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REVIEWS OF Puerto Rican Bakery & Café IN Virginia

Luis Torres

Great food nice people behind the counter. What else can you say. Love the place.

Chris Dichristina

Great food and friendly owners.

Miguel Negron

Very clean restaurant, and a tremendous shame food wise.

summer barry

Love this place. Amazing food!

Cheila Garcia

First time going, and definitely going back. The food was sooooo good. Put my kids to sleep. Can't wait to go again

PFC McPhillips

Best food in the world!!!!!

David Patsel

Food is always great. Please be patient because they cook to order. Authentic Puerto Rican

carolyn Peyton

Nice family business..very is good..

Iris Saez

Wow is all I can say food was on point ,

Larry Colby

The food was great and people were friendly. The food is freshly made with the right amount served. I had the Mofongo with shrimp, which was great. The shrimp was not inside the Mofongo like I'm used to, but was delishes as served. The alcapurrias were amazing.

Jennifer Taylor Monteagudo

Large portions, great food.

Diana Marcela Cruz Ortiz

Food is delicious , full of flavor and homemade taste

Ja3 FrumVa

Food was great!! Authentic Puerto Rican food is scarce around these parts. A bit pricey for the amount of food you get but its good food so how mad can you be?

mayra arce

Good food. Service to slow but repectufull.

Wallimar Lopez Vega

Great tasting food. Awesome service and great family oriented environment. The music brings you back home!!

Brad Smith

Fantastic mofongo.

Carpenter Cordero

I just discovered this cafe. Service is at a pace. I ordered a cafe con leche at 2pm it arrived at 2:12p 12 minutes for a coffee is a little absurd and the kicker, it was warm. That's the reason for the 3 stars. Friendly staff. Prices are reasonable. Clean and spacious dining room. Haven't ordered food yet when i do the review will be updated.

karina soto perez

This place is awesome. They cook everything fresh when ordered but it's worth the wait.

Alex Echevarria

This is the best restaurant I have ever went to, you might wait a lil while for the food but trust me it is the best food you will ever have pleasure of eating anything on the menu is delicious from the empanadas to the pastries to the main plates it is amazing and the customer service provided is very helpful and they are very kind nothing but good vibes from this place

PrinxessQ Rivera

Food is very good. The bread is even better.

Hippiefish101 World

Been looking for Pan Sobao in a long time and thanks to my brother I have found it and it is soooooo good and their quesitos delicious mmmmmmmm might go there tonight lol

Esteban Nieves

Last time was excellent this time was close

Teann Simon

First time having this type of food. Enjoyed it and would eat it again.


Tasty food and kid friendly place. Decoration is nice without being overwhelming. Extensive Puerto Rican and Caribbean menu options with bakery service (bread and desserts).

Lisa Granger

Definitely will visit again soon, portions sizes are on point, flavor of food is awesome, I love Puerto Rican food, can't beat the price for the amount of food you get! Tres Leche here I come!

Brenda Townsend

Pan sobao! Oh yes! Budin! Absolutely! And all of my favorite Plato's tipicos. Sabroso! And the desserts! Traditional and awesome!

Shawncy K. Mata

This place has fantastic food. The portions are well served and are reasonably priced. It's a nice environment that can remind you of home, recommend to everyone in the area to try.

Jeff Wilson

Not a very welcoming place. To be a Spanish eating establishment. People dont even greet you when you come in there, as do like, let's say a fast food establishment would!!..

einar perez

Great place, good food, friendly staff and nice atmosphere.

Alyssa Brown

Very, very good! I originally hail from NYC and I was impressed with the freshness of the food and presentation. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE PRICE!! You get your money's worth. Portions are nice! There was love music and the restaurant was very clean. Will definately be visiting again and again......

zabel The Fabel

Truly an amazing place. The staff were very welcoming and friendly. If your wanting to try some new food with amazing flavor and style, you should definitely check this place out.

