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REVIEWS OF The Swiss Bakery and Pastry Shop IN Virginia

Azza AlGhamdi

The bakery is outstandingly delicious. I tried many types and you can tell that they use high quality ingredients. However the coffee was not good so I highly recommend the chocolate or mocha drinks.

Helen Michie

I love this bakery restaurant.For a little more than the price of a McDonald's breakfast you can get a delicious swiss inspired treat. Enjoyed the pastry and cookies too. Imported beer and wine are sold here as well.

Kate Smith

The assortment of pastries and baked goods is impressive - something for everyone! Very good prices for home made quality! Six delicious, large "share size" pastries and a large coffee for $20 is quite reasonable. Friendly staff and nice outdoor seating too. I'll be back!

Kristi Robinson

We had breakfast sandwiches, which were delicious. They get busy on the weekend, so be prepared to wait a little bit for prepared food. However, the final product is always worth the wait.

Mike Noyes

I went to The Swiss Bakery on a recommendation. Very glad that I did. The food was amazing, the pastries were wonderful, and the imported packaged food and drinks were a blast from my past. Service was excellent. If you go when things are busy you may have to wait in line for a bit, again it is worth it.

Jack Yu

You can get high quality chocolate here.

Kristina McLaren

Delicious and super friendly!

Caroline Arcos

Pricy but food taste yummy and always fresh. Costumer service is excellent. Sometimes hard to find a place to sit because how crowded sometimes it gets. Overall, great place to eat. I would recommend it.

A Wall

If you are Swiss, this is a must. If not it's a great discovery. The variety of breads and their freshness is unsurpassed among bakeries in the DC area. I couldn't live without the Swiss bakery.

Kimberly Strong

Great place to pick up fresh bread, sausages. Cheese. Chocolate, nice place to sit and eat, too! Fresh warm sandwiches, too!

Greg Gennaro

This is a wonderful store. I think it was recently remodeled. The pastry look so wonderful, sad I can't have them. But this is my stop for German Coffee and Tea. I stock up for myself and a friend. Would recommend to anyone needing a taste German/Swiss/Austrian foods. (Sorry for the blurry photos)

Sarah Albamonte

Delicious food and friendly staff. Their baked goods are amazing. Also best quiches I have ever eaten. I come here as often as I can.

Megan Kvandal

The cheese danishes are a staple in any family get together. Such friendly staff and quick service.

Heather B

Amazing food and fun special events!

Kevin Streat

A great place with fantastic food!

janet greentree

Awesome Grrman food and great bakery.

yaron friedman

Best bakery in the tri state area!! The pastries are delicious and the staff is AMAZING. They have many special items that are imported from Switzerland and the prices are fair.

William LaMorie

Very good food, good service, and quick for how busy it was.

Caroline Maunakea-Hammonds

Amazing baked goods, efficient staff, and nice cheese and wine selection. We come often, and it is never disappointing. The almond pretzels are what dreams are make of! Awesome bakery and better prices.

Rick Lent

My favorite place for a treat. Real Swiss brewed coffee, no bitter taste at all. The Nutella log is flakey and perfect side kick. Soup of the day is always delish. For a real lunch try the pork sandwich, thin cut breaded and seared!

Ryan Hogue

The food and ambiance is great. The wait times are ridiculous. I live 2 minutes from the place so I've been my fare share of times. I once went 3 times in a row and was told I couldn't order the standard menu item that I wanted (all 3 times) for various reasons.... once they ran out, another time it was a festival themed day, the third time they lost power (all in a row!). I recently placed a carry out order (which I've done many times) and it took 28 minutes to get the food from the time my order was placed. I watched people who didn't order carry out come in behind me, order, get their hot food, and leave before I got mine. I was told "It's Saturday!" as in I should expect to wait 28 minutes every time. I know from experience that isn't (or at least hasn't been the case) over recent years, but you should consider it if you're not planning on dining in.

Roman Badrus

It is very quality food!!!

