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REVIEWS OF The Cheesecake Factory IN Virginia

Beatrice Wilcher

I enjoyed my experience there. I'm from out of town and this was a special treat. The only thing to improve upon, the lighting was too dark. Very hard to read the menu.

Nghi Doan

Convenient location, near the highway (I-495), many choices on the menu. If you park on the top level of the garage, the entrance is on the left of the connecting bridge, go in the dedicated elevator, up to the 3rd floor, that will take you right inside Cheesecake Factory. If you park in the lower level away from the sun/rain/snow, walk in the mall and take the escalators to the 3rd floor to get to the restaurant.

Don Francis

Often a choice for family celebrations. Famous for a variety of rich cheesecakes. We often share 2 or even 3 on 1 dessert. We can always order more. The meals and service is always exceptional.

Figueroa Esq

Food Just not There :( Service was excellent, that's the reason for 2 stars. We ordered a Parmesan Crusted Chicken. It was dry, overcooked (hence texture of chicken was like eating soft cardboard) and a tad greasy. No flavor whatsoever. I was expecting a BANG in flavors, all I got was "Baby" from Justin Bieber, BORING!!! The cooked spinach was much better than chicken go figure. Lol. The whole grain bread was also good. Very disappointed with The Cheesecake Factory. If this food were in a court room it would definitely be found guilty in the first degree of taste and quality homicide. We will soon be doing these critiques on YouTube... SEE YOU THEN....

Fred Blumenthal

Food has improved over the years and menu items have increased considerably. There is also a separate menu for those counting calories. And, of course, the cheescake selections are abundant and delicious!

Donald Christian

My go to spot. Nothing has changed. Always the best.

Kelvin Henderson

Food is okay but the wait and the service is not too great. Considering the prices that they charge!

Lenins Salinas

Food took to long more than 25 minutes for and appetizer

Juan Carlos Lobo

Such a great quality food, I highly recommend the Chipotle pasta, one of the best pasta ever tasted, and I'm a pasta man btw. Excellent place with great access, great prices and the host were very kindly. I would return without hesitate

Andy Pun

Food tastes great but for reason the penne pasta is cold even after I asked for a reheat. Staff is very friendly though.

Bryan Clagett

Always a decent experience with good food. Wait staff is great.

Thomas Taylor

Went for just desert, the cheese cake was great.

Rhea Butler

Great food, especially cheesecake. Everyone is friendly and the restraunt is filled with cool designs.

Ivana Cerovic

Fantastic family restaurant. Strongly recommend sharing salads. S'mores cheesecake my absolute favorite

Gloria Benjamin

Cheesecake Factory in Tysons corner everything was excellent.

Sabina Musembi

Good place to be with best friends. Quiet and nice food plus god services.

steven jones

Great Food but slow service for Bog Parties

Yuki Smith

Love the cheesecake most of the other food is pretty decent too.

Gloria Guyton

Everything was great but it was to dark inside I would've loved to see my food

B Buyer

Didn't have to wait long for a table, food was good and didn't take long. Service was decent as well. We'll be back soon!

K David Boyer

The outstanding service and food. Attentive waiter.

Thekra Alsaidi

Nice food and service

bellarita 55

Great place for birthday dinners. Family and kids friendly. Great food and good service.

Paul Meeks

Monique , our waitress, made our meal a huge success. My son Aidan and I , thoroughly enjoyed the food and atmosphere. The Galleria Tysons 2 location, is one of the best I've been to. Ty for a great meal!

Lauren Colwell

I hate this place. They mistook me for a little kid even though I am 5’ 6”! I am 13 years old, and I ordered a Diet Coke. They gave me a KIDS cup! I am 13 years old! I can drink out of a real cup! Then I noticed that it took me an hour just to get a tiny bit of bread. IT WAS CUT INTO BITE SIZED PIECES LIKE A 2 YEAR OLD WAS EATING IT! It took me forever just to get my food. I ordered spaghetti and meatballs, and IT HAD TINY BITS OF POTATOES IN IT THAT I DID NOT ORDER!!! I kind of felt sick that night. then the reason it took forever is because our waiter was playing a game on his phone. My mom payed and I know I’m never going back there ever again! DO NOT GO THERE!

