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REVIEWS OF WPA Bakery IN Virginia

Ghana Smith

Have you ever had a homemade english muffin?!?!?! Well I need and I promise it will not be my last. It was so soft and I might not ever eat Thomas English Muffins again. This is a "hip" bakery in Richmond that is patronized by lots of locals and students from the surrounding college and medical school. (You will see lots of laptops out.) They have outdoor tables to enjoy the weather while you eat too.

Lauren Pleveich

Great neighborhood bakery that caters to all eaters in delicious ways. Their gluten free and vegan options are virtually identical to their other food. It's all delicious.

Bobby Edwards

Loved the Banana and Pineapple muffin! So good. Friendly staff and fresh baked items. Very happy after leaving.

Derek Ferguson

LeeAnne Davidson

Kevin Svensen

They are always coming up with great combinations. They offer daily GF and V options as well. Decent coffee and the staff is so friendly too. I love this is my neighborhood go-to


victor garza

Love the bakery goods and the menu is small but the food is delicious. Definitely worth visiting again. And the staff is friendly.

Martin Gohary

Thomas Zydel

Elizabeth Dreon

This place was so amazing that I had them make my wedding cake-- which was also amazing. It was so moist and delicious-- we were so sad halfway through our honeymoon when we realized we'd eaten all the leftovers of it that the caterers had packed up. The "top tier" was there, and they also made a small "anniversary cake" for us to freeze and eat on our first anniversary together-- completely free. This place was a steal for what we wanted-- my friend living up in Richmond actually brought it all the way to Maryland for us, and they had packed it to arrive alive. Making my mouth water remembering eating it now and it was 3 years ago! The only reason I'm writing this review is that I had a random midnight craving for it and am considering asking my husband to come with me for a weekend to Richmond just to get it again. Was looking it up to see if it still exists and I'm so happy that it does! This place is the best!

Steve B

b lucky

The best muffins ever in RVA!!!! They never disappoint

Renee Lamb

Love everything they do here - great gluten free selection!

Garreth Blackwell

Great neighborhood bakery with plenty of gluten free and vegan options. The gluten free coffee cake is a guilty pleasure. Pretty sure I could eat a whole one by myself in one sitting. The coffee is consistently mediocre.

Kelley Harrell, M.Div.

The best gluten-free bakery on the planet. Excellent sour cream coffee cake, muffins, apricot cake. Better yet, all safe!

Kirk Roberts

If you’re ever struck by the sudden desire for a breakfast sandwich on an English muffin the size of your face, this is the place to go. Coffee is good, not great, lots of vegan and gluten free options.

Warren Wallace

Great little bakery! They've got amazing breakfast sandwiches and all sorts of sweets. Their gluten free options are really good too. They aren't mealy like other GF pastries I've tried around town. The staff and the owner are super friendly as well!

shay J

A vendor brought these to my firm and it was tasty.

gregg powell

CR Neary

Simply fantastic! We've gone there a few time on Sunday mornings for our Sunday School class and gotten the gluten free donuts (we have multiple people in our class that can't have gluten) and they have been amazing! Even those who can eat things w/gluten could not tell the difference. This is a fantastic bakery and we will definitely be back again!

Tom Hobbs

Always a pleasant experience to see the smiling faces behind the counter & to get good pastries & coffee. My fav in town!

Bryan Arnold

Christine Stone

Gretchen Sutphin

Amazing vegan options and always delicious!

Blake Greenbaum

Nyla Higgins

Great friendly service ,food was delicious.

Rebecca Bell

Scrumptious baked goods and really kind staff.

Kevin Spoth

Ivan Witteborg

One of the best bakeries in Richmond!!

Angela Conover

Thank you for having so much GF deliciousness!! Especially, GF AND Vegan!!

Doug Duke

Whether a cookie or a custom cake WPA provides really well-made delicious & creative baked goods. Additionally the staff and owners are extraordinary friendly and helpful. For those occasions where I want to take something special this is where I come to. Additionally every year for my birthday I order my own custom and different birthday cake. A nice tradition! Glad I caught on to it. DD

Joseph Ciszek

Always delicious.