Michèle Fehr

Was an awesome experience! I was in there after being two years away from Switzerland where I was born and raised. Reminded me a lot about home! The food was delicious and the location wonderful! Staff very friendly! Original swiss products what I really appreciate! Thank you so much!

Barb Evenson

A wide range of Swiss foods. The basket is fantastic!

Laurie Dumais

Hubby LOVES this place!

juan jose merchan

I feel very fancy when I'm at this place for their kaffee und kuchen. This probably isn't your daily kind of bakery, where you would go everyday for coffee and cakes, but if you want to spend a little extra on a weekend, then give this place a try.

Aiya A

Can't even have one favorite item here because everything is so good

Natalia Rodriguez Caceres

I have been looking for a coffee shop like this in a while and I'm so glad I found it! the Swiss Bakery, is definitely a coffee shop you need to try. I love the environment and home like feel and the food is all so amazing at affordable prices. The staff is also very very friendly, you feel at home.

pablo lopez

The best bakery


I enjoyed my meal

petra hunt

Great selection of sweets, breads, meats, cheeses and even some wine. Service was friendly. There is table service if you want to eat there. Counter service for groceries. Very busy on weekends.

Nicola Magley

Excellent food, coffee, chocolate, and service. It takes a little while to get food but worth the wait. Cheese danishes are the BEST!

Shaela Beck

This place is amazing! They have every pastry you can dream of and... They make a terrific menu! I highly recommend the hash browns with egg... Delish!

Felipe Allegro

I used their online store website to order some chocolates. The experience was great receive everything in 2 days.

KK in DC

Great treats, like cheese danish, fruit tarts, oat scones. Fabulous selection of prepackaged, European chocolates and sweets. Iffy Internet.

Cristalo Quinn

Good food, love the quiche and salad

Jason Dechant

Great pastries

Arelis Villafane

Great staff and food as well as a homey atmosphere. The pastries and their quiche lunch special is excellent

Melchol Fantaye

The pastries are AMAZING and the bread is consistently the best quality. Great place to try European treats.

Christopher Kubicek

This is definitely a family favorite. Service is a little slow at times so minus 1 star.

Penny Parasidis

Great bakery, they have some good lunch dishes. Also, pastries are fairly priced and very good service

Ron LaRosa

Good food, prices reasonable. Recommend.

Anne Andrews

The breakfast selections were tasty and the servers were concerned and helpful, especially Virginia.


purchased a variety of desserts ($70 worth, so A Variety), and they were not worth the value. The pastry themselves tasted bland for some, and the condiments on top/in the pastries did not mesh well together. Best item: creme brulee, but was a bit dense (not creamy) All in all, worth a try to decide for one self.

Gaby Rodo

The coffee and pastries are great but the wait time for a simple order is very long. Make sure you budget waiting time if you plan to go!

silvia romero

Pumpkin chessecake and black forest cake is so yummy

Natasha L

Cheesecake is soooo fluffy!!!

karina sanz

Great pastries and bread. I love their products and the personnel is super nice. Saying that I give 3 stars because of how slow is the service. The personnel is not properly trained to deal with more than one customer at the time in the whole store (it gets frustrating sometimes) Also I personally don’t like the ambiance, it’s sterile (like the rest of the hotel) no character. Yet I am grateful for this place.

Sinan Abood

Best pastries in Virginia period. I would recommend their donuts and danishes.

Emily Flanigan

A must! Try the dark hot chocolate.

Dereck B

I've been here numerous times for their latte, almond crosant, breakfast....never had bad food. Workers are always clean. Well ill deserve 5star!

Cindy L

Delicious and top quality Swiss foods -- from the pastries and cakes, to their delicious quiches, sandwiches, and salads. Go early, this place is popular on weekends! Can't say enough about the quality of their selections.

Ricardo O'Brien

Pastries were good but the atmosphere was more like a machine then relaxed dining. Staff members provided good service. However they seemed tense or stressed out. Thanks for your efforts Baker Team...

Ray Dolgert

Like stepping into another country. Great quality and ambiance.