Abisake Feleke

It was so wonderful experience and the staff was so welcoming and helpful. Great customer service

Roxana Ginjaume

Yadira's service was exceptional. Imposible burgers are fantastic I love this place

Wesley Puffenbarger

First time at The Cheesecake Factory. Very good food and great service.

Paul Scott

Service here by Derrick was superb! Very knowledgeable. Very friendly. Awesome awesome service with a smile! Thanks so much!

Ashlea McConnell

Huge menu with variety of choices. They are very accommodating for whatever you need. Nice ambience and mix between casual and dress. Good value too. My go to place!

Ann Rodrigues

We stopped in for dinner on our way to Florida. Place was empty, waited kept passing by and no one came up to us to take our order, not even a drink. We waited 15 minutes, got up and left. Place had 2 other tables with people and the rest of the place was empty. Wonder if they were busy how long we would wait.

athena yiannios

Excellent food but the service very slow

Robert McDonald

Good food.great portion sizes for sharing. Excellent service.

Onyinyechi A

So many options not enough stomachs to try them all. if you're anything like me having too many options may cause anxiety however the cheesecake factory has an abundance of food options and they all seem to be good somehow. I stick to the same meal and coincidentally enough I never actually get cheesecake while I'm here. I get the bang bang chicken and shrimp. I asked for a spicy but it's never spice in there for me so I always get a side of a some spicy sauce. overall the food is good and make it quick wide range of desserts so I'm sure they have an option for everybody.

Mayra Holguin

We should of know it was going to be a bad experience with the first mistake. We ordered the factory nachos and received cheese nachos (got it fixed). I received my dinner and found a long nasty hair in my food, sent it back and didn't want a replacement (grossed me out). Received our check and was charged for cheese nachos and factory nachos. Horrible experience!

Jerry Liebermann

Portion sizes are huge. One entree for two works for us. Usually has significant wait times. Otherwise it's above average quality food. Of course they have wonderful cheesecake.

Sylvan Lichtenstein

Excellent appetizers and dinner and cheesecake!! Highly recommended!

Green Drumheller

It's all about the cheesecake which was fabulous. Trying to try one of each flavor.

Adam Abrahamson

It's a cheesecake factory that conforms to the norm. Nothing special or unique about this location. Basically, if you are a fan of cheesecake factory in other locations, expect the same.

feroz shahin

Missing Chris outrageous cheesecake

Irene Shindledecker

Because they were very attentive with me, especially our waiter Pedro!

Harish Sampath

The food n ambience was great. The server did not speak fluent English thus making it a little hard to communicate

eddie waldron

Soda spilled all over my back. Very poor service. Our server started out strongly but as the 2 hour lunch (not by our choice) for 6 progressed it became apparent our server was not as customer focused as he sold himself to be. It took forever for our orders to be placed, then way too long for the food to arrive at our table, but what really took a long time was getting our check. It took 30 minutes to receive our bills (that were not divided out by couples as requested from the start; this led to another 10 minute wait to receive the bills as requested. During this time a server carrying a tray of cold drinks (not sure if they were freshly poured or used) proceeded to clumsily drop the entire tray behind me sending cold soda cascading down my back along with a lake of soda and ice at my feet. He apologized and while I sat there drenched and surrounded by a wet floor it took 5 minutes for him to return and hand me a linen napkin and a small stack of papers napkins. NO OTHER assistance was offered. No staff offered to help or ask how I was. My server never even acknowledged the incident. I did make a manager aware of this when leaving. She refunded the cost of my meal. Gee thanks. This restaurant will not see my return. I can take high prices and less than great food but don't expect me to be okay with crummy customer service!!!!

