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Ted M

Huge variety of fresh baked goods from breads to cakes to cookies. Serves excellent coffee too. The pastry sizes are huge and the guy at the counter was so helpful. I am definitely going back for breakfast and brunch. Parking was a little challenging but it was totally worth it.

Hanna Gilsvik

Sandwiches were amazing! Loved the caprese! Don’t order a full unless you’re splitting with someone- it is gigantic!

Kailee Mclenithan

I have been coming to this bakery for years, but lately the customer service has been terrible. Twice within the last two weeks I have come in and been blatantly ignored by multiple members of the staff while they instead wash windows, etc. and don’t stop to help waiting customers. I came in this morning and three employees made eye contact with me yet not one person came to help, I chose to leave instead.

Anthony Monaco

Best pastries in Seattle! Hands down. No contest.

Jeremy Bomas

Great fresh breads and pastries of all kind. Friendly staff. Nice patio. Amazing place to relax and enjoy authentic food.

Amanda Thompson

The almond and raspberry Kringle was delicious, highly recommended! Perfect stop for a coffee and pastries or lunch!

Brad Becker


Julia Hustler

Impressive bakery! Every sweet thing you could reasonably hope for, including cakes, croissants, puffs and eclairs, tarts, cookies, bread, quiche, and so much more. Not much privacy for chatting but plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and incredible baked goods. Very clean facility; staff always seem to be cleaning something. Would be nice if the Square register were accessible to little people without them needing to grab a chair to stand on to reach.

Debora deSouza

Best french baguette!!!

Nathan Decker

One of my favorite Seattle bakeries!

Łukasz Chojnacki

The best baguettes I've ever eaten. Really recommend. My daughter also loves their croissants.

Sonny Söderberg

Very nice atmoshpere, the classical Scandinavian "konditori" smell and store layout. Pastries are good, with large selection of Danish especially. Fair price for this kind of location and good service at the counter. I was disappointed with coffee however, it was clearly brewed a while ago so a bit acidy and bitter, and only got a half cup. Also, a bit too much dirt and bread crums on the floor even though there were more than enough staff to tend to it.

lee white

Great big homemade pastries, artisan breads, funky area. Great place to get coffee and chill out.

Carrie Campbell

Delicious!! Nothing beats baked goods made from scratch.

Mia McCurdy

My favorite Scandinavian bakery. Lots of modern twists on classics. The perfect texture on the princess cake! Especially love their cardamom shortbread cookies. Sandwiches are HUGE and delicious.

Holly Hoag

Wonderful traditional pastries

Joshua Fosdick

I'm a big bite sort of guy and I got the best struzzel from these people! The kind that make you take small bites, just so you can drag out the experience a little longer. Truly great fair and the associates are good to us!

Greg Clopp

I haven't had anything from here that I didn't love! Need a breakfast sandwich the size of your head or a flaky bolla to die for? Go here!

Susan Weidkamp

Worth a trip to Seattle! Cardamom mayonnaise on turkey, cranberry croissant was such a delightful surprise. Thank you Aunt Sheila for the suggestion!


Excellent quality bakery! We had a couple of pastries. The bacon bear claw thing (not sure what it's called as they had no labels). The coffee was very good as well. This is a five star shop with a one star attitude. There were no labels, no prices and no menu! They actually seemed annoyed when we asked questions and snickered if you couldn't name an item. That said, I still went back a second time.

Laura Musikanski

Ohhhh. Princess cake! Finally we have a Swedish bakery like Bageriet in London. Cardamom bread! Ohhhhh.

pragnesh parikh

A gem hidden on the Main Street! Terrific coffee drinks, amazing varieties of bread and authentic Norwegian pastries. Bustling place with regulars and a perfect place to meet friends for coffee and things. Cozy and comfy neighborhood bakeri with amazing aroma coming out of the Owens behind the counters. Byen it is! Love pastries and variety of breads from this place. I had asked friends to stop by and pick some baguettes on the way to my home. They did. In the process they fell in love with pastries and breads here! Busy bakery along the ship canal not too far from the bike trail. A perfect stop- anytime of the day. Discover, Explore and Treat yourself!

Kathleen Barry Johnson

I come here for the pastries.

Zoe Zoe

Princess cake was amazing

Jenny Porter

Hands down my favorite place to get pastries or sandwiches. They really make a craft of it. 100% worth the time and money.

