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REVIEWS OF Dahlia Bakery IN Washington

Ann Marie Painter

Walked a mile from my hotel on my birthday at the hotel’s recommendation to get a quick bite before heading to San Juan islands. The door was open and I walked in. The clerk quickly said we are not open. I told her I made a special trip. She did not offer to accommodate or sell me anything that was already in the case. How hard would it have been to sell a muffin? I’m assuming she was not the owner....


The bread is so very good. Always friendly staff. A bit pricey but well worth the extra cost.

Rachel Dekman

Love Dahlia Lounge and the bakery is quite a delight as well. Love the staff. Just note that this place sometimes have long wait times and it is pretty small

Corey Young-Knutsen

Service is always excellent and the food is good. Prices are definitely Tom Douglas tourist prices though. It's almost worth it, but high enough that you don't want to go there regularly if you live in Seattle. If you're visiting the city and have a great need for a cookie or a breakfast sandwich though, go for it. Order online if you don't want to wait in line.


Must get the donuts and eat them fresh!! It’s nice and hot and great with the jelly and mascarpone! They’re known for their coconut cream pie, but I honestly liked the donuts over the pie. I also tried the birthday cake cookie and that alright too.

Laura Espin

My favorite place for quick breakfast in Seattle!!! Their breakfast sandwiches are superb. Bread, baked goods and sweets are great. Only call, there is only about 3 tables on the street to seat. It is more a grab and go place

C Lane

Tom Douglas. Another win. Coconut cream pie is amazing

Angela Muir

Delicious little bakery. The sign outside claims they have the best coconut cream pie and it’s definitely in the running for one of the best I’ve ever had! We had some cookies too and they were delicious.

Kip Ching

Soup was fantastic. Salad was amazing: kids even ate the salad. Desserts well, ya know

Ramy Shoker

Granola. All you need to do is try their granola. Fresh, wholesome and hearty. This is an awesome treat whether you're stopping by to sit outside or a quick treat for your partner when heading home from work!

Bharath Allam

A++. Best Donuts

Jacob Galles

Best breakfast sandwich I've ever had. Inspired us to buy their cookbook!

Callie Heuser

The "made-to-order" donuts are so good!

Robert Bryan

Food was good and staff was friendly, however a simple grilled cheese was ruined by the homemade bread that was so porous that most of the cheese melted through the holes. Everything else was good. My wife had the turkey and broccoli sandwich that cost a dollar or two more and was fantastic. It felt hit or miss, for the most part, but we did try the coconut cream pie and it was great as advertised

Oscar Wilde

Stay away, it is all mine! I don't wanna share!

Janna G

Try the coconut cream pie.

D Dawson

A little gem. This tiny bakery is next to their restaurant and offers bread, pastries, sweets, soup, and sandwiches to go. They only have a few cafe tables and chairs on the sidewalk. I had a bacon breakfast sandwich and a peanut cookie. Both were amazing. My French friend told me it's the best place in Seattle to get bread.

S.P. Dudley

Get in line and it will definitely be worth it.

Tyler Moses

Food poisoning... Don’t trust the quiche!!! It was runny with cream and made my girlfriend sick for hours.

Chris LaBarre

Some of the best bakery I have ever had. The fresh made breakfast sandwiches are delightful. The macaroons are probably the greatest ever. Do not miss the salads or cookies!

Justin Hampton

Asked the guy with the pony tail if the food was organic and/or free range since they're asking a premium price for a ham breakfast sandwich (which is average). He told me that he didn't know anything about the food, but he did know that he didn't need to defend their prices to me. If you can't defend your higher prices, then maybe you don't have a good reason to charge $7 for a small ham sandwich and $4.75 for eclaire donut. Or maybe you just shouldn't be interacting with customers. Was just a weird experience for a reasonable question.

Bill Leys

Their bacon and egg Sammie's are the bomb. That is all you need to know.