Akram Hatem

The place is nice and the food was really good. I had a steak and my wife had the parmesan chicken. We thought the chicken was better. The service was good but it was around the end of their shift so they was in a hurry. Overall, we liked it and would recommend it

Edwin Greene

Located at Tyson's Corner, the Cheesecake Factory here is spacious, great service, and an excellent ambiance for entertaining a party, going out with friends, or even a birthday party for families. The food and drink here is 5 star with a very wide variety of choices for you to choose from. The waitresses and waiters are personable and attentive, even with handling large party too!!!

clayton williamson

Great Cake in my Belly

HighSteppin 747

Let me first start with the menu, it is quite extensive, I always have to flip through from beginning to end at least 4 times before I can decide. (I know, I’m very indecisive, lol)...This time, I settled on the chicken and shrimp gumbo and a small house salad with ranch dressing added on the side. Wash it down with a Long Island with pineapple instead of coke (ok two long islands

Bob Piasecki

Cheesecake is excellent but very expensive 8.00 for one slice


Excellent service ever

Mary Ann Strock

Good food but pricey

Haris Pirzada

This is one of the go to places when we cant decide what to eat. They have a large menu with a variety of flavors. The brunch menu is solid, they have all the popular dishes available. Some dinner menu items are surprisingly good. I would recommend the grilled fish tacos, huevos rancheros, jambalaya. The desserts are amazing. They have a huge selection of different cheesecakes. They are rich and decadent, a real treat. Even the table bread is good (my favorite is the brown bread). The service can be slow at times, but overall for such a large scale restaurant that is one of the few places that will take large groups, they do really well despite how busy they are. I will continue eating here for sure.

infiniteisa !

The only reason I’m giving two stars is because service was great but the grilled salmon was bad as in it was rotten

aklilu amsalu

Excellent atmosphere and friendly service, real good food....

shiv daftari

Had a nice family evening. Great food.

Bryant Hamlor

I have tried to become a fan but I can't. The menu is too big to make all the items well. I can't say that I rave about anything on the menu but I won't rule out going again.

Darren Hoevel

Good, consistent lunch and dinner. Service varies but is always adequate and sometimes amazing. Lots of food and options.

Ahmed R Almazrouei

great food as always.

Mark Stafford

The extensive, unique, and varied menu speaks for itself and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Love this place.

Melvin Creamer

I'm satisfied with the food service. It was delicious


Nice salmon. But it was not well done even though I had explicitly requested for it.

Bruce Smith

Friendly staff, large selection and portions and tasty cheesecake for dessert.

Greg Williams

Great restuarant. Ideal for celebrating with family, friends or special occasions. Great wait staff. Generous portions and always delicious. Oh..and of course great Cheesecake!

Miss J Flowers

Good service even with a party of 15. Food was... okay I guess. Large portions are the only reason to justify their prices for food that tastes subpar at best.

Austen Hernandez

I exspect all the cheesecake factories to be run as this one is, great staff and food is always done right

Sam Segal

Great place to celebrate mother's day!!

Micah Ceary

Great food. Excellent service.

Mary Carter

Not very gd. Our server Jermaine was not at all concerned about how we were.He took our order and another person brought out the food but he NEVER came back to the table to see if wr needed anything not one time!!. We had to ask for two slicesvof cheesecake to go and we had to wait on a receipt his acuse was he was totally up his other tables. We come their when I have a doctor appts.but u know that won't happen again.I go back to Clarendon and FairOaks. He missed out beacause I am a very gd tipper!!

Marc McCreery

Large portions at a decent price. Take the cheesecake to go for a late night snack!

Kassandra Pullen

The service was quick. I didnt have to wait to be seated. The food was really good

Thomas Long

Food was great as it always at any Cheesecake Factory. What really gave this 5 stars was the overall service, from the time we entered until we left.

Bruce Lowe

I really enjoyed the Cuban sandwich and the service was nice quick and easy. It wasn't too loud either, we were able to conversate well. which was very refreshing bring a big change restaurant.

Nashat Nadri

Nice place with great Latin music

meda pierre

Fast and clean. Food was great

Thomas Parker

Best Cuban sandwich ever!