Grant Birkinbine

The jalapeño cream cheese rolls are quite yummy and very cheap

Sophie Reid

Yummy pastries and a nice place to eat them. Job done.

Teddy Heiser

Best berry and custard Danish of my life lol.

herb wright

Large selection of pastries......never had anything overly sweet, under- or over-baked. Always fast, friendly service. Very reasonable prices. Always easy street parking

Michael Halk

Their pastry's are freaking awesome! They are on the high side for price. But as soon as you bite into what you purchased. Then you realize that they are under priced!

David Kennedy

Wow, what beautiful bakery, with tasty coffee and pastries and breads. If you're in the area this is a awesome place to sip and savor the favors, scents of this lovely bakery. The staff were bright, cheerful and and helpful.

Vicky Raff

Authentic Danish pastries. Their almond croissant will change your life! Outstanding baquettes, breads pastries with a broad,, great assortment. Delicious cream pastries and cakes. A bit pricey, but so good.

Lori Blikre

Omg have you had their bread? It is the best bread that I've ever eaten. Everything here is delicious the pastries, the desserts, the sandwiches. The food is so beautiful to look at and tastes even better. If I'm in the neighborhood I have to stop here.

Kavitha Lingamoorthy

A taste of Scandinavia - pastries are to die for. We keep coming back for more. Their cakes seem to be on the sweeter side to match American taste. But everything else is spot on. However, we regularly come here for birthday cakes and more pastries.

Kate Steensma

Five stars for Byen Bakeri’s amazing Scandinavian pastries, and one star for me driving past it almost daily for a year without bothering to stop. I regret all of the pastries I didn’t have. Live your best life, there’s no time like the present.

Judy Tucker

Have had the pastries, breads, box lunches quiche and cakes....... everything is fabulous! Really good customer service as well.

Atle Straume

Scandinavian baked goods, whatever you crave. Always people here. Nice atmosphere & friendly staff

Henry Glass

Excellent breads and pastries

Aislin Percival

EVERYTHING at this bakery looked delicious. I had a croissant sandwich with pesto and egg. It was to die for. I told them I'm going to have to start going out of my way to get to this bakery just so I can try more of their stuff. It was that good.

Doug Harrell

Great selection. Great service. Greeted with a smile.

Jon Klem

We'll definitely be going back soon! The pastries are fresh and traditionally made with quality ingredients, and the sandwiches were great. Good tea and coffee selection, too!

Jon Veis

It is great to have another Scandinavian bakery to choose from in the Fremont Ballard area. Looking forward to going back and trying all the other choices that are there.

Shannon Pawloski

I've walked and driven past Byen Bakeri hundreds of times, wondering if they have some of my favorite Swedish fika treats. Unfortunately, the bakery isn't open too late during the week, so I missed my chance to check it out until my sister visited and came home with some punschrulle/dammsugare ("vacuum cleaners"). They were probably in my top 5 - they were so good that we had to make a few more visits. The dammsugare are my favorite, but they have plenty of other options, including savory ones like a salmon smørrebrød. Service is quick and the staff is friendly. The only real parking available is parallel parking on the street - I was able to find a spot quite easily on a Sunday afternoon, though I can't speak for other times.

bruno korbar

An amazing, and very cozy place. The store itself is quite obscure and unassuming, but they make amazing bread and great pastry. All pastry is in Scandinavian style, with American twists (which can sometimes lead to questionable choices, such as icing in place of caster sugar on the cardamom buns). Said cardamom buns are a must try, together with different rye breads.

David Call

Fantastic pastries and cakes. Most look too nice to eat, but the taste matches the presentation. Anytime I am in the area, I will be stopping by 100%!

Aavocado x

Maybe because I had too much expectation-The cardamom roll I got was just so so. There is not a balance of flavors and the bvread tasted sour after few bites. Maybe will try some other stuff.

Sean L

Awww yis, sticky bun

Alex Fane

Fabulous breakfast croissants of all kinds.


Delicious! But you'll pay for every morsel.

Katie Siverson

So delicious! I haven't tried anything I didn't like. Pastries, sandwiches and coffee are so good.

Mary Taylor

I’ve been going here for years because it’s near my house. Recently I had the opportunity to try some of the other highly rated/publicized bakeries in Seattle and none of them hold a candle to Byen. Best danish and best cheesecake I’ve ever had. Excellent pastries, breads, and scandahoovian delights. Get there early! They sell out.