Laura Musikanski

It’s hard to make the best chocolate chip cookie available for sale. After all chocolate chip cookies aren’t that hard to make. The reason they are chocolate chip cookies are so good, is because of their ovens. They have special ovens that create a caramelized coach on the outside, and allow the inside to bake with full list and softness. Same goes for the bread . Any love is going to knock your socks off. Just ask for whichever one came out of the oven most recently, and keep some room in your belly to nibble it on the way home. And to top things off, don’t resist a little cream coconut pie

John Cazares

Really great eclair, a good reward for walking 8 miles around Seattle.

Crystal Ng

Dulce de Leche cheesecake’s filing to crust was off. It taste more like Goat cheese than dulce de leche. I’d still ate it.

Parita Pooj

Have been here for lunch and I really like the food. They have one of the best vegan desserts I have had in a while. There is just one option (Choco fudge bite) but it's yummy!

Marcie Farmer

small but mighty! great cakes


Good breakfast and coffee

Julia Ruditser


Kelly Truesdell

Everything that comes out of the bakery is a delight. I am partial to the coconut cream pie which is amazingly decadent.

Jonas Gebhardt

Delicious, small bakery - what a gem. There is no seating inside but they have cute yellow tables right on the street where you can enjoy their pastry and a coffee. It's lovely to seat here. Their pastries are amazing. Not too sweet and tastes like mom made them. They also have great, German and French style bread.

Thomas Scott

Good food .. great breakfast alternative to the crowds at Pike Place

Tasha Penner

Best coconut cream pie. In the world. And the lady was amazing friendly.

Sarah Losen Blair

Really good breads and pastries. Their coconut cream pie really is to die for and everything is legit homemade. They are a little pricy, but its what you should expect for a high quality bakery in the downtown area.

Angella Esterline

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Great foods, delicious desserts, and the customer service is top notch. Seeing my friend is feeding her baby, the lovely lady who works there gave us more fruits. She's amazing!!

Cameron Mccandless

Amazing pesto, fried egg, and tomato sandwich on a homemade English muffin.

Valerie Martinez

Stopped in to purchase two loaves of the pecan flax bread. Always a delight to check out the specialty pastries and original recipes available here. Have never been disappointed.

Carlos A Ramirez

We had the Triple Coconut Cream Pie on a recent trip to Seattle. We didn't have anything else because the pie was more than enough for us. If you're a fan of coconut this is a must have and if you're not you need to give it a try. It is not overly sweet and the crust has the right amount of crispiness. There is an abundance of coconut in this pie, but that's a good thing!

Eric Guevremont

Super expensive. Sammy was too salty and pain au chocolate was so so. Will not go back.


The coconut cream pie!

Daniel Tuttle

Amazing sandwiches at lunch. Reliably tasty pastries. Brock's Breakfast Bowl is my favorite breakfast - simple, healthful, and delicious.

tony potts

Bakery right next to the first Starbucks! Don't let the long line scare you--it moves fast! The SMOKED SALMON PATE PASTRY is everything. Highly recommend.

j spain Greene

The Dahlia Bakery is small and Mighty. Its main claim to fame is the Coconut Cream Pie which comes in every size - from a bite ($2) to a 9" ($36). But everything is amazing. Breakfast sandwiches ($6 avg) are fantastic. Sweets are superb - Eclairs ($5), Caramel Apple Brioche pull apart rounds ($9), Cookies ($2), Brownies ($4) - that's just the tip of the iceberg in this walk-up that holds 4 customers at a time, max. Round this out with great coffee and super friendly service...and I'm glad I don't live closer! I'd gain 20 pounds!

Ogui Vila

I had the rhubarb Danish and it was scrumptious and eclectic. My palate felt refreshed and empowered

Celeste Liberty

As many before me have proffered, their coconut cream pies are what they're most well known for--and rightfully so! My metric for judging a bakery, however, is not by their specialty items, but by the basics. For me, that's the butter croissant. And dear me, Dahlia Bakery has, in my opinion (humble though it may be), the BEST croissants in Seattle. Period.