The food was delish!! Lots of GF options! The ambiance was relaxing and enjoyable.


Vegan tofu scramble on biscuit is outstanding!

Tiara Shelton

Shannon Higbee

Great vegan options and a wonderful staff! The pear olive oil muffin is my favorite. If they have it, try it <3

Eli BR

Robert Nickles

Michael Ferguson

My wife and daughter are GF - and we are so thankful for WPA. So many things there are delicious. The GF sour cream pound cake is off the chart. We get custom GF cakes for all occasions - we don’t go anywhere else - we’ve had hummingbird and chocolate. I love “debris” in my cakes so the hummingbird was amazing. My ONLY recommendation is they need to do something with their GF pie crust. The pie is delicious and we normally just skip the crust because it just tastes like straight flour. But we still order it because it’s that good. Go here - order lots.

Bruno Sultanum

Ella Bandy

Wonderful selection of baked goods. Excellent choice for gluten free! Don't forget the day old discounted baked goods. Great neighborhood spot.

El Scono

Nice bakery, they have some gluten free and vegan options & good deals on day-old stuff.

Sheila Davis

Everything tastes great and is homemade. Love the Earl Grey Lavender tea too! Just tried their breakfast sandwich... to die for!!!

michael grabow

Jonathan Lawler

I was excited when I heard about a great bakery that offered gluten free options near my neighborhood of Shockoe Bottom. Before I went to the store I heard from some friends that they accommodate allergies pretty well but apparently that was not the case. I have celiacs & so I always ask to make sure what precautions a store takes to make sure there is no cross contamination. Upon asking I was told that if my allergy is anywhere near severe that I should go somewhere else which I actually appreciated but didn't understand because this store advertises as a gluten free bakery & if i'm not mistaken they're pretty well known for it. I don't quite understand why'd you would make the extra effort to have a large selection of gluten free options, but not have an ounce of confidence in your product. From my experience I'd have to say this place does not take into consideration customer accommodations but maybe I just had a bad experience. Anyways, if the employees are not confident, I certainly cant be.

Corinne Haddaway

I recently moved walking distance to WPA, my first visit, I was in love, the blueberry chocolate cake was to die for. I go back two days later hoping for another blueberry chocolate slice, I was in luck. The second time though my slice was not even a full slice of cake. I said something to the girl working and she said they have to “portion them”. I’d like my portion to at least be a full slice when paying almost $5.

Johnny Bolden

Caleb Benjamin

Some of the best pies in Richmond. Very homey feel and tons of gluten free options. Blackberry cheesecake with white chocolate (GF) was to die for.

Taelor Mahana

Delicious! Love all the gluten free options but wish there was a larger selection, it seems like every time we go there is only the sour cream cake and buttermilk pie. Both are amazing, but a little more variety would be nice.

Yahn Wagner

Good muffins, pastries, and good regular coffee. Just needed more coffee options, to my taste.

Zach Werner

Raymon Jump

Desmond Suarez II

Ricou Heaton


Try Caneles

Barbara Branch

Great muffins and pastries. LOVE IT!

Hannah Woodcock

Elizabeth Boehmer

Mary D

Seth Galentine

Awesome pies!!

Jana Everett

Amazing food, interesting art. The place is like France in that the staff is dressed immaculately and also like France in that they hate you.

Anna Finch

It's always a fun day when you get to visit WPA. All of their vegan goodies are delicious (I LOVE the vegan breakfast sandwich on a biscuit) and everyone that works there is really nice and welcoming. They also play really great music.

Michael Nesossis

Great service. Always vegan/vegetarian options. Recently the banana cake with chocolate frosting has been outta sight.

Nicole Barnes

Everything I have tried is delicious!

Paige Harland

Lester Brown III

Nena Pritchard

Pamela Stinson

Khay Lyne

Blackbird Tees

First off, everyone is super nice here. Gluten-free and vegan options, abound! And all are very tasty. We try to visit weekly to get our muffin fix. They also make great cakes and pies. Can't go wrong! PS - Don't know what a Canele is? Go to WPA and find out...yummy!

