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REVIEWS OF Hello Robin IN Washington

Jacob Braghini

Love it. Love it. Molly moon ice cream, which is great, and great cookies. I've had every cookie now. My favorite is the butterscotch. The chocolate chip is just a really good chocolate chip cookie. All are warm and rich. They also have a mexican chocolate cookie and white chocolate triple berry if you want to switch it up. Can't go wrong.

Dakota Roberts

It is lovely here, I had an icecream sandwich and is was fantastic. They have mint so they are a quality establishment. Also it was cool that they made the cookies like right in front of you, but like that's also kinda scary because then everyone in the room can interact with them, like if someone farts now that batch of cookies has someone's fart all over it less than ideal.

Jessa Gardner

So cute and totally delicious cookies! Reasonably priced for a dozen, too.

Surya Sravanthi

Salted caramel ice cream was too salty. Rest all were okay. Cookies are yummy here.

WYing Goh

Best cookies in Seattle. Their smore cookie is to die for.

Wave Blakely

Thank goodness for this place! We stop by as often as we can. Smacklamores! Gluten free chocolate cookies! Toats Oats! In the Summer they have Molly Moon ice cream on hand to make Ice cream sandwiches with!

Denali Williams

Really good cookies & ice cream!

Florian Verhein

Staff recommended lavender honey and strawberry milkshake was delicious!


A favorite spot for date night dessert. And yes, we willingly drive to and attempt parking in Capitol Hill for it.

Jerrad Braun

So kind. The frosted seasonal cookies are so good

Ylan Muller

Love the concept! You can call in advance for vegan cookies, so I was able to get warm, crusty (in a good way) chocolate chip cookies on chocolate chunk ice cream, all dairy-free. It just tastes like home.

Jessica Grant

I needed a last minute birthday gift and they were amazing!! The staff was wonderful and so were the cookies.

Eunice Reyes

If you only have room to get one cookie (*cough* good luck!) then you need to know one word: Makles’more !! Warm chocolate chip cookie on top of a graham cracker mixed with a warm gooey marshmallow and topped with Hershey’s chocolate. Are you drooling yet cuz I am!! And I’ve eaten so many of them. Another next best favorite is the orange habanero — but don’t forget to make the ice cream sammie! That’s what they’re known for duh! You gotta check this place out if your a dessert-a-holic like me — or as I like to call myself #smorewhore !

Sabel Roizen

Hello Robin has the best vegan chocolate chip cookies I've ever had, and the staff is always super friendly. Be prepared to stand in a bit of a line (so popular!), and the vegan cookies are baked to order, so it will take a little more time if that's what you're after. I highly recommend bringing your own container and asking for a half dozen bake-at-home!

aravind ramesh

Cookies were excellent. Ice creams were pretty good. Too much rush. Stood in the line for fifteen mins. Feel it's slightly overrated for it's recognition. Nevertheless, a good experience!

Madison Walker

Wow. Great ice cream sandwiches! I had the birthday cake cookie, chocolate chip cookie, and vanilla ice cream smashed in-between. It was dreamy!

Laura Sanchez

I'm from New York and this place blew my mind. The cookies were perfect and the ice cream was delectable!

Krissi Brunoe

Amazing little shop! The cookies and ice cream are awesome! My favorite is a smacklemore sammie with the lavender ice cream in the middle! They sell ice cream scoops individually, with 1 cookie or two cookies (as a sammie). They also sell pints of Molly Moon’s, which is awesome. The style and vibe of this shop is fun and relaxed. They have cute merchandise for sale. Oh and did I mention the employees? All incredibly nice!

Melody McMillan

Best oatmeal cookies in all of Seattle. They have cherries and chocolate, no raisins, and they’re awesome. Not a sugar overload cookie and rich in flavor. The lemon poppyseed is also well-balanced and packs a lemony kick in each bite. We’ve also loved the sugar cookies and the birthday cookies. For sure don’t pass on the oatmeal cookie :-)

Amy Han

Who doesn’t love fresh baked cookies and house made ice cream? Love that two mom & pop shops came together for this brilliant yet simple idea of ice cream sandwiches. Pro tip : if you want their vegan chocolate chip, call it in as they bake to order and it’s beyond wonderful! Warm, gooey, and delicious!