Katie Bak

The grilled cheese was DIVINE. And don’t miss the key lime pie. This was a great stop for lunch in downtown Seattle. They only have a few seats to sit outside, so plan on waiting a bit for a seat, or take your meal to go. Really friendly staff, restroom is inside the larger restaurant.

benjamin hernandez

Not even a fan of whipped cream but fell for this pie instantly. Maybe it was the extraordinarily flaky but substantively tasty crust? Maybe it was the perfect infusion of nutty coconut flavor into the smooth, floating cloud of whipped cream? Dunno. But I will eat it every chance I get now.

Matt Uhlman

We stopped by on a quick trip over without the kids! We’d been meaning to stop in for some time and were stoked when we finally had the chance! It’s located next to Dahlia lounge and has a very small footprint. The place is about 150 square feet with maybe a 6x8 area for people. If you cram folks in there, you could maybe fit 10, but comfortably it fits about 4...luckily, you only need a couple minutes in here to grab your goodies and get out! The selections are solid, ranging from cookies, to croissants, to pies, to treats (things like creme brûlée and ginger pudding) and cakes. The magical triple coconut cream pie is the headliner and in true capitalist fashion (the good kind!) they’ve done a great job of giving everyone options! They’ve got whole pies, slices and bite size pieces- we found the slice to be just right. It’s $7.75 a slice so you’re paying for the novelty, but that pie was legit! The pieces are large, are delicious and surprisingly light for being a cream pie! The coconut is woven in, above and below the pie, but is never overpowering. It’s seriously amazing! This is a perfect place to stop by and grab a treat to go, especially if you’ve never tried the coconut dream maker!

Jarett Funnell

They were extremely helpful and their pastries are delicious! Try the Peanut Butter Fancies.

Spencer Alexander

Pretty good! I've been looking for a good kouign amann since b. Patisserie's wasn't satisfying to me. I would be back for the kouign and probably try their chocolate almond croissant. The chocolate croissant was pretty good, but it wasn't something that blew me away.

Ayako Hasegawa

Personally the famous cream pie was not as good as expected but (unexpectedly) the croissant was one of the tastiest ones I’ve ever had. The staff was not really helpful or friendly when I visited there so overall it’s a 4-star for me. But definitely would love to come back when I have a chance!


Literally a 1 minute walk from my job! I love their selections of sandwiches and desserts. My favorite go to breakfast item is their scrumptious bacon Sammy. Sometimes I order the chocolate chip cookie & peanut butter cookie and omg it’s so delicious. It’ is a bit expensive but it is belltown/downtown Seattle so it’s expected.

Russell Troxel

Best Lemon Bars I've ever had! Better than mom's :)

daphny durandal

patrons always look at me like i dont belong, but the staff is kind. i recommend the tomato soup and breakfast sandwiches, oh and the traditional roll is best with their soup

Rob Bolton

Very good bakery! Found this place during a layover waiting to go on a cruise. Well definitely return next time in Seattle!

Daniel Hagedorn

The peanut butter cookie there has been my standby go to for one and a half decades

Tomomi Seki

So delicious Pumpkin pie!!!

John Knotwell

Literally the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had. It was packed full of flavor and the group I was with wanted to go back for another one. The service in the bakery was also amazing and they helped quite a few people for such a small walk up place. Highly recommend if you're in the area, must stop here.

Karen Peacock

My office manager surprised us with one of Tom's Coconut Cream Pies. If you are a coconut fan then this is the holy grail of pie. The flavor is wonderful without being too sweet and the crust was terrific. Definite must for coconut lovers.

Matthew Ellstrom

Great stop for a quick breakfast sandwich and pastries.