Terumi Pong

Beautiful cakes and delicious pastries and their sandwich combo is huge enough that two people can easily share.

Von Taylor

Once you go scratch, you never go back - Byen is a lovely little bakery, making high-quality pastries & Fonté espresso drinks, and a short walk from the Shipping Canal waterfront trail/park. The nordic/scandinavian pastries are top-notch, with some highlights being the skolebrød and tebirkes. Their cardamom rolls are great for take-home, and "potato" pastry makes for a delicious all-out assault on your cardiovascular system!

Josef Eckert

Fabulous bakery with a wide assortment of treats, sweet and savory. I had a breakfast sandwich with an incredibly delicate croissant. I also had an eclair, which was probably the best I've ever had. Maybe this is because they stocked the case fresh in front of my eyes. Get there early, they do sell out! Grab a little mini roll to go on your way out, you won't be disappointed.

Peter Fleming

Pastries can be very sweet, but balanced in flavor. I always come by here when I'm in town.

Isaiah Grose

The cardomom buns are delicious!

Anna-Karin Salander

Warm, cosy. Savory pastries and sweet. Cookies. Could have even more Scandinavian style cookies and pastries. A little too small. Great rye bread to buy.

Rebekah Malchow

I purchased a number of pastries and some rosemary bread. The bread was light, soft, airy, and delicious. The pastries were only so-so. Service was impatient and rude. Even though we arrived a half hour before closing and were just ordering to go it was like she couldn't get rid of us fast enough. Her attitude was so bad I don't plan on ever going back and I'll be purchasing my favorite Scandinavian goodies elsewhere. The 1 star is for the amazing bread but that's it.

Nancy Hamilton

Even better than the ones from my own kitchen. Good selection, flavorful, and each bit is a delight. Glad I found Byen Bakeri. Can't wait to go again.

Thomas Schmidt

Excellent Bakery. If you want to try Scandinavian Sweets, this is the place

Blythe Knechtel

Oh wow!!! Why did I not know about this wonderful, wonderful bakery until now?! It definitely has Scandi baked goods, but it actually is more French than Scandinavian. It is fantastic. We sampled a rosemary and coarse salt baguette--soft inside, crispy outside, as it should be. Flavor was excellent. Also enjoyed a Danish, Halloween cookie and a cardamom-shortbread cookie. All excellent. Heartiest recommendations!

Michael Sheldon

So many almond pastry options! I've tried several desserts now, including some non-almond standard pastries, and they have all been excellent.

Robert Cardona

Saw this bakery featured while watching Evening Magazine one evening. Stopped in and had an almond croissant and some Fonte coffee. The croissant was delicious and very fresh. Took a few more specialties home to share. Will definitely stop by again and highly recommend. This service was prompt and friendly.

Anutham Adusumilli

Great neighborhood bakery. My favorite is the croissant filled with almond paste

Roger Knopf

They have stuff nobody else has, good prices and extremely friendly staff. As an example, got a huge pastry cream stuffed kringle for my father in law's birthday. Who else has this? Had to laugh, last time I was in a new staffer was getting schooled by a customer because he didn't know what lefsa was! The owner came to his rescue, everyone involved but the kid was pretty amused.

Lauren Williams

This bakery and cafe is welcoming, a terrific balance of relaxed and modern/hip in its decor and atmosphere. Every pastry I've ordered has been a wonderful mouthful, and the tea list (I don't like coffee as much) is well-chosen.

A. Diaz

The store is nice and has a big selection. The dough was very good but the overall taste was lacking. The twice baked almond croissant tasted like pure almond extract, disgusting AF. I had to throw it away and I never throw away expensive sweets. The tea was fine, the service adequate and the facilities clean.

Fernando Martincic

Delicious pastries. I've never been disappointed coming here. Highly recommend the Kringle or the Royal Croissant.

Randall Hicks

Byen Bakeri is a treasure! I live out of town and have lamented the closing of the Scandinavian Bakery on 15th, but no more. When I visit again, Byen will be my first stop! (and my last so I can pack my suitcase full)

Ron Wilhelm

Wonderful service and pastries

Peter Schulte

Another unique Seattle Bakery! German? Scandinavian? Wonderful selection! Easy street parking. Dine in or take out, espresso and other NA drinks. All of these such places are expensive, but so worth it!

Marilyn Buchanan

Wonderful ❣️ and a great selection of beautiful pastries. Breakfast especially good

Brandon Donnelson

Lovely place with lots of yummy choices!