Janelle Henderson

So good. I love this place. The ice cream is so fresh and creamy. So flavorful and unique. This is a great place.

Alex Garmendia

Some of the best cookies, someof the best ice cream. And they let you put them together for some of the most BOMB ice cream sandwiches ya ever had!!!!! Macklesmore cookies is a little extra. $2.85 as oposed to $1.65.

Ebby Wahman

I come to Hello Robin just for the cookies, which I find myself craving often. They are warm, soft and absolutely delicious, every flavor! There are usually seasonal cookies available as well as the year-round cookies, you can't go wrong with the class Chocolate Chip Cookie. The Flour-less Mexican Chocolate Cookie is also so gooood. They also let you make cookie ice cream sandwiches with Molly Moon's ice cream, these are good too but I like my cookies warm.

cristina gonzales

The best cookies! Robin, you are amazing!

Jamie Evans

I love this shop! My favorite is the molasses cookies that I buy 10 at a time. They also offer really good chocolate chip and snicker doodle cookies, there are these s'mores cookies that are delicious! When you go, don't buy one cookie. Don't be that customer! Buy 6-12 at a time. You won't be sorry

Monica Greenwood

So genuine and friendly, with delicious cookies and top-notch ice cream! We loved watching the banter between bakers as they prepped more cookies. A perfect shoppe.

Adam LaFountain

Lots of good ice cream and a fun selection of very different types of cookies. Birthday cake cookie dough gets honourable mention on the ice cream side. Molasses cookie is pretty on point. Only issue is slightly confusing menu where it’s ice cream sandwiches but then you choose between an actual sandwich with two cookies (which costs more) or just one. The cookies are sizeable so one works out well.

Luna Sparkles

I don't know what else to say other than - you must go to Hello Robin. Don't question it - just go. You won't regret it.

Cooper Barth

The girlfriend and I treat ourselves to a Sammie almost weekly. Being transplants to Seattle, this has become a staple for us! We love Hello Robin and will continue to come once a week

Adam Billen

Great spot, expect a line on nice evenings.

family hodges

Awesome inverment and awesome ice cream

Roy Norman

"Do it for the 'gram" haha I came here after watch watching Buzz feed's every other place I go nowadays and it didn't disappoint! We got the match tiramisu and the sweet potato soft serve and both were equally delicious. It wan't too sweet, so getting two desserts didn't feel too overwhelming. Would definitely come back for the soft serve and try other things on their menu. Get your cameras ready for these picturesque sweets!

Ashley White

This place is my go to when visitors come to town! They have delicious cookies! Love the macklesmore which has a a cookie on a graham cracker and then marshmallow and chocolate it’s heaven!!! All of the cookies are excellent though! In the summer they have molly moon ice cream!!!

Kevin V

Only had it during the summer months when Molly Moon's has a pop-up in the store. The ice cream sandwiches are amazing! It was so much fun combining different creative cookies with different creative ice creams.

Taylor Swanson

I didn't love the salted caramel ice cream. The first couple bites were good but it wasn't that great. The chocolate chip cookies however were amazing. The place was clean and really cutely decorated. I will definitely be coming back but I would probably try a different ice cream flavor.

Harrison Hilliker

Solid options, quick service even with a line. Unique take on ice cream!!

boco t.

Love love love!


Delicious cookies. Recommend the chocolate chip habanero it has a touch of orange married to a touch of heat.

David Coe

These cookies are amazing. I can't imagine eating a sundae instead of an ice cream sandwich. We took an out of town guest before heading off to the arboretum and they were quite glad we did.

Jason Osborne

Birthday cake cookies are the best.

Helen Mahan

Great little dessert spot! You get to pick your ice cream and cookie flavor then BAM ice cream sandwich. The shop itself is pretty small with limited seating but a laid back atmosphere. They have a giant prep table with bar stool for you to sit at and watch them mix cookies.


Delicious cookies. The habanero orange chocolate chip is the best unique and slightly spicy, great blend of flavors.

Jeremiah Klassen

Beware... The cookies here are addicting. And don't waste your time with the regular chocolate chip. Even though they are amazing, all the other cookies are unique and tasty. Not great for big groups, but the place enough is nice for a few couples to enjoy some dessert. They even have Molly moons ice cream and you can order one or two cookie ice cream sandwiches. Prices aren't too crazy either. So grab a cookie, or a dozen and enjoy!