Terumi Pong

One of my favorite bakeries in Seattle and if there is parking out front when I pass by I stop in. I usually pick up the potato loaf to go with dinner. The cookies are spendy but worth it and sometimes they have little bags of “day olds” that are a deal. Takeaway sandwiches are tasty and filling too and they usually have a vegetarian option. There are only a handful of seats outside the bakery so this is more of a place to pick up treats than linger. I picked up a gorgeous passion fruit tart the other day that was as delicious as it looked.

Nataliya Maniuk

Amazing donuts. Sandwich was okay

Saulo Cruz

The coconut pie and the cheese corn bread are delicious.


This tiny bakery is one of my favorite breakfast spots in Seattle! I have never had any of the yummy-looking cookies, cakes and pastries (though they make them in-house each day and they look and smell incredible!), but the breakfast sammies keep me coming back time and time again. If you get there when they first open or earlier during the weekend, expect a line, but it moves quickly.

Michelle Beaumont

Baked goods and salads to go

Steven Hoyt

Magical coconut cream pie for my birthday again this year. World Famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie with white chocolate shavings on top. Worth every penny.

Gregory Kick

Everything looked fantastic, but tasted pretty average. I had some cake that was dried out and a cookie that was hard/stale.

Andrew McCullough

What a disappointing experience. I paid $42 dollars for a pie that Borracchini's sells for $4.99. I ordered one of their (in)famous coconut pies and drove into town to get this for my best friend's 40th birthday. It was supposed to be a big deal. It was a mistake. First, it had the texture and taste of instant pudding with dry coconut dumped on top of the goop. That was bad enough. The crust was as dry as plaster around the rim but a soggy mess at the bottom. The kicker, though, is they baked it in a cracked pie plate which of course we couldn't see until it was served and of course I couldn't return which forfeited the deposit. Total ripoff.

Paul Toh

I’ve been walking pass this place for weeks now and it’s always busy! The bakery is just beside the lounge which is owned by the same owner. This great has got some great breakfast!! I tried their bacon sammy and it was Super awesome. The co-chef seems to be a celebrity Chef of sorts, has got a few books written and there’s even a book named after the bakery! I’ll definitely come back again for their famous triple coconut cream pie, probably when I grow my sweet tooth.. still finding it.

Rick Gustin

Try to find parking. do NOT go there during rush hour. DO GO THERE, though. I can't resist their pies !!!!!

Patric Irwin

For all of the hype about the coconut cream pie I expected to want to eat a whole pie. It was good but I have had better.

Shimi Liderman

Tasted three things and I’d say none of them is really any good. The “famous” coconut pie is almost tasteless. Very mediocre...


Lol...I accidently stumbled upon this bakery and do not regret it. They sale delicious pastries but the one I bought was the coconut cream pie. I always wanted to taste it but seriously if you are ever in the area come by and try their coconut cream pie. Its soo delicious. They sale this in slices or the whole pie. Creamy and delicious loved this place.

Carrie Ann

Yummy bacon egg sandwich!! Lots of bacon!! Super convenient when ordering through Chow Now

A'sHat SelfieStick

Split Review: Got lost looking for my researched lunch place. Decided to get a small savory snack to sustain myself for a single late-lunch/early-dinner meal at this cute little bakery. The lady was super friendly, energetic and smiley. On the other hand, the savory selection was very anemic; I had no way of knowing because the people in front of me blocked my views of the glass display and the posted menu. It was frustrating that I had to wait 10 minutes for just a roll, which was good and fresh, but not worth throwing 10 minutes of scarce travel time down the drain for.

Rhaeadr Ryan

This is one of thebest breakfast places in Seattle. Great service and excellent food.

Matthew Gilkey

This had been on my list to visit for a while and I hadn't gotten around to it - until the AMA Heart walk. I got a lot of weird looks from my group when I ran ahead, popped inside, only to catch up covered in croissant flakes. But it was worth it. It is a small location that can occasionally get backed up, but it's lovely to pop in for a quality pastry to boost your day.

Alexander Heye

Average at best baked goods, but overpriced nonetheless. I would not recommend.