Andy Mueller

Awesome pastries. Good coffee. Near university.

Susan Spooner

This is a great place! The bakery items are yummy and they make stunning cakes that both look phenomenal and taste delicious. Staff very helpful and patient.

Steve Szirmai

Awesome Swedish bakery on the back side of Queen Anne. Delicious pastries!

Rich S

The quiche Loraine was the best quiche I've ever had. I flew in a seaplane, visited the aquarium, checked out the amazing mopop museum, won $100 at a casino, ate prime rib, saw a breathtaking waterfall... but that quiche may have been the highlight of my day. It was that good. Thank you Byen Bakeri, not all heroes wear capes.

Jay Bergeron

Pricey but high quality

Alex Sargeant

Amazing Scandinavian style bakeri just around the corner from Motoshed. Sumptuous and flaky pastry, exotic cookies, and lots of almond paste.

Judith Davidson

Steady line outside the door but it goes by fairly quickly. The smell out the door is all the motivation you need to stay in line, and trust me, the pastries do not disappoint! All the pastries were good but my favorites would have to go to the Kouign Amann and plain 'ole croissant.

Eduardo Valle

Best almond croissant I've ever had!

Bil E

I work nearby and have grabbed a range of sweet items a half dozen times at least.. I heart a great baked item, and as a comparison like macrina’s, irwin’s and larsen’s baked goods. At Byen, I have always been somewhat disappointed. Every single time. I don’t relish the first moment, the last moment, or the middle. It’s a serviceable bakery, but nothing special. I would _not_ recommend it to a friend, unless their otherwise favorite bakery was Safeway. Also, it is not cheap. As a bakery, it is $$.5 to $$$.

M Proudlock

I always enjoy seeking out new, small, family run places to grab a bite to eat, especially bakeries. As I write this my soul is at peace and my belly happy as well, I was not disappointed in this Bakery. As I walked into the store I was greeted with a friendly smile and a good morning by two wonderful women so happily and willingly ready to accommodate my hungry palate. My eyes beheld a most fantastic assortment of delicious pastries and baked goods in the display cases and behind them were with lovely murals on the walls, one of Seattle, asking with sample cakes and pastries which they make there. Two white coat wearing bakers in the kitchen vigilantly preparing more tasty and delectable morsels were hard at creating more delicious items, both having been there since 2am, and both looking content in their morning performance of once again fulfilling their American dream in opening a scratch-made community bakery. I had to take a moment for my eyes to gaze upon all of the choices of items that were available. I had no idea what I wanted for breakfast, but I did know that this is where I was going to get it at. I was so enthralled at the idea of all of the items being prepared on site with fresh whole ingredients. This is something that only moms and grandmas used to do and here it was right in Seattle a place that reminded me of home where I often prepare baked goods for my children from scratch. Could it be that I finally found a place that would match my own taste and quality in food and baked goods? The answer was yes. I decided to settle on their traditional homemade cinnamon roll. I am so glad I did. It was moist and fulfilling in every single bite that I broke off with my fork. The taste of cinnamon and brown sugar with that yeasty dough was fantastic and every single bite made my mouth so happy. It truly did remind me of my own cinnamon rolls that my children just can't get enough of. I highly recommend this bakery, it is so worth the trip to go and get something real, something homemade, something from scratch, made by the hands of real people, real kind people.

Shasta Willson

After spending four hours at the Nordic Museum for our family Scandihoovian's birthday, we were inspired to stop for pastry and maybe a sandwich. Three of us shared the whole Caprese and Turkey sandwiches and both were delicious! Our teen ate enthusiastically and the flavors were interesting and complementary, and two whole sandwiches was plenty for three hungry people. My husband's espresso met his picky standards and the pastries look delicious. We're taking a rather large assortment home to share with the sitter. They even comped a couple of pastries after hearing it was his birthday. Will 100% be back. Edit: the pastries evaporated veggie we finished brewing the coffee! Terrific, fresh and in a few cases unusual flavors. The cardamom bun with custard and frosting was a surprise winner.

Diane Sundvik

Great Scandinavian baked goods.

melanie rodriguez

My favorite. I had wanted to try one of the seasonal creations, brie with walnut danish....they were out so I tried the pumpkin and was not disappointed!! U really need to go there more often

Melinda Guertin

Yummy pastries. Good coffee. Friendly staff. What more do you need

Al Rojas

The best bakery I've ever been to. Get the weekender! Actually get everything. It's all good. Oh and best Shot in the Dark Coffee drink.