Such an instagram-able place! Cute, white and blue interiors, fresh and clean! It's the sort of place you think of when you see cute instagram stories. I loved the cute vibe. Very friendly staff - they assisted me and didn't rush me since it was my first time. I grabbed a few cookies like the classic chocolate chip cookie, the flourless Mexican cookie, oatmeal cookie and their lavender based chocolate cookie. I have to say, I liked them all but my favorite were the classic chocolate chip cookie and the flourless Mexican cookie. All the cookies have the handmade and homemade feel. The sweetness is balanced perfectly, the size is pretty big so it's easy to share, the packaging is adorable and they are worth the drive up! I loved everything about Hello Robin and looking forward to my next visit already! Tip: it's pretty hard to find a parking so you might have to wait or drive around a little to get a nearby spot.

Chandler T.

Best ice cream sandwich shop in the USA. Quaint and cute.

Anna Hannon

Best cookies I've ever had in my life. Not overly sweet, perfect softer consistency.... I had the chocolate chip, butterscotch, and molasses. All absolutely divine. Did not have ice cream but friends say the Molly Moon Ice cream is amazing.

Tim Ubial

Bullet points: * Some of the best cookies I have ever had * Get the Macklesmore * Some good coffee options including pour over Coming through Seattle? Get off the I-5 and head over to Hello Robin. You're going to love it. The cookie offerings that they have are awesome. I walked in with some friends not really expecting much, only wanting to get a snack and a coffee. When I took a bite out of my Macklesmore (think, a smore but several levels past next level) I was floored. Pair that with a great cup of pour over coffee and you're in cookie heaven. I enjoyed it so much, I ordered a dozen of their cookies to take back home to Vancouver. The people helping us out even gave me some tips on how to make my cookies more like theirs (thanks!). In any case, this is a place I will try to stop at every time I come through Seattle. It's tucked in a great little neighbourhood. It's a thoughtfully designed and decorated space. They even serve ice cream for those hot days. Come through. Highly recommended.

Robin Sell

This shoppe is adorable and the ice cream and cookies are to die for. I love the name, too, because my name is Robin.

Johnny Kehr

Is give this a 3.5/5 (rounding up to 4). Dessert is exactly what you expect. Solid cookies and great Molly Moons ice cream. A bit heavy (obviously) so make sure you come with a hungry stomach. They don't skimp on portions. I came in about half an hour before they closed and was a bit disappointed to see a nearly empty display case of cookies. A little surprising given they seem to always have a steady crowd. Not a problem for me because they had just enough chocolate chip left, but it would have been nice to see other options. Some people behind me were also disappointed in the lack of options. It was also clear that the employees were ready to get out of there. I was slightly annoyed by this, but it's not a huge issue. I got what I wanted without any fuss, but it wasn't a warming experience by any means. I'll definitely be back, but I wouldn't bother going if it's close to their closing time.

Brian Boroff

We got the chocolate chip cookie cake for a birthday party and the kids loved it! So good!


This will definitely be on repeat! The cookies & ice cream are delicious. You choose your cookie and the ice cream flavor. I picked the chocolate chip cookie & the staff recommended the coffee ice cream flavor and it was perfect! Cute little store. You can sit at the counter & watch them make the cookies. So good!

Jen H.

Best Chocolate Chip cookie that I have had in Seattle! Highly recommended to me, especially their Ice Cream Sandwiches made with Molly Moo’s! Good variety of ice cream and cookie flavors to choose from. Cookie had great consistency; was very buttery, perfectly crispy, chewy, and had just the right ratio of dough to chocolate chips! They have a seating table where you can see the cookies getting baked. Can’t wait to try the other delicious flavors!

Elizabeth Evans

I can’t really comment on the atmosphere at all because we were in and out very quickly. I can note though that everyone we interacted with was kind and welcoming. We went for the Mackle’smores which were even better than we had anticipated. But perhaps more importantly were the cheese scones (the only savory option I saw). I am writing this review over a week after my visit and in this week I have talked about these scones at least 4 times. Eating them was a truly transformative experience. I’ve had some good scones in my time but the combination of flavor, texture, and salt flakes on top was unforgettable.