Daniela Ballesteros

Omg the lemon cheesecake is incredible

Dinh N.

Dependable venue to get American dining fare. Derek was our server today, great guy. Portion sizes are large. Food is on the higher sodium side but it's to be expected.

Lilian Hu Nguyen

Food is never bad here but nothing spectacular. Service was subpar - our server took almost 10 minutes after being seated to even greet us or bring us water. Our black coffee and latte also came to us luke warm. Our server apologized and told us he would go "warm them up". I told him, I hope you don't plan on just sticking those in the microwave. I've typically had better service and quality at the Fair Oaks Cheesecake Factory.

Asmit De

Really good food. The cheesecakes are amazing, of course. However, it's a very expensive place. Recommended for special occasions.

James Merry

Pretty good for Cheescake Factory. This place is usually louder those than other ones. Only thing I don't like is they want to stick me in a tiny table on top of others and they give me that look when I tell them I'm not sitting on top of other people.

Amanda Farrell

Got take out cheesecake after a long day. The s'mores cheesecake was amazing!

Stacey B

Great atmosphere and delicious food. My husband and I went on a Saturday at 11am and we were seated right away.

Hong Liebno

One of my favorite places for delicious food. Just had a small group lunch. There are so many choices and you can make some special requests if you have food restrictions. Bread and butter is plentiful. Food is slightly expensive but portions are big. I usually am too full to get any dessert but there are many choices there too. I'm not sure if they have any zero sugar choices Btw there is parking but finding a spot close to the restaurant at lunch is impossible during this time of year.

Alejandra Villanueva

Food is good if you take the time to educate yourself and make sure you don't over due it on insane amount of calories. The wait can be long for pick up but the staff is always friendly

Pamela Minett

Enjoyed the steak medallions. Lower calorie, well portioned, and very tasty. Service was good - unobtrusive, which was perfect since I was catching up with old friends.

iroda yusupova

Great location to stop by and get some real food late in the day! Came here an hour before they were closing and the staff was friendly and helpful! Got the shrimp pasta.

Jatoya Evans

today I went to this establishment to enjoy lunch with my husband. He ordered the Louisiana chicken...the plate was plentiful with noodles and four small pieces of chicken.. My husband made a comment “This is it?” the server who brought out the food said what do you mean that’s it.. my husband said I usually get more chicken then this they guy counted the chicken and said you have 4 pieces what’s husband who was determined to not mess up our lunch date let it go...shortly after we finished our meals I ordered the chocolate chip cheese cake...I took it home because I was full from my meal. Once I got home I wanted to enjoy my desert. The issue was the fact that the cheesecake had WALNIUT in which I am allergic I called the establishment and was directed to a manager. I spoke with her and explained my situation and she told me well it says there are nuts in it and it was on the remorse no concern... I had to get to the urgent care for medical attention! This is a nice restaurant but the service is going down drastically

Ryan Glasshoff

They’ve got something for everyone


Amazing food great service. Our food came out timely the server was all smiles. Loved everything

Nadezhda Shulga

We went here to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We are happy with everything. Food is high in calories, but really tasty. Definitely recommend going there!!!

Cathy H

Great food with a large selection. The ahi tuna poké bowl was good but had too much rice in my opinion. The lettuce wraps were great!

Faieza Sidiqi

Love the food Gret service cline and gert customer service i do love going agine

Hriday Unadkat

Great food and filling while still having an economical price. Our server, Jonathan was nice and helped us get refills and customize our orders. We had the Korean BBQ Cauliflower, Crispy Brussel Sprouts, Chicken Sandwich, Margherita pizza, and Avocado Rolls. All were great and the Chicken Sandwich was good (according to my friend who had it) 5/5, would definitely recommend to anyone in the area.

Mike Swink

Great atmosphere, food and service.

mindy logar

It has something for everyone and the food is pretty good. The service is friendly and fast. That being said, it is not my favorite place. It's loud in every location I have ever been in. They sit you super close to other groups to get as many customers in at a time as they can.