Allen Woods

An abundant wonderland filled with every possible pastry and confection that could exceed your heart's desire, but coffee lovers be aware: they do not serve espresso. The quality is matched by the price, which is a little spendy compared to competing locations that cater to one's sweet tooth, but the range is still affordable considering the wide selection of small batch creations. There is no indoor seating and you may need to visit more than once to get a good look at the options because of how busy the line gets. But all the more reason to come back and try one of everything!

ke chen

the coconut pie is super good!!!

Mihaela Batke

Best coconut pie ever!

will bartley

My favorite bakery in the entire Pacific Northwest. Everything I have tried here has been fantastic. Their breakfast sandwiches are delicious and make fore a perfect light meal on the go. Their baguettes and loaves of bread are to die for. However the star of the show here is the coconut cream pie. This pie has no business being as delicious as it is. You MUST try it when you visit.


Yes the coconut triple cream pie is the best I have ever had WOW!!! a bit pricey but the portion is big and well worth it.

Vinay Kaura

Breakfast sandwiches here are an amazing way to kick off the day. Fresh, tasty, filling. A good selection of pastries and baked treats. Don't come here for the coffee.

Rohit Chaudhary

Get the donuts, you can't go wrong

Joe Rogers

Nice neighborhood bakery. Kinda French.

Deirdre Mansell

Terrific baked treats, breakfast and coffee, with lovely service and in a central location. I had to return a few times to try different things!

Christian Eaton

Custom cakes? Done! Oh yeah, and everything else is good too.

Augustus Yuan

Incredible beignets and triple coconut creme pie. Prices are a little high but definitely a worthwhile treat when you want to splurge and the quality is justified.

Brandon Hess

Not only do they have some of the best coconut cream pie I've ever had, the staff there is insanely kind taking time out of their busy day to walk a newcomer through the best parts of their menu. The most delightful experience I had in Seattle during a quick trip through a wonderful city. Tip: The Chocolate Truffle Cookies are addictive.

JoAnne Squiemphen

Great sandwiches

Andy Bruce

Stopped here for breakfast - much cheaper than I the hotel. Good food at reasonable prices. Excellent.

Christopher Krona

These guys made my wedding cake and it was delicious! We had the salted caramel cake. They have tons of options. Taste testing was my favorite part. I can't recommend it enough.

Justine Lee-Mills

The ham Sammy and the bacon Sammy are the best sandwiches I have ever had in my life! Definitely come here!

Maggie Rivers

Got the mushroom egg sandwich, the flourless pb cookie with chocolate filling, and the mini beignets. The sandwich was really amazing and the cookie was good. The beignets, however, are overhyped. I understand they’re made to order and come with seasonal jam and mascarpone, but over $8 is pretty steep for something I thought was just okay. That being said, I would come back for their sandwiches and to try their other pastries.

Debra Ayres

OMG, the best egg sandwich ever! My husband was jealous he wasn't with me on this trip. Oh, and that english muffin looks very much like Dahlia Bakery made it.

Kimberly Serafin

I would eat here every day if A) I could afford to and B) their Traditional Eclairs were a socially acceptable food group. Try the tomato soup and grilled cheese while you're at it. You won't be disappointed!

Marie Paulsen

If you only get one chance in this life to visit Dahlia, I’m telling you, don’t waste it. Order the coconut cream pie. The triple coconut cream pie is what put this place on the map. They have a great selection of pastries, and they are all delicious. But coconut cream pie has never known such heights.

Jim Irving

Their breakfast sammies are top notch and you can order online for pickup. Also they have a cake of the day which can be pretty great.

Quintin Coppola

I thought it was pretty good...not 5-star French good, but good. I appreciated that their sweets were not overly sweet. Staff was friendly and helpful when asking for a recommendation. Place is small and outdoor seating is limited.

Meghna Shankar

Amazing food! Everything we tried was delicious! We suggest trying the Zesty Kale Sammie, easily the best breakfast sandwich I have had in my life!