James Willette

The ice cream is a 5+, and so are the cookies. There is often a line but worth the short wait. HOWEVER, in all of the times I've been there I've not once experienced the staff as friendly or warm. They seem rushed, uninterested, lack eye contact and are impatient. The product is a 5, service is a 2.

Corey R

Great cookies and sandwiches! The lines get super long during the summertime. The staff is nice but super busy. It's definitely a walk-in and buy something then leave kind of place. The neighborhood is gorgeous though. Lots of shops and greenery.

William Richey

Delicious ice cream and cookies! Would definitely recommend their ice cream sandwiches. Disappointed in their $40 cookie “cake” though... wish we had gotten something bigger for that much money (about the size of a personal pan pizza). Purchased for a birthday party and there isn’t much to go around.

Zach Zlepper

I am filled with an immense amount of joy everytime I take a bite of these delicious cookies. Not only is the product unbelievably good but the staff is also sweet.


Great ice cream, fresh cookies, prices are what you would expect from the area


cookies must be awesome because the customer service sux. because my wife ordered 2 dozen cookies they suggested we call ahead of time next time we visit. not sure why, it only took about 60 seconds to retrieve order. not like we had to wait for the cookies to bake. glad your here and not in fairbanks alaska. again, have not tried the cookies yet, but atmosphere was very busy and crowded.

Brett Dupree

Holy handgrenades these cookies are delicious!

Jessica Garza

Vegan cookie sammie. My heart is content.

David Wang

Awesome cookies, but a bit too oily. Hello Robin serves freshly baked gourmet cookies with ice cream sandwiches as an option. The ice cream served is from Molly Moon's. Overall a great place for dessert or to buy a few gourmet cookies. The decor and branding is really modern and clean.

Camille Cote

Delicious, best cookies yet. Would go there again. I love the cookie sandwich so happy I found you guys

Amanda Heart

Great concept, good, fresh cookies, alright ice-cream, not so service orientated staff. Not very welcoming. Standoff-ish when asking questions as first time visitors. Then, would not accommodate a simple request. Similar attitude among all three staff members we interacted with. We unfortunately will not choose to go back, nor will we recommend this place. This whole neighbourhood looked nice, but had a very ‘outsiders-not-welcome here’ vibe. Weird to find a attitude bubble like this in the middle of such a diverse city.

Kathy DeBoer

Very cute little place with GREAT cookies!!! Very nice and friendly people!!

Patrick Kelly

Best cookies on the planet. They make an orange habanero that's better than perfect.

Kristi Lyn Stefanovicz

$2 per cookie. $2 per cookie!?!?

Anton Stanley-Hunt

best cookies in seattle yet

Gabriel Prout

Taking simple and classic to epic proportions of deliciousness. When you combine Seattle's best ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie that has been perfected, you have a beautiful thing my friends. Can't wait to return. This will be my go to spot for a sweet run from now on. They're going to have to open more locations, and quick! Absolutely delicious.

Roya Habibi

I mean.... let's be serious when writing reviews about a boutique ice cream shop in a trendy neighborhood in an expensive city. An ice cream sammy is equivalent - and arguably more satisfying - than a signature cocktail. Yes, you could definitely buy a small pint for the same price but honestly this is less calories and way more rewarding. There's a long line? Probably, again boutique ice cream that's bomb in a good part of town. But seriously, hit this gem up when fresh cookies are coming out of the oven and try and pretend it's not god's gift to dairy lovers. Utterly delectable!! I attempted to bring a couple bites home to my husband and that abbbbsolutely didn't happen... it's the thought that counts though, right? Don't miss it. Line or not.

Grace Van Allen

Smells so good inside! I've been here 2 or three times and the cookies are always great. I've never been disappointed!

Kelsie Meredith

Always a line here but I don't see that as a bad thing! Cookies are always warm and delicious and the ice cream sandwiches are a must have! Street parking only can be a little tough at times, but I've never had to walk more than a block or two. Definitely try the Mackles'more!