Teresa Robertson

Food was good; service could have been better. We had a party of ten with one waiter. Restaurant staff didn't wait wait in us promptly. We wait about 20 mins and we asked for waters and bread. Saw Patrick Ewing there. Was disappointed in service for amount we paid.

Scott Heemann

Overpriced, dirty, way too dark, and freezing cold. On a 90+ degree day. Where to start? The food has gone downhill in every way: the sliders were served on soggy buns, the tomatoes on our side salad were not quite ripe, the ice tea was mostly sugar and water (no tea), and the prices, I mean come on...$5.95 for a lemonade? $13 for mediocre soggy sliders. We sat by a large window but could see nothing out of it due to the condensation on it because it must have been 65 degrees inside. And 95 outside. Oh and the dirty: there was something weird on the table as you ran your hand over it. The guy bussing the tables had a rag to wipe the tables that was the dirtiest I’ve ever seen! Luckily for them they can hide more grunge with their dim lighting. +1 star for the pretty good service. But not going back anytime soon.

Kaili Wang

Delicious food and good atmosphere

Daddy's Empress

Great service, fast and always on point with orders.

Joana Underwood

Maybe it is just tonight but it's loud and quite uncomfortable. The music was loud so the guests' volumes competed with the music which made the atmosphere even louder. The resulting noise made for less enjoyable dining experience. The cheesecake is scrumptious as expected. Cheesecake Factory has always been a family favorite and we plan on dining here again I just hope that next time it's not as loud.

Naif Altahlawi

Good food and atmosphere!

Rizwan Ansari

Always love this spot.... Chicken Jambalaya always hits the spot with their legendary bread basket.... Yummm

Humanity is my religion

Love the food specially Chinese chicken salad

Justin Thompson

Always too much delicious food for one person but they keep me coming back for more!

Suzanne Alexander

Excellent food and a wonderful staff

Paul Davis

Good service. Food was okay. There is room for improvement. It was 2pm and they weren't busy. The pumpkin cheesecake was perfect. The chicken fettichini was not hot and it was kinda bland. The pizza was over cooked. The men's bathroom was pretty dirty which l reported. Need better quality care. The chicken and biscuits dinner was a perfect 5 star. Room for lots of improvement.

Antonio Jovanovic

Great food, as always. The Cheesecake Factory inside the mall gets a lot of traffic so expect delays in your seating towards dinner time. Once you get seated you're greeted with a book, not a menu! I highly suggest getting the Buffalo Blasts as your appetizer and the Crusted Chicken Romano as your main entree. Our favorite place to get away from the kids and enjoy an adult dinner!

Cristal Latalladi

A horrible experience. The waitress did not want to be there. She was not attentive. The food took a very very long time to come out. Almost an hour for the appetizer. Not all the food was hot. A rubber band was found in the rice. The manager did take care of us but it was still a bad experience

Ronald Cabrera

Bring your date here if you plan on marrying that person someday. The atmosphere is romantic and the service is awesome

seli Atiase

Good food, good company, noisy but so we're we

Neo Kao

Wonderful taste of the Davanci Pasta and the waiter is hospitable.

Ishu Samtani

Good service with smile

D. Sanders

I always enjoy my experience at the Cheesecake Factory.

Mariana Andrade-Bejarano

The food is always delicious, and while I can complain they have too many options - it's always fantastic for my very picky family. That said, when you wait over 20 minutes for bread and food takes another 20... just admit that you forgot to get to us rather than say you were out of bread, lol.

Graeme Annett

Endless choices on the menu, but all seemed overpriced for the quantity. Go to founding farmers to pay the same amount and get 1000 times better quality and service.

max Kingsley

Noisy, mediocre food. Indifferent waiter. Cheesecake slices were soooo small for the price. Won't return.