David Clayton

Doesn't look like much from the outside, but the food definitely speaks for itself. I had the Cuban sandwich. It was loaded with pork, ham, pickles, cheese, mustard, and your choice of mayo or butter, served on a whole loaf of authentic Cuban bread. Came with fries, which on their own were amazing. They tasted like they were doused with garlic butter. I will definitely be back every time I am in the area.

Martha Patricia Naranjo Gaita

Very nice and good

Matt Burgess

Excellent food ! Worth the wait!

chris harvell

Not fast food.. just like being in Puerto Rico

Kristy Cascante

Great food & delicious pastries.

Wilmary P.

The MOFONGO was very good full of flavor!

Liam Davis

Came here with 3 friends and there were about 4 other people in the restaurant eating, the food took an hour and 30 minutes. They have a sign saying it won’t be fast but I thought that meant like 30 minutes max. The food wasn’t really good and they switched my order with someone else. Really rough place.

Bill Zayas

Great food, so far best alcapuria in Virginia.

Jacquelyn Tuggle

I didn't care for it. Had the chicken and beef empanadas with yuca fries.

Joy De Vivre De vive

I would have rather seen smaller but more up to date/ modern facility. Although, I will continue to come by and support them for their effort. We need this rich Caribbean Cuisine here in this area.

Jonathan Feliciano

A bit pricey, but food is good.

Letizia Butler

Tasty home style island comfort food. Portions are abundant. Pan de Leche is available for purchase as well as a delectable assortment of sweets. Definitely will be back!!!

Angela Carrington

Delish & Authentic!

Debbie Lewis

Cuban sandwich was terrific!

Jeremiah Blake

My fiance was born and raised in Arecibo. It can be hard to find food that tastes like home, but this place was amazing. The alcapurrias, mofongo, the tripleta... It was all on point. Definitely coming back here.

Nerilis Suarez

The coffee was not puertorican strong it was weak, and the flan was ok. The food is subpar and although service was good, the wait time is insane. It was not busy both times I've gone. The place was tidy and clean.

David Nieves

Visiting my rather large Puerto Rican family within the Richmond area and after a 7 hour drive from PA, I was in the mood for some food, but due to last minute notice of the surprise visit, some of us ventured out looking for some authentic PR food. OMG...anyone that says this is the best Puerto Rican food has no taste buds. This is truly an insult to my culture. The Pernil looked like large chunk tuna and was so bland, as if it were boiled. The carne frita was dry and hard as a rock. The rice was also bland and hard as if it were days old. The tostones were rubbery and no flavor. The pork chop was like a piece of greasy wood. Normally when I eat out and can't finish I ask for a doggy bag to take home; what i should have asked for was a garbage bag to throw it out. ...and dont get me started on that 45 minute wait to be insulted with the worst food ever.

Amanda Vargas

I ordered takeout from here today. I was kind of disappointed. I ordered two plates at $11 each. Chuletas and chicharron de pollo plates, some soup and maduros. Instead of maduros I got tostones, that were soggy and inedible. I was really looking forward to the maduros :( My rice was pretty dry, it tasted kind of old. My chuleta was very flavorful and the sopa was full of flavor too. Total was $38. I only ate the meat and soup so that is expensive. I don’t think I’ll be back bc I can make this food fresh at home I just wanted a break but it didn’t live up to my expectation

Shannon Hensley

Great place if you love Puerto Rican food.

Keyur Patel

Best Puerto Rican food I ever eat!! Service took long time but food was awesome.

Jeff Reichl

I went here with some real Puerto Ricans and they showed me exactly what to order it was a very enjoyable meal!

Jeannette Lopez

I food was okay ...alcapurrias not good...took too long to serve food appetizer after food .. Maybe 3 stars

Jennifer Frey

Delicious mofongo highly recommended

Lucy Rivera

Authentic! Spanish Karaoke with love bongos, camana, great great good!! Soy en love;

Dale Mark Benedict

Food was delicious, well prepared and authentic Puerto Rican tasting although rather expensive for such casual setting. We enjoyed the mofungo. No table service. Paper plates and plastic utensils. No decor.