Braydon Morris

If you’ve never been here, you definitely need to give it a try. The cookie are fresh and the flavors are unique. The ice cream is great as well, and every bit as good as Molly Moons. The best part is the price: for near the same price as Molly Moons or any other equivalent place, you can get two cookies and a large scoop of ice cream. Can’t beat that!

Natalia Barreto

Amazing cookies. Great place to go for an ice cream and have a good time. Everybody is really kind

Sonia Garcha

This is a cute little cookie/ bakery tucked away in a quiet neighborhood. The owner was there the day we went and she seems lovely. Cookies are fresh - ice creams is light yet creamy.

Kiki Cooley Lund

Fancy yet simple and totally delicious

Newsha Makooi

Awesome shop. Delicious treats and friendly service. Their ice cream is from Molly Moon's, which is delicious. Small shop and sometimes there is a wait here but most definitely worth a visit. We enjoyed our ice cream and other treats. Go check it out.


Excellent cookies, great service. Whenever I'm back in Seattle, I stop here. Tucked deep into cap hill, but worth it


Great cookie and ice cream. Not too pricey

Hossein Moshfeghian

Excellent cookies, a little pricey but worth it.

Jordan Grace

came for the first time on a saturday evening. despite the long line and late night, the employees were super friendly and let us taste multiple ice cream flavors! all of our cookies were warm and fresh and so delicious! definitely will be back! also it’s stinking cute in here and you can see the cookies being baked right in front of you

Sharene Nelson

We had Hello Robin cookies in place of cake at our wedding. Best cookies in town, and shout out to birthday cake flavor! Looking forward to the UW location.

Vincent Johnson

Amazing cookies, and the employees are very nice. A great treat that everyone will love!

Sarah Leviton

The cookies are so so so good! I wish they had a better location so I could go More!

Jake Carlson

The best cookies ever. Left them out overnight and went back to them expecting them to be stale...but nope! Still just as soft and delicious as if they had just been taken out of the oven!

Jehssy Maya

Amazing place. Awesome cookies, Robin is really sweet and always give me attention. I love that during the summer they serve Molly moon's ice cream, it's just the perfect combo!

Dwayne Valeau

Cookies, ice cream sandwiches and a great staff make this dessert spot a necessary stop on your sweet treats tour!

Brian Lovelace

Perfect cookies, very good ice cream with some interesting flavors.

Jong Lee

Slow lines. Too hipster for my taste.

Steve Harris

Must try

Maggie Mae

Def try all the cookies. Favorites were two seasonal flavors.... orange habanero and red hot chocolate.

Calvin Li

- Delicious cookies - Great ice cream - Fun environment - Friendly staff

Lavonne Fisher

Delicious and.decadent goes perfectly for the numerous flavors and all the goodies to ice Cream really fabulous.

David Curtis

Ice cream sammys are so so good!

Hailey Vasquez

Tiny, adorable spot but SO GOOD. Incredible cookie sandwiches are only $5.25. Molly moons ice cream and delicious, funky, doughy cookies. If you're on Capitol Hill and looking for dessert, this is the perfect place!

Stephanie Groesbeck

Yummy, local, great service. You really can't beat Hello Robin. Every cookie I have had has been great and they have gf and fresh baked vegan cookies, yay!

Kim Saler

Cookies were good and ice cream was delicious..just feel that cookies could be bigger for price.

Janel Blattler

A colleague recommended this to us and we were surprised to see a queue at 9pm. It certainly didn’t disappoint: we walked away with ice cream, cookies and a box of 9 cookies, to tide us over until our next visit to Seattle!

Taylor Van Etten

Delicious ice cream, amazing cookies. Would come here daily if I could afford it, money budget- and calorie budget- wise.

Cameron Post

Great cookies, nice staff and cute interior. Recommend the ice cream sammie.

Nao Vang

Cute little shop with awesome cookies. On the pricier side but a good pick me up if you are looking to splurge a little.

Ian Rieger

This place serves the most incredible cookies, and they make a delicious ice cream sandwich with your cookie choice. I had birthday cake cookies with vanilla ice cream. The cookies were fresh and delicious!


Love these cookies! They're all good, but I'm especially fond of the chipotle orange.

Laura Thompson

YUM. Make your own ice cream sammies! Prices a little on the high side, but still reasonable. Chocolate Molly Moon ice cream + Habenero Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies? Yes please!