Kelz Thom

I generally love the Swiss Bakery. I stop by at least once a week due to its close proximity to work. However this experience was a little different. I waited in line like other patrons. When I got to the register, I asked the gentleman if they had any Museli left as there was none in this case. He stated that they should be able to make me some but first he had to go wait on another patron. I had been there prior to this patron. I literally stood there as he waited on several patrons, never once acknowledging me. Finally another team member walked up to me and asked what i needed because i had been patiently waiting. For that reason alone, I will continue to patronize the Swiss Bakery but this experience has surely put a sour taste in my mouth.

Penny Geiger

The Swiss Bakery is one of the best bakeries I have ever been to on the east coast. LOVE that there is delicious, authentic Swiss baked goods (specially their hard rolls, so hard to find) & other Swiss foods so close to the beltway.

Jason L

Fantastic dice of Europe in Northern VA!

Paulette Paglia

I had a delicious tarragon chicken salad. In the past my family and I have had their sausage sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches - all excellent. People are very nice. Beautiful pastries and cakes. Order at the counter and you'll receive a number. Food is brought out to you but you must order at the counter. My only criticism is that the temperature inside is frequently too warm. Maybe a few ceiling fans would be a good fix?

Linsay Culver

My husband got me the White Chocolate Mousse Cake for my birthday from here. It was delicious. It's rich, fluffy, and creamy. I cannot wait to try their chocolatw mousse, hazelnut, and vanilla cakes. The cakes are made fresh daily. I want to visit to try their other pastries and goodies, too.

Hansei Kai

Great variety of pastries; Swiss and German products such as sausages, cheeses, cakes, big parking lot, it has tables to eat.

Jackie Harvey

Swiss Bakery is so good. They have the absolute best mocha ever! (Swiss mocha) The onion soup is one of the best onion soups I've ever had. Their pastries are top notch. You can't go to Swiss Bakery and not get some kind of sweet, flakey goodies.

Simon Lewis

This place is amazing and it has so much potential, all the pastries are delicious, the place looks great inside, its very nice to seat down and have a nice conversation while having some of their mouth watering treats. The only reason I don't give it a 5 star its due to the wait, I wish they either open more locations or have more staff available, it would honestly solve all the complains they get. Again, great place, food is delicious, the staff it always nice and have a smile on their faces, the waiting is the only down side. Please open more locations

Ruth Hassell

Huge selection of delicious things and very nice people!

Karen Reed

Their quiche lunch special is so fluffy and yummy.

Gema Souto Adeva

I love this place! The ambiance is friendly, relaxed and cozy. As a Europen I feel at home. The bread, pastries, food, and coffee/cocoa beverages are great! It's also a shop for all sorts of stuff from fondue sets to cheese, pasta, and chocolate!

Craig Marshall

Love this place. One of the only authentic european bakeries in the area.

Jill Taylor

Where have you been all my life?!?!? Amazing pastries. I'm glad it's far enough away otherwise I'd be there too often!

Patrick McKnight

Can't believe I lived so close for so long and never visited. I must be crazy. Just go. Best carb delights in NoVA.

Dion Dixon

Delicious pastries, good drinks, friendly staff. Can be a bit hectic and noisy, but that's because it's popular.

andre bosshardt

I drive from Baltimore to eat here. The food is fresh and always reminds me of home and growing up.

Roohi Mahmood

It s not a place for budget conscious ppl.

Terry Orie

Been twice now to their Flagship location in the Ravensworth Shopping Center. Had two different grilled sandwiches that we're both very tasty. I'm planning on a cold sandwich next time. The sandwiches we're big. We actually split the roast pork sandwich today and got some treats, too. Eclairs are really good. Carrot cake was okay, but something was missing for my taste buds. I will definitely be back to continue working my way through their menu‼️

Maria-Cristina Maass

Great service. Chocolate prices for Ragusa and Frigor a little too steep. Raclette was great and a great value?

Jaspreet Singh

One of the top bakeries in Northern Virginia - it’s all great here!!!!

Ray Grant

Excellent as usual.