Elizabeth Baker

Assisted three Hispanic customers before us even though we were waiting first. Then pretended not to understand our order, even though she was speaking English when we walked in. Rude and racists wont get our money.

Patricia Granados

I was in the Richmond area for the day, and I'm always on the lookout for Puerto Rican food wherever I am in Virginia. Found this place, and I'm glad I did. I purchased almost everything on the menu. Sadly, they were out of pernil by 5pm on a Saturday. I had to settle for chuleta with my arroz con gandules and maduros. This plate was good. Next was the mofongo with carnitas and salad. This one was also good. Had to have frituras...papa rellena, alcapurria de güineo, and empanada de carne. These were very good! If I'm ever in the area again, I'll be revisiting them!! I bought the flan and pastelillo de guayaba...too full to try them now!!!

Edwin & Shieka

Very good food great customer service and the food was fresh

Theresa Wu

Food was good very pleasant

Mister Dan

Took a little time, but WOW!! Worth the wait. That Cuban was monsterous, and delicious!

Roberta Lipford

The staff was real nice but my sisters and I stopped in because it said bakery and there was not a lot of choices.. they did have a big menu board for the food though. The restaurant part did not look very clean so I probably won't go back.


The food was great I had a chicken mofongo

Nashira Ubarri

Great authentic Puerto Rican food.

Lizzy Figueroa

The food is good and the prices too! but you guys need to do something with the floor looks like it was very dirty and in general the facility needs to see more clean and also add a changing station for babies in the bathroom, otherwise we love the food and the employees are very nice! We are comming back!

Yolanda Vazquez

Best PR food not made by my Abuela!

Latasha Boneparte

Amazing food at a excellent price.....

Jacqueline Baehler

Great food. You have to try this place.

Eddie Mendoza

It's the spot if you're looking for some good ol Puerto Rican food. You can't go wrong eating. This is food with flavor.


This is the closest PuertoRican restaurant I had find since I moved from Kissimmee. The food is delicious. The bakery pastelillos de guayaba ♥️ and the quesitos ♥️. I gave 5 stars because I love the food and with that place been full of costumers the girl in the front was really nice all the time even with all the work she had. But the wait was to long, I didn’t care that much on the wait because I really wanted to eat my mofóngo.

Shantina Williams

Love this restaurant. Great food and great service.

Arvin Lopez

Great place to eat and treat you like family.

Karyna Rolon

If your going to be closed for the day, put it online. We drove almost two hours to be disappointed.

brookly 804

Real home cooked food

Lydia Rodriguez

I have eaten here a few times and found the food to be good but, the official taste tester is my 96 year old Puerto Rican grandmother. Took her here for Valentine's Day and she gave it her seal of approval. Wepa!

Jonathan Miranda

Superb food, worth the wait... Great environment and vibes, lovely music and staff is friendly and welcoming.

Efram Torres

Puerto Rican Power baby. Have a taste of the island right here in the great state of Virginia


Authentic Puerto Rican food. Very, very good. Im willing to drive for two hours to eat there. I love it!

Miguel Hiciano

Wooooaaahh this food is amazing. A blast from the past in my case. Highly recommend it.

A Brookman

This is a hole in the place, but the food here is wonderful. The food is cook after you order it so it takes awhile to get the food, but it is worth the wait. The employees here are extremely friendly and helpful and will help you with our order if you are a first time visitor. The restaurant is very clean and the atmosphere is very inviting.

Juan Giraud

Great food and of course our people.

Maria Regalado

Great place to have Puerto Rican food..

Christian Gonzalez

Food is really good and nice flavor. Took about 25 mins for food to come out (carne frita con arroz y habichuelas) And the place was empty. Come here, just make sure you have enough time.

Carlos Roman

Great place for authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. Good service always.