Devina Gillis

Love love love this place. Great ice cream, great cookies, great service, great atmosphere. All around a terrific place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Patrick Whelan

The vegan chocolate chip cookies are great

Ryan Gregg

Love the cookies. The ice cream is good too.

Thomas Cardwell

Lavender Milk Chocolate cookie was excellent. The hint of Earl Gray was wonderful without being overwhelming. The scout mint ice cream was wonderfully fresh and sweet.

Robbie Greenberg

It’s very good because it’s cookies and ice cream. Not sure if there is anything special but you obviously won’t go wrong.

Olivia Heath

Amazing combinations of ice cream and cookies.

Michael Natkin

Such a sweet, pretty shop. Great cookies, baked continually throughout the day. My favorite is the chocolate crinkle, and also the classic chocolate chip. You can also get over cream sandwiches made with Molly Moon's Ice Cream.

max wehl

This place is amazing! if your in Seattle you have to try one of their famous ice cream and cookie sandwiches, hello Robin is a perfect place to bring your kids for a treat or if you have a group of friends looking for something sweet. Hello robins employees are always happy and smiling. I truly feel that it would be a loss if you did not visit this amazing cookie shop.

ines carter

Very very bad customer service. The employees did not acknowledge me until they laughed at me because of how I ordered, which as a former fast food employee was definitely standard for all other ice cream/food places I’ve ever been (Item first, then flavor). The ice cream was just average. Cookies were also okay but expensive for the small size ):

DM Dom

This place beats the Grandmother recipe. Best Choco chip cookies I've ever had. Wife agrees.

David Siah

never ever eat the salted caramel ice cream + salted caramel cookie. mouth was salty for days. had to drink 5 gallons water. save ur saliva.

Yannis Koumantaros

All right so I'm going to start by saying I was commanded to go get cookies at this joint by my pregnant wife and my step daughter who swear by these cookies. I got really lucky that there was parking right out front but this hidden gem in the middle of a suburban residential neighborhood has really enjoyable desserts and specifically cookies. I can't say that I am a fanatic about him but I will tell you that my family loves this place better than anywhere else.

Rachel Roszmann

Pretty good. I had the lemon poppyseed cookie which was kind of muffin-like and delightful. Also had the habanero cookie which I would have liked more if it were baked all the way through, but I understand that most people really like under baked, soft cookies.

Amanda Layton

Cookies are always delicious here. I was there at about 9 and the chocolate chip cookie I bought was still warm! Cons: small for the price

Taylor Blair

S'mores + cookies + Seattle pop culture = Macklemore cookies. Hello Robin is truly irreplaceable.

Tim Sullivan

The very best cookies, and a friendly staff.

Maryam Jawaid

Great flavors

karsten logen

The best 2 desserts in Seattle Molly Moons and Hello Robin

Kelly Harvey

Amazing place. Awesome cookies, Robin is really sweet and always give me attention.


The coffee and baked goodies (cookies) are amazing. There is usually a line put the door and the space itself is pretty small, so keep that in mind if you're pressed for time.

Kara Kaltschmidt

Yummy Vegan cookies and tasty ice cream. Usually a line out the door. Busy evening spot for good reasons.

Vance Kawakami

Best cookie place in Seattle hands down. Also great for Molly Moon ice cream Sammie's (using their amazing cookies).

Rain WhiteBuffalo

Best coffee in Seattle!!! The cookies are great. All of the employees are very real, down to earth and very nice. If you have not been here....shame on you!!! Go get coffee and tell them Rain sent you.

Chelsea Daniels

I know they are really popular up here and I thought it was good but personally I didn’t think that it was overwhelmingly delicious. We went late during the week. Staff was ok. They kind of ignored our existence until we were right in front of them but they were nice once they were helping us. Personally I don’t find them worth the inconvenience of trekking all the way over there and finding parking but if I was already in the area I would probably go back.

Colt Kesselring

I tried Hello Robin for the first time yesterday and LOVED it. The staff were so helpful and the cookies were outrageous. Advice: go with vanilla ice cream for your sammie. I had the vegan cafe vita coffee flavor, which was great, but it was too much with the cookies. Better to let the cookies be the star of the show!