Everything we got was delicious. We didn't realize until we went in that it's not just a bakery where you can pop in to buy a cake or pastries, but there's actually a sit down restaurant portion. Order your hot foods and coffee or tea and they will give you a number and then bring a delicious meal to your table.

Monalisa Doan Mitchell

Very busy, coffee weak but enjoyed the wall to wall chocolate assortment

Se Chang

Great service here. They have a bunch of Swiss products and foods. The pastries are pretty good. A little pricey, but worth spending your money

Tom Bernhart

Great European-style baked goods. Also a good place for a quick lunch.

Drew Nelson

Good selection and a nice variety.

Mary Avedissian

Very good bread and pastry. The sweets are overpriced. I had a signature breakfast, the omelette had black stuff all under it, fortunately I noticed. They gave me a new one but there were no apologies or anything. Haven't gone there since.

Brad Moffett

Great bakery/Cafe. Cakes and desserts are superb, but don't miss their pretzels, pastries and other Swiss or Austrian fare. Can find a wide range of cheeses, quiches, German sausages, and wines to eat or for sale. Hidden in the middle of a strip mall, the place is packed with locals at lunchtime and on the weekends. It is well worth the trip to find it. Everyone there, staff and customers serm to having a good time.

Jon Rochefort

Awesome shop for traditional German/Swiss fare and imported goods. Their Rösti is amazing.

Nathaniel Ely

Always great food and courteous staff

Todd Mueller

Went a couple weekends ago during their carnival celebration and ordered a bunch of desserts to try. Whatever I got was delicious. The white chocolate mouse cake was my favorite

Lucille Franco

Very friendly service and tasty foods here. Highly recommend!

Yuri Jung

amazing pastries, cakes, food, and coffee!!! love their service, friendliness, and easy going environment. not overpriced like some other bakeries in the town, and I love how they actually give food in the real plates and cups if you dine-in. I can't wait to go visit again.

Everett Williams

Pastries are great and they have proper German/Swiss sausages.

George McHale

Great European food, bakery & confectionery choices!

Gloria Connolly

This is a fun place with a delightful atmosphere. The Swiss coffee and pastries are good--- and I really appreciate the fact that they brought the coffee to your table in a ceramic cup, rather than a paper cup. It's just so much nicer to enjoy a cup of coffee in a real cup.

Meredith Aquila

Great selection of pasties and deli items. Berner rostis (shredded potato pancakes with bacon, egg, and cheese) require a 15-20 minute wait, but they are well worth it. There's always something new, according to season, and the market items are diverse and fun (wines, cheeses, chocolates, candy, etc.). The coffee is great. Super nice staff. I always leave feeling full and happy. If I lived closer, I'd be there every day (I'd also be about 5,000 pounds...)

Christopher Hanson

Pretty cool little bakery that has some unique European products. Only wish the hours were later

Pablo Buendia

The food is very good, and comes with delicious little sides. For example if you get a hot chocolate, it comes with little cookies. Their quiche is tasty and comes with a salad and toast, it makes an amazing breakfast. They make a different quiche depending on the day, some better than others (broccoli quiche bleah!) For food and service I would give them 5 stars. The reason I am giving them 4 stars is that they started opening the cafe (food) later in the morning than the doors, so even though they supposedly open at 7, they only sell pastries and coffee at that time, to get breakfast you have to wait until almost 8. I have shown up at 7:30 on my way to work several times and cafe is not open yet.

Judy O

This the best place for buying Wurzelbrot outside of Switzerland. They have a large seating area and a tempting pastry display. There isn't a lot of Swiss German chocolate, but the French chocolate is very good. There is always lots of parking.

Steven Chong

Awesome Swiss bakery.

Rachel Way

Delicious selection of fresh baked goods but the breakfast items were hit and miss. Friendly service and fair prices.

Chris Murphy

The wife and I got the cherry tart. It was probably the best tart we’ve ever had. Can’t wait to go back.

Kyle Ott

Really authentic food and wonderful atmosphere. The Rösti could have been a little crispier but still was delicious!