Heidi la

Great as always. Wonderful selection baked daily. Little on the expensive side but not by much.

Kip Wassink

Love this place. Excellent pastries made from scratch and a lot of things like Jule Kaka that I've never seen anywhere else except when my grandma makes it.

K Stan

Love this place and love that they open early

Marjorie Graf

Always enjoy the friendly staff and the new decor. The lunches & Scandinavian baked goods are beautiful and always delicious.

chase anderson

Their cakes are ok but aren't worth the price

Thomas Poole

This was my first visit and I am sold! The food was excellent and the service was great. It is also in a great location right down the street from Seattle Pacific University. This may become one of my new favorite spots.

Tessa Ostvig

Very delicious! We had both savory and sweet pastries and couldn't decide our favorite!

Duane Statema

Best bakery in town.

Andrew Johnson

Incredibly good pastry selection, all of them delicious.

Amanda Ryan

Lives up to the hype. I had the almond chocolate croissant, the chocolate croissant and a plain croissant. They were all incredible.

Tino Tereshko

Best kept secret in Seattle! Incredible pastries, made to order cakes.. the deli sandwiches.. And lately their espresso pours are top notch as well

Brian Barajas

One of Seattle's better bakeries

Jessica Poe

My only issue with this place is how much delicious food is available! Everything I've had has been perfection, but I leave thinking "Did I get the right thing?" It keeps me coming back to try everything❤

Etienne Soboleff

The bakery is a tad on the small side, but it only makes it feel more cozy. The pastries are delicious and all made in house each. They also have an espresso bar and sandwiches they make to order. On a nice day they have extra out door seating. It's a nice place to sit and chat with friends or bring your laptop and get some work done.

Penny Gray-Beron

Love the selection, bit pricey. Great baked foods, though.

Greg Kornuta

Amazing Scandinavian bakery with quality ingredients, attention to detail, delicious subtle tastes, and a welcoming old world atmosphere.

Linell Jones

Just like my Bestemore used to make!

Marie Oliver

Delicious pastries and baked goods. Staff is friendly and helpful. They have one or two gluten free options.

Hans Schweizer

Great modern Scandinavian bakery. It was a perfect way to have a variety of pastries for Christmas morning.

Holly Stewart

Ordered some Scandinavian specialties for Christmas and ended up leaving with a lot more. The Weekender (Maple bacon), cinnamon roll, a few other pastries including some type of Nordic berry marzipan dessert that was divine. Everything we picked up was delicious.

Dianne Laurila

Very nice pastries and a good selection. Both sweet and savory fillings. I especially liked the spinach and cheese. They also have a very good selection of coffee drinks, and a nice atmosphere. And when the weather is nice, there is outdoor seating.

Wallis Bolz

No better strudel in Seattle.

Christian Anderson

Bring your Swedish appetite and some friends. Highly recommend the bacon smothered cinnamon roll.

A Lavik

We love going here. Delicious Scandinavian baked goods and welcoming staff.

Karin Collinsworth

Just like the bakeries in Stockholm from when I was an exchange student!

Manpreet Sandhu

The Poppy Croissant was delicious and sweet! Great selection of baked goods and coffee with indoor and outdoor seating.

Dave Cardinale

Amazing place!! Everything is great !!

Karen Anderson-

Had a great roast beef sandwich on swedish rye bread. Bought a loaf to take home

Andrew Lee

I've wanted to visit Byen Bakeri for awhile but don't go out to this part of Seattle very often. Luckily I found myself in the area on a Sunday and popped in. I was kindly greeted by an employee and then found myself amongst a multitude of pastries, breads, and cakes. I've been to other Scandinavian places in Seattle as well as some Scandinavian countries and I liked what I saw at Byen Bakeri. They had many pastries, croissants, cookies, cakes, tarts, baguettes, round loaves, etc. They also were offering smorrebrod sandwiches. The décor was simple but handsome with some dark walls and bright yellow accents. It was very reminiscent of Scandinavian aesthetics. I ended up getting a butterhorn with maple drizzled over it, an almond chocolate croissant, an almond horn, and some thumbprint cookies. Everything was delicious. I especially liked the thumbprint cookies with the rich cookie and the tart and sweet raspberry jam. The butterhorn was also really tasty and lived up to its name with the flaky and buttery texture. I had a great experience with Byen Bakeri and will be back soon. I have my eye on cardamom buns, some bread, and some cakes.