Eri Pride

They always have the most kindest workers upfront. So many different cookies and ice cream. Definitely the go to place when I want some ice cream. I recommend this spot

Daisy Whitney

The best

Ben Hoo

Great ice cream but the cookies are much more memorable! Had the snicker doodle and birthday cake and it has made me crave it ever since. Lines can get long but they move fairly quickly. Good friendly service for my visit. Wish they were on the eastside so I could have it all the time.

Andrew Lee

I visited Hello Robin on a Tuesday evening after dinner. The line was very short when I visited, but as I drove by a few minutes later the line was out the door. Hello Robin is a smaller space, but it is bright and the woman working there was friendly. I ended up getting the regular chocolate chip, lavender chocolate chip, flourless Mexican chocolate, and Mackles’more cookie. The cookies were all nicely warm when I bought them. All of the cookies did not skimp on the chocolate. My favorite was probably the lavender chocolate. While it didn’t have a ton of lavender flavor, it did taste better than the normal one. The Mackles’more cookie was good as well, definitely and interesting concept that tasted pretty good with the chocolate chip cookie being surrounded by graham cracker, marshmallow, and more chocolate. I would definitely return to try an ice cream sandwich.

Christine Bounds-Poulin

The gluten free cookie is very good

Blade Kisaragi

Get the Mackles'more with vanilla or chocolate (or one of the better molly moon flavors---see reviews there). Cookies are delicious.

Eva Lin

Hello Robin is a cute cookie & ice cream shop on a block of quaint cafes and restaurants. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. I sampled the strawberry, strout mint, and original cookie dough ice cream. They were all delicious but I ultimately decided on getting the strout mint and original cookie dough ice cream with the birthday cake and snickerdoodle cookies. And loved it.

Joseph Romness

The birthday cookies are addicting.

Carolyn Edwards

Delicious icecream cookie sandwiches! The chocolate chip cookies are so fresh and delicious!

Brendan Palmer

Absolutely. Amazing.

Robert Fertig

I recommend avoiding Molly Moon's ice cream, which Hello Robin serves. The only reason this place gets 2 stars instead of 1 is that it has good cookies. But, it's got a lot going against it: 1. Long lines - for whatever reason, people are willing to line up for Molly Moon's ice cream. The line is just too long. 2. Ice cream quality - Molly Moon's ice cream, which Hello Robin uses, has disappointed me every time. It has bizarre flavors, and its normal flavors it doesn't do well. The coffee ice cream is grainy - it almost feels like you're eating dirt. The cookie dough that I had used an excessive amount of cinnamon and had almost no cookie dough. 3. Prices - too high for good ice cream, way way way too high for the bad ice cream that it is.

Steve Fuller

Best cookies on the west coast. Period.

Michael Tamashiro

Absolutely delicious cookies, I liked the Mexican chocolate

Garret Anthony

I was a fan... I have enjoyed their cookies and they are right in my neighborhood but today I spent way too much time in the outside line only to hear "Sorry you have to order cookies inside". Are you kidding me?! There is no sign saying you can't order cookies. My suggestion would be to accept any sale and keep customers coming back or post a clear sign saying "You can't buy cookies here because we only sell ice cream at this window and we don't know how to ring you up for cookies". SAD

Elisabeth Munger

So much delicious sugar! At least 6 different twists on chocolate chip cookies, plus Molly Moon ice cream. This is a place where diets go to die happily. My only quibbles are: - the ordering system can be confusing: ice cream at the window, cookies inside. Usually I have different kids wanting each, so we wait twice. - would love another gluten-free cookie option!

Sophia Kotov

Great neighborhood ice cream shop with the added bonus of cookies. My favorite is the "Mackle-smore".

Karen Mayoral

I love this place, although it's a little far from my house, I always stop here whenever in town, the iced chai tea and mackle' s'more cookies are a must. Super cute and friendly place

Christina Diego

I had such a delicious chocolate chip and cookie dough ice cream sandwich! Friendly staff and delicious cookies! Will be back

Subhadip Ghosh

Delightfully appetizing!! I liked the strawberry flavored ice cream and the mackelmore cookie

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Dahlia Bakery
Bakery - Washington


Frost Me Sweet Bistro & Bakery
Frost Me Sweet Bistro & B...
Bakery - Washington