Tommie Farrell

Ok. When they say world famous triple coconut cream pie, they mean it! This pie is a must eat if you are in downtown Seattle!


A local gem. This bakery has the most amazing coconut cream pies and breakfast sandwiches. Be prepared to wait in a line that usually goes out the door but you won't be disappointed.

Gunnar Gunnarson

Breakfast sandwiches are always super tasty. A great quick-ish bite to start the day.

Marilena Hatzistamou

Too expensive for what it is.

John Mc

Frankly, it's overrated.

Jeanne Walling

The donuts and triple coconut pie were delicious


Really delicious, sticky apple fritters with big apple chunks. Though, disappointed to have gone out of my way to visit this shop to order a layer cake for an event (as advertised on their Google Map listing 'Menu') only to get there and be told they don't offer layer cakes.

Nathan Kam

Conveniently located across the street from the Warwick Hotel, I love the breads here. The Ficelle baguette is a favorite, as are the croissants. But you really can’t go wrong here. Just depends on your mood.

Milla Walton

Very delicious sandwiches and and desserts. My dogs also love their treats!

Lindsay Hayes

I dream about there triple coconut cream pie

Sonya Howard

Delicious coconut cream pie!

Google User

Delicious pastrys! A little small, but the desserts are worth it.

Justin Stein

This place is really really really good.

Bill Shubert

Had a salad with chicken. It was pretty good - nice for a good light lunch.

Omar Ghani

Visiting from San Francisco, I heard so much about this place. But it was like warm at best. I had the mini version of the coconut pie. It was okay but having explored bakery shops in SF, NYC and actually a few more in Seattle during my trip, there was just nothing special about this place. I probably won’t be coming again but who knows, others may like it.

Jennifer Akashi

This super tiny baker has so many options. I tried the mini coconut pie and for someone that doesn't like coconut this was delicious! I also got the chocolate chip and truffle cookie and those weren't bad.

seoyeon han

I eat here a lot, I love their pastries! However, as I tried to make a phone order for the cake that is for one of my employees who is leaving on Monday, it was impossible to get their answers. I checked their website for the cake order, but it literally says only through phone calls indicating their phone numbers as well. Like what is the point of indicating that if you're never going to answer..? I ended up ordering the cake at the other place that actually answered the phone. It was quite disappointing.

Sarah Dupras

Best breakfast sandwiches, though they are pricey, even for Seattle.

Kung Fu Lender

Their bacon sammy was insanely good.

KiDD Dragonfly

Wonderful, loved the food and service was great.


I love this place. Breakfast sandwiches are the bomb! Get a peanut butter sandwich to go.

Kyle Kern

Good spot worthy of buying a snack

Ashika Kasiviswanathan

One of best bakeries in Seattle. Their coconut cream pie are a must have.

Sally Roberts

Wonderful bakery. Today I had Rhubarb pie. Yummy!

Neal Wallace

Everything is absolutely bang on. Top stuff. Appreciated the tarragon in the bacon and egg sarnie.

Kristie Ellis

Fast service and delicuous food

Jonathan Voyce

Wonderful but rather pricey.

Eric Johnston

Very good only thing not much seating all tables are outside

fabian gonzalez

Such a rad bakery with tons of options. Will definitely stop by here again on my next trip.

Gerry McDade

If you're going here, you're probably going for the cooked-to-order donut holes. They're like $8-9 for a half dozen bite sized yeasted donuts, and you're probably thinking "nah. naaaaaaaaah." But trust me, YES. They come with marscapone and blackberry jam and are little heavenly pillows. Get them. I've also had and enjoyed the coconut cream pie, and my daughter loves their brownies. Honestly, it all looks great but I can only get here once every few years, so it's ALWAYS the donuts for me.

Eric Velasquez

Not bad doughnuts, but when I asked the lady about what was in the drinks, she was way off. I'll be back for doughnuts, but that's about it

aaron b

Get a coconut pie, pb cookie sandwich, and a breakfast sandwich. All their food is so good!!!