Christopher Washington

The caneles... Get the caneles!

Andrew Geha

Eric Borchers

Pamela Attkisson

Isak Davis

Mike Emmons

John Miller

Very good pastries. I had a delicious vegan blueberry lime muffin. Very moist and flavorful. Coffee was good too.

Timothy Stone

Quick service. Fantastic muffins. The GF peanut butter cookie is awesome. I may not be hipster enough however for the regulars.

Jay Robinson

Egg and cheese english muffin

Steve Moulson

Tori Noles

Best people, best muffins!

Nadene Franklin

Carol Brenner

BEWAR LE ALLERGY SENSITIVE CUSTOMERS!!! My husband and I stopped in to check out their gluten free pastries. I asked the girl if the apple pie had corn products in it because I am allergic. She said no., I even asked a second time to be sure. She said no it didn’t have any corn products I ordered it. Ate it. Now am having a reaction. I called their other location to ask what was in the GF apple pie. It has corn starch. I am so angry. Now I will be sick for a week because of her not knowing facts and basically lying to me. And besides that- the service by the 2 girls that were working was horrible. You just lost our business.

Anne D

The best. My grandkids love this place and I love taking them there !

Greg Nowotarski

Low cost, great food. End of story. This place is a gem not only because of it's incredible customer service and quaint, cozy vibe, but the consistency of the food. P.S. the paquets are scrumptiou-lescent!

Phil Woods

Wonderful breads and bakery items!

Jennifer Winship

Great place for gluten free breakfast and desserts.

Darrell Coffey

Local Bakery. Delicious options. Ask for the egg and cheese on English muffin or biscuit! You won't regret it.

Elissa Trieu

Absolutely wonderful! This place makes delicious pastries, and there's always something new here. They have all sorts of pastries, from giant muffins to the best cookies. They also do vegan and gluten free stuff. AND the people who work here are so friendly. Gotta love it


Got my mother's birthday cake here. My sister has a gluten allergy so we decided to get a gluten-free cake so she could celebrate with us. OMG, the cake was WAY better than we expected it to be! We got an almond cake with chocolate icing and it was one of the best cakes I've ever had. If your GF cake is this good, I can't wait to try your standard cake!!!!


Jennifer Arnold

WPA is one of Richmond's gems. Everything is good, from sweet to savory. My favorite is the hummingbird cake. Delish!

Andrew Higgins

Best bakery in the Hill!

Ashley Barrow

Went for the first time this morning! Very satisfied. The staff were A+.

John Doe

Amazing atmosphere

Kevin Irby

Superb service and scrumptious baked goods. Also, excellent coffee. On my last visit I got an iced coffee, but the star of the show was the vegan blueberry pie. A sweet crumble topping ties together the pastry and a healing helping of giant blueberries. Highly recommend.

Gloria Guntinas

tracy tailor



Always perfect!

Joseph Popiel

The gluten-free options are ALL definitely worth a trip to WPA Bakery. Some of the best my wife and I have ever had. Excellent prices as well.

Allison Smiley

I went here for the first time last week - and have already gone back three more times.... They have an incredible selection of Vegan and GF options. I went with a friend visiting from England, and she agreed they had the BEST black tea. That's a huge compliment, WPA ;) It's a fun place to grab some breakfast after a little Libby Hill workout!

sean jenkins

Delicious biscuit egg bacon cheese sandwiches

Abby Schoenfeld

WPA always has at least one vegan muffin option everyday. The breakfast sandwich is awesome!

David Miller

Clinton Lewis

Good treats and pastries, small little place.