Joseph Elder

The fresh pastries where delicious the food was hot and delicious

Jorge Rosario

Excellent food, price are good. Good customer service.

Luis Carrasquillo

Great service, great pan sobau. I came up here from Chesapeake and don't regret it.

Kristina Herrera

Best Puertorican cuisine in the area hands down.

Edwin Sierra

Carne Frita, con Mofongo, and Alcapurrias, and Bacalaitos. They have many dishes, and pastries, when you order, the serving do take long to make, they are complicated dishes, so please do not be in a rush, it takes time to make these great dishes from scratch, but the wait is worth it.

rene ortiz

The best puertorican bakery and restaurant in the state of Virginia, without a doubt. Marvin and his wife, kids, and family are very warmth, kind people, always make the customers feel at home, the food, omg to die for....

Jezzy Wing

This is the type of place to go if you either A.) like to relax and play on your phone or read a book, or B.) Like to sit and hold conversations with whoever you're with. They have a sign that says you may have to wait for their food as everything is cooked nice and fresh as traditional Puerto Rican cuisine is usually done. But when you get the food you are in for a treat at a low price you get large portions that is seasoned and cooked wonderfully!

Krystal Revell-Koiner

What a disappointment! I am all for food being cooked to order but their wait time was absolutely ridiculous for the amount of food ordered! We ordered 2 regular combo plates and 1 beef potato ball and it took an hour and a half for them to give us our food and it wasn't even the correct order! The hostess told us our ticket had been skipped over. Wow! They didnt seem to care very much besides offering a free dessert smh. Not a fan!

Gary Grover

Great food wait time is definitely worth it

Pablo Noel Ortiz Correa

Awsome puertorrican food. Great employers and employees. Good to take the family


Just so happy to fine some authentic food

John Cardoso

Amazing place and awesome food

cyrus khaleghi

Great food but be prepared to wait for it!

Chris Ryan

I love this place! The empanadas are cheap and very delicious! Friendly staff.

Theodora Lam

Food is great. Wait time is awful and customer service . I pre order food and still waited 40 mins for food.

Lisandra Cabrera

Been here a couple of times. I can't wait to go back! Food is the best Puerto Rican food in the DMV area. The staff is super friendly.

Alex Meury

Place was really good! Nice spot for sure

Miriam Sandoval

Great food!

Erin Yatsko

Absolutely amazing food! I've never had Puerto Rican before and this is beyond authentic. When you come be prepared to wait as the food prep takes time but the end result is so worth it

Dilys VA

Great hole in the wall.

Ramon Maisonet

THE place to go to for food that is excellent, with significant portion sizes at really good prices. The menu has a variety of options to include shrimp, chicken and beef, desserts and traditional Puerto Rican dishes.

Ray Quirindongo

Food was great tasted like I was back home ♥️

Jacob Bushdiecker

Original: 9 July 2018 Ordered Garlic Chickens Beans and rice for about $11. Received barely any chicken, a plate full of rice, 7 dried beans sprinkled on top of the rice. In addition to that the chef came out and called everyone a “gringo” because we didn’t speak Spanish. I will never return here. UPDATE: 12 July 2018 After the owner emailed me inviting me for a second chance I decided to stop by again. Although the food portions were better, no apology was made. I’m updating my review to three stars, but customer service still needs work

Damaris Murillo

Love this place. Authentic Puertorican food.

Lalo Gonzalez

Prices are 2 high ,yellow rice is too bland and mushy

Jason P

Great food made when you order. If it's busy may take a little while, but normally is rather fast.

Hashim Khalid

The food was great, delicious.

Orlando Garcia

Awesome food.. Worth the wait!

Charles Fritz

Amazing place! I was in Colonial Heights for a week on business and I ate here three times! I'm from Miami, currently living in Clt and I can tell you this is the best Mofongo I have found since leaving. I wish I could have taken them back to Clt with me!! If you love food from PR, this is a place to go. Be sure to try their desserts! Their customer service took it over the top!

