheart Maple

I got the hazlenut orange pinwheel(could have been almond don't quote me) and it was delicious! Place was crowded so I wish there was more of an area for you to stand waiting for your food without being in the way. Staff was friendly.

Mike Koss

Yummy grilled cheese sandwich and soup! Love this neighborhood cafe.

Mark Rondina

Friendly service and delicious, perfectly made pastries

Scott Ellis

Great food. We had the hot cereal and parfait. Both amazing.

Steve McCardell

Our family was excited to catch a brunch here, as we love brunch and are surrounded by good brunch spots close to our home. Unfortunately, this was bland at best. My son and I felt like our scrambled eggs were made from powder. The potatoes had little to no taste. My other son's bacon was burned. His Belgian waffles, though, were pretty good. We're used to waiting for a table to open up at a brunch spot; we weren't used to the idea that you had to wait for a table to open and hope you were the first one to claim it. There is no ticketing system or anything to give tables out as they become available. I still gave the place 3 stars because it's cute and in a nice location; the staff were attentive when we needed something; and they have plenty of pastries that I hope taste just fine. We were just disappointed at the high price paid for food that was so mediocre we left half of it on the plate.

Nicole Kennedy

I gave this place two stars for the delicious food and coffee and no more stars for the overtly rude staff. I used to go there all the time even though the people who work there are extremely unpleasant because the food/coffee is so good. But eventually just stopped going because no matter how kind I am, I was treated so poorly and saw others treated poorly as well. BUT the staff at the Cap Hill and Queen Anne locations are so kind and friendly and I still go there!

Betsy Ruetz

Macrina Bakery is..... OK. Nothing too special. They supply stores and restaurants all over the city so everything tastes a little mass produced.... because it is.

James Kingston

Great for breakfast, very friendly service from everyone inside!

JoAnn Welch

Great bakery. I had a salad, grilled cheese, and a blueberry cheesecake along with my coffee and everything was delicious and fresh.

mami ma

Hip & healthy menu, quick service. Good ambiance. A bit over priced.

Cristy Cardenas

I enjoyed this coffee shop for it's fresh pastries, savory and sweet as well as their espresso drinks. That vanilla sugar is the cherry on top

Pauline Fusco

Rating as bakery and for customer service. Extremely good molasses cookies and bread. Four and a half for latte. A hell of a lot better than Starbucks, but not fantastic.

Annie S

Whilst on holiday in Seattle this week I visited the Macrina Bakery for breakfast on four successive mornings because it was so delicious. My choice of oatmeal, blackcurrants, compote and brown sugar was the perfect way to start the day. The coffee and baguettes were equally good and enjoyed by my family. Good fuel for tackling the long, sometimes hilly walks we went on during our stay.

Jimmie Mathis

Nice little bakery and sandwich shop Breads have well developed gluten with a wonderful texture

Adam King

Excellent sweet and savory pastry and coffee, comfortable interior.

Debbie Arechiga

Yummy coffee, yummy treats

Christopher Chin

Awesome selection of baked goods for om pastries to bread. They also serve a great cup of coffee.


Delicious fresh pastries. Quick service and super close to my location

Yizu Lulu Yeh

Delicious pastry items

James Bouton

Loved it

Lavarock AV

It's so pleasant.

Lisset Nevarez

Must try their cinnamon rolls, the best. Light cream cheese not super sweet and their apricot / pecan cookies are tasty, too.

Ali A

Busy but very kind and have an array of sweets and treat and drink anyone would enjoy! Wonderful vibe indoor, a little tight in the entrance area if there are many people waiting but there is some additional seating outside one can enjoy on a warm day.

Jessica Ness

Macrina Bakery is QUALITY from the product up. Service is always attentive, efficient, full of care. Specifically at this Belltown location, the staff just has a special cohesion and rhythm that really makes the place feel welcoming and cozy. Great food, Great staff, GREAT SPOT!

Jess Jess

Been going here for years now and just love everything. I even had them make my wedding cake. Love this place!