Sean Nelson

Kids menu item - Flatbread Pizza is large. Pictured is the lunch size portion of roast beef, which is also very good and filling. Also pictured is the dinner size Orange Chicken (similar to Asian orange chicken), which is enough for 2 people. There was no wait on Saturday around 2pm for a group of 6 people, and the kids slider with fries. Milkshakes are $8 and are great, they will spoil your dessert. The cheesecakes are always a pleasure to share amongst 2-3 people, but have very high calorie content! Best to park downstairs near Labenese Taverna as the Galleria parking lot upstairs always get full. The restaurant is located on the 3rd level, next to escalators.

DIann James

Carter was an excellent server. The food and customer service was amazing as usual!

RJ Eme Therese Vallar

Food was great. I personally think it was a little too dark in the restaurant that it was a little bit hard reading the menu.

Vinod Halaharvi

We go here very often. Love the roasted artichokes

Stacy Richardson

I ordered a Marker's Mark Mule ( that's a Moscow Mule with Marker's Mark instead of vodka) and the waiter brought me a glass of Marker's Mark instead. I was under a time constraint and the waiter had a difficult time locating his manager so that he could remove the drink from our bill. I was a little frustrated because they didn't know how to make the drink and because it took so long to settle the bill.

Jesse Newman

Good food and service. Weekend brunch is what draws me in (fried chicken and waffles benedict). Only complaint is that because of the location it can get very busy, and refills/wait times/anything you'd expect with more people suffer. But that's to be expected at a busy place.

Shanel Morrisey

Waitress didn't come with request after several times. She also didn't put spoons or forks in the to go bag for cheesecake that we ordered as we were about to get the check. Otherwise a nice meal and a nice friendly waitress.

Krystal Lacy

Food was excellent. Service wasn't as good as we've gotten at other cheesecake locations. Arlington and Potomac mills have probably been my two favorites along with Arundel mills.

jennifer david

We went to this location on Mother’s day to eat lunch with the family. The wait is not that bad, even though it was really busy. My husband ordered steak with side of spinach. The spinach has a “plastic” !!! We took a picture of the plastic. Which means they are not using fresh spinach or how come the chef, didn’t notice the plastic to be cooked and served! So dissapointing.

Mohammad Rahim

Great Service overall. Love the location

ILikethePopcorn Ones

We visited this Cheesecake Factory while my youngest was in the D.C. are for medical reasons. It was a nice treat to try and take kinds off of the bad things happening. My child was emotional over the days events and our server was absolutely incredible, making sure my child was happy and laughing by the end of dinner. The food is always great and the cheesecake is always perfect!

Jay F

Good service and food was delicious!

James Bishop

Food is really good. Good about for the price. Only problem, service is slow.

Marvin Macklin

Great food. Great service

Siennia Coleman

Order here a lot, and they keep missing items they advertise on the menu. Like... crispy onions on the steak tacos, or grilled onions on the sliders. I have to turn around and keep coming back. Too many times forces my hand at a poor review.

Patricia Patrick

Lovely ambience. Food delicious, waiter patient and gave excellent service. Most delicious cheesecake too!

Eduardo Ramos

We are frequent diners at The Cheesecake Factory but this visit was not enjoyable. Our server, Chanel, did not make the experience a great one. She wasn't very attentive while serving us. We had to ask for drink refills. Seems like she didn't want to be there. The last worst mistake was that we ordered a slice of Lemon Raspberry cheesecake to go and we're given something totally different. The cheesecake we were given was broken and not served properly. Unfortunately we didn't verify it before leaving the restaurant because we've never had issues before. She didn't even include any silverware. I left minimal tip because she did serve us but honestly she didn't really deserve even that. If you are going to this location, avoid Chanel.

Eladdieyo Robinson

Drinks werent good... food came incorrectly. Hot tea was good.

Sophia Reid

Always one of my most favourite places to dine. The quality is superb and the food exceptionally good!

Kevin Dineros

Went there to celebrate my friend's birthday, and they didn't disappoint. Reminds me of how much I love Cheesecake Factory and their interactive staff.