Dan Corkery

This is one of the BEST bakeries in Seattle for pastries that are sweet, rich and delicious! I highly recommend this little spot. Parking may be hard to come by but once you get inside, it will be well worth the trip.

Carol Jackson

Deliciousness at Byen. A great bakery with good coffee and a relaxing vibe. Difficult to choose a treat; there are so many. Cakes too. Thanks for being in our neighborhood, Byen.

Paul Guptill

Nice assortment of delicious baked goods.

Weston Williams

Great bakery, love the Apple Strudels.

Wendy S

Very cute Scandinavian bakery. Nice staff. They have great bread. On street parking only.

Max Shenfield

Byen is raising my bar for bakeries. The goods are presented neatly and seem to be executed perfectly, with a charming space to enjoy them in. We went and ordered a Marionberry+Cheese danish, and a slice of princess cake. The danish had just the right amount of filling: not too much too be sloppy and gross, but not so little that it was just a dried crust. The flaky pastry around it had a satisfying crunch. The princess cake was also tasty, good amounts of soft marzipan and a healthy dollop of whipped cream in the center. I think they use marionberry for the jam. There is parking on the lefthand side street to the east of Byen. There is also some seating in the bakery, 18 - 24 seats.

Leah Hamilton

I have got to say one thing. BEST DRIP COFFEE I HAVE EVER HAD. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

Magnus Gordon

Got a large, large princess torte cake here, it was really mediocre. Very disappointing. I say this just as a description, there were 2 layers of cake with an incredibly thin layer of raspberry between them, the cake was pretty dry, and then on top of the second layer there was a 'mound' I mean absolutely tons of their version of Bavarian cream which seemed to lack any distinct flavor. I'm used to the cake in a cake being there more than the cream, a cake of this size I would think should have had 3 layers of cake, and more generous on the raspberry. The cake like I said was also dry, and too salty. The sugary almond layer was the only redeeming quality about the cake, it was excellent. I went here because it was close, but I'd recommend Hoffman's and the extra trouble to get there in the future if you are looking for a princess torte.

Maral Esfahanpoor

I love most of their pastries but I do not like their coffee.

Dana Webster

Can't go by without stopping

RoyC Brown

Great bakeri with good cakes, muffins and other products. Easy to see from the road. Street parking is available. Prices are very reasonable. A good bakeri

Monica Gilbert

Great pastries

Christy W

Its amazing!!!! The danish with cardamom is my fav thing ever. Worth a visit to Fremont for this.

Krzysztof Dulęba

Pastries are only OK, but the baguettes are simply the best. I come here whenever I want fresh bread.

Anna-Kajsa Ask

My husband and I stopped in for skolebrød and a lingonberry latte (which were absolutely delicious!!!) And we shared that we had gotten our wedding cake from Byen Bakeri 2+ years ago. Before we left, an employee so sweetly gave us a free kransekage roll to remember our wedding ❤️ it was so unnecessary and so sweet!! It made our day! Thank you, Byen Bakeri! Your kindness turned our quick stop into a date ;)

Alex Ferrante

These parties are delicious. I think the handcrafted pastry style they bring is present in the quality. The shop itself is clean and the display is tantalizing. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Sarah Williams

This is THE BEST Scandinavian bakery in the city. Fresh pastries and breads everyday. This is the place to get your breads, the variety is amazing and all items are delicious. If you don't have a sweet tooth, they also make wonderful quiche for the morning, and sandwiches that rival even my favorite subshop.

Liora L

Marzipan potatoes!! Cakes look amazing, challah was soft and beautiful, cookies were tasty, nice atmosphere. Bathroom forest is calming

Chris Antalek

I may be considered biased since this is my cousin's place but it really is 5-star+ good! Rachel and her team have done an amazing job making their shop a boutique bakery while maintaining a high level of quality and attention to detail when it comes to the old-world Norwegian pastries they bake. The pastries reminded me of the small, local, old-world bakeries we frequented as kids in upstate New York! Definitely worth the trip!

Scott Paulsen

Evrything ive ever purchased is delicious! Love this for ever!

David Ehlert

Amazing pastries and kind hearted staff that thoughtfully explain what each tasty nibbly is. Can’t wait to go back.

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