Barret Johnson

Their freshly crafted donuts are devine! What a treat to the tongue!

Sam Andrus

Good breakfast sandwiches. Coconut cream pie was good - not too sweet. Plain English muffin wasn’t great.

omkar aphale

Great assorted pastries, helpful staff, and affordable prices ! Great way to start your day here in Seattle !

Emma Fischer

It is tiny! Have Tom Douglas' bakery cookbook and it was great to see the bakes in person. The peanut butter sandwich cookie is the best!


Cute and delicious. Does not have seating inside.


Visited few times but with long line, I had to give up on getting something so I don't miss my whole lunch time. Today I was able to get Almond Croissant, Cookies and a loaf of bread. All delicious! Just have to go earlier in the day. Although by the time I got my bread line was around the corner again. Got lucky today.

Andy Huang

Top-notch bakery with top-tier pricing. Breakfast sammys (especially the bacon), flaky croissants and triple coconut pie were all incredibly delicious and worth the price. Brilliant!

Angela Libby

Tight quarters for sure but well worth it. I'm slightly addicted to their fig rolls and more so to their chocolate cookies. The line moves quickly. Be patient and you will be well rewarded.

Terry Daniels

This is a great stop for a quick something on your way to work, all the pastries are delicious

Nita Luiz

A gem by Tom Douglas, this bakery is awesome! Definitely more expensive than most bakeries go, but worth it. Love their breakfast and lunch Sammies though I do feel that the portion sizes are too small for the price. Expect a wait time here especially at lunch time!

Theresa Lynn Feeley-Summerl

Amazing, amazing coconut cream pie. I also love their breakfast sammys.

Traci S. McILwain

They said world famous, well they were right light, creamy, tasty, need I say no more.. yum yum


Coffee, solid for Seattle. Baked goods, to. Die. For. I'm from the east coast, no one has the bagel done right over here. But this bakery!! Still, they have the best croissant I've come across and beautiful cookies

Lei Cheng

homemade style pastry shop fast service cuz I like scone but they don't have there ,so recommend me “beercher's cheddar cornbread”,that was great one. sitting outside with this beautiful weather and enjoy food just makes you feel happy.

Jimmy W

The made to donuts with Masacrapon Crean and seasonal jams are perfect for a cold morning. A wonderful treat to start off your day!! Small little place but it's perfect!!

nicole wong

Delicious pastries, sandwiches and some soups. I had a great Eclair though I my husband thought the fig roll was a little too sweet

Michael Aigner

Hands down, best chocolate croissant in town.


Everything is great but you have to try banana coconut pie!

Ginny Stuart

Best peanut butter cookie I've ever eaten in my life! Also love their potato and olive bread. I can't imagine anything they make being bad!

Natalie Gemma

Best bakery I have been to in a while. I go almost everyday when I am in the area for breakfast and even get a sandwich to go for lunch some days.

Andreia Rafael

There are some nice breads here, but they are a little expensive. I did not enjoy the pastries particularly, they were a little too sweet for me. The space is also very small and it is usually too crowded, it is not nice to wait outside in line. And there are only a couple of tables outside that are too close to traffic.

Anna Stenwick

I love this place. The breakfast sandwiches are amazing and served until 2pm so I regularly get one for lunch. Chocolate sandwich cookie was really good. There's so much more there that I haven't tried yet!


Such a great selection of pastries - I wanted to buy it all. Coconut cream pie bite was good but seemed overhyped - listen to the staff and get the real slice! Has better proportions of pie filling/cream/crust. Highly recommend the cookies. Has a nice selection of local gift able food items in the back.

Serina Gee

I got a slice of their Triple Coconut Cream pie. It's extremely rich and decadent. The slivered onions and coconut flakes were wonderful. I do wish it had more of a crust and was a little cheaper.

Phil Brinks

Pastries and coconut cream pies are pretty dang good! Worth the stop!

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