Jose DeJesus

It hurts to do this because I am Puerto Rican and I love supporting my people but I placed my order at 7:05pm and it is currently 9:25pm and I AM STILLLL WAITING FOR MY FOOD!!!!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. We are forced to purchase the meal ahead of time so there’s no option BUT to wait! Highly dissapointed all the way around!

Joseph Johnston

Great family run Latin food spot. Sandwiches are huge. Service is friendly but slow since they make everything from scratch.

Carlos Rosado-Melendez


Berto DR

Good food, especially the roast pork. You can really tell it's freshly cooked with the great taste of Puerto Rico's seasoning. The restaurant itself needs a little remodeling.

braulio collado

I was very excited when I saw this place was going to open. I thought they were going to have good food and friendly people, it's a Puerto Rican restaurant am thinking, my friends and I started to eat there constantly almost every day, and bringing lots of people there, then we stard to notice The food was Not always fresh the girl at the register with glasses always has an attitude and the worst part the food is expensive, especially the postres (Dessert) a few times they charge me extra for a small amount of beans , I didn't mind paying more for what I wand if they had charge me when I told them I wanted extra beans, but twice the girl at the register waited till I got the food and started eating to charge me the $1.25 or $1.50 when i was already eating, i had to stop from eating to pay. Then one day I told the owner and she didn't even care was the way I saw it , so my friends and I stopped going


Good food , good music, but be patience because the food is made fresh

Angelita Perez

The food was very good the place nice and clean


Really good!!

Kevin Tonge

My experience there It was amazing and the service were great and don't forget the Great tasting Puerto Rican food.

Sentell Grant

The food is great. First time having Puerto Rican cuisine and I’m impressed. I shall return!!!!

Yonna Bradley

So good. Homeade items and friendly service. 2nd visit. Will definitely be back!

Joey Nunez

WOW the owner needs major help! If he is the only one in the kitchen cooking then he needs another chef to speed up the process. You can’t expect to make people wait one hour for good food. I was happy to see a puertorican restaurant in the area to then find out that I had to fill myself up with Pastries because it was the only thing available while I waited an hour for my food. Something needs to be done on their end. I eat in restaurants at least 2 times a week and never waited this long for food. I assure you I won’t be back. They just lost a customer.

Mike Orengo

Got a roast pork sandwich the bread was soakey had to take the meat off and put it on a other bread i dont like my sandwich watery

Nancy Ufret

Best place to eat

Fitz Negron

If you are looking for the real thing This is it! Highly recommend, I traveled 2 hrs to give this place a try... really worth it

Erick Gonzalez

Good food, great price, they do have milirary discount and great flavors it brought me back to my roots.

Ricardo Vasquez

Great food.great people.a lil over priced

Young Myth

Very welcoming customer service with a good variety of authentic Hispanic dishes.

Eric Klepadlo

You’ll wait a while for the food but it’s worth it. The food is absolutely delicious and authentic.


My daughter and I went for breakfast today. The staff are very friendly, my ham egg and cheese sandwich was both tasty and bigger than expected. I took half of it to go. My daughter ordered a cream cheese pastry that was delicious enough that she refused to share. The prices are very reasonable, too. We'll definitely go again.

Pauline Rivera

The food was good and my first taste of Puerto Rican dishes. Be warned before you go there that the food takes a long time to prepare (ours took 50 minutes) and they do have a sign stating this. However some of us were not expecting this and were starving by the time food was ready. You can call ahead, though, and you might consider this option. I tried the fried chicken bites, yellow rice, and sweet plantain. Very tasty.

Ena Acevedo

The dinning area was dirty and strong smell. The wait time for food to be ready it's long, it's understandable since they cook by the order. 4.5 stars on the food!

Yarelis Acevedo



Fresh, friendly and quite simply as authentic as it gets. We will be back.

Javier Delrosario

Excellent customer service

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