Phillip Ward

Our server was great with the kids, service was awesome, food was excellent

Eric Colteau

So much choice, try to keep some appetite for dessert

Bethany Zokaites

Amazing as always! The chicken Madeira is so good!

Cammy Blake

I have been to all of the Cheesecake Factory’s in the DMV, and this one is by far the best. The food and customer service is outstanding.

Tasbita Reham

Only the desserts are good. Rest is nothing special. Not worth the price. Big portions.

Cristina Bazzini

Omg, death by carbs, burger with Mac & cheese, cheesecake with red velvet cake

james sthill

The server did a wonderful job. She was quick and professional.

ben 10

Big portions

Nel Mar

Horrible hamburger. Ground beef was 50% meat 50% fat. At the first bite, my mouth was full of solid grease; if there iwas any good spice, it was lost between the big amount of fat. It was my fault, since I did not ask for the percentage of fat in the ground beef. I just expected that a 15 dollars hamburger, at least should be 90-93% meat-7-10% fat. Cheescake Factory at the mall on International Drive, McLean VA is not the best choice. If you want to clean fat tissue between your teeth, go there. Poor employees that have to deal with customers, when serving that horrible food. Architecture and decoration of the place was beautiful. Personnel was excellent. Food was close to garbage.

tom gera

Good food. Great service

james tauber

So after striking out 2 times in 2 days I trusted my instincts and went to something familiar. I am staying across the street at a hotel and well this is actually a close walk right out the back patio and down to the light. I have been to several cheesecake factories and I am a creature of habit. I always order the burrito. I also find the bread is addicting. It was consistent just like the service. I will warn you this is located on the 3rd floor but it has an elevator to get to it from the parking lot. The best thing I enjoy about cheesecake factory is the FAKE Birthdays. Yes it never fails always 5 to 10 of them during the dinner extravaganza the best part is the people getting upset when they realize they have to pay for the cheesecake LOL I mean come on did you really think it was going to be free and then to watch the awkward spectacle of 8 people double dipping on one slice is just too much. I will enjoy it on my own. Thanks. And all of the people claiming they waited hours to get in I say BS keep that pipe dream to yourself. But really try the different cheesecakes.

Lisa Nelson

We went for Sunday brunch. Food was good, prices were reasonable. Service seemed a bit slow.

Abebual Fekade-Sellassie

As always a great experience!

Antonia Okitosomba

The main course was good; but the dessert was very sweet.


For what it's worth this luxury buffet was really good and our server, Ruler was outstanding and very accommodating. this Tysons corner location can get busy but the food has always been great.

Cruzkaya Barbosa

Love the restaurant! The variety of eating and dining options is incredible!! Great cheesecake flavor my favorite, Tiramisu, chocolate and all the berry flavors.

Kimberlee W

Great meal and awesome service from Toni and server staff, who all went the extra mile to make our Sunday family dinner fun and special. I love this location the best for great consistent service every time.

Farzad Farzayee

Great service, we did not wait long for a party of 7 and the food was prepared fast and it was delicious. This was the one inside the mall in the second floor. The restrooms are always clean in this location and the elevators leading to parking lot is always clean too. We love this location of cheesecake factory. I wish we lived closer to it and went there more often.

Jose Rodrigues

Manager needs to get his people in order, sat for almost 15 minutes and not a server came to our table while one server was on his cell next to the cash register. Driving down to Florida, at 9:30pm decided to get off the road and get something to eat besides fast food. Got up and left. Fast food won't let u down.

Tamara T

Food is good and service okay. Wish they were more conscious of people's time when customers on lunch break. Took a long time for everything to come out. But excellent recommendations on avocado spring rolls and buffalo blasts.

Shannon Gardner

The Service was great. The food was delicious.

Kathy Kletter

Slow service but food was quite good

Gennaro Grembiale

Good food and service.

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Hummingbird Macarons and Desserts
Hummingbird Macarons and ...
Bakery - Virginia


Buzz Bakeshop
Buzz Bakeshop
Bakery - Virginia


Georgetown Cupcake
Georgetown Cupcake
Bakery - Virginia