C Poe

Fantastic service. We ordered some Swiss chocolates in the online store and it arrived at the recipient in wonderful packaging. The gift note we had typed was not printed like in other places but actually handwritten. If you are looking to surprise someone with Swiss chocolate or other Swiss specialities look no further!

Jerry Miranda

Nice bakery and cafe tucked inside the strip mall off I495. Friendly staff. Lots of seating to just hang out. Coffee prices similar to Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Terrific selection of pastries and other baked goods. The small cookies are delicious.

Diana Jeanes

The Snitzel sandwich was wonderful.

Steven Vest

Great service. Great food. Love this place

f3bix 1800

I ordered a side of potato salad INSTEAD of the salad that was to come with my meal. And I vot both.

Tony Senerchia

Amazing! Located in a dinky strip mall with tacky signage and an overly busy interior, if you're looking for a place to find legit Swiss products, this is the place! Cailler? Check! Villars?? Check! La tresse/zopf? Check! Thomy??? Check!!! Hell, they even have Swiss coffee on the menu, which I miss so very much over here. Take my money! I'll be back - it's worth the trip.

Emily Hertig

Wonderful food, staff and atmosphere. The best berner rösti and pastries around!!

Barbara Hollingsworth

Excellent Old World pastries, chocolates, cheeses & meats. Expanded store has more room to sit and linger. Half expected to hear yodeling.

Ms La-Ronda

I was disappointed. The display of food was beautiful, but maybe my choice of foods want the best. It was really noisy. The staff was really nice. It was crowded which means it was probably just me that wasn't satisfied. I won't go back, but I won't discourage others from going.

Patricia Curran

Great food, bread, pastries, and cookies. All types of Swiss cheeses and assortment of German wursts.

Riza Cepni

Nicely designed and clean store, have a good number options, smiling employees. Looks highly professional.


Great place

Meta Rater

Food is good, no problems there. Service is completely clueless, resulting in many wrong orders and long wait times. Desperately needs organization and employee training

Fred Weder

Exelent good food

Angel Olson

I stop by Swiss Bakery whenever I pass it! I love their ham and cheese croissant!

Kutaiba Khafaji

Nice place to have some sweet ..

James Albright

A unique place on the edge of Annandale, the Swiss Bakery is a full-service bakery, coffee joint, and local hangout. Efficient (!) and clean, they bring your order to your table. They seem well-staffed and popular. Noise levels were surprisingly low for a large space. Not cozy but pleasant.

Mike L

Good products, fair price and easy online service

Susan Stauffer

Awesome! Gem to find while travelling through the area. Wish we lived in the area.

Sheff Richey

Incredible sweets and

Pat N

Always good. Breakfast options are great. Pastries amazing. Love it.

Nick Oettinger

Our favorite bakery in the Springfield area. Very good sandwiches and coffee, and great pastries. Very friendly staff. A great place for breakfast and lunch.

Carl Demus

Great Service, Again

Jake Artin

This is the best bakery where we can have a nice European style breakfast. Also, we love their bread and the variety of products, like German sausages and chocolates. We usually go to their Burke location but yesterday we were at their main location in Springfield with a guest. We ordered two "Berner Rosti" breakfasts and luckily my wife checked under the fried eggs and discovered that on both orders the underside of the fried egg had black residue on it. It looked like the pan on which the eggs were fried were not cleaned properly. She requested them to replace the eggs at least as it takes 20 minutes to prepare the dish. They did it but no one apologized for their mistake. What kind of manners is this towards your customers. If that happened in any McDonalds you were going to get a kind apology. Staff needs training on how to treat their guests. Moreover, the black residue on the eggs is a carcinogenic health hazard. A restaurant should follow guidelines in keeping the public safe.

Rekha Nallappa

Best bakery around! Loyal customer for years.

TN Stanesa

Takes me back to Europe every time I walk through the door!

John Copley

Great European pastries.

Richard Chobot

Great place to hangout out or for breakfast and lunch. Pastries, cakes and rolls to die for

Steven Horton

I watched the staff being so patient with an extremely picky customer.

Branislav Nikolic

Top place!

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