Barry Wells

Great staff and relaxing environment.

christine byrne

I've been trying to get a gf pie for three days. Three days of calling, driving up to the store, and not getting a pie, even when one was promised. Today I finally got one at the Southside location! I'm so happy about finally getting the pie, but the experience was just awful. Every phone call with the women that picked up was short, very rude, they didn't care about getting the business, and I'm disgusted with their customer service. Hopefully the pie is good, because it was so hard to get it. When I asked how long to heat it up for, I was answered with "I don't know, just put it in the oven until it feels warm." NO KIDDING. I could have come up with that answer myself. No help.

Jesse Potts

Johnnie Owens

Chris Leehey

Positively delightful


brandie graham

I received an apple pie as a gift and it was delicious! The flavors were amazing and the presentation was beautiful!

Maranda Moore

I ordered a gluten free vegan cake last minute and they made sure they made it within my time frame even though they were closing early! My cake was so so delicious and the staff was nice, I will definitely be coming back !


I love going to this place. The people are very friendly and it's a very laid back environment and the baked goods are all really good. They are more reasonably priced than many other bakeries and still have excellent quality. I've become a regular and encourage others to try it out. Excellent baked goods without the pretentious environment.

Tanesha Washington Powell

Great customer service and yummy desserts with many vegan and gluten free options daily

Matt Morton

Andrew Kerscher

Michelle Johnson

Every vegan dessert that I eat here is delicious. I have never been disappointed.

Mike Schwarz

Robert Caudill

Great egg and cheese biscuit!

Alicia Garcia

Whether you want a sweet pie or a sweet muffin or a savory biscuit sandwich, this is literally my favorite place in the city to sit down and do work with delicious treats.

C Corbett

Many gluten free choices available! I had the gf English muffin with egg, cheese, ham and muffin. Delicious!

Darryl Brown

Lavender tea and caneles are the best!!!!

Gary Williams


Steve Tartakovsky

Lots of vegan options, always something different and delicious.

Elizabeth Rabidoux

This is our favorite bakery in Church Hill. Sticky Bun Saturdays are delicious, and their sour cream coffee cake is wonderful!! It is also a great place to go when the vegans in our family come to visit. They have a ton of vegan and gluten free muffin, pie, cake, and cookie options.

Michael Polson

Kelly Fischer

Michael Clarke

Christopher G

Great selection of desert and very yummy. Nice atmosphere, very chick.

Beth Wil

Many gluten-free and dairy-free options! The pecan and chocolate pies are simply outstanding. I have yet to find in neighboring states, even in their larger cities, such as Pittsburgh, PA, an authentic bakery of this caliber and quality. Well done, WPA!

Mary Louise Munden

The best of the best

Ocean Cruiser

The service was awful. First I asked if they had Gluten Free options and the girl said with an attitude “Well, that’s what we’re known for!!!” Her answer caught me by surprise so I explained that I was from out of town and it was my first time there and went on asking if they have a dedicated GF kitchen and turns out they don’t. She said that not every item is GF and that she could not guarantee that the GF pastries would be 100% GF, and looked very annoyed with me. I explained to her that was asking those questions bc I have celiac disease and that I get really sick if I have even a very small quantity of gluten, but she simply seemed not to like me... I wonder if she treats all people with Celiac disease the same way? Anyways, I do not recommend it

Sara Thomas

Everything I've had has been absolutely delicious. I love all the gluten free choices! I highly recommend the Sour Cream Coffee Cake!


Cindy Wettig

Iced coffee is very good.

Derek R. Austin

The best! Try the gluten free hummingbird cake! There are also vegan pastries. And breakfast food!

Robert Sterling

Great - and rare - purveyor of gluten free baked goods in addition to regular baked goods. Great morning bakery and coffee place!

Alexandria Hawkins

Delicious. Chill place.

Mike Garrett

The best gluten-free breakfast sandwich. It's a dream.

Mark Frank

I sent over a box of Holiday cheer( Cookies, etc), And the clients loved all everything about it. WPA hit it out of the park!!

Tracy Mason

Love the vegan breakfast biscuit and vegan cakes.

Kelli Yoder

Scherra Valentine

Lorin Bagwell

Bought Hummingbird cupcakes and a mixed berry pie and both were outstanding!

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