Whitney Evers

Amazing so good. Couldn't get enough. Everything is delicious.

AE Brinson

Yum. Need I say more?!

John Borneman

Wonderfully food, excellent coffees. Great place to start your day

Victor Wang

This bakery has some surprisingly delicious food. Thought the baked goods in the display case would be dry but they kept it surprisingly moist. I had the cinnamon pinwheel and it was absolutely delicious. Perfectly crunch on the outside soft on the inside. Not too sweet and perfectly balanced. The mocha also paired extremely well but I wished the chocolate flavor was more prominent and the latte art could be more impressive.

Victoria Garner

Whether you're dropping in for your morning beverage, need a quick bite or just have a hankering for a sweet treat, Macrina delivers. Options include quiche, soups, sandwiches, a selection of salads, (their quinoa salad is the bomb!), and an array of delectable pastries. Coffees, teas, and fizzy beverages are also available here. Friendly staff and prompt service await you, and their patience is on point as you gaze in wide eyed wonderment at the plethora of goodies and try to make a decision on which scrumptious tidbit you imbibe. .and if indecisiveness plagues you, just ask for one to go!

Nikolay Pashenkov

Awesome coffee and atmosphere, good food. We had Italian plum roll and Americano and it was delicious.

Donna Cadiz

Quaint, delicious, and great service

Emory Ellsworth

Cute corner coffee shop. 3 * because the espresso wasn't Seattle amazing and they ran out of both egg sandwiches and soy milk on a Monday morning.

Alberta Bates

Minus 1 star because Cash Only. Luckily there is a Bank of America around the corner. Low prices and everything was fresh and smelled amazing. Will definitely be back.

William M

Grew up going to this Macrina and its still as good as I remember. Great bread and baked goods. It gets busy on the weekend but its worth the wait.

Iris Ph

Good for lunch. Vietnamese banh mi is ok but not authentic (understandable)


If you go here one word for you...crowded. otherwise everyone in our group enjoyed their orders. I do not think some of the staff was unfriendly, but instead maybe trying to keep it together having to deal with the crowds...I feel your pain, you know who you are. :). I would go back.

Scott L

Whoa, 600+ reviews already for this business! I guess mine will have to be short then. Cute cafe, freshly baked pastries, awesome location! What's not to like?

Andy Huska

Baked good are amazing (and I've tried many over many visits), oatmeal is excellent with all the trimmings, wish the coffee was a wee bit better...for me coffee rounds out the breakfast and there are so many excellent local roasters to choose from I had to take a star for that.

James Kurdy

Good service, great sandwich

Kim Yamasaki

Hot buns, come get em while it's hot.

Jennifer Sawyer

Great great great food. Got the vegetarian country fried steak. Will be back for it!

Monica Kocel

Fantastic little bakery with wonderful treats and breakfast to enjoy. They have a really good vegetarian sandwich for breakfast. The blueberry scone and dill scone are to die for -- I mean you really couldn't ask for a better savory scone than their dill and cheddar one. Delicious. The coffee is also good here. They have a nice but simple selection of drinks and lattes. I also always like that they have samples everyday of cookies, bread, or other bakery items. The staff is super friendly and helpful. This location also has wifi and clean restrooms which can be really important when you're trying to study or work for several hours. Note to self: they also sell a cookbook which would make for a really great gift idea when paired with some of their goodies. I just wish they shipped throughout the US so I can send gifts for holidays.

Jeremy Block

Easily one of the best bakeries in America. Absolutely must by a baguette from here and some of the loaves that rotate daily. I recommend having lunch here and on a nice day sitting outside along the sidewalk. A sandwich and cookie could feed two for lunch.

Christopher Sharkey

I decided to go based off of how highly reviewed it was, and it didn't disappoint! I was just visiting Seattle, and I love to find little hole in the wall restaurants like this one. I got a sandwich and salad, which we're both amazing. Definitely worth checking out if you're